Chapter 10
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Lisa just smiled and purred with pleasure, clearly approving. She was rubbing his sweet spot intently, rewarding him for his compliments.

His tactful words prevented Sandy from being offended, but Jane silently stewed in frustration. Fuuuuuck! Mom has the best rack in the world, obviously. I've had to deal with that fact for years. But what are the odds that someone like Lisa would come along and basically become my geeky little brother's girlfriend? Or whatever she is! My breasts are the biggest and best in school. Everybody says so. But compared to these two tit-freaks, I'm practically flat-chested!

Darrin was oblivious to Jane's frustration since she was behind him and he couldn't see her at all. He continued to praise Lisa, "But it's not just that. Look at how nicely tanned they are. And they're just flawless! So round. I love how they sit up high on your chest. So much like Mom's that it's uncanny. And I love your puffy nipples!" He was switching from holding to fondling, and he quickly wound up pulling on her nipples for the first time.

Lisa moaned like she was having a big orgasm, even as she kept on jacking him off. She did love the fact that he was playing with her nipples for the first time, but she was hamming it up for Sandy's sake, as well as Jane's. She hadn't checked yet, but she correctly assumed Jane was watching too.

Darrin's additional compliments only annoyed Jane even more. AAARRGH! I wish he'd compliment MY breasts! Lisa really has it all. She's a super nice person, and she has a body that's fucking ridiculous! Thank God that she's only going to stay with us on the island for a short time. I have no chance of becoming Darrin's lover with HER around!

She froze in place as she peeked over the seatback to ogle the ongoing handjob. Shit! I didn't mean to think that. That is NOT on the menu! No way! "No touching" is the rule, like Mom just said. So there!

Darrin continued talking to Lisa while she kept on rubbing his sweet spot and fondling his balls. "So, believe me, I love what you're doing to me SO MUCH! I feel honored that you're helping me out like this when you don't have to. You're such a total BABE! God! You're way out of my league, or anybody's league! But, that said, my mom is my mom, you know? We have a special connection. I love her more than anyone else in the entire world. Well, her and Sis, obviously. And I honestly think she's the most beautiful woman in the whole universe! I'd feel that way even if it wasn't true, but it IS! I'm so touched that she's willing to bare her big tits for me, just to help me cum! So... I hope you don't mind if I kind of look at them a lot?"

Lisa chuckled in amusement. But she was also pleased with his answer. It would be very tough for Sandy to back down from her "look but don't touch" promise and not keep letting him look after he said all that.

Sure enough, Sandy was emotionally moved. Oh, Son! I love you so much too! How sweet you are. And I hate how you're obviously sexually attracted to me, but I kind of love it too. How could you not be, since I've been cursed with this body? I know you've masturbated to me countless times. It's our special torture, to have these feelings we can never act on!

Lisa replied to him, "I don't mind at all. I think that's great! I do get a lot of compliments about my large breasts, but I bow down in defeat to Sandy's even larger ones!" She laughed gaily, then looked up to Sandy and winked playfully.

Sandy didn't know what to do except stand there blushing profusely. Her breasts seemed to be strangely tingly, as if her son's gaze was actually stimulating every nerve in them somehow.

Lisa went on, "Plus, I think it's so sweet that she's helping you like that, baring her big breasts for you whenever you need relief. A lot of moms would say that's too weird, but her love and concern for you obviously comes first."

Sandy wanted to dispute that. She's making that sound like I've made some sort of pledge to show my tits to him at any time he wants to see them. But that's not my intention at all! I really should say something. But I'm so very, very, very horny!

She was having trouble thinking straight. Plus, she was feeling the competition with Lisa's impressive rack. She felt a surge of jealousy when she watched Darrin fondle Lisa's tits and even play with her nipples, but, at the same time, watching that nearly made her cum. Again, it was almost like he was doing it to her.

Darrin turned around in place to ogle his mother's bare chest some more. His gaze went back and forth from her face to her rack in awe and wonder.

He looked so very ecstatic, and Sandy was so very horny, that Sandy's plans to put up some objection fell by the wayside. She told herself, This stupid robe can't stay closed anyway. As long as I maintain my no touching rule, that's the main thing. Right? Right!

So instead of disputing any claims, she just gave him a smile and continued to stand there with the robe around the sides of her I-cups but not covering them at all. Oh God! I feel like such a slut! Why is this arousing me more than anything I've ever felt before?! He's only looking! NO touching!

Seeing that her ploy was working, Lisa said, "Darrin, your mom is so caring and wonderful that I think you should give her a kiss. What do you say?"

Sandy took a step back and held her hands up defensively. "No way! The no touching rule, remember?"

Lisa chuckled. "I'm just talking about a peck on the cheek, obviously. What did you think I meant? Surely you have no objection to that, right?"

Sandy relaxed. "Well, okay. If that's all it is."

Lisa smacked Darrin's thigh. "Go get 'em, tiger! And don't worry, while you stand up I can still keep stroking your cock."

"Cool!" He stood up, but did it slowly so Lisa could continue to stroke him while both of them repositioned.

Sandy shook her head in wonder that she was allowing this, but she leaned forward to let him kiss her.

Despite the "no touching" rule, Darrin could tell that his mother was extremely hot and bothered. He wondered just how much he could push his luck, so long as he wasn't too blatant about it. He was a naturally shy boy, but it turned out a much more aggressive side of him came out when he was horny. That was a big reason why SI's psychological tests pegged him as a naturally dominant type.

Thus, instead of just giving her a quick peck and sitting back down, he wrapped his arms around his mother's upper back. This in and of itself wasn't that big of a deal, since they hugged like that frequently enough. But he pulled in as close as he could at the same time, and due to the sheer size of Sandy's tits, they wound up lightly resting against his chest. He was frustrated that he was wearing a T-shirt, but there was nothing he could do about that.

He leaned in to give her the kiss, but right before he did he paused with his face inches from hers. "Mom, before I kiss you, I just want to say once again how much I love you. You really are the best mom ever! And your tits are the best! Lisa's are a very, very close second, but yours are a little bit bigger and just as round and full. You're not upset at me for saying that, are you, Lisa?"

Lisa had to suppress the urge to giggle, because she could tell he was sincere but also stalling for time so he could enjoy the feel of Sandy's boobs against his chest, and no doubt especially the feel of her erect nipples. She happily played along. "Not at all! If I was upset, would I still be stroking your big fat cock, even while you kiss her? I concede defeat to the undisputed tit queen!" Then she giggled.

Darrin beamed. "You see, Mom? You're number one! And I thank you so VERY, VERY MUCH for your new rule of letting me see your tits any time I want. You really are the best and I love you! I know I said that already, but I want you to know how much I mean it!"

Sandy wanted to be upset. She suspected that he was prolonging his comments to prolong his physical contact with her, which was pushing the limits of her "no touching" rule. Plus, she was annoyed at Lisa's reminder that she was still stroking his cock, as well as Darrin's words further codifying the new "rule" that he could look at her bare chest whenever he wanted.

But despite all that, she was also so emotionally moved (and just plain horny) that her only response was, "Oh, Son! I love you so much too! You make me so happy that you're my son that I want to cry!"

Feeling the moment was right, he kissed her left cheek. Then he kissed her right cheek.

She cooed and purred in a very sensual manner, like he was making love to her instead.

Inspired by that reaction, as well as being insanely aroused himself from Lisa's continued handjob, he brought his mouth to her mouth and slightly parted his lips.

Sandy didn't think, but slightly parted her lips too and then moved forward an inch or so until their lips met.

It wasn't clear what exactly happened next, or who started it, but somehow his tongue ended up in her mouth and her tongue ended up in his! Suddenly, the two of them were truly French kissing!

Both of them felt such a great thrill that they moaned, loudly.

Lisa couldn't see what was going on. Her face was so close to Darrin's cock that she actually was lightly blowing on it. But the muffled sound of the moaning let her know what was happening.

She smiled from ear to ear. Score! Darrin, you stud, you! That's my guy! If you keep it up, it won't be long until she's naked and kneeling and worshiping your cock, where she belongs!

However, Jane could see what was happening by looking way up from where she was sitting, and her reaction was very different. Oh shit! Mom! Nooooooo! What about your damn "no touching" rule?! This is definitely touching!

She kept those thoughts to herself because she didn't want to deeply embarrass Sandy by pointing out the breaking of the rule. But she was determined to stick to the rule, if only to make sure that she herself wouldn't go over the line. So she put a hand on her mother's leg to clue her in.

But that wasn't enough. As the seconds passed, the kiss got more and more intense. Sandy and Darrin were on fire! In fact, without even consciously thinking about it, Darrin reached up with both hands and started fondling the outer sides of Sandy's huge tits.

Sandy was so far gone in her lust that she hardly noticed. She certainly didn't mind, because her "no touching" rule was forgotten, thanks to the burning hot kiss.

Jane wouldn't be so easily deterred though. She began slapping Sandy right around her knee, quietly but forcefully.

Sandy was puzzled by that at first, but then realized it was a warning. Still, she was so overcome by lust that she wasn't upset. She gently broke the kiss by pulling her upper body back.

Once their lips were separated, she quietly whispered to her son, "You naughty boy! That's more than just a peck on the cheek!"

He sheepishly replied with a whisper, "Yeah. Sorry. It's just that you're so sexy! So hot! So stacked! And I love you so much. I'm kind of sorry, I'm kind of not!"

Again, Sandy was feeling so moony and aroused that she wasn't bothered at all, at least for now. She whispered, "Well... okay. But don't do it again!"

He could see how much she loved the necking and how mild her admonishment was. So he was inspired to try again. "What, you mean like this?" He pressed his lips against hers, and they were off to the races again!

Unfortunately for him, this kiss didn't last nearly as long. Jane was watching them like a hawk, and she'd already established the knee-slapping signal. She slapped Sandy's knees several more times.

Sandy longed for the kiss to go on and on forever. She'd never been kissed like that in her life, including by her husband Dennis. It seemed there was some kind of special magic in the air. She prolonged their tongue duel for a few more seconds, but she didn't want Jane to have to resort to saying something out loud, so she finally broke the lip-lock by pulling back again.

Once more, she was far too horny to be upset at him. She just whispered playfully, "You really are a bad, bad boy! Maybe I need to spank you!"

He was flying high and felt he could do no wrong. His hands were fondling her tits with increasing vigor, although he couldn't play with her nipples since they were pressed tightly against his chest. But after her comment about spanking, he replied, "Maybe I need to spank YOU!" Then he lowered a hand from her rack down to her robe-covered ass and gave her a playful slap there.

Sandy felt such a great surge of pleasure from that that it was a wonder she didn't cum on the spot. In fact, that slap was what finally caused their bodies to disengage, because she suddenly was so weak in her knees that she was forced to abruptly sit back down.

Jane had been getting increasingly concerned by her mother's total lack of willpower. But she misunderstood why Sandy sat down so fast, and thought it was that she'd finally found the strength to disengage.

Jane thought, Geez! Fiiiinally! That was the longest "peck on the cheek" in the history of the world. This is bad. This is really bad. What happened to Mom? At least she finally came to her senses at the end there.

Darrin returned to his seat, but kept his upper body twisted so he could look into the back row where Sandy was sitting. Her robe had slid off her shoulders and down her arms during all the kissing, and, once her arms fell to her sides and she collapsed back to her seat, the robe fell all the way off her upper body. Even her pussy and bush were exposed as she slumped back in her seat in a daze.

So it went without saying that he was still flying high, especially since Lisa was still doing a great job fondling his throbbing cock while he leaned over the seatback just enough to ogle his nearly naked mother.

He was leaning back towards his lucid dream theory after all, because everything was working out better than the best sex dreams he'd ever had.

Feeling emboldened, and with Sandy's huge breasts on his mind, he said, "Wow, Mom! You know, I've never told you this before, because we weren't allowed to talk about it, but I've always thought you're super HOT! Your tits, obviously. Holy cow! God, I love your tits! I love that I can finally talk freely about how much I love them, how much I want to fondle and caress them!"

Sandy was still flying high too, tripping out on extreme arousal as well as embarrassment. But that last comment gave her concern. Even as she proudly sat back up, subtly thrusting her gigantic bare boobs forward, she said, "Now, now, let's not talk about touching. This is a 'look only' situation."

Her blush deepened, because she knew all too well that he'd been violating her "no touching" rule in multiple ways mere seconds earlier. She decided it was best to pretend that never happened, especially because she hoped Lisa had been turned the other way and hadn't noticed.

He wasn't dissuaded much. "Sorry. I'll try, but it's true. You're a total sexpot, and I love you!"

Trying to change the subject somewhat, she said, "Leave the touching to Lisa. She's really good at that, isn't she?"

His eyes lit up. "Oh, Mom! You don't even know! This is waaaay better than masturbating! She's stroking my dick like you wouldn't believe! And she didn't even stop once the whole time I gave you that peck on the cheek!"

Jane was boiling with frustration, as well as lust. Ugh! "Peck on the cheek" my ass! I think my brother is seducing my mother. Or vice versa. I don't know which is worse. But I've gotta do something!

Jane didn't know what to do. But upon reflection, she decided the best route was to try the subtle approach and talk to Sandy in private just as soon as they could be alone.

Darrin looked down at the action in his crotch. "Whoa! Just look at her fingers. It's like they never stop, and she's always surprising me with little things. Like, do you see how she's always using her other hand to play with my balls? That feels awesome too. I never even knew!"

Sandy didn't know what to say to that. "Yes, well..."

She thought, I wish I could at least fondle his balls like that. Such big, cum-filled balls! Where did they come from?! Even his balls are twice as big as his father's, and my super stud son is still growing! I love that he's having a great time, despite being trapped in this hot hell hole. I hope the way he's staring at me with such intensity is making his hot dick throb with even more pleasure!

She was acutely aware of the fact that he was blatantly gawking at her bare chest, even as Lisa kept on with her talented stroking. But she was having such a high time that when she briefly thought about pulling her robe back into place, she just as briefly shot that idea down. She told herself that she couldn't do that even if she wanted to, due to the new rule about letting him see her bare rack whenever he wanted to.

She truly was a sexually submissive woman, but this was the very first time in her life she'd ever started to let those feelings flow. As a result, she really was experiencing the sort of "sexual awakening" Lisa had been describing to Jane. It was more like a "sexual explosion," because it was happening so fast and so forcefully.

She particularly loved the way he'd smacked her ass. He'd only done it once, and fairly lightly, so it hadn't made a loud slapping sound. But it triggered something deep inside her. She longed for him to bend her over and slap her bare ass again and again and again.

She also loved the new rule he'd made, mostly because he'd made it. (In fact, Lisa had really been the one to come up with it, but Sandy didn't see it that way.)

Darrin had never felt free to compliment Sandy's appearance before, especially since the Douglas family almost never talked about any sexual matter. Now that he'd started, and Sandy clearly approved, it was like he couldn't stop even though he was repeating himself a lot.

He continued, "Anyway, I wanted to say that it's not just your huge tits. Of course that's my favorite, but I love everything about you! You've got a great ass too. Really fine. And such a narrow waist. Classic hourglass figure. I love your face SO MUCH! Your nose, lips, eyes... everything about it. Especially your sexy green eyes! You're so gorgeous, and that's mainly about the face! Everybody I know says you've got the face of a movie star... and the body of a porn star!"

She gasped. "SON!"

She wasn't really upset, just shocked. His words were turning her on in a big way. She particularly loved his passing mention about her lips, because that reminded her about Lisa's earlier whispered comment about her "cocksucking lips." That in turn reminded her about her blowjob fetish. She dearly wished there was a way Jane and Lisa could temporarily vanish in an instant so she could reward him for all his comments with a nice long blowjob.

Misunderstanding her comment as being a protest, he firmly insisted, "What?! It's true! All my friends say it's a total crime that you cover up as much as you do, because you're a total babe from head to toe! God, you're so HOT! Thank you again for helping out like this! With your help, and your tits, I'm gonna cum soon for sure!"

Actually, the part about cumming soon wasn't true. He didn't realize it, but the more worked up he got, the more Lisa slowed down with stroking his boner. Things were going so swimmingly for her overall plans that the last thing she wanted was for him to cum and possibly end the super sexy mood.

Sandy was blushing from extreme embarrassment already. But she had trouble dealing with compliments like that, and that embarrassed her more. "Face of a movie star and body of a porn star?!" That's high praise! I bet he'd like to see me naked and on my knees, slurping on his fat cock! Just like Lisa said he would. She says he's thinking about cocksucking nearly all the time, and I'm sure he is now! Lisa's the lucky one jacking him off, but he's thinking about fucking MY mouth!

But... UNGH! I can't think that!

Even though Sandy loved his praise, she tried to deflect the attention away by saying, "Don't just thank me. What about Lisa? Look at how she's stroking you tirelessly. She's the real champ here."

He pivoted in place again so he could look back at the raven-haired beauty playing with his privates. "That's true. Thanks, Lisa! I can't compliment what you're doing to my dick enough. Mom may be the 'tit queen,' but you're the 'handjob queen,' for sure! Do you mind if I give you a kiss of thanks too?"

Jane was conflicted, because she was getting hotter and hotter watching all the sexual action. Even seeing Darrin neck and fondle Sandy aroused her while it bothered her for breaking the all-important "no touching" rule. But at the same time, she was getting really upset at the other two getting all the compliments while she was being ignored.

She thought, "Tit queen!" "Handjob queen!" Ugh! Where does that leave me?! I was the hottest girl in school by far, but what good does that do me now? I'll probably never see any of those people again. And compared to Mom and Lisa, I'm way back in third place. UGH!

At the same time Jane was fuming, Lisa smiled from ear to ear. "Mind? I'll only mind if you don't play with my breasts some more while you kiss me! Except also, don't feel like you can only give me a little peck on the cheek like you gave your mother. Give me a REAL kiss on the lips!"

With that kind of encouragement, he boldly leaned forward and kissed Lisa on the lips. It was only the second time he'd kissed any female in passion, and he didn't know what he was doing.

With Sandy, it didn't matter that he had no clue what he was doing, because the mere fact that they were French kissing was so forbidden and exciting, and both of them were so extremely aroused, that there was no way he could go wrong. As it was, he did okay mostly by imitating what his mother was doing in his mouth by making the exact moves in her mouth.

However, when it came to Lisa, he didn't feel the same certainty that a kiss would go over like gangbusters, and he definitely wanted to make a good impression.

Luckily, he didn't have time to think or overthink about what to do. Even better, he was so extremely horny that his mind went blank and he just did what came naturally. At the same time, he took up her offer and resumed fondling her immense tits.

Lisa was delighted by his aggression. She welcomed his kiss, but she also used her mouth and tongue to subtly guide him so he'd learn how to get better.

Sandy was chagrined, to say the least. She had wanted him to say something nice to Lisa, not redirect all of his attention to her. She knew she shouldn't, but she burned with jealousy that he was making out with Lisa instead of with her. However, she stayed silent, since she wasn't supposed to feel that way.

My oh my! My son is growing up to be a man. Just look at Lisa moan like a bitch in heat while they make out like that. And she keeps on playing with his cock and balls with both hands while he fondles her big titties! I'm upset, but I have to admit I love it too! It's too hot! I'm sweating like a pig, and not just from the actual stifling heat!

If only I wasn't his mother, I'd teach him a thing or two about kissing! What we did hardly even counts. It really was a peck on the cheek. I'll show him! And handjobs! Oh yes! Definitely lots of handjobs! And titty play! If only! And he needs to smack my ass some more too, for sure! I don't know why, but if he really wails on my ass, I'd have to reward him with an epic blowjob! EPIC!

Actually, Sandy's strange thrill at getting her ass smacked wasn't so strange, because Olivia had frequently told her how much she loved it whenever her son gave her a "good spanking." She liked to explain to Sandy how that always "put her in her place," a phrase that stuck in Sandy's mind. Furthermore, Olivia got spanked in many of her videos, usually while wearing nothing but high heels, and she always "rewarded" her unnamed son by giving him a long blowjob. She usually was even more inspired than usual, so Sandy's thought of rewarding Darrin with an "epic" blowjob came directly from Olivia too.

The kissing between Darrin and Lisa went on for several minutes. All the while, Lisa kept on stroking his cock (but slowly and lightly) and he fondled her great tits with abandon.

He had so much time that he even explored other parts of her upper body from time to time, though he never went below the sash of her robe, since he figured his mother was closely watching and almost certainly wouldn't approve. He did "cheat" a bit though by subtly pushing the sash lower from time to time, until most of her hips and the top half of Lisa's ass was exposed and thus "fair play" as well.

He might have done more, but with the way she was kneeling in the aisle, most of her lower body was out of reach anyway. For instance, he couldn't reach the lower half of her ass unless he repositioned, and he was having so much fun that he didn't see the point of making any big change.

He was like the proverbial kid in a candy store. Life was great! He was sweating profusely, but he didn't even mind the heat because he was having such a grand time.

Sandy felt frustrated, because she was just standing there topless yet ignored. However, she wasn't that frustrated, since she still had a great view from above of almost everything Darrin and Lisa were doing to each other. Her arousal grew and grew as she watched how he fondled and caressed Lisa's big tits.

It was very easy for her to imagine that he was doing that to her instead. In her thoughts, she talked to him as if she was Lisa, saying things like, "That's it, Son! But don't neglect my nipples! I know you're distracted kissing my lips, you naughty boy! But I really need you to pull on my nipples! Get rough!"

In fact, she got so carried away that she wound up unthinkingly fondling her own tits some more, often mimicking the moves he was making on Lisa. For instance, when he pinched one of Lisa's nipples for the first time, she did the exact same to herself.

That gave her a small but nice orgasm. Actually, it was only "small" in comparison to the huge ones she'd had earlier.

But her attention was divided. She couldn't directly see the kissing due to her angle, but there wasn't much to be seen from the outside with kissing anyway. However, she could see Lisa's on-going handjob very clearly, and she couldn't get enough of that.

She had no way of knowing that Lisa was stroking him while being mindful of where Sandy was standing, so she could always put on a sexy display for her benefit.

Sandy was so transfixed that she completely forgot about Jane sitting in the seat right next to where she was standing. She probably wouldn't have noticed if Jane tried the knee smacking technique again.

Jane realized how distracted her mother was, and took full advantage. She continued to lean way forward in her seat, with her head in the aisle, so she could have an unobstructed view of the sexual fun. She couldn't see everything. In particular, she couldn't see Darrin's head, since he was generally facing forward and she was behind him and to the side. But that was a plus, because it would have been awkward for her (and him) if he realized she was watching, and even more awkward if they made eye contact.

The opposite was true for Lisa though. Lisa eventually noticed that Jane was looking, but she had no problem with it. After her private conversation with Jane, their relationship had changed and they shared some sexual secrets, including the fact that Jane had permission to look all she wanted.

Lisa was careful not to tip off where Jane's head was by looking at her when Darrin was looking at Lisa's face. But he was often distracted by Lisa's big tits or other sexual sights, like watching her hands slosh around on his cock and balls. During those times, Lisa would sometimes give Jane a friendly wink or smile.

Jane was a little embarrassed by that, but she couldn't stop watching, so she tried to smile back. The fact that she and Lisa had talked about her peeking helped matters considerably.

The French kissing went on and on, for what seemed like fifteen minutes. Lisa was a maestro at knowing just when to ease up enough to keep him close to cumming without going over. She didn't know the unique capabilities of his cock, but she was learning fast. The more she learned, the closer she could keep him to the edge.

And all the while, Darrin played with Lisa's tits. He was so boob-obsessed that he still only explored other parts of her body fairly rarely. Also, he continued to keep his hands above the robe's sash, even though the sash had slipped down a great deal. It was a wonder that her robe was clinging to her body at all.

At first Jane tried hard not to play with herself. She figured that if Sandy busted her for watching, she couldn't really get in trouble since Sandy obviously was doing the exact same thing in blatantly watching the action. But getting caught masturbating would be a more serious matter. However, the sexy scene in front of her was just too hot, and it wasn't long before she was furtively fingering herself. Luckily, the loose robe made access to her pussy easy, but it also covered her crotch enough to give her at least some plausible deniability if she got caught.

Jane and Sandy might have continued like that for even longer, with Jane fingering her pussy while Sandy fondled her huge tits, usually in imitation of what Darrin was doing to Lisa. But at one point Sandy coughed.

That caused Jane to look Sandy's way. That was no big deal, but she realized Sandy had probably been yanked out of her sex fog and might look back at her, so she quickly pulled her hand from her crotch.

She did it just in time too, because Sandy did look over. When they made eye contact, it was highly embarrassing for both of them. Their red faces got even redder.

Wanting to avoid awkwardness, as well as reassure herself and her mother, Jane whispered to Sandy, "This is okay, right? I mean us just looking. As long as there's no touching, then it's no harm done, right?"

Sandy had a minor freak out seeing Jane, because she'd been so far gone into her lust that she'd forgotten Jane was even there. She'd totally forgotten they were on a plane ride to their new home too, but all that came flooding back into her mind.

Luckily, Jane's words were exactly what she needed to hear. She even sighed with relief. Then she whispered back, "Sure. That's the key, the no touching rule. That has to be maintained at all costs."

Now that they'd gotten over the shock of seeing each other, Jane felt she could chide her mother a bit. "True. But Mom, you did kind of violate that with the 'peck on the cheek.'"

Sandy's embarrassment soared. She dropped her head. "I know. I know! That was really bad. Thanks for the subtle reminder. If that happens to me again, please, I beg you, do the same! I really don't want to do anything I'll regret later."

That was an absurd thing to say, because the Sandy that had woken up that morning would have been shocked and appalled by nearly everything that had happened on the flight so far. Whenever she calmed down next, she was likely to be very regretful at the very least. But she was so transformed by lust that she'd lost all perspective. Seeing Darrin get his cock stroked by Lisa had become almost normal in a strange way.

But Jane was basically trapped in the same bubble, so she felt the same way, that this much was okay but more, involving touching, would be wrong. She replied, "Definitely! But only if you promise to do the same to me. If I ever cross any line, just tap or slap my leg, okay?"

"Okay. Good idea."

There was a long pause. They went back to staring at all the fondling and stroking in front of them, but it was different now that they were in communication.

After another minute or so of wanton staring, Jane felt compelled to say something else. She gave her mother a slight nudge to make sure she had her attention, and then said, "Mom... it's pretty incredible, isn't it? His stamina, I mean."

Sandy exclaimed, "Good Lord! You can say that again! Your father..." She stopped herself, because she didn't want to speak ill of the dead. "Let's just say he didn't last this long."

Jane couldn't help but snicker. "To say the least! None of my boyfriends came even close. Let's face it: Darrin is a total stud!"

"That's for sure," Sandy emphatically agreed. She was still staring at the action, like Jane, and she'd even resumed caressing her huge tits since her hands were right there.

What both of them failed to understand was how Lisa was playing Darrin like a fiddle. She had honed her cock pleasuring skill over countless thousands of hours serving her master's cock, and she was about as good at it as any woman could possibly get. Had it not been for her careful moves, he would have blown his load in a couple of minutes or even less.

But her skill didn't end there. She was playing to her audience even more than trying to please Darrin, due to her overarching goal. So she managed to make dramatic moves sliding her hand up and down his shaft while being very sparing in stimulating his "sweet spot" and other pleasure points. Darrin was too inexperienced to know the difference, and the others were easily tricked.

As a result, Sandy and Jane were getting the impression that he had almost superhuman stamina. In fact he did have much better stamina than most boys his age, since he had been trained to improve his control over the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle in his groin, which controlled his ability to delay orgasm, and he didn't even realize it.

As part of his SI training in recent months, he'd gone though some seemingly normal fitness programs to pass various rigorous physical fitness tests, under the excuse that everyone on the island was ultimately working for the US military and had to be up to US military standards. It was good to get in better shape in general, and one benefit of that was improving his sexual stamina.

But that was mostly a standard SI cover story to get future masters like him to strengthen their PC muscle control in various ways. The tests designed for him to strengthen his groin muscles had been far more difficult than any other, forcing him to effectively squeeze his PC muscle over and over every night until he finally passed just before they left for their journey. That was done in a non-sexual context, but there was no doubt he'd get a great sexual benefit later, especially once he learned to control his muscles in a sexual context.

But even so, the fact that he hadn't cum after twenty minutes of non-stop handjob action was due entirely to Lisa.

After a brief pause, Sandy whispered, "I keep wondering when he's going to cum. I know it's a weird thing to say, but I really want to see him cum!" She shyly added in an even quieter whisper, "Especially if he does it all over Lisa."

Jane caught that, and whispered back, "Mom, I'm totally with you there. That would be super hot!"

"Mmmm!" Sandy agreed.

Silence fell between them, because they were so unused to talking about such explicitly sexual matters.

Sandy was more than a little embarrassed that she'd mentioned her interest in facials, something else she'd gotten from Olivia's videos. But at the same time, she was spacing out, dreaming of Darrin cumming on her face.

Jane didn't have the same facial fetish her mother did. Cassie had never given her any videos of her having sex with her brother, for a variety of reasons. One was that it would have been too suspicious if Sandy found out about those videos or Jane discovered Olivia's videos. But also, the main SI strategy was to facilitate incestuous intimacy between mother and son, figuring that the brother and sister incest would naturally follow.

Even so, Jane was so very aroused that the facial idea sounded great, especially since her mother suggested it. She had fallen out of her normal limits of what was acceptable and what wasn't, and she was receptive to almost anything, so long as she stayed on her sexual high.

After another minute or two of staring, Jane resumed whispering. "Mom... this IS okay, isn't it? I mean... it's all so weird..."

"I know what you mean, Janey," Sandy whispered back. "And sure, it's the strangest day by a long shot! Nothing comes close. But you have to remember the situation. With all this sexiness and nudity around poor Darrin, his big cock is stiff nearly all the time. If something isn't done, he'll suffer blue balls so badly he might... well, I don't think he'd die, but he could be permanently hurt."

Jane snickered. "He's not going to die."

"No. But he could get hurt. And he needs Lisa's help! Consider how long she's been stroking him. What if he had to do that by himself? He'd be at it for an hour or longer. We don't want him to masturbate for practically the entire flight!"

Jane nodded. Her viewpoint had been so skewed by lust that what her mother said made perfect sense. "Good point. Although... we're probably going to see Lisa helping him a lot more before this flight is over."

"True. But remember that he's climaxed two times already. This will be the third." (Actually, Sandy was off by one. She wasn't aware of the first time he came, because she was in the toilet at the time.) "How many times can he cum in a single day? Just making a wild guess, with a total stud like him, maybe six. Seven at the most. Eventually, he'll be 'tapped out' and then things can go back to normal."

"Well, relatively normal," Jane replied. "We'll still be practically naked with these stupid robes."

"Indeed. But this flight is just one day out of our long lives. Two, if tomorrow is similar. We just have to grin and bear it."

With that, both of them felt much more reassured that what was happening was acceptable. It was remarkable how quickly the bizarre was normalized, though the thrill and shame of the new was never lost and barely even lessened at all.

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