Chapter 24
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After a while, things settled down. With Darrin's continued rigidity assured, Vicky took one hand from her crotch. Lisa took both her hands away too. That just left Vicky's one hand, so Darrin could revel in the mind-blowing fact that Lisa was blowing him while Vicky was jacking him off.

Darrin, Sandy, and Jane remained awake but mentally and physically blown away. Their eyes were wide open, but none of them knew just what to say about such a shared sexually intense experience like that.

Lisa and Vicky though were old hands at this sort of thing.

Vicky thought it would be amusing to resume talking as if all the events from the start of Darrin's orgasm never happened. While she continued to stroke his shaft, she said to Lisa in a matter-of-fact way, "So... girl, your high heels are officially on. And special heels they are." She winked knowingly. "Don't that feel better? Don't his huge cock even taste better when they are?"

Lisa let out a sensual moan of approval. She was secretly amused at Vicky's resumption of casual conversation, just as Vicky knew she would be. But she played it straight and kept right on bobbing.

Vicky chuckled. "I thought so."

She looked Sandy's way, and showed no surprise at Sandy's bedraggled and dazed appearance. "Oh, and Sandy, I kinda found some other pairs a Lisa's heels where I found those. I picked out a pair for ya, since I'm guessin' you and her are the same size with everythin'. Although you've got enough titty-meat for two Lisa's, I think!"

She chuckled some more, knowing that last comment was a wild exaggeration, since both Sandy and Lisa were ridiculously endowed.

Sandy was so out of it that she was only half paying attention. She heard something about high heels, but she didn't know what was meant by that and didn't really care.

Had she been thinking clearly, she would have gladly seized the opportunity to wear high heels. Olivia had given her a bit of a high heels fetish by frequently talking about the extra thrill of sucking cock in high heels, and Vicky had repeated the same theme to her earlier.

But Sandy didn't think things through or ask Vicky a question because she was still so very erotically wasted.

Vicky then looked to Jane. Once again, she ignored the blatant signs that Jane was reeling from a just concluded epic orgasm. She said her name loudly to get her attention. "Jane! So you don't get left out, I got ya a pair a high heels too. I'm not sure, but I'm guessin' you n' I wear the same size. Well, close enough for slut shoes at any rate!"

She laughed at her own play on the "close enough for horse shoes" idiom.

Her words didn't get any response from Jane either, since Jane was in the same boat as Sandy. In fact, Jane only briefly looked to Vicky at all, because she was so fascinated watching Lisa's sliding lips directly above Vicky's sliding fingers.

Vicky realized her message wasn't really getting through, but she wanted to give them a chance to wear high heels, especially since they were very special heels whose meaning was bound to become clear later. She spoke louder and slower, so they couldn't miss her words. "If anyone cares, I left the two extra pairs a high heels on top a Lisa's cooler. One pair for you, Sandy, n' one pair for you, Jane. They're there if you want them."

There still was no reaction or response, and nobody was looking at her at all. Darrin had his eyes closed again, lost in more erotic bliss, while Sandy and Jane had their eyes glued to Lisa's endlessly sliding lips.

Vicky came up with a clever idea to help the Douglas family sexual transition along, but she needed Darrin's full attention first. She took her hand off his boner and brought both hands to her chest. She leaned way towards him, they spoke loudly, "Hey! Darrin! Stud! I've got something ta show ya!"

That got him to open his eyes and look her way.

She purred sexily, "I'm getting REALLY hot in here. Do ya mind if I take my top all the way off?" Even as she spoke, she zipped the zipper the rest of the way down.

He nodded eagerly.

She laughed. Then she dramatically opened her top all the way and let it slide off her shoulders and down her arms. "I'm so glad ya like me n' ya like my body. Do ya like my breasts? Are they big enough for ya?"

His brain had practically been reduced to a moronic state due to so much sexual stimulation for so long. He just muttered "Uh-huh!" and nodded his head some more.

"I'm glad ta hear that. I can't wait until ya fuck my titties AND my mouth! Maybe both at the same time. Do ya like it when I stroke your cock?"

She let her top fall all the way to the floor. Then she brought her hand back to his shaft and resumed stroking it, since Lisa had left it untended for her.

Darrin just nodded again like an overeager puppy.

"I thought so!" Vicky snickered. "By the way, speaking a big titties that need ta get fucked, that reminds me of your mother somehow." She snickered some more. "I wouldn't be able ta do this without her permission. I think she needs a great big kiss for being so nice. Don'tcha agree?"

He nodded dumbly again. But his brain started to revive in a big way as her suggestion to kiss Sandy sunk in. He had to rise to the occasion to do that, or at least to do it right. He actually slapped his own face a couple of times to help rouse himself from his post-orgasmic daze.

Vicky quietly snickered at that too. She was having a ball.

Darrin looked at his mother, who was also increasingly alert and staring right back at him. She remained standing right up next to the seatback, shoulder to shoulder with Jane. She looked very bedraggled and sweaty, her short red hair tussled, but that only made her sexier in his eyes.

He put his hand on her shoulders and started to lean in to kiss her lips.

But her face turned to alarm. She didn't speak, but she was worrying about the "no touching" rule.

That made him remember the rule too, and it gave him pause. He loved his mother and didn't want to upset her. He would push for more sexual fun, but not if she drew a very clear line, like she did with this rule.

Vicky saw that and even anticipated that. She quickly spoke up. "Oh, if you're worryin' 'bout that 'no touchin'' rule, she n' I talked about that too. We agreed that you could use some kissin' practice, so you'll be able ta hit the ground runnin' n' get yourself a nice Napali girlfriend. Ain't that right, Sandy?"

He was sobering up quickly, with the prospect of French kissing his mother some more on the line. But he wanted to be sure he was doing the right thing. He asked her with real concern, "Is that right, Mom?"

Sandy's brain was kicking into high gear too, as her heart started to thump madly. She recalled having a conversation about this issue, but she didn't remember ever coming to a firm decision. That's because she hadn't. But in the heat of the moment, with her son's slightly parted lips in front of her face and his hands on her shoulders, she let herself be persuaded. She nodded slightly.

Then, realizing that might not be clear enough, she spoke in a sultry voice, "Yes, my son! You can kiss me!"

His brown eyes sparkled with delight. "Cool! Thanks, Mom! I love you so much!"

He leaned in closer and she leaned to him too. Their lips met.

It was like an electric shock. Their heads automatically tilted, and they were off to the races, with their tongues dueling in each other's mouths.

Sandy had some lingering doubt that she was doing the right thing, but she felt such passion and love, such a powerful bonding with her son, that her worries melted away. Their kiss grew deeper and tighter, like their lips were melded together.

Without really thinking about the "no touching" rule or anything else, he slipped his hands from her shoulders down to her giant I-cups. He groaned lustily in her mouth as he started fondling and caressing them from below.

She moaned loudly and gleefully into his mouth too, because his hands felt so good. Plus, she adored the fact that he was acting so aggressively, pushing boundaries and slowly taking control. (In her lusty fever she didn't think about how much his actions were actually being encouraged and directed by Vicky.)

She wrapped her hands around his back, pulling him closer towards her as well as indicating non-verbal approval of his tit fondling.

He noticed that approval and responded by joyously sinking his fingers deep into her tit-flesh. It was rough, but she loved it.

Darrin simply couldn't believe how great things were for him. He was well aware of the fact that not only was he making out with his bombshell mother, but Lisa was still sucking his cock while Vicky kept on stroking it! The only way things could have gotten any better in his mind was if Jane could have somehow gotten involved too.

Ironically, that was exactly what Jane was thinking at the same time. She'd been slow to come out of her post-orgasmic lethargy, since nothing was directly affecting her. Once she saw that Darrin was liable to kiss Sandy again, she started to get really upset and jealous. She was going to bring up the "no touching" rule, but she stilled her tongue when it came up on its own.

Jane was eager to stop the kissing somehow, but when Sandy vocally gave her approval, she felt she didn't have a leg to stand on, and she would only sound petulant and whiny. It wasn't that she had a real problem with the kiss, only that it involved Darrin and Sandy instead of him and her!

She hadn't made any mental commitment to get seriously intimate with him. In fact, her default assumption remained that wasn't going to happen. But she was so highly aroused that she was easily persuaded to do more, and the kissing looked like too much fun to miss out on. She still vividly recalled when he'd passionately necked with her earlier, and wanted more of that - with her, not Sandy.

Once the tit fondling started in earnest, she felt she couldn't stay quiet any longer. She turned towards her mother and gave her an annoyed push on her nearer shoulder, "Hey! Mom! What happened to the 'no touching' rule?! Did that just fly out the window?!"

As usual, Vicky was one step ahead. She'd anticipated that Jane would have issues. She was surprised she'd managed to last this long before starting to complain. She'd been thinking about what she could say to help. She hoped that, by acting fast, Sandy wouldn't have to break her scorching hot kiss to fumble for an answer.

Vicky said, "Jane, sugar, I think she still likes that rule, but she's kinda amended it. We were talkin' 'bout how it would be good if she could show Darrin the ropes when it comes ta kissin' and titty fondlin' so he won't be a hopeless case once he starts datin' girls. That's bound ta happen as soon as y'all arrive at the island."

That was all true enough. Vicky figured it would be best to break the "no touching" rule in stages, rather than all at once.

However, Sandy sensed Vicky's answer alone wouldn't be enough to mollify her daughter. So even though she was loathe to do so, she broke the kiss to explain things a bit better. "Ah, Janey... what Vicky said! But that's not the full story. I didn't forget the 'no touching' rule. It's just that I realized the main thing is that we can't touch his cock! As long as we do that, we'll be fine."

Jane said, "And he can't touch our pussies, I assume." It was scary for her to abandon the rule, and she worried about going "too far" with her brother, since she still didn't know what she ultimately wanted with him. So she wanted rules that would help keep things "safe," especially considering her current sour and jealous (but still very horny) mood.

Sandy nodded. "Of course. That goes without saying." She wasn't even looking at Jane, but staring into her son's eyes like they were long lost lovers. She continued to tell Jane, "But the main thing is, we should think of it as the 'no touching his cock' rule. Isn't that better? Remember he's kissed us both and fondled our tits and the world didn't end."

Jane groused, "I guess."

Sandy whispered to Darrin, "Son, I love you too! I love how you kiss me and play with my tits. I even love how you're doing it while Lisa AND Vicky play with your big fat cock! You're turning into such a lady killer so fast! It takes my breath away!"

"Thanks, Mom!" He was as energized as he could be. He leaned in to neck some more while continuing to aggressively fondle her I-cups.

But she brought her hands from his back and put them on top of his hands. "That said, let's turn this into a learning experience, so you can wow those girls. You can be a bit grabby, since you're so enthusiastic. Let my hands kind of guide you for a while, okay? And follow my lead with the kissing too."

"Sure, Mom! Sounds great!" He quickly locked lips with her again, and they were off to the races once more.

But he was more careful when it came to the tit fondling. At first, he didn't move his hands at all, until she started moving them for him. Then he realized he was being too careful, and tried to find a happy medium.

Lisa kept on sucking, though she was taking it at a somewhat slower pace so he could pace himself too.

Vicky kept right on stroking. In fact, she couldn't resist bringing her other hand over to start to explore his balls some too.

Everybody was having a great time, except for Jane. She sighed sadly as she watched her mother and brother make out.

Vicky saw that, since she was paying more attention to Jane and the kissing than Darrin's cock, since her primary task was to help with the family's transformation. She knew just what to say, too.

She took a cum-soaked hand off Darrin's balls and put it on Jane's nearer shoulder. (Things had gotten so sexual that Jane hardly noticed, and certainly didn't mind.) She said in a quiet, calm voice, "Jane, I understand 'zactly how you're feelin'."

"No, you don't," Jane griped like the petulant teen she was at that moment. She crossed her arm under her awesome F-cups. She was defiantly staring at Lisa's lips sliding relentlessly up and down her brother's hot pole rather than looking at Vicky.

Vicky said, "It's okay to feel jealous. You love him after all."

"Not in THAT way," Jane responded, although she was starting to doubt that.

"Regardless, kissin' is fun, and you're missin' out. But don't worry, it'll be your turn soon."

"It will?!" Jane turned her to Vicky in hope and surprise.

"Sure! I've only met you n' your family today, obviously, but I can tell how much he loves ya. It's as clear as the sun in the sky. I have no doubt that just as soon as he's done playin' with his busty mommy, he'll go straight to playin' with you!"

Jane's hope turned into doubt. "So says you."

"So says him too! Darrin, you can hear us, right? Once you've given your mom a nice cum or two, don'tcha want ta kiss your sexy sister n' fondle her huge titties?"

He was hearing, remarkably enough, considering how distracting Lisa's lips and tongue, Vicky's hand, and Sandy's mouth and tits were all at the same time. He didn't break the kiss, but he moaned affirmatively. "MMMM!"

"You hear that?"

Jane was hopeful, but still skeptical. "Maybe. Or maybe Lisa was just doing some extra special trick with her tongue just then."

"Good point," Vicky said with a chuckle. "Darrin, Stud, what do ya have ta say a that?"

He realized he had to break the kiss to make his sister feel better. Since he loved her a lot, it was an easy call. He pulled back until Sandy had no choice but to break the lip contact.

Then he looked over to his sister and gave her a big smile. "Sis, just hold your horses. Just as soon as I'm done here..." He did a visible double take as he looked over her naked body. He could only see her from her tits on up, due to the seatback in the way, but that was plenty impressive. He whistled in appreciation, then exclaimed, "Hot damn! Sis, you're such a fuckin' BABE!"

Sandy was hot to trot. The only reason why he could talk was because he'd pulled his head just out of reach of her needy lips. She chided him, "Son! Watch your language!"

"Sorry, but it's true."

Sandy felt he was doing much better with his tit fondling. In fact, he was a natural, so long as he remembered not to squeeze or grab too much. She took her hands away from her chest, where they weren't really needed, and put one hand on his back and another on the back of his head. Then, pulling him back to her, she panted, "Kiss me!"

He kissed his mother again, hard. He simply couldn't believe his sexual luck. But he didn't want to leave his sister hanging with that short and partial answer, so he forcibly pulled back until his lips were out of range of hers once more.

She moaned needfully, like the bitch in heat she had effectively become.

He laughed. "Cool your engines, Mom. I'll get back to you in a minute." He playfully pinched both of her nipples at once.

She loved that, and let out an extra sexy moan. "You'd better!"

He shook his head in amazement, because his mother's transformation was downright impossible to believe. Yet it was happening. (He had no idea that she had been primed and even indoctrinated for months precisely so her dramatic sexual awakening could happen as planned on this day.)

He looked back at his sister while continuing to play with his mother's stiff nipples. "Sis, when I get half the chance, I'm not just going to kiss you. I'm going to own your lips! I'm going to make them mine!"

That was just inspired sexual talk on his part, but he happened to hit the nail on the head.

Both Sandy and Jane gasped loudly. Since they were latent submissives, that was exactly the sort of dominating talk that drove them crazy.

Oblivious, he went on, "And not just that! I'm gonna fondle your tits until my hands fall off! God, Sis! You're so sexy! So stacked! I've wanted to get my hands on them for ages! And now I can!"

Her jealous snit was totally forgotten, especially after his talk of "owning her lips." Her smile was a mile wide. She gave him a devastating "come hither" look while hefting up both of her F-cups from below.

She spoke in a newly sensual voice that in fact she'd never used before with anyone. It sounded like sex. She teased him, "That's a lot of big talk. I want to see action, you big-cocked hunk!" (He wasn't anyone's idea of a hunk, since he was still scrawny and growing into his body. But she was carried away on a tidal wave of lust.) "Are you just going to touch them, or are you going to 'own them' and 'make them yours,' like my lips?!"

He looked from Jane back to Sandy, and then back to Jane. Then back to Sandy yet again. He was torn in two, because he wanted to kiss and fondle them both at once, and that was physically impossible. With Lisa and Vicky all over his cock, he was going out of his mind, but in the best possible way.

He brought his hands under Sandy's massive tits and gave them a firm squeeze. "Mom, I'm really sorry, but I'm totally inspired to kiss Sis now. Do you mind if I...?"

Sandy laughed. She was so hot to trot that it was a wonder smoke wasn't rising from her sweaty body. But she loved them both enough to understand. She nodded knowingly. "It's fine. I get it. Kiss her good! Own her lips AND her tits, just like you promised! And then... come back and finish me off! Do all that to me too! Make me want you like a mother should NEVER want her son!"

He firmly nodded. Then he pivoted slightly in place to more directly face his sister.

Jane was already pinned up against the seatback. She leaned way over it, making all of her upper body easy to reach.

His hands latched onto her F-cups before their lips had a chance to meet.

She moaned orgasmically, which was fitting because she actually had a small orgasm.

Then their lips met, and it was even better than before. It might even have been hotter and more passionate that the kisses Darrin and Sandy had just been sharing, if that was even physically possible.

Jane only wrapped one arm around his back, because she wanted to play with her pussy. She dug deeply into her cunt and started cumming hard. She screamed loudly into his mouth. She was worked up to such a fever pitch that she was dizzy and delirious. She didn't know which she liked better, the way he was kissing her or the way he was kneading and "needing" her tits.

After a minute or two, she calmed down enough to actually think some. OH GOD! I think I'm falling hard for my brother! My scrawny, geeky little brother! He IS "owning" my lips AND my tits! Fuck me! This is so much better than any kissing or fondling I've ever experienced with ANY of my previous boyfriends that it's like comparing the size of a watermelon to a grape!

I can't even believe it! And Lisa's sucking his cock the whole time! And Vicky's helping! That's so fucked up! So WRONG! But so fucking HOT! My little brother is more man than ten men twice his size!

Sandy looked on with envy. She was pushing her tits together and sliding them against each other a little bit as she gave him an intense "come hither" look that he couldn't even see. She clearly saw how Jane fingered herself to another orgasm while her two children kissed and kissed.

She thought, Damn! I should have done that. But my chance will come around again. Wow! My son! He just became a MAN today!

She looked over to Vicky in all her topless glory, with her long, light blonde hair flowing down. She gazed down her arms until she came to her hands holding and fondling his shaft and balls. From there, her gaze went to Lisa's mass of dark hair, seemingly endlessly bobbing on his thickness.

WOW! It's all so sexy, even if you ignore the sibling kissing! And that's the hottest part! I shouldn't have said "Make me want you like a mother should NEVER want her son!" That's so wrong. Just thinking about it makes me wince. If anyone here still doesn't know how much I long to suck my son's cock, they must be deaf, dumb, and blind! UGH!

But I can't help my feelings. It's all too much at once! Too hot!

As she looked back and forth between the blowjob action and her children necking, she addressed Darrin in her mind. "Son, I'll bet you think you're the cock of the walk, having one busty bombshell bob on your incredible cock while another one strokes it, and you make out with your sexy sister and play with her tits! Meanwhile, yet another one rubs her tits together for you, waiting for her turn. And that's ME!

Well, you ARE! Gaawwwd, you're such a STUD! I don't know how you do it, with your age and inexperience, but the proof is the way Lisa sucks you for so damn long, and you almost NEVER cum!

And yet, you've never even kissed a girl your age, much less made her beg to suck you off. That won't do!

You need a loving mother to teach you how to properly French kiss... and more! I know we've kissed twice already, but we're only getting started as far as I'm concerned. There's so much I want to teach you, but your kisses are so hot that I forget I'm supposed to talk and tell you things. We're going to have to work on that.

And like Vicky said, how can I properly help you kiss a girl Napali-style if I'm not naked? It's going to be dangerous, letting you play with my titties while resisting the temptation to at least stroke your fat cock some. But I'm willing to take that risk! After all, I am your naked big-titted mommy, and I love you!

At the same time, Darrin's thoughts were much simpler and more primal, and totally focused on his sister. He hadn't really had a frank talk with her since all the sexual craziness began, so he didn't know how she felt about him. But he had a gut feeling that if she was feeling this horny, it was just a matter of time before she was stroking and even sucking his cock too! That was the best feeling in the world, especially since it was on top of Lisa's talented bobbing and Vicky's stroking.

He had an even better gut feeling about his mother. He could tell she was trying to resist, but her lust for him was a powerful and seemingly unstoppable force driving her to do wild and humiliating things. He had visions of fucking her enormous tits while she sucked on his cockhead from the top. When he put it all together, his future seemed almost inconceivably awesome!

Time passed. Darrin necked with Jane for several more minutes, until Sandy got so needy and antsy that she started tapping on his shoulder and he couldn't ignore her any longer.

Her repositioned slightly and made out with her some more. Her waiting seemed to only make her desire him more, and that was reflected in the passion of their kissing.

Of course, he spent every single moment alternately exploring, kneading, and caressing her round melons. He was amazed at just how fun that was. What made it great was the reactions he'd get from her. She was constantly moaning and groaning into his mouth. There were times he even managed to make her body visibly shiver, and even make her cum! That was the best, knowing that she came while her arms were around his back, which meant it was all from his kissing and tit fondling, or both combined.

Despite Sandy's ostensible reason for allowing this, there was no teaching. As Sandy had noted in her own thoughts already, there was no way for her to talk and give him tips when her tongue was constantly dueling with his. Sandy was so carried away that she didn't care or even give that issue much thought. Even so, he was gradually getting better with his kissing and fondling through the simple act of practicing.

Vicky's heart swelled with joy from watching Sandy. Just look at her! Her face is beet red n' drenched in sweat, and yet it's easy ta see that she's havin' the time a her life. Of course she's overjoyed, 'cos she's discoverin' her true callin': bein' her son's sex slave! Look at how she revels in her nudity, somehow uninhibited n' dyin' of embarrassment at the same time. That brings back so many great memories a when I had a master ta serve!

Havin' Darrin stumble onta talkin' 'bout "owning" Jane's lips n' then her titties was another unexpected stroke a luck. I saw how BOTH mother n' daughter reacted ta that, like he'd zapped 'em with a live wire! I'm sure they're both goin' ta push him for lots more "owning" talk, just you wait n' see. It won't be long 'fore they both start ta think about bein' completely owned by him, and that's when the fun really begins!

I've helped transition a lot of families over the years, but I've got a feelin' that the Douglases are gonna be my all-time favorites. They're all such naturals!

After about five more minutes, and two more of Sandy's small orgasms, the same thing happened where Jane tapped his shoulder so much that he felt obliged to switch again.

The sexy fun went on and on. Darrin and Jane necked practically like they were newlyweds who were boiling hot for each other yet knew the other's body well. And he played with her tits and especially her nipples so well that she didn't even need to touch her own privates to cum from time to time.

At one point, Jane thought, Uh-oh! This is getting bad, because I love it too much! I swear, if it was anyone else but him kissing and caressing me like this, I'd already be thinking about wedding gowns and rings! Fuuuuuck! But he's my fucking BROTHER! And he's not "caressing" my tits, he's OWNING them, just like he said he would!

I don't know what it is, but when I'm in his arms like this, I feel so helpless! Like he's in total control and I'm just... just... his slut! UGH! I've never felt like this before and the scary thing is it feels so GOOD! Maybe it's the fact that I'm constantly aware of the fact that Lisa is sucking his cock, with help from Vicky. Hell, she slurps so loud, how can I forget? So he really IS in control because what kind of guy can kiss and fondle his own sister while two super stacked sex bombs play with his huge horse cock?! I swear, it's inhuman!

Gaawwwd! I don't want to fall for my brother. I really don't. That'll make things so crazy awkward at home. But... GOD! ... I have this growing desire to at least suck his cock! The more he owns me... AND Mom... the stronger it gets! I've gotta do something fast, or I'm gonna end up blowing my geeky, scrawny and only fifteen-year old brother! Isn't that illegal in most states?! UGH! What a nightmare!

During that kiss, a small but significant development happened. Sandy was frustrated she had to wait, and somehow wound up with an arm still around his waist all the while he was kissing Jane. By and by, she also wound up with an arm around Jane's bare back too. She didn't consciously put it there, but once it was, she liked it, because it made her feel more connected to both of them.

Vicky definitely noticed where Sandy's hands went. She was secretly over the moon about it, because she saw it as a significant sign of things to come. After all, the plan was to turn the Douglases into a threesome, not two pairs of lovers. Getting Sandy and Jane comfortable with touching each other's naked bodies was a necessary and key step.

It might have seemed the kissing could have gone on and on, but the make-out session was so very intense that it was like running a short foot race instead of a marathon. It couldn't be sustained at that level of intensity.

That was especially the case because Lisa was increasingly ramping up the level of her cocksucking talent, as he grew more able to cope. Whereas before she had only been sucking him at maybe twenty percent of her skills at their absolute peak, now it was more like fifty percent. That left him dangerously close to orgasm nearly all the time. It felt beyond incredible, but the sheer emotional intensity was mentally exhausting, and having to squeeze his PC muscle nearly non-stop was physically exhausting. It got to the point where he seriously thought about just crying "uncle," even though he would lose face for doing so.

And that almost wasn't even factoring in the extra mental and physical joys of knowing that the hand stroking his shaft belonged to Vicky, not Lisa!

Eventually, Darrin had another "close call," where Lisa had to use her special trick of squeezing the base of his shaft to stave off his orgasm right when it began. This was especially frustrating to him, because the reason he started to cum was because he finally gave up trying to resist. He was utterly wiped out.

Lisa would have let him cum without restraint, except that he'd had four orgasms already and they still had the vast majority of the flight to go. But instead, she played a trick: she sucked him all through his close call, and pretended as if he had a real climax. The lack of cum could be explained by her supposedly taking it all down her throat.

Darrin was confused, because that "orgasm" didn't feel nearly as satisfying as the other ones. But by then he was so tired and endless horny that he didn't know up from down. He guessed that maybe he'd climaxed so often in a short time that he'd basically run out of cum, or his penis got hurt, or both.

The end result was the kissing and fondling had to come to an end, and his penis went flaccid. That actually was an act of mercy by Lisa and Vicky, because they were so sexually satisfied that they could have kept his cock erect until he was practically a shell of his former self, almost like deadly succubi.

But that wasn't going to happen in any case because their goals were to pleasure him and help him the most in his transformation, not practically kill him.

He was so wiped out that he closed his eyes and started to fall asleep right away. He barely had the energy to turn around in his seat so he could sit down in it in the usual way.

Sandy and Jane basically felt the same. They also went back to the back row middle and aisle seats and slumped down in their seats. It wasn't very comfortable, but they were too tired to care. With the heat being what it was, neither of them even thought about putting their robes back on. (Though that wasn't even an option for Sandy.)

But before everyone started to drop off, Vicky bent over to pick up the top to her flight attendant uniform from where it had fallen to the floor, then stood up. Knowing she was in danger of losing her audience, she loudly exclaimed, "Dear me! Where did the TIME go? Havin' that much big cock fun, I plum forgot all about my flight attendant duties! It's a good thing I can't fire myself. But I'd better go check on the others n' 'specially make sure they get enough ta drink in all this heat."

She went on, "Oh, and Lisa, Please be a dear n' make sure everyone here has another bottle a water ta drink, includin' yourself. Remember how Sandy got the shakes n' all. And do it fast before this whole bunch heads off ta dreamland! I'll see y'all later. Bye!"

With that, she headed off back towards the front of the plane, carrying her top instead of bothering to put it back on first. Somehow, her small brimless hat had stayed pinned to her hair the whole time.

In truth, she had spent too much time with the Douglases to the neglect of the others. She felt bad about that and resolved to make more time with the two other families.

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