Chapter 12
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Sandy wanted to do something else to keep his full interest, something even more sexy and outrageous, but she didn't know what that should be. Weirdly, she continued to think that everything would be acceptable so long as no touching was allowed, so she had that frustrating limitation.

It went without saying that she was so far gone with her lust that she wasn't thinking clearly.

As soon as her motion stopped, he asked, "Can you... pose for me? And say sexy stuff?"

She was so hot and bothered that she didn't hesitate. "Pose for you? How? Am I not doing that already?" She leaned forward enticingly, thrusting her massive globes out at him.

"You are, but can you, like, raise your hands above your head for a minute and kind of sway in place?"

"I suppose I can do that. Just so long as you stick to the no touching rule." She'd already started to raise her hands.

He smiled from ear to ear. "Sure, Mom! But what if I watch your tits and play with Lisa's? Is that okay?"

"That's VERY okay!" Sandy was nearly delirious at that idea. Already, she was fantasizing nearly non-stop that whatever he was doing to Lisa he was doing to her. This would make that connection even more overt, while still not violating her "no touching" red line.

He kept looking at his mother while he reached back with one hand, found one of Lisa's massive orbs by touch, and then idly fondled an erect nipple.

Sandy raised her hands up high, and even arched her back. It caused such powerful jolts of pleasure to shoot down her spine that she was tempted to scream out loud. But she was embarrassed beyond belief.

She thought, I honestly can't believe this! What's happening to me today? It's like I'm losing my mind! Look at me. I must look like a shameless slut. I'm acting just like one, for my SON! And it's easy to forget, since there are no windows or other people, but we ARE on an airplane, flying over the Pacific! That's just crazy!

I suppose it's obvious to everyone here that I'm hot for my son. How could Lisa or Jane not have figured that out by now? They can see my erect nipples and my heaving tits, and I must be huffing and puffing like an old steam train. And of course he's hot for me. This is so WRONG! I really should stop. But I can't. I can't! Everything is far too arousing. I never knew what real sexual pleasure was until today!

But it's okay. All of this is okay. Jane even agreed. As long as he doesn't actually touch me, we can get away with even this! No touching!

Darrin said, "Mom, you're making me so happy that I want to cry! All my dreams are coming true! It's like you're my naked big-titted mommy, showing off just for me!"

Whatever doubts she had were blown away by his words, especially his use of "mommy" in a sexual context for the very first time. That took her breath away.

Her humiliation remained and even grew stronger, but in a good way. That's right! I'm his mommy! His naked big-titted mommy! Oh, Son! I feel totally objectified, but in the best way!

She actually reveled in being slutty and ashamed. Her eyes sparkled with fire and life, and her body moved with renewed confidence and sexiness.

More time passed very happily for everyone like that.

Lisa was somewhat frustrated, because she was eager to start sucking his cock. But her main goal was to develop the sexual intimacy between mother and son, so she figured the interaction between them needed to take center stage. She contented herself with just stroking and licking him, for now.

Jane was having a great time despite merely watching, although she had to be more quiet than she would have liked. The problem was she felt she couldn't let herself cum, because she was so worked up she knew she'd scream out loudly if she did. Sandy was increasingly tolerant of letting her watch everything that was happening, but she worried that her mother might get upset if she came in spectacular fashion. Her worst fear was that she would be banished to some other part of the plane and have to miss out on all the action.

From time to time, Darrin asked Sandy to strike different poses. He particularly liked it when she leaned way forward and let her big tits dangle down.

She was so hot that she did everything he asked. The prudish woman who had regularly bound her breasts was seemingly long dead and gone. Plus, in her mind, it was all morally okay since there was no touching involved. She was having the time of her life!

At times, she even said things that seemingly highlighted her own humiliation. For instance, she'd chide him, "I can't believe you're making me do this. Such a bad, bad boy!" Or she'd say, "You want me to tilt my head down and lick my own nipples? So naughty! Are you forgetting I'm your mother?"

Darrin's confidence was growing by the minute. In response to that last question, he said, "Not at all. You're not just my mom, you're my super busty mommy, and I love you!"

She practically melted upon hearing that. Not only did he say "mommy" again, but he added "I love you." That always worked wonders, especially because he was so obviously sincere.

Lisa loved this idea of Darrin telling Sandy how to pose, since she considered it a pre-ordained destiny that he would be Sandy's master and she would be one of his sex slaves. She thought it was great for them to get into the habit of him giving orders and her learning to obey.

From time to time, Lisa said things to encourage him with his mother if she thought it would help, such as reminding him to give her another pose when he'd get distracted and forget.

He was easily distracted, since she still expertly stroked and licked his cock. She had him back to where he was before, close to cumming but not so close that he was in serious danger of doing so. She liked that she was linking extreme sexual pleasure with bossing his mother around.

The whole time, Jane continued to secretly watch and play with herself. She wished she could pose for him too, but he either had to twist all the way around to look one way at Sandy or twist all the way around to look at her. She was certain that Sandy would be very strongly against her taking the spotlight away.

Darrin could have just completely repositioned so he was facing the other way, and Lisa would have been able to stroke and lick him just as easily. But for some reason he assumed that Lisa needed for him to sit as he was for her to have the best access to his cock and balls.

After a while, he came up with a slightly different idea. "Mom, what's going on with you where I can't see?"

She was repeatedly running her hands through her hair, almost like she was shampooing her hair, but it was just her latest sexy pose. "What do you mean?"

He could have easily gotten up to see her entire body, or even just leaned way forward in a certain way to look over the chair back in the way. But he felt he couldn't move much from his seat, again due to his assumption that Lisa wanted him to stay as he was.

So he just asked Sandy, "Are you still wearing that robe, like, at all?"

She looked down at herself to confirm, because she belatedly realized it could have come off during all her sexy posing without her even noticing. It hung on her so loosely that she felt completely nude regardless. But it was still there, since she'd secured the sash very carefully earlier. "It's still around my waist, yes."

"Then lose it! I want you totally naked!"

Her blush deepened and her eyes bugged out. Oh my God! He wants me totally naked! Just having me pose topless isn't enough for him. He's so insatiable!

Despite the fact that she felt totally nude already, she realized there was a big difference between feeling that way and actually being that way.

One big factor was that anyone would be able to see all of her body. She was particularly reminded that they were still on a flying airplane. She knew there were two other families up in front, and she'd seen a flight attendant when she'd walked on board. If she had the robe around her waist, she could at least pull it up and make herself somewhat presentable in a matter of seconds. But if she was totally naked, there was no telling what would happen.

Furthermore, she was nervous about being totally naked even if only Darrin, Jane, and Lisa saw her like that. Her main worry was that while she knew her son had gotten some glimpses of her pussy and bush already, it was a big step to let him see it as much as he wanted.

That was especially true since she was so wet there nearly all the time. Just thinking about her soaked inner thighs and what the others might think about that was almost too embarrassing for her to handle. She still had the ultra thin fig leaf that her "secret shame" hadn't been exposed yet. But the sight of her wet cunt would be a constant visual reminder for herself and everyone else just how hot her son made her.

So while she was tempted, very tempted, she worried about going too far and showing too much. After a long pause, she had to say, "I can't do that!"

But Darrin's lust was in the driver's seat. His formerly shy nature had been overwhelmed by sheer sexual pleasure and nearly non-stop sexual success. He asked her, "Why not? You said you'd do anything if it was just 'look, but don't touch.' Remember?"

She was burning with embarrassment as she replied, "Yes, that's true, but this is different. There are certain parts of my body you should never, ever see. Baby-making parts!"

He pointed out, "But I can't even see."

She cupped her hands under her I-cups and thrust them forward, as if offering them to him on a platter. "Isn't it enough that I'm your naked big-titted mommy?"

She nearly swooned, realizing what she'd just said. It sent more bolts of electric arousal racing through her body.

He said, "Yes, I love that. But you're not really completely naked, are you? Don't worry, I won't even look down that far. But just knowing you're totally naked from head to toe is gonna be a total rush! It might even make me finally cum!"

Sandy could scarcely believe the words that came out of her mouth. "Well, if it helps you cum... and if you promise not to look..."

"I promise! But I want to know for sure. So Jane can check for me, right?"

That put Jane on the spot. That was not at all what she wanted, since she was busy masturbating while watching Lisa's never-ending handjob. She had to move fast so Sandy wouldn't notice that she was fingering herself.

Luckily, Sandy was in such a deep erotic bliss that it took her a moment or two to even recall that Jane was there. It took another few seconds before she gathered the courage to look in Jane's direction.

By then, Jane was mostly presentable. Her white robe had fallen down to her sash, just like Sandy's, but she didn't even bother to fix that. She rightly figured that with everything else going on, Sandy wouldn't pay much mind to that "problem" anymore.

Jane knew that her mother was dying of embarrassment and didn't know what to say to help her out. After a pause, she tried to be as encouraging as possible. "Hey, Mom! I think what you're doing is totally great! I agree with Brother than you should drop the robe altogether."

"You do?!" Sandy's shame was threatening to take over as she thought more about her lack of clothing, and she craved reassurance that she wasn't making a terrible mistake. Remembering Jane was there was like a harsh slap on her face.

So it was a good thing that Jane said, "Sure! We're all afflicted by Brother's big cock. It's messing everything up. It needs to go DOWN! Get flaccid! Lisa's doing all she can, but even that's not enough. Look at how long she's been at it. So you've stepped up and you're totally helping out! And since there's no touching, there's no taboo violation!"

Sandy had trouble believing that, now that she thought of it. "There isn't?!" She had to admit to herself that posing topless wasn't exactly acceptable behavior for any mother, and it seemed getting totally naked would only make matters worse. Her behavior was so out of line with her usual ways that it was like she'd turned into another person. Since she didn't understand all the unseen forces pushing her in a certain direction, she was baffled yet unable to stop herself.

She thought, His big cock is the cause of all our trouble. If it can go flaccid, things can get back to normal! Well, at least somewhat normal. Damn this flying sauna!

Jane said, "Of course not! It's just looking. That's totally harmless. Remember that he can't see your lower body anyway, so it's just a psychological thing to get him excited enough to finally cum. Besides, nudity is normal where we're going, so it's good for you to get used to it. Remember how Lisa said there are nude beaches and stuff on Napali?"

Sandy looked to Lisa's face to gauge her reaction, or at least she tried to. Lisa's face was so close to Darrin's cock that Sandy found herself distracted by Lisa's non-stop lapping and slurping up and down his thickness. Between that sight and striking different sexy poses for her son, Sandy was on the cusp of having an epic climax.

The lusty mother thought, Nude beaches?! I'm never going to get any relief! I'll be naked on the beach with my son right next to me, watching him getting sucked off by some sexy girlfriend! I'll probably be striking sexy poses to help inspire him to cum, exactly like I'm doing now. I just know it. This will never end!

She had no idea just how accurate that prediction was likely to be.

Lisa picked up on that opening. She spoke as she ostentatiously lapped on his sweet spot, "Jane is right. There's no such thing as tan lines there. There ARE nude beaches. And not just that. The whole island is basically 'clothing optional,' especially for women going topless. Sandy, you might as well get used to it now, because you're going to be at least partially naked around your son a heck of a LOT!"

"Oh my God!" Normally, Sandy would have been mortified to hear that. But she was so very hot and bothered that that news mostly sounded sexy and exciting. Incredible! What I was just thinking is TRUE! Everything is going to change. What if he gets some hot young girlfriend - with big breasts, of course - and makes me dance naked for him while she sucks him off?! It could happen, maybe daily! And it wouldn't even violate my "no touching" rule! In a way, I could kind of become a slut for him without ever committing incest!

That thought floored her. It was like she fell through some portal into an entirely new dimension or reality. Anything seemed possible, and it was beyond thrilling.

Jane reached out and touched Sandy's shoulder, after furtively wiping that hand clean of her cum first. "See what I mean? So it's cool. But don't worry. You've got a great body. You should be proud of it!"

Darrin eagerly chimed in, "So what do you think, Sis? Can you confirm for me when Mom gets totally naked?"

Sandy tried to put up some feeble resistance. "Son, I don't see why you want that. I'm still your mother! It's weird!" But sweat was pouring down her face and she felt weak and tired, unable to resist.

He replied, "Yeah, but it's totally hot! I love when you're all sexually liberated and free! I know that you're feeling good, and that makes me feel good. And that helps me cum!"

"Well, if you insist... And if you promise it'll help you cum..." Sandy shut her eyes tight in shame. Keeping the robe at least partially on had been a key fig leaf for her so far. It was a big step into the unknown to let that go too.

Deep down, she was developing a gut feeling that she was going to somehow wind up intimate with her son. She wanted to wrap her lips around his shaft more than she had ever wanted anything in her life! But she pushed that thought away, because if that was a real possibility then she had to stop what she was doing, and she didn't want to do that.

Her heart was practically thumping out of her chest and her blush spread down to her chest. Oh God! Dear Lord! I'm going to do it! I'm going to get completely naked for my son! I must be out of my mind, but it's like, like... I have to! He's being VERY insistent!

She muttered to herself, "Here goes nothing!" Then she undid the sash and let her robe fall to the floor.

Jane was the only one in position to actually look her mother over from head to toe. She already knew how fit yet voluptuous her mother was, but she was extremely impressed just the same. Hot damn! I'll say it again: her body is utterly ridiculous! I can't believe she hasn't been fucked a single time in the last five years. That's just WRONG! A body like hers is built for fucking!

Jane had caught on to the fact that the more sexually loosened up Sandy got, the more she was letting Jane do. For instance, Sandy could no longer complain about Jane watching Lisa's licking and stroking of Darrin's fat pole, because Sandy was doing exactly the same. They were even standing side by side.

With that in mind, Jane had an inspired idea. She reached down and picked up Sandy's light green robe, then held it high up for all four of them to see. "Hey, Brother! Check it out! The proof!"

Darrin clapped his hands in glee. "Oh, WOW! That is so great!"

He was in some kind of sexual nirvana. This is beyond the beyond! Mom is buck naked! I don't know what's going to happen, but it'll be awesome! She's all horny for me, for sure. Anything is possible!

Yet, as euphoric as he was, his emotions were more muted than they otherwise might have been. It seemed all too incredible to be real, so he took things in stride to a surprising degree. He still went back and forth between thinking this was some kind of lucid dream or alternate reality or the like, so what happened didn't really "count."

That was probably a good thing, because it put him at ease and emboldened him. He felt he could take risks since he was playing with "house money."

Lisa was still learning how much excitement and arousal he could take before cumming. She knew the fact that Sandy was nude from head to toe was a big thrill for him, so she temporarily let go of his hot pole altogether, just to be on the safe side.

That was a prudent thing to do. He'd climaxed three times already, and in a relative sense the long plane flight was only just starting. She had big plans for him later, and didn't want him to run out of sexual energy or cum.

Thinking about Jane's inspired idea with the robe, he had an inspired idea too. He simply snatched the balled-up robe from Jane while she was still holding it up for him.

Sandy saw that and tried to reach out to take it back, but she was too slow. "HEY!"

He put the robe down at his feet in the front row, which was well out of Sandy's reach. At the same time, he tried to reassure her. "Don't worry, Mom. If you're naked, you're naked. What difference does it make if the robe is here or there?"

Sandy was covering her pussy with one hand and had an arm crossed over her nipples. It was irrational to even try to cover her huge tits given how much she'd shown already, and he hadn't even tried to look over the chair to see her pussy - at least not yet. But she was feeling more naked and exposed than she'd ever felt in her life. She complained, "It makes a BIG difference! If it's out of reach, I feel totally helpless!"

He was feeling ever more emboldened. He was so horny that his shyness was long gone. He asked, "Maybe you ARE! Isn't that great? Doesn't that make you even MORE aroused?!"

Sandy whimpered helplessly. "Yesssss! So much! But, but... that's not the point! The idea is to make YOU more aroused!"

He laughed with glee. "It's totally working for me too, believe me! Gaawwwd, just look at my cock! I swear, it grew another inch! This is so hot!"

Sandy definitely looked, right as Lisa took his boner back in her hands. Her heart raced and her chest heaved with excitement as she gawked without restraint. Her face would have been red from arousal if it wasn't red already from embarrassment.

She thought, Lord have mercy on me! My secret shame is getting exposed bit by bit! I can't see my own face, thank God, but I'm sure my desire to hold and even suck his fat boner is written on my face, plain as day! I don't know why nobody has called me out on my bad behavior. What kind of mother would completely strip for her son and then strike sexy poses while another woman licks his cock?! A BAD mother, that's who! A horny mother!

And what's going to happen when she finally gets around to sucking him?! I swear I'm going to go insane! And not just metaphorically. I'm gonna literally lose my mind!

Lisa resumed stroking his hot cock. Knowing she had Sandy's full attention, and Jane's, she ran her fingers from base to top over and over again to emphasize just how well-hung he was.

She told her audience, '"I can definitely confirm that he's getting even closer to cumming! Sandy, it's working! His cock is burning hot and throbbing like some kind of raging wild animal! He's close, very close." She leaned her head back down and resumed her tongue work. "I'm licking up all kinds of pre-cum, and it's delicious!"

Sandy moaned erotically. Oh dear Lord! Too hot! I'm his naked busty mommy! Licking his huge cock! When is she just going to engulf all that cock-meat already?! If she doesn't do that soon, I'm going to have to scream. Or take over!

She was fighting with all her might the temptation to play with her clit so she could have a big climax. Even if Darrin and Lisa couldn't see, Jane was right next to her. Plus, she remembered what happened the last time, when she screamed like a banshee, and she was desperate to avoid having that happen again.

Lisa added while she licked in circular swirls around Darrin's hot pole, "Besides, I think what he did, taking your robe away, is super sexy! Sandy, come on! Can't you admit that you think it's hot, having your son in control like that? Keeping you naked, just because he wants to?"

Of course, it wasn't true that Darrin had "taken her robe away" and "just because he wanted to," but Lisa knew Sandy's submissive mindset and knew the sorts of things she wanted to hear. As soon as Lisa said those words, they became true in Sandy's mind.

Sandy both loved and hated that her son had "taken her robe away," but those words nearly made her delirious with overwhelming erotic pleasure. She was so very hot with lust that she feared she might pass out. She didn't answer Lisa's questions, partially because she didn't know what to say and partially because she was panting so hard. She was going to have the biggest orgasm of her life if she just stopped trying to fight letting go.

She thought, So hot! So super hot! My son! Such a stud! Big-cocked stud! And I'm so helpless! Now that I'm naked, he can play with my body and I can't stop him! Gonna cum! UNGH! But... can't!

After getting no answer, and unable to see how Sandy was writhing in place, Lisa asked Jane, "Jane, what do YOU think? Isn't that hot?"

Jane was still staring at her mother's fantastic nude body. She exclaimed, "Oh my GOD! Definitely! Mom, you're a total knockout! Just looking at the way your titanic tits are heaving up and down is pretty much the sexiest sight I've ever seen."

Sandy looked down at herself and clutched at her bare breasts. But instead of covering them, she pressed them together in a titillating manner. She gave her son her best "come hither" look as she did another imitation of the titfucking motion she so badly wanted to perform on his hard-on.

Jane continued, "Don't you DARE feel bad that you lost your robe. It's like you need to be naked all the time to show the world how sexy you are! To show HIM how sexy you are!"

Sandy moaned loudly and erotically while still rubbing her tits together. HNNG! UGH! To show HIM! So help me God!

Jane prodded, "Come on, Mom. Admit it. You love it! Have you EVER been this aroused in your entire life?"

Sandy protested between heavy breaths, "That's not the point! I'm the parent and he's the child! And with my big tits... My naked... totally naked... My naked body!" Realizing she wasn't making much sense, she added, "He shouldn't be bossing me around!"

Lisa was so high that she wanted to fly to the moon. And so it begins! Yes! Famous last words! Little does she realize that she'll be fully enslaved to him in a matter of days! She's going to be his personal plaything for the rest of her life, yet she'll love it beyond her wildest imagination! It's the Napali way. Every time my master gave me an order, I got that special tingle. There's nothing better than being fully enslaved to the man you love!

But that's only going to happen if I do my job right. And then she'll experience this kind of peak ecstasy on a daily basis. It's her destiny!

She was so worked up that she would have loved to engulf Darrin's cockhead and vigorously bob on him. She'd had permission to do that for a while now, and all the others were expecting it, but she still refrained. One key reason was that she wanted the spotlight to stay on Sandy and her nudity.

Another reason was she knew that if she did take him all the way into her mouth, he'd start cumming almost immediately. Actually, that had been her problem ever since she'd gotten permission to suck him. It was like they were stuck: he had gotten too overheated for anything more than licking, yet she was too excited to leave him alone long enough for him to calm down so she could blow him.

She had to remind herself to be patient. She had the plans she'd made with Vicky the flight attendant, and it was important for those plans that his cock was stiff whenever Vicky came by.

She also consoled herself that it was a very long flight, and with the way things were going, she figured she was going to spend a good portion of it sucking him off. It's what any Napali sex slave did for her master, and until she had to leave the Douglases behind on Napali Island in a week or two, she was delighted to treat him like her master, and think of him as such.

Darrin still didn't understand what was really happening in any bigger picture sense. Even seeing his mother get completely naked just seemed to be part of a fun yet extremely sexy game. He was totally overwhelmed and living in the moment, with little to no thought of tomorrow or beyond. He didn't realize that he was finally coming out of his shy shell and was taking his first steps towards becoming the "total stud" they were already expecting him to be.

Sandy said, "It's time to get serious. What's going to have to happen for me to get my robe back?!"

As part of his newfound boldness, he wasn't about to easily give Sandy her robe back. He said, "Mom, relax. I'm your son and I love you. I'll give you the robe back eventually if you behave."

She asked in a panic, "What does THAT mean?! What do you expect me to do?! You know my no touching rule!"

"I know. But I'm looking at you now and I can see you're covering your privates." He still couldn't see her crotch from over the seatback, but her arm positioning made clear she was covering her pussy as well as covering her nipples. "If you want your robe back, I've gotta cum first, for starters. And that's not going to happen if you get all bashful. Put your hands over your head and let's see what happens."

"Oh God! NO!" She'd already done that pose for him a couple of times. She'd even proudly thrust her huge tits out while she did so. But it was different now that she was buck naked and he had her robe. She felt controlled.

And being controlled by him felt fantastic! That changed everything in some subtle yet profound way. It was such a heady rush, even compared to her intense arousal already, that she hardly knew up from down.

Jane had gotten in the habit of staying quiet and unobtrusive so Sandy wouldn't notice her peeking, or masturbating, or both. But things had reached a point where she doubted she'd get in trouble even if Sandy caught her overtly fingerbanging herself while openly gawking at whatever Lisa was doing to Darrin's cock. So she resolved to be more vocal.

She said, "Come on, Mom. What's the problem? That's a super sexy pose and you know it."

Sandy felt like her control over the situation was slipping away, with Jane supporting what Darrin was "forcing" her to do. It distressed and humiliated her, but it aroused her even more.

Her body trembled all over as her hands went behind her head, seemingly without her brain being able to control them. As soon as she let go of her tits, they resumed their heaving up and down, because she was constantly gasping for air.

Jane immediately commented, "Brother, check it out! Mom's knockers are on the move in a serious way! And she's not even allowed to touch them while you keep her hands behind her head!" She giggled. "Seeing them bounce around like that, doesn't thattotally make you want to cum?"

He exclaimed, "Oh, Sister! You have no idea! And the w ay Lisa's lapping on my dick... so great! It's a one-two punch that can't be beat. I have no clue how I'm not erupting like a volcano already!" He was panting hard too, and just barely managed to say that much.

Sandy muttered to herself, "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! This can't be happening!"

Deep down, she sensed that something very significant was happening, in general. Through all her red-faced shame and abject humiliation, she felt fulfilled in a way that she'd never experienced before. On some level, she knew she loved it and needed someone to treat her like this. On a deeper level, she sensed it could only be her son and she could never go back to "normal" again.

She still clung to her "no touching" rule as a way to make sure she could never get intimate with him, but on that deeper level she was slowly adjusting to the fact that her desire to be his slut was too strong to resist.

Despite the other three all teaming up on her, as well as her humiliating pose with her hands behind her head and her tits steadily bouncing almost like she was jogging topless, she tried to put up a brave front. She complained, "Son, I still don't understand why you're treating me this way! What difference does it make if I'm totally naked or just topless? You can't see my lower body anyway!"

Feeling even more emboldened, and with Lisa continuing to lick his cockhead, he pivoted in place even more than usual. He said, "Good point!" Then he leaned forward so he could look over the seat in the way and see a lot more of his mother.

Sandy watched with horror as he repositioned. Her eyes bugged out when she saw his head emerge above the seatback and he looked down towards her pussy. She squealed, "NOOOOO!" She felt there was nothing she could do, no way to escape. With her hands behind her head, she wasn't even able to cover her privates.

In truth, her helplessness was almost entirely of her own creation. Of course she could have moved her hands, but it was like they were stuck there.

Her great shame doubled again as she saw him take a good look at her red bush and her pink pussy lips. What mortified her most of all was that she could feel her cum had dribbled down her thighs, providing indisputable visual proof of how extremely aroused she was.

Somehow, all she could think was, Oh God! I'm his naked big-titted mommy! I'm such a shameless slut! For HIM! He can see how wet I am! My secret shame surely has been exposed to everyone by now. I could just DIE!

After a long pause, she thought to complain to her son, "You promised! You promised not to look there!"

He didn't know how to reply to that because, of course, she was completely correct. Furthermore, he was so worked up that it was a struggle to merely talk or even think. The best he could come up with under the circumstances was just to say, "I'm sorry! Really!"

Sandy glared at him. "That's not good enough!"

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