Chapter 20
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Sandy stared into Vicky's eyes and made an impulsive decision to trust and confide in her. "Can I tell you a secret? In total confidence?"

"But of course! My lips are sealed." Vicky looked around carefully and then brought her head in closer.

Sandy also looked around and then whispered, very quietly, "Sometimes... I have inappropriate thoughts... about my son!"

"I reckon we talked about that already," Vicky pointed out.

"I know. But these feelings... they're so strong! They kind of even predate what's happened today!"

"Oh," Vicky said, sounded unfazed. "I'm not surprised at all. Consider Lisa. Ya hear her?"

Sandy groaned. "How could I not?"

"She's a 'perfect twelve,' just like you. But she saw the size of your son's horse cock, and I don't know what exactly happened next, but clearly she couldn't resist for long! And how she's serving him with her mouth like he's a sultan. And she's only known him well in a face ta face way for what, a week or two? Whereas you've had ta live in the same house as all that delicious cock-meat for YEARS! I hope ya know that ANY woman in your place would feel a powerful desire to hold it n' stroke it and especially suck on it!"

Sandy complained, "Do you always have to be so explicit?"

Vicky grinned impishly. "Sorry. That's just how I roll. Ya can see why a regular airline won't hire me. I s'pose my accent don't help none either."

That made Sandy laugh. But then she got serious again. "All that is true, but I've always kept my feelings to myself. It's been my great secret shame! And then... today... now that I'm naked like this, and Lisa's doing what she's doing, it's kind of driving me crazy! I... I... I want him so much! Not just to help with his blue balls, but because I have this craving to suck on him that's so strong that I worry I can't control it!"

She felt great relief to finally admit those feelings to someone. She'd never even confessed her incestuous desires to Olivia, though she had a hunch that Olivia pretty much knew, based on her willingness to talk about Olivia's "incest problem" almost endlessly and in extremely explicit detail.

Vicky said, "There's nothin' wrong with that. I'm sittin' here listenin' to Lisa's slobberin', strokin', n' moanin', and it's drivin' me crazy too. I'm tellin' ya straight up, if she wasn't bobbin' on him, I probably would be doin' it myself right now!"

Sandy wondered if that was true for herself as well. The more getting intimate with her son looked realistic and doable, the more she was forced to confront potentially genuine problems and not just live in fantasy. She had her new "no touching" rule, but her incestuous lust was so strong that she wondered if she could control herself if an ideal opportunity presented itself, away from the others.

She told Vicky, "Yes, but you're not related to him. You said that all kinds of wild things happen on these flights. I worry that I'll lose control and end up just like that woman you talk about! I don't want that to happen! One day of out of control lust would be great for him and me, I'm sure, but what about the long-term effects?! Our relationship would be warped forever. Lisa can take care of his problem all by herself!"

In her desperation to seriously confront the looming situation, she exclaimed, "Hell, if you're so gung-ho, you can help too!"

Vicky ignored that suggestion. She took Sandy's hand and patted it. "Don't worry, your secret is safe with me. Like I said, it ain't up for me ta judge. Like, at ALL! Remember what I told ya, that any woman is goin' ta feel the urge ta suck on a perfect cock like Darrin's. So who can blame ya? What matters is what YOU want!"

Sandy spoke with near anguish, "I just want to be normal!"

"But of course." She patted Sandy's hand some more.

Vicky knew that wasn't true, not by a longshot. But it was a long flight and there was no need to push her more.

Vicky had been pushing her a lot already. Not only was she trying to get Sandy to feel okay about her incestuous urges, she was promoting cocksucking at every opportunity, since any Napali woman had to love to suck cock. It was important to confirm that was the case with Sandy before she got to the island, so there was still time to turn back. SI had a strict policy not to force any woman into the cocksucking and sex slave life if they didn't well and truly love it.

There was a long pause. Sandy directed her attention back to trying to hear for sounds of Lisa's blowjob. Sure enough, even after all this time, and even over the constant roar of the jet engines, she could hear Lisa's sexy moans and groans.

Sandy thought, Good grief! Is it going to be like that the whole flight? That's torture! Sexy, wonderful torture, but torture just the same! I swear, he's NEVER going to cum! And the longer that goes on, the more my resolve crumbles into dust. And that's just from listening. What'll happen when I get to see the bobbing action some more?! How can I hold out for the rest of the flight, not to mention tomorrow?!

Once again, she looked past Vicky to check on what Jane was doing. The situation was exactly the same as her last brief peek: Jane was naked and kneeling right up to the seatback, peering over the edge at the blowjob action beyond while wantonly masturbating.

Sandy sighed. UGH! As if I don't have enough problems! I've been trying hard to pretend that things are normal with my daughter, but that clearly isn't true. I can see plain as day that she's deeply in lust with my big man too! Maybe she wasn't before this flight began, but so much has changed since then!

What the hell am I going to do about that?! I hope she's still serious about our "no touching" rule. But Vicky says sex between brothers and sisters happens a lot on these flights too. I'm going to have a talk with her later.

She asked Vicky, "Can you tell me more about this red-headed mother? So, uh, so I could learn from her mistakes so I don't repeat them myself."

Vicky knew that was a paper-thin excuse and that Sandy just wanted to hear more lurid details. But she played along.

Vicky didn't need to make anything up about that woman, because the story was completely true. The only lie was her implication that such things happened only occasionally, since in fact every single mother wound up intimate with her son on all the yearly SI flights Vicky had worked on. Her only problem was recalling what one mother in particular did, since there were many mothers with very similar stories.

After thinking back to refresh her memory, Vicky said, "Sure. And by the way, speakin' of redheads, I really do love your red hair. That's why I want to call ya 'Red.' But why is it cut so short? It almost looks like a man's."

Sandy sighed. That question reminded her of unpleasant aspects of her old life. "I was trying to live as low-profile as I could. Long hair only drew more attention to me. I actually used to dye my hair brown. It's only come back to its natural red color in recent days. I even keep forgetting that it's red again."

Vicky chuckled. "You? Low-profile? That's a good one. You coulda worn a bag on your head and all the men would be after ya like bees to honey. 'Specially your chest! Red, I'm thinkin' 'bout a third of your body weight is in your boobs, and that's almost not a joke! Good Lord, I don't know how ya can stand without tippin' over!"

Sandy sighed. "My breasts have been the bane of my existence. I'm kind of escaping to this island in part because I want to get away from all the leering men. I can't go anywhere or do anything without being harassed!"

Vicky said reassuringly, "Don't you worry, I have a feelin' everythin' will be fine for you from now on. Everyone says people on Napali are really nice. I agree."

Sandy nodded. As she looked at Vicky, she realized how much Vicky reminded her of her friend Olivia. The two of them almost could have been sisters, especially since they both had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. And of course, their figures were quite similar since they had the voluptuous yet fit bodies that all Napali women had.

Vicky was going to say more, but realized Sandy would be antsy until she could hear more about the redheaded mother. "But about this woman. Whatcha want ta know?"

Sandy's eyes lit up with excitement. "How did it start?! That's the main thing. When did they cross the line? If I could know that, then I'd know what not to do."

Vicky could have made up a sexy incident, but she wanted to be as honest as possible, since the truth was remarkable enough. That was especially the case since she knew this woman was currently living on Napali as one of her son's sex slaves. Vicky knew that Sandy would meet her before long and want to hear her sexy stories straight from the source.

So she shook her head. "Sorry, I can't help you there, Red. Keep in mind that I have a pretty hands-off job. I stop by ta pass out drinks or food from time ta time, but mostly I leave the passengers to themselves. So I missed out on however it got started. All I know is, I came by at one point, and there she was. She was already completely naked and kneelin', with her son's cock knob deep inside her mouth! She was bobbin' away like she'd been born to do it, so it musta been goin' on for a while already. Or maybe she was just really passionate 'bout it from the start."

Now that Sandy had calmed down some, that made her more concerned than cock-hungry. She looked down at herself. "You see? I'm completely naked already! So exposed and... and..." - she dropped her voice down to a whisper for just one word - "horny! I'm halfway there! I'm flirting with disaster!"

Vicky said, "But is it a disaster? Really? I don't think this mother would have called it that at all. I reckon it was more like she was halfway ta paradise. Like I said, she showed so much passion! Not ta mention joy. And love! Such love! It was like she'd finally found her true callin'. And in her case, that just happened ta be servin' her son's cock with her mouth, and with all her heart n' soul!"

Sandy was bug-eyed again. She was trying to stay calm, but talk about "serving her son's cock with her mouth" was making her heat up rapidly again. That word "serve" had a lot of emotional impact on her, because it was one Olivia used a lot. As Olivia had revealed more of her story to Sandy, she had increasingly emphasized submissive themes, no longer trying to hide the fact that she was her son's "sex pet." It was convincing because it was completely true. "True calling" was another emotional buzzword for Sandy, since Olivia talked about her "true calling" to pleasure her son a great deal as well.

Sandy asked, awestruck, "Did... do you think they had full-on sex?"

"What, do ya mean did he fuck her?"

Sandy shyly nodded. Olivia had emphasized blowjobs so much that Sandy mostly fantasized about that, but in recent months Sandy had increasingly dreamed about getting fucked by Darrin too.

Vicky was sure that this woman (whose actual name was Dee Dee) got fucked pretty much every day by her son. Just because Napali women had a special cocksucking passion, that didn't mean they didn't want to get fucked a lot too.

But Vicky honestly hadn't seen that happen to the woman on the C-130 flights to Napali, so she replied, "I don't know for sure, 'cos I didn't see that with my own eyes. Every time I stopped by for any reason at all, she was bobbin' on him, or maybe titfuckin' him some time, when her mouth got tired. But I'm sure she did eventually, because it was clear that she'd become a total slut for her son. Frankly, I'd be surprised if they're not still out there somewhere, with her fulfillin' her passion, on her knees between her son's legs, slurpin' up a storm while wearin' nothin' but a pair of high heels. Maybe not at this very moment, but ya get the picture."

Sandy's arousal was skyrocketing, because this sort of talk was much more exciting for her. She was reminded of her many discussions with Olivia, in which Olivia talked about the "joy of embracing one's inner slut." She'd had a lot of powerful fantasies about being a "total slut" for Darrin. The fact that she was naked while talking to a fully dressed Vicky was making her feeling exactly like one, and she got a constant thrill about that.

She asked, "What do you mean?"

"I mean just that. Whatever life she had before, that was over! She'd become a total slut for her son's hot cum, and she didn't give a rat's ass who saw or heard. How could she ever go back ta how she lived before? Why would she even want to? Frankly, I felt jealous. How many people get ta discover their true passion?"

Sandy unthinkingly clutched at her bare breasts. "Total slut for her son's hot cum!" Why does that sound so appealing?! What's wrong with me?!

Her body was on fire all over again, and it was all she could do not to openly masturbate in front of her new friend. "Why... why do you think she was so focused on all the oral sex in particular?"

Vicky had to be careful because she didn't want to lie more than absolutely necessary, but she didn't want to reveal too much about Napali life just yet. She replied, "I don't know all the reasons why, but I reckon that it's pretty common for mothers ta fantasize 'bout suckin' their son's cocks. There seems ta be a special connection there."

"REALLY?!" Naturally, Sandy was thinking about her own frequent blowjob fantasies.

Vicky genuinely explained some personal theories she'd come up with about why she'd been so hooked on sucking her brother's cock as his sex slave, since she figured they equally fit for mothers. "Oh yeah, definitely! First off, I think cocksuckin' is way underrated. The thrill of bobbin' and slurpin' on a really fat one is so great! And it goes on n' on. Just talkin' 'bout it is makin' my mouth water, ya know what I mean?"

Sandy nodded eagerly. She was salivating so much that she was close to literally drooling.

Vicky went on, "Aside from that, I'm just guessin', but maybe it has somethin' to do with the forbidden nature of it all. There's always a powerful pull ta do the things you're not supposed ta do. Sex with your son is taboo in the first place, but ta focus on suckin' his cock is somehow even more taboo, don't ya think?"

Sandy's heart was in her throat, because this topic was so very important to her. She didn't reply, in part because she worried she'd reveal too much about her own forbidden lust.

Vicky went on,, "It's like... every time ya do that, you're showin' that your son is really in charge and you've become his willin' plaything or sex pet. And that's totally humiliatin'! Right?"

Ever since Olivia had started confessing to Sandy about her own true incestuous relationship, there had been the implication that the son was in charge. But Olivia's description had gotten more explicit and honest over time, culminating in her eventual confession that her son called her names such as his "big-titted sex pet" and his "personal sex toy."

Since Sandy was deep into her submissive lust for her son by that time, hearing those sorts of names only aroused her more, and they became part of her own fantasy vocabulary.

As a result, when Vicky had used the exact words "sex pet," it struck a particular nerve. It actually sent shivers up and down Sandy's spine.

Olivia had still held back a lot of things from Sandy. For instance, she never confessed that she in fact was her son's sex slave. That would have been more than Sandy could accept at the time. The challenge now was to not only introduce Sandy to the sex slave concept, but make her decide she wanted to actually be one, and all in the next two days, before the Douglases actually reached Napali. That was always the trickiest part of the transformation process, because people had such a negative conception of the word "slave" and didn't understand the concept of being a willing slave.

Vicky continued, "It's so wrong. The mom is the parent. She should be in charge. 'Specially if she's a real looker like you are, since everyone bends over backwards for a beautiful woman. With your face n' your rack especially, ya should be drinkin' a piña colada on a yacht in the Caribbean with some dashing millionaire husband, not kneelin' naked between your son's legs with cum n' sweat drippin' down your face, doin' all the work while he kicks back with a hand on your head like a lazy lord! By suckin' his cock so much, you're provin' that your son has taken total control over your body and maybe even your heart n' soul. Ya see what I mean?"

Sandy nodded. She suddenly felt so hot and bothered that she couldn't breathe, much less talk. Vicky's words went straight to her heart and hit her like a punch to the gut. It was like Vicky had unwittingly described all of her deepest, darkest, and most powerful forbidden fantasies.

Vicky went on. "I never got ta talk ta this particular woman much, so I don't know what she was thinkin'. Remember, her mouth was crammed full of her son's cock nearly all the time. And he had such a thick one. Phew! But I figure she musta had powerful secret fantasies for months if not years beforehand, and once she got started it was like all that bottled up passion came pourin' out!"

Sandy was clutching at her massive tits, but unthinkingly pinched her erect nipples as she did so. That's ME! It sounds like that's going to happen to me, for sure! How can I resist?! God, hearing this makes me want to give in even more and resist even more at the same time. My mind is all messed up! I have too much bottled up passion. How can I control it?!

Wait. What's wrong with me?! A big reason I'm adamant about my "no touching" rule is that I worry if I let myself go, I'll go all the way, just like this other redheaded mother did. And there could be no return to any sort of normal life after that. Everything would be changed forever! Lives would be ruined! I have to keep my grip!

Still, her entire body was trembling with desire as she imagined sucking her son to completion over and over, until her face was doused with several loads of cum. That prompted her to ask, "You talked about her cummy face a couple of times. Did he really cum on her face and just leave it there?"

Vicky smiled in fond memory. "Oh yeah! He was a bit of a bastard that way. He kept cummin' and cummin' on her face, so many times, n' he liked ta keep it drippin' with cum all the time. Just as soon as he'd let her wipe it off, he'd splatter on another fresh load! I guess he was showin' that he was in charge, n' boy was he in charge! It was like she'd become his willin' sex slave. But it was hot seein' an ultra busty beauty like her fully submit ta her teenage son, totally dedicated ta givin' his cock maximum pleasure! Somehow, it seemed so wrong, but even more right! Ya know what I mean?"

Vicky was proud that she managed to introduce the "willing sex slave" concept in her answer, and that she slipped it in in a subtle way that didn't cause an adverse reaction.

Sandy nodded eagerly. She was getting dizzy all over again, because these comments were deeply affecting her. I've known all about Olivia's submission to her son, of course, but I thought that was some kind of freak case. Now I have evidence of a pattern. God! Just thinking about other "ultra busty beauties fully submitting to their teenage sons!" Why is that such a turn-on?! It IS so wrong, but so right!

Furthermore, she had a particular fetish about facials, thanks in large part to all those videos Olivia showed her. The videos inevitably ended with Olivia's face and tits doused in pearly cum, and that always helped Sandy masturbate to satisfying climaxes of her own.

She was getting more and more aroused, to the point where she was having to seriously struggle not to cum yet again. She realized that she was unthinkingly pulling on her nipples, so she at least forced herself to stop doing that. She didn't want to get the "shakes" in front of Vicky again!

The fact that she was buck naked and Vicky was fully dressed in her blue flight attendant outfit was the gift that kept on giving, keeping her constantly humiliated and horny. So was the fact that she STILL could hear Lisa loudly bobbing on her son's cock! Even the occasional glance at Jane nude and masturbating gave her an extra thrill by this point.

She asked breathlessly, "What... what do you think happened to them?! I mean, aside from her living out her 'true passion,' where are they today?!"

Vicky said, "They were on their way ta Napali, remember? I see no reason why they wouldn't still be there today."

Sandy was startled to hear that. "Really?! Are you sure?! Will I be able to meet her?!"

Vicky shrugged again. "Heck if I know. I'm just guessin'. That island of yours is all secretive. I'm not allowed ta go there, since I don't have the right security papers. Maybe that's why they went there in the first place, so they could express their forbidden love without gettin' in trouble. Ya probably haven't heard this, but the Marshall Islands is an independent country, as you know, and there ain't no law against incest there."

Sandy shouted, "NO! THAT CAN'T BE!" Then, forcing herself to lower her voice, she asked incredulously, "Are you kidding me?!"

Sandy's shout attracted Jane's attention.

Jane quickly stopped her masturbating and turned to find out what was going on. She didn't attempt to put her robe back on though, because that was a such a bother and she figured Sandy wouldn't be able to complain after being nude herself all this time.

Jane tapped on Vicky's back, since she was closest. "What? What's going on?!"

Without thinking about the wisdom of what to share with her daughter, Sandy blurted out, "Janey, you won't believe it! Vicky just told me that incest is LEGAL where we're going!"

Jane wasn't very surprised to hear that, since Lisa had told her the exact same thing. Still, she found it interesting and exciting to get confirmation from another person.

But she knew that her mother would expect her to be shocked, so she did her best to pretend. "NO WAY! You can't be serious!"

"That's what she just told me!" Sandy exclaimed.

Vicky knew what Lisa had told Jane, due to when Vicky and Lisa had compared notes earlier. So far, she had tailored her comments exclusively for Sandy's ears, but she figured there was no harm if Jane heard this much.

So she turned in place to make eye contact with Jane. "It's true. Remember, I've flown back n' forth to Napali for years."

"But why?!" Jane asked. She was curious, since Lisa hadn't been clear about that part.

Vicky said, "I honestly don't know. Maybe it has ta do with some old Polynesian custom that still goes on in secret. Maybe they just plum forgot ta update the laws. Who knows?"

That part was a lie, and Vicky didn't like to lie to any current or future SI women, because she considered them all sisters of sorts. But she considered it a necessary and temporary lie to help Sandy get over the hump into physical intimacy with her son with a minimum of anguish, and of course the same logic applied to Jane.

There was a long silence.

Vicky was reconsidering what she could talk about, given that Jane was listening in. She decided she couldn't continue with her story about the other redheaded busty mother.

Jane asked, "What are you two talking about anyway, where that came up?!"

Vicky grinned knowingly. "Oh, ya know, this n' that. Some sex stuff, some livin' in Napali stuff. You snooze, you lose!"

Jane groaned unhappily. "Oh, come on! Please tell me!"

Vicky told her, "Sorry, but we were just finishin' up. Right, Sandy?"

Sandy nodded. "Right."

She was staggered by all that Vicky had told her, absolutely staggered. She was sorely disappointed that Vicky couldn't tell her more about this other redheaded mother and what happened to her. But she recalled Napali's reputation for extreme secrecy, and she figured that if the woman was living there, Vicky would have no way of knowing anything about her anyway. That made her feel better that Jane cut off the discussion when she did.

Vicky's bright smile returned. "Look at us, gettin' all carried away talkin', like two old hens. Meanwhile, the others are probably dyin' of thirst. Well, 'ceptin' for Lisa, since I'm sure she's feastin' on your son's tasty cum." She winked playfully. "But anyway, let me go get those drinks that I plum forgot about! Even though ya drank all that water, ya should drink all the orange juice I'll give you too. Remember, I'm your doctor, at least for today, n' I'm orderin' you to drink as much as ya can!"

Sandy smiled warmly. "Yes, doctor." It was a joke, but she was also showing she accepted Vicky's offer to be a friend, confidant, and helper, above and beyond what any flight attendant would normally do as part of their job.

Vicky stood up. "I'll be back in a jiffy. Oh, and sorry if I upset your sensibilities by talkin' so frankly 'bout such things, but I'm a pretty frank gal. And I'm very up-front 'bout sex. So I just let it all out."

Sandy muttered, "That's okay. I'm glad you told me. Really glad, in fact. Oh, and thanks for not making a big deal about my nudity. Thank you!"

Vicky was all smiles. "My pleasure, Red. You're such a kind soul."

Sandy had no time to think about what had been discussed, because as soon as Vicky left (by stepping up on the aisle seat to get past Jane again), Jane urgently asked her, "Talking about what things?!"

Now it was Sandy's turn to play dumb. "What do you mean?"

"What she just said. 'Talking frankly about such things.' And she mentioned that it was about sex!"

Sandy carefully replied, "Yes, it was about sex, but I can't tell you the details. It was private stuff about specific people, told in confidence. You understand, don't you?"

Jane sighed. "Awww. I guess." Realizing she wasn't likely to learn anything interesting, her focus quickly shifted back to the on-going blowjob in the front row. Even after watching for so long, her interest was still strong and even growing.

To cut off the conversation, she said, "Too bad, but that's how it goes." Then she turned back to peer over the seatback in front of her.

Sandy would have normally wanted to talk to her daughter more, and especially change the topic to her concerns about Jane watching her brother get blown while masturbating in the nude. But Sandy was dying of curiosity to see with her own eyes what Lisa was doing to Darrin, especially after hearing so much for so long.

She immediately slid back to the middle seat. Then she knelt down to peep over the seatback in front of her, exactly as Jane was doing right beside her.

Lisa sensed right away that Sandy was watching again. She carefully confirmed that out of the corner of her eye to make sure.

With that knowledge in hand, she didn't really change much, except try to position herself so it looked titillating from where both Sandy and Jane were sitting. Also, she lowered the volume of her constant sexy moaning, since she didn't have to entice Sandy only by sound anymore.

Otherwise, things were proceeding as usual. It might have seemed incredible that Darrin still hadn't climaxed yet, even with all of Lisa's deliberately taking it easy and carefully with him, but that was only true in a very technical sense. In fact, he started to erupt into orgasm two times since Sandy had last looked. But Lisa had her special trick of squeezing the base of his shaft extra tightly in just the right way at the right time, and that short-circuited his orgasms before they could really begin.

She also had climaxed several times herself. Her light blue robe had finally fallen all the way off her at some point, and she fingered her clit or pussy lips from time to time. She didn't do that much, since she liked to have two hands on Darrin's cock and balls nearly all the time, but she was extremely experienced at knowing just when to stimulate herself a little bit to push her orgasmic urge over the edge.

Although it had been a long time since her sex slave years, her cocksucking stamina was largely a matter of sheer determination. Her jaw was getting very sore, but she felt she could continue almost indefinitely. And with her trick to stave off Darrin's orgasms whenever they started, plus other similar tricks, she figured he could last a lot longer too.

It wasn't long before both Sandy and Jane were freely masturbating. Sandy was all worked up from talking to Vicky, so she had another big orgasm right away, and then another big one soon after that.

Only after both of those did she feel satiated enough to think relatively clearly. While she continued to watch the blowjob action and play with her nipples and clit, she thought, I'm so impressed with my son! He just never cums, ever! If I'm going to be his slut, GOD! My mouth is really going to get a workout every day!

Er, not that I've decided to do that! But... it COULD happen! Especially since Vicky says incest is legal where we're going! Could that really be?! It sounds too good to be true! Um, I mean, too shocking and unlikely to be true!

UGH! Listen to me. What's happened to me today? I should be appalled by that sort of thing, but I'm so insanely horny that that sounds like fantastic news! All I can think about it just... sucking! Exactly what Lisa's doing now! Wrapping my lips around it, lapping my tongue up and down it, stroking it... So he could cum on my face! AND my tits! I want him to cover me in cum! Mark me! Claim me, even!

HNNG! "Sex pet!" So wrong! So very, very wrong! But so hot! Totally ashamed! Under his thumb! HNNG! OH GOD!

Vicky had deliberately taken her sweet time getting the drinks so Sandy and Jane could return to peeping and masturbating, exactly as she knew they would.

Once they were so into what they were doing that they basically blocked out everything else, Vicky walked up and over the aisle and middle seats to get past them. She made it to the "window" seat (without the window) and knelt on the floor right in front of it. She couldn't see anything interesting in the front row due to the boxes covering most of the "window" and middle seats in that row, but she wanted to sit like that so she'd be right next to Sandy again.

She tapped Sandy on the shoulder.

Sandy was startled, since she hadn't been expecting anyone from that direction. But after seeing that it was only Vicky, she relaxed. She had bonded to a surprising degree with the sexy blonde flight attendant due to their talk and especially because she'd shared her "secret shame" with her.

Vicky whispered to her, "I wanted ta get ya your drink. It's been so long, I'm sure you're dyin' of thirst. But I plum forget whatcha wanted. What was it again?"

Sandy merely replied, "Thanks." That wasn't a logical reply. But she'd been enveloped in a heavy sexual fog in the short time Vicky had been gone, and it was disorienting for her to come out of it enough to deal with Vicky or even do something as mundane as take a drink.

Vicky asked again, "What kinda drink was it?"

"Oh. Un. Orange juice is fine." Clearly, Sandy longed to get back to her blowjob watching.

Vicky realized that Sandy's highly aroused mood made it a good time to bring up the issue of Jane. She said, "I want ta give Jane her drink, but I forget what she ordered too. Can ya ask her?"

Sandy forced herself to look back in Jane's direction. She no longer was surprised in the least to see her gorgeous daughter buck naked and playing with her pussy and tits.

Vicky actually hadn't forgotten what kind of drinks the women had asked for, and she was just using that topic to initiate conversation. So she didn't mind when the dazed busty mother failed to ask that question to Jane. She'd only wanted to get Sandy to look at Jane anyway.

Once Sandy was definitely looking, Vicky whispered into Sandy's nearer ear, "It looks like she's gettin' a wee bit excited 'bout you-know-who and his you-know-what. But don'tcha get mad at her, okay? After all, she's seen and heard n' smelled the same things you have. Ya don't want ta be a hypocrite, do ya?"

Sandy felt sad to realize just how horny for Darrin's cock Jane obviously was becoming, if Jane didn't feel that way already. With that thought, she searched her feelings and realized she'd known for a while that Jane had been interested in Darrin's big cock for a long time. The subtle signs were there all along; she'd just consciously ignored them.

She couldn't get upset, since she felt the exact same way. Vicky had made a good point about how she shouldn't be a hypocrite.

Still, she felt obliged to say to Vicky, "I promise not to get mad... But... it's wrong! I have to do something!"

Vicky said, "I can see that you n' I need ta have another talk later. Who's ta say what's wrong or right? Each person has ta decide for themselves. But more to the point, look what's been happenin' all around Jane today. So many sexual things, excitin' things. How could she not be affected, the same as you? And if she just watches, what's the harm a that? Remember the 'no touchin'' rule?"

"Yeah?" Sandy grumbled.

"There's no real danger, as long as she sticks to that. You can make sure. She's still learning 'bout sex. Lisa's a cocksuckin' expert, a true suck queen. I'll bet Jane will actually learn a few useful things from watchin' ta make her future boyfriends happy."

Sandy wanted to ask, "What if she wants her next boyfriend to be her brother?" But she still had trouble speaking openly about such things, especially since the situation with Jane was especially tricky. Instead, she just sighed heavily. "I suppose. Maybe you're right."

"I know I'm right," Vicky whispered confidently. "By the way, what do ya think 'bout her masturbatin' like that?"

"I suppose it can't be helped," Sandy whispered back. "I'm not happy about it, but how can I complain when I still have my hands on my privates even while I'm talking to you? It's like we're on a runaway train and it can't be stopped!"

Vicky asked, "Have ya told her it's okay?"

"No way! I wouldn't even know how to begin to broach that topic. We never talk about sexual matters in our family."

"Do you might if I tell her? Then I reckon she won't be feelin' like she should be afraid a you all the time."

"I suppose not, if you think that's wise."

"I do. I'll take care of it now."

Then Vicky stood back up. She used the same trick to get around Jane she'd used before, walking up on the seat behind her to get past.

Sandy watched Vicky's progress. As she did so, she took her hands off her own privates and tried her best to make herself look presentable, knowing that Jane was likely to look her way very soon. But there wasn't much she could do to "make herself look presentable" except run her hands through her sopping wet inner thighs and then smear her cum elsewhere on her skin to at least make her arousal less noticeable.

Once Vicky was standing in the aisle, she put a hand on Jane's back.

Jane was completely lost in an incestuous fantasy land. It was like she had become Lisa, and her mouth really was filled with hot, throbbing cock-meat. She didn't even realize where she was or who she was anymore. So she jerked in surprise to be taken out of her lusty daze.

Jane was even more shocked when Vicky leaned down and spoke to her quietly, but also just loud enough for Sandy to hear, since Sandy was carefully listening and watching her lips.

Vicky said, "I've been talkin' ta your momma some more just now. She's noticed how you're totally naked n' masturbatin' ta the sight a your brother gettin' blown."

Jane took her hands off her tits and pussy like they'd turned into hot coals.

Jane's head jerked around until she made eye contact with Sandy. She blushed profusely. It was embarrassing enough she knew her mother already knew that, and doubtlessly had seen her masturbating mere seconds ago. But it was even worse to hear it acknowledged out loud, especially by a flight attendant she barely knew.

Interestingly, the eye contact made Sandy blush even more as well. That was remarkable, because Sandy's face was already so red (not to mention dripping with sweat).

Vicky added, "I told her that it's only natural for ya ta react that way n' need release. How could ya not? She agreed, though reluctantly. So she's not mad n' there ain't no need for ya ta be embarrassed. It's just basic biology. A pretty girl like you sees a big cock like that, n' you're gonna wanna suck it. Even if it belongs ta your brother. The main thing is sticking ta the 'no touchin'' rule."

Jane looked to Sandy and spoke quietly, so Darrin and Lisa wouldn't notice. "Really?! Mom, you're not upset?!"

Sandy replied just as quietly, "We'll talk about it later. I have... some issues. I don't want you to get sexually fixated on your brother. That's not healthy. But for now, it's like we're all trapped in a cage and forced to be naked with all these exciting sex acts going on, due to his blue balls problems. We just have to grin and bear it until we can get out of this sweat box and let things return to normal. So if you feel like you MUST masturbate, I'm willing to look the other way. But just remember: no touching your brother! Period!"

She added, hesitantly, "Especially not his... you know. His big, uh... well, you know!"

Jane nodded eagerly. "Totally! Ewwww! I don't even want to do that, 'cos he's still the same dorky little squirt I grew up with. I love him, but you know, not in THAT way. But instead of thinking it's HIS cock, when I watch I just think it's A cock. And then it's totally amazing to see what Lisa does. She's awesome!"

Sandy nodded. She decided she could live with that, especially since she had an almost uncontrollable desire to watch the on-going blowjob and masturbate herself into oblivion.

Vicky smiled down on them and said, "I'm glad ta help ya two sort that out. I'll be back in a minute with your drinks."

Once Vicky walked down the aisle and out of sight, Sandy thought as she wiped more sweat off her forehead, What an odd woman! And what a slutty woman. My goodness! I've never seen anyone who's been so open about talking about, well, anything. But I like her. She speaks from the heart, and how can anyone not like that? And she sure does speak her mind with no filter when it comes to sex! Phew!

It's weird. I've only known her for one conversation, and such a bizarre one at that. But I already consider her a friend. Heck, here I am, buck naked the whole time, and she's fully clothed! On an international airplane flight, no less! Talk about embarrassing! It's sweet that she did her best to ignore that. And she knows my secret shame, that I have a deep longing to do all kinds of naughty things to my son's penis, but she actually accepts me like that! I don't even know how to handle that. I can't believe ANYONE could be okay with that, anywhere! But maybe that was just my little corner of the world, and other people in other places do things differently?

Nah. Incest is illegal and immoral everywhere in the world. I'm sure of that. But she did say it's legal where we're going. Could that be true! I don't dare hope!

Sandy's gaze returned to Lisa's bobbing. And unthinkingly but not coincidentally, she stuck a finger in her mouth and started sucking on it. Now that Vicky was gone, at least temporarily, she could return her full attention to the blowjob action, and that delighted her to no end.

With nobody looking her way, she furtively brought her other hand to her crotch and began diddling her clit.

She carefully examined the scene to see what she'd missed. Not much had changed, except maybe there was a bit more sweat dripping down Lisa's face.

It seemed remarkable to Sandy that Darrin was getting blown by an incredibly beautiful woman who obviously was extremely orally talented, and yet he STILL hadn't cum yet. Considering it was his first real blowjob (if one didn't count some brief earlier efforts by Lisa), and he was only fifteen years old, one would have expected him to cum in five minutes or less, probably much less.

Of course, not only did Sandy fail to realize how Lisa was doing just about all she could to make it look like she was giving him a fantastic blowjob while actually making sure he didn't get too aroused, she also didn't know about the two times when he'd slipped over the edge but had his orgasms blocked by Lisa's special tricks before they could really get started.

Thanks to Lisa playing to her audience, her oral technique was more focused on things that looked good but didn't drive him too crazy. For example, she caved her cheeks in over and over again. It looked like she was using more suction than the most powerful vacuum cleaner, when in fact she wasn't really sucking that hard at all. Normally she would have sucked with great force when she did that, but not this time.

Also, she didn't use much tongue, since that was something that couldn't be seen by the others. There were times when she didn't use her tongue whatsoever. Plus, she'd keep such a light grip on his boner that she was hardly stroking it at all. She had many other tricks to put on an exciting show without doing a whole lot to him.

From Darrin's point of view, it didn't matter. He had no previous blowjob experience, so he had no idea how much she was holding back. But even her "pretend" blowjob was the most arousing experience of his life, bar none! And all the "faking" helped it go on much longer than it otherwise would have, so he would have had no complaints at all if he knew the truth anyway.

As Sandy stared some more, she unconsciously sucked on three fingers bunched together in her mouth, like they were a small penis (at least compared to her son's). I'm trying to stay calm and just examine this clinically, but I can't! Everything seems to come up to cocksucking today. Everything. I never talked about that without anyone in my life before, except Olivia obviously, but suddenly, it's like that's all anyone can talk about. And now I have to watch while I'm completely naked and far too horny!

I understand the focus, since my big man's big cock is the 500-pound gorilla in the room. How can anyone think about anything else except sucking on it?! But still, it's hard for me to adjust to all this frank sex talk. It's like some kind of perfect storm that's going to make my desire much, much stronger. It seems as if everything on this damn airplane is some vast conspiracy to make me want to suck him for real!

She didn't actually believe that last thought, but in fact that was the truth! There was a vast conspiracy to that very end. Every aspect of the environment, from the heat to the arrangement of the seats, was carefully done to help weaken her resistance. And it was working.

Sandy was getting more aroused by the second, with the way she was fingerbanging herself rapidly, taking her dangerously close to another orgasm. She leaned in closer over the seatback to get an even better look. She was particularly fascinated by the streaks of tears running down Lisa's cheeks, with fresh tears pouring out all the time.

Just look at her! Those must be tears of joy. They certainly can't be tears of sadness, because it's clear she loves what she's doing! Well, that and tears from the sheer difficulty. Olivia sheds tears a lot whenever she sucks her son, and she always told me it's from the joy plus the incredible effort. She says it's the most magical, thrilling combination. God, I want that!

Poor Lisa! Overwhelmed by too much cock! It must be physically painful for her to stretch her lips out that wide, especially for so long, but that doesn't faze her at all. Her sexy moans are driving me mad! And the way she's playing with the rest of his erection and his testicles too! It's like what Vicky said about that mystery mom and her passion. Lisa's got that passion too!

Sandy's fingers kept on pumping into her mouth and pussy, a hair's breadth from a screaming climax. Wow! My big man! I'm so happy for him. He must be flying to the stars on waves of pure pleasure! He's enjoying his very first blowjob! And from a woman who could easily be a professional centerfold. What a lucky bitch, the very first woman to suck him. But given the size of his cock, she definitely won't be the last!

For starters, there's the rest of our journey. I'll bet Lisa is going to spend a lot of it kneeling between his legs! Oh dear Lord! And Vicky keeps hinting how she'd love to blow him too. I bet she will! She's a total knockout too, even if not quite on Lisa's level. It's not like my son would ever turn HER down!

Plus, we're going to be with Lisa for at least a week after we get to the island. Given that she's done this much already, and that she's acting like a total slut for his cock, I don't think she's going to stop sucking him! And given that I know he cums six or seven times a day, she's probably going to spend a lot of the rest of all that time doing exactly what she's doing now! How am I going to handle it, watching all that sexy sucking?! I'm going to truly lose my mind!

She was totally oblivious, but she was sucking the three fingers in her mouth in obvious imitation of what Lisa was doing right in front of her. For instance, she was caving her cheeks in every time she would see Lisa do that. And Lisa frequently pushed Darrin's cockhead against her one cheek or another to make it bulge out. It wasn't something she normally did much since it wasn't particularly arousing for the man, but it was a highly visual move that she knew Sandy and Jane would enjoy. Sandy did the same to her cheeks with her fingers whenever she saw that.

When Sandy watched that move, she thought, Oh, God! Look at his enormous cockhead push out again! He's completely filling her mouth! I don't even know how she can breathe! If only that were ME! If that was MY mouth! I could be his cocksucking slut!

After all, I'm his mom. His naked big-titted mommy! He wants me! He loves my tits, my body, my face! His cock gets stiff every time he sees me. Who could know what he wants better than me?! He should love my slutty mouth too! It's true I've never done it before with a real penis, much less a gigantic cock like his, but I could learn. Good Lord, would I love to learn! I could spend so many hours practicing. So many, many, many hours! I'd have to get kneepads for all the learning I'd be doing, morning, noon, and night! UNGH! If only I could!

She said he hadn't done it before with a "real penis," because in fact she'd tried sucking on all sorts of phallic objects in the past few months. She'd even bought a dildo nearly as thick as Darrin's shaft for that purpose. And sometimes she crammed all five fingers into her mouth, usually when she'd watch one of her favorite Olivia videos. But sucking on other objects always made her frustrated and dissatisfied, because she knew it wasn't nearly the same as the real thing.

The three fingers in her mouth became four as her body heated up like an oven. Clumped together, it felt even more like she was sucking on cock, though she knew that still didn't compare to the thickness of her son's horse cock.

Jane was experiencing intense cocksucking-focused thoughts and feelings too. She'd started the day with much, much less of a blowjob fetish than her mother, but she was rapidly catching up because she'd been ogling Lisa's oral work the entire time Sandy had been talking with Vicky. She'd gone deeper and deeper into her fantasy blowjob world. With each passing minute, her arousal soared, and her desire to suck her brother's cock soared too.

More than once already, Sandy had previously watched Lisa doing something to Darrin and felt like she was having an out of body experience watching herself doing it. That exact same phenomenon had been happening to Jane too. It helped that she also bore more than a passing resemblance to Lisa. True, there were differences. For instance, Jane wasn't quite as busty or filled out in general, but that was only true in a relative sense. As an example, her F-cups weren't much smaller than Lisa's G-cups. So it was easy for her to imagine that she was watching herself suck off her brother.

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