Chapter 17
Written by Spacer X <>

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Jane made it past Lisa, but Darrin refused to move his knees out of the way.

He was feeling frisky and aggressive, emboldened by non-stop sexual pleasure and success. He said, "Gotta pay the toll if you want to get past."

Jane grinned, because this was like the silly games they had all the time, only with extra sexual fun. Since he was three years younger than her, she often had fun getting immature and jokey with him. "More like gotta pay the troll. What's the fine, you three-legged troll?"

"Easy. You have to pull your robe down to the sash so you're completely topless."

She was secretly thrilled by that command, but she tried not to show it. It wasn't the specific order that mattered so much as the basic fact that he was telling her what to do. Like Sandy, her submissive nature was lying there in wait, looking for a chance to emerge with the right guy. She couldn't trust any of her old boyfriends to dominate her, but she loved her brother deeply and could trust him.

She was happy to comply with what he wanted, but she was going to act a little resistant first, since that was more fun. "Sheesh! I just pulled my robe back up, like a minute ago!"

"I know. Big mistake. I'm here to save you from a tragedy."

Laughing, she loosened her robe in front and used her hands to guide the fabric around the other edges of her huge tits. "There. Is that more to your liking, King Darrin?"

"As a matter of fact it is, Queen Jane." That had extra meaning, because that had been her nickname in school, due to her outstanding beauty. "But still, I need to see you topless."

She teased him in a chiding but playful way, "But I'm already topless, you moron!" She cupped her F-cups from below again, knowing how much he liked that.

He replied, "I know, but I want you MORE topless! Sis, you're seriously hot, and I love you. Can't you just show me more of your flawless body?"

She pretended to be put out, but she was even more secretly thrilled by the compliments.

Lisa was watching the interaction with a soaring heart. There were few things she loved more than watching a busty fox like Jane discover the joy of submission. She wasn't supposed to lead Darrin on too much, so that he could find his legs as master on his own. However, she couldn't resist suggesting to him, "You know, women often like a forceful and insistent man."

He nodded, then said, "Sis, I take that back. I want you to show me more of your flawless body!" Then he thought again, and added, "No, I'm making that an order!"

He looked to Lisa to see if he'd gone too far. He considered himself shy, but his extreme lust was bringing out an aggressive side that he barely knew existed.

Lisa just nodded as she lapped on his sweet spot. But she thought, Impressive! Very impressive! He really is going to be something special.

She wanted to do something to reward him for his latest small step in learning how to dominate his sister and mother. She began sucking on his cockhead, but only down to the ridge of his crown. She didn't want to go below that because it was so hard to pull off she would have to move to help Jane get by in a minute.

Jane's eyes went wide upon seeing and hearing Lisa suck him that much. Darrin had a particularly large and bulbous cockhead, even given the overall size of his penis, so Lisa still had plenty to suck on.

She bit her lip and muttered out loud, "Damn! That's so hot!" Then she put her hands on her hips and complained to him, "How do you expect me to stay here and argue with you when Lisa's doing all that to you? I call shenanigans!"

He just laughed at that. Another particularly intense wave of pleasure washed through him, making him too distracted to immediately reply. He tilted his head back and clenched his teeth.

Seeing him distracted like that, Jane wanted to capture his full attention again. She huffed, "Fine! But if any stranger sees me like this, I'm going to blame YOU!"

She wanted to reward him for being bold, even if she didn't tell him why or understand it herself. She already had just fully exposed her huge tits yet again. Standing directly in front of him, she still made a sexy show out of slowly slipping her robe off one shoulder, and then doing the same on the other side.

As she did so, she tried to tease him. "Eat your heart out, Brother! You can only wish you'd have a girlfriend as hot as me!"

That made their playful banter more competitive. But her "girlfriend" mention also gave him an idea. Instead of directly replying to Jane, as she expected, he looked down at Lisa and asked, "Hey, Lisa? Since we've gotten kind of intimate and all, is it okay if I call you my girlfriend for now? Just to get my sister off my back?"

Lisa beamed. She pulled her lips off his cockhead. "Of course! Call me your 'girlfriend' or your 'personal cocksucker' or your 'sexy slut' or whatever you want! I'm honored!" She briefly kissed the top of his cockhead to show her full approval of that idea.

But she wanted to do even more to show how much she loved his idea. She'd just been sucking on most of his cockhead, but she wanted to do more. She engulfed all of his cockhead and then some, creating an extremely tight lip-lock, and rapidly bobbed up and down a couple of times.

He clenched his teeth and waved his hands in the air, fumbling for something to grip hard.

Jane felt tingles all over just from seeing Lisa's lusty outburst. She exclaimed, "WOW! Would you look at that! Somebody approves!" She laughed.

But after just a few more bobs, Lisa suddenly pulled her lips off and rose up in place, bringing her face up to his. They shared a long French kiss while she essentially sat on his leg closest to the aisle (so Jane could still have a good view). Naturally, she kept jacking him off the whole time.

Lisa thought, Mmmm! I love it! "Girlfriend" is nice. "Slut" would be better. Or "pet." Even better! Or "busty sex pet!" Better still! And of course "slave" would be best of all! But I'll take what I can get, especially since "slave" is strictly reserved for the officially enslaved!

His hands went to Lisa's G-cups, since they were in easy reach, pressed against his chest.

At first, Jane enjoyed seeing that, remembering not long back when she'd necked with him while he'd been fondling her breasts.

That would be cool if Brother and I had the kind of relationship he's developing with Lisa. I wouldn't exactly call her "girlfriend." Her suggestion of "personal cocksucker" hits the spot much closer, actually. But whatever it is, it's super hot!

I could just imagine if that was me. He'd give me a nice compliment and I would just have to kiss the tip of his cock and bob on it for a little while to show my appreciation, like she just did. Hell, a long while would be better! And since he loves my breasts so much, I'd have to titfuck him a whole bunch too!

Too bad we can't be "siblings with benefits." I just so happen to have a brother with a cock that is literally perfect in every way! Just looking at it makes my mouth water!

She licked her lips as she focused on Lisa's hand sliding up and down his shaft. Dammit, this is the perfect opportunity! If only we weren't related, I could get down on my knees and lick on his cockhead, since she's hardly touching it. Or better yet, take it in my mouth!

UGH! There I go again! Why do all my thoughts keep coming back to cocksucking?! I haven't even sucked him once yet, but I kind of love doing it already! Isn't that weird? Because it's him!

She belatedly remembered the "no touching" rule. Er, not that I would, since I can't. But if I did, I know it would be epic! I love him so much. Yeah, we have our differences, and he can be an annoying little shit at times, but he's my one and only brother. And when he told me - nay! Ordered me! When he ordered me to pull my robe down... WOW! Goose bumps!

But as time passed and Darrin and Lisa kept on making out, Jane grew increasingly annoyed, since she'd gone from being the center of her brother's attention to being ignored. After a couple of minutes, she pouted, "Helloooo?! Brother, that's rude. I just got totally topless for you again and it's like you don't even care!"

He quickly broke the kiss with Lisa.

Lisa got the message and resolved to pull away back down to his crotch. She felt bad, because her goal was to bring brother and sister together, not make them mad at each other.

But before she repositioned, she whispered quietly and directly into his ear, so only he'd hear, "Actually, 'girlfriend' is too dignified for me. I'd prefer if you'd call me your 'slut!' Your personal busty slut!"

That startled the heck out of him. He thought of Lisa, Whoa! I have no idea what to make out of her. She's been totally amazing and I've seemingly done nothing to deserve it except having an unusually large and thick dick. She's so far out of my league that I would have to rise up about five leagues to even SEE her league!

Is any of this for real? I doubt it. Life can't possibly be this great, for anyone! But hey, while it's happening, I'm gonna enjoy it to the fullest, whatever the hell "it" is!

He didn't have a chance to whisper anything to Lisa in reply since she pulled away so fast and slid back down him, allowing her to resume licking his cock. Plus, he had to turn his attention to his sister.

But he wouldn't have known what to say in response to her whisper anyway. Was what Lisa told him just sex talk or did she really mean it? Anything seemed possible, literally anything, so he had no way of knowing.

Reeling from that amazing interaction, he looked back up at Jane and tried to refocus. She'd dropped her robe to the sash, but that wasn't all. While waiting during the kissing, she even tugged the sash down so that even more of her was revealed. It hung so low on her hips that the top of her red bush would have been seen if she hadn't shaved it off a couple of years ago.

He was impressed. The way her robe hung so low on her made him particularly appreciate the sexy curves of her tummy and below. He breathed almost silently, "God damn, Sis! That's hot!"

She beamed. She whispered back, with erotic promise dripping from her voice, "Big-cocked brothers get big rewards!"

That sounded very promising. In fact, it was so promising that he felt a great rush of arousal. He clenched his PC muscle, trying hard not to cum, until the peak of the rush went past.

He thought, Whoa, Nelly! Is that a promise that she's going to have sex with me?! Between her words and her actions, how could it not be? Unless she's being the biggest cock tease in history!

He finally remembered to move his legs and let her get past him, since she'd fulfilled her part of their sexy little deal.

Jane took a few steps to the side, but she couldn't go far in that direction since there still were the boxes filling all the way to about the middle of the middle seat in the front row. Still, she had some more room without his legs in the way.

He said, "Sorry, Sis! I was just trying to tweak your nose a little bit, since you were giving me grief. I didn't expect all of that to happen. Hell, for any of it to happen. So let me apologize now. For starters, I think you look amaaaaazing!"

Jane smiled widely, feeling mollified. She struck a sexy cheesecake pose, with a hand behind her head and her back arched. Her heart was thumping like a pounding hammer, posing for her own brother in such a blatantly sexual manner. "You think?"

"I know!"

"You're just saying that because you're all horny thanks to the way your new girlfriend Lisa is slobbering all over your yummy cock-meat."

"No! It's not just that!"

He was going to say more, but Lisa cut in, even as she ostentatiously lapped on and around his sweet spot. "Excuse me for interrupting. But Jane, I feel I need to clarify that while I'm honored he wants to call me that, I can't REALLY be his girlfriend. After all, I'll have to leave all of you in a week or two. That makes me sad, but that's how it is. So although I plan on pleasuring his cock as much as he'll let me between now and then, I don't have any exclusive hold on him. Now that the secret of his amazing cock is coming out, I'm sure I'll have to share."

"REALLY?!" Both Darrin and Jane said that at the same time.

"Sure," Lisa casually replied to Darrin, looking up at him just over the top of his cockhead.

Jane asked in a panic. "With WHO?! How? What?!" She expected Lisa would say her name.

But Lisa said, "As for the 'who,' I don't have a crystal ball. But once we get to Napali, I have no doubt that the girls there will take one look at the ever-present bulge in his shorts and start licking their lips. I wouldn't be surprised if a fight breaks out to see which sexy beauty gets to suck him first!"

Jane took a sigh of relief that she hadn't been "outed" somehow.

Lisa slurped down to the base of his shaft and even swirled around his balls, as if she needed to visually emphasize what he was "packing." She lapped all the way back up to the top before continuing, "There are few things Napali girls love more than choking and gagging on an exceptionally thick cock! So you can bank on it that something's going to happen. And like I said, I don't mind sharing AT ALL. Anyway, sorry for the interruption. Please continue with your apology to your sister, Darrin."

"Um... Right." Needless to say, he was knocked out by her comments about Napali girls. It was all too good to be true. But he recovered and refocused by looking into his sister's remarkable blue eyes. "Sis, you're as sexy as Mom is for me, in your own way."

Jane scoffed. She knew how stacked and sexy her mother was, and how much he loved Sandy's exceptionally large tits in particular. Jane's were huge by high school standards, but Sandy's were gigantic by any standard, and yet still surprisingly high and firm.

He could guess what she was thinking, so he said, "Yeah, your tits aren't titanic like hers, but you're still growing. Besides, you have a fantastic ass, a truly epic ass! But the main thing is you're my favorite sister and I love you. In my eyes, you're the sexiest teenager there's ever been!"

She glared at him. "I'm your ONLY sister, you bonehead!" But if she was trying to look upset she failed miserably, because she broke into a wide smile.

Lisa was watching and listening as she tirelessly lapped on Darrin's sweet spot and fondled his balls. She said to Jane, "'A truly epic ass?' I've never seen a 'truly epic ass.' You have to show us!"

Jane grew bashful, worried that her actual body couldn't live up to that high praise. She had very stiff competition from Lisa, who was a perfect ten in anyone's eyes.

Still, Jane resolved to be bold. She psyched herself up, Come on, I've been grousing all day about being ignored compared to Mom. Now's my chance to step into the spotlight! Besides, I know he's going to love what he sees. How could he not give a happy and horny reaction, with Lisa still slurping on him like that? And I DO have a great ass!

She turned around, spread her legs as much as she could in the limited space, and then flexed her ass cheeks to give her a firmness advantage. She pulled the bottom of her robe up above her ass and then bunched the fabric up there.

Darrin was so inspired, not to mention over-the-top horny, that he unthinkingly reached out and grasped her ass cheeks with both hands. And the same time, he said, "Nice!"

Jane was shocked that he dared touch her like that. After all, a pretty clear "no touching" rule between family members had been established. She wasn't sure what she thought about this new precedent.

She still didn't know what she wanted to happen with him in the longer term. Her desire to suck his cock was growing stronger and stronger, seemingly by the minute. But she saw all sorts of problems of actually tossing the "no touching" rule to the curb.

Despite that, he had his hands on her ass now and it gave her a great thrill. The heat of the moment was trumping any long-term thinking. Besides, she wasn't about to be the one to cry "uncle" first. So she braved it out and let him keep touching her there.

Lisa was very excited for him. She loved that his incestuous desire was so strong that he blatantly disregarded the "no touching" rule. She recognized this was a breakthrough event indeed, a key step on his journey to fully enslaving his sexy sister.

She wanted to celebrate by engulfing his cockhead and going all out on it. But unfortunately, she could see that he was so very excited that his grabby hands were actually slightly trembling. So instead she had to do the opposite and stop licking and stroking him entirely for a while until his lusty rush passed.

Jane ultimately didn't even make reference to this breakthrough event. She merely kept the conversation going by asking, "Just 'nice?' That's it?"

Lisa chimed in, "From where I'm sitting, I'd call it 'very nice!' Actually I'd go further and call that a 'truly epic ass!' Now I know what one of those looks like!"

The other two chuckled at her use of Darrin's "truly epic ass" phrase.

Lisa didn't have to gild the lily either, since Jane did have such a great ass that even Lisa had to admit that it was sexier than her own. They were equally firm, fit, and round, but Jane's jutted out more.

Darrin loved holding his sister's bare ass cheeks with both hands, and he was thrilled to see a little bit of her pussy peeking through between her slightly spread legs. But he couldn't be content with just holding, and he started to caress.

That was a bit more than what Jane was ready for at this stage, since that was such a clear violation of the "no touching" rule. She was particularly mindful of the fact that Sandy was sleeping just one row back. Sandy could wake up at any time, or she might already be awake and listening.

With that in mind, she whispered quietly, just in case her mother really was listening, "Brother! The rule!"

"Oh yeah." It also occurred to him how risky this was with Sandy sleeping so nearby. He let go without trying to further push his luck in any way.

Lisa sensed he'd calmed down just enough, so she resumed the licking and fondling of his throbbing erection.

Despite Jane belatedly sticking to the "no touching" rule, she didn't want him to think she was rejecting his touch, so she struck another sexy pose. Making the most of her limited space, and how she was already standing, she gave him a nice view of her side profile. Her robe had fallen back down over her ass, but she held it up again. She also bent forward slightly, causing her huge globes to droop enticingly.

He exclaimed, "Wow! Definitely! Sis, you don't even know how much I've longed to see you just like this. I'm sorry about the untimely kiss with Lisa. I totally didn't mean to neglect you. What if I kiss you too, to make things better?"

Jane was thrilled. She'd first come to the front row merely to talk with Lisa while Sandy was sleeping. She was very curious about her future on Napali and didn't really know what she wanted to do about her growing desire for her brother. It was true that planned talk was going nowhere fast, but she was rolling with the punches and having a great time.

She assumed he was talking about a French kiss, like the one he'd just shared with Lisa. She was very tempted, but she knew that was a violation of the "no touching" rule too. It was even more egregious to agree to that mere moments after she'd quietly chided him for violating that rule with her ass.

To stall for time while she made up her mind, she leaned over while directly facing him and hefted up her F-cups from below again. "Do you really want to kiss me? Or is that just an excuse for you to play with these, like you did when you kissed Lisa?"

He said excitedly, "BOTH!" He reached his hands out towards her, hoping to pull her in, even though he was sitting and getting his cock licked while she was standing.

Since Jane was still conflicted, she didn't react at first and stood frozen in place.

However, she didn't get a chance to decide what to do, because Sandy suddenly popped her head over the seatbacks between the two rows, and then stood up all the way.

Sandy was buck naked of course, since she had no clothes to wear. She was also upset and most of her insane level of arousal had burned off while she had taken a short nap. Thus, she had both of her arms across her chest to cover her mammoth tits as best she could.

She exclaimed, "HEY! Freeze! There will be no kissing!"

Darrin and Jane immediately froze.

Even Lisa stopped her stroking and licking, though she remained kneeling in place with her hands on Darrin's cock and balls.

Sandy had slowly woken up from her cat nap. As she came back into consciousness, she'd heard the others talking. At first, she hadn't been able to make out what they were saying, due to the constant roar of the airplane as well as not paying particular attention. She had still felt wiped out from her latest massive orgasm, too lazy to move closer. But then she'd started to hear more and more that concerned her, because of Jane's involvement.

Because much of her arousal had faded, it had been easy for her to get in a partially worried mood, and it was much easier in general for her to get indignant about her daughter's arguably incestuous behavior than police herself when she did the exact same things. She had been very curious to look, to find out exactly what sorts of sexually outrageous things were happening in the front row. But first, she had to revive herself. That had been a tall order, due to the way she felt nearly dead from her lingering post-orgasm exhaustion.

It had taken her some time to get her act together and actually sit up in the middle seat. But she still hadn't raised herself higher to look over the seatbacks. As a result, she had completely missed the fact that Darrin held Jane's ass cheeks, if only briefly. It had been a lucky thing that nobody made any comments about the "forbidden" touching that she could have overheard.

But then she had heard Darrin suggest a kiss with Jane, and that forced her to stir more and lean way forward to peek over the seatbacks. Naturally, she had worried that something incestuous was about to happen, with a French kiss at the very least. Hearing that a kiss seemed imminent was what finally caused herself to overcome her exhaustion enough to stand all the way up.

Sandy stared at the way her children were frozen in place. She saw that no "illegal" touching was taking place and that any immediate incestuous crisis had been averted, but she remained upset just the same.

Sandy added, still emotional but with less urgency, "Janey, what are you thinking?! You can't kiss him! He's your brother!"

Jane hadn't known what she was going to do. But with Sandy putting up an objection, she acted as if she did. She rolled her eyes. "Sheesh, Mom! I know that. This is what we call 'kidding.' 'Joking around.' 'Teasing.' Of course I wasn't going to kiss him. Yuck! But it's fun to yank his chain and make him think like I might. You know how he and I joke around like that."

That was all a rewriting of history, but Sandy bought it... mostly. She could have pointed out that her children had never joked about kissing each other while they were both only half dressed, especially while Darrin was getting his dick licked by a beautiful topless woman. Clearly, something very sexual was going on, even if they weren't going to actually lock lips.

She looked suspiciously at her daughter, since her son was facing the other way and trying to be inconspicuous again. She said doubtfully, "I hope so! With all this forced nudity today, I don't know what to think anymore. And hormones can rage out of control. Janey, I'm sure you haven't forgotten the 'no touching' rule."

Jane rolled her eyes like a petulant teen. "Of course, Mom. How could I forget that?"

Sandy spoke warily, "Well, I won't know all that I missed while I was sleeping, but it seems like some dangerously sexual things were going on. I'd like to hear some reassurance from you that you understand the gravity of him possibly touching you or me."

Still standing unabashedly topless, Jane smirked as she looked down into her brother's eyes. "Brother, I'll be as clear as I can: you can't touch Mom and she can't touch you!"

Sandy growled unhappily. "Jane! Very funny. Include yourself! You know what I want you to say. So say it!"

Jane rolled her eyes again in the usual petulant teenager fashion. "Fine!" But she said what was expected of her. "Brother, you're not supposed to touch me in a sexual way. And I'm not supposed to touch you in that way. Which would be gross anyway, because... ewww! You're my brother! And I don't care how big and thick and yummy looking your dick is, you're still my brother. So look, but don't touch!"

She rather contrarily followed that statement by striking another sexy pose for her brother. This time, she pressed her big orbs together from their outer sides. She'd seen Sandy doing a lot of that earlier, and she could tell Darrin got a special thrill out of the long line of cleavage that created. Plus, she knew her mother would have a hard time objecting to her doing something she'd been doing frequently and not that long ago.

Sandy said with mixed feelings, "Girl, you're being troublesome. You didn't have to finish with that sexy tease. But I suppose that'll do."

She considered telling Jane to pull her robe all the way back up. She was especially concerned that Jane's white robe was slung so low on her hips that her pussy lips could almost be seen. But she was highly aware of the fact that she was buck naked, and she'd been quite permissive in the recent past. Plus, the airplane cabin was still hot as hell, and everyone was sweating profusely.

On top of all that, Sandy knew that Jane had just said "Look, but don't touch." Sandy decided she could live with the current situation so long as the "don't touch" part was maintained.

Lisa had frozen when Sandy first emerged into view, sounding upset. But Lisa quickly discerned that Sandy hadn't slipped back to a dangerously prudish mood - she just needed to get warmed up again.

In fact, it was imperative for the overall sexual transformation plan to keep the arousal level high essentially non-stop so nobody had time to think clearly and have serious doubts and regrets. That was especially true for Sandy, and most especially at this early stage. So she obviously and loudly resumed stroking Darrin's still very erect pole.

Sandy had been about to talk to Darrin about maintaining the "no touching" rule, but was obliged to address Lisa first. "Lisa, do you really HAVE to resume doing that right now? I'm trying to have a serious talk with my children."

Lisa made sure that Sandy could see all of her son's cock, and the way her fingers slid up and down the cum-soaked surface. She actually made eye contact with Sandy by peering up at her first, just above his saliva-soaked cockhead. "I'm sorry, but yes, I do. I can't lose the progress I've made, after all this time. Do you want him to go flaccid?"

"Well, no." Sandy realized it would greatly distress her if that happened. That was true even given her relatively prudish mood, because her arousal level was still elevated well above normal and her blowjob lust in particular was strong.

Lisa asked her, "Did you know that when you kind of got knocked out for a while there, he didn't even cum?"

Sandy hadn't been able to hear when Jane failed to believe that earlier, and she similarly refused to believe it. "That's impossible!"

"But it's true," Lisa said.

Darrin and Jane soberly nodded at their mother to confirm it.

Jane told Sandy, "We were talking about it while you were sleeping. I don't know how it happened, but it happened!"

Sandy decided to drop that whole line of thinking for now. She had a vague recollection that something extremely arousing had happened, but she was afraid to think about it closely and remember what it was, exactly. She knew on a deeper level that she'd done some extremely sexual and embarrassing things.

She stared hungrily at Lisa's lapping tongue and busy fingers, feeling the heat in her body rise and rise.

She struggled to stay serious and focused. She gave her son a sour look as she said, "Now, Son, I want you to say the same thing that your sister did, so I know for sure you're fully on board with the 'no touching' rule. And look at me while you're doing it so I can see that you're sincere."

Darrin had seen his mother out of the corner of his eye, but he hadn't wanted to see more because he thought she was upset at him. But she wanted him to look at her. He twisted in place, allowing him to directly look at Sandy's head and upper body for the first time since she'd stood back up.

He did a double take, wowed all over again by her nude beauty. She looked just as hot covering her nipples as when she didn't, since her hands failed to cover up much tit-flesh.

He spoke enthusiastically, "Whoa! Mom! You're such a bombshell! Yeow!"

Sandy didn't realize it, but each time she recovered from another massive orgasm, it was getting easier for her to get super aroused yet again. Her body craved the incredible pleasure that she had felt, and it was learning the path how to get back to feeling that way. Just standing there buck naked was already putting her in a horny mood, fast. Having her son look at her was at least tripling that feeling, even though he could only see her upper body above the seatbacks. Then, seeing and hearing Lisa ostentatiously fondling his big balls, stroking his shaft, and lapping on his cockhead at least tripled those feelings again.

Her attempt to tamper down the sexual behavior of the others was falling apart, because her lust was rising up to their level instead. Already, her heart was racing and her breathing was getting heavy.

He said, "Mom, do you have to cover yourself like that?" He was referring to her hands over her nipples. "You're so beautiful all over. I'm so glad I can finally freely express myself about your looks. I'm not just saying that because I'm horny. Objectively speaking, your entire body is a work of art!"

His compliments got to her, especially the "work of art" phrase. Still, she was trying to be "responsible." She wagged a finger at him. "Don't you start! You're not going to get out of this with more flattery!"

She didn't even know if it was intentional or not, but by wagging a finger she took her arms off her breasts, letting them bouncing free.

Seeing her fully expose her breasts again, especially right after he had asked her to do that, sent his lust soaring. He felt like some kind of comic book character whose jaw literally hit the floor. He was always a sucker for her bouncing huge knockers, round as basketballs.

His excited reaction and lusty look, in turn, aroused her even more. She responded by slightly turning this way and that, causing her watermelon-esque tits to keep wobbling and swaying.

That aroused her more, which aroused him more, and so on. It was a positive feedback loop taking place very fast and on a non-verbal level.

Even so, her concern that her son and daughter shouldn't get intimate was sincere. She felt like she'd averted a potentially "dangerous" situation between them. She still had a suspicion they might have kissed on the lips if she hadn't shown up when she did, despite what they'd said otherwise.

Sensing the overall sexual mood had improved, Lisa resumed lapping on Darrin's sweet spot. Her fingers kept on slipping and sliding up and down the rest of his long shaft.

There was a prolonged silence while Sandy just watched and listened to Lisa slurp and stroke. She was getting so distracted that she forgot to keep the conversation going. Why?! Why does she have to keep licking or sucking him all the time?! It started out with her just trying to take care of his blue balls, but we've moved beyond that. I wonder if she was even being honest then, or she simply couldn't stop herself from grasping onto any excuse that would allow her to suck him when she saw how big his cock is!

Gosh, I certainly know how THAT feels! MMMM! Lick it good, Lisa! Lick it! Oh, And jack off all those thick inches of manly cock-meat! Mmmm, and fondle those big balls too! Coax all the yummy cum out of him and onto your face!

Darrin certainly felt and enjoyed Lisa's talented tongue, and her equally talented fingers, but he wisely acted unaffected while Sandy's mood remained unclear.

He ogled Sandy's awesome bare chest as he said, "Sorry, Mom. That's not insincere flattery. You ARE a bombshell! You could be a centerfold, easily! But I'm really glad you're not, because I don't want any man but me to see you naked!"

She thought, Son! That's so sweet! I feel the same way! I hate it when other men stare at me and make crude sexual come-ons. But when you do it, it's different. Don't worry, I won't let another man see me like this. I don't even want a boyfriend on Napali. I just want you!

Her reddening face suddenly reddened much faster as she realized what she had thought. She tried to take it back in her mind. Wait! I didn't mean that. Obviously, we can't get intimate in any way. It's just that I get carried away, thanks to Lisa's busy tongue and that distracting slurping sound. Drat!

However, on a deeper subconscious level, she knew she really meant it.

He kept talking. "I'm so lucky to have you as a mom, but it's been frustrating as heck too. If you knew how many times I did the deed to myself while thinking about you and your hourglass figure..."

She blushed a little, due to his reference to his masturbation habits. Of course, she already had a good idea of how often he masturbated, due to doing his laundry, and she had a good idea that she was his main fantasy figure. But they had never openly discussed sexual matters prior to this flight, and hearing the confirmation that he'd frequently masturbated due to thoughts of her caused her rising arousal level to shoot even higher.

She didn't try to cover her I-cups again. She still couldn't admit it to herself yet, but she loved it when he gawked at her nude body with obvious lust in his eyes. Her face was reddening again as her embarrassment grew, but she loved that deep down too. Her pussy was still soaked from her last big orgasm, but it was gushing and throbbing again.

In her mind, she still thought she was trying to cool things down, even as her body was getting hot as an oven. She said, "Believe me, I've had some idea, since I always do the laundry! But let's not get sidetracked. Say the promise so we can be done with it."

Darrin figured that everything was going his way, including the fact that Lisa had resumed licking and stroking his cock, and nobody seemed to mind. Furthermore, he could see how flushed his mother's face had gotten, how heavily she was breathing, and the way she was showing off her bare tits some more. So he decided he might as well try to push for more and then see what might happen.

He suggested to Sandy, "What if we make a deal? I'll make that promise to say those words, but in return you and I need to kiss to seal the deal."

"No deal!" Sandy said forcefully. "Remember, I'm your mom and I make the rules! And that one rule can't be violated for ANY reason, or it'll be a slippery slope."

That was an easy decision for her. True, she was getting very, very horny. But she was extremely determined not to break her "no touching" rule. One reason she was letting herself go sexually as far as she had gone was because she felt it was safe and limited so long as touching was avoided. Breaking that rule would change everything.

He considered challenging her "I make the rules" stance. He felt he'd gain effective control of what clothes she wore or didn't wear, and that gave him unprecedented leverage over her. But he decided she'd been through a lot in a short time and he didn't want to push her too hard.

So he said, "Okay, fine. I understand that the rule is that Sis and I are not allowed to touch in a sexual way. Which we're not going to do anyway, because she's my sister. 'Look, but don't touch.'"

Actually, he was feeling pretty strongly that he'd have a chance to seduce both Sandy and Jane, based on their recent behavior. On one level it still seemed impossible, but all the rules he thought he knew appeared to have been thrown out the window, so why not try and see what happened?

A part of him still suspected this was a lucid dream or some other kind of alternate reality, because so many great sexual things had happened to him in such a short time, with not much effort on his part. That made him want to throw caution to the wind, since he wouldn't have to worry about consequences if he was living in a fantasy world.

But right now, just going with the flow was working out great.

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