Chapter 25
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Lisa looked around and saw that the three Douglases already had their eyes closed. She clapped her hands loudly to keep them awake. "You heard her! Before you drop off, drink! Quick, I'll go get the water. Sandy! Jane! Keep Darrin awake while I'm gone! He needs replenishment the most, what with the way he cums so much."

Actually Lisa only had to go across the aisle to get to her cooler, so it wasn't like she was going away. But Darrin in particular was fading so fast that she did need help.

Sandy and Jane both wearily sat up in their chairs.

Sandy playfully rubbed the top of her son's head. "Hey, my big man! You still there?"

His eyes were closed, but he grunt. "Ugh! Barely."

Jane also rubbed his hair, but it was more like she was lovingly running her hands through it. Her feelings for him had changed in profound ways that she was only beginning to understand, but on some deeper level she was already thinking of him much more as a lover than as a brother.

Jane said, "Hey, squirt, don't leave us yet. Did you see how much you came on Lisa's face? And then she took a whole other load down her throat!" She joked, "If you keep that up, you really might die of dehydration!"

He sleepily admitted, "Actually... that last time... my load was pretty small."

At least that what he thought must have happened. He didn't remember cumming at all, but he figured that he was so far out of it with orgasmic euphoria that he spaced out or even blacked out briefly.

Jane continued to caress his hair, while Sandy did too, since that was the only part of him they could easily reach with him being in the front row and everyone being too tired to move much.

Jane said, "That's what you say, but I don't believe you. You called Mom the 'tit queen' and Lisa the 'handjob queen,' although I think I can safely say we can promote her to the 'suck queen.'"

Both Sandy and Darrin said at the same time, "Agreed!" Then the whole family burst into laughter.

Lisa was standing only a few feet away, and she'd just got the water bottles for everybody. She returned to the front aisle and made her presence known by saying, "Oh, you. I'm not all that." She gave the bottle to Darrin by tapping him on his chest with it.

That forced him to open his eyes and grab hold of the bottle. He glanced up and over at Lisa where she stood and shivered, because she looked so ridiculously sexy, buck naked and with his cum from his last real orgasm still splattered all over her face. He silently muttered to himself, "Fuuuuuuuck!" Then he told her out loud, "No, you are. You definitely are!"

The top was already off the water bottle, so he brought it to his mouth and started to drink.

Lisa leaned way over him, until her huge bare tits were lightly resting on his chest. She smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek. "What a sweetie. Thanks!"

She stood back up and began distributing the other bottles to Sandy, Jane, and herself.

Jane said, "Where was I? Oh yeah. Brother, Mom's the Tit Queen, Lisa's the Suck Queen, and I officially dub thee the Cum King! You cum like three grown men combined!" She giggled. As she said that, she tapped him on the top of his head as if she was royally anointing him.

Sandy smiled. As she continued to rub and caress his head, both to keep him awake and because she enjoyed the intimacy, she said, "Hear, hear! Actually, everything having to do with my son's cock is like 'three grown men combined.'"

The others laughed at that.

Both mother and daughter took their hands from Darrin's head and sat back in their seats to drink their waters.

Lisa remained standing in the aisle, heedless of her nudity and cummy face, so she could maintain easy visual contact with the other three. She drank her water like that.

Ironically, she'd done the most physical exertion of the group, by far, with her nearly non-stop cock stroking and then later cock licking and especially sucking. Yet she was the least tired of the group, by far.

That's because in her years as her brother-master's sex slave, she had developed the endurance for sex sessions so prolonged that few outside of Napali could have believed it. She had essentially worked her way up like a runner developing the endurance skills to run a marathon. Even though she'd been living back in the outside world the last three years, she stayed in top physical shape. To her, sucking a cock for less than an hour, and at half of less of her usual intensity, was like child's play, even given the cargo plane's unusual heat.

It was almost the identical story for Vicky.

The Douglases actually were in great shape compared to most Americans. For instance, Sandy worked at a female gym and both she and Jane worked out there religiously. That was a big reason their bodies were works of art. Darrin exercised religiously too. But none of them ever had their sexual endurance tested, and different kinds of endurances involved different attitudes and muscles.

As the three of them drank, Sandy looked to Lisa. She couldn't see all of her from her middle seat, but she shivered lustily just from seeing all of her son's cum on her face.

That inspired her to say, "Lisa, if you don't mind... I just have to say... I am extremely, extremely impressed with your sexual talent! I think it's safe to say that we all are."

Jane said, "Definitely!"

Darrin was gulping down some water at the time, but he grunted in agreement.

Sandy went on, "I'm especially impressed about, well, to be frank, your sucking skills."

The arousal level of the group had taken a nosedive in the past few minutes, with everyone switching to rest and recovery mode. Even so, they remained much more aroused than their usual baseline, especially due to their continued nudity (with only Darrin still wearing a T-shirt). That lower level was why Sandy felt obliged to say "to be frank" before mentioning "sucking skills."

Sandy asked Lisa, "How do you do it?"

Lisa finished taking a swig of her water, and shrugged. "You just... do it. It's just like anything else. It takes practice, practice, and more practice to get good at something. But don't worry, Sandy. I'm sure you'll get to be a great cocksucker before too long."

"What?!" Sandy was so calm and relaxed that the blush had finally faded from her face for the first time since her family's sexual roller coaster ride began. But she immediately blushed. "What do you mean by that?!" She feared Lisa would talk about Sandy's "secret shame" in front of everyone.

But Lisa knew better than to talk like that at such a calm time. However, she did want to encourage Sandy's blowjob fetish a little bit. So she shrugged, and said, "I'm just saying. I'm guessing you've never properly sucked a guy before. But I hope after what you've seen me do today, you've realized how enjoyable it can be for BOTH the man and woman. And Napali Island is a very sexual place with lots of fun and sexy people. I'm sure you'll have plenty of opportunities to try out new sexual things there, if you want to."

"Oh." Sandy was almost disappointed that Lisa's comments didn't have even a hint of any sort of incestuous suggestion, though she was also glad Lisa didn't say anything too revealing.

Lisa looked to Jane. "And of course the same applies to you. I'm guessing that you have had some sexual adventures with your boyfriends. Sandy's kept me up to date on your relationship status in these past months over the phone, though only in a general way, of course."

She looked Jane over carefully, as if trying to figure her out. "I'm guessing in your case that you're having a lot more blowjob experience than your mother, who basically hasn't had anything, but you found it entirely disappointing. There was no pleasure in it for you at all. Am I right?"

Jane was impressed. "That's exactly right! How did you know that?!"

"Because that's the case for most women in our day and age. Oral sex is so badly misunderstood. Anal sex too. Heck, sex in general. People just blunder into it with no training whatsoever, totally winging it. Then they wonder why it's so unsatisfying."

Sandy, in her more prudish mindset, was getting increasingly skittish about the conversation, especially after the "anal sex" mention. That was the ultimate unmentionable taboo sex act in her mind. So she said, "Can we please change the topic? Why is it that we're talking about blowjobs again? It's bizarre. I swear, I pretty much never talked about blowjobs to anyone in my life before today, and then all of a sudden it's the ONLY thing anyone is talking about. And while you've got my son's cum dripping down your face!"

She gesticulated in frustration at Lisa. "Could you please wash your face off before we do anything else at all?! The bathroom is just a few feet away from you, you know."

Lisa thought it was practically a crime to simply wash the cum away, especially masterly cum from the likes of Darrin. But she realized that Sandy wasn't ready yet to understand just how precious a master's sperm was in Napali society.

Pretending like it was no big deal, she brought her hand to her face and ran a finger through some cummy streaks. "Oh yeah! Silly me! I pretty much forgot that was there. Here, I'll go clean it off right away."

"Thank you very much," Sandy said, clearly relieved.

Lisa had finished drinking her water, so she went to the bathroom straight away and washed her face clean. She did it as fast as she could, because she didn't want to leave the Douglases alone. So far, the excuse of having to rehydrate had kept them all from falling asleep. She was trying to avoid any prolonged napping, because they were likely to come down even farther from their erotic highs and then wake up feeling shocked, confused, and maybe even aghast.

She also didn't want them to just carry on as normal people do, talking about normal things, because that would also lead to a gradual lowering of their arousal levels.

The key to the dramatic sexual transformations during these pivotal long flights to Napali was keeping all the family members in a constant state of high sexual arousal for as long as possible. It wasn't physically possible to maintain an extreme state for the entire time, which was why there were occasional setbacks. But with the Douglases, they had all been tripping out on lust non-stop for a remarkably long time, which was why Lisa believed they had achieved an unexpectedly positive amount of transformation in that time.

If the arousal level of the Douglases could be likened to a pot of water on a stove, Lisa knew she couldn't maintain a "boil" level all the time, but for now she wanted to at least keep them on "simmer" instead of getting "cold." She thought hard, and recalled her SI training, in order to come up with ways to keep them awake and thinking sexy thoughts.

When she came out of the bathroom a minute or two after going in, she was relieved to see that at least Sandy and Jane still had their eyes open and were talking to each other, though they all looked beat. Darrin, unfortunately, was just too wiped out, and was dead asleep.

She decided that was probably for the best, since he was going through a lot and he needed a good rest. She was willing to let him sleep until he naturally woke up on his own.

But that left the very tricky task of keeping Sandy and Jane not only awake, but aroused to some degree. Worse, she wouldn't have the easy solution of using Darrin's erection to get and keep them hot and bothered.

Lisa was particularly worried that Sandy's prudish mindset could come roaring back at any time. It was true that Sandy was sexually transforming dramatically in a short time, but it usually took time for new attitudes to take root. Sandy was way, way far off from her usual behavior, usual thinking, and usual beliefs. She could easily have a "What the hell am I doing?!" moment and snap back to her old ways if her arousal level dropped lower and she had time to engage in serious introspection. Then, if things went badly with Sandy, that could set back much of the progress that had been made with Jane too.

So Lisa sprang into action to keep both of them busy, but most especially Sandy busy. She got up and stood naked in the aisle. She clapped her hands to get their attention. "Okay, you two. It's time to try putting your heels on."

Since Sandy's arousal had gone down a lot in just a few minutes, that made her more skeptical and reluctant. "Heels? What do you mean?"

Lisa asked, "Didn't you hear Vicky talking to all of us about high heels a while ago?"

Sandy and Jane tried to think back. They both remembered how Vicky had brought Lisa her high heels because Lisa preferred sucking cock while wearing them. But beyond that, it was hazy. They both remembered Vicky saying more to each of them that had something to do with high heels, but they'd been so extremely horny and distracted at the time, and so much had happened in the short time since, that all the details were gone.

Sandy spoke for both of them, "Um, kind of, but could you refresh our memories?"

Instead of saying anything, Lisa turned around and bent over.

Sandy and Jane could see that they had serious competition when it came to sexy asses.

But they didn't get much of a look, because Lisa bent over to pick up the high heels for the other two that Vicky had left behind, then she stood right back up. Turning back around to face them, she held the heels up, with one pair in each hand. "Do these ring a bell?"

Jane thought hard, then said, "Yeaaaah... Now that you mention it, I have this hazy recollection of Vicky saying something about having the same shoe size as me. But it didn't make any sense at the time."

Lisa knelt down in front of Jane and brought Jane's pair of heels to the fore. Jane's were black, just like Sandy's, while Lisa's were bright red.

Lisa said, "Right. I was paying more attention, and I heard her tell you that she thought she had the same size as you, so maybe these would fit you. And Sandy, I have more than one pair of heels with me, and she brought out another pair of mine to see if they would fit you. So, do you want to try them on?"

Jane said, "Sure, why not? They look nice. If they fit, can I keep them?"

She was just joking around, mostly, but Lisa said, "Most definitely! That's the whole idea, as I'll soon explain. But let's try them on and see."

Jane slipped the heels on her feet, one by one. She was pleasantly surprised. "Hey, cool! They fit like a glove!"

That was no surprise to Lisa, since these pairs had been very carefully selected and fitted by the SI team overseeing the Douglas case. Sandy and Jane obviously had no clue yet, but these heels had a very important role to play in their new lives. A sex slave's first pair of "real" high heels always had a lot of symbolic meaning - with "real" meaning the pair they wore when they sucked their master's cock for the first time.

Lisa said to Jane, "Would you look at that? A perfect fit! That means they're yours. I'm sure Vicky will agree. We both have the same strong feelings about heels."

"Cool! Thanks!" Jane bent over to carefully examine the heels. She could tell they were expensive and very well made.

Then Lisa looked to Sandy and said, "How 'bout you? Try these on." She passed them over, because Jane was in the way.

Sandy looked doubtful. She hadn't worn heels in years, even when she was married, because the last thing she wanted was more attention when she walked around in public. She complained, "I don't understand why I should try someone else's shoes when I have my own somewhere or another, but if you insist..."

"I do. You'll see why."

"Well, okay." Sandy tried them on. She had to agree they fit very well. But she protested, "These look to be four-inch heels, if not five."

"Five, actually," Lisa said.

"That's ridiculous! I don't own any pairs like these. Who wants to walk around on stilts? It's bad for the feet."

Lisa smiled knowingly as she said, "It would be bad for the feet if you were standing in them very much. But these are special COCKSUCKING heels! You won't be walking in them much, except maybe from one room to another; you'll mainly be KNEELING in them! And they will usually be ALL you're wearing while you bob on the big fat cock of the special man you love!"

So far, Sandy and Jane had just been tolerating this as an eccentricity of Lisa's, but hearing that explanation caused their interest to skyrocket. Nonetheless, they remained skeptical. Their arousal levels had gone down a lot and they needed convincing.

Seeing their puzzlement and doubt, Lisa added, "I bet you're wondering about the connection. Trust me, heels like these will make you feel extra sexy when the time comes for some serious sucking. You'll still be effectively naked from head to feet, but wearing high heels means you're dressing up specially to please your man at the same time. It's the best of both worlds!"

She went on, "And if you feel extra sexy, then you'll put extra passion and effort into sucking his cock, and he'll enjoy it that much more. Which means he'll want you to suck him more. Before long, just seeing you in high heels will make him erect and horny. He'll simply point to the bulge in his crotch and let you get to work! Soon, you'll be happily slurping away! And after a while, whenever you'll wear them or even just see them, your mouth with start to water."

Jane said, "That sounds like a Pavlovian association kind of thing. And a positive feedback loop."

"Exactly! Boy, are you astute. It's both of those things working together. And more."

Since Jane wasn't as far along as Sandy in her indoctrination, that sounded very strange to her. Lisa's seeming obsession with cocksucking didn't make sense, especially since she knew women generally didn't like that sex act all that much, and she'd felt the same with her boyfriends so far. But her desire to suck her brother was so great that she decided to let that slide for now. She had a strong feeling that oral sex would be completely different with him.

Sandy was so taken by her cocksucking craving that she took Lisa's words to heart right away. That sounded fantastic. However, she asked, "And just whose cock will I be sucking in these? Given that I've never even given a blowjob in my life."

Still on her knees, Lisa looked past Jane to stare at Sandy deeply into her green eyes. After a significant pause, she told Sandy, "You'll find the one you're looking for in Napali, of course. The one who's going to sweep you off your feet and make you happier than you could possibly imagine. He'll have a big cock and you'll be able to suck it every day, maybe more than once a day. I know it's going to happen. You just have to have faith."

Sandy secretly breathed a huge sigh of relief that Lisa didn't say something blunt like "I'm referring to your son Darrin, of course." It was getting increasingly ridiculous, but she still wanted to hang on to a fig leaf of pretending with the others that her incestuous desire wasn't as obvious as her hair on her head.

Lisa actually was referring to Darrin in her explanation, but she was so cryptic and careful that Sandy completely missed it.

Sandy asked, "Can you tell us more about 'cocksucking heels'? These just look like normal heels to me."

Lisa said, "To be honest, when Vicky said that she just happened to find some extra pairs for you, that wasn't exactly true. She and I specifically picked out special heels for you, because we feel you're deserving."

Jane added, "Yeah. What makes them special?"

"Not all heels are the same. Just like not all rings are the same, and people know that a diamond ring means such and such, or a ring on the ring finger means such and such. I tell you, the heels I'm giving you are SPECIAL! Their exact shape and design can't be bought in stores. For people in the know, one look at these and they'll know that you're a woman who wants to suck cock! That you love it! That you're great at it! So they carry a lot of POWER with them. One look, and all the guys in the know will get a boner in a flash. Even other women in the know will look at them and start to salivate as they think about bobbing on a thick cock!"

Sandy and Jane were getting extremely interested now.

Sandy asked, "Just how many people are in the know?! And how do they know?!"

And Jane asked, "Why haven't I heard of this before?! Shouldn't it be all over the Internet?!"

Lisa asked them in return, "Have you ever heard of BDSM?"

Sandy and Jane shook their heads.

Lisa explained, "It stands for 'bondage and discipline,' 'dominance and submission,' AND 'sadism and masochism,' all together. It covers a LOT of different things, including people who are into spankings, getting tied up, even whipping, and much, much more. The only reason I bring it up is because it's a subculture of MILLIONS of people, in real life and on the Internet, and yet it basically goes unnoticed. If you're not into that sort of thing, you have no reason to know, just like you'd have no reason to know the ins and outs of some sport or hobby you have no interest in whatsoever. They have various signs and symbols that they wear quite openly, for instance certain kinds of collars, rings, anklets, and the like. If you're not in the know, you'd just think it's a nice looking accessory or whatever."

Lisa went on significantly, "It's like that for the cocksucking subculture."

Sandy interrupted, "Wait! You're telling me there's a whole subculture, just focused on doing THAT one sex act?!"

Lisa said with a touch of pride, "But of course. Though cocksuckers are naturally very interested in titfucking, handjobs, fucking, and the like."

Lisa's answer was technically correct, but highly misleading. She was making it sound as if there was a large cocksucking subculture all over the world, just like BSDM. In fact, there was such a group Lisa was part of, and which used "cocksucking heels," but the only members of it were the 300 plus sex slaves and other women living on Napali Island, as well as about 100 other female Napali retirees or SI employees who lived elsewhere - including Lisa and Vicky.

Sandy asked, "And they're really into high heels?"

"For sure. They wouldn't suck without wearing them, unless it was some unusual circumstance."

Sandy immediately thought of her friend and SI confederate Olivia. She knew how much Olivia loved sucking her son while wearing high heels, and some of that fetish had already rubbed off on her. But she'd thought that was probably just another one of Olivia's personal sexual quirks, or maybe her son had a strong fetish for it. If she thought that "everybody" felt a certain way about something, that would strongly influence her attitude about it. That was basic human nature.

Lisa continued, "As for the heels you have on your feet, they are VERY similar to normal heels. If you're not in the know, you'd never have a clue. But if you are, they have a LOT of symbolic power and meaning, in the same way a wedding ring is VERY emotionally different from any normal ring."

Jane looked at her brand new heels with new eyes. She asked, "What do these heels 'say?'"

"Good question. First and foremost, they say that you love to suck cock! But not just any cock. The three of us are VERY beautiful women. That's not boasting, it's just a fact. So we can be VERY discriminating with our men and their cocks. These heels say you love to suck BIG cock! Thick cock! Long cock! Superior cock! Basically, if your man has the right kind of cock, you'd love nothing more than to drop to your knees and give him a hummer that'll make him go blind!"

Sandy looked at her new heels with sadness in her eyes. She sighed heavily. "I can't wear these then."

"Why not?" Lisa asked. "I'm giving them to you. I went through a lot of trouble, to be honest. It's a pretty big deal."

Sandy complained, "Because I've never sucked cock in my life! True, I put my mouth on my husband's penis a few times, years ago, but that would be like saying belly-flopping into a pool is the same as water-skiing. It's not even close! I'm not worthy!"

Jane let out a heavy sigh as she stared longingly and sadly at her pair. "Damn!"

"What?" Lisa asked.

"I have to decline too, for the same reason. Yeah, I've done it some with a few boyfriends, but compared to what I've seen you do, it's like, well, that belly-flopping example that mom just said. You're a magician with your mouth! I'm just stumbling around in the dark."

Lisa said to them both, "Have no fear. That's where the different colors come in. See how yours are black and mine are red?"

"Yes?" Sandy and Jane asked together.

"This society has different colors for different levels of advancement. Only a higher ranking member of the society can induct new members. I'm confident based on what I've seen of you two today that you qualify. The first thing is that you have the body for it, which is very, very rare. I only meet a few women a year who I'd say are even physically worthy. The second is that you have the attitude, the desire. Don't worry about the skill. That comes later, with practice."

She continued, "Now, as for the colors, it's much like a typical martial arts discipline, where the different colored belts show the different levels of skill. In that field, 'black belt' is the best. With cocksucking heels, 'black' means you're a total beginner."

Sandy and Jane both had black heels on. They looked to Lisa, in her red high heels.

Lisa laughed. "I know, I know. What does "red" mean?'"

Both women nodded eagerly, then laughed.

Lisa said, "Boy. This is hard to explain without sounding immodest, but red is the highest color ranking. It usually takes years to get there. But there's a ton of ever so slightly different shades of red above the basic one, so the ranking system pretty much has no end."

Jane whistled in appreciation. "Wooooow! I'm sitting in front of a master! I'm not worthy!" She bowed low, half-joking but half-serious.

Lisa winced. "Believe me, we DON'T use the word 'master.' That's a whole other thing. But I get the point. Thank you."

Lisa was honestly explaining in detail how the Napali cocksucking society worked. The reason she winced at "master" was because most of the women there were sex slaves who had masters, and would never call themselves that in a million years.

Sandy looked to Lisa as if with new eyes. "Geez, Lisa, I knew you were good at bobbing on my son, but not THAT good! I'm really impressed. How long did it take you to get to red? And what word or title do we call people of your rank?"

Lisa explained, "It took me several years. Which is pretty much the usual to get that high. As for names, it's sort of a secret society. We keep our secrets by being very private. You have to advance some up the ranks before you get to learn my name. You have to prove your commitment first."

Actually, Lisa was being rather modest. All Napali sex slaves strived hard to get the honor or wearing red heels. Those, like Lisa, who made it usually did it in a few years. But a majority who tried couldn't make it even after decades of trying, because they just didn't have the right physical skills or even genetic capabilities. In the same way, only a select few rose to the top of any given sport.

However, for those who couldn't make it with cocksucking, Napali has a wide variety of other such societies, nearly all of them heavily sexual in nature.

Sandy was still examining and comparing the different high heels. She noticed that hers and Jane's looked identical, while Lisa's had different straps, design, material, and more. She correctly suspected that these different things had meanings, but she also guessed Lisa wouldn't be ready to explain all that to them just yet.

Sandy also thought about Olivia, her friend and secret SI confederate. She remembered that Olivia always wore orange-colored high heels in all the sex videos with her son. That had stuck out in Sandy's mind as unusual. Given Olivia's clear passion for sucking her son's cock, it dawned on Sandy that her friend almost certainly was part of this secret society.

Jane said, "Oh boy! This is really exciting! What does it take to go up one level? And who judges all this, anyway? And how?!"

Lisa said, "It's simple: just find a big cock worthy of your beauty and personality, and start to suck! Like anything, the more you work on it, the better you'll get. The good news is, cocksucking is kind of like soccer. Meaning, if you're reasonably athletic, you can get a soccer ball and a few friends and start kicking it around and having fun on the first day. Then, starting from zero, your competence will soar up fast. But to get REALLY good takes thousands of hours of practice, which means years."

She went on. "It's the same with sucking superior cock. If you dive deeply into it right away, you could go up several rankings in a few weeks or even a few days. At first, it's mostly a matter of attitude and determination, so someone with the right mindset could really soar up fast. But eventually, it gets harder and harder and takes more and more skill. Most people just don't have what it takes. Years may pass before you go up another rank. It's like how there are millions who play soccer, but only a few thousand who compete in the topmost professional leagues."

"And the judges?" Jane asked.

"All you need to know is your goal is to pleasure and please your man. Suck his cock long and hard, as much as he wants, and make him see stars when he cums. Generally speaking, the more he loves what you do to his cock with your mouth, the more you'll go up in ranking."

"So HE judges?"

"Not exactly. Trust me, when you go up a level, you'll be informed. And you'll get new heels, every time!"

Sandy and Jane looked at each other gleefully, especially about the new heels part.

This was one instance where Lisa wasn't being entirely honest. In Napali, a sex slave's master was the sole judge for all the lower levels. For the higher levels, a committee of masters had to review and approve the master's decisions (to prevent uneven grading and "grade inflation").

Jane said, "Wow, Mom. This is really cool! This totally makes me want to suck cock! A lot!"

"I know! Me too!" Sandy replied. After a pause, she asked more thoughtfully, "But how strange is it that we're talking about a sex act and not some sport or martial art or something? It's just... so weird!"

Lisa said a bit defensively, "Some women take their cocksucking VERY seriously. I happen to be one of them. Vicky happens to be another."

"Ooooh! What color are HER heels?!" Jane asked. "I forget."

"Blue," Lisa replied. "And before you ask, that also is a very exclusive rank. But not quite as high as red. It's close though."

Sandy said, "Wow. What are the odds that there would be two women on the same plane with cocksucker heels like that?!"

Lisa responded, "Excellent, actually. If you're a deer hunter, you go to where to the deer are. If you love to suck, naturally you..." Her voice trailed off, because just then, Darrin lifted his head and opened his eyes.

Lisa started to get very nervous, because she hadn't expected him to wake up until much later, given how exhausted he seemed, and it wasn't part of the transformation plan for him to know that much about all that she'd just explained this early on.

She exclaimed, "DARRIN!"

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