Chapter 19
Written by Spacer X <>

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Vicky sidled up close to Sandy and spoke quietly and confidentially. "I see you're still concerned that you're in some kinda heap a trouble. But don't worry, your secret is safe with me."

"Really?!" Sandy was trying hard to calm down, and especially calm her breathing, because her extreme physical reaction was evidence that she was in lust with her son. Hearing that helped a lot.

"Really! First of all, it's none a my business what y'all do, just so long as ya don't damage anythin' or try to hijack the plane. My job is ta get you from point A tapoint B, n' I ain't gonna snitch about nothin'!"

Sandy took some deep breaths, as she came back from the edge of panic. It's gonna be okay! Maybe my life isn't ruined! And I don't have to cum in front of her if I keep fighting it! Oh God! But I want to suck my son's cock so badly! But she can't see that. How could she know the depth of my desire?! I have to pretend to be normal!

Jane started listening to Vicky and Sandy talk, even as she went right back to kneeling at the aisle seat to ogle at Lisa's oral loving. But after hearing Vicky say yet again that they weren't in trouble, she lost track of the conversation and turned all her attention to the blowjob.

Vicky looked pointedly at Sandy's nudity. "For instance, why should I care if ya get naked? Like I said, everybody gets naked on this flight sooner or later. Ya just happen ta be a bit ahead a the curve compared to a couple others back here."

Vicky was already talking quietly, but to make sure Jane couldn't hear, she lowered her voice even more, "And as far as ya watchin' your son get blown, pardon my French, but so fuckin' what? I've seen a lot more. Even involvin' mothers n' sons sometimes."

That got Sandy's full attention and then some. In fact, it was a heart stopping, jaw dropping stunner. She stared back at Vicky's face. "What?! What did you just say?!"

"Ya heard me!" Vicky winked playfully. She was big on winking. "Now, I'm not sayin' it happens all the time, but it does happen on these freewheein' SI flights from time ta time."

Vicky paused to let that sink in. She also glanced back to make sure Jane was no longer paying attention, and easily confirmed that. She didn't want Jane to learn too much about the incest too soon. She knew how Lisa had told Jane how incest was acceptable on Napali, and she figured that was enough for Jane to know for now. More truth would come later, but only step by step, to prevent too big of a backlash.

Sandy thought she wasn't going to cum after all, but hearing Vicky's claim about mothers and sons brought her to the brink again. Incredible! Other women get it on with their sons!

She nervously asked, "What, uh... do the mothers do with their sons, uh, exactly?!"

Vicky replied, "They do what it takes ta help, for starters. Ya heard what I was sayin' before 'bout those 'specially studly sons who get ragin' boners n' awful blue balls. Some mothers help with that, with their hands or even their mouths."

Sandy very nearly died from sheer amazement, not to mention an overdose of euphoria. "Even their mouths" were the words she was longing to hear.

She wriggled excitedly in her seat, barely able to contain herself from cumming hard. They suck! Those moms suck son-cock! That's the most amazing thing I've ever heard in my life! Olivia was RIGHT! She said it was way more common than generally believed. It could be! It could be! So why not me?! Why not?!

Vicky grinned knowingly, since she could practically read Sandy's thoughts from the happy and wondrous look on her face.

Sandy was still digesting that. Good God! It could happen! For real! ME! ME! I could be the one to blow him! I don't know why, but it just seems so right! Almost... almost like it's my destiny! When I see Lisa with her lips stretched so wide, tears rolling down her cheeks, that look of intense concentration... that should be ME! On my knees between his legs, with my face in his lap!

I love him so much! Somehow I just know, if I could only show him how much I love him... with my mouth... Oh GOD!

Vicky finally spoke again. "Why, just between you and me... can I tell ya a story?"

Sandy had been on the verge of having a truly epic orgasm right when Vicky showed up at what seemed the worst possible moment. She'd thought that had cooled her ardor, and it had, some. But she was finding instead that most of her lust was put on hold, pending what happened with Vicky. Between Lisa's blowjob action, finding out she wasn't in trouble, and hearing what Vicky said about other mothers, Sandy's arousal had come roaring back with a vengeance.

All of a sudden, she worried she was going to have that great climax after all, and while a total stranger was sitting next to her! The prospect of sucking her son's cock for real was so thrilling that she could go over the edge at any moment without even touching her privates. It was almost unstoppable, and it was the kind of orgasm where she'd have no choice but to scream her head off.

As a result, Sandy was downright afraid to hear the story, because it could easily push her over that edge. But she couldn't resist hearing this promising story, since it seemed likely to involve mother-son incest. She nodded her head eagerly. She clenched her Kegel muscles and generally tried to physically brace herself as much as possible.

Vicky looked around confidentially, and lowered her voice further until it was just a whisper. "I've been the sole flight attendant on this here yearly flight for a few years now. And there was this one time when I saw this one extra sexy mother... I can't name names, a course, but boy, she was a stacked one, a lot like you. Such a looker, just like you too. And she was with her son, who swung a mighty stick, just like your son Darrin here. Apparently, he had that same sorta problem where his pecker was still all the time, and somethin' needed ta be done about it."

Sandy was on the edge of her seat, holding her breath.

Vicky paused dramatically. Then she said, "Well, one thing led ta another n' she spent most a both flights just bobbin' n' slurpin' away! Exactly like Lisa's doin' right now."

Sandy gasped, but quietly. WHOA! WOW! DEAR GOD! IT CAN'T BE!

It was too much, and she started to cum. However, she used all her willpower to have a "controlled release" of sorts. She shut her eyes tight and clenched her entire body, including clenching her fists and waving them around. The pleasure she felt was truly incredible, but somehow, through sheer force of will, she managed to prevent herself from shouting. In fact, she hardly made any noise at all.

Her greatest concern was that Vicky would notice that she was coming right after hearing this incest news, and draw the obvious connection that she was excited beyond belief that she might have a chance to suck her son's cock.

Vicky knew this, so she pretended to be almost comically obtuse. After a full minute, Sandy's orgasm finally petered out, after she'd done a lot of writhing in her seat. Sandy's physical reaction was too obvious for Vicky to miss, so she deliberately misunderstood, saying, "Boy, that must really make you upset. You're even shakin' your fists! But I tell ya, it's really not a big deal."

Sandy desperately wanted to believe that Vicky misunderstood, so she let herself believe that, even though she retained a very large suspicion that Vicky was just being polite in ignoring the elephant in the room.

But unfortunately for Sandy, her orgasm hadn't released all her pent up sexual desire, since she'd fought giving in the entire time. In fact, in a matter of seconds she was nearly as horny and energized as before. She resumed panting hard, though it was more like she never stopped.

She still couldn't wrap her head around what Vicky had told her, and craved further confirmation. But she was too excited to talk much, causing her to merely hiss excitedly, "WHAT?! But... How?!"

Her head spun dizzily like she was nearly falling down drunk. She clutched at her gigantic bare breasts, because they were in danger of bouncing around crazily due to her resumption of heavy panting.

Vicky smiled and joked, "I reckon it involved her lips n' tongue. And her hands got quite busy too." She chucked. She gestured with her hand, like she was jacking off an enormous erection right in front of her face.

She looked down at Sandy's exposed I-cups. "Wow! You are one busty momma! The more I think about it, she coulda been your twin from the neck on down, chest n' all. Ya shoulda seen the way her huge knockers swayed back n' forth in time to her bobbin' head. I don't know what it is about super busty mothers on these yearly SI flights. It seems like the bigger the titties, the more they can't resist suckin' on their sons."

Sandy thought her heart would thump right out of her chest, she was so aroused yet afraid. GAAAAWWD! It's true! Olivia WAS right! She said it happens to very busty moms especially because their sons can't resist them and they have "superior sexual DNA" that gives their sons extra large cocks. The kind you just HAVE to suck! That's exactly the case with this other woman! And it sounds like she might not even be the only one!

She finally found her voice, after she took some deep breaths to calm down a little bit. She wanted to convince Vicky that she didn't approve of incest, and at the same time she was trying hard to convince herself of the same. "But... but... that's incest! It's wrong!"

She added lamely, "I'm just... I know it looks bad, but I'm really not interested in my son. You know, in that way. I'm not!" She would have blushed from that except her face was already as red as it could get.

Vicky shrugged. "Whatever. I don't care if ya are. And frankly, if I were in your shoes, I sure as hell would be!"

Sandy gasped in amazement. Again, her heart just about stopped. "Do you mean that?! You would... you would...?!"

Vicky finished Sandy's thought. "Suck my son's cock? Sure! If it was this sorta situation. I wouldn't want him ta suffer. I'd consider it an act a love and the responsible thing ta do. Besides, I'm sure it would be a hell of a lotta fun for the both of us!"

Sandy gasped again. She unthinkingly crossed her arms over her chest, perhaps in an attempt to hide the fact that her tits were heaving so wildly.

Vicky went on, "Why is that such a surprise? Ya hear what Lisa is doin'?" She held a hand, indicating Sandy should be silent and listen carefully.

Sandy listened. Despite the constant roar of the plane, she could hear passionate slurping and moaning.

That wasn't by accident. Lisa wasn't trying to deliver maximum pleasure to Darrin, although it sure seemed that way to him. Instead, she was "playing to the gallery," especially Sandy. She'd taken a peek and didn't see her in view, but she figured Sandy had to be in hearing range, so she was being as loud and lusty as she could.

Lisa had also noticed that Jane was completely oblivious to the conversation between Sandy and Vicky because she was on her knees and peering just over the seatback in front of her and watching and listening to Lisa's every move. Lisa correctly assumed that Jane was so horny that she had to be masturbating, even with the flight attendant sitting right next to where Jane was kneeling. So Lisa was visually performing with Jane in mind while making loud noises for Sandy's benefit (although Jane loved that too).

Sandy clutched her thighs together tightly, already fighting with all her might the urge to cum again. Her head was spinning and she wanted to clutch at it with both hands to try to make it stop. But she was forced to do her best to act normal in front of Vicky.

Sandy thought she was keeping her act together, for the most part. But she was so hot and delirious that she didn't realize just how badly she was failing at that. For instance, her body was in near constant motion, thanks to all of her tell-tale sexy writhing. There were plenty of other signs too, like the inordinate amount of sweat dripping down her face, even for the heat, or the way she repeatedly and hungrily licked her lips.

But Vicky was great at acting oblivious, and deliberately avoided all those signs. She went on, casually, "Now, how could ANY woman hear what Lisa's doin' or see her bobbin' away n' not want ta do a little bobbin' of her own? Your son has a truly impressive cock. Why, it's the perfect size for an hour or two of oral devotion."

"UUUUNGH!" Sandy was so far gone that she didn't even realize she'd let out a long erotic groan.

She stared off into space dreamily. So true! So true! An hour or two, at least! MMMM! To just be... feasting on his thickness! Vicky says it's okay for me to suck him! It's almost my duty!

Vicky added, "Look at Lisa. She's a VERY sexy woman. VERY busty. You know that. She could have her pick of any man. You know that too. And yet... look at how she's submittin' ta the power of your son's cock! She's helpless ta resist him! Who could? It ain't natural ta not be affected, so don't feel bad. Plus, there's the heat n' nudity n' everythin' else."

She said significantly, "I reckon you're more than a little turned on, even though you're tryin' hard ta fight it. But don't worry! It's not you; it's the whole situation."

That meant a lot to Sandy. She breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Maybe it's not me. The situation! Not me! I'm not a freak!

She whispered quietly and confidentially, "I AM trying to fight it! So much! I made this rule: no touching! But..."

Vicky nodded. "I know. It's tough. But you might want ta ask yourself: is fightin' it really the right thing ta do? I don't know your son from Adam, but just lookin' at his super-sized cock, I reckon he's got a super-sized sexual appetite too. And listen ta Lisa bobbin' on him with so much energy, and yet he still shows no sign a cummin' soon, so I reckon he's got super-sized stamina."

She continued, "Sure, it's great for you that Lisa's here ta help. That's a real lucky break. But she's gonna get tired eventually. Then, the next time he gets blue balls, who's goin' ta help? As a lovin', carin' momma, as ya clearly are, isn't it your responsibility ta help?"

"Well..." Sandy was dazed. She didn't know what to say.

Vicky asked, "I can tell that would go against your moral beliefs, but isn't your duty as his mother ta make a sacrifice ta ease his suffering?"

Those words were like music to Sandy's ears. But the more she let herself be convinced, the more she had to face the terrifying prospect of actually breaking the incest taboo. That was a really big deal for her, no matter how horny she got. She whispered urgently, "But that's incest! INCEST!"

Vicky shrugged nonchalantly. "I know. But the way I figure, most anythin' two people wanna do between themselves is fine with me, as long as anybody doesn't get hurt or killed. And sure, it's messed up if someone is being forced ta do somethin' they don't really want ta do. Then I'd get mad. But ya shoulda seen this woman n' her son. The way she sucked his cock was truly somethin' ta see!"

Sandy gasped in such amazement that she fell into the habit of covering her mouth with both hands afterwards. Then she remembered her total nudity, not to mention her sopping wet pussy. She was forced to cross her legs to try to hide her pussy at least some.

Vicky was only looking at Sandy's face, hoping to ease Sandy's worry about her nudity. "It wasn't just lust between 'em, though there was heaps of that, for sure. She showed such love too! She really gave it all she had! You could tell she'd never done it before, but every time I came by, she had his huge cock in her cleavage or her mouth, or usually both at once! It was downright heartwarmin', seein' a mother love her son so much with her mouth. Ya could see the love in her eyes!"

Those words went straight to Sandy's heart, because it reminded her of Olivia's many blowjob videos. In every single one, the love and adoration Olivia had for her son shone through. Sandy was attracted by the obvious emotional bonding as much as the hot sex.

Vicky said, "That busty mom made a sacrifice ta help cure her son's blue balls. Just think about her moral conflict she had ta push aside. Or the way she knelt naked between his legs while everybody else stood n' stared at her. And she must have gotten downright exhausted from all the endless lickin' n' suckin' n' strokin'. But she kept on goin' even after hours of debasin' herself. Now, that's what I call true love! Don't you agree?"

Sandy nodded emphatically without realizing it. She related to that 100 percent. She longed to suck on at least a couple of fingers, as her usual habit, but she couldn't since she was breathing so heavily.

"But that's not all. Her face was always splattered with his cum, with a fresh load all over her beautiful features every time I came by. Why, even after I came by a bunch a times, she STILL was chokin' n' gaggin' on her son's thick pole like she couldn't get enough. But she didn't care. Her passion n' love for her son drove her on. It was like she NEEDED that cock in her mouth! She didn't want it, she needed it! Yeah, she was totally ashamed the whole time with her cummy face n' nudity n' so much more, but she didn't care 'cos she was so devoted ta showin' him how much she loved him with her mouth n' lips n' her enormous boobies."

Vicky concluded, "Now, some people might call her a bad mother, but I reckon she was a GREAT mom! If that's not love, then what is? She's a true inspiration, in my book!"

She paused, then asked, "What do ya think?"

Sandy was speechless. In part, that was because she was so inspired by the story that she didn't know what to say. But also, she was so aroused by it that she was almost on the verge of hyperventilating, even as she desperately fought off the urge to have yet another epic climax.

Vicky looked to Sandy's wildly heaving chest, with Sandy's hands failing miserably to cover much of all those acres of tit-flesh or do much to stop all the sexy motion. "Ya know, it's really uncanny. She looked soooooo much like you. Especially in the chesty region. Though I've gotta say on closer inspection I reckon you're even MORE endowed! She even had your same shade of flamin' red hair, though she had a lot more of it. Do ya mind if I call ya 'Red?' I love your red hair."

Sandy shook her head. She couldn't care less about that. She wanted to hear more about this woman, especially about the cum on her face. She could picture herself bobbing on her son with her own face dripping with even more cum than sweat, and she wanted it to be true already so badly that she could hardly stand it. She felt it was wrong, but that only made her want it more.

The story was keeping her right on the edge of cumming. Like before, it was only the fear of screaming like a banshee in orgasmic release right in front of Vicky that gave her the willpower to fight off the urge - but just barely.

Vicky concluded, "I tell ya, it was downright inspirational. If it's that kind of loving incest, I've got no problem at all. What's the harm? Right? I remember I said ta her, 'You go, girl!' That's exactly what I said, more than once. And each time, all she could do was nod, since she was slurpin' up a storm, with her mouth crammed full n' her cheeks caved in! She had so much love for her son, and she proved it with her tongue n' lips n' even her slidin' fingers. God, that woman could suck!"

"Oh my God!" Sandy's attention was torn between Vicky's story and Lisa's actual blowjob. She still couldn't directly see it, due to the switching of seats, but she could hear her noisy and enthusiastic slurping. It was like the story and the actual slurping merged in Sandy's mind and she was listening to this mystery mother sucking on her son from only a couple of feet away.

Then, somehow, the mother turned into her and the son became Darrin. She could hear herself blowing him, and it was the responsible and moral thing to do! She had been overcome by a kind of sexual mania, and she knew it, but knowing didn't change things.

Sandy squirmed restlessly in her seat, struggling hard to stave off her orgasm just a little longer, until Vicky was gone. She was panting like she'd run a race, so much so that she had trouble talking at all. But she fought to keep the conversation going in a futile effort to try to appear normal. "That's the most... I... I... I don't even know what to say! That's... It's... the craziest, craziest thing... I, I, I've ever heard! I didn't know people really DO that!"

Vicky was nonchalant, while also pretending to be totally oblivious to Sandy's extreme arousal. "Oh, they do. Not 'people,' but mothers. And that great momma ain't the only one I've seen like that either, over the years. I've seen all sortsa sexy n' stacked moms bob on their son's big cocks, not carin' who sees. I tell ya, there's somethin' special 'bout these Napali flights, for sure. Everyone gets so horny! But 'specially the super busty mothers like yourself. And the sons!"

She chuckled. "What teenage son can resist a naked big-titted mommy? I'm sure that would never be a problem with YOUR son!"

Sandy nearly passed out. She had been in total shock already, but hearing Vicky use the term "naked big-titted mommy" did crazy things to her emotions, deep inside. It was like a whole row of deep desires were being turned on like flipped light switches, all at once.

She didn't say anything at first, and just gaped at Vicky with a comically wide open mouth. She let go of Vicky's hand and clutched at her big tits with both of her hands, because she felt she had to somehow. Her body was on fire!

Finally, she asked, or at least tried to ask, "Were... w-w-w-were they...?"

Vicky helped her out. "Red, I'll bet you're wonderin': 'Were they really mothers n' sons? Is this all the God-honest truth?'"

Sandy nodded frantically. She had a desperate need to know.

"Some of 'em, for sure. Since there are so few passengers on these flights, I check the passenger list to see who's related to who, so there's no doubt in my mind. 'Course, some of 'em were brothers n' sisters too. Like I said, this flight gets people horny somehow. It's a strange thing. And it's almost always cocksuckin', too. Maybe the women get all nervous about movin' to a strange new land n' whatnot, and suckin' on the throbbin' juicy boner of a loved one helps calm 'em down. I know it helps me. There's nothin' more soothin' n' satisfyin' than slurpin' and bobbin' on a really fat one just like Darrin's!"

Sandy couldn't take it anymore, and she began to cum hard yet again. But with Vicky still sitting right there next to her, she was forced once more to go all out to hide what her body was doing. Also like before, through sheer desperation, she managed to keep her mouth closed, mostly, and kept quiet too.

But the situation was repeating itself almost exactly, because just like last time, she couldn't hide the way her body was trembling and writhing all over. She covered her pussy with one hand, as if that would help stop all the gushing and throbbing down there. She crossed her big tits with her free arm yet again, but that didn't do much to stop her two globes from bouncing around crazily.

Once again, Vicky went out of her way to be nice and pretend not to notice, even though what was happening couldn't have been clearer than a smack on the head. She did that by staring off into space as if lost in fond recollection of previous SI flights while Sandy kept on cumming and cumming.

But that still didn't fill enough time, so she talked some more while continuing to look away. "If ya find that gets you a little horny, don't worry 'bout it. It gets ME horny! As you can see, I'm not exactly shy to go bobbin' for some prime, thick, grade A cock-meat myself! Now that we're all friendly, I have to admit I'll be mighty disappointed if I don't get to do a little chokin' and gaggin' on your son's cock before this trip is over! That's some top sirloin cock-meat that belongs down a woman's throat, if ya ask me!"

Sandy's orgasmic ecstasy soared higher and higher as she firmly resolved that Darrin's cock "belonged" down her throat most of all!

Then, realizing that Vicky expected some sort of response from her, she just nodded. However, it was hard to tell since her body was shaking so much to begin with. She was trying her best to follow along and appear attentive, even as she practically saw stars from the intensity of her body's erotic explosion.

It was as if she was on a wild roller coaster ride, but with someone else in the car next to her who was giving a complicated explanation that she was expected to understand, even while all the other people in the car were screaming. Somehow she managed to keep listening despite it all, mostly because she loved every word Vicky was saying.

But there was a feedback loop: Vicky's words were throwing more fuel to Sandy's already raging sex fire, prolonging her multiple orgasm. She was deep, deep into her blowjob obsession. In fact, she hardly even noticed how Vicky's language was becoming increasingly sexually graphic, because Vicky's words were just different variations of her own thoughts. It had become the new normal, at least as long as she was this far gone into her erotic delirium.

Vicky kept on staring into space, since Sandy was having a multiple orgasm that was going on and on. She kept talking to further cover for her. "But there's somethin' 'bout that red-headed mother n' her son that was special. Maybe it was the passion, especially HER loving passion. The way she knelt naked between his legs for nearly the whole flight, both days, with all that pearly cum on her face, and more coating her big boobies. I tell ya, I think about her a lot. She sacrificed so much ta keep her son's pecker in good shape. It might sound silly, but she'd kind of a heroine, in my book."

Sandy gasped in reaction to that, which almost turned into a full-throated scream. She was on the very of losing her mind, on the cusp of throwing in the towel and just yelling her lungs out whether that exposed her to Vicky and the others or not. She clung on for dear life.

Vicky was going to say more about the mystery mother. But she could see how overwhelmed Sandy was, and realized correctly that if she did say more, that could be the final straw and the ridiculously horny mother could easily wind up passing out altogether.

So she just muttered, "Yep, it's quite a thing. Some might say I should be more firm and stop anyone on these flights from having sex, but that's not my way. I say 'live n' let live.' 'Specially all the cocksuckin'. Who gets hurt from that, right? Don'tcha agree?"

Sandy still didn't reply. She was keenly interested in hearing more about the incestuous mother, but her multiple orgasm was STILL going on, and it was all she could do to try to cope with cumming without being even more obvious than it was. Mostly, she was focusing on simply not screaming, and any sort of talking could turn into a scream.

To give Sandy still cover, as well as some mercy, Vicky said, "Scuse me just a sec, Red." Then she got up.

She had to get past Jane, which was awkward, since Jane was kneeling on the floor and leaning forward on the seatback in front of her to get a close view of the blowjob action. But Vicky silently did so anyway by stepping up on the vacant seat behind Jane.

Then Vicky got a bottle of cold water from Lisa's nearby ice cooler, since she knew where that was. She used the same trick to get past Jane on the way back.

Jane was so captivated by the on-going blowjob in the row in front of her that she barely even noticed Vicky passing her by twice. It was just a minor annoyance, like a buzzing fly. She was masturbating non-stop, usually with one hand on her tits and the other one fingering her pussy or diddling her clit. She didn't get a thought to Vicky noticing that. In fact, she was so deep in her own sexual world that had she been stopped and asked, she probably wouldn't have even been able to remember who Vicky was.

She'd orgasmed from time to time. But she didn't have to try to hold back like Sandy did with Vicky watching her, so she was able to release her sexual pressure gradually with lots of smaller orgasms rather than one or two big ones. As a result, it wasn't that hard for her to stay quiet the whole time.

Lisa kept on visually performing for her, trying to constantly position her face and Darrin's erection so Jane could see everything.

Jane was enthralled. She particularly loved watching the way Lisa's cheeks caved in, over and over, showing when she was using particularly strong suction.

Jane had never put that sort of effort into sucking her boyfriends; not even close. She'd become convinced that she'd done it all wrong and she was missing out, because the look on Lisa's face was absolutely rapturous. As Sandy had noted to herself already, Lisa had a way of letting her love and adoration show, and Lisa was falling deeply in love with sucking Darrin's cock, even if she didn't know him well enough to love him as a whole.

When Vicky unexpectedly showed up and scared the hell out of Jane, Jane felt so ashamed that she mentally renounced her incestuous desire for her brother. She didn't consciously and clearly change her mind, but as she stared at Lisa sucking him for so long, her feelings slowly changed.

After a while, she found herself thinking about what a poor cocksucker she must have been for her boyfriends, and she took frequent mental notes about Lisa's specific techniques, as well as overall attitude, with a mind to being a much better cocksucker for her brother. She couldn't wait to catch him alone so she could show him just what she could do!

Vicky returned to the middle seat she'd been in before. She had deliberately dawdled enough getting the water so that Sandy's long multiple orgasm had finally come to an end, though there were still the occasional trembling smaller follow-up orgasms. She estimated Sandy's climaxes added up to about three minutes in all, which was unusual even by Napali sex slave standards.

Sandy was struggling to stay fully alert and "normal," especially when she saw Vicky returning. She plastered a big smile on her face, though it was comically and transparently fake. She clutched at her big melons, trying to stop them from wildly swinging in response to her still heavy panting. That was obviously ridiculous too. She was sweating like a pig, even more than any of the others. Her whole face was drenched in sweat, and the rest of her body wasn't much better.

Vicky realized there was no way she could maintain the pretense that she didn't notice what had happened to Sandy, even with all of Vicky's efforts to look away and talk. Luckily, while she was getting the water she came up with a new cover story to help her out.

She said, "Here! Drink this water. It looks like ya have a bad case o' the shakes. I didn't know what ta say or do while it was happenin', but then I remembered that drinkin' a lot helps. Are ya okay?"

Sandy nodded at first. But then she realized it was smarter to pretend otherwise. "Ah, mostly, er, that is. Actually... I must admit I'm a bit... overwhelmed. It's, uh... I fear it's the heat!" She wiped her cheeks, which were as wet with sweat as her forehead was.

"Oh dear!" Vicky pretended to buy that, whole hog. "I'm so sorry! You definitely should drink up then. Here. It's nice 'n cold."

Sandy took the bottle and drank it down. She took her time doing it in order to give her body more time to get over her orgasmic reaction. Even now, she was still having minor orgasmic "aftershocks." The cold water helped a lot. It was almost like there was a lusty fire burning inside of her and the water helped slowly put it out.

Finally, she finished and handed the bottle back. "Thanks!"

Vicky took the bottle and said, "I'm goin' to have to talk to the captain."

"'The captain?'" Sandy asked in confusion.

"Of this here airplane," Vicky clarified.

Sandy had been so deep into her blowjob craziness that she'd forgotten they were even on a plane, yet again. The reminder hit her like a bolt out of the blue, and sent her humiliation at being buck naked soaring, which in turn sent her lust soaring.

Vicky continued, "He's supposed ta turn on the overhead fans, but he's a cheap bastard. I think he somehow gets a cut of the profit if they save money on fuel. But anyway, I'll tell him ya have the shakes and that'll force him ta do somethin'. To be honest, it don't make a big difference, but it should help a little. At least I reckon it'll get the air movin'."

Sandy was feeling a lot better, and the water hit the spot. Her lust didn't go away, since that was a constant due to her nudity, no matter what else was happening. Plus, she could still hear the sound of Lisa's obscene and loud cocksucking. But at least her lust went down to a more manageable level. She could talk again, though she had to pause for her panting. "Thanks! I appreciate that."

Vicky asked, "Can I feel your forehead?"

Sandy nodded.

Vicky put a hand on Sandy's forehead. "Wow, Red. You're hot!" She chuckled, "I mean, it's clear you're a total hottie, but your body is warm too."

Sandy smiled at that. She felt she'd dodged a bullet. She was amazed that Vicky apparently hadn't noticed her wild and spasmodic orgasm. She bought that Vicky thought she had the "shakes" instead.

Of course, it was clear through their conversation that Sandy had a desire to suck on her son's cock, but she didn't want Vicky to know just how powerfully strong that desire was. She certainly didn't want her to know that her story about the other busty mother had caused Sandy to have two of the biggest orgasms of her entire life.

Vicky pulled her hand away from Sandy's face and wiped it on the plastic seat she sat on. "And you're ridiculously sweaty too. Boy! I'll bet you're not used ta the heat."

Sandy said, "No. Not at all."

Half her attention was on the sound of Lisa's lewd sucking. Gaawwwd! She's STILL at it! When is she going to stop?! It's literally driving me nuts! But it's like Vicky said: my son not only has a super-sized cock, he has super-sized stamina. When I suck him, I'm going to have to work really damn hard to get him to cum. But the cummy reward is totally worth it. At least that's what Olivia always tells me, and she should know.

Er, not that I'm going to suck him! I still have to stick to the "no touching" rule, don't I? Or should I just forget that? Vicky thinks it's my responsibility as a good mother to help Lisa keep his blue balls in check. But I don't know!

Vicky could see that Sandy was thinking intently about something, and waited until she was done. Then she said, "I'm no doctor, but I've been on these yearly SI flights a few times. This plane is notorious. We call it the 'flying sauna.' So I've seen overheatin' cases like yours. I recommend two things. One, drink! A lot! Mostly water. And two, it's good you're naked. Stay that way."

That shocked Sandy in protesting, "What?! No! I can't! I shouldn't be naked as it is. I've been trying to get my clothes back, but they won't let me! I was wearing a robe like the ones Jane and Lisa have on-"

Vicky jokingly cut in, "Or kinda have partially on."

Sandy nodded, too earnest to laugh. She glanced past Vicky to where Jane was kneeling, and notice that Jane's robe had fallen all the way off at some point. It was bunched up around her knees. She also noticed that Jane was staring intently over the seatback at where Lisa was bobbing on Darrin's boner, and that Jane had a hand on her pussy and another hand pulling on a nipple.

Sandy briefly closed her eyes and shook her head. I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that! I'll deal with her later. Ugh!

She only had a few seconds to take in what Jane was doing and think those thoughts, because Vicky was expecting a response about the robe situation. Sandy said, "Right. But my kids stole my robe as a joke and they won't give it back!"

Vicky chuckled good-naturedly. "Good for them! Maybe it was a joke, but I'm sure Darrin doesn't exactly mind seeing you this way." She gave Sandy a friendly knowing wink.

She continued, "I hope you realize that on a beauty scale of one ta ten, you're about a twelve! I'm sure the rare times when your son isn't thinkin' 'bout fuckin' your mouth, he thinks about fuckin' your big titties!"

Vicky was careful not to talk about Darrin fucking Sandy's pussy or even her ass, because her main goal, as well as Lisa's goal, was to get Sandy hooked on blowing him. Other sex acts would naturally follow later, but premature talk about fucking was likely to do more harm than good.

Now that Sandy had calmed down some, she was more scandalized by Vicky's sexually explicit talk. She complained, "You can't say that!"

Vicky chuckled. "I think I just did. Besides, ya know it's true, don'tcha? Tell me honestly right now that he hasn't frequently masturbated ta thoughts a plunderin' your enormous titties with his horse cock, not ta mention pullin' you ta your knees ta feast on his thickness with your sweet cocksuckin' lips, and then I'll shut up."

Sandy blushed, because she knew she couldn't deny that. Her words echoed things that Lisa had told her earlier (and not by accident), including a mention of her "cocksucking lips." Although she had calmed down some, she was still so aroused that Vicky's lewd comments thrilled her more than bothered her.

Wanting to dodge Vicky's challenge to deny that, Sandy switched the topic back to her robe. "Never mind that. What about getting my robe back?!"

Vicky chuckled some more. "Good luck with that, Red! Gosh, with your body? And your rack? You'll be lucky if he ever lets ya wear clothes again!" She had another good chuckle at that.

Sandy wasn't amused, since that was her fear. Somehow, there had been a power shift, and she feared her son was in charge of what she wore or didn't wear. Already she'd agreed to a new rule that she had to get topless for him whenever he wanted it. She also recalled how he'd talked her into taking her robe off altogether, and then hid it from her.

But of course these sorts of things turned her on even more than they scared her. Olivia's unnamed son had total control over what Olivia wore too, and Olivia loved to talk to Sandy about how great it felt whenever he took control of her, including when he "forced" her to strip or dress like a slut.

Sandy still didn't consciously realize how much Olivia had become her ideal in all things sexual, even though it was blatantly obvious. Until this flight started, at least, she had told herself that she was sexually "normal."

Vicky went on. "I kid, but I can tell already that your kids love ya n' care for ya. Sure, it goes without sayin' that Darrin wants ta see ya naked as much as possible. Any boy his age with a mom who looks like you is gonna want ya nude so he can kiss your lips n' fondle your huge titties n' spank your bare ass, n' generally get ya so worked up that you'll have no choice but ta drop ta your knees n' give him an excellent hummer!"

"Vicky!" Sandy complained. "Why do you always have to bring everything back to blowjobs?" Even as she spoke, she could hear the sound of Lisa's loud slurping. She wondered when that "nightmare" would ever end.

The sexy blonde flight attendant just chuckled some more. "What? True or not? Do ya want me ta lie?"

Sandy sighed. "No. Of course not."

Vicky went on, "That aside, I'll bet that they're concerned about ya overheatin' too. Wasn't that a part of it?"

Sandy sighed sadly. "I suppose. I must admit that I overdressed, even though Lisa repeatedly warned me not to. They pretty much forced me to strip to cool down."

"See? They care. I'm not just your flight attendant, I'm appointin' myself your friend AND your local doctor for the duration of this trip!"

Sandy smiled gratefully at that. She felt she really needed another friendly face, because her life had gone crazy. She liked talking to Vicky, not realizing that the main reason for that was because Vicky was telling things about incest that she desperately wanted to hear, all the while doing her best to ignore the blatantly obvious signs that Sandy was deeply in lust with her son.

Vicky went on, "And doctor's orders say stay naked."

Sandy moaned nearly orgasmically. The fact that she was buck naked was doing more than anything else to stop her from going back to her prudish way of thinking, because it was as arousing as if an invisible ghost was already playing with her nipples, clit, and pussy lips. And there was no off switch. The effect was doubled talking to Vicky, since Vicky was fully dressed in her blue flight attendant outfit, which went great with her long, light blonde hair, not to mention her baby blue eyes. The contrast deepened her humiliation and thus her arousal.

Sandy asked plaintively, "But how can I?"

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