Chapter 16
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Several minutes of Lisa happily licking away went by, and she didn't hear a peep from Sandy or Jane. She sensed that Darrin was starting to revive though, based on his happy moans in response to her active tongue and sliding fingers.

She was about to have another go at sucking his cock. This time she was keen to show what she could really do, now that he'd rested some and she had his undivided attention.

But then she felt a tap on her bare back. "Lisa?"

That surprised her. She turned around and saw Jane kneeling in the aisle right next to her and the seat Darrin was sitting on. She liked that Jane was wearing her robe very loosely, showing off all of her impressive boobs. Even her pussy was on display, since her sash was untied.

Darrin opened his eyes and looked over and down at his sister. She'd positioned herself close up to his crotch so she would have a clear view of what Lisa was doing to his cock. That meant he had a clear view of her entire upper body. He was frustrated that his line of sight to her pussy was blocked, but he could tell it was uncovered from the way the robe hung down as a whole.

He grinned widely at her general sexiness, but especially at her bared boobs. "Hey, Sis."

She smiled up at him. "Hey, Bro. Enjoying yourself?" She leaned forward and thrust her bare chest out slightly.

He laughed as he looked at Lisa's gorgeous face and her tongue lapping on and around his cockhead. "You could say that again! Best. Day. Ever!" He laughed some more. He was in great spirits. Then, in obvious reference to his sister's exposed tits, he said, "Nice top!"

Jane took that well and grinned happily. "Hey, with the stiff competition around here, if I don't show off a little bit, I figure you'll forget you even have a sister. I feel downright flat-chested around here." She cupped her big globes from below and hefted them up slightly while still leaning in towards him.

Lisa quipped, "That's funny. It seems everything around here is stiff these days." She ostentatiously stroked Darrin's hard-on from base to tip and back again, making sure Jane got a good view.

Jane snickered. "Too true!"

He asked, "Where's Mom?"

"In the back row. But she's sleeping."


Lisa thought, That's very good to know. This could be a good chance to help bring Darrin and Jane closer together.

Jane said to her brother, "By the way, did you see the women in the other two families?"

"Of course. I met them at the airport."

The Douglases didn't know it, but SI deliberately arranged things to keep the different families away from each other as much as possible until after each family was transformed into their new incestuous lifestyles. It was easy since the families inevitably came from different towns, usually in different states. SI didn't want to risk the chance of someone from one family falling in love with someone from another family.

Jane said, "I did the same. I noticed they're really busty too, even the teenage daughters. And the flight attendant goes without saying. Did you see her?!"

"Yeah, how could I miss her? She's seriously hot and stacked. It's crazy!"

Lisa smiled inwardly at that as she lapped on Darrin's sweet spot. She couldn't wait to tell Vicky, the flight attendant, what Darrin said about her. Not surprisingly, Vicky was part of the team helping to sexually transform the families, and she had a vital role to play.

Jane responded, "I know! It's like there must be something in the air or the water around here. Boob growing hormones maybe!" She chuckled.

He continued to ogle her, and especially her huge tits, as he said, "You certainly have nothing to be ashamed of. You're the hottest, most stacked girl in school, and you know it."

Jane cupped her tits from below and hefted them up towards him. Somehow her robe clung to her shoulders, but that made her exposure more titillating somehow. "You think?"

"I know it!"

She had never ever behaved like this for any of her boyfriends, but somehow it was different with him. Showing off to him came easily, even as it embarrassed her greatly and thus aroused her just as greatly. It helped that Lisa was leading the way by stroking and licking his boner. Jane knew her brother couldn't possibly fail to be highly aroused by her body, thanks to that assist.

Jane said more seriously while continuing to hold her tits up and out, "Yeah, but I'm not in that school anymore. I'm guessing things are going to be very different where we're going. Based on the other females in the three families on this plane, I might even be an ugly duckling there, relatively speaking."

"Oh, come on," Darrin said sincerely. "That's ridiculous. The other girls were looking at YOU and feeling bad."

She let go of her bare boobs. "Thanks for saying that, but I don't know." She redirected her attention to Lisa. "That's what I wanted to talk to you about. More about what life on the island is like. Do you have a minute to talk to me in private?"

Lisa looked over at Jane and then back at the cockhead she was actively licking. "Well... normally I would, but... I kind of feel like I need to spend more time pleasuring his cock right now. I feel like my task isn't done, and I won't be content until it is. Did you know he never climaxed? It's incredible!"

"No way! I don't believe it!" Jane honestly couldn't believe that, because watching her nude mother gyrate, writhe, and fondle herself had been the hottest thing she'd ever seen. And she only considered herself slightly bisexual. It was the way her formerly prudish mother had completely let go and utterly lost herself to her lust that was so inspiring and arousing.

She looked at her brother with newly impressed eyes. "Wow, Brother! BIG things come in small packages!" She laughed. "How the heck did you manage that?!"

He started to say "Well, actually-" He was going to explain how he felt Lisa squeezing the base of his shaft, and that apparently did something he didn't understand.

But he felt Lisa secretly kick him with a knee, and then pinch him for good measure.

He looked to her face in confusion.

She looked up at him while still lapping on his sweet spot and gave a subtle frown and negative shake of her head, cluing him in that she didn't want him to explain.

He didn't understand why there would be any problem with explaining, but, if there was some big secret, he figured he couldn't ask Lisa about it with Jane there. So he just lamely finished after an awkward pause, "Um... actually... I don't know!"

Jane laughed. "Brother, you're so weird. Maybe you were so out of it that you kind of blacked out or spaced out or something and missed your own orgasm! Seeing stars and all that."

Lisa quickly spoke up before he could say more. "Believe me, I was there, and he didn't shoot off. If he came, then where's the cum?" She let go of his hard-on, pulled back, and sat up straight to show off her round G-cups, as if she needed to show all of them to prove there was no cum on them. In fact, she just loved showing her body to the boy she liked to imagine was her master.

"In your tummy, obviously." Jane was getting horny thinking about her brother cumming down Lisa's throat. She resumed holding her bare tits, and even lightly caressing them.

Lisa lowered her head back down and resumed licking and stroking. "True, that could have happened, though I usually prefer to take at least some of it on my face or chest. But trust me, if he had cum into my mouth at all, I would have noticed!"

Jane giggled. "Good point! It is kind of... noticeable!" She giggled some more. Then she got puzzled. "But what you're saying is impossible! How could he not cum when things were THAT hot and intense?! He came for far less, earlier."

Lisa proudly replied as she continued to show and caress her massive globes, "Your brother may not look like an Adonis yet, but trust me, he's a total stud!"

Jane said, "Come on! I still don't believe you. You didn't see what Mom did. It was.... UNGH! Soooo intense! I can't even put it into words!" She looked up at her brother. "Right, Bro?"

He was turned back Jane's way and lustily staring back at her, despite Lisa's awesome titty display. Lisa had the flawless body of a goddess, for sure, but she wasn't his sister. He lusted for Jane nearly as much as he did for Sandy, and he'd been feeling that way for years. He hadn't really had any number three fantasy desire, period.

Lisa was genuinely secretly pleased by his choice. Her planned time with him was fleeting, yet he was fated to own his sister for life. It was good that he wasn't always distracted by the bigger rack or the hot cocksucking mouth.

When he didn't answer Jane's question, she prodded, "So what happened there? Did you use some magic trick?"

He muttered, "Um, right."

Jane giggled. "Well, that's descriptive!"

He wanted to dodge the question, due to Lisa wanting him to keep a secret. But he also was just plain struck dumb by staring at his topless sister.

He admitted, "Sorry, it's just that I'm kind of distracted right now. Do you know how long I've wanted to see you topless like this? Yeah, I saw brief glimpses here and there, but to get to stare to my heart's content! And when you giggle, they quiver and wobble."

"Oh, you like that?" She made a subtle motion with her shoulders that set her firm melons swaying.

He was too transfixed to think or answer.

Lisa watched that out of the corner of her eye. Yes! I think she's made the decision that she's going to suck his cock. Whether she consciously knows it yet or not, the die has been cast!

She was lying low, just watching and masturbating. But not anymore. She wants him and she's letting him know it! She gets off on being slutty for him. I know she never acted like this with any of her boyfriends. But she's starting to feel that special joy of submitting to your own brother!

Thanks to her subtle shoulder motion, her white robe slipped off one of her shoulders and slumped down to her elbow on that side.

He moaned lustily. "Oh, yeah!"

Lisa had been sitting up, trying to show off her own rack, but she got back down and resumed stroking and licking him.

When he felt her resume lapping on his sweet spot, he simply gasped out, "GAH!"

Jane laughed.

Lisa looked to Jane as she licked, and pointed out, "I was trying to show off my tits to him, but did he pay attention to me? No! Jane, he only had eyes for you! Your breasts may be smaller than mine, but only just. I'm sure he's thinking back to how good it felt to hold and caress them while hotly kissing your lips, back when your mother allowed that. And he's probably also thinking back to the countless thousands of times he masturbated to thoughts of fucking them, or just holding them while he fucked your sexy mouth!"

Jane stared at him intently, with fire in her shining blue eyes. They shared a lusty moment. The sexual tension between them was so thick one could cut it with a knife.

Her voice grew soft and tender, not to mention extra sultry. "Brother... don't let Lisa put words in your mouth. Do you really like my breasts that much?"

As she waited for him to answer, she brought a hand up to where her robe was still valiantly clinging to her other shoulder, and she seductively pulled it down her arm.

Her F-cups were fully "accidentally" exposed already, but it was still a great thrill for him to see her deliberately pull her robe down until it was hanging around her sash.

Feeling a surge of lust well up within in, he replied to Jane, "Definitely! You're such a fox! A total busty BABE! Believe me, if it wasn't for Mom's stupid touching rule, believe me, I would be all over you like an octopus right now! With a tongue down your throat and both hands kneading your sweet titty-flesh!"

Jane held both of her huge tits from below, tilted her head back, and let out a long, sexy sigh. "Mmmmmm!" Clearly she was imagining him doing just that.

Then she opened her eyes and stared at Lisa's lapping tongue with renewed hunger. She even licked her lips repeatedly.

Lisa saw all that, and thought, Excellent! She's falling deeper and deeper! And I love how the more horny she gets, the more her thoughts turn to getting her hot little tongue on his horse cock. I can't read her mind, but with that seductive way she's licking her lips, I don't have to!

Darrin noticed her lip licking too, then went back to watching her hands on her rack. He exclaimed, "How lucky can one guy be? I'm getting to watch my sister, the hands-down hottest girl in school, looking all hot to trot and topless while another serious hottie is licking and stroking my dick! I could totally cum at any moment! What could be better than that?!"

Jane looked to Lisa and wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "She could be sucking you, hint, hint!" If she couldn't do it to him herself, at least she wanted to watch.

Lisa felt she had to turn that suggestion down, mostly because she could tell he was getting too overheated and close to shooting off, just as he'd said. She told Jane as she still stroked and licked, "Yeah, but then I couldn't talk, and you wanted to ask me some questions, right?"

"Oh yeah. Bummer." She slumped slightly and let go of her tits. "Let's get to it then."

"Wait. First, I want to know what happened with Sandy back there. I didn't get to see ANYTHING, and it makes me seriously bummed out." Lisa asked eagerly while lapping on Darrin's sweet spot, "What did she do?! I'm dying to find out!"

Jane's whole face lit up. She revisualized the scene in her mind. "Oh boy! Mom started just standing there and caressing herself, which sounds tame, but it could never be boring with HER body! And she went OFF on it! Like, way off the reservation! I kept wondering, 'Who is this woman?' because I had no idea she had such passion in her, such sexuality! I can't even begin to explain how arousing it was! Right, Bro?"

"Right! I say ditto to all that!" He was breathing hard already, so he was glad if Jane could do most of the talking.

She was still putting on a titty show as she spoke, and he couldn't stop watching. She wasn't using her hands at the moment, but she didn't have to. She knew how to keep his attention with subtle little movements.

Jane continued, "She was like a succubus doing a naked temptation belly dance or something. It was incredible!" She bounced her body in place a little bit, really setting her tits bouncing too. "And the whole time, she was staring Brother intently in the eye with the most lusty expression you've ever seen in your life! Kind of like this."

She held her big tits from below again and started sensually caressing them. But, mainly, she focused on narrowing her gaze and giving Darrin the most intense and sultry stare she could possibly manage. Since she'd been wanting his cock for months, and her desire for him had multiplied several times over since the flight began, it was impressive and heartfelt.

To help make her "come hither" stare that much more arousing, she let her feelings flow, as if she was talking to him out loud. "Brother, there's been something missing in my life, my sex life especially. I have this great body, this sexy body, and a face to match. But sex didn't do that much for me, surprisingly enough. Most of my boyfriends were great in every measurable way, but somehow they were duds in my eyes."

"Maybe the problem all along has been that they're not you! I know I've kind of dismissed you as a scrawny little nerd, too young and naive. Off limits. But by God do you have an enormous, perfect cock! Maybe 'incest is best,' because just thinking about sucking on you like Lisa does gets me going more than any actual sex act I've had with some seriously hunky guys! I just know that sucking on your cock would be the very best! The missing spark! I don't know why doing that to you has kind of been in my mind for months now, but it has!"

"If Lisa wasn't busy with you already... If you weren't my little brother... If Mom allowed it... God! I'd take you so deep! I'd suck you so differently than I've ever sucked any guy before. I'd make you scream and howl at the moon with my mouth alone! But there are too many ifs! Dammit! FUCK!"

He tried to match her stare, but he started to get woozy from sheer arousal. After about a minute, he had to look away. He said, "Whoa! Too much! Sis, you're so sexy, it's scary!"

Jane broke the stare and looked back to Lisa's sloppy and slurpy licking. However, she kept right on caressing and even kneading her nicely tanned globes, since her brother was still gawking and panting in appreciation.

She was secretly pleased, because she felt she and her brother had just shared a very meaningful moment.

He asked her, "What were you thinking about just then?"

She smiled enigmatically. "Oh, good things. You'll see." She licked her lips ostentatiously, and then winked at him.

Lisa saw that lip licking out of the corner of her eye. Excellent! She's well on her way! I don't know how the SI scientists pick 'em, but they always pick the natural cocksucker lovers. To be a good sex slave for him, she has to have the passion to suck him like it's the first time, many times a day and for decades to come. That's not easy. The only way you can do that is if you truly love doing it with all your heart and soul, and if you live and breathe to serve your master!

Those thoughts reminded Lisa of her intense lust and deep submission to her brother-master, back in the day. It was bittersweet, since he was gone forever.

Jane told Lisa, "So, getting back to Mom's little show... Imagine that sort of stare I was just demonstrating, but, like waaaay longer. And even more intense! It went on for five minutes, at least!"

Jane abruptly remembered what they were talking about before that, how he hadn't climaxed through Sandy's little performance. "So don't tell me he didn't cum at all, because that would be inhuman! I don't believe you. Heck, I came, just from watching them!"

Lisa was extremely delighted to hear all that. She considered it further proof that Sandy was finding her true calling as her son's sex slave. In her excitement, she began to lap faster and faster, and right on Darrin's sweet spot. She stroked his pulsing pole faster too.

He was trying to be quiet and just listen to the other two talk, but Lisa's more aggressive cock pleasuring effort caused him to moan lustily and loudly.

Jane complained, "Hey! Lisa, don't get too carried away with your tongue on that baseball bat of his, because I want to talk to you. Either talk or suck, but don't get stuck in between!"

Lisa eased up, and went back to her previous licking and stroking style. "Sorry. It's just that I get excited hearing that. I wish I could have seen it. I know that, technically, I'm just an SI employee helping your family move, but I've come to have strong feelings for all of you. I love it when I get to see you having such great fun together."

Jane said, "I've noticed!" She giggled.

The sultry sister suddenly leaned in much, much closer. God! I wish she'd suck him a lot more already. I have sucking on the brain today. I can't think of anything else. The brutal truth is that as much as I'd love to break it, I actually really should keep to the "no touching" rule. If I were to start sucking it, I bet it would be a truly epic experience for both of us. Then it would just be a matter of time before we got caught. We'd get kicked off Napali, Mom would hate me, we'd be totally shamed, and who knows what else. Prison, maybe!

Lisa raised her eyebrows encouragingly at Jane, even as she lapped only about a foot from Jane's closer face. "Yeah, it's as great as you think it is!"

Jane was panting hard and her heart was racing wildly. Sweat was pouring down her forehead, and that wasn't just due to heat. Her thought on how impossible it would be to actually lick or suck her brother's cock only made the forbidden desire to do it that much stronger.

Lisa swirled her tongue all the way around Darrin's cockhead a couple of times, showing off her dexterity a bit since Jane was staring so intently and from so close.

Jane was still caressing her immense knockers. She looked at her brother's boner and longingly licked her lips some more. She was tempted to ask if she could touch it, or even help lick it, but she reminded herself of the "no touching" rule.

Disappointed at her limitations, she tried to get the conversation back on track. She realized that her effort to ask Lisa some questions about Napali had stalled. She said, "Lisa, so now I told you about what happened with Mom back there, can I ask you some questions in private?"

"In private?" Lisa asked back.

"Yeah." Jane mainly wanted to hear more about how incest worked on Napali. She had lots of questions, especially now that she'd set her mind to sucking her brother's cock at least once, to see what it was like. Yet she felt she couldn't ask about incest-related topics with Darrin there, since the discussion would basically be about him, and her feelings for him were so conflicted. She was trying to find out more from Lisa to figure out if committing incest on Napali was at all feasible or not. Plus, there was a chance that Sandy was awake, or could wake up and listen in.

Lisa said, "Ah, about the 'in private' thing... I'd rather not move from here... I've worked so hard and so long to get him to cum, and I still haven't gotten that creamy, cummy payoff! I'd really love for him to paint my face! But I worry that if I stop now, he'll go flaccid and all that hard work will have been in vain. Can we just talk here while I keep licking him? I'll bet Darrin would like to hear more about Napali life too."

Jane could understand Lisa's reluctance to tear herself away from Darrin's cock. She decided she could make the best of the situation by asking some questions she didn't mind her brother listening in on now and then ask other, more secretive questions later. Besides, it was a big thrill to see all the cock licking and stroking from even closer up than before, even as her brother ogled her fantastic rack from close up, and a conversation would give her an excuse to keep all that going. So she said, "Okay."

Just then, Jane heard the sound of a distant scream. It was faint but clear. That reminded her that they in fact were on a large flying plane, and was a very concerning sound to hear on a plane.

She bolted up straight and asked, "What was that?!" She cocked her ear to listen carefully, but she didn't hear anything more, except the steady rumble of the plane's engines.

Lisa knew what the sound had to be: somewhere up near the front of the place, one of the women in one of the two other families, the Browns or the Sanchezes, just had an orgasm so loud that her piercing screams couldn't be contained. That was good news, since it signaled that at least one of the families was progressing nicely with their sexual transformation.

However, such screams could also cause trouble. There was no way to completely stop such screams from carrying from one family to another short of building soundproof walls to divide the cabin up, and there were reasons SI never did that. Those sorts of screams were rare at first, but generally got more frequent and louder as the journey went on.

Lisa played dumb. "What was what?"

"That sound. Like somebody screaming! A woman, I think. That can't be good! Didn't you hear it?"

Lisa lied, "No. But I wouldn't worry. IF someone screamed, remember that each family has an SI helper, like me. And there's a flight attendant too."

Jane was feeling a little freaked out. "Brother, did you hear that?"

"Huh? What? No." He hadn't heard anything, only because he was tripping out on lust and wasn't paying attention.

Jane guessed he probably wasn't the best person to ask at the moment, but she still complained, "Well, I heard something. At least, I think I did."

After a pause, she asked Lisa with even more worry, "You told me that the bathroom right over there is for our exclusive use because we're the only people in the back half of the plane, right?"

"Right," Lisa replied, while lapping and stroking away. She had said that to help make the Douglases feel they had total privacy to get naked, and more. There was another bathroom up front for the other two families to use.

Jane went on, "But, in theory, anybody could walk back here, right? Including the flight attendant! Oh God! I forgot all about that! She HAS to come back here at some point to give us food and drinks at least, right?!"

"Right," Lisa answered again.

Jane gesticulated wildly, "Look at us! We're all half naked, and Mom is totally naked! And you're doing THAT to him, nearly all the time! What if somebody comes around?!"

Lisa paused in her licking to look up at Jane and show that she was giving the question her full attention. "That's not going to happen, trust me. I've been on these flights before, remember. The only thing you have to worry about is the flight attendant, like you said."

"Oh GOD!" Jane immediately pulled her white robe back up to her shoulders. She even held the front closed over her tits with a hand.

Lisa had to be careful with her answer. She couldn't say the flight attendant never came by, since that wasn't true. Plus, it would be good for all of the Douglases to be a little worried about being seen by others, as that helped keep the situation exciting and arousing. But she didn't want Jane to worry so much that it would noticeably lessen her sexual inhibitions.

Darrin was forcing himself to pay more attention, because this problem worried him too.

Lisa said while looking to Jane, "Relax! First off, the flight attendant is VERY hands off. She's been on these flights before too, and she knows how everyone gets at least partly naked before long, due to the sweat and the heat. Before she'll come to us, she has a policy of calling that she's coming, to give us a minute to get presentable."

"Oh! Well, that's good, at least," Jane said with relief.

"Furthermore, unless you holler for her help, all she's really going to do is bring the drinks and the food. And we have water bottles of our own and she knows that. So we probably won't see her until lunch."

"Oh. That's good too." Jane forced herself to relax.

Lisa was eager to change the topic, so Jane in particular wouldn't keep worrying. "Now, why don't we get to your questions? But before we do, why don't we reposition a little bit? You could get on the other side of your brother. That way, you'll be less publicly exposed, and I'll be able to keep licking on your brother's anaconda and talk to you and make eye contact at the same time."

"Okay!" Jane liked that idea a lot. She was feeling very exposed, in a bad way, being in the aisle. She would be the first thing anyone would see. Repositioning would not only make her feel safer, it would keep her close to the licking and stroking action while still giving her brother a great look down at her hefty bare rack.

She stood up and tried to squeeze by Lisa and Darrin.

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