Chapter 21
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Vicky came back fairly quickly, after being gone for about two minutes, click clacking down the aisle in her five-inch high heels. She'd seriously considered stripping down to a pornographic version of a flight attendant uniform, but she was still wearing the same uniform as before, including the small, matching brimless hat. It was sexy and showed off a fair amount of cleavage, but it wasn't pornographic. She'd noticed how her being fully dressed increased Sandy's shame and arousal of being fully nude, so she wanted to have that impact on her again.

Vicky was carrying four bottles of orange juice, with two of them in each hand. As she came back into view, she waved two of the bottles up high, and said, "Hey, y'all! I'm baaaack! Did ya miss me?" She giggled.

She walked right up to Lisa. She was completely unfazed by Lisa's topless condition and her lusty slurping and moaning. She tapped Lisa's head with one of the bottles. "Hey, you busty slut, I say it's break time. Everybody needs to drink and stay hydrated, and that includes you!" She tapped her head with the bottle a few more times.

Sandy came out of her deep erotic reverie with a start. As planned, she pulled her two fingers out of her pussy. She even belatedly realized how strange it must look to Vicky that she was sucking on four bunched up fingers as well, so she pulled them out of her mouth too.

She sat back in her seat, trying hard to look and act relatively normal. She had no idea how sweaty and ragged she looked or how sexy and cummy she smelled, and she was afraid to find out. She was still on the brink of really big cum, and that likely wasn't going to change much even without any stimulation of her privates, since everything around her was so very thrilling and erotic for her.

After quickly taking care of herself, Sandy leaned in to Jane, who remained kneeling next to her. She whispered, "Janey, quick! Sit back up in your seat please. And put your robe back on. All the way back on."

Jane sat back in her seat without any trouble. But she complained about the robe, "Do I have to?"

"Yes, you have to."

Sighing petulantly, Jane picked up her white robe from the floor and put it back on. With her mother closely watching, she pulled it into to place, even covering up her nipples.

While that was happening, Lisa reluctantly pulled her lips off Darrin's pulsing pole, and then wiped her cummy chin. She sat up high on her heels to give Darrin a great look at her enormous globes. She looked back to Vicky and tried to playfully swat her.

With her mouth free, she finally could react to Vicky's "Hey you busty slut" tease. She joked back to Vicky, "Who's calling who a 'busty slut?' 'Headline: Pot Calls Kettle Black!'"

Vicky laughed. "Okay. It's a tie. We're both shameless sluts!" She laughed some more.

Lisa laughed too, making sure that caused her big tits to wobble and shake. She reached out and rubbed Darrin's sweet spot at the same time, to make sure he'd get maximum enjoyment out of her brief tit wobbling show. She couldn't help herself from doing that even though he was dangerously close to cumming, since her sex slave habits were too deeply ingrained.

Indeed, Darrin was dangerously close. Lisa's "pretend" blowjob action was only pretend in a relative sense, and still contained a great deal of real stimulation. Like any experienced former or current Napali sex slave, Lisa's cocksucking skills were far off the charts compared to non-Napali norms. Even a deliberately "bad" blowjob from her would be better than any he was ever likely to experience in the outside world.

However, he was desperate not to cum with Vicky standing right there, especially since she was fully dressed and looking like a real flight attendant. He hadn't fully mastered sexual control of squeezing his PC muscle yet, but he had strengthened that muscle to a remarkable degree due to the recent SI "exercise program," and he was squeezing it for all he was worth.

Lisa wasn't going to let him cum again in any case. She was prepared to use one of her special tricks to stop him if need be. She knew it would be a long time before the flight would be over, and she hoped for him to stay erect and horny nearly the entire time. It was a must if the overall sexual transformation of the Douglas family was to continue.

True, Darrin came way more times per day than usual for a boy his age, and that was one key reason why he and his family had ultimately been chosen by SI, but even he had his limits.

"Here, drink." Vicky handed one of the orange juice bottles to Lisa.

The others realized from that interaction, especially the tapping of the bottle on Lisa's head, that Lisa and Vicky had to be friends and not just occasional acquaintances due to the yearly SI charter flights.

That was true. Lisa and Vicky had very similar histories, since both of them had their brother-masters die young on Napali Island. Then both of them had left their sex slave lives behind and moved back to America while continuing to be employed by SI to keep some connection to their treasured past.

The SI world was a relatively small one, with only about 300 people living on Napali Island at any given time, so Lisa and Vicky had known each other already back when they were active sex slaves. More crucially, they reconnected after both of them had moved back to America. Vicky lost her brother two years earlier than Lisa did, so she had naturally fallen into an older sister role, helping Lisa through the grieving process and then trying to adjust back to normal life. Thus, they were close, even though they usually lived in different towns doing odd jobs for the SI company and only kept in touch by phone or e-mail.

To Darrin's great relief, Lisa stopped jacking him off altogether once she took the bottle of orange juice from Vicky and started to drink it. He was huffing and puffing and sweating quite a lot. His boner was so stiff that it was jutting nearly straight up all on its own. It was soaked with Lisa's saliva and his own pre-cum. He wanted to cover it with his oversized T-shirt, to hide it from Vicky, but he was reluctant to do that because it was so very wet.

He closed his eyes and tried to calm his breathing, but without much success. Even without any tactile contact, just knowing that Lisa was topless right next to him, and Sandy and Jane were naked and partially naked respectively behind him, was almost too much to take. Even looking at the fully dressed Vicky was dangerous, since she was just as gorgeous and stacked as the others, and in an enticing "beach blonde" way he wasn't used to.

Vicky just stood there for about a minute, waiting for Darrin to come back from the brink of orgasm. With his eyes closed and Lisa busy drinking, she had a great chance to get a close look at his boner. Just like Lisa, being a Napali sex slave had ruined her for normal sex and normal penises. But also just like Lisa, she had no doubt that Darrin's cock was worthy of her adoration. Its eight-inch length was perhaps a bit short by Napali standards, but its width was impressive even compared to the cocks of most Napali men. Besides, it was very possible that his penis could grow still longer in the next few years.

Vicky was salivating and hungrily licking her lips, because she couldn't wait to get her lips around it! Although she was being paid for her flight attendant work on these flights, and her other SI work, she didn't care much about the money. With her looks she could have gotten a much higher paying job even than the very generous salary SI gave her, if that had been all that she'd been looking for.

As far as she was concerned, her real payoff from this job was the chance to serve a naturally superior cock like Darrin's, if only for a couple of days out of the year. She was flight attendant to all three families on the plane, and she was certain she was going to suck all three teenage cocks by the time the C-130 reached the Marshall Islands, and have other cocky fun with all three of them as well. However, she was most interested in Darrin's dick, since it was the thickest.

In addition, Lisa had told her all kinds of great things about him and the other two Douglases. She'd liked them a lot even before she met them, based on everything she'd heard about them.

She knew it wasn't part of the prearranged plan she'd worked out with Lisa for her to play his cock yet. But seeing it unattended and sticking up as it was, she couldn't resist bringing the cold bottle of orange juice in her hand to his crotch and lightly brushing against the side of his shaft.

The cold sensation against his hot, throbbing erection was a shock to his system. His entire body jerked and he opened his eyes wide in alarm.

She chuckled, "Sorry, stud. I couldn't resist." She finally handed the bottle of orange juice to him. "Here, you magnificently well-hung boy. Ya need ta hydrate most a all. Consider that the more liquid ya drink, the more cum you can shoot outta your cock n' into Lisa's mouth! Not ta mention other mouths around here!" She winked, making clear she was referring to herself.

He didn't know how to handle such a forward comment. His heart was racing wildly, his breathing was heavy and ragged, and he was still far too close to cumming for comfort. But Lisa was still guzzling down the orange juice while Vicky just stood there staring at his fully exposed hard-on and wantonly licking her lips, so he felt it would be impolite not to say something.

He waited a little longer until he more or less had his panting under control. Then he finally came up with asking, "So, um... ah... it sounds like you two know each other well?"

Vicky nodded. "Yeah, we go way back. In fact, now that I think about it, the very first time Lisa saw me, I was naked, kneelin', and bobbin' on a very fat cock! Isn't that appropriate for today?" She laughed some more.

That anecdote was true, although Vicky left out a lot of key details. When they'd first met, Lisa had just arrived at Napali Island a few days earlier. Lisa already had willingly chosen to enslave herself to her brother, and her mother had done the same, but she was struggling to cope with her new sex slave life. Vicky met Lisa at Lisa's very first cocksucking party, which are extremely common events on Napali. Lisa was kneeling naked between her brother-master's legs with her mother wedged in next to her, while Vicky was in the exact same pose with her mother between her brother-master's legs, just further down on the same sofa.

They were in a large room filled with dozens of other masters, all of them fully dressed except for their exposed crotches. Each master had at least two naked sex slaves bobbing between their legs, with many having three.

Other non-slave women were there as waitresses or guests. There were a fair number of women living in Napali who had chosen to be non-enslaved and sometimes non-attached altogether. But these "free" women also believed in the general philosophy of serving superior cocks. So they were posing and teasing to help keep cocks throbbing while sometimes getting kissed and fondled by whichever man pulled them in close, or even joining in the blowjob fun when they were allowed to. Like the slaves, these women all inevitably wound up buck naked with their faces splattered with cum. In fact, such parties traditionally didn't end until every woman had enjoyed at least one facial, and often a pearl necklace too.

Such parties were designed to emphasize the domination of the men and the submission and humiliation of the women, making everyone even more horny than if they had been doing pretty much the exact same thing at home. For instance, some more domineering masters liked to end the party by leashing their slaves by their slave collars and make them crawl home naked and on all fours, with their faces and tits still splattered with cum. That usually led to more excitement and thus yet more sex back home, if they made it that far before getting it on again.

In short, a party like that was a lot for a brand new slave like Lisa to get used to. Early in the evening, Vicky had introduced herself to Lisa at a rare moment when both of their masters were flaccid. From time to time, Vicky checked on Lisa and gave her some words of encouragement that helped inspire her to keep sucking with vigor and devotion. Lisa's brother-master had been impressed.

After that, Vicky and Lisa remained friendly and helped each other in little ways to better serve their masters, although they didn't become good friends until after they were both living back in America.

Lisa thought back fondly to that very party. "Wow! Memory lane. That was a great night, wasn't it?"

Vicky replied, "It was. Especially for you. But weren't they all great back then?"

Lisa wistfully sighed. "Yeah!"

Lisa thought, Those were the days! I would give anything to be that frightened but excited girl again, just starting to walk the long journey leading to total sexual submission. Gaawwwd! I loved those parties. So much endless cocksucking joy! Seeing over a hundred sexy slaves all sucking as one! Just thinking of the communal sound of us slaves all moaning loudly and lustily together gives me goose bumps all over again. And the facials! Seeing so many gorgeous faces and big tits, all glazed in spermy cream! Phew! I swear, it doesn't get any better than that! I hope I'll be able to attend a couple of those as Darrin's guest before I have to leave the island again.

Vicky moved on to the back row. "Here, ladies. You two need ta drink too." She handed the last two bottles out.

Jane and Sandy knew that Vicky was coming to them next, so they'd been furtively doing even more to make themselves look normal. By the time Vicky made it to their row, they were as prepared as they could get.

Jane was doing pretty well. Her face was flushed with arousal and embarrassment and her lovely flaming red hair was tussled, and sweat was rolling down her skin everywhere, but her robe was loosely in place and her nipples were covered.

Sandy looked much the same, thought even sweatier and with a redder face. But she couldn't do much to cover herself, since she had no clothes to put on whatsoever. She'd tried to wipe her inner thighs clean once more, since they've gotten soaked with cum all over again. She'd gotten her hands wet with cum and then had been forced to wipe her hands clean on other parts of her body.

Since that wasn't the first time she'd done that today, she was slowly developing a slight sheen of cum all over. That was especially the case with her huge tits, since her hands sometimes switched between fingering her sopping wet pussy and caressing her round melons. She couldn't bear to sniff her chest, but she knew it had to smell of sex.

In her current highly embarrassed mood, she would have loved to use her small blanket to at least cover her crotch. In fact, it was on the floor, directly under the seat she was sitting on. But she'd forgotten that it even existed. That was a good example of how she craved sexual humiliation without even realizing it. Deep down, she didn't want to find the blanket again, because she got off on being nude around her son.

She'd undergone a dramatic personality change since she'd stepped on the plane, because she was having the time of her life and the sexual joy never ended. That was a key part of SI's transformation plan, that she (and Jane) never had a chance to calm all the way down to take a serious look at everything that was happening. In Sandy's case, it was relatively easy to keep her riding high on sexual arousal, because as long as she was nude, so was bound to be very horny literally all the time. It was just a matter of degree.

By the time Vicky reached the back row, Sandy had a hand-over her pussy and an arm across her erect nipples. That actually made her look even more sexually provocative, especially due to the way so much flawless tit-flesh bulged out above and below her arm.

Vicky had to stop and take a moment to admire Jane and Sandy sitting side by side before addressing them. Sandy remained nude, of course. Jane had put her robe all the way back on, at her mother's insistence, but her robe had opened in front all the way in quick order. Jane was glad about that and made sure that all of her round F-cups were remained uncovered.

Vicky thought, Wow! Darrin's such a lucky boy! I hope he doesn't take a third slave, 'cos these are all he'll ever need. They're both gorgeous, even by Napali standards! I can't wait ta see 'em kneelin' side by side between his legs, slurpin' on his horse cock together. I 'specially would love ta see 'em suck n' lick him as one with their slave collars 'round their necks, or even witness their official enslavement ceremonies, but it's better if I don't step back on the island. Too many memories!

Vicky handed the orange juice bottle to Jane first, since she was closer. As she did, she said, "Here ya go."

"Thanks." Jane immediately rested it against her sweaty forehead to try to cool off a little bit.

Vicky added, "My goodness! Aren't you a sexy young thing? What a curvy n' fit body. You're gonna make some Napali boy very, very happy!" She chuckled.

Jane's flushed face blushed even more from the praise. "Thanks." She brought the bottle to her mouth and began to drink. Despite her embarrassment, she sat up straighter and stiffer to better show off her bare rack.

Vicky went on, "And look at your face. So cute, yet hot. And I love how your cheeks are all red from watchin' your brother get his cock sucked. Sorry if this kinda a forward thing ta say, but speaking of cocksuckin', has anyone ever told ya you have wonderful cocksucker lips?"

Jane practically choked on her juice, and did a partial spit take. She had to pull the bottle from her face and try to recover. Her face blushed even more.

Vicky pretended to be apologetic. "Oh, I'm sorry. It looks like ya haven't heard that. But it's true. You've got full, juicy lips. I can practically see 'em wrapped 'round a really thick cock, though I'm afraid very few are as thick or as perfect as your brother's, even on Napali. Like I said, you're goin' ta make some guy there very, very happy!" She chuckled some more.

Jane had her brother's erection on her mind, of course, after staring at Lisa's action on it for so long. It was jarring to even think about other boys with other penises. The idea struck her as distasteful, even disloyal. But she was reluctant to admit how much she longed to suck on her brother's thickness, and she definitely didn't want Vicky to know what she was thinking and feeling.

Lisa spoke up, saying to Vicky, "You know, it's funny you say that, because earlier I told Sandy nearly the exact same thing! Sandy, I hope you don't mind me sharing what I told you in private, but I just have to mention that I said she had 'perfect cocksucker lips!'"

Sandy wanted to bury her face in her hands. Her face burned so red and hot from embarrassment that one practically could have cooked an egg on it. She closed her eyes shut tight, but that didn't undo what Lisa just said.

Vicky turned her attention to Sandy's face and stared especially at her lips. "Ya know what? You're right! She does have great cocksucker lips too! But I s'pose that shouldn't be a big surprise, since they share a lotta the same genes."

Lisa gladly added, "Indeed. Like mother, like daughter. Can you imagine if they took turns bobbing on some big cock together? Boy! Whoever would be on the receiving end would be the luckiest guy on earth!" She laughed.

Vicky laughed too. They shared a secret knowing smile as they continued to laugh together, because, of course, they knew already that Darrin was the one who was already fated to be that "luckiest guy." He just didn't know it yet.

Curiously, Sandy had been offended to hear that Jane had "cocksucker lips" too. She thought that was something special and unique just for herself. She'd been horribly embarrassed when Lisa brought up her lips too, but also mollified because that showed that Lisa really meant it, and Vicky agreed.

She finally opened her eyes and furtively checked out Jane's lips while Jane was looking elsewhere. She had to admit that her daughter had essentially the same naturally "bee-stung" and full lips that she did. She liked that they both had that little thing they could share, even if they were too embarrassed to actually talk about it.

Vicky realized she might have gone a little too far with the frank sexual talk, especially with her opportune little in-joke, so she decided to change the topic altogether. She looked to Sandy with renewed concern. "Oh my! Sorry, Red. I still haven't given ya your juice yet, and I reckon you need it most of all. Here ya go." She reached over Jane to hand Sandy the last bottle.

Now that everyone was sitting up and able to look at each other, Sandy was feeling even more self-conscious about her nudity. This was especially true since Darrin finally turned around in his seat and sat up on his lower legs so he could stay in constant visual contact with Sandy and Jane in the back row. He felt free to do that since his boner wasn't even being touched at the moment, not realizing that Lisa could have adjusted to whatever position he took at any time.

Furthermore, Vicky was standing in a spot where she could see all of Sandy's body, and Jane could see all of hers too. Only Lisa remained out of sight, since she stayed on her knees in the aisle by the front row.

Sandy didn't know what to do about her nakedness. She kept her pussy covered with one hand, but she had to use her other hand to hold the orange juice bottle. She considered pulling her knees up to her chest to cover her enormous boobs, but she decided to brave it out. She thought, correctly, that Vicky would disapprove of that repositioning and gently tease her about it. Plus, on a subconscious level, she was getting off on the sexual humiliation of being completely exposed and helpless.

Vicky said to the whole group as they drank, "I don't know if all y'all realize this, but I was having a private talk with Sandy a while ago, and right in the middle of it she got a bad case a the shakes! That happens sometimes on these flights due to the heat. I'm gonna talk to the pilot and get him to turn the overhead fans on so we can at least get some air circulation goin' on here."

"Yeay!" A general cheer from the others rose up. They all were sweating profusely, though it was due much more to the sexual heat and emotional intensity than the actual heat. That could be seen by the fact that Vicky was hardly sweating at all.

Vicky added sourly, "Please don't ask why they can't do that all the time. It's a long story. But with a medical situation happenin' here with Sandy, they have no choice but ta do somethin'. People don't realize how serious overheatin' is. The key is ta drink a lot and stay hydrated. Lisa's got a whole cooler filled with cold water bottles, and I'll be stoppin' by from time ta time with drinks and/or food for y'all. So just keep drinkin' every chance ya get, n' don't be shy ta ask Lisa for more water, n' you'll be fine. Ya hear?"

Lisa had finished her drink, so she handed the empty bottle to Vicky. Then, bringing one hand back to Darrin's balls and the other to his shaft, she said to her as she resumed fondling and stroking, "Vic, it looks like I've got a thick, fat, hot cock that simply doesn't know how to go down! It looks like I'm gonna be spending a lot more time with my lips wrapped around it and my tongue lapping away, so I want to be properly dressed. Can you please get my high heels?"

"Sure thing." Vicky gave her a knowing wink.

All the Douglases heard that interaction and were puzzled by it. But it was Jane who asked Vicky, "What was that about? What do high heels have to do with, you know..."

"Suckin' cock," Vicky helpfully suggested.

"Right." Jane's embarrassment grew. She hoped it wasn't obvious how she kept salivating and licking her lips.

"Oh, ya didn't know? I would think that with your pouty, full cocksucker lips, you would be an expert on the art of pleasin' your man with your mouth. Every woman knows that cocksuckin' is twice as much fun if you're doing it wearin' high heels."

Jane was powerfully impacted by that high heels mention. Sucking Darrin's cock while buck naked seemed plenty outrageous already, but doing it while wearing high heels took it to another level of naughtiness somehow.

Sandy was far less affected, because she already had a high heel fetish of sorts, due to the fact that Olivia always wore high heels in all of her videos. Actually, that usually was all she wore in them (and in real life). To Sandy, it was pretty much a given that the "proper" way to suck cock was doing it while kneeling completely naked between your man's legs, with the exception of high heels.

Not surprisingly, that was the general SI "ideology," in so far as the organization encouraged any special sex positions. Both Lisa and Vicky had already been encouraging the naked kneeling position quite a few times to both Sandy and Jane. They hadn't mentioned high heels much at all yet, but that was about to change.

Lisa looked to Vicky and nodded, sharing an unspoken signal relating to the high heels issue.

Then she turned to Jane and said, "It's true! I know it sounds silly to you now, but just wait until you try it."

Lisa looked back to Darrin's erection as if she'd forgotten about it and then had the joy of rediscovering it all over again. "MMMM!" The reason she had remained kneeling was so she could get back to pleasuring his hard-on before it was in danger of going flaccid. Although he was in a new position, turned around to fact the back row and sitting up in his seat, His cock remained within easy reach for her.

She licked her lips hungrily and then lowered her head back down. She considered sucking him some more, but she was trying to give him a rest to let him recharge and recover. So she "merely" went back to licking on and around his sweet spot.

Darrin shut his eyes tight, and clenched his fists and his teeth. He took a deep breath and braced himself, because he felt like he'd been gotten off the greatest amusement park ride in the world, a real heart attack inducer, only to turn around and get right back on it again!

Sandy and Jane were sitting in their seats in the usual way, but they had become like bloodhounds when it came to any action on Darrin's cock. As soon as Lisa started to stroke and lick it, they sensed something was up, but they couldn't see above the seatbacks in front of them.

Very quickly, both of them took inspiration from the way Darrin was sitting up in his chair on his lower legs. They both did the same, except they continued to face forward towards him. If they did that and leaned forward some, they could see over the seatbacks to his crotch, so that's exactly what they did.

Vicky tapped the top of Lisa's mass of black hair. "Give me a little while, ya sexy slut. I'll get ya your heels. But first I've gotta go check on the other families. I've been spendin' too much time here. Y'all are too much sexy fun! I need ta go see if there are any fires elsewhere to put out. Figuratively speakin', of course!" She chuckled. "I'll be back in a few minutes."

Lisa moaned in affirmative response as she slurped and stroked away.

Vicky walked away to check on the other families.

Darrin was worried about Sandy, thinking that she'd really suffered the shakes. So, once he'd mentally adjusted as best he could do the extreme pleasure of Lisa's renewed oral attentions on his hard-on, he reopened his eyes to look at his mother.

His jaw dropped and his heart practically leaped out of his chest. In the short time since he'd had his eyes opened last, Sandy and Jane had repositioned. Now he could easily see all of their bodies except for their lower legs tucked under their asses.

It was a sexually awe-inspiring sight to see both of them like that, sitting up next to each other. Sandy was nude, of course, and not even bothering to cover up her pussy mound anymore. Jane still had her white robe on, but it didn't cover much at all. In fact, even as he looked her way, she subtly shrugged the robe right off her shoulders, causing it to fall down to her waist. And the robe was open below the sash, leaving her bald pussy in full view.

To make the view even better, both of them were sitting as far forward in their chairs as their legs would let them and were leaning forward for good measure, in order to have the best view over the seatbacks. That meant their heavy tits were dangling down in an extra enticing manner. With him sitting up in the same way to look back at them, their upper bodies were in easy reach if only he didn't have to abide by the "no touching" rule.

He decided to speak his mind. "Wow! Hey, you two, you look so sexy that it's nuts! I wish I had two sets of eyes so I could ogle both of you at once!"

They liked that a lot. In fact, without looking at each other, both of them sat up stiffer and taller while arching their backs slightly to emphasize their enormous tits even more than usual. Both women even felt goose bumps all over just because of his lusty gaze.

Jane teased him, "Do you really mean that, or are you just saying it because you're so horny now that Lisa's licking your big fat cock again?"

He replied, "You can see she's licking my cock, and stroking it pretty good too, but I'd be totally horny for you two just the same!"

Jane giggled. "Nice answer!"

He gave Jane an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, but I'm worried about Mom's shakes. Do you mind if I give her a careful look over first?"

Jane said, "No, that's okay. Just so long you don't forget to check me out after that." While she was talking to him, she brought a hand to her lap and subtly undid the sash. That caused her robe to fall away even from her lower body, leaving her just as buck naked as her mother.

The sexually provocative nature of that gesture was obvious. It was as if she was offering her entire naked body to him, which she kind of was. That set her heart racing much faster, and his heart racing much faster too.

He rewarded her by saying, "Believe me, I wouldn't miss that for the world! I still haven't finished telling you just how beautiful you are. But that's coming later too."

"Good! It better!" She laughed at her own cheeky words.

Darrin finally was able to redirect all of his attention to his mother.

He knew very well she was naked, but to actually see her again in her full natural glory was a tremendous shock just the same. She was so sexy that he couldn't believe his eyes. GOD! She's so STACKED! Her tits! So round, so firm, so flawless! SO HUGE! And yet they hardly sag at all. I mean, I knew that already, of course, but to see her sitting naked like that... HOLY FUCK! How could anyone with a face like that have a body like that?! It's crazy! And I can totally see her red bush and her pussy lips and everything. She's WET! WOW!

I'll never get over the fact that she's my mom!

And all the while, Lisa is licking my dick like it's nothing at all! I'm the fucking luckiest guy in the history of ever!

Sandy saw the lusty look in his eyes, and the way he was looking at her like a starving dog staring at a raw steak, and her heart soared.

He leaned forward to get an even better and closer view, especially of her lower body down to her knees. His head wound up on "their side" of the seatback. He took full advantage of that position to get an excellent view of her pussy from only a couple of feet away. He could have reached out and touched it with ease.

His clear interest in looking at her pussy should have upset her, and it did, but only a little. Mostly, it embarrassed and thrilled her.

After some long moments, she finally got too embarrassed and used a hand to cover her wet pussy. She brought an arm across her I-cups too.

"Hey, Mom. I'm worried about you." He reached out to hold her hand, which was a clever move, because she couldn't use both hands to cover her privates.

She was forced to pull away the arm that was covering her nipples mere seconds after she'd covered herself. Her blush turned redder still as she took his hand, but she actually thrust her immense melons out some more too.

She was chagrined at his concern, since she'd never had the shakes but had to pretend she did because she couldn't admit the truth that she'd had a particularly epic orgasm instead.

She smiled at him and said, "Awww, aren't you sweet? But don't worry, I'm fine. I'm just too hot."

He grinned from ear to ear. "Everybody knows that! Especially me!"

Her embarrassment increased yet more as she realized the accidental double meaning of her words. "I didn't mean it like that! But anyway, don't worry, it was just a freak thing. I'll be fine, I promise."

"Okay. If there's anything I can do to help, like get you some more water, let me know. Except giving you your clothes back, of course." He grinned impishly.

"You! You devil!" She rolled her eyes at him. But she was beaming with delight.

He finally had to close his eyes, after realizing that ogling his nude mother while Lisa was licking around his cockhead was too much arousal at once. He put a hand on Lisa's head to silently acknowledge her effort as well to bask in the joy.

Lisa loved that and loudly purred with approval. She hoped that he was gradually getting the message that she wanted him to touch and even guide her head a lot more.

Sandy was downright giddy at his show of concern. Such a GOOD boy! I'm so lucky to have him. He thought to ask about me even while Lisa's busy lapping her hot little tongue all over his massive steel pole. I wish I could say thanks by... well, sucking his cock! Goodness me, I can't stop thinking about that today! Or at least titfucking it... and sucking the top at the same time! Olivia does that to her son all the time. Or I could stoke it while he kisses and fondles me, or... something. Some way to show how much I love him... using my body! Gaawwwd, I just want his cock!

But I can't. I have to be good. A good mom. "No touching." Responsible. Dammit! I hate being good! If only I could suck him just the one time... until he cums on my face! Then maybe this crazy way I've been feeling would go away. I can't think, I can't talk, I can't breathe... I'm just too damn horny!

Vicky had very quickly checked on the two other families and saw nothing that needed her special attention. She was keen to hurry back to the Douglases, since they really were the most "sexy fun," due to being furthest along with their sexual transformation.

As she came back to the group, she exclaimed, "Hey, y'all! Did ya miss me?"

The others offered her their greetings. It was remarkable how Vicky had practically become a member of their group in such a short time. Certainly nobody was alarmed by her return, much less totally panicked as they were when she first showed up out of the blue.

Vicky walked past Jane and Sandy to get to the unoccupied "window" seat in the back row. She could do that in the usual way this time, since the two women were still sitting up on their lower legs in their seats so they could be up high enough to look over the seatbacks to Lisa's licking and stroking.

Standing right next to Sandy with a hand on her shoulder, Vicky then said, "Hey everyone, I have a special announcement. I've told Sandy that I'm takin' on the role of her personal doctor. That's a jokey thing since I have no medical trainin' whatsoever, but it's also kind of serious, since she's had the shakes. I've seen this before on other flights on this damn sweat box of a plane, so I at least have some ability ta help with that. And ta help her with that, I've given her two orders: drink a lot, n' stay completely naked! For the whole rest a the flight!"

"Oh God!" Sandy dropped her head and buried her face in her hands. I'm going to be my son's naked big-titted mommy for the rest of the day! And what's to stop tomorrow's flight from being exactly the same?!

Darrin smiled widely at his mother. "Cool! Now, that's some medical help I can fully support with my tax dollars!"

The others laughed. It was especially funny since he was too young to begin paying taxes.

Sandy covered her pussy with one hand and crossed her nipples with her other arm again, since having the fully dressed flight attendant stand right next to her made her even more self-conscious about her nudity, and Vicky's announcement only further emphasized her humiliation.

She complained up to her, "Seriously?! You're serious about that?! For the WHOLE flight?!"

Vicky tossed her a bone to give her a little (false) hope. "Well, maybe not the whole flight. I reckon it might even cool down some, once the fans get goin'. But it's not up ta me. I understand Darrin took your robe and currently possesses it, so he's officially in charge. If ya want ta wear it later, ya should work it out with him."

Darrin's smile grew wider as he ogled his mother's bare I-cups. "REALLY cool!" He rubbed his hands together theatrically. "I'm definitely going to make her work for it!"

The others laughed good-naturedly. There was an obvious suggestion of incestuous desire in his comment. It was a sign of how much the group norms had changed in a short time that nobody said anything about it.

Sandy's body was already on fire from the sexual heat, much more than the actual hot airplane. But what her son said stoked her fires into a raging inferno. She had visions of being "forced" to suck his cock in order to earn some time wearing her robe. That sounded so hot that she practically burst into flames.

She clutched at her huge melons from the outer sides and pushed them together. "Son, you're mean! Look at my body!" She mostly just wanted him to look some more, even though he already was.

But she needed an after the fact justification for that provocative comment, so she added, "This is not the kind of body that should be totally exposed on an airplane! My breasts are too big. They draw too much attention. Do I have to remind you that we're on an airplane?!"

Ironically, her comments backfired, because between the way she was pushing her tits together and what she was saying in an unusually husky and lusty voice was too much for him to handle. He could just barely handle Lisa's talented tongue and hands, and staring at his nude mom as the same time was orgasmically dangerous.

He was forced to close his eyes. He struggled mightily not to cum. It was a close call, but he managed, thanks to Lisa sensing the danger and easing up on him. She firmly gripped the base of his shaft, using that special trick of hers for the third time in the last half hour to make sure he wouldn't erupt.

Sandy was solely disappointed to watch her son stop looking. She let go of her bouncy breasts and picked up her bottle of orange juice again. She took a sip and then put it back down.

She thought, Darn it! I should be relieved he's not looking at my nakedness, but I only feel sad. Something's really wrong with me. I'm actually enjoying being naked in a weird sort of way, even though the humiliation is never ending. I'm so used to wearing fully covering clothes all the time that being naked like this is really making me sex mad. I've never been so horny in my entire life, and there's no way to turn it off, because there's no way to cover up.

I have to get at least some clothes back, and soon! I can't control my thoughts or feelings. It's one thing to fantasize, but things are getting dangerously sexy. If my big man were to stick his big cock right in front of my face, and rub it across my cheeks and even my lips, could I honestly say I wouldn't crane my mouth open wide and suck him on in?

NO! There's no way I could resist! Gaawwwd! I'd bob on him so long and so intensely that it makes me almost cream from just dreaming about it! Just like that redheaded woman who totally broke. I can't let that happen to me! I HAVE to be strong and stick to my no touching rule!

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