Chapter 22
Written by Spacer X <>

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Vicky was still standing next to Sandy, waiting for an opening to talk to her. She sat down in the empty seat behind her and spoke quietly for Sandy's ears only. "The others are chugging their juice down, Red. Why aren't you?"

It was true, Sandy hadn't drunk much of her drink yet, while the others were done or almost done. Partially, it was because of the distracting conversation, not to mention the way she'd been flirting by showing off her naked body to her son.

But she didn't want to mention any of that, so she used another legitimate reason to explain herself: "I drank down that big bottle of water you gave me a little while ago, and they didn't. I'm just not that thirsty."

That was a good excuse, since she had drunk an extra bottle of water after Vicky told her she had the shakes.

Still, Vicky wasn't deterred. "Yeah, but ya need it more. Unless ya want to get the shakes again, or worse."

Sandy wasn't worried at all about her supposed shakes problem, since she knew full well that she'd had a massive orgasm instead. But she felt she could never admit that to anyone after having gone along with the shakes story this far. It was a lot easier to just drink more, which was a good idea anyway.

So she silently nodded, took another sip of the juice to show she was making progress, and then put it back down.

Vicky groaned in frustration at that tepid effort. "Is that the best ya can do? UGH!" She glanced back towards the others.

Just then, with expert timing, Lisa engulfed Darrin's cockhead again.

Lisa was insatiably hungry for his cock. It had only been a couple of minutes since the last time she'd used her special trick to stave off his impending orgasm. She figured that had essentially "reset" his urge to cum almost the same as if he'd had a long break without her stimulating him at all.

Actually, that wasn't entirely true. He still was highly aroused. But Lisa simply couldn't help herself. As a former sex slave who still very much had a sex slave mindset, she couldn't stay close to such a magnificent cock for long without giving in to her great desire to suck on it.

There was no way Sandy could miss what was happening.

First, Lisa let out a loud yet muffled cry as her oval cavity was completely filled again. The raven-haired beauty was hamming it up a bit for her audience, but not much, because she adored doing this. Her entire body was fire.

Then, even as Lisa was moaning like a wanton slut, Darrin let out a loud cry. He hadn't been expecting for Lisa to resume bobbing on him, especially since he was still recovering from the excitement of talking to and looking at his nude mother. He was frustrated the seats didn't have armrests, because he would have gripped his for fear life. Failing that, he clenched his fists in the air and grimaced like his body had been riddled with bullets.

Sandy had been slumped back in her seat while drinking her juice and talking to Vicky. But she suddenly sat up straight and lurched forward in response to what was like a siren call for her. She handed her orange juice bottle back to Vicky without even looking her way, because drinking didn't concern her anymore. Since she was sitting up on her lower legs, and Darrin was sitting up in the exact same way right in front of her and facing her, she suddenly had a great view of his crotch and Lisa's head bobbing away on it.

Suddenly, she was beside herself with excitement again. Her body was actually tingling from head to toe. She was so excited that even the excellent view she had wasn't good enough. She stood up and pressed herself against the seatback. She even draped her arms over the seatback and brought her hands down to the seat her son was on. The height of the seatback was just right for her huge tits to lightly rest on its top edge and dramatically hang forward.

That was a sight Darrin would have dearly loved to see, but his eyes remained shut tight as he waved his fists in the air, trying to cope with way too much erotic pleasure.

Jane had an almost identical reaction as her mother. In fact, seeing how Sandy stood up, she did the exact same thing. Within seconds, she also had her arms and hands on the other side of the seatback with her ample melons also hanging over the seatback's top edge.

Since the middle seat of the front row was partially occupied by a large box, Sandy had been forced to slide over towards the aisle seat Darrin was in. As a result, Sandy and Jane had to press close together, with their shoulders touching.

Had Darrin been able to open his eyes and see both his mother and sister like that, side by side, with four flawless breasts lined up within his reach, he would have lost his mind to big tit joy.

Vicky was very pleased by all she saw and heard. The SI team studying this year's recruits to Napali had been more concerned by Sandy than anyone else on the plane. The friendship between Sandy and SI confederate Olivia had gone well and blossomed into a genuine and close friendship. Olivia had reported that Sandy had fully given in to having fantasies and dreams about her son to the exclusion of anything else.

But there was still a big gap between Sandy's intense incestuous fantasies and her real life. For instance, Sandy ignored all of Olivia's pleas to loosen up and dress sexier. Just days ago, she had still been binding her I-cups and wearing fake glasses.

But Vicky realized that getting Sandy totally naked had been a great stroke of luck. Nobody on the SI team could have confidently predicted how she'd behave when that happened, since it was a completely unprecedented situation in Sandy's life. It turned out that it kept her so hot and bothered all the time that she never had a moment to calm down enough to seriously question what was happening. As a result, instead of the usual pattern with future mother slaves of two steps forward and one step back, with Sandy it was more like two steps forward and then two more steps forward.

That, more than anything else, put her sexual transformation plan ahead of schedule. However, there was still a long ways to go, with the most difficult hurdles still to come. Vicky wanted to strike while the iron was hot, but in order to do so she had to wing it.

Seeing that the others were completely preoccupied, Vicky had a new idea she wanted to try out with Sandy. Standing next to her, she spoke softly but from close enough to get Sandy's attention. "'Scuse me, Red, you sexy thing. Might if we go somewhere and talk in private some more?"

In truth, Sandy minded a lot! Although she'd enjoyed her last conversation with Vicky, her only interest at the moment was watching Lisa suck Darrin's cock. In her new position, and his relatively new position facing her, she was so close that she could have easily reached out to assist by fondling his balls or stroking his shaft! It was all too exciting! She was resolved to stick to her "no touching" rule, but at the very least she wanted to be left alone so she could masturbate in peace while daydreaming that she was the one whose lips were siding up and down his wet and trembling shaft.

However, Sandy felt obliged to talk to Vicky if that's what Vicky wanted, because she didn't want to get in trouble. Vicky knew her "secret shame," and she had power as an SI employee and flight attendant, so Sandy wanted to stay on her good side at all costs.

Sandy decided to compromise. She whispered to Vicky, "Okay, but do you mind if we talk while I'm like this, right here? If you want privacy, we can whisper quietly."

Vicky chuckled. "Sure." She leaned in closer and actually wrapped a hand around Sandy's bare back. Then she whispered directly into Sandy's ear, "I reckon ya really love watchin' him get his cock sucked, don't ya?"

Sandy's face turned redder, but she couldn't deny it. "Yeah!"

Vicky whispered, "You wish it was you! Ya wish that so much that it hurts! Don'tcha?"

She waited for a reply, but Sandy was too embarrassed to say anything.

Vicky went on, "I can tell that your greatest fantasy is if ya could take Lisa's place! See how she has one hand fondlin' his balls n' another hand strokin' his long, thick shaft? Those could be YOUR hands! But look at her face! See that rapturous look? See those tears rollin' from her eyes? Those could be YOUR tears! 'Cos you'd be the one strugglin' with all your might just ta keep that anaconda in your mouth! And looking at that bulge in her cheek. That's his fat knob pressin' on her cheek from inside her mouth! That could be YOUR tongue lappin' all over it, YOUR lips slurpin' n' slidin' on it! Isn't it true?!"

Sandy felt like she was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She whispered back hotly but quietly, because she was desperate to make sure her son couldn't hear, "STOP! Please, stop! STOP! YES, it's true! That's what I want, more than anything!"

Vicky would have loved to tease and torment Sandy with more sexy talk, but she could see that the ultra busty mother was on the verge of either cumming hard or bursting into tears in frustration, or both. So she merely rubbed a hand up and down Sandy's back and cooed in her ear, "That's okay. I get it. There's no shame in that. Just relax n' enjoy the sexy scene. I'm your friend and I only want ta help ya."

Sandy sighed with relief. "Thanks!" She closed her eyes for some long moments just to help calm down.

Vicky was still holding the opened orange juice bottle Sandy had hastily handed back to her once Lisa's blowjob action resumed. Vicky leaned in towards Sandy and pressed the bottle towards her face, so she couldn't ignore it. "Here. As your semi-official nurse, I insist ya have ta finish this off. It's important for ya ta drink ALL the liquid refreshment you're offered. I don't want ya ta get the shakes again.... or worse!"

Sandy briefly glanced at the bottle, very annoyed by the distraction.

Vicky whispered, "Don't make that face. Here's an idea to inspire you." She held the bottle right up to Lisa's nearer cheek. "Consider this bottle. Note how it's long yet thin, as bottles go. But if ya think of it as a boy's penis, it would be quite a thick one!" (It was no accident she said "boy" instead of "man.")

Sandy's eyes bugged out, predictably enough. The bottle immediately went from an annoyance to something quite interesting.

Vicky put the bottle back in Sandy's hands, both hands, and then guided it towards her face. It was smooth and slick, without any paper label. She lowered her voice to a whisper and said, "As you keep watchin' Lisa do her thing, why not have a little fun as ya drink? Imagine you're kneelin' while completely starkers, and your lover is standin' above ya. Stroke it n' bring it close ta your face!"

Sandy was afraid at first. For starters, what if somebody saw? She looked around. Darrin would have been staring right at her, close enough to reach out and touch her face, except that he clearly was struggling with all his might not to cum. His eyes were shut tight and his teeth were clenched while he panted hard. Obviously, he knew she was nude in front of him, but he felt that opening his eyes to look at her beauty would probably push him over the orgasmic edge.

Lisa was still kneeling in from the aisle, which meant Sandy generally had a side view of her face. Lisa kept her eyes closed nearly all the time so she could concentrate intently on savoring her cocksucking. She did open her eyes from time to time, and she could see Sandy out of the corner of her eye if she did. But Sandy had already watched a lot of Lisa's oral action and she knew that when Lisa opened her eyes, it was only to look up at Darrin's face to gauge his reaction or to look down at what her fingers were doing on his shaft and balls.

Finally, Sandy looked over to Jane. Her daughter was still a mirror image of herself, standing in the exact same pose with their shoulders still touching. But Jane was utterly transfixed with Lisa's sucking. She also had brought one hand back to her own side of the seatback. Sandy couldn't see where that hand went, but she was certain from the angle and situation that Jane was playing with her pussy. Sandy concluded that while Jane might notice her doing something with the orange juice bottle, she wouldn't give it any thought.

Sandy did all that looking in a few seconds and decided that she could take the risk of going a little sexual with the water bottle. If either Darrin or Lisa looked her way, she figured she'd notice right away and then just revert to drinking from the bottle in the normal way, leaving them none the wiser.

She closed her eyes and immediately brought the bottle to her lips. Since the bottle top was off, she had to keep it just level enough so the juice wasn't pouring out, because she didn't want that yet. Instead, she just kissed the tip while sensuously stroking the rest.

Within seconds, she essentially forgot that Vicky was there. Suddenly, in her mind, it was like the bottle WAS her son's erection, even though it was significantly thicker than his dick or even any human dick could get.

As she continued to watch Lisa suck and slurp, she drifted into fantasy, thanks to Vicky's suggestion that she could imagine kneeling in front of a standing boy.

Drawing on some of her favorite fantasy themes, she imagined in her mind that she and Darrin already were longtime lovers. He'd just come home from school to find her kneeling naked in the middle of his room. Grinning from ear to ear, he dropped his shorts and whipped out his enormous boner. Then he silently walked up to her and rested the tip of his cock on her chin. Holding and stroking his boner from the very start, she looked up into his brown eyes, pretending to be annoyed.

As she eagerly lapped and licked around his piss hole, she complained, "Son! You're so naughty, sticking your fat cock in Mommy's face again! Do you want me to suck on it again? Why must you assume that just because I'm kneeling naked and clutching my huge titties together, I'm doing it all for you? Are you going to be polite and ask first for me to choke and gag on your thick knob, or are you just going to silently shove it down my throat, as usual?"

In her mind, Darrin still didn't speak, but just took a step closer into her personal space, forcing her to take his cockhead in her mouth. In real life, she couldn't begin to get her lips around much of the bottle, because it was way too wide, but in her daydream she pretended that she gobbled down his entire cockhead and then some.

That meant that in her fantasy she could no longer speak, since she naturally started bobbing on him as soon as her oral cavity was filled with his needy cock-meat. With Lisa performing right in front of her, Sandy did her best to imitate almost every move Lisa had. The only problem was that she had to stroke the bottle with one hand while holding it in place with the other, so she didn't have a hand to pretend-fondle his balls, like Lisa was doing. But the bottle didn't have a good counterpart for his balls anyway.

As she watched and fondled, she continued the fantasy discussion in her thoughts. As I expected! Every time you see me, your cock gets stiff and then you have to fuck my face and cum all over my big titties! You just take and take and take! So demanding! So STRONG! You think your busty mommy is your personal sex pet who can't get enough of your sweet cum... and you're RIGHT! UNNGH! Oh Gaawwwd!

She slid her fingers back and forth across the bottle faster and faster. I'm so bad, so naughty! But I can never resist you! Mmmm! I need to feel my lips slide up and down your fat pole! I neeeed it! Let Mommy take care of your nasty, cum-filled cock, like always!

Vicky was very happy that this bottle idea of hers was working well. She still had a hand on Sandy's bare back, and she used that hand to idly caress Sandy's back in a comforting way. She was sorely tempted to drop that hand down to Sandy's bare ass cheeks to fondle and play with them, since all Napali sex slaves (or former slaves) were at least partially bisexual and Sandy had an inspirational ass.

However, Vicky had to remind herself that everything that was happening was part of a plan meant to speed along the Douglas family's sexual transition. That was all that mattered, and her own sexual pleasure had to take a distant backseat. Certainly, playing with Sandy's ass at that point would only confuse and upset her, and set the overall plan back.

Instead, after a couple of minutes, she whispered to Sandy, "That's it! I think ya got the idea! My God, Red, you really are hot ta start suckin' some cock, aren'tcha?"

Her comment was just stating the obvious. But she did it to remind Sandy that she was there and even had a hand on her back, in order to further sexually humiliate her.

Sandy just nodded slightly. Sure enough, her red face burned with embarrassment, since she'd all but forgot that Vicky was there and could see just how intimate she was getting with the bottle, and even how her motions mimicked Lisa's. But that embarrassment sent her sexual arousal soaring ever higher, which was Vicky's intention.

Vicky decided she should start to bring Sandy's water bottle fun to an end, because she was keeping an eye on Darrin's face and she sensed he was slowing coming down from the cusp of orgasm. It was a slow process, because Lisa was so cock-hungry that she wasn't taking it as easy on him as she had been doing before, but Vicky figured that in another minute or two, Darrin might open his eyes.

There was an art to being sexually humiliated in just the right way and just the right amount, and Vicky worried that if Darrin saw Sandy effectively jacking off the water bottle in exact imitation of Lisa's movements, Sandy could be so ashamed that it could be a significant setback to the overall plan.

So Vicky whispered, "You can have fun with that idea later, anytime ya want a drink. But for now, we don't want the others to see ya, and they will if ya keep at it. So let's cut ta the chase. You've been slurpin' on your lover's fat boner for a long, long time, n' now he's rearin' to cum! Are ya ready to guzzle all his hot seed down your throat?"

Sandy had been very annoyed at first to have her thoughts interrupted by Vicky talking. But she realized Vicky had a point about pushing her luck by going on too long, and her excitement ramped up again when Vicky talked about the cum guzzling.

She slipped right back into her fantasy. Son, cum for me! Cum for Mommy! Fill my belly with another pint of your fertile seed! Use me as you will! Like you always do! Your naked, big-titted sex toy mommy! Fuck my face and cum down my throat!

Then she tilted the back of the bottle up higher and let the orange juice slowly pour down into her mouth. She carefully guzzled it all down, finishing off the rest of the bottle in one go. In her mind, it wasn't orange juice at all. It really was a tremendous flood of sweet son-cum that happened to have a curiously orange-y taste.

She finally finished the juice, but her fantasy wasn't done. She kept the tip at her lips and thought, Mmmm! Thank you, Son! You have SO MUCH CUM in you! I guess Mommy's just going to have to keep helping you every single time your horse cock gets stiff. Let it all out, whenever you want! On me! On my big titties! Or in me! Fill my tummy with your little baby-makers!

She wanted to keep the fantasy going by pretending her son stayed erect, but Vicky strategically coughed, causing Sandy to reluctantly hand the water bottle back.

Vicky looked at the bottle in her hand and pretended to be disgusted. She whispered, "Ewwww! What's this pearly white stuff coatin' the outside? It's all sticky!"

Sandy and Vicky shared a quiet laugh at that.

Vicky asked, "Was that fun?"

"Oh, so much! I had a blast!" Sandy definitely meant that.

"And so did he!"

The two of them laughed some more at the double meaning.

Sandy sighed longingly. If only! If only it could be! Olivia lives out that very sort of scene every day. I know, because she's told me many times in great detail how her son uses her as his personal cum receptacle every single time he gets stiff. It's just a matter of which orifice he'll plow at any given time! Aaaah! She sighed again.

But she lives with nobody but him. I have Jane to contend with. And society. There's no way I could have a secret incestuous relationship with my big man on a small island, even if it is technically legal there. Even if I just snuck into his room from time to time to suck his cock, I'm sure I'd be caught and ruined! At least Jane would know before long, and I would simply die of shame if she did!

No, I have just one choice: I have to be strong and live that life only in my dreams. No touching. Period!

Then Sandy realized how her little water bottle-assisted fantasy must have looked from Vicky's point of view, and she felt deeply ashamed. So she tried to cover her tracks by whispering, "You know, I know what you must be thinking, but I.. I..." She couldn't come up with any good excuse. "Oh God! I've got it pretty bad for him, don't I?!"

Vicky said, "Ya do. But all you're doing is watchin' n' fantasizin'. That's good, 'cos ya have these powerful sexual feelin's that need ta come out somehow. Fantasies like that help ya release them feelin's in a safe way, so ya don't feel so tempted ta violate your 'no touchin'' rule."

That was bullshit and Vicky knew it. In fact, Sandy's "watching and fantasizing" would only make her desire to violate that rule stronger and stronger.

But it was exactly what Sandy wanted to hear, so she bought it. "Really?!"

"Sure. But anyway, I reckon I should get goin' again. I promised Lisa ta get her high heels. She knows that suckin' on a fat cock is twice as fun if you're doin' it in heels."

Sandy was excited to hear that, because she saw it as independent confirmation of Olivia's lavish praise of cocksucking in heels.

Vicky went on, "Also, I need ta talk ta the pilot about turnin' on the fans. I usually sit in the middle a the plane, so I can respond ta any problem in the front or back. We don't have the fancy 'call for assistance' buttons like normal passenger airliners do. In fact, we ain't got any buttons at all. But just come on down n' say 'howdy' anytime you'd like to talk."

Sandy smiled. "I'd like that. I've got a lot to process. Things have gotten STRANGE for me today, in a big way! I could use some help trying to sort it out."

Vicky smiled back, and rubbed Sandy's back. "I'm your gal for that."

But then Sandy realized with alarm, "Wait! I can't talk to you there! I have no clothes! None!"

Vicky grinned impishly. "Oooh! There is that. Then give me a holler, an actual holler. I'll probably hear it. Or pass a message through Lisa. I'll also be checkin' on you more frequently, if that's okay with you."

"I'd like that too," Sandy said sincerely. "A lot!"

She didn't realize what a remarkable statement that was. When Vicky had first shown up, Sandy had thought it was utter disaster, but now she actually thought of her as a friend.

She turned her head back to watching Lisa. Darrin still hadn't opened his eyes, and she didn't see why she couldn't ogle and whisper at the same time.

Vicky didn't mind having only some of Sandy's attention, and expected it. She said, "I should warn ya though, I'm not just jokin' around about bein' a slut, at least on this flight. I haven't been with a man for a long time, but this is my favorite event of the year. Every year on these Napali flights, there are always a few families. The guys are all handsome and well-hung and the women are always gorgeous with tits out to here."

She held her hand out in front of her own ample chest, but kept it about two inches further, which was more in line with Sandy's gigantic I-cups. Then she wiggled her eyebrows in a playful way as she knowingly glanced at Sandy's bare rack.

Sandy glanced to Vicky to see what she was doing with her hand. She giggled, "Oh, you!" She turned serious, even as her head turned right back to ogling Lisa's stroking and sucking some more. "By the way, why is that? What's your theory?"

"I do have a theory, and it's simple. From everythin' I hear, you're goin' ta be goin' ta one a the most perfect paradises on Earth n' you'll be paid handsomely ta work there ta boot. Anybody would KILL ta get that job. So the company picks just the best a the best a the best. I hear they have a thing about wantin' everyone ta be very physically fit n' eat healthily, so they basically pick perfect physical specimens. Like Greek gods n' goddesses. 'Cos they can. 'Cos why not?"

That was mostly true in that the SI company did pick the "best of the best of the best," but of course she left out that incestuous potential was their chief criteria.

Sandy blushed profusely. "By saying that, you're saying I'm 'perfect' and a 'goddess!""

Vicky smiled. "You are! Look at ya, Red! If you don't know that by now, there's somethin' wrong with ya! God! And it's not just your fantastic rack. For instance, take your ass." She boldly slid her hand down and cupped one of Sandy's bare ass cheeks.

Sandy's eyes bugged out in shock.

Vicky's words did get her a semi-plausible excuse to do that after she'd told herself she wouldn't. But she immediately realized that she was letting her lust take precedence over the transition plan. She quickly let go, playfully and lightly slapped that ass cheek, and brought her hand back up to the middle of Sandy's back. That turned it into more of a jokey thing.

Sandy had tensed up, but she relaxed again.

Vicky whispered, "You have an AMAZIN' ass! I'm sure Darrin has noticed. I have no doubt he's had loads a fantasies 'bout touchin' it, caressin' it, spankin' it, n' who knows what else."

Sandy's eyes were still wide as she considered Vicky's words. She whispered almost fearfully, "Did you just say... 'spanking it?!'"

Vicky was secretly delighted Sandy had picked up on that. "I sure did. A virile, well-hung teen like your son, he may seem shy on the surface, but that's only 'cos he's just startin' ta understand 'n harness his considerable sexual power. Naturally, he has fantasies a dominatin' women, 'specially dominatin' YOU."

"He does?!"

"Of course! Do you think he's some kinda sissy boy?" Vicky chuckled. "Just look at him! Look at how he's slowly bendin' Lisa ta his will through his sheer cock size n' stamina. Does that look like a sissy boy ta ya?"

Sandy gawked at Lisa's bobbing head. She wished she was talking to Vicky on the phone instead, so she'd be free to masturbate herself to climax.

Vicky went on, "So it naturally follows that he's had lotsa fantasies 'bout spankin' your ass. Can ya just imagine, lyin' naked face down across his lap, while he wails on your round ass cheeks with one hand n' fondles your danglin' tits with his other hand? Tell me he hasn't spilled a couple of gallons of cum masturbatin' ta that n' I'll call you a liar!" She chuckled.

Sandy stared at Lisa's sliding lips with wide eyes and a wide open mouth. She almost silently muttered, "OH MY GOD!"

It was true that she mostly had blowjob focused dreams and fantasies, but some of them were about other things, including fantasies. Once again, that was almost entirely due to Olivia's influence. Many of her videos included her getting spanked by her son, usually followed by a prolonged blowjob to reward him for "keeping her in line." So Vicky was preaching to the choir while making Sandy's spanking lust grow stronger.

Vicky sensed Sandy was reaching a limit, but she still teased, "And that's just your ass! Your entire body is flawless, n' your son knows it. Do you want me ta tell ya what he thinks a your feet? Or your legs? Or even your pussy? And don't get me started 'bout your face or your titties, or we'll be here all day!"

Indeed, this sort of talk was getting to be more than Sandy could handle, especially the unusual "pussy" mention. Her heart was doing backflips and her pussy was throbbing and gushing even more than before. She whispered in protest, "Stop! Please! You're flattering me too much!" She began unwittingly sucking on an index finger.

Vicky replied, "I'm not just flattering you, I'm flattering myself. Did ya know I lived on Napali for several years?"

Sandy was so surprised to hear that that she turned away from the action on her son's crotch to look Vicky in her eyes. "You did?! Oh my God! That's amaaaazing! Please, tell me everything!"

Vicky chuckled at her enthusiasm. "I will, but later. I have ta go get those fans runnin' n' get the heels. It's been five years since I lived there, mind you. So I'm not up on the latest. That's why I don't know what happened ta that cocksuckin' busty redheaded mother I was talkin' 'bout."

It was true that she had lived there and left five years ago (due to her brother-master dying), but it wasn't true that she didn't know what had happened there since. As an SI employee, she knew pretty much everything. But there were things Sandy wasn't ready to know yet, so it was useful to pretend that Vicky's knowledge was limited.

Vicky took her hand from Sandy's back and started to stand up.

However, Sandy reached out to her and held her upper arm. "Wait! Before you go, I have just one question: is Napali Island really that great? Does it live up to the hype?"

Vicky crouched back down. Her face brightened and she wiggled her eyebrows. "Does it ever! Take your best possible utopian vision, n' I reckon it's twice as good as that!"

Sandy asked quizzically. "That's what everyone who lived there has told me. Everyone. So then why did you leave?"

"That's a long story. I'll tell you later if ya want. But the short version is that the man I loved there died, n' stayin' on was too painful. Too many memories everywhere I looked."

Sandy nodded in understanding. "I'm sorry to hear that. But, about it being so great, how is that possible?! I ask why, and I only get vague answers."

Vicky leaned in conspiratorially. "That's 'cos most people are shy ta talk about certain things. But imagine you take all them handsome, well-hung guys I was talkin' 'bout, n' put 'em on the same island as all those busty n' beautiful women I was talkin' 'bout. Add in lotsa free time, topless beaches, nude beaches, n' more, and what do ya get?"

Sandy shyly suggested, "It sounds pretty sexual."

"Exactly! Sex! Lots of sex! And not just good sex, or even great sex, but incredible sex! The best sex a your life! Trust me, that'll put a smile on your face n' keep it there!"

Sandy unthinkingly sucked on a finger as she considered that. She'd thought she was going to Napali in part to get away from men, since she had no intention to marry again. But after all the sexual pleasure she'd felt on the flight already, everything was up in the air.

Vicky started to get up to go, but then she turned back around and quietly added, "Oh, I forgot ta mention something. One a the great things 'bout sex on Napali is all the cocksuckin'! So much!"

Sandy groaned in frustration. "Why does that topic keep coming up so much today? I can't get away from it!"

Vicky said, "Well, that's a no-brainer. All the heat means no clothes, or few clothes, n' your studly son gets super horny. It would be downright cruel ta leave him sufferin' blue balls for the ten-hour flight, so Lisa naturally helps him out. Then that results in this." She paused significantly so Sandy could listen again.

This time, slurpy, sloshy sounds were particularly loud. It sounded like some sucking the last vestiges of a drink through a straw, only much wetter somehow.

Sandy slid a hand down her voluptuous body, heading for her pussy. It was burning with erotic heat and needed urgent attention. But then she remembered Vicky there and restrained herself. It was tough.

Vicky continued just like she was talking to a fully-dressed woman who wasn't red-faced and panting, "I'm afraid you're goin' ta hear a lot more a them sorts a slurpy sounds, today n' tomorrow. It may have started out due ta blue balls concern, but I know Lisa, n' once she gets started on an impressive, powerful, n' exceedingly thick cock like your son's, she can't stop! So you're gonna be hearin' n' seein' a lot more a that!"

"I know!" Sandy wailed helplessly. "It's literally driving me insane!"

Vicky smiled encouragingly. "Believe me, I can relate. When I first got ta Napali, I was a teen girl 'round Jane's age. I'd never even sucked a cock before, but I soon learned ta love bobbin' on a really big n' thick one. It became my favorite thing ta do in the whole wide world! I spent so many hours naked n' kneelin', with my tongue dancin' up n' down his throbbin' cock-meat! Mmmm! Those were the best a times!" She stared off into space in genuine fond recollection.

Sandy sucked on two fingers. Normally she did that without realizing it, but this time she was so hot to feel her son's cock fill her mouth that she had to do that even with Vicky right there. It actually was a compromise, because she really wanted to cram all five fingers in her mouth.

"But it's kinda spoiled me for regular dicks. So when I see a cock like the one your son has, I sorta lose my mind too. I need ta warn you that if I come back here n' his cock is stiff n' untouched, I'd be sorely tempted ta help him with my mouth too! And I need ta be clear that I'm not just sayin'. I really mean it! Would that be okay with you? I know you're bein' tortured enough already..."

Sandy was conflicted. On one hand, she was feeling increasingly possessive. She felt that if anyone should be sucking his cock, it should be her. For some reason, having Lisa suck him didn't really bother her, maybe because she was having such formative and highly arousing voyeuristic experiences along the way. Thinking about anyone else but Lisa doing it upset her a lot more.

But she also decided she was being irrational and she needed to bury such feelings away. Also, she relished the idea of enjoying seeing another woman as beautiful as Vicky suck on him as a way of vicariously enjoying the experience.

So she said, "I don't mind. At least not much at any rate. I'm not his keeper. Besides, he really needs to cum a lot. Back home, he makes his socks cummy like you wouldn't believe. I keep having to buy more socks!"

They both giggled at that.

It was true though. Sandy had washed countless thousands of his cummy socks in the last few years. At first, it had been gross for her, but in the last six months or so she'd come to relish doing his laundry so she could smell his cum and count how many times he'd climaxed recently. It was always an impressive number, especially considering she knew he masturbated in the shower a lot too.

Vicky said, "I can imagine. And you've seen how big his balls are. He must squirt out that hot seed by the gallon!"

"Oh, you have no idea! More like by the barrel!"

They giggled some more.

Sandy was having a great time. Not only was she horny as hell, but she'd never talked about these sorts of things with anything before, and she enjoyed it. It was true she'd frequently talked about explicitly sexual matters with Olivia, but it had always been Olivia sharing almost everything (except for her sex slave status) and Sandy admitting almost nothing.

Vicky then asked, "I appreciate ya not sayin' 'no,' but I need hear you say 'yes.' Otherwise, it just wouldn't feel right ta me."

That put Sandy even more on the spot. She thought it over some more and decided that she was okay with Vicky getting sexually intimate with Darrin. She figured that since she had to stick to her "no touching" rule, at least she could get her kicks from watching. Besides, she got off on the idea of two buxom and gorgeous older women taking turns sharing her son's cock much more than just one monopolizing it. It was more extreme and submissive, putting him in the driver's seat.

So, after a long pause, she said, "It's okay with me. It really is. Like I said, his cock needs a lot of help."

Vicky clasped Sandy's free hand (since Sandy was still sucking on two fingers except when she had to speak).

Sandy added, "But you should ask Lisa first. She's kind of turning into his girlfriend, it seems."

Vicky said, "Oh, that. Don't worry. We're good friends. She knows she'll be out a his life soon, so she can't be possessive. I'm sure she'll be happy ta share. It's clear she really likes him, n' she knows the main thing is for him ta get some sexual experience so he'll be ready ta handle the wild women of Napali. Why, who knows, maybe because the end a tomorrow's flight, she n' I might even end up sucking him off together!"

Sandy's heart skipped a beat. That was one of her greatest, most arousing fantasies, being "forced" to share sucking his cock with another woman.

Vicky then said, "Besides, just look at her."

Sandy returned her full attention to Lisa and her sucking.

"I wouldn't 'zactly call her 'girlfriend' material, would you? More like a cock-hungry slut! But there ain't nothin' wrong with that. Darrin's so well-hung that he's gonna attract cock-hungry sluts like bees ta honey, all wantin' ta feast on his thick pole. It's good that he's startin' ta learn with Lisa how ta put even gorgeous n' busty babes like her in her place! Just look at how he's kickin' back n' enjoyin' himself like a sultan of old, while she works so hard ta please him."

She asked, "Doesn't that sight just make ya proud? To see your boy turnin' into a man right before your eyes?"

Sandy took that to be a rhetorical question, because she didn't know how to respond. But in her mind, she thought, YES! Oh God yes! It's so inspirational! He's such a STUD! I would never have believed that, at his age, with him still so shy and growing into his body, that a total knockout like Lisa would end up... well... acting like a "shameless slut" for him! But seeing is believing!

Vicky started to stand up again, but then another thing occurred to her, so she got back down. "Oh, one more thing. If you want ta talk ta me later, there's another option: win back your robe for a little while n' come see me that way."

Sandy growled in frustration at the reminder that she wasn't even in control of her robe anymore. "But how am I supposed to do that?!"

Vicky's blue eyes sparkled with mischief. "I don't know. It's up ta your son." She looked up and down Sandy's nakedness. "Given that you're one a the most gorgeous women I've ever seen, don't be surprised if he makes ya do something naughty."

Sandy wailed, "'Naughty?!' What does that mean?!"

Vicky crouched back down and spoke quietly, "I don't know. That covers a lotta things I know you have your 'no touchin'' rule, and I respect that. But you might want ta bend that a little bit anyway, and win some a your clothes back at the same time."

"No way!" Sandy protested. "I can't make any exceptions, or who knows where things will go?"

Vicky said, "Remember that he's young and learnin' 'bout the birds n' the bees. But in just a few days, all y'all will be startin' a new life in Napali. Yeah, he's a bit small n' scrawny now. Give that he's got your great genes in him, I'm sure he's just a late bloomer. But with his big fat cock, I reckon he'll be in demand from all the girls from the get-go anyway. The girls there loooove to suck on a really thick one like his, so I wouldn't be surprised if he finds himself with TWO girlfriends before long!"

She pulled her fingers out of her mouth to clutch at her huge globes and squeeze the together. If she couldn't play with her pussy, at least she had to do that much. "Two?! At once?! Are you serious?!"


Once again, Sandy's tummy was doing backflips. The idea of him having a girlfriend made her burn with jealousy. Yet she loved the idea that he was so studly and virile that even at fifteen it would take two girlfriends to keep him sexually satiated. She loved that to a surprising degree. It would prove that he was a naturally dominant stud, because no normal guys had two girlfriends who agreed to share him.

Just to confirm, she asked, "And they'd know of each other?!"

"Of course," Vicky replied matter-of-factly. "That's pretty common there, due ta the unbalanced sex ratio. It's typical for a guy ta have two girlfriends who learn ta share n' even suck his cock together. Why, on a nice day, you can hardly walk far down the nude beach without seein' a guy kickin' back on a lawn chair with two hotties wedged in between his legs, workin' on his cock as one! And every day is a nice day."


"Sure. The weather is fantastic."

"No, I mean the other part." Sandy was in shock, again. Her arousal was soaring up into the heaven, again.

"Oh, definitely. Sharin' is just how it's done there, due ta the unbalanced sex ratio. I'm sure ya know all about that."

Sandy did know that, but she'd never thought through the implications. She had just liked the idea of living in a place where there were so few men to hassle her about her looks.

She was astounded by every word Vicky was saying. She especially loved the idea of two buxom, nude, foxy girls kneeling side by side, taking turns sucking him off. She wasn't about to admit it, but she got an extra thrill imagining that she was one "girl" and Jane was the other.

Vicky casually went on, "My point is, soon, and I mean within days, he'll have a girlfriend, or more likely, girlfriends, n' everything will change. His sexual attention will shift ta them. It's traditional for a guy like him ta pick some teenage fox n' then an older MILF who has more experience and can teach him the ropes."

Vicky was gradually revealing more and more of the truth, since Sandy was so receptive. But of course she was skipping the key detail that the "teenage fox" was inevitably the boy's sister and the "older MILF" was always his mother.

She added, "Consider that he's never kissed a female on the lips before. Well, at least that's my assumption. Has he had a girlfriend before?"

"No," Sandy replied. That was true enough. But she was conveniently leaving out the fact that he'd French kissed her, Jane, AND Lisa, and all on this plane flight! Despite all that Vicky knew about Sandy's "secret shame," Sandy didn't want her to know that she'd already violated the "no touching" rule.

Vicky knew plenty, thanks to the update Lisa had given her a while back, but she played dumb. She said, "So a big question is, will he be ready when all those sexy girls come callin' as soon as y'all get ta Napali? How will he be able ta know about kissin' a girl if he ain't never done it before? I doubt someone like Lisa is really goin' ta take the time ta teach him how ta do that as well as he should. All she wants ta do is suck his cock, as you can see."

Indeed, even as Sandy listened to Vicky, she was still watching Lisa suck.

"And even if she does, who could teach him as well as his own momma? Nobody, that's who. Do ya want him ta fall flat on his face the first time he tries ta kiss a Napali girl?"

"Well... no! Obviously not!" Sandy was vigorously rubbing her big tits together, since that felt so good and she didn't dare finger her pussy with Vicky there. Somehow this was okay and that was over the line in her mind.

"So a little naughty French kissin' on this flight is no big deal, in my book, even if it's with you."

Sandy urgently asked, "'No big deal?!' How can you say that?!"

Vicky laughed. "Easily! I just did!"

Sandy stared into space while she considered that idea.

But Vicky didn't give her a chance to think. "And what about showin' him the ropes in other ways? For instance, how ta properly fondle a big ol' pair of tits, or how ta properly possessively cup a bare ass cheek in just the right way ta make a lady shiver."

Vicky continued, "If you don't want ta suck his cock, that's up ta you. Frankly, I think you'd be missin' out, big time, but I could see how that could cause problems down the road you'd want ta avoid."

"Thank you for seeing my point there."

"But if ya bend the rules a little bit ta show him the ropes when it comes ta a little kissin' n' fondlin', that'll help him with the girls in a big, big way! From what I can see, he's still shy, still learnin' how ta properly dominate a woman. Can you imagine if he got ta Napali n' was too shy ta ask any girls out? Or too shy ta start a kiss? If you snooze, you lose. All the best girls will be snapped up right away!"

Sandy was very intrigued by this "show him the ropes" argument. She makes a lot of good points. Someone needs to teach him how to kiss, and who better than me? It's true he kissed me once already, but that only served to show me just how inexperienced he was. He really had no clue. It was cute, but I can't let him go to Napali like that!

If I just help him learn to kiss, and let him fondle my body, that should be okay, right? As long as I don't stroke or suck his cock much. Er, I mean at all. In fact, now that I think about it, the "no touching" rule should really be a "no touching his cock" rule. Because that's the main thing I want to do but can never do.

However, Sandy still had objections, and said, "I suppose I can see what you mean about helping with the kissing. But when it comes to fondling, the problem is that I have no clothes! NONE!"

Vicky responded, "But that's a GOOD thing! I think I've told ya that nudity or partial nudity is the rule a the day there, 'specially for women. Haven't I?"

"I've been told that today, yes. I wish I'd have known about it sooner though!"

"Well, I didn't know ya before, and at least ya know it now. My point is, if you're gonna teach him how ta kiss, you'd have ta be topless, at the very least. I can guarantee that when he first kisses a Napali girl, she'll be wearin' a bikini at the very most! And if she's still wearin' that bikini top by the time the kiss is over, then he's doin' it wrong n' she'll be sorely disappointed."

"Are you serious?!"

"That's the God-honest truth. It's a very sexual place."

Vicky consoled herself that she wasn't exactly lying. For instance, she was sure that when he first kissed a girl on Napali she would be wearing a bikini or less, because it would almost certainly be Jane when she was buck naked, probably to thank her after she'd just finished blowing him a few times.

Vicky said with a serious face, "It's just as important for him ta learn how ta play with a pair a big breasts, since all the women there are seriously stacked. So kissin' n' titty fondlin' go together like strawberries n' cream, what with all the toplessness n' all. And a boy his age just wants ta grab, grab, grab! Squeeze too hard. He has ta learn the art a finesse. Who could teach him better than you?"

Sandy muttered in a lusty daze, "Of course."

See?! I was right! It's pretty much my responsibility to teach him these things, as a good mother. I can't deny that he's played with my breasts some exactly, and while it felt tremendously thrilling at the time, I have to admit that he was rather grabby and squeezy. He certainly hasn't learned the "art of finesse." And I can't see Lisa teaching him that either. She's just getting to know him. If she tells him "you're doing it wrong," he'll get all shy and embarrassed. But I can correct him in a subtle and effective way, since I know him so well.

Besides, the fact that he's already kissed and fondled me kind of makes the whole "no touching" rule a big silly with those things, doesn't it? You can't put the horse back in the barn. The more I think about it, the more I feel that it really should be the "no touching his cock" rule. Because that's the one, exact thing I'm trying to prevent.

The fact that she was watching Lisa steadily bobbing on his cock did more than a little bit to make her more receptive to allowing the kissing and fondling, at least. She was far more aroused than she was willing to admit.

But she still wasn't fully ready to commit to changing the "no touching" rule, because she continued to have concerns. The most important one was a worry that if she crossed the "no touching" red line for any reason, there would be nothing stopping her from eventually losing all control and winding up on her knees bobbing away.

That reminded her of the redhead from Vicky's story. She asked, "By the way, what about that redheaded blowjob mom you told me about? You can't say that's 'no big deal.' She went way, way beyond just teaching him how to kiss!"

Vicky said, "True. That's a whole other way ta go, for the mommas who want ta BE their son's girlfriend. Or at least share him as one a his girlfriends. But I've gotta go. We can talk more later."

Sandy let go of her hefty tits and grabbed Vicky's arm. "Go?! But you're just getting to the really interesting part!"

Naturally, she was even more fascinated by this "mother as girlfriend" idea and wanted to hear all about it. That would be her ultimate fantasy come true.

Vicky chuckled. "Don't worry, we'll finish later. I've gotta get those fans turned on before everyone fries to a crisp. And speaking of your son's big cock n' the sucking thereof, isn't there somethin' you're keen on watchin', without having me always whisperin' in your ear?"

She winked. Then she nodded her head in the general direction of Darrin and Lisa.

"Oh yeah!" Sandy didn't bother to hide her cock lust anymore. She resumed rubbing her big boobs together. She even deliberately licked her lips for Vicky.

Vicky saw that and smirked. She licked her lips too.

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