Chapter 11
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A couple of minutes later, after so much time necking with Lisa, Darrin's attention finally returned to his mother's gigantic tits. He broke the kiss and pivoted in place to face her again.

Sandy was caught fondling her big knockers. Furthermore, all her fondling had caused so much upper body motion that her robe had fallen off both shoulders and dropped all the way down to her sash. That had happened so long ago, relatively speaking, that she'd all but forgotten about it. Her toplessness was the new normal.

His face lit up even more than before from seeing her totally topless, red-faced, playing with herself, and obviously horny beyond belief. "MOM! Awesomeness! That's so great! Just look at you! You're so scorching hot! I love what you're doing! Please keep it up!"

Her blush turned redder and redder, and her humiliation soared. On some level, she remained very aware that she shouldn't be doing this, even after all the reassurance she and Jane had given each other. But her lust seemed to be in control and she couldn't stop rubbing her huge tits together if she tried. Again, humiliation was a great aphrodisiac for her, although she had no clue that was the case.

As he continued to gawk at her, he said, "Sorry for ignoring you for so long, but that was my very first kiss! A REAL kiss!"

Sandy was so horny that she spoke without thinking. "How was it? Did you like it?" In most of her fantasies for these last twenty minutes, she'd been making out with him all that time while stroking his dick and letting him play with her knockers too - in other words, exactly what she saw him doing with Lisa. Of course, when she wasn't thinking that, sucking his cock was usually on her mind.

He replied with boundless enthusiasm, "Oh yeah! It was great! Lisa's so, well, awesome! Look at how she's STILL stroking me! Can you believe how long she's been at it?!"

Lisa spoke directly to Sandy. "You've raised a real lady-killer here! I can't believe that's his first kiss, because he's a natural! And look at his cock! Such a big, thick cock!" She looked down at her sliding fingers.

Sandy stared in awe, even though she'd been doing nothing but staring at his cock for the last twenty minutes or more. She realized the others must be able to hear how heavily she was panting, but she couldn't help that.

Lisa went on, "He's a really sneaky guy too. I keep stroking and stroking, but I can't get him to cum! I'm sure he's holding out as long as he can, just to show off his incredible natural stamina." That was a clever lie, to put all the credit for the prolonged action on him.

She continued, "I'll bet he's going to have THREE girlfriends! And his cock is so HOT! It's practically burning up in my hands. But at the same time, it's throbbing and wet! My fingers are soaked in pre-cum, and it feels SO GOOD to just slide them up and down! My hands are tired, but it's like I can't stop because it's such a POWERFUL cock! It's like I HAVE to stroke it, like it holds some strange power over me!"

She added, as if struggling for what to say, "It's as if... as if... I'm in his control and he's MAKING me pleasure him so much. It's like I'm helpless to be his SLUT!"

Sandy thought she was as hot as she could get already, but Lisa's words, along with the sight of her stroking, made her lusty desire soar higher still. By now, she pretty much had to constantly hold and fondle her tits whether she wanted to or not, and no matter who was looking her way, because her chest was heaving so much due to her heavy panting.

Lisa's words were mainly aimed at Sandy, but they strongly affected Jane too. True, she wasn't as secretly indoctrinated into the sex slave mindset as Sandy was yet, but she was naturally submissive exactly like her mother. The talk about Darrin being in total control was almost the ultimate aphrodisiac for both of them.

Lisa went on, "The only problem is, how am I going to get him to cum?! It's like he practically has superhuman endurance. Maybe because he came three times already? I don't know!"

Once again, she was laying it on thick. Darrin didn't have "super human endurance" or anything close to it.

The real key was that Lisa was being very careful not to make him cum. Since at least the time the French kissing started, she usually stroked him in a way that looked good to Sandy and Jane, with lots of motion from base to tip and back again. But that wasn't nearly as effective as if she'd focused on his sweet spot nearly all the time, as she usually would have. Even with that general style, sometimes he got overheated, so she'd ease up on him even more. It all felt heavenly to him, so he didn't realize how she was prolonging the joy.

Thanks to the general impression that had made, she was able to go on to say, "I'm thinking I'm probably going to have to resort to stronger measures. Sandy, I don't want to upset you, so tell me... would it be okay with you if I lick him and even suck him when I run into trouble like this? My hands are getting tired! I think it's time to try something new, or we'll never get this done."

Sandy was nearly out of her mind with lusty desire, aggressively kneading her own tits while she continued to gawk at the endless handjob. A warning went off in her mind, but she told herself, Poor thing! She's been stroking him so tirelessly, and she's so very talented at it, but even she's getting tired. I suppose that as long as my "no touching" red line is maintained, things will be okay. In fact, it would be good if Lisa sucks him off, so he can cum faster.

So she said, "I think you should do whatever you have to do to get him to cum! After all, I saw you take him in your mouth when he came last time, so it's not a big deal to do it again, right?"


Sandy almost swooned and fell down, she was so thrilled. In truth, her thinking was just a thin justification. The truth was, she wanted to see Lisa suck! In her mind, it practically would be her doing it through a stand-in double.

However, just to be sure that she was doing the right thing, Sandy turned to Jane. "What do you think, Janey? Should we let Lisa try another approach?"

Darrin was taken aback, because he'd been so engrossed playing with Lisa that he'd totally forgotten Jane was even there. In fact, it had taken him around twenty minutes to even get back to Sandy. His surprise was clearly written on his face, even after he twisted in place to actually look Jane's way.

Jane was chagrined, and it showed.

Lisa saw that, and commented, "Darrin, maybe it's not for me to say, but it looks to me like Jane is feeling neglected. Consider how you've complimented Sandy and me to great lengths. You even called your mom the 'tit queen' and me the 'handjob queen.' And then it looks like you forgot your sister is even here."

He smacked his forehead. "Oh, man! Sorry!" He was sincerely sorry, and it showed. "Jane, please don't be mad! I mean, this is a really, really extraordinary situation. And, in my defense, you've been way under the radar, not saying anything or showing yourself at all."

Like Sandy, Jane's robe had fallen all the way down to her sash. She didn't mind that at all, because she wanted her brother to ogle her body and see just how sexy she was. She folded her arms under her rack, striking an upset pose while also subtly and deliberately pushing her tits up and out to make them look even bigger.

She admitted, "You've got a point about me keeping a low profile. And I'll admit that you've had more than a few... distractions." She couldn't help but grin at that dramatic understatement.

He broke into a grin too. He loved that even during this discussion, Lisa was still stroking his boner and nobody seemed to mind, including Jane. It stunned him all over again to realize that his sister had almost certainly been staring at the handjob action this entire time.

Jane went on, "That said, you can make it up to me with a compliment or two. And don't you DARE lie and say I'm anything sexier than either of these two, because we both know that's untrue!"

Darrin was in a fix. He didn't want to lie, but Sandy and Lisa were off the sexy scale in just about every possible way. But luckily his cleverness shone through. He said, "Sure, they're awesome. Beyond awesome, even. But they're women. They're MILFs. You're still a teenager. You're still growing into your body. It's not fair to compare you to them."

That was a good start. He went on, "Everyone knows that you're the Sandy or Lisa of your age, if you know what I mean. You're heads and shoulders sexier than ANY girl in our school, and that's a fact! In fact, I'd bet you're the sexiest teenager in the whole county, if not the whole state!"

Jane beamed. But then she forced herself to frown. "Okay, that's a good start, kid. But don't stop there."

Sandy and Lisa couldn't help but laugh at that.

Darrin rose to the challenge. "No problem! Let's look at your body. Starting with your tits, because I'm a tit man."

"What about my tits?" Jane asked. She changed her pose, boldly hefting up her big globes from below, since they were the center of attention.

"They're so HUGE, for starters! Yeah, they're not Mom-sized huge, but you're still growing. My God, if you ever have kids your tits might end up even BIGGER than hers, if that's humanly possible! You're definitely the most stacked girl in school. Any guy would give his left nut just to play with your tits, including me!"

Jane was getting happier all the time. "Oh yeah? Prove it!" She leaned forward and thrust her tits towards him in invitation.

He eagerly reached out towards her. She'd just let go to let her tits dramatically swell forward and down, so he grasped hold of them from below where her hands had just been.

Jane moaned loudly and erotically, like she'd just had an orgasm. That wasn't far from the truth.

Darrin was tripping on a lusty high due to this unexpected pleasure, especially because Lisa was continuing to stroke and fondle his cock and balls.

But their shared joy was interrupted by Sandy. She was trying to stick to the "no touching" rule. She might have been lax if her son was fondling her tits, but since it was Jane, she had the willpower to complain, "Hey!" At the same time, she gave Jane's nearer knee a couple of light smacks.

Jane frowned, feeling severely disappointed.

He continued to hold and even start to fondle her rack. "What's wrong?"

Jane reluctantly said, "Remember the 'no touching' rule? Mom's 'hey' reminded me of that."

"Oh. Okay." He looked to Sandy, since she was the obstacle. "Sorry, Mom, I forgot. But since I'm holding her tits already, can I keep doing that at least until I finish complimenting her?"

Sandy was trying to stick to the rule. She folded her arms under her massive rack, just as Jane did. "Sorry, but touching is touching. That definitely is touching!"

"True," he replied. "But remember how much I got to play with your tits. And Jane is feeling left out, especially in the chesty area. It'll just be a minute or two."

Lisa chimed in, "Sandy, he does have some good points."

Jane gave her mother her best pleading look.

Sandy sighed heavily. "Okay, fine. But keep it short!"

He smiled from ear to ear, then returned his full attention to Jane. "Where was I? Oh yeah. Your tits. Did I mention how huge they are? Your body is smaller and shorter than Mom's in general, so they look bigger on you, relatively speaking. In fact, you say they're E-cups, but I don't believe it. They have to be F-cups, at least!"

His hands started wandering all over her rack, as if to test out their size.

Jane loved his touch, but she insisted, "No, trust me, I wear an E-cup bra."

Lisa spoke up again. "Jane, that may be, but I'll bet you you're wearing the wrong size. You'd be surprised how often that happens. We'll talk about it later if you want, and I can even measure you, but I'm sure that he's right."

Jane brightened up. "Really?! Wow! That's so cool!"

Darrin was triumphant. As he continued to fondle all over her chest, he said, "See? I told you. But it's not just size. You have an advantage even over Mom's boobs in that they sit so high and firm on your chest. That's not knocking her; it's just a teenage thing. And their shape is perfect! And your nipples are so ideally placed and cute and pink! I'd totally love to lean in and suckle on them like a baby!"

Before he could even think to actually lean in, Sandy said, "Nope! You're not going to go there!"

Jane sighed theatrically. "Awwww! Mom, you're no fun."

Sandy pointed out, "Are you forgetting the 'no touching' rule?"

That sobered Jane up, if only a little bit. "Oh yeah. Right. Now, enough about my boobs. You've made me feel ten times better about them already, and I'm totally psyched. You've proved you're a tit man, for sure!" She giggled. "But what about the rest of my body? I'm all ears!"

Sandy groaned out loud. "I hate to be the taskmaster here, but that's enough already. Son, you said a minute or two of fondling. It's definitely been that."

He'd switched to rolling Jane's nipples between his fingers ever since his nipple talk. Jane's lusty reaction to that was a big reason Sandy found more resolve, out of worry that things were getting out of hand.

As he did that, he complained, "Mom, how can I stop now? I'm just getting started. Jane's body is a sexual wonderland, from head to toe! I could spend half an hour praising her face alone."

Sandy still took a tough line, with her arms still crossed until her awesome knockers. "Well, that may be the case, but you'll have to do that later. Your time is definitely up. Besides, before this all started, Lisa was talking about licking and even sucking your cock. Don't you want to see that happen?"

A big reason Sandy was being so firm was due to her blowjob fetish. She could hardly wait to see Lisa lick and suck.

He muttered, "Hmmm. Good point."

Jane griped, "Aaaaaawwww!" She really had been having a great time. She especially loved his tit fondling. He was surprisingly good at that already, given his lack of experience. Lisa had subtly and non-verbally encouraged and discouraged him while he'd played with her rack, helping him learn in a hurry.

He said, "Okay. But Jane, I want you to know that you're totally gorgeous. I know this is a really weird thing to say, but if we weren't related, I'd love it if you were the one who was about to suck my dick."

Jane let out another "Aaaaawwww!" But this one was loving and approving, like he'd just handed her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. "That's so sweet! And if we weren't siblings, trust me, I would totally love to be the one to suck your cock too!"

Jane was so very horny that she didn't consciously realize what a line they'd just crossed with those words.

Sandy didn't realize it either. Despite all the attention on Jane, if anything, she still was even more aroused than Jane was. Plus, her blowjob lust was making it next to impossible for her to think straight at all.

Unexpectedly, he stood up, surprising Lisa so much that she briefly let go of his boner. He leaned forward towards Jane, obviously angling for a kiss. "I love you, Sister!"

Jane was delighted. She leaned in quickly and opened her mouth for him, hoping to at least start a French kiss before Sandy could object.

She wasn't fast enough, because Sandy immediately exclaimed, "Kids! No!"

But Darrin and Jane kissed on the lips anyway.

Since Lisa was disengaged from Darrin's cock anyway, she leaned forward towards Sandy and put a hand on one of Sandy's arms still folded under her rack. She did that knowing full well that her hand was practically dripping with his pre-cum. She figured that would give the horny mother an extra thrill.

She was definitely right about that. Sandy's entire body tingled in arousal.

At the same time, Lisa said, "Let them have their fun. I could be mistaken, but didn't you and him kiss on this lips some, even after the establishment of the 'no touching' rule?"

Thanks to Lisa's talking and distraction, Darrin and Jane were able to start seriously necking for the first time. It was just as electric as his first kiss with Sandy. There was an extra charge too, because both of them knew Sandy could bring a halt to it at any moment, so they put all they had into it from the very start.

While their tongues dueled, Darrin reached back out and resumed fondling Jane's impressive tits.

Sandy was very dismayed. She'd gotten the impression earlier that Lisa hadn't noticed her "illegal" kissing with her son. But given that Lisa had noticed, she felt she had no leg to stand on when it came to stopping the kissing. Nonetheless, she remained conflicted, because it was such a blatant rule violation. She felt the enforcement of the rule was falling apart.

To help Sandy make up her mind, Lisa added, "Fair is fair. You did some things with him that Jane didn't get to do, and then she's seen me do even more things with him. She's still feeling left behind and left out. I know the 'no touching' rule is important. But let things even out, so she gets about the same amount of kissing and tit fondling as you did. Then you can wipe the slate clean and firmly enforce the rule from then on."

Lisa knew just what Sandy was thinking and said exactly what Sandy wanted to hear.

Sandy sighed. "Well... I guess. But, if we do that, can you help enforce the rule too? Clearly, I'm not doing too good of a job. I'm trying to be a good mom, but... it's not easy."

Of course, while they were talking, Darrin and Jane were continuing to madly make out. Things were evening up in a hurry.

Lisa said, "I get where you're coming from. I think you've been a GREAT mom. The thing is, you've been put in a really tough situation where they're no simple right or wrong. Take the problem with your son needing to cum. There simply isn't a 'no sex' option, given how gorgeous the three of us ladies are and the whole nudity problem. His huge cock is going to get stroked and licked and probably even sucked quite a lot before this flight is over. There's no other way to get through this."

"That's so crazy!" Sandy complained. "I mean... it's almost become normal in a weird way, when you're doing it, but at the same time, there's a part of me that still realizes just how crazy this all is. He's never even seen me naked before today!"

Lisa said, "That's a big reason why his cock is so painfully stiff so much. This is an extreme, bizarre circumstance. A perfect storm of sexual weirdness. Someday soon, you'll look back and laugh."

"Maybe so," Sandy said with another sigh. She'd been watching her children make out the whole time, but she'd been so distracted by Lisa's deliberately distracting talk that she'd lost track of the time. She suddenly exclaimed, "Hey! You kids! That's definitely been enough time. Break it up, you two! Now!"

Darrin and Jane realized they'd been lucky and that, indeed, they'd been given some extra time. So they pulled away without protest, though slowly, savoring every moment of their new-found intimacy.

But he continued to stare deeply into his sister's blue eyes. "Jane, that was great! You're so sexy that it hurts. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And don't think for a second that you're number three in any way behind Mom and Lisa. Yeah, they have the extra curves, but you're the sexiest teenager on the planet in my book, and you have my heart. Your long, wavy, flaming red hair alone literally stops traffic wherever you go, and your blue eyes are to die for. Your cute nose... every part of you! You'll always be at least tied for number one in my eyes!"

Jane got moony all over again. "Brother! That's the sweetest thing anyone has EVER said to me!"

Just like that, the two of them resumed their passionate necking. He also went right back to fondling his sister's tits.

Sandy started to protest.

But Lisa put her cummy hand on one of Sandy's arms again. She whispered, "Have a heart. Let them have their special moment. Come on. Wasn't that the sweetest thing ever? Because you can see in his eyes that he loves her."

Sandy relented, but she whispered back, "Yeah, that's what I'm worried about. That they could wind up loving each other too much, if you know what I mean."

That was a tricky question for Lisa to handle, since it was so clear to anyone with eyes to see how things were getting sexually serious between the two siblings. She carefully said, "That is a concern, but kissing really is no big deal. Besides, that's why we have the 'no touching' rule. In fact, if you're so worried, maybe it's time to bring the hammer down on them already."

Sandy said, "Okay, kids, that's DEFINITELY it! Break it up this instant, and no more talking, or tit fondling, or nipple pinching, or any of it! Back to your seats. That's an order!"

Darrin and Jane reluctantly pulled apart again. But they couldn't stop smiling. Something very significant had happened between them, although they weren't consciously aware of it yet.

The two kids had been necking for the better part of five minutes. One unexpected benefit to that, from Lisa's point of view, was that Darrin's cock had been untouched nearly the entire time. That meant that he'd been able to come down from the edge of orgasmic need.

As a result, she could immediately launch into her next phase.

Almost as soon as his bare ass landed back in his seat, Lisa was leaning back over his crotch with her hand on his boner and her mouth close enough to blow on his cockhead. Which, of course, she naturally did.

She smiled for miles and resumed jacking him off. "Hey, stud! Did you miss me?"

He just groaned erotically. Once again, he couldn't believe his great fortune.

She muttered, "Hold on to your horses, kid!" Then she began licking her way around his cockhead.

Both Sandy and Jane snapped to attention. They were standing up already, but they leaned right up against the seatbacks in front of them to get the best view.

Jane had been starting to have second thoughts about the wisdom of all the kissing and tit fondling, but the new action took all of her attention away from that.

Lisa knew he was going to experience a great surge of pleasure from the start of her licking, so she pretty much stopped stroking and fondling his balls altogether for a while in order to compensate.

Sure enough, he tilted his head back and moaned erotically, as he was hit by the great sensation. He gasped, "Oh! Man!"

Lisa giggled with glee. YES! He loves it! And I love it even more! It's almost like having a master again! I know I'm supposed to just help him seduce the other two, but for the next week or two, I'm gonna lick and suck this cock a hell of a lot! It'll almost be like I really am a Napali slave again!

Sandy was similarly thrilled. YESSSS! That's it! That's it! "Son, how do you like that? Do you like it when your mommy does this to you? 'Cos Mommy wants to make you cum! But not too fast! First, she wants to lick every inch of your cock, several times over! And then she's going to suck it like you've never been sucked in your life! I love you so much!"

Sandy didn't consciously realize it, but sometimes when she got deep into her incestuous fantasies, such as when she was masturbating to Olivia's videos in her bedroom and imagining it was footage of herself and Darrin, she got so very hot and bothered that she called herself "Mommy." She tried not to do it because she thought it sounded immature and weird, but there were times she just couldn't help herself. This was practically the first time she'd let herself use that word in her thoughts when she was near him, and it helped kick her arousal up even higher.

Wanting to keep Sandy involved, Lisa looked up at her and asked, "What do you think? Does he like that?"

Sandy giggled too. She was having the time of her life rubbing and kneading her bare breasts. "Are you kidding me?! He loves it!"

She thought, But don't talk to me, you sexy, busty slut! Take it in your mouth already! I want to see some serious oral action! I want to see your lips stretch out! I want you to cry tears of struggle like Olivia always does, because my son's cock is too big and too powerful for you to take! SUCK IT! Suck him good! Do it for me! Gaawwwd! Suck that huge fuckin' thing with all your might! DO IT!

Sandy was tempted at times to play with her pussy, but she knew that would lead to a screaming orgasm before long. As it was, she hit an ideal level with her gawking and tit fondling where it practically felt like one endless climax even though she technically wasn't cumming. Her pussy was soaked despite the lack of contact, and cum was dripping down her inner thighs. Her entire body was seemingly on fire, and she was sweating buckets from the real heat plus the sexual heat.

Jane was similarly transfixed, though not as insanely aroused as her mother since her blowjob fetish wasn't as far along. She thought, GOD DAMN! Now, that's what I'm talking about! The funny thing is, I've done that for my various boyfriends lots of times, but it never did much for me. But just seeing Lisa lick him is like the hottest thing on Earth!

Gaawwwd! There's something about the way she does it. I'm glad I can see her face from this angle most of the time, because there's such PASSION in her eyes! It's like his cock is the most delicious lollipop in the history of mankind and she can't even believe her luck that she gets to lick it! I wish I could feel that passionate about anything. It's so sexy!

Okay, my brother is, like, the biggest stud. That's a given. But Lisa's like the most awesome, sexy, slutty woman I've ever seen! She should be in porn! She makes me want to lick my own brother's gigantic boner so badly that I can't stand it! The two of them together are way too much!

Lisa spent the next couple of minutes adoringly licking all over his cockhead. Thanks to the prolonged break his penis got during the kissing with Jane, she didn't need to hold back in the way she'd been holding back before.

She could have proceeded to cocksucking at any time. She longed for it just as much as he did, but she wanted to build the anticipation for her small audience. She didn't worry much about Sandy, who was already as primed for blowjob action about as much as anyone could possibly get, but she figured Jane still had a ways to go before she developed a cocksucking passion worthy of the sex slave mentality she was slowly gaining.

Darrin was on cloud nine. He fully trusted that he was in good hands - literally. Although he'd never had anyone do anything to his cock before, he had no doubt that Lisa was the best of the best. Incredibly, she was just as sexy as she looked. He was enjoying her licking so much that he wasn't in any hurry for her to suck him some more, because he didn't believe things could get any better.

Meanwhile, Lisa kept on talking to Sandy through her licking, trying to keep both her and Jane as involved as possible short of violating the new "no touching" rule. (It didn't really matter who she was talking to, since her words equally applied to them both.) She said things like, "It's so hot! It really is! You should feel his skin here; you wouldn't believe it. It's practically burning my tongue. But I love it!"

She grinned when she heard Sandy respond with a particularly loud erotic moan of her own.

Lisa went on, "And the way it throbs with life! Oh my God! I swear, it's alive! It's a living creature! So powerful. So demanding! It's like it's ordering me to keep stroking and licking, and I have to obey!"

Some of Lisa's comments seemed strange, such as talking about the "power" of his cock and even occasional mentions about how it needed to be obeyed. But Lisa knew exactly what got a naturally submissive woman worked up, since she was one herself. These were time-tested trigger words and phrases, and they hit Sandy dead on.

Naturally, they had the exact same effect on Jane, since Jane had the same submissive personality. She'd thought she was completely sexually "normal," and insisted her boyfriends behave normally with her. She chided them for being "sexist" whenever they tried to get domineering with her. That had almost never happened in the first place though, since she was so gorgeous that they tended to fall over backwards to please her instead.

Furthermore, in the last year, ever since the Douglases had become serious Napali candidates, SI had carefully screened her boyfriends to make sure no truly dominant guys went out with her. It would have ruined the entire family's incestuous future if Jane fell in love with a guy who treated her as she craved to be treated deep down. The organization didn't do anything illegal to steer guys away, but it had almost unlimited resources, and throwing money around to encourage someone to do or not do something was a particularly easy and effective way to get things done.

Thanks to SI, all of Jane's recent boyfriends had been handsome, rich, charming, and many other things she was looking for, including being well-hung sometimes. But all of them had been strangely unsatisfying in bed for her, because they were submissive types like her, though they usually didn't realize that yet.

But for Jane, now, somehow everything was different. For instance, she got off on the kind of language Lisa had just been using, like when she called Darrin's cock "powerful" and "demanding." Previously, that would have just sounded silly to her, but now it rang true and almost scared her, in a thrilling manner.

Exactly like her mother, she was discovering a new level of sexual arousal that she never knew existed.

It was as if Jane had been living two lives. First, there was what had been her real life, in which she and her boyfriends had to behave within certain socially acceptable bounds. In that world, she couldn't admit her submissiveness, not even to herself. She had some dim subconscious awareness of her true nature, and she was scared to open that door because there was no telling what might happen next or what sexual forces would be unleashed.

But then there had been her fantasy life. In the last six months, thanks mostly to her secret SI confederate Cassie, that had gone in totally unexpected directions, with her dreams of her brother, and cocksucking, and generally letting her submissive desires out. That was reflected in the kinds of erotic Internet stories she'd been reading - which generally were recommended to her by Cassie.

She had thought her two lives had to remain completely separate forever, but suddenly they were coming together in strange and powerful ways. It was scary but exhilarating.

Lisa waited a while until Darrin had more or less gotten over the initial thrill of her licking, and yet still wasn't close to cumming. Then she told him, "Kid, do you realize you've been ignoring your mom for a while now? She's still playing with her big tits, just for you!"

He opened his eyes, twisted his upper body around, and looked back at his mother. Sure enough, she was still standing there, pressing her twin globes together while also diddling with her own nipples.

He said, "Hey, Mom! Isn't this great? Damn! Mom, you're so stacked!" He laughed, almost deliriously. "I know I said that already, but... damn! It's so true! I just have to say it again. God, I love you!"

She dropped her head bashfully, but also smiled from ear to ear. "I love you too!"

She added, but only in her thoughts, "If only you weren't my son! Mommy doesn't just long to suck your cock. I love how much you love my tits! I've learned so much about titfucking through Olivia and her videos. How I wish I could let you plow your big cock through my titties! Son, do you want to give your mommy a good titfuck?"

She resumed eye contact with him, giving him a "come hither" look that practically knocked him over. There was much she wanted to say but felt she couldn't, as it would be too explicit. But she tried to make up for that by lustfully rubbing her I-cups together just as if his boner really was trapped in between them.

He watched her tits in motion for a while, totally transfixed and amazed. Of course, his enjoyment of the sight was enhanced by the way Lisa was licking around his cockhead.

Not surprisingly, Sandy's thoughts soon returned back to her great passion of cocksucking. Her desire to see Lisa get started was so overwhelming that she wanted to scream. If she couldn't do it directly herself, at least she could live vicariously through a woman who looked like her twin from the neck down.

It was all she could do not to at least say something like, "Lisa, please! Get on with it already!" But she worried that if she did that she was in danger of revealing her "secret shame" - her incestuous desire for her son.

That was ironic, because nearly everything she was saying or doing was revealing that anyway. Besides, the other three were all aware of her sexual feelings for him. Darrin had possibly been the most clueless in that respect, but whatever doubts he'd had had faded away in the course of the last hour.

Sandy helped bide her time by continuing to pretend to titfuck him. She slid her tits up and down exactly as she would have if his enormous pole was trapped in her cleavage. However, her frustration that she was only pretending to titfuck him got to her and she stopped her tit rubbing.

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