Chapter 18
Written by Spacer X <>

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Lisa could tell that Sandy was fully hot and bothered again, and the others certainly were too. She'd made specific plans with the flight attendant Vicky a while back that would allow Vicky to start to get directly involved with the Douglases as a secret SI confederate to help move their sexual transformation forward.

Part of their plan was to have Vicky unexpectedly arrive at a time of maximum arousal and humiliation for Sandy, to arouse and humiliate her even more. It was true that Sandy still wasn't as aroused as she could get, but they had aimed for a certain window of time. Lisa didn't have any way to tell the time, but she could sense that window was closing.

However, Lisa needed to get Vicky's attention without tipping off the Douglases that something was up, and that was tricky on a plane that didn't have call buttons for flight attendants. She knew that Vicky almost certainly was waiting down the zigzagging aisle, just out of range for the Douglases to see, but Lisa had to silently signal to her.

She said to the others, "Excuse me. I need to get up and stretch my legs for a minute."

She crawled out from between Darrin's legs and went to stand in the aisle. She made a pretense of silently fiddling with the sash on her robe until the others looked away. Then she turned to face the front of the plane and waved her arms high up in the air.

If the others had noticed, they would have thought she was just stretching, which is exactly what she'd said she would do.

Once she caught sight of Vicky, lurking down the aisle, barely visible behind stacks of boxes, she got back down to resume pleasuring Darrin's cock. But this time she knelt in the aisle. She went right back to stroking and even licking his hard-on.

Vicky was wearing what at first glance looked like a fairly typical flight attendant uniform, mostly light blue in color (with matching blue five-inch heels). It also included an undersized, brimless hat that she kept pinned to her hair to keep it from falling off. But the uniform was unusually revealing, showing off as much leg as a miniskirt, plus a good deal of cleavage. And Vicky had a lot of leg and cleavage to show. Just like Lisa, she was a former Napali sex slave who'd lost her brother-master to a tragic accident. And also just like Lisa, she loved her sex slave life so much that she wanted to stay connected to that world by helping to bring deserving families into the Napali lifestyle.

Like all Napali women, she was drop dead gorgeous. She had light, straight, and long blonde hair, and baby blue eyes, like a stereotypical California beach babe, although she was from Alabama. She had F-cup breasts. That was actually a bit small for a typical Napali adult woman, with an F- or G-cup being the average size, but it was still enormous in the outside world. However, she was even more proud of her ass. She had a truly world class bubble butt, and she loved to show it off.

The group went silent, because Sandy and Jane were so distracted watching Lisa resume playing with Darrin's boner.

Vicky walked into view and spoke calmly, "Excuse me, am I interrupting something?"

To say that Jane and Darrin were shocked was an understatement. They froze, except for their eyes bugging out and their jaws dropping.

But for Sandy, "shocked" didn't even begin to describe how she felt. All her shocks earlier in the flight paled in comparison to this one. She froze in place and her heart appeared to stop beating altogether. She simply couldn't believe what she was seeing or hearing!

She had gotten so wrapped up in the little world of the two rows of seats they were in that she'd all but forgotten there were other people on the plane or even that they were on a plane. Darrin and Jane had recently listened to Lisa explain how the flight attendant did come back this far sometimes, so they had some mental preparation, but Sandy had slept through that whole discussion. She certainly never expected someone to show up, especially while she was standing naked and obviously staring at her son's stiff cock get stroked and licked.

Lisa's grin was a mile wide. She was having a ball acting like everything was normal. While still playing with Darrin's cock and balls, she pulled her head back from licking his cockhead to crane her head around just enough to make eye contact with Vicky. "Oh, hi, Vicky. What's up?"

Vicky also was grinning, but she too was having a kick pretending normality. "Not much. I just thought I'd stop by n' see if any of y'all wanted somethin' to drink. It looks like I've interrupted a private moment though. I'm sorry, I didn't realize!"

Jane was the first one to unfreeze. She quickly ducked down below the seatback to hide herself and especially hide her toplessness. She wound up sitting back in her back row aisle seat. A few seconds after that, she remembered to pull her white robe up to her shoulders and then pull it together up top as best she could.

Then Sandy roused herself from her shock enough to finally sit down on the middle seat behind her, also in the back row. She was in a total daze, like she was suffering from a bad concussion. She thought about covering up, but she realized she didn't have any clothes to put on! She didn't even have a clue as to where her robe might be.

At that point, her brain basically gave up and shut down. Pretty much since the flight began, she had been slipping into a more sexual mindset, doing many things she never would have ever considered doing in her wildest dreams. But it all happened step by step. Having an outsider see her in her outrageously sexual pose brought home in a flash just how far she had "fallen."

To call her "ashamed" didn't even begin to cover how badly she felt. She wanted to break down and cry like a baby, but she was both too stunned and horny to even do that.

Jane felt much the same way, though somewhat less intensely. It wasn't that long ago when she'd been fairly determined not to let any "weird" sexual things happen. But Lisa's private talk where she revealed some of Napali's incestuous lifestyle changed that in a dramatic way. Since then, Jane had been falling down a slippery slope, just like her mother, and letting herself go sexually more and more.

Vicky's shocking arrival threatened to change all that. Jane wondered what the hell had happened, and hoped against hope it wasn't too late to get back to "normal."

Even Darrin was shocked and ashamed to some extent. He still didn't disapprove of or regret any of the incredible sexual developments that had happened, but he didn't want any stranger to know about it! He worried that they could be in big trouble.

Lisa responded to Vicky's apology with more calm. "Don't worry about it. As you can see, this naughty boy here has gotten a bad case of the blue balls and I'm trying to help. You don't mind, do you?"

Vicky smiled brightly, like she was in an airline commercial. She relaxed some, causing more of her Southern twang to come out. "Course not, darlin'. The only thing I'm askin' is that ya move back a row next time, before ya start workin' on his big cock. From where you're sittin', people who come to the bathroom might be able to see ya. But if you're a row back they probably won't notice, especially if you're not sittin' on the aisle seat."

Darrin looked around in a panic. He glanced towards where the bathroom was, about five feet in front of him, on the other side of the aisle. He could see Vicky's point, that they would be less likely to be seen in the inner seats one row back. But what he didn't understand was why Vicky was ignoring the bizarre sexual sights all around her.

He wanted his dick to go flaccid, but even with the shock of being discovered, he couldn't force it to happen. Not only did Lisa keep her talented fingers sliding up and down his wet shaft, but she even resumed licking his cockhead, despite kneeling in the aisle while naked from the waist up, and with Vicky standing right behind her!

Of course, Lisa knew there was no reason to be alarmed, since she had helped plan out Vicky's arrival in advance to help the family's sexual transformation along. She knew Sandy and Jane would be shocked and regretful at first, but that was part of the plan. Sometimes it was necessary to take a step back before one could take two steps forward. The Douglas women were bound to have big regrets sooner or later. By controlling the process, Lisa could work with Vicky to redirect their attitudes in the right direction.

So Lisa licked exclusively on Darrin's sweet spot, which aroused him so much there was no possible way he could go flaccid.

Darrin quickly looked around. Sandy was staring into space with a devastated look, like a disaster victim, and Jane was doing her best to curl up in a ball in her seat and be forgotten. By contrast, Lisa seemed to think everything was fine, and was lapping away like she didn't have a care in the world.

That left it to him to ask Vicky the obvious question, even though he was so nervous about getting caught that he was trembling with fear. "What the hell is going on?!"

Vicky just stood there, still smiling like an ideal employee in a commercial. She wasn't even sweaty looking, despite everyone else being very sweaty indeed. "Whatcha mean, Darrin?"

"Wait! You know my name?!" That scared him even more.

"Sure do! We only have nine real passengers today, since I don't count Lisa or the other two SI employees helpin' with the resettlin'. They're my friends from previous flights. So it's not hard to remember nine names on a ten-hour flight. I reckon I have more than an hour ta memorize each one." She chuckled at that.

He just stared at her in disbelief. He wanted to cover up his boner with his big T-shirt, but he couldn't do that with Lisa's head and hands in the way. He was beside himself with amazement, though he wasn't nearly as stunned as Sandy.

Vicky went on like all was normal. "Remember too that I'll be takin' care of ya tomorrow as well on the second ten-hour flight. So I hope we can kind of become friends. This ain't your typical commercial plane flight by any means. Oh! By the way, my name's Vicky." She reached out her hand to offer a handshake.

Darrin automatically shook her hand. His brain reeled, because he was formally shaking hands even as Lisa remained topless and licking her way around his cockhead! In fact, their hands met just above Lisa's head, which was slightly bobbing to the series of long licks she was making down the sensitive inner side of his shaft.

He shyly muttered to Vicky, "Um, hi. I'm, uh, Darrin. But you knew that already."

"I did. And it's my pleasure to serve ya. Though maybe not as much pleasure as Lisa is enjoyin' from servin' ya!" She laughed heartily as she broke the handshake.

He didn't know what to say to that and just gawked up at Vicky. She was another total stunner, especially with her attendant uniform being so tight and unusually revealing. He just started and stared as his brain struggled to understand the perplexing situation.

Vicky filled the silence before it got too awkward by saying to him, "But first, let's start with the drinks. I assume y'all thirsty due to the heat. All y'all are sweatin' like the dickens! Sorry, 'bout that, but it can't be helped. Ya handsome young devil, what would ya like? Other than havin' a sexy lady lick your fat knob as clean as a whistle, that is." She winked in a flirty way.

He said the first thing that popped into his head, hoping giving an answer would help speed her departure. "Water! Water all around!"

Vicky frowned. "Hold on. That would be pointless, wouldn't it? Lisa, don't ya have all those bottles of cold water ta give 'em?"

Lisa spoke while she licked Darrin's sweet spot. "I do. But before you get to the drinks, I think the Douglases are all confused why you're not reacting to our nudity or the fact that I'm giving him a handie."

Vicky nodded, as if she'd finally caught on to the problem. She spoke mostly to the back row, to reassure Sandy and Jane. "Ah. That. Well, don't worry, y'all. We do this flight takin' ya new folks ta Napali Island once a year, so I know Lisa from the last couple a years. It's a very special flight. Because this rickety ol' cargo plane always gets so hot, and there are so few people aboard, it's totally normal to get partially or even totally naked. In fact, now that I know you're okay with it, I'll probably strip down too. If that's okay with y'all. I'm hot as blazes, just like everybody else!"

Lisa looked up at Darrin while she lapped near his sweet spot. "You don't mind that, do you? She looks great in the nude, trust me!" Then, after a few more laps, she added, "Check out her ass. She has a fantastic ass!"

Vicky wasn't the bashful or modest type. She started out by saying, "Well, I don't know about that." But then she added with obvious pride, "People do say I have a pretty nice bubble butt. What do ya think, Darrin?"

She turned to the side and lifted up the back of her short skirt. In so doing, she fully exposed her bare ass cheeks to Darrin's gaze!

He was gobsmacked, especially because he couldn't see any sign of panties. No flight attendant was supposed to do anything like that, ever! He couldn't be sure since he only had a side view and she might have been wearing a G-string or something like that that he couldn't see. But he had a feeling that she wasn't wearing any panties at all. (Indeed wasn't.)

Sandy and Jane dropped their jaws open so wide, it looked like a scene from a slapstick comedy. It was starting to dawn on them that Vicky was far from a typical flight attendant, and that could be a very good thing for their naked (or semi-naked) predicament. But in the short term, their shock only increased.

Vicky prodded him as she showed off her ass, "Well?"

He unthinkingly blurted out, "You have a fantastic ass!" That was undeniably true. In fact, he'd never seen a nicer ass in his life except for Jane's, who was somewhat famous at her high school for her ass. Naturally, Sandy's ass was great too, since she was so very fit overall, but Jane's jutted out more, and she had the advantage of having the ideal tone and firmness of an eighteen year old.

Vicky beamed. "Why, thank ya, hon! So, would ya object if I were to strip down a little more as the flight goes on? Maybe even go starkers, if it gets hot enough! But I don't want ta do anythin' that would make y'all uncomfortable."

He couldn't believe what a strange turn this had taken. Suddenly, his theory that this was just a lucid dream or some alternate reality came back with a vengeance. This can't be happening in the real world! First off, she's too beautiful, even for a flight attendant. She should be in the movies, not on this boiling hot hunk of flying junk. Secondly, she just showed me her butt! Maybe even a totally bare butt! And she knows what Lisa is doing to me and she doesn't care! This CAN'T be real!

He was so blown away that he had a tough time talking, especially since he was checking out Vicky's hourglass figure with an eye to imagining her completely naked. Plus, Lisa kept right on lapping on and around his sweet spot, driving him to distraction. But he managed to stumble out, "Um... I suppose... that would be better... since we're all, kind of, uh... not that clothed... so, uh, we wouldn't feel so weird about it..."

Vicky clapped her hands together. "Excellent! I was hopin' you'd say that!"

Jane had been doing her best to curl up into a ball and be forgotten. But she was so flabbergasted by Vicky's words and behavior, especially her enthusiasm about getting nude, that she had to lift her head and speak up. "WAIT! Hold on! You can't just get naked!"

Vicky looked to her and said, "To be honest, I wasn't plannin' on getting totally naked. But I have this other outfit I like to wear that's VERY revealin'. Very sexy! I'd love ta show it ta ya n' get your feedback."

Jane shook her head, as if that could make the craziness go away. "You can't do that either!"

"Why not?" Vicky was great at playing innocent.

"Because! That's why!" Jane simply couldn't wrap her head around the idea of a flight attendant acting so slutty. "For starters, what about the other passengers?! A-ha! What about them?!"

Vicky smile and waved a hand dismissively. "That's so sweet, Jane, thinkin' 'bout others. But don't ya worry your pretty head, they're all partially or totally starkers too. I thought y'all were the last holdouts, but I'm glad ta see I was wrong."

Jane clutched at her head with both hands, she was so blown away. "Wait! You're telling me the others are naked too?! Honest to God, actually naked?! Right now?!"

Vicky tolerantly explained, "Of course. At least partially. For instance, the women have all gone topless."

"NO!" Jane shouted.

Vicky chuckled. "Yes! Sure as you're born! How could anyone wear much a anythin' in THIS heat? Look how y'all went topless due to the heat. Did ya have much of a choice? I think not. Why should it be any different for 'em? They're in the exact same blazin' hot situation."

Those comments hit home for both Sandy and Jane in particular. They started to at least calm down a bit over their own nudity, since it was becoming increasingly clear the other families had done much the same.

Vicky went on, "That's how it goes every year on these crazy flights. This plane isn't meant to carry people. It heats up just like an oven! Sure, we do get the occasional hold out who insists on wearin' at least somethin', but few make it through the whole flight, much less tomorrow's flight. So you're goin' ta see a lot more a me!" She winked playfully at Darrin.

Sandy found that news both reassuring and horrifying. It was reassuring that apparently she'd done what everyone else did in this situation by losing most or all of her clothes. But she was horrified to realize she was likely to stay naked for the rest of this flight and all of tomorrow too!

Sandy still hadn't recovered from her shock enough to think to cover herself up with her hands, thought at least it helped that she was in the middle seat of the back row, so Vicky couldn't see much of her. She complained, "How can this be happening? It's not just the nudity. Haven't you noticed what Lisa is doing to Darrin?! I'm afraid to look, but from the sound of it, I don't think she's stopped, even now!"

Vicky glanced to Darrin's crotch. She told Sandy in a totally unconcerned tone, "No, she hasn't. She's lappin' on him like his cock is the sweetest candy."

"UGH!" Sandy gesticulated in frustration. "How can something this sexual happen on an airplane?! And how are you not bothered by that?!"

Vicky took a couple of steps down the aisle so she could look at Sandy while addressing her question. She wound up directly facing the row of seats Jane and Sandy were in, allowing her to see all of their bodies.

The sheer humiliation finally stirred Sandy enough to cover her breasts as best she could. But she couldn't do much due to the sheer size of her I-cups - it was almost like trying to cover two basketballs with her hands. Plus, she felt compelled to use a hand to cover her pussy, even though Vicky probably couldn't see that due to Jane's body and one of Sandy's legs being in the way.

Vicky kept on smiling as if there was nothing out of the ordinary to be seen. "I guess Lisa didn't give you enough warnin', so I s'pose I'll have ta fill ya in. You see, on a charter flight like this one, anythin' can happen. It's very different from a normal flight on one of them big ol' airlines, where there are all kindsa silly rules ta keep the passengers from causin' trouble or offendin' anybody."

She glanced again back at Lisa's lapping tongue. "Here, there are no rules, and the customer is king. What Lisa is doin' ta your son is nothin' outta the ordinary for THIS plane. If you don't think lotsa rock stars n' CEOs get their dicks sucked by their girlfriends or their groupies the entire way from L.A. to New York, then you don't know the business!"

She went on, "Plus, this particular yearly flight is extra special. It's my favorite of the year by far, because I don't like boredom, n' interestin' things ALWAYS happen with the SI crowd! Napali sure seems like an amazin' place, 'cos every single guy on these flights is handsome n' well-hung - including you, sugar..." - she gave a smile and a wink to Darrin - "...and every single gal is busty and a jaw droppin' knockout all around. Though I've gotta say, Ms. Douglas, that your oversized melons really take the cake!"

Sandy just stared back slack-jawed, sweat dripping down her blushing face. She had her arm across her nipples, but that seemed woefully inadequate.

Vicky fanned herself theatrically, embarrassing Sandy even more. Then she said, "So once the clothes come off, well, that often creates a problem for the families with particularly virile n' studly young men, like Darrin here. With all the ladies inevitably so beautiful, and so much nudity, what happens to his poor pecker? You can't expect him ta just suffer blue balls in agony for hours n' hours!"

Sandy exclaimed, "That's exactly what happened to us!"

Vicky nodded knowingly. "Like I said, that's pretty common. So somethin' needs ta be done. Someone needs ta help. As for what happens next, oftentimes, let's just say that cocks tend ta get licked n' sucked! A LOT!"

Sandy swooned. Her heart was beating like a bass drum and her head was spinning. Hearing Vicky say that there was bound to be lots of cocksucking helped confirm in her mind that really was going to happen. It was like her greatest dream come true, but also a torturous nightmare because she still thought she'd only get to watch.

Vicky leaned forward into the front row until her head was almost over Lisa's. That allowed her to get a close, unobstructed view of Lisa's continued cock licking. "Speaking a cocks needin' help, it looks like Lisa has taken a likin' ta Darrin here. And I can see why!"

Without warning, she put both of her hands on Lisa's head. "Girl, what you waitin' for? If that's not a big fat cock that's just beggin' ta get sucked, then I don't know what! If you don't get started slurpin', then move over so I can get the job done!"

With that encouragement, Lisa craned her mouth open wide and engulfed all of Darrin's cockhead. She moaned loudly as she did so.

That was like a fire alarm going off to Sandy and Jane. They temporarily put aside their befuddlement at Vicky's strange behavior, as well as everything else. They still had lots of questions they wanted answered, but seeing Darrin get his cock sucked trumped everything else!

Both of them got on their knees so their heads were above the seatbacks while their big tits and the rest of their partially or totally naked bodies were relatively hidden from Vicky's view by those same seatbacks.

Darrin was astounded by this dramatic turn of events. He flailed his hands in the air as he tried to cope with the great pleasure without cumming.

Lisa's lips naturally created a very tight seal, since she could barely wrap them around his thickness.

He'd never felt such a wonderful sensation in his entire life! True, she'd sucked his cock some here and there earlier in the flight, but she'd been restraining herself to varying degrees each time. Now, she was going all out. Plus, the bizarre situation of having a total stranger, Vicky, watch from one angle while his mother and sister watched from another sent his arousal level soaring even higher.

Lisa marveled to herself how nicely things had worked out. Since Vicky arrived, Darrin was so shocked that she had to go all out lapping on his sweet spot just to keep his cock erect. That provided a respite for his boner, since he hadn't been on the cusp of cumming, as usual.

That allowed Lisa to go all out with her sucking, at least for a little while. She was fully prepared to resort to some special tricks though if he unexpectedly lost control. In fact, she pretty much assumed that would be necessary before long, since the situation was so overwhelmingly arousing for him.

Even so, before she really got going, she had to pause with his cockhead in her mouth while her face adjusted to his sheer size. That helped him from getting so much stimulation so fast that he'd have no choice but to shoot off. However, she was able to get busy with her tongue while she waited, and her tight lip-lock felt fantastic all by itself.

Vicky moaned sensually as she watched from directly over Lisa's head. "Mmmm! That's a mighty cock! A powerful cock! Lisa, you lucky girl, you! I'm slobberin' like a hyena, thinkin' 'bout how your lips must be stretched for days, all the way ta the breakin' point! And I know that you've got a tongue that's simply ta die for!"

If Darrin was in any condition to speak coherently, he would have heartily agreed with that. He clutched his head with both hands and grimaced like he was suffering badly, but really he thought the feel of her tongue lapping on his sweet spot was the greatest sensation ever, and her lip-lock was a whole other joy. And that didn't count what her two hands were doing to his cock and balls as well!

Lisa was in heaven. Her lips were stretched so wide that it hurt, but it was a hurt that she dearly missed. When she'd lived on Napali, it was no exaggeration to say that her life had revolved around sucking her master's cock, usually in tandem with her mother. She missed the feeling of having her mouth crammed full so much that it was like she'd been blind for years and could suddenly see.

Her moans were so sexy and emphatic that anyone with ears to hear could tell she was loving every second. The rapturous look on her face was priceless, even though not everyone was at the right angle to see it.

Vicky continued to guide Lisa with her hands on her head. It was more for show for Sandy and Jane, since Lisa was still in her pause-and-adjust mode. It looked like Lisa was being controlled, and that was the main thing.

Vicky cooed, "That's it... That's it... Nothin' in the world feels as good as bobbin' on a really thick n' mighty cock like this one, I reckon!"

The world seemed to stop spinning as Sandy and Jane gawked in amazement.

Sandy experienced some deep and powerful feelings that she didn't understand. It was almost like she'd been wandering in the dark wilderness for years and had suddenly come home. Her desire to suck her son's cock was already her great "secret shame," but that desire instantly doubled and then doubled again!

Her mouth watered as she stared with great longing. I want that! I want that so much! I need it! Oh dear God! I need to suck my son's cock! I absolutely NEED it! What am I going to do?! What's happening to me?! I'm naked and horny! So horny!

Since Jane was considerably less farther along the path to SI indoctrination, her feelings were more mixed. She was still reeling from Vicky's unexpected arrival, for instance, and she'd thought she'd rejected her incestuous feelings as a result. But any woman seeing and hearing Lisa's lusty joy couldn't help but want some of what she was having.

Somehow, Jane had a profound realization that sucking her brother's cock would be many times better than sucking the dicks of any of her previous boyfriends. She'd strongly suspected that already, but seeing Lisa merely hold Darrin's cock in her mouth so joyfully turned it into an indisputable fact in her mind. Lisa's passionate emotions couldn't be denied. Jane could only imagine how much more emotional Lisa was bound to get once she started actually bobbing.

Darrin's hands clenched and his teeth clenched. He was hanging on for dear life, like he was in the middle of the scariest amusement park ride in the world, but also the most thrilling and enjoyable one. It was total emotional and erotic overload! It was his first ever blowjob, and it already felt way better than he'd imagined.

Vicky unexpectedly stood up and took her hand off Lisa's head. "Oh my goodness! Where are my manners? I came here ta get y'all some drinks, n' I totally forgot. Jane, dear, what would ya like? Lisa's got all the water bottles ya could shake a stick at, though she probably won't be able ta get 'em for a while! Or even talk!" She chuckled. "I've got all the other stuff: soda pop, juices, and more. If ya can't make up your mind, I recommend somethin' fruity ta help with the heat, like orange juice."

Jane had gone from having her mind blown by Vicky's presence to almost ignoring her, except for being titillated by the way Vicky was guiding Lisa's head. She vaguely heard what Vicky said, but her eyes and most of her attention remained glued to her brother's dick and Lisa's lips. She felt like the entire airplane cabin just got twenty degrees hotter. She repeatedly wiped her sweaty forehead and licked her lips, wishing with all her heart those were her lips around her brother's thick shaft.

Lisa was such a cocksucking pro that she already started to bob, despite continuing to adjust to the sheer size of his shaft. It hurt just to cram so much thick cock-meat into her mouth, but it was a "hurt so good" feeling, to say the least. Back on Napali, her jaw hurt every single day from sucking her brother-master so much, and she missed that greatly. This felt almost as good as coming home and finding her brother alive again.

Some tears leaked out of her eyes, due to the exertion of coping with such an unnaturally large intrusion. But that just made her happier. She almost felt a cock wasn't worth sucking if it didn't make the woman cry in struggle at least a little. Besides, she would have cried tears of joy from finally getting down to some serious cocksucking for the first time in a year anyway. She was in her natural element again, after being away from it for far, far too long.

Vicky prodded, "So, Jane? What'll ya have ta drink?"

After a pause, Jane managed to mutter, "Uh... orange juice is fine. Thanks." She was still stunned and amazed. Seeing Lisa suck her brother's cock almost made her forget about Vicky's surprise arrival. She was very thirsty since she hadn't drunk anything in a while, but she only told Vicky what she wanted to drink to get her out of her hair.

Vicky was back into professional flight attendant mode, despite all the nudity and Lisa's enthusiastic slurping. "One orange juice, comin' right up."

She turned her attention back to Sandy. "How 'bout you, Sandy, you sweet thing?"

Sandy had been completely hypnotized by the blowjob action. Her "secret shame," her greatest fantasy, was coming true before her eyes, but for someone else! She couldn't look away to save her life. Her desire to take Lisa's place was so great that it hurt her like a physical pain to not have her son's thick cock-meat to suck on.

But she was startled enough by Vicky's question to ask while staring at Lisa's sliding lips. "You know my name too?!"

"Of course, darlin'. I know all your names. Didn't ya hear me before, when I was talkin' to your son Darrin? He's such a handsome, well-hung young man. Oh, if you didn't hear, my name is Vicky, by the way. Nice ta meet ya." She held out her hand.

Sandy reluctantly tore her gaze from Lisa's oral action and even more reluctantly shook Vicky's hand over the seatbacks. As they shook, she tried her best to cover her nude body while knowing her hands and arms were woefully inadequate to even begin to cover her voluptuous curves. She didn't even think to reply, especially since Vicky obviously knew her name already.

There was a long pause as they sized each other up. Sandy had no idea how much Vicky knew about her - Vicky was part of an SI team that had studied the Douglas family for months to make sure the sexual transformation process went as planned. Still, Vicky was extremely interested to finally meet Sandy in the flesh.

Vicky finally asked her, "So... what would ya like? Perhaps orange juice too?"

Sandy was practically dying of worry, because if Vicky knew her name, and Jane's and Darrin's names, that meant she had to know they were all related. She blurted out her concern, "Uh, sure. But I don't care about that! I still don't get how you're okay with everything. I mean, look at Lisa! She's sucking his, his... penis! And she's doing it so intently that she's actually crying! And not only that, but you know I'm his mother and you caught me watching! Naked!"

Sandy feared the worst. She knew that Vicky was hired by the SI organization that was responsible for their entire future in their new life. What if Vicky told her bosses about what she saw? Sandy feared there would be an incest scandal and she and her children would never be allowed to make it to Napali Island.

"Pshaw!" Vicky waved a hand dismissively. Then she was distracted from saying more, because what Lisa was doing with her mouth was so sexy. Lisa was finally really getting into a good bobbing rhythm. Vicky muttered, "Would ya look at that?!"

Darrin couldn't believe how good a real blowjob felt. He well and truly wasn't sure if this was for real, and his theory that this was all some kind of dream was seemingly more likely all the time.

What he didn't realize was that, by non-Napali standards, Lisa was the very best of the very best when it came to sucking cock. After all, she had been a sex slave for years, and had spent thousands of hours perfecting her craft. Even by Napali standards she was in the very top echelon, known as "red heeled suckers." But in practical terms she'd fallen out of her elite status, since she was out of practice.

What he also didn't realize was that she was holding back in a big way, like she'd been doing most of the time since she'd started stimulating his cock. It was like she was driving a Porsche but only going ten miles an hour. She had all sorts of tricks and techniques she hadn't even started to use. She loved the mere fact that she was blowing him, so she didn't feel the need to do more just yet. More importantly, she didn't want him cumming at this critical point in time.

Sandy went back to ogling Lisa's sucking and instantly almost forgot that Vicky was there. Wooooowww! UNGH! If I'm going to hell, what a way to go! Watching this! It's like everything I dreamed, and more! Lisa has that same "special spark" that Olivia does whenever she sucks her son's cock. I can't even define it... a certain love, an intense passion. Sucking my son's cock is Lisa's entire world! She's totally submitting herself to him, to his pleasure! Maybe that's it. Gaawwwd! It's too hot.

Jane was in the same boat as Sandy, including being so transfixed by what she was seeing that she essentially forgot all about Vicky. She certainly wasn't attempting to censor herself for Vicky's sake when she put a hand on Sandy's arm and muttered to her, "Mom, can you believe what we're seeing?! Is that not the hottest thing you've ever seen in your life, or what?"

Sandy enthusiastically replied, "Oh! It's so hot! I'm on FIRE!"

Then, after a second or two, she somehow remembered that Vicky was standing nearby. She jerked her head towards Vicky in horror. "OH SHIT! I didn't just say that!"

She covered her mouth with a hand, as if she might catch her comment and stuff it back in her mouth. That left her huge tits uncovered, though she still had a hand on her pussy.

Vicky chuckled good-naturedly. She told Sandy, "I heard that, but no biggie. Who cares? I agree! It IS hot as hell, watchin' her gobble all that cock-meat down. You'd haveta be dead not ta watch!"

Jane was just as horrified as Sandy, if not so, since her comment was possibly more revealing. She stared at the flight attendant in disbelief. "Are you serious?! Do you really mean that?!"

Vicky flashed an easy smile. "Sure! Come on. I'm a woman too. That's about as sexy as it gets. Lisa's really great at polishin' his fat knob, isn't she?"

Jane had the same general worries that Sandy did. She asked, "How can you say things like 'fat knob?'! Aren't we in trouble?! You must think we're awful?!"

Vicky said reassuringly, "Now, why would I think that? I think you're a lovely family. And no, nobody's in trouble here. Relax!"

"That's easy for you to say!" Jane complained. "I'm so scared, I'm gonna have a heart attack! It's all so wild and crazy! I don't even know how this happened. Please don't judge us!"

Vicky said, "Like I've been tryin' ta tell ya, this is normal for these yearly SI charter flights. I see all kindsa wild things. I don't know what it is, but there's somethin' 'bout the heat n' the nudity n' bein' all crammed together in a tight space... Maybe the adventure of all y'all moving to a new land adds to it... Or the boredom. Who knows? It could be all sortsa things comin' together ta create a kinda sexy gumbo stew. But whatever it is, let's just say that whatever happens on this here C-130 stays on this here C-130! My lips are sealed, that's for damn sure!"

Despite that reassurance, Sandy protested, almost as if she demanded she get in trouble for her scandalous behavior, "But I'm his mother! Look at me! I'm completely naked!" She waved a hand down her body, as if showing it off.

Vicky chuckled. "Ya sure are. And what a body you've got! I'm jealous."

Sandy covered her tits with her arm again, then complained, "But my son is right there, close enough to touch! And I can't stop watching his dick get sucked! What does that say about me? It's wrong! So very, very wrong! Heck, even as I'm talking to you right now, I keep looking away because I can't stop watching what Lisa is doing! Those lips! Wrapped around his fat shaft! It's too much!"

That was true. She was so transfixed by Lisa's passionate cocksucking that she could only manage to occasionally glance in Vicky's direction. Her heart was thumping so hard she honestly worried she could have a heart attack.

The same was true of Jane. In fact, even with Vicky standing right next to her, it was a very close thing that Jane didn't openly masturbate.

Vicky responded, "So? You'd have to be dead not ta watch. Lisa's a great cocksucker, that's for sure! Look at her go!"

Actually, she could tell that Lisa was moving her lips unusually slowly, no doubt because Lisa was taking things easy on Darrin since he was dangerously close to cumming, but she wanted to hype up the action.

Sandy was almost hysterical, in part because she remained on the verge of cumming while talking to a flight attendant she'd just met. Her huge tits heaved in time to her panting as she exclaimed in a quieter voice, "But you don't understand! I'm his mother! I can't watch! I can't get naked! I can't allow any of this to happen! I've totally failed my family! It's such a disaster. I've ruined us all!"

Vicky moved forward, pushing past Jane. "Pardon me, young lady." She all but forced Sandy to stop her kneeling in front of the middle seat and scoot back to sit at the "window" seat. Then she took the middle seat between Jane and Sandy, Once she was settling, she took one of Sandy's hands in hers.

Sandy was bothered by Vicky's physical intrusion into her personal space for a number of reasons. For one, changing seats meant she no longer had a good view of Lisa's cocksucking. She would have to lean forward and towards the middle seat to even see the top of Lisa's bobbing head. Also, she felt even more exposed having to sit buck naked while next to the fully dressed Vicky.

She was also annoyed that she had to hold Vicky's hand, because that gave her one less hand to cover herself. That meant she had to leave her big globes uncovered, since covering her pussy had to be her top priority.

However, despite all her annoyance, she worried that Vicky had her future in the palm of her hands, so she felt she couldn't object to anything.

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