Chapter 23
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The sexy flight attendant finally stood up all the way and started moving away.

With Sandy and Jane continuing to stand shoulder by shoulder, the only easy way for Vicky to get back to the aisle was by stepping up on their unused seats, so that's what she did.

Jane was so transfixed by the blowjob action in front of her that she didn't even notice, again.

As soon as Vicky was in the aisle, Sandy began fingering her pussy.

She let out a tremendous sigh of relief. She'd been dying to do that the entire time she'd talked to Vicky, so she could finally have that big orgasm she'd been craving. Finally, there was nothing stopping her. Using her other hand, she crammed three fingers in her mouth and started sucking on them at the same pace and rhythm as Lisa's bobbing head.

Vicky was still standing nearby, only a couple of feet from Jane, even though both Sandy and Jane were paying her no attention whatsoever. She stopped to look back at the bombshell duo.

That worked out just great. Look at them! Look at their passion to suck their future master's cock, growing by the minute. I have no doubt they're going to make enthusiastic sex slaves! This is what Napali culture is all about, helping women like them finding their submissive bliss. Their lives would just be wasted anywhere else.

Already, Sandy has wasted so many prime years when her outstanding body should have been serving superior cock. Although there's the big plus that that'll make her more virginal for her son. She thinks she knows what fucking is, but just wait until she gets fucked by Darrin!

Vicky walked down the aisle towards the center of the plane.

But she wasn't quite done with her visit with the Douglases yet. She went to Lisa's more distant box of supplies and took out the pair of high heels that Lisa wanted. Then, on a whim, since the Douglas transformation was proceeding so nicely, she bought out high heels that had been reserved for Sandy and Jane too.

She walked back to where the Douglases were sitting and put the heels for Sandy and Jane on top of Lisa's cooler filled with water bottles. They couldn't be missed there.

She kept Lisa's heels, but held them behind her back with one hand. Then she walked behind Lisa, put a hand on her head, and said, "My oh my! Some lucky slut here is havin' a very nice day!"

Lisa couldn't talk, because she was bobbing and slurping away. But she briefly held up a hand and playfully waved it around, recognizing that she was the lucky slut in question.

Vicky moved in closer and stroked the hair on the top of Lisa's constantly moving head.

She spoke loud enough for everyone in the group to hear. "Before I go take care a some things, y'all remember what I said when I arrived? What if someone comes down this way ta use the bathroom? It doesn't happen much 'cos people don't pee when they're dehydrated from the heat, but it COULD happen. So I still suggest you move the sucky fun one row back n' away from the aisle, okay? Not right now, necessarily, but soon."

Darrin opened his eyes and nodded for the group, since she was standing close to him and directing her comments mainly at him.

Sandy and Jane had only briefly looked at Vicky, to see where she was talking from. They were far too interested in the blowjob activity. Both of them didn't even stop fingering their pussies, since Vicky was one row up and couldn't see that.

Vicky pulled the high heels she'd been holding behind her back out into full view. She lightly tapped the tips on the top of the heels of Lisa's head, next to where her other hand still rested. "Hey, you naughty cock gobbler, I finally got you your sexy high heels. You want me ta put them on ya?"

"MMMM!" Lisa emphatically moaned. She loved cocksucking in high heels. In fact, like most Napali women, she did all her best oral work wearing nothing but high heels (and a collar, for those who had a master). She felt something was incomplete about performing the act without knowing they were on her feet.

Vicky got down on her knees in the aisle. Since Lisa was kneeling in the aisle between Darrin's widely spread legs, Vicky had to get pretty close to the action while putting the heels on Lisa's bare feet. She knelt between Lisa's legs, which practically put her face up against Lisa's bare butt.

Vicky got the heels on Lisa quickly, but remained on her knees right behind her. Then she reached out and touched Darrin's nearer knee.

That made his entire body jerk and twitch in surprise, because it shouldn't have been happening. Both of Lisa's hands were accounted for.

He opened his eyes and stared in surprise at her hand on his knee. He looked past Lisa and saw Vicky there. Even though she was directly behind Lisa, he could see her head and upper body without trouble, since Lisa's head was down at his crotch.

When she had eye contact with him, she said, "Hey, stud. Can I tell ya somethin'? I think you'll like it."

He quickly recovered from his shock. "Um, sure."

"I was talkin' ta Sandy a little bit, n' she told she doesn't mind if I play with your cock. What do ya think about them apples?"

Before he could answer, she took the hand that was on his knee and brought it up to his crotch. Lisa had one hand on his balls and another sliding up and down his shaft, but there was some unoccupied skin near the base of his shaft. She brought a fingertip to touch it, while deliberately brushing up against Lisa's hands along the way.

Lisa got the idea immediately. She pulled her hands from his privates, though she kept right on sucking him off.

Acting fast, Vicky quickly wrapped her fingers around his thick shaft.

Darrin was so shocked and aroused that he nearly passed out! He stared incredulously at her hand with a wide open mouth and wide eyes. WHOA! Holy FUCK! Did that really just do that?! She's holding me... THERE!

He started panting so heavily that he found himself unable to talk. He didn't know what to say, anyway.

Not surprisingly, he had had many fantasies where he'd taken part in a threesome, foursome, or even an orgy. But he figured that if he was lucky enough to ever experience something like that, it would happen when he was an adult, and would probably be very rare. Yet Vicky's hold on his boner was full of promise. It heavily implied that he'd get intimate with two incredibly sexy women in one day, and quickly possibly as part of a threesome!

Strictly in terms of pure tactile sensation, Vicky's one hand on his shaft wasn't as stimulating as the way Lisa had just been fondling his shaft and balls with two hands. But it was all about the psychological implications. He was so very excited that he had to struggle with all his might just to avoid cumming on the spot.

Thankfully, Lisa anticipated his great surge of arousal. She kept his cockhead in her mouth, but she totally stopped moving her lips and tongue for the time being.

It was a very fortunate thing that SI had forced Darrin to spend months learning to his strengthen his PC muscle. Although he'd been unwitting to what the true purpose of that was, and he hadn't properly learned how to control that muscle in a sexual context, he'd been getting a lot of on the fly training as Lisa spent the better part of the last hour sucking his cock. Somehow, he had hung on without quite going over the edge.

Sandy and Jane were just about as shocked as Darrin was by Vicky's hand placement! Sandy shouldn't have been so surprised, since she had given Vicky explicit permission to get intimate with him only a short while ago. But agreeing to something in the abstract was very different from seeing it play out in the flesh, especially since Vicky acted with little to no warning.

Because Jane didn't have any clue what was going on, as soon as she recovered her breath and her wits enough to speak, she exclaimed, "What the FUCK is going on?!"

Despite Sandy's own great shock, she had an almost automatic response whenever she heard either of her kids curse. She chided, "Janey, watch your language!"

Still shoulder to shoulder with her mother, Jane turned towards her enough to make eye contact. "Whaaaat?! Vicky just did THAT, and all you can say is 'watch your language?!'"

Sandy sighed. "Sorry that you have to find out like this, but it's true, I did give her permission."

"Whaaaat?!" Jane practically screamed. "Why did you do that?! What did you say?!"

Sandy struggled over what to say to put her daughter at ease.

Vicky, who still kept her fingers wrapped around Darrin's boner without moving them, filled in the gap. She said, "Red, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe I said: 'I need ta warn you that if I come back here n' his cock is stiff n' untouched, I'd be sorely tempted to help him with my mouth.' And then after some back and forth, ya said, 'It's okay with me. It really is. Like I said, his cock needs a lot of help.' Isn't that so?"

Sandy sighed. "That's about right. And I still stand by that. He DOES need lots of help."

Jane was over her initial shock, but she was still upset. "MoooOOOOooom! Why'd you have to agree to that?! It seems like Lisa has been sucking his cock forever, and he NEVER cums! And you and I end up watching and getting super horny. Now, with Vicky helping too, he's probably going to get sucked even MORE! And we'll end up watching even more too, and getting more and more horny all the time! Where does it end?!"

Sandy didn't really have a problem with any of that. In fact, that was the main reason she'd agreed, to help the sexual excitement go on and on. But she couldn't admit that to Jane without upsetting her and revealing too much in front of Darrin. So instead she said, "That's probably all true. Things will get more, uh, stimulating, with Vicky helping out. But our big man does have his blue balls problem, and it's not for me to tell him who he can and can't date."

Jane huffed, "'Date?!' Date? Does this look like a 'date' to you?!" She gesticulated towards his crotch. "Sheesh!"

Vicky said, "Red has a good point. Since I'm keen, and Lisa clearly doesn't mind, since if she did she'd at least stop her cocksuckin' long enough ta say sayin', the big question is, Darrin, if YOU are okay with me helpin' out. I kinda assumed you'd approve, since people say I'm pretty n' nice, and they do say I'm busty too, which you clearly like..."

With that, she brought her free hand to her cleavage and pulled on something. It turned out to there was a zipper down the middle of the top half of her flight attendant uniform, though it was normally hidden under a flap of fabric. She pulled the zipper down, soon revealing that she wore no bra.

All the others held their breaths (except for Lisa, who wasn't even looking that way) as Vicky pulled the zipper down and down below her belly button.

It looked like she only had an inch or so to go before the zipper would read the bottom hem of the top, allowing it to open wide. But she stopped there, with her nearly all of her impressive tits exposed. Then, finally taking her hand off Darrin's boner, she reached up with both hands and adjusted the outer sides of her tits to make sure they were completely freed of her top.

Lisa couldn't see a thing, since all of this was happening directly behind her, but she could hear the zipper going down, and only being able to hear was possibly even more exciting for her. She knew that Darrin was just getting over a lusty surge thanks to Vicky's unexpected hand on his shaft, but she resumed sliding her lips up and down on him anyway.

In fact, she was so very excited that she resumed lapping her tongue on his sweet spot too. She loved that her friend Vicky was making a move to get more sexually involved, because that put sexy visions of licking and sucking his cock in tandem with Vicky in her head.

Not only did Napali sex slaves generally have a special love for cocksucking, but they also generally considered it a team activity. Every master had two sex slaves at least, and for a slave to suck her master's cock without her fellow slave helping out was unusual.

Thus, Lisa was even more excited when Vicky brought her hand back to Darrin's shaft. That was another great sign that they soon would be teaming up on him. In fact, it already was starting. Lisa sped up her sliding lips and increased her suction too.

There was a long dramatic pause as Darrin, Sandy, and Jane just stared and stared at Vicky's fully exposed breasts. Then, after Vicky put her hand back on his shaft, their eyes went back and forth between her chest and his crotch. It was as if they all refused to believe what they were seeing.

Then Vicky said, with pretend shyness, "So... Darrin... what do ya think? Do I pass the test?" Her free hand slowly wandered all over her hefty globes, helping to ensure he'd gaze stayed glued there.

He still didn't say a word, in large part because, between Vicky showing off her bare tits and Lisa resuming and increasing her cocksucking efforts, he had to concentrate hard on just not cumming.

So Vicky went on, in her fake but convincing shy style, "They're F-cups, by the way. 38F's. I know that doesn't make 'em as big as your mom's or Lisa's, but I reckon they're about the same size as Jane's, n' I can see how much you like hers. If... if... you let me help Lisa take care a your big fat cock from time ta time, you can fuck them if ya want!"

She let go of his boner again, so she could bring both hands back to her chest. She squeezed her tits from their outer sides, pushing them together just as if his erection was trapped in between them. "Would you like that? Would you like to fuck my tits? And my... my mouth?!" She kept rhythmically squeezing her tits together, sliding them against each other a little too.

Jane was pissed off. She didn't want to admit it to herself, but she felt intimidated by Lisa's great beauty and even more so by Sandy's great beauty. It was hard enough for her to compete for her brother's attention with those two around, and she didn't want to have to compete with Vicky too.

She complained, "Hey! Vicky, you can't DO that! You're a professional flight attendant, for Christ's sake!"

Vicky turned to Jane and said, "Actually, I can. As ya can see, this is just a charter flight on a crappy ol' cargo plane. It's not like American Airlines. There are only nine passengers, three SI employees, n' me. If there's a boss, then I'm the boss!" (She deliberately failed to mention the pilots in the cockpit.) "There are no rules here."

She turned back to Darrin. Letting go of her tits, she brought a hand back to his shaft and resumed holding it. "If Darrin wants me to help, then I'm ready and willin' to help."

Jane grumbled sarcastically, "We've noticed."

Vicky ignored that and kept on staring expectantly at Darrin's face. "So, stud... what'll it be?"

He was absolutely going crazy. His gaze went from Sandy's huge bare rack, to Jane's bare rack, to Vicky's bare rack. He couldn't see Lisa's bare rack due to the way she had her head bobbing in his lap, but he could feel her tits pressing against one of his legs. He thought, Shit! I'm in titty heaven! Big tit heaven! HUGE tit heaven! Seriously! This can't be real! I must have died and gone to Heaven! And Heaven is great!

He was still struggling with all his might not to cum, because Lisa wasn't letting up at all. But he knew Vicky was breathlessly awaiting an answer. He managed to gasp out, "Okay! Sure!"

Vicky let out the breath she'd been holding in, despite the fact that she knew there was virtually no chance he'd turn her down. She beamed in delight. "Great! You won't regret it, I promise!"

She'd been dying to do more than just hold his shaft, but she'd wanted his answer first. She finally began stroking his shaft. Lisa's mouth had all the "best real estate" up around his cockhead, but Darrin's cock was both long and thick, so Vicky had a lot of inches to stroke.

Darrin had been on the cusp or close to it pretty much ever since Vicky first put her hand on his shaft a few minutes ago. With Lisa still bobbing relentlessly, and faster and more intently all the time, Vicky beginning to stroke him on top of that was the final straw.

He shut his eyes, tilted his head back, and shouted, "I'M CUMMING!"

Lisa had her special trick to squeeze the base of his shaft to stave off his impending orgasm. However, she couldn't use that an infinite number of times. For one very big reason, it was mentally and physically exhausting for the guy every single time, and usually took a few minutes for him to fully recover in all respects, despite his cock staying hard. Also, any guy needed to achieve release from time to time.

Lisa might have used the trick again anyway, but the fact that he'd shouted "I'm cumming!" took take option away. She didn't want Sandy or Jane to know about such tricks yet, so they'd think that he had a practically superhuman stamina. If he shouted that and no cum actually came out, there definitely would need to be some explaining to do.

So instead, Lisa pretended surprise. She pulled her lips all the way off his shaft, like she was trying to get away from the impending cum blast. But that was just a ruse so she'd have an excuse to get his cum splattered on her face. (As part of the Douglas family sexual transformation plan, SI employees were trying to emphasize various themes, and one of them was the love for facials.)

She only pulled an inch or two away. Then she shut her eyes tight and kept her mouth open wide.

Vicky was the only one with a hand on Darrin's cock, so when his cum began to rocket out the tip it was up to her to aim it. She didn't want all of it to simply go straight into Lisa's gaping maw, so she acted as if she was wrestling with a snake. She "accidentally" aimed it almost everywhere but Lisa's open mouth, making sure to splatter Lisa's forehead, eye sockets, both cheeks, nose, chin, and neck. A little bit even got on Lisa's black hair and her ears.

Sandy and Jane were totally swamped by extreme arousal, effectively making Jane's jealousy and irritation towards Vicky a moot point. With their hands hidden behind the seatbacks, it was a forgone conclusion that they wouldn't be able to resist masturbating themselves to climax, and that's exactly what happened.

The only question was if they would manage to stay quiet enough to at least have some plausible deniability that they had a massive orgasm. Both of them had the same goal, to hide their orgasms from Darrin. Since his eyes were shut tight and he was going out of mind with his own great orgasm, yelling and wailing all the while, all they really had to worry about was making a loud ruckus.

Their determination was so great that both of them succeeded. Sandy thought she was going to lose it for sure as she saw more and more of her son's hot cum splattering all over Lisa's stunning face. In a last, desperate move, she brought a hand to her mouth and clamped down on it so hard that it was a wonder she didn't draw blood. She did scream some, but her hand was in place to muffle the sound.

Ironically, despite her frantic desire not to cry out, she never stopped diddling her clit the whole time. She was so horny that it was as if she had no control over that hand.

Jane was in similar desperate straits when she saw her mother seemingly stuff her hand in her mouth. She immediately tried the same technique, and had the same success. She also couldn't stop herself from screaming out some, but compared to Darrin's unrestrained screaming, it wasn't much.

Lisa couldn't open her eyes due to the cum bath on her face, but she fully anticipated that mother and daughter would want to cum without being overheard. To help them out, she began cumming at the same time. She would have done that already, because she was in erotic rapture getting her first facial in ages, but she made sure to be extra vocal about it to help provide aural cover.

Vicky didn't really need to cum. She wasn't as aroused as any of the others. But she was still plenty aroused, and it didn't seem right to be the only one of the five to miss out. She pulled her miniskirt up and fingerbanged herself to a nice orgasm too. She didn't have to worry about screaming, since it wasn't an orgasm on the same level of magnitude as the kind the other four were all enjoying, but it was a nice one just the same. She also thought it was prudent to stay quiet anyway, since if Jane knew she had come she might get more annoyed at her.

Since Vicky was the only one in the group not going out of her mind with erotic release, she was able to look around at the others and enjoy the whole scene. She loved how very much cum Darrin had shot onto Lisa's face. His cock and balls were oversized, so it was fitting that his cum loads were impressively oversized too.

She also loved how, right as his cum ropes finally started petering out, Lisa had lunged her head back down and resumed bobbing on him, only with extra speed and urgency. Vicky would have expected nothing less from another sex slave, because that technique could help coax out a bit more cum sometimes. And if Lisa was particularly lucky and kept at it, she might even be able to keep him erect, so the cocksucking cycle could start all over again.

It remained to be seen if that was the case. So Vicky looked back to Sandy and Jane. She adored how they remained shoulder to shoulder with their massive racks lightly resting on the top edges of the seatback but with their tits wildly bouncing through their shaky orgasms anyway. She loved how both of them pinched their own nipples and tilted their heads back as they kept on cumming and cumming.

Vicky shook her head in wonder. Wow! They're "like mother, like daughter" in so many ways! Darrin is such a lucky guy, even as future masters go! I can see clear as day that they're goin' ta make great fellow slaves. I can't wait ta see them lap on his huge shaft together, workin' in perfect harmony ta please n' serve their master!

I mos' 'specially wish I could see 'em doin' that while wearin' nothin' but their heels n' slave collars! Maybe I can see 'em collared n' in action when I visit after next year's flight.

She sighed in fond memory. God! That brings back such powerful feelin's of worshippin' MY brother-master, kneelin' naked with my momma pressed against my side, the two a us takin' turns bobbin' on his shaft for hours! Oh! If only I could turn back the clock ta those golden days!

Sandy and Jane were both having multiple orgasms that showed no sign of stopping, but at least they had their screaming urges under control.

So Vicky turned her attention back to Lisa. Darrin's orgasm had most definitely ended, but Lisa kept right on bobbing. Vicky had let go of his boner after his cum ran out, so she could use both of her hands to help propel him to a better climax. But that was done, and she thought Lisa could use some help to make sure Darrin didn't go flaccid. This was the most pivotal time.

She reached out with both of her hands, bringing them to Darrin's cummy shaft.

Lisa already had a hand busily stroking away while her other hand fondled his balls, but Lisa immediately sensed what Vicky wanted and helped to make it happen by rearranging her hands.

Within seconds, there were FOUR hands on his shaft all at once! Not even Darrin's cock was long and thick enough to handle found hands at once, but Vicky and Lisa had lots of experience with this kind of thing and knew how to hold him by the fingertips in a manner that was highly stimulating and yet allowed enough room for all of those fingers to slide around. That's exactly what happened.

Darrin was tired, dead tired. He considered himself something of a masturbation addict, since he usually climaxed about six to seven times a day, which he knew was way more than normal. But nothing even came close to the prolonged sexual intensity he'd enjoyed for the last hour plus! It was great, but taxing, and he'd fully expected he'd had to fall into a nap as soon as his dick went flaccid.

What he didn't expect was four talented female hands on his shaft all at once! That was such an unexpected pleasure that he jolted in place like he'd been hit by a powerful electric shock. Again, like when Vicky first place one hand on his shaft, it wasn't the physical sensation so much as the psychological realization of what was happening, and the breathtaking future implications. But in this case it was the physical too, because Lisa's tongue and lips were relentless AND those four hands were doing wonderful things.

Ultimately, it didn't really matter how tired he was, or how tapped out his penis was. Lisa and Vicky wanted his cock to stay erect and between them they had such sexual talent that they were an unstoppable force. Sure enough, his softening dick stiffened back to full size in a hurry.

Sandy and Jane were on the same trajectory, with the big orgasms petering out around the same time. But both of them saw the four hands on Darrin's cock at the same time and that brought their orgasms crashing back with a vengeance! Each of them had a multiple orgasm that went on for nearly three minutes.

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