Chapter 13
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Sandy had been getting more and more aroused, and taking part in increasingly outrageous sexual behavior. But her attitude was actually in a very precarious state because this sort of behavior was so far out of line with how she always behaved. There was a danger that she could snap at any time and experience an emotional crisis.

SI staffers who planned out the details for these yearly flights knew that the sexual transformations of families like the Douglases almost never proceeded in a straight line. Setbacks were common, even dramatic setbacks. They factored that into their plans and even assumed such events would take place.

Sometimes, all it took was a relatively small action or a particular comment to set off a crisis. This was one of those times. Sandy was particularly sensitive about anything to do with her pussy. For months, Olivia had worn down Sandy's resistance to thinking that sucking her son's cock was wrong, but she had done far less, and been far less successful, in changing her attitude about incestuous fucking. So having Darrin stare at her fully exposed pussy really got to her. Then, when he was too horny and distracted to come up with even a plausible cover story to put her at ease, her worries came back in force and began to spiral out of control.

Within seconds, Sandy found herself in an unprecedented and almost unbearable situation, because she remained just about as horny as she'd ever been in her life, and yet she was freaking out about the morality of what was happening at the same time. That conflict demanded some kind of resolution.

On an impulse, she decided that the only way she could cope was to escape. She suddenly got up and rushed to the bathroom. As she went, she muttered, "Excuse me! I've got to powder my nose!" It was only about ten feet to the bathroom from where she'd been standing, so she got inside it fast and slammed the door behind her.

That cast a pall over the rest of the group. Despite her "powder my nose" excuse, the others could see the distress on her face as she rushed off, and they sensed that something was very wrong.

Lisa understood the situation best of all, even though she'd been the only one not to see Sandy's face, due to her face being buried in Darrin's lap. SI staffers had anticipated that Sandy's prudish history, with no sex at all in the last five years, could make her a very tough nut to crack. So far, that analysis wasn't proving to be accurate. Still, Lisa had been expecting a setback like this, and she was surprised it had taken this long.

She pulled her lips off Darrin's boner and looked around. After wiping her chin, she whispered, "Kids, tell me... did Sandy look pretty upset when she left to the bathroom just now?"

Jane nodded with a frown. "VERY upset."

Lisa nodded in contemplation while still idly rubbing Darrin's sweet spot. She spoke quietly. "Hmmm. I was afraid of that. I think we have a problem on our hands."

That got the full attention of Darrin and Jane. They waited to hear more.

Lisa asked them, "You two are having a great time, right? I assume you like how things are getting so sexual and fun, and you want to help make sure your mom sticks with it all without feeling really regretful or upset, right?"

"Right," the siblings said at once. That was a no-brainer.

"Good. I'm right there with you. You have to understand that Sandy clearly loves what's happening, but it's so much drastic change so fast that it's only natural if she feels overwhelmed at times. I'm going to go talk to her now, because the worst thing that can happen is if she just sits and worries and lets her fears run wild. Okay?"

The kids nodded.

Darrin asked, "Is there anything we can do?"

Lisa responded, "We may not have time to talk in private when I get back because I'll almost certainly be with her. So I'll tell you now that the best way you can help is to keep a sexy, arousing mood going. But keep in mind that she'll probably be feeling a little skittish for a while, so you have to take that into account. Don't push her too hard, or she's likely to do this again. We should be especially carefully about maintaining the 'no touching' rule. So no more French kissing or tit fondling or the like for a while, okay?"

They nodded again.

Still rubbing Darrin's boner, Lisa leaned down and kissed the tip. "Now, Darrin, I'm going to have to say good-bye to your not-so-little guy here for a while. Don't worry, my lips will be right back on it soon, where they belong, if I have any say in the matter. But in the meantime, it's vital that you stay erect. That'll do more to get your mom back in a sexy mood." She gave it another longer kiss, and a few licks for good measure.

She let go and stood up. She took the unusual move of finding her pale blue robe and putting it back on her shoulders. She even tightened the sash and made sure her tits were covered.

Then she went to the bathroom door and knocked on it, loudly. She exclaimed, "Sandy! There's a big problem! I need to speak to you immediately! It's urgent!"

Sandy didn't have to use the toilet at all. Just like the others, she was sweating so much that she had no need to pee. She was just sitting on the toilet, with its lid down, her head in her hands. She was on the verge of busting into a serious sobbing session. It was hellishly hot in the cramped bathroom, but she didn't care.

However, when she heard Lisa, her motherly instincts kicked in. She feared that her kids were having some kind of problem, and her only thought was to help. She got up and rushed out of the bathroom with speed.

She rushed smack into Lisa, who was standing right in her way. "What?!"

Lisa had deliberately made sure there was a collision. That gave her an excuse to wrap her arms around Sandy's back. Holding her in a loose hug, she looked into Sandy's green eyes, and said in a tender voice, "The problem is YOU! I could tell you didn't have to 'powder your nose.' You're just feeling overwhelmed, thinking that you've done something wrong. Well, I'm here to help!"

Sandy eyed Lisa skeptically as she just stood there without hugging back. "You? How can you help? You're part of the problem!"

"I know that technically I'm only here as an SI employee to help you move and adjust to your new life, but I feel like we've become friends, good friends. I don't want to try to talk you into anything. But I'm thinking you need a shoulder to cry on. Let's share a hug and you can let it all out!"

With that, Sandy dropped her emotional guard. She relaxed her tensed up body and wrapped her arms around Lisa and hugged her tightly. It felt good and reassuring. She wanted to cry, to get emotional release, but she felt inhibited to do so, because they were standing in the aisle only a few feet from where Darrin and Jane were. She didn't want to break down when they were in plain view.

That was why Lisa got Sandy out of the bathroom, to prevent her from going into an emotional sobbing session. Her goal was to let Sandy vent her feelings some, but not so much that it would be a big struggle to get her fully aroused again.

Lisa was tall and full bodied, even more so than Sandy, so Sandy wound up resting her head up against Lisa's neck.

Lisa gently stroked Sandy's bare back, and whispered, "I've been through this before and I know how you feel. I've got an idea. Don't think! Just close your eyes, let your mind go blank, and then let your feelings flow. Focus on your breathing. You're feeling overwhelmed, so your first step should be to relax."

That sounded like good advice to Sandy. Plus, she had vexing problems that she didn't really want to think about, so it was easier to try not thinking at all for a while instead.

The two women hugged like that for five minutes or more. Lisa didn't try to convince Sandy of anything, but she did coo reassuringly into her ear from time to time, with comments like, "Relax! It's going to be all right. ... Everything is going to work out. ... Don't you worry too much."

Sandy felt herself gradually relaxing. In truth, she wasn't that regretful of what had happened on the flight so far. She had been psychologically primed for months, and it felt so utterly fantastic, that she knew deep down that there was no going back. Her main concern was not letting things go out of hand to the point that the "no touching" rule was discarded. She felt that was already starting to happen.

But more than that, she was simply mentally overwhelmed. She needed a "time-out" so she could cope and catch up. Simply letting her mind go blank while Lisa made her feel better with the hug and reassuring words was exactly what she needed.

All the while, Darrin and Jane quietly sat and watched. It was quite a hug to see, because while Lisa was wearing her robe, carefully closed up in front, Sandy was still buck naked. Sandy wasn't thinking much about that since she was pressed up against Lisa's body, but with Lisa at least wearing her robe instead of them hugging skin-to-skin. Her mind had pretty much gone blank anyway.

From Darrin's point of view, seeing the two sex bomb goddesses hug was remarkable. The fact that one of them was his nude mother was even more phenomenal.

However, the hug went on for so long with next to no movement that his dick went flaccid. It had been erect for so very long that it needed a break, just like Sandy needed an emotional break.

Lisa had explicitly told Darrin to keep his dick erect if he could. But she knew he was likely to go flaccid during the hugging downtime just the same. So, when she sensed the hug with Sandy was coming to a natural end, she surreptitiously took an arm off Sandy's back, reached behind herself, and pulled her robe up above her ass. Her backside was pointed in the general direction of where Darrin and Jane were sitting, so she knew they wouldn't be able to miss her move.

Darrin definitely didn't miss it. He couldn't see much of Sandy's nudity with Lisa's body in the way, which was a big reason why his dick went flaccid. He had a great view of Lisa's ass though, especially since the aisle seat in the front row was closer to the hug. There was something extra thrilling in having her deliberately expose her bare ass for him, compared to her ass just happening to be uncovered. She even firmed up and relaxed her ass cheeks in a sexy manner by flexing her muscles there.

As a result, his penis grew fully engorged again.

That happened just in time, too. Before ending the hug, Sandy thanked Lisa for "being there for her" and for being a good friend, and told her that she was feeling better, but didn't want to discuss the problems on her mind.

After breaking the hug, Sandy walked past Lisa, and took a couple of steps forward until she was standing in the aisle right next to the front row Darrin was sitting in. She started to say to both of her children, "I'm sorry, kids, but I just..."

Her voice trailed off, because she caught sight of Darrin's crotch. His T-shirt was high up enough not to cover any of his privates. His oversized erection was dramatically poking forward, hanging in the air between his thighs.

She lost her train of thought and exclaimed, "Son! Are you kidding me?! Are you STILL erect?!"

He grinned sheepishly. "Yeah. What can I say? Today has been REALLY inspiring!"

With that, Sandy's mood improved considerably. She smiled and said, "You can say THAT again!"

The group burst into laughter, since the flight had been so sexually crazy that those comments were severe understatements.

Sandy put her hands on her hips and sighed as she continued to stare at her son's boner with a slight grin on her face. "What am I going to do with you?"

He joked, "Don't ask me to really answer that, because I could come up with some naughty ideas."

She smiled and just said, "You!"

Lisa was carefully watching all this. She thought, Phew! Crisis averted. She judged from Sandy's word and actions after the hug that Sandy's panicky and worried mood had largely passed. Most obviously, the sight of Darrin's boner was like some kind of magic charm for her, automatically putting her in a better and much more aroused mood.

Despite the tantalizing distraction of her son's crotch, Sandy decided it was time for a mini-lecture in order to make sure things didn't get out of hand. Although she hadn't ruminated on specifics very much during her long hug with Lisa, she generally knew what she thought needed fixing, so she spoke her mind.

"Okay, listen up, everybody. As you can tell, I was having some issues there. I still am. Yes, I understand that we have to allow a certain amount of nudity and sexually explicit activity during this flight to save Darrin from his blue balls problem and to deal with the heat and what not. But I think we've been letting things get out of hand without realizing just what we're doing."

Still with her hands on her hips, she said, "For instance, some of that kissing and touching that went on a little while ago... That was WRONG! Dead wrong! Son, I'm your mother! I know you meant well, but you can't kiss me on my lips, ever! It's wrong! Ditto with kissing your sister. And you can't fondle her or me either, especially in our... chesty area. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mom," he said contritely.

Lisa slipped past Sandy, dropped between Darrin's legs, took his hard-on in hand, and got busy stroking it.

Sandy stared at Lisa in consternation.

So Lisa said, "Don't mind me. You were saying?"

Sandy shook her head in disbelief. She was tempted to say something to at least discourage Lisa from more stroking, licking, and even sucking, but she decided against it. Instead, she continued, "Where was I? Oh, yes. My point is, we've established a 'no touching' rule. We have to stick to that at all costs! I'm not asking for much. Look how I'm not even objecting to what Lisa is starting to do again. All I ask is that we maintain that rule through thick and thin. Can I get everyone's verbal agreement?"

The other three muttered their assent, though without any enthusiasm.

Lisa said, "Sandy, thank you for making that clear. I'm sure we'll all be in a much better place with that clear policy established. The problem arises when there are no rules, and then anything can happen."


"Why don't you return to your seat? Relax. We've got a long, long flight ahead of us."

Sandy let out a tired sigh. "Okay." She walked to the back row.

When she got to Jane, she said, "And you, young lady, you still have your robe. I want to see you wear it, all the way on! No nipples showing, at least."

Jane was going to try to fight that, but she saw Lisa standing behind waving her hands at her and nodding. She took a closer look, and realized that Lisa was non-verbally telling her to go along with it for now.

By pantomiming putting a robe on and then slowly taking it off, Lisa managed to convey that Jane should humor Sandy for now, and then take her robe off not long after that.

So Jane went along with that. She sighed heavily, and muttered, "Fine. Whatever."

Sandy waited until she saw Jane had her white robe fully covering her breasts. Then she bypassed Jane so she could sit back in the middle seat.

Sandy was planning on having a private discussion with Jane. She wanted to talk to her in very careful terms about their obvious arousal from seeing Darrin's erection, and make sure that Jane understood that looking out of curiosity was okay, but it wasn't okay to develop serious feelings that might lead one to break the "no touching" rule.

However, that plan was forgotten almost from the second Sandy's ass landed in her seat, because Lisa picked that moment to bypass cock licking and go straight back to more cocksucking. She engulfed his cockhead and got busy bobbing on his thickness again.

Both Sandy and Jane forgot about everything and anything else. They immediately stood back up so they could look over the seatbacks and directly see what was going on. Their arousal levels started to soar back up, though it would take a lot to get them as hot and bothered as they were before Sandy fled to the bathroom.

Lisa understood the importance of fully reigniting the engines of the other two, especially Sandy. She'd been "playing to the gallery" to some extent earlier, but now she was even more conscious of putting on a good video and audio performance, with a special mind to the angle Sandy was looking at.

Several minutes passed in total silence, not counting the usual breathing and sexual sounds, as well as the engine's constant hum. It wasn't long before tears were rolling from Lisa's eyes. Even though she was holding way back in a big way from going all out on his cock, since she didn't want him to cum, there was no getting around the sheer size of his member. She didn't have to trick herself into crying crocodile tears, because her struggle with his thickness was real.

Admittedly, she could have willed herself not to cry if she wanted to quite easily. But she didn't want to. She knew her tears would astound and amaze, and heat up the situation even more.

Jane thought, Hot damn! Just look at Lisa go, all over again! He's so stiff and huge! And THICK! Already, more tears are leaking from her eyes! She's struggling big time, I can tell. God, what an ordeal it must be just to keep that damn thing in her mouth. But look how much she's loving it! That's a face of religious rapture, almost!

I don't think I've ever been that happy, well, ever! I want that! My brother's cock must be something special! There must be other ways to achieve that nirvana that don't involve his cock in particular. I've gotta figure out those other ways. Clearly, I've been approaching sex all wrong. Maybe Lisa can point me in the right direction.

Sandy was already convinced about all the things Jane was thinking about. But still, she marveled, Lisa is the blowjob QUEEN! I'm glad I didn't try to stop her from sucking him some more, because there's just not stopping her. She's in her element and she's having a ball! I'm so jealous! Look at those fresh tears of joy and effort streaming down her face. Yes, she's suffering trying to cope with his size, but the bigger the challenge, the greater the reward. Who needs easy? I would never want to suck one smaller than my son's!

Darrin ran his hands through Lisa's mass of black hair.

She moaned extra loudly to encourage him to do more of that, but she was moaning constantly already, and he didn't make the connection.

He thought, Man! This is so great! Lisa's so great! She's really, really, REALLY good at this! I guess I was too blissed out to notice before, but it's like she's worshiping my dick! Between her tongue, and her lips... Geez, what lips! Sliding so intently! And her fingers! It's like every inch of my cock and balls is getting super stimulated, all at once!

I thought it was going to be difficult getting Mom back in the mood, but thanks to Lisa and her magic lips, it's as easy as falling off a log. And boy is it fun!

Regarding his "blissed out" thought, it wasn't just that he'd been too blissed out to pay attention before. Lisa had been holding back nearly all the time, due to the fact that he had been on the cusp of cumming nearly constantly, and he didn't yet know how to deal with that. But since he'd gone flaccid and had some rest, she could unleash more of her skills on him, at least for a while, until he was back on the cusp again. Even then though, she wasn't going all out, or even coming close to that. He still didn't know just how great being a master could get.

Sandy and Jane had already watched enough of Lisa's oral action to be able to detect a difference. They didn't know that she'd been deliberating holding back so much earlier, but they could tell that she was being much more passionate and energetic now. That, in turn, inspired their lusty passions to flow more than before.

Darrin enjoyed looking down into his lap and watching Lisa suck and stroke. But he wished he was facing the other way so he could see what was happening with Sandy and Jane. He could sense them standing directly behind him, close enough at times to feel them breathing on the back of his head. He also could discern Lisa's goal of getting Sandy fully aroused again, based just on the heavy breathing he could hear.

But he longed to see. To be so close to his fully naked mother, as well as constantly topless sister, and not look, was frustrating, to say the least.

He could have turned his head around at any time, but he didn't want to spook Sandy. He had a feeling that the reason she'd freaked out and fled to the bathroom had to do with the way he'd gawked at her exposed pussy. He hoped for some kind of sign to tell him that it was okay to look back at his mother and sister, and get them more involved, like it was before.

He put those relatively minor frustrations to the side for now and reveled in erotic euphoria. He felt like the king of the world. Lisa is too great! I can't get enough of her talented tongue and lips. And she's not just anybody. I think she's the first woman I've ever met in the flesh who I'd put in the same "goddess" class as my mom. It seems she truly loves sucking me, and can't get enough of it!

And as if what she's doing to me isn't incredible enough, Mom AND Sis are behind me, naked and watching and masturbating. I'm sure of it! Hell, I can smell the arousal! Man! I don't know if this is the greatest dream ever, a parallel universe, or what. But who cares, as long as I get to keep enjoying it?

The best part is, I'm becoming more convinced all the time that I'm gonna get it on with both Mom and Sis eventually! It's happening! Hell, I've already kissed and fondled their big breasts! ME! With THEM! Both of them! Good God!

And I don't even have to try to seduce them. In fact, it's much better if I don't, so they won't feel pushed. I'm not too worried about the "no touching" rule. At least as long as the magical conditions of the past couple of hours continue, they're so easily arousable that I don't see how I can fail. Lisa will keep sucking my cock! LISA! Jesus! And they'll keep watching until it finally gets too much and they can't resist joining in!

He still wanted to get his mother and sister involved, most especially his mother. Not only did he lust after her more than anyone, ever, he figured that she was the linchpin. If she renounced the "no touching" rule, Jane surely would follow suit, but that wouldn't work the other way around.

He waited a few more minutes until he was even more aroused, and thus even more emboldened by his raging sexual desire. He didn't realize it, but Lisa had eased up considerably by then. All he knew was that everything felt fantastic.

Since Lisa resumed her sucking, nobody had said a word. That showed a remarkable level of interest from Sandy and Jane, that just watching Lisa took up all that attention. He could hear that was true by the loudness of their heavy breathing.

He had been searching for some kind of plausible excuse to get Sandy involved again, and he finally came up with one. He turned around to look over the seatback at her, while making sure not to interrupt Lisa's great and continued sucking effort.

Once again, he was hit full force by the sheer beauty of his nude mother. He leaned forward enough to be able to see her entire body. She had one hand on her pussy and another on one of her tits.

Her reaction to his looking was a mix of good and bad. On the plus side, she didn't complain or say anything at all. However, he could tell that while she was very horny, she wasn't insanely horny like before because she immediately sat back in her seat and covered her nipples and pussy.

Her face, already flushed with arousal, suddenly burned much redder, because he'd caught her masturbating. It was hard for him to see if her hand was covering her pussy or playing with it, so she felt she'd dodged a bullet there. But she'd also been caught red-handed pulling on a stiff nipple, and there was no non-sexual excuse for her to be doing that.

He glanced over at Jane. He'd lost the element of surprise with her. She wasn't masturbating, and he didn't know if she'd just stopped or not. However, he was delighted to see that her robe had fallen wide open in front, leaving her effectively topless. Lisa's nonverbal suggestion that Jane should put her robe back on only to let slide right back off before long was working already.

Jane gave him a sweet, knowing smile.

He smiled back.

He decided to act like he didn't notice Sandy had probably been masturbating, and saw no point in saying anything about it. Instead, he went ahead with his excuse to involve her some more. He asked her, "Hey, Mom, do you want to start earning some brownie points, so you can earn back the right to wear your robe for a little while?"

Since she still wasn't all the way back to being "insanely horny" yet, she was genuinely interested in getting her clothes back, all of them. She replied, "No, I'm not so interested in that. Sure, that would be one good step, but I'm MUCH more interested in earning my original clothes back, including my undies, so I can go through the airport and to our hotel like a normal person."

"Well, you can start by standing up. WITHOUT covering up at all."

"I can't do that. You'll see my most private place. And you're still my son. That's not right!" She conveniently overlooked the fact that she'd failed to cover her pussy for long stretches of time earlier. He'd had plenty of good looks at her pussy and bush already.

Interestingly, even as they talked, she was so hot and bothered that she was furtively pressing against her clit while pretending to just be covering that area up with her hand.

He responded, "Mom, it's called a 'pussy.' Saying that word is no big deal. I've already seen your pussy some today, don't you remember? A lot, in fact. It's not against the 'no touching' rule, you know. As a horny young guy, I'm naturally very curious."

"Well, you shouldn't see! I'm your mother!"

"I shouldn't see what?"

"You know."

"No, I don't."

Her embarrassment was growing by the second. "Are you going to make me say it?"

"Yes." He was getting a kick out of his new assertive role with her.

"Fine!" She glowered. "My pussy." She glanced over to see if Jane was paying attention.

Sure enough, Jane was. (Jane was doing the same trick of covering her privates while continuing to subtly masturbate.)

Darrin told his mother, "See? That wasn't so hard, was it? I've seen your pussy a lot today, but it didn't kill me. We're all in agreement that you're going to be naked all of today and all of tomorrow, so I'm going to see a whole lot more of it, and the rest of you. In fact, I'm going to get to know every last inch of your incredible naked body, Mom. You might as well get used to it."

That aroused and distressed her. She squeezed her legs tightly together, partially covering her hand. That allowed her to slip a finger into her slit without it being noticed - or so she hoped.

At the same time, she complained, "Wait! Tomorrow too?! Where did that come from?! I didn't agree to that!"

Jane loved that idea about tomorrow, because she knew that as long as Sandy was naked, that would mean a lot more sexual wildness in general. That might give her cover to sneak off and suck Darrin's cock - if that was what she ultimately decided to do.

So Jane said to Sandy, "Mom, of course tomorrow too. Everything will be exactly the same, on the same plane and with the same heat problem. So how do you expect to wear clothes?"

Sandy scrambled for an answer. "Well... maybe overnight we could figure something out. Do some shopping maybe. There have to be stores open in Honolulu in weird hours. Perhaps I could buy a skimpy bikini and wear that?""

Jane said, "Maybe, but what about the problem of helping Brother avoid blue balls? Are you going to leave that all on Lisa? That's not very nice. Look how hard she's working him with her sliding lips and stroking fingers. How long can she keep that up? If you help inspire and arouse him with your sexy naked body, he'll cum a lot faster."

"I suppose that's true," Sandy muttered. "But there has to be another way. I'm his mother!"

Jane pressed, "Mom, you are, but you also are a really, really sexy lady! It's just looking. There's no harm in that. Why do you cover up so much?"

Sandy laughed. "'Cover up so much?!' Look at me!" She had one arm across her nipples and her other hand over her pussy (still with a finger digging into her slit).

Darrin greatly appreciated Jane's unexpected help. He chimed in, "Mom, Sis is right. It's just looking. No harm done. You were proudly showing off your nakedness before."

She grumbled, "I was doing a lot of things before that weren't so smart. Including allowing kisses that NEVER should have happened. I even posed with my hands behind my head, like I was some kind of porn star! Craziness!"

Jane enthused, "Mom, you have the body of a porn star! You should be proud. I get jealous. I look at you and think: 'Mom is ridiculous! Totally ridiculous! Nobody should look THAT sexy!' If you've got a body like that, you should be proud to show it off to someone you love!"

Darrin pleaded Sandy, "Don't you want me to cum sooner rather than later? Lisa's such a trooper, but she can't suck me forever!"

"Well, that's true..." Sandy was so very horny that she was weakening.

He pressed, "Uncover your breasts, at least. Show me what a perfect chest you have!"

Jane added, "Yeah, Mom. Your tits are so big, and yet they're firm and high. What's the harm in letting him see?"

Sandy's embarrassment was growing, along with her arousal. "Well, he's my son, for starters! And he's getting his cock sucked by some other woman!"

"So?" Jane asked.

"It's SO HOT!" Sandy exclaimed. She belatedly realized that wasn't any sort of argument. But she tried to make it one. "And, uh... we have to be careful not to get too overheated, like before."

Jane pointed out, "The best way for that to happen is if he cums. Then Lisa's sexy sucking of his huge cock will stop altogether. If you show off your super sexy body, he's bound to cum a lot faster. Then we can all get back to normal." She had no desire to return to normal, but she knew that was the sort of thing Sandy wanted to hear.

"I suppose..." Sandy reluctantly moved her arm from her chest. She kept her hand over her pussy though, mostly so she could keep on secretly slightly fingerbanging herself. Gaawwwd! I'm so weak! But it is just looking. As long as there's no touching, or kissing, it'll be fine. We can do this in a more responsible way, with restraint.

Trying to strike a better deal, she said to her son, "But that means I get to wear something on the plane flight tomorrow, right?"

Darrin would have made some concession if she'd said that before uncovering her great I-cups, not after. He just smiled and shook his head. "Sorry, Mom. I can't let you do that."

Sandy squirmed in her seat in and dug deeper into her hot slit. Argh! I feel so helpless! Naked all day tomorrow too?! How the heck am I going to resist sucking his cock for the rest of today, plus all of tomorrow too?! I'm too horny and he's too well-hung! I wish Lisa would stop sucking so loudly on him for at least a few minutes. I can't think straight!

Jane's robe was still wide open in front, exposing all of her firm and high globes, but she decided that wasn't enough. She waited until her brother happened to look her way again. Then she seductively pulled the robe off one shoulder and then the other, causing the robe to fall all the way back down to her sash.

Then she tilted her head back and shook her luxurious long wavy red hair, causing her big tits to shake. "Aaaah! That's better!"

He loved it. Oh, man! Mom is a goddess, but Jane is getting there fast!

Sandy glanced over towards Jane to see what her son was staring at. She immediately complained, "Jaaaaaney! Your robe has fallen down. You've gotta fix it!"

Jane stood her ground. "Why? These stupid robes never stay on for long and you know it. Besides, look at how you're not even covering yourself."

Sandy was indignant. "That's because you two just forced me to be like this!" She put her hands on her hips, which exposed her wet pussy.

Jane grinned impishly. "Oh yeah. But the point remains. And he's seen a lot more of me today."

"Don't remind me," Sandy grumbled. She quickly brought a hand back to her pussy, not wanting Darrin to see how wet she was. She resumed secretly playing with herself by subtly rubbing her clit.

Jane said, "Besides, think about Lisa sucking on his cock. Sucking on so much thick cock, this very second! Don't look at me, look at her doing it!"

Sandy unthinkingly leaned way forward to look over the seatback. In so doing, she caused her remarkably large tits to hang down. Her heart went to her throat as she was overcome by arousal from the sight of Lisa's sliding lips.

Jane went on, "See? She's sucking SO MUCH! God! Brother must feel REALLY great right now! Lucky bastard! You can just tell she's the best of the best! But even so, he's not cumming. He needs something more, some extra simulation. I'm not exactly ugly, and we know how much he loves tits."

Increasingly, she was simply trying to make Sandy too horny to think straight instead of persuading her with logic. It was working.

She cupped her F-cups from below, knowing that her brother was looking back and forth between her rack and Sandy's. "Maybe if he sees me like this, he'll cum hard, all over Lisa's face! Then we can go back to normal."

Sandy groaned unhappily. "Agggh! But you're his sister! It's wrong!!"

"And you showing off YOUR tits is different?"

"Two wrongs don't make a right," the panting mother weakly argued.

"What wrong? It's not wrong. We're just trying to cope with a weird situation. And it's fun! AND it doesn't violate the no touching rule. Are you going to change that to the 'no looking' rule too?"

"Of course not," Sandy replied. She couldn't even stop watching Lisa's sliding lips, now that Jane had her looking again.

Throwing caution to the wind and abandoning logic altogether, Jane said, "Of course I'm going to be topless a lot, if not completely naked, as I watch Lisa slurp and bob on his amazing thickness! How else can I do something like this?" She started overtly caressing one boob from below while pinching her erect nipple on her other boob.

Sandy swung her upper body around to see what Jane was showing, setting her I-cups swinging drastically.

"Right on, Sis!" Darrin enthused. "You're such a FOX! I love it!"

She swung back towards her son to make a retort to him, putting on another stunning show of swinging and bouncing tits. But in doing so, she leaned forward just enough to see Lisa's head bobbing on his lap some more, and that blew her away all over again. The hornier she got, the more that affected her, creating a vicious cycle.

Her breath was taken away, to the point that she forgot to talk at all. Lisa had her eyes closed, as usual when she sucked, but the look of erotic rapture on her face made Sandy's heart race out of control.

Holy Mother of God! Look at her! She's soooo into it! It's like she's hypnotized. Totally carried away with her bliss. Ecstasy! Between her cheeks caving in over and over again, and that look on her face... And the tears running down her cheeks... Those tears! OH! So sexy!

I just knew sucking his cock would be the absolute BEST! Lisa's face proves it! Olivia says that there's nothing better in the world than sucking on her son's cock! Nothing! And I can't even touch it. Stupid rules!

Finally, she remembered that she was supposed to say something. She searched her brain and remembered what it was. "Son, I don't think it's right to be having this discussion while you're getting your cock sucked. Especially with Lisa looking so sexy and beautiful. It's not fair! I can't think straight anymore!"

He saw opportunity in her increasingly frazzled condition. "Well, if you'd stand up, that would help me cum. Then she'll be done soon."

Jane gleefully added, "For a while. But who knows? He might sperm her face and stay erect in her mouth!"

Sandy moaned loudly and lustily as she envisioned that. It was easy to do, since all she had to do was mentally add the cum on Lisa's face that she was staring at already.

Darrin's grin grew. "Good point, Sis. That's pretty sweet!" He was flexing his cock in Lisa's mouth. as much as he could control that. It was fun to do.

Jane said, "Mom, you'd better do what he says, and fast, or 'll bet you anything she's gonna spend the next hour getting to intimately know his cock with her mouth!"

Sandy thought, My son is so virile! Why won't he go flaccid?! Everything is too arousing! There's no escape! It's like a sexy conspiracy to make me lose my mind!

That last thought was far more accurate than she could possibly have imagined, although the end goal was to completely awaken her sexually submissive side, not drive her to insanity.

Despite Sandy's lusty thoughts, she remained reluctant to stand again. She doubted that would get him to cum, since Lisa had only resumed her oral efforts about five or ten minutes earlier. She'd nearly lost all track of time, but she was getting the impression that he had incredible stamina and he'd be able to last a lot longer.

It was true he could last a long time, but that was much more due to Lisa. Part of her being an elite cocksucker, even by Napali standards, that she had a remarkable ability to keep him close to climax without going over, practically indefinitely.

It didn't really make much of a difference if she stood or sat though, since he was looking over the seatback at her and watching an incredible sexual display. She had a hand covering her pussy (and secretly rubbing her clit and pussy lips), but that was it.

Sandy was panting and sweating, her big tits freely heaving up and down. I want him to cum so badly! I want to see him shoot his creamy load all over Lisa's gorgeous face! But the more I think about his stamina, the more amazed I get. It's truly incredible what a STUD he is! Especially considering he's never enjoyed a blowjob before today.

What would happen if I have a chance to suck his cock for real? I don't know if I could cope! How would I manage to bob on him for even the fraction of the time that Lisa has already? I'd probably just embarrass myself and cry uncle after just a few minutes. He's so THICK! I might not even be able to keep it in my mouth for more than a minute or two. Even then I'd be crying like a baby! So humiliating!

Hmmm. I wonder... Maybe I could get help from Lisa for my first time, in order to get the job done right all the way until his climax. I could just lick and stroke him, for starters, until I develop the stamina to bob on him for long stretches of time. Boy, would that be hot! Lisa and I could lap our hot tongues all around his throbbing fat knob, working as one to get him off!

Oh. Wait. Crud! What am I saying?! I can't do that! I'm forgetting all about the "no touching" rule and letting my fantasies run away from me. I HAVE to stay strong! As long as I stick to that rule, I'll be okay.

She was still trying to fight it, but she was back in a mode where practically all thoughts led to something highly arousing, usually involving blowjobs. She was like an oven steadily heating up to 350 degrees.

One reason she was getting so worked up was because of the way she was secretly playing with herself, right in front of her son's gaze. Feeling a minor burst of resolve, she took her hand away from her pussy mound. That left her exposed there, but she tried to make up for that by crossing her legs. However, that was an increasingly tough position to maintain, given the way her body was writhing in lust more and more.

Jane wanted her mother to stand up, figuring that more highly arousing events would follow. She tried to get that to happen by talking more about Lisa. She asked her brother, "Tell me more what you think about Lisa, your own personal cocksucker! Isn't she a total fox? Did you ever think that a guy your age and size would end up with an Amazon goddess like her?!"

"No way! Never!" His eyes bugged out. "Sis, I wish I could describe what she's doing to me right now, and just how awesome it feels!"

Jane said excitedly, "It sounds like she's working you up to a fevered pitch! Maybe if Mom stands up now, that'll push you over the edge!"

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