Chapter 15
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Sandy stared daggers at him, with her hands still awkwardly held up high. "Can we talk about me getting my clothes back already?! How am I supposed to negotiate with you about my nudity when your huge cock is getting sucked like that, anyway?!"

He just chuckled at that. Man! When I woke up this morning, I would have never imagined in a million years Mom would ever ask me THAT question! Unreal!

She pointed at Lisa's head, still bobbing away. "I call foul! Tell her to stop, so I can think!"

"Sorry. No can do. And you need to earn some brownie points if you want clothes. But Mom, here's an easy way to double your point total: just caress yourself."

"What, masturbate in front of you? No way! That goes way too far!" She knew that she'd just been unthinkingly playing with her tits, up until mere moments ago.

She was trying to take a harder line, worried that if he "tricked" her into doing that deliberately, she'd slip farther down a slippery slope.

It was a feeble effort though. She could have put her foot down as his mother at any time, or simply walked away. She didn't even consider those options, because she wasn't seriously interested in stopping the extreme fun.

He said while panting fairly hard, "I don't mean that, although I certainly won't mind if you do! All I mean is run your hands all over yourself. Like what you were just doing to your big tits, but you don't have to limit yourself to there."

She didn't know exactly what he wanted. She started experimentally running her hands up and down her sides. Her gestures emphasized what a narrow waist she had, flaring out into wide hips. Then one hand caressed her tummy while her other hand explored down to a hip. "Like this?"

"Exactly like that!"

Sandy's goal was to caress herself in a completely non-arousing manner as a form of protest and to show him that he wasn't in control of her. She was the parent and he was just a kid, after all. But she was so hot to trot that that idea died as soon as she had her hands on her body. Not only did she caress herself in a highly erotic manner, she was feeling so sexy that she started subtly gyrating her hips without being asked to do so or even fully realizing she was doing it.

It didn't hurt that she was still standing so close to the seatback in front of her that she could look down and easily see Lisa's head going up and down on his thick pole, endlessly. She felt goose bumps just seeing the tears still streaking down Lisa's cheeks. Her feelings were so vivid and intense that it almost felt to her like his bulbous cockhead was deep inside her own mouth.

Sandy tried to justify to herself why she was still going even though her "protest" idea had fallen flat. She thought, Sheesh! This is ridiculous! Especially since Lisa's loudly sucking him off the whole time. That should be enough stimulation for anybody. He should be like a normal boy and cum already! It's unfair! He's too studly!

It's like I'm enabling him, encouraging him to take advantage of me. But it is nice to be appreciated. She craned her mouth open wide, imagining she was Lisa. I wonder how it feels for her right now. I'll bet his cock is extra stiff and hot, pulsing with life! Thanks to him watching my big titties bounce around! Because look at his face, and the excitement in his eyes. How can I say no to that adorable face?

This is what being a naked big-titted mommy is all about! If I can't suck his fat cock myself, at least I can help him enjoy Lisa's hot mouth that much more! Mmmm! It's almost like I'm the one sucking his cock, using her as proxy!

For the next minute or two there was silence as Darrin and Jane just enjoyed watching Sandy's moves. She tried to keep her mouth wide open, as if it was crammed full of cock, but it was hard to do when she had to gasp for air all the time.

Any normal teenage boy would have cum by now, including him. But Lisa's ability to keep him flying high while keeping him from cumming was almost magical.

With each passing minute, Lisa was getting a better idea of how far she could push Darrin to the brink of orgasm with her lips, tongue, and fingers without pushing him over. She was listening very carefully to his moaning and his breathing, but also sometimes he would absentmindedly tap her head if it was getting too much to take, and she loved that.

She was still "faking it" in the sense that he wouldn't have lasted more than a couple of minutes if she pulled out all the stops. But by any outside world, non-Napali standard, it was a great blowjob and getting better all the time.

His mental pleasure doubled again from watching his sexy, buxom, nude mother.

But it wasn't just Sandy's body this time. What was even more arousing was the way she started keeping an intense eye contact with her son. She stopped trying to gawk at Lisa's oral work and just stared deeply into her son's brown eyes, like she was trying to look into his very soul. There was so much fiery lust in her gaze that it was a wonder he couldn't see actual red flames in her irises.

She thought, as if speaking out loud, My SON! Son, I'm so in love with you! In a motherly way, yes. Always! But like a lover too! Olivia put these weird thoughts in my head, a fetish for cocksucking especially, and I can't escape from them! I don't want to anymore!

If only we weren't related! Gaawwwd! I would suck your cock so very, very much! And not only that! You could fuck my tits too! I know how much you want that, you wonderful tit-freak, and I want it too! I want to belong to you! To make tender love to your cock with my mouth AND for you to fuck my face like I'm your big-titted slut! Today, you've proved that you know how to set me on FIRE!

It's too bad we can't touch. Such a tragedy! I'd kiss you again right now, hot on the lips! A soul kiss! Even as Lisa keeps bobbing on your cock! I don't even mind sharing you with her if I have to. That's how much I love you!

He couldn't know her thoughts, but with their eyes locked in an intense gaze, he knew she had to be having very passionate thoughts for him. Not surprisingly, he was having great fantasies about all the things he'd do to her curvaceous body too.

At one point, she broke the silence to ask him, "How many brownie points am I going to get for doing this?"

"Double your previous point total. Double!"

She frowned and rolled her eyes as she figured it out. "So, in other words, one more point. For a total of two!"

"Exactly!" He giggled like a girl.

"Grrr! And how many points do I need to get my panties back?"

"As I said, a thousand."

"AAARGH! You're so mean! What do I have to do for some serious points?"

"You don't want to know. You'd slap me for my dirty mind!"


Her frustration at his cheeky and even domineering ways only increased her lusty desire for him even more. Talk about an ungrateful child! Give him an inch and he'll take a mile. I still wonder how many points sucking his cock is worth. I hope it's a few hundred, at least!

She realized with a start, Wait! If that's true, and it's worth, say, two hundred points, I'd have to suck him off FIVE TIMES just to get my panties back before the plane lands! Oh my GOD! Too hot! My face would be caked with his pearly seed by the time I was done!

Since she'd gotten so very hot and bothered, she licked her lips with relish as those calculations. That sounded very delicious and appealing, especially when she glanced down at Lisa's ever-moving head once more. She was actually disappointed the scenario was only a hypothetical she had made up in her head.

A few more minutes passed, with only heavy breathing and the sound of Lisa's slurping and moaning to be heard over the constant roar of the engines. Sandy continued to stare into her son's eyes nearly the entire time, letting her lust for him grow and flow through her naked body.

She kept on running her hands over herself. She would go as far down as running her fingers through her red bush at times, though she avoided touching her pussy or clit for fear of having an explosive orgasm in front of her kids. She loved how sensual it felt to run her hands across her taut tummy or over her hips. Her feet kept moving, so it almost seemed like she was grooving to some slow song only she could hear.

But she had a particular emphasis on playing with her gigantic tits, both to please him and to please herself. It was "dangerous" for her to play with her erect nipples, given her desire to avoid a highly-visible orgasm, but she couldn't resist flirting with disaster.

Her inhibitions were falling away, making her movements more sensual and sexy.

She thought, Mmmm! In a way, it's like Lisa and I are working together. I'm helping to keep his cock throbbing with youthful energy! It's almost as if I have a second tongue and I'm lapping on his balls. Which would be so very HOT! Sharing his cock and balls with a sexy vixen like her! Mmmm! God, my son is such a STUD! Getting his cock sucked by a centerfold-type busty beauty while making his big-titted mommy dance naked for him! How many boys his age even get to say they did that?!

She laughed out loud, realizing that not one in a million handsome and hunky men ever got to do that.

She glanced over to her daughter and saw that Jane was effectively naked and playing with herself while she leaned over the seatback in front of her and watched what Lisa was doing. Jane's sash had come undone at some point, and the white robe was puddled around her feet.

Mmmm! Janey feels it too! The HOT LUST! She can't resist him either! He's making his centerfold sister so hot that she just has to give her little kitty a good rubbing! Okay, she's not a centerfold, and Lisa isn't either, but they could be!

Lisa realized Darrin was going to be gawking at his mother's slowly grooving and writhing nude body for a while. Unfortunately, he was sitting facing forward while attempting to look behind him. That left him twisted in place and feeling increasingly uncomfortable. Since she considered herself his sex slave now (temporarily), his pleasure and comfort was paramount.

She pulled her lips and hands off his boner altogether. But before he could get disappointed at that, she whispered to him, "Just a second, sexy!"

She had him quickly reposition so he was sitting directly facing the back row, solving the twisting problem. That also allowed him to look back and forth between Sandy and Jane with ease.

Then Lisa repositioned too, kneeling in the aisle instead so her mouth could access his cock in his new position. She leaned forward, aiming her face back at his boner while angling it towards her mouth. She also resumed fondling his balls and stroking his shaft most of the time.

Darrin was very happy with the new arrangement. The great pleasure continued non-stop, just like before.

One result of Lisa's new position was that her face was so close to the back of one of the seats in her row that Jane had a hard time watching the oral action. (Sandy would have had the same problem, but she was content just staring into her son's eyes like a long-separated lover.)

Jane could have scooted up even more and maybe even leaned right over the seatback in order to compensate. But instead, she looked over at Sandy and discovered that there was something about her mother slightly writhing around in place that was even more erotic and arousing somehow. This was novel, whereas she'd already seen a lot of Lisa's sliding lips and stroking fingers.

She began masturbating to her nude mother, despite not thinking of herself as bisexual.

Meanwhile, Sandy kept right on staring into Darrin's eyes nearly non-stop. After a while she imagined herself talking directly to him, but only in her mind. "Son, I'll bet you think you're the cock of the walk right now. And you ARE! Making me do this while Lisa is endlessly sucking your huge cock! And with Janey watching too! Somehow, you never cum. And Lisa's just about the sexiest woman I've ever met! She has to be a blowjob queen. But you're completely unfazed. Gaawwwd, that is FUCKING impressive!"

That was a very, very rare use of a curse word by her. She simply never cursed with words like that, but it slipped out as she was overcome with lusty emotion.

Shoot! I can't believe I used that word. I must be really losing my mind. But it IS incredibly impressive! And now she's his girlfriend or something. His slut, maybe? Yeah, that's more like it. No real girlfriend sucks and strokes her man this much and this easily. They always play hard to get and then demand something in return. I like her a lot, and I consider her a good friend, but she's just a straight up big-titted slut! She's just doing it for the pure joy of sucking cock!

God! So very hot! My son is only fifteen years old and he isn't even eligible for a driver's license yet, but he already has his own centerfold-worthy busty slut at his beck and call! Wow! And he NEVER cums! Any other boy his age would have cum ten times already!

While it was true he did have exceptional stamina for a boy his age, due to having a high libido and masturbating way more than normal, it is important to stress that Lisa was nearly entirely responsible for the fact he hadn't climaxed in such a long time. She was playing him like a fiddle. But part of her sexual talent was making a visual impression for Sandy and Jane that she was pleasuring him with much greater energy and motion than she actually was.

Sandy briefly broke the locked eye contact with her son to glance over at Jane again and take a closer look at what she was doing. After all, it was becoming clear she was going to be caressing herself like this for a while.

Technically, Jane was still "wearing" her robe, but only in the most technical sense, since it was only covering her feet! Jane had reached such a peak of lusty fever that she was masturbating without restraint, not caring who saw or knew.

But Sandy suffered a startling jolt, because she discovered that Jane was masturbating while looking right at her! Jane had one hand pinching a nipple while her other hand was diddling her clit. Since she was mostly watching Sandy's bouncing boobs, she failed to notice Sandy was looking her way.

Sandy quickly turned her head. She was grateful at least that she looked away before Jane make eye contact with her. That would have caused an extremely awkward mother-daughter moment. She was left afraid to look back in Jane's direction.

Sandy thought, My God! This is so bad! This is NOT how a family should behave. I don't even want to know what she's thinking about. I actually hope it's about her brother's big cock instead of me. How messed up is that?! But of course she's thinking about him anyway. How could she not? How could her mouth NOT water at the thought of slurping on his throbbing hot pole?

But I'll bet the twist is that I happened to catch her thinking about me thinking about him! She probably sees the way I keep licking my lips and the lusty look in my eyes. She knows my secret shame, I'm sure! My need to suck my son's cock! My neeeeed!

She looked back at Darrin and resumed her sultry eye contact, as well as her imaginary direct comments to him. "Son! My son! What am I going to do with you?! Everything has changed today, thanks to the heat and the nudity and who knows what else. Everybody wants to suck your big fat cock, including ME! Even as I stand here, caressing my naked body for you, Lisa's got your fat purple cockhead deep down her throat! All the way down!"

Actually, Lisa didn't have his cockhead all the way down her throat. As a former sex slave, she had long lost her gag reflex. But one SI prerequisite for selecting families to move to Napali was that the teen boy in the family had to have an extremely thick penis, so much so that the vast majority of women didn't have throats wide enough to physically accommodate them.

Besides, Lisa wouldn't have tried that on Darrin even if she thought she could do it. She was deliberately avoiding all sorts of techniques, like probing his anus or choking and gagging on him because she had to continually and greatly restrain herself to keep the oral fun going as long as possible.

Sandy was so worked up that she got off on thinking about Lisa deep throating him. She was imagining all sorts of wild things, usually using Lisa as a stand-in for herself.

Sandy was so carried away with her lusty thoughts, not to mention staring deeply into her son's eyes, that after a while she entered a kind of hypnotic zone where she didn't consciously realize what her hands or body were doing.

The more her sexual desire took over like that, the hotter she looked and moved. Although she had started out hesitant and feeling awkward, she had eventually reached a point where she was putting on a sex show that would make any professional stripper jealous! For starters, she had a body that even professional strippers would envy, thanks mainly to her exceptionally enormous tits that sat up firm and high on her chest. Plus, she had a sultry face to begin with, but when she narrowed her gaze and stared intently into her son's eyes with lusty intentions, her "come hither" look alone could make any man cum hard.

But what really made her performance so sexy was that her moves had become completely sincere and instinctual. Her hands freely roamed everywhere she could reach with ease, thanks to a newfound comfort with and even pride she felt for her own body. She loved the desire in her son's eyes, thanks to her exceptional curves.

However, what took her sexy display to the next level was her hip motion. That was even more unconscious, if that was possible. At first, just her hips had started moving, because she felt so very inspired and alive that they had to. But then her entire legs had gotten into the action, down to moving her feet, and then freed up her hips to move even more.

For a long time, she had deliberately avoided going no lower than her red bush, for fear of an explosive and highly visible climax. But eventually she reached a point where she didn't much care. She still tried to avoid cumming, but she flirted on a razor's edge, often rubbing her fingers up and down her soaked pussy lips.

Darrin definitely noticed! He loved staring into her shining green eyes most of the time, but he couldn't resist checking out sights like that from time to time. It was incredible beyond belief. He was even more floored when he saw her unthinkingly swipe her fingers through her very wet inner thighs, and then bring that hand up to her round tits and smear her own pussy juices all over them!

She was like pure sex, personified!

And all the while, she was still nearly or totally oblivious of the show she was putting on, only having some vague notion that she was following the suggestion to caress herself. That's because she was deep in a kind of sexual hypnotic trance, with her mind focused on her thoughts.

"Son! What if I were to wake you up EVERY morning, with a sloppy, slurpy blowjob? Like the kind Lisa is loudly giving you now, except from your busty mommy! Would you like that? Mmmm... I'll bet you would!"

"I know that I'm almost totally inexperienced at pleasuring you with my mouth. I'm sorry about that. What I did with your dad doesn't count compared to what Lisa is doing. But my friend Olivia, you know her, she's helped me see the light. The truth is, I've been dreaming about sucking you for months! I've done everything a thousand times over in my mind. More! I'll get really talented at it, fast. She taught me that it's mostly about attitude anyway. I have the passion!"

"My big man, I'd be so good for you! I promise you, you won't regret turning your own mommy into your sexy, busty, eager little cocksucker! Lisa can teach me all her tricks and help me with endurance. I'll spend ALL my time naked and kneeling, just slurping and choking on your incredible thickness! CRYING! Crying with the effort and the joy! Olivia's told me how great it is! And just one look at Lisa's face and the tears streaming down her cheeks proves she was right! I want that bliss! I want to give you that bliss! I love you so much!"

Sandy was working herself up to a truly frenzied state. It was just as if she was completely possessed. As her thoughts grew more and more arousing and extreme, her physical actions got more emphatic and bold as well. She wound up with two fingers crammed up her hot, tight slit. She had no conscious idea she was doing that in front of her son, since she was so deeply in the throes of her lust.

It was all too much and she couldn't hold out from the explosive orgasm anymore. She'd been on the edge of cumming for a long time, and she finally tipped over. She brought a hand to her mouth, because even though she only had the vaguest idea of where she was, or what was happening, she remained aware of some nagging reminder that she wasn't supposed to scream out loud.

She'd had some great orgasms since the flight began, some of them the absolute best of her entire life. But not even any of those orgasms could hold a candle to the intensity of the orgasm that hit and overtook her. It was so powerful that from the very start her knees gave way and she fell back into the seat behind her.

And that was just the start. Her orgasmic surge was rising like a tidal wave to wash away everything before it.

She managed not to scream her lungs out, less because of her immediate company than some subconscious awareness that she was flying on a plane and there were other people on board, even though they were far away. The kind of scream she wanted to scream would have even been heard by the pilots in the cockpit.

There was no hiding the fact she was cumming from Darrin, despite her lack of screaming, his face was only a couple of feet away from hers and he was staring right at her. There were all sorts of sights that were impossible to miss, including the way she had to fall back to her seat.

Her urge to scream out didn't lessen as her multiple orgasm went on and on. Once she was sitting, she covered her mouth with both hands. Then she let loose with her scream. She needed the extra emotional release.

Her hands were partially successful in muffling her scream, but only partially. That prevented her orgasmic cries from being heard throughout the rest of the plane, but Darrin, Jane, and Lisa most definitely heard her.

She'd shut her eyes tight, so she couldn't see, because she was too humiliated to look at how Darrin and Jane were openly and wantonly gawking at her naked caressing and writhing, her body jerking spasmodically all over like she was having a seizure. However, she had absolutely no doubt they were staring at her just the same.

That increased her humiliation, which aroused her more, and made her cum harder. That caused her to lose control of her body even more, creating a more obviously out of control spectacle for her children, no doubt making them stare with increasing fascination. That created a kind of positive feedback loop for her, keeping her cumming in total ecstasy for a good two minutes. Her huge tits bounced around so much that at times one or the other smacked her chin!

Lisa couldn't see what was happening, since she kept her face in Darrin's crotch and his cockhead in her mouth. But she could catch the general gist from Sandy's partially blocked screams, plus all the heavy panting from everyone else. She grew more excited too, and her heart raced faster and faster.

But instead of bobbing faster on him too, she pulled her lips off his hard-on altogether and resorted to merely lightly licking and stroking him instead. When he went up, she went down, and vice versa, to try to keep his arousal level relatively steady.

She understood that this was a big moment for Darrin. He had to be on top of the world from making his gorgeous mother cum that hard, even though he didn't get to experience the pleasure of touching her while it happened. Still, Lisa's sex slave years had ingrained some rules deeply into her mind, and one of them was to prolong the erotic euphoria of her master as much as possible. Even at such an obvious peak moment, that still was her first instinct.

Paying close attention to all the signs of his arousal state, she quickly realized that even licking him was too risky. She stopped doing that or even stroking him, and just held his shaft.

Despite her restraint, she could sense his balls were tightening up just the same. Before long, she sensed he'd crossed the point of no return. Seeing his buck naked mother cumming hard was so thrilling that he couldn't help himself, no matter what Lisa did or didn't do to him.

Lisa had already used the trick of squeezing the base of his shaft to stop him from cumming, and it had worked, so she did it again. And once again, it worked like a charm, even though his urge to cum was much stronger this time due to the even more arousing situation. It was something of an ordeal for him, as it felt odd having an overwhelming orgasmic urge blocked, but she kept right on squeezing until it was a done deal.

However, he was so overwhelmed by that close call that he slumped in his seat and closed his eyes, just like he really had climaxed. He needed time to recover from that, as well as the thrill of watching his mother explode in glorious orgasmic joy.

Lisa helped him reposition in his seat, turning him around so he was sitting forward again.

He was so blown away from everything that had just happened that he was like a rag doll and thus easily moved by Lisa. Her body had mostly been in the aisle since she'd started sucking him from the side, but that wasn't necessary anymore.

Once he was resting comfortably in his seat in the normal forward-facing manner, she returned to kneeling between his legs so she'd be in the ideal position when he was ready for more.

Perhaps it was surprising that she still had her light blue robe covering her lower body, from the sash on down. She didn't care much, because she figured Sandy might get some reassurance of moderation if she saw that, and the robe was so light and hung so loosely on her that she could hardly feel it. But the main reason she didn't care was that, in the cramped space, Darrin couldn't really see any of her lower body anyway.

Jane had been masturbating more and more, working herself up to a peak in time to watching her mother working herself up to an even higher peak. When Sandy started her great climax, Jane naturally reached the top of her own peak and wanted to cum too. She still felt awkward about screaming out loud. She was forced to cum quietly, which was tough.

But once Sandy covered her mouth and let go with her muffled screaming, that gave Jane cover to scream too. Her orgasm was a long and powerful one that was very much still going, so she held a hand over her mouth and made a muffled scream too.

Her main intention was to prevent Sandy from realizing she was cumming, and especially that she was cumming so hard. In that she was successful, because Sandy was off on another planet, totally out of her mind with her own transformative, epic orgasm.

It was possible Sandy and/or Jane could have screamed loud enough to be heard by the other passengers, even with their muffling, but the odds of that were very low. The airplane cabin was large, capable of sitting well over 100 people if there were seats for them all, and SI deliberately had the plane fly with a loud engine precisely to cover up such sounds.

Furthermore, there were three heavy curtains from ceiling to floor that effectively divided up the plane into sections for each family. Those were very good at blocking sound, as well as providing visual barriers.

Sandy would have passed out, except that she fought with all her might to stay conscious. She was feeling humiliated enough from having such a great orgasm, and she didn't want the extra shame of passing out too. She considered it shameful because what else could arouse her that much in this situation except her lust for her son? The nature and extent of her secret shame was being exposed bit by bit, even though it hadn't ever been openly discussed or fully acknowledged yet.

It was a close call, but she just managed to stay conscious. However, she wound up physically and emotionally wiped out. She decided she needed to close her eyes and rest for a while just the same.

When Jane was done cumming, she didn't pass out, since her climax was intense but not as much as her mother's. She hadn't completely let herself succumb to her lusty desires in the way Sandy did. But it still blew away the kinds of orgasms she'd had with even her most sexually talented boyfriends. Like Sandy, it was the most powerful one she'd ever experienced in her life.

She also needed to tune out with her eyes closed, so she could rest and recover as well.

Darrin, Jane, and Sandy all ended up zonked out for a while, with Lisa still fully awake and doing fine. In fact, Sandy was so wiped out from her especially epic orgasm that she fell asleep after all, not long after closing her eyes.

Lisa fully expected that sort of thing. She was like the Energizer Bunny due to her years as a sex slave. She could suck cock for hours with ease, because that's exactly what she used to do all the time. True, she was out of practice, but since she kept her body in top shape that didn't matter much. She also didn't have a massive orgasm, although she rewarded herself with a medium-sized one that was timed when the Douglases were all hitting their peaks.

Also, she felt it necessary that she remained fully awake, because Darrin hadn't climaxed and she was determined to make sure he wouldn't go flaccid. She would stay near his crotch and at least fondle and stroke his boner to ensure that it stayed fully erect the whole time, even if he was too out of it to pay much attention.

As she did so, she took stock of the overall situation. Aaaah! Good times! I've put so much time and effort in getting things to this point. The whole SI team has. Months and months of preparation. And now I get to enjoy the payoff!

I wish I could have seen what Sandy was doing that whole time. I know from the talking that she was caressing her fully naked body, and that sounds like a super hot breakthrough for her to begin with. But I was able to look up and see the fire in Darrin's eyes from time to time, as they locked eyes with each other for a long, long time.

That's such an exciting development! Of course, she loves him as a mother. And of course she lusts for his cock, thanks to Olivia especially. But now her lust has reached such a high point that she's starting to fall for him hard in a romantic way too!

That's absolutely key! Any sex slave has to love and adore her master in every possible way. He has to be the center of her universe, her reason for living. She's on the path there!

The sounds of her muffled screaming at the end are another great sign. I wish I could have seen that too. It must have been something truly incredible! And Jane had a really big one at the same time, I noticed. Nice!

As Lisa continued to idly rub Darrin's sweet spot to keep his dick erect, she thought, In other very good news, I think Sandy's starting to experience the joy of total submission. To have gotten that carried away, she must be coming to grips with the fact that she's deeply in love and lust with her son, and the best way to express that is by sucking his cock. It's what we do! She's letting her cocksucking lust flow freely, and finding that she loves it!

Sure, every slave loves to get fucked in many different ways, and having one's cunt deeply plowed is always special. But cocksucking is our bread and butter. I wish I could have read her mind when she had all that prolonged eye contact with him. I'll bet she was thinking about all the different ways she could pleasure him by bobbing and slurping on his thickness! Her new MASTER!

I can't be sure though. I would bet on it, but I could be wrong.

Oh well. You can't see or know everything. Ultimately, this is THEIR story, not mine. This is their journey into domination and submission, and all-around cocksucking joy. I'm just here to humbly help them along. Still, I get to have a heck of a good time too! Ha! This next week or two is my favorite part of my job, by far. I'm going to suck my master's cock every chance I can get, so long as it doesn't interfere with their progress.

Now that Lisa had given Darrin a good long cocksucking or two, she felt even more strongly that he was her "master." But that was a bittersweet feeling, because she wasn't allowed to call him that so he'd keep his sexual energies mostly targeted on his mother and sister. Plus, he wouldn't understand that it could only be a temporary commitment.

Worse, she could never forget that her time with him was limited, as her status as his sex slave (in her mind) was limited too. Her job required her to leave all three Douglases behind on Napali after a week or two, depending on how quickly their progress adjusting to island life was. The excuse was that she would stay until the next plane arrived, but the timing of that wasn't left up to chance. The plane would come back when it became clear that the women in the three newly arrived families had fully succumbed and were truly happy being sex slaves.

She thought, Obviously, the needs of his women come first, way before my selfish desires. His soon-to-be slaves. Especially Sandy's gradual transformation into learning to love life bobbing on her knees. As always, it's the mother that's the linchpin, and Jane's similar submission to the power of his cock should naturally follow.

But based on what happened last year and the year before, I should be in blowjob nirvana no matter what! I'm especially looking forward to the double and triple blowjobs. Teaching them how to share the joy of serving their master's cock is a key part of my mission, after all.

I just wish our time together could be longer. I can't help but get emotionally involved.

She tilted her head down and gave his cockhead a loving kiss. That led to more licking. He has such a nice cock. It's going to be the envy of all the Napali teens, and he's only fifteen! Plus, he's a genuinely smart, funny, and all-around nice guy. There's so much love in this family.

If only I was his second older sister. Boy, that would be a dream come true! I could use everything I learned serving my brother to be the best slave ever, from day one! I could teach Sandy and Jane to properly adore his cock with their mouths. The three of us could lick and suck him as a team every day. We could have such fun!

She tried to pull herself together and not dwell on what-if scenarios. Since she'd started licking, she couldn't stop, even though she didn't know how alert he was. So she lapped on his sweet spot as she thought some more.

But I'm not his sister, or his mommy either. Jane and Sandy are. Lucky sluts! My job is just to help them find their proper places serving their new master, not TAKE their place! That would be a total betrayal of everything I believe in.

Still, I can dream of being his third slave. That, at least, could really happen without breaking any rules. He's totally worthy! He's really proving himself. I especially love how he took Sandy's robe away. God, that's great, and it's such an unexpected bonus. That'll make helping him seduce her twice as easy. It's already paying off big time.

She gave Darrin's cockhead another adoring kiss, then went back to licking it, in circular swirl patterns. He really is something. He's got great stamina too, considering the stage of his development. I love how I sucked him non-stop for so long and through such intense arousal for him before I finally had to resort to the squeezing trick. That proves he's a worthy master, right there!

She was sorely tempted to engulf his cockhead and go to town bobbing on him, but he was still out of it. Plus, she knew he needed time to recover from the squeezing trick, as well as the heart-pounding excitement of watching his mother doing whatever sexy performance she had done.

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