Chapter 14
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Sandy sighed heavily. "Fine! I'm standing up already!" She stood up. She figured that simple act was pretty harmless. He could see all of her already, especially since she was too antsy to keep her legs crossed. But she worried about what might come next. She was mindful of how she let things slip out of hand with the French kissing and tit fondling. She vowed not to let that happen again.

Jane smirked, pleased that all her pleading had worked. She'd felt the need to take the lead there, since her brother was breathing too hard to be able to talk much.

It took a lot of willpower, but Sandy managed to keep her hands by her sides. Back when she'd been insanely horny that wouldn't have been a big deal. But it was a big step forward now, especially since Darrin staring at her fully exposed pussy was the very thing that had caused her to freak out and escape to the bathroom. Yet she was showing it off again, and he was overtly ogling it again.

She was particularly embarrassed to have it exposed because she was acutely aware of just how hot and wet she was down there. She could feel rivulets of her own cum dripping down her inner thighs. She hadn't climaxed yet because she was being so closely watched by her kids, but the craving to let go and scream to the heavens was almost unbearable at times.

Jane leaned towards her mother's crotch to take an obvious closer look. She struck a pose as she did so, allowing her huge tits to dangle down at an angle where her brother could easily see them.

She teased, thinking it would get her mother and brother further aroused, "Wow, Mom! You're so WET! I wonder what caused that? Somebody's excited about something! Or maybe it's somebody. Or maybe it's somebody and his super thick and tasty something!" She giggled.

Sandy raised her hands to her face and covered her eyes. "PLEASE! Please don't say that! I beg you! God, this is so awful!" She belatedly realized that her hand that had been covering her pussy (and more) was wet with her own cum, and now she was smearing it on her cheek. She tried to surreptitiously wipe it into her skin, since she didn't see any other option.

Jane said, "Sorry, Mom. I won't say that."

"Thank you!"

Jane snickered to herself. Of course her apology was a moot point, since she couldn't go back in time and un-say things.

While still leaning over towards Sandy, with her big knockers hanging down, Jane then asked, "What do you think, Brother? Is seeing Mom like this helping you out?"

Darrin responded to Jane while looking at Sandy, "For sure! I think it's great!"

Jane then asked, "Is Lisa working hard to get you to cum?"

"Oh yeah!"

"What's she doing?"

He was so happy to share details that he fought hard to talk a fair amount between heavy, ragged panting. "She's doing this thing with her tongue that's out of this world. It's fluttering like hummingbird wings! And her lips! Damn, her lips! Such suction! SO TIGHT! Just when I think I know what she's going to do next, she does something wild like sucking me so hard that it almost hurts. But in the best way. It really increases my appreciation of your beauty, Mom!"

He was overstating matters a bit. Lisa was doing all that, but when he talked about things like suction or tongue action, he didn't have anything to compare them to but what Lisa had done to him earlier. He still had no clue how much more she could do to him if she went all out. And she was doing everything as if in slow motion compared to her usual sucking style to keep him from cumming.

But the main point was that he was having the time of his life due to her mouth, and that was indisputably true.

Sandy groaned helplessly, her hips writhing as she stood there. The detailed reminder of what Lisa was doing to his cock aroused her almost as much as if she'd been able to lick her way around his cockhead herself. She dropped her hands back to her sides, but she was forced to clench her fists to remind herself not to play with her pussy or nipples.

She was burning with embarrassment since she was standing buck naked for him. She wondered if she might be able to get some advantage from it. Plus, she was keen to change the topic away from Lisa's sucking skills. She said to her son, "You mentioned something about brownie points. How many do I get for standing up like this?"

"One," he said simply.

That annoyed her, because his answer literally couldn't be lower than one. But she realized that didn't really mean anything unless she knew how much the brownie points were worth in the first place. So she asked, "And how many brownie points does it take to get my original clothes from this morning back?"

He grinned almost devilishly. "None, 'cos that's not gonna happen. Forget those clothes. Those are gone!"

She put her clenched fists on her hips, trying to appear stern and defiant. It only made her look sexier. "So what am I supposed to wear when we get to Hawaii tonight? Answer me that, mister!"

"Whatever I want! But don't worry, it'll be dark, and people there don't wear much, I hear."

That answer drove her wild, especially the "Whatever I want" part. She felt totally helpless and exposed, which made her entire body burn with lust. "Whatever YOU want?! What about what I want?!"

He grinned impishly. "Sucks to be you!"

Lisa, carefully listening to everything, was especially delighted with what she was hearing him say. There it is! His inner master is starting to come out! He's got the ability to overcome his shyness and learn how to dominate. Lust will make him bold! Extreme lust!

She decided to reward him by briefly giving him a taste of what she could do if she wasn't holding back so much. She tightened her lip-lock and suddenly began applying much more suction, while sliding her lips faster.

His eyes bugged out and he yelped in surprise. He clutched at his head with both hands and clenched his teeth.

Jane giggled. "Mom! Look! He's so close! See how you're helping? He's almost there!"

Indeed, that's what it looked like. Sandy's anticipation soared. She could feel her own orgasm coming on. She was bound to blast off if he did.

But Jane's comment reminded Lisa that she was pushing her luck. She reversed gears and practically brought her lips and tongue to a standstill for a while.

Darrin slowly came down from a razor-thin edge. After about a minute, he was able to lower his hands and take a big sigh of relief from surviving the close call.

Sandy and Jane sighed too, but in frustration. They came down from their peaks of excitement too, if only some.

When he was finally able to resume speaking, he was determined to continue the conversation, because it showed such sexual promise. He asked Sandy, "Do you own any sexy nighties?"

She reluctantly replied, "As a matter of fact, I do."

The reason she had some and had brought them with her was rather curious. She hadn't owned any until recently, since she hadn't had any sexual intimacy in five years. But Lisa had all but forced her to buy a bunch of very erotic and revealing nighties in the last week, every one of them see-through and very sexy. Sandy wouldn't have bought them except that Lisa went shopping with her and used every persuasion trick she knew to make it happen.

Sandy had protested it would be impossible for her to ever wear them, since she was supposed to live with her two children. Of course, Lisa knew that in Sandy's new sex slave life, the nighties would be invaluable and very frequently used, but she couldn't let Sandy know the truth about that yet.

Darrin's face lit up upon hearing that Sandy had "sexy nighties." It was so out of character for her that he asked, "Really?!"


"In your luggage?!"

Sandy sighed. "Yes. And before you ask why, I don't know! Ask Lisa! She all but forced me to buy then. She said it was 'essential' for life in Napali."

Jane considered that a curious coincidence, because her friend Cassie had successfully pressured her to buy lots of sexy nighties to take to Napali too. She'd told her it was a must to help her win over the very best boyfriend.

Of course, Jane had no way of knowing that both Lisa and Cassie were working together as part of an SI team attempting a radical sexual transformation of the whole Douglas family.

Darrin told Sandy, "Great! Maybe I'll let you wear one of those from the airport to the hotel room. Then you'll have to get naked when we're in private again, of course."

She decided he had to be toying with her, since that would go way too far. She practically hyperventilated as she imagined walking through a crowded airport in nothing but a see-through nightie, holding his hand out of fear, her face turning beet red from all the strangers staring.

GAAAWWD! That would be just awful! Terrifying! None of my nighties would cover anything! With my big breasts bouncing around, it would be almost worse than total nudity! And in my high heels, I'd be unable to run away! Trapped! Strangers... closing in!

And my son, I'd bet he'd just smirk like the cat that ate the canary! He'd probably cup my ass and even cup my tits, right there in the airport, letting everyone know that I'm his pet! His slut! And when we'd get in a taxi, GOD! I'd be so hot! Burning hot! I'd have no choice but to sit in his lap and make out with him while he plays with my helpless body even more! I don't care if Jane is there and watching; how could I resist?! Heck, I'd probably have to bend over and suck him off right there in the back of the taxi cab! I can only take so much before losing all control!

She dimly realized someone was calling for her. "Mom? Mom? You there?"

It was Darrin. She snapped out of her daydream and tried to respond. "Yes? Um, what?"

Guessing that she'd just been having some kind of sexy airport fantasy, due to his comments, he tried to see if he could get a blank check approval, guessing she wouldn't know what he's even talking about. "So you're in agreement then of what I just said?"

She forced herself to pay more attention to her surroundings. Looking down, she realized her hands had somehow drifted to her massive globes. Not only that, but she was playing with both of her nipples, while her son watched!

She pulled her hands away and pinned them behind her back to keep them out of trouble. What the hell?! How did that happen?! Stupid airport fantasy. Argh! I have to be more careful. I can't let things spin out of control like last time!

She was fooling herself if she didn't realize how much things were spinning out of control already.

She sensed a trap in his question and decided to simply ignore it. She tried to think back to what they'd been talking about before she went off into la-la land. Oh yeah! My clothes! I have to get at least SOME of my clothes back!

She wailed unhappily, "Son, don't be so mean. What about my undies, at least!?! Can I have those back? Please?!"

She was genuinely distressed on one level, but it wasn't the most important level. Her hips were writhing in place, and she was finding it hard to keep her feet still. That kept her incredible I-cups swaying or lightly bouncing nearly all the time.

She knew what a sexy show she was putting on, and it made her feel good. Her motions were becoming increasingly deliberate. She was also getting off on acting like he had total control over what she wore and she had to obey him on that.

He was having too much fun watching his mother's squirming body, blushing face, and bouncing melons while Lisa blew him to think to reply. He never knew this level of sexual arousal was physically possible.

Sandy prodded him for an answer. "Please?!"

That got him to say with an impish grin, "We'll have to see. Maaaaybe, if you do something really outstanding to impress me. You have to earn brownie points, like I said. But even then, probably just your panties."

She smacked her forehead in sexy frustration, setting her I-cups jiggling and wobbling even more. "How many points for that? How many?!"

"Oh, I imagine it would take about a thousand points for you to get your panties back."

"A THOUSAND?!" She thought, I'm only getting one point for doing this! ONE! I'd have to do this a thousand times, just to wear my panties!

She took a step closer towards him so she could have a better look down at Lisa's face in his crotch. She felt shivers race down her spine as she watched her son's cockhead bulge out through Lisa's left cheek. Oh God! Too much sexy cocksucking! When will it ever stop?!

Still, she forced herself to focus on the discussion, and she briefly looked back into his eyes. "That's totally unfair! You said standing up is worth only ONE point!"

"That's true. Standing is as easy as it gets. Everybody knows how to stand."

She shook her head in frustration. She knew her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as her entire body slowly went haywire due to extreme arousal. She hated that he could see the clear visual evidence of her lust for him, but she didn't try to cover up.

Sighing, she asked, "How many for my bra, then?" She was still looking at Lisa's sliding lips with only the occasional glance up at her son's face. She was repeatedly watering her mouth and licking her own lips.

He replied, "That would be a LOT! Boy, I don't even know if numbers go up that high!"

Jane laughed. "Good one, Brother!"

Sandy pouted, "Come on, Son! Please! Be reasonable!"

She licked her lips longingly yet again while watching Lisa's lips slide surprisingly far down his shaft. How many points would I get for sucking on his big fat cock? More than a thousand, I should hope!

She probed him on the brownie point cost to get her bra back. "Please, already! Give me a number!"

He gleefully suggested, "A hundred thousand, maybe? If not more! I don't think you'd be willing to do what it would take to even earn a fraction of that many points. You'd have to do some pretty sexy things involving lots of touching of very naughty places to make it worth my while."

She groaned erotically. He wants me to suck his cock! He all but admitted it!

He went on, "The thing is, I love the idea of you walking through the airport in just that green robe you had on earlier, wide open in front with your gigantic tits bouncing in every direction! Or maybe a nightie. That's pretty cool too. Something like that definitely needs to happen!"

Her heart skipped a beat as she thought about doing just that. In a flash, her erotic fire turned into a towering bonfire. She shut her eyes tight, which was a mistake, because she immediately saw a vision of herself walking through the airport in just that robe and high heels. Crowds of horny men with obvious boners followed wherever she went, mainly due to her freely bouncing I-cups.

Oh no! No! He wouldn't! Not for real! I know that, because he loves me.

She let herself run with the hot fantasy anyway, because she was too horny to resist.

But what if he does?! What'll I do?! I'll be stuck! I'll have no choice but to take that walk of shame! And my tits probably would bounce right out of my robe! Then I'd tuck them back in and they'd just bounce free again! Gaawwwd! That would be so very, very HOT! I'd have no choice but to sneak him off to some bathroom and suck his cock until his balls were drained completely dry! And nobody would be able to blame me, because that's just too much for anyone to resist!

Both Darrin and Jane enjoyed watching Sandy as her face grew still redder and her panting got heavier. Every part of her body seemed to be in motion.

Finally, after just a few minutes of being put on outrageous display from the simple act of standing up, she was back in the general vicinity of "insanely horny." Without thinking much about it, she began holding her big breasts. She more or less had to, to prevent them from wildly bouncing in response to her heaving chest.

The two siblings made eye contact and shared knowing grins. They were on the same page when it came to making their mother writhe and pant like this. Not only did it always lead to more arousing things, but it was a kick to watch in and of itself.

That was true even for Jane. She didn't carnally desire Sandy per se, or least it could be said she didn't consciously feel that way yet: SI tests had shown she had latent bisexual tendencies. Regardless, her mother was so extremely beautiful and sexy that seeing her naked body at any time was a great thrill, and ogling Sandy got her as horny as if she was watching Lisa's sliding lips instead. That was saying a lot.

Sandy realized that airport walk idea had brought her to the brink of a crashing, mind-melting orgasm. With her hands already holding her tits, it wouldn't take much for her to pull on or pinch her nipples and explode in sexual ecstasy. She felt she couldn't let that happen with both of her children staring right at her. So she forced that entire scenario out of her head and drew upon all her willpower to calm her breathing.

To her relief, that worked, more or less. It helped that her kids were so in awe over her writhing nude body that they just stared without saying any more provocative words.

Eventually, she opened her eyes, and glared angrily at Darrin. She made a concerted effort not to look down at Lisa's bobbing head, even though there was no escaping hearing her slurping noises.

She hissed, "I hate this, you know. You sneaky meanie! Look how you've got me all... like this!"

He pointed out, "Your words say one thing, but your body says another. Look at what your hands are doing."

She looked down at her chest and realized that not only was she still holding her hefty orbs, despite the fact that she wasn't panting hard anymore, but she was rubbing them against each other in a sexy manner too. It looked exactly like she was titfucking an invisible cock.

She immediately let go and held her hands in the air. Oh no! Dammit!

Jane giggled. "Brother, you dork! You shouldn't have told her that. Now she stopped!" She giggled some more.

He chuckled. "I know. Not my best move."

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