Chapter 26
Written by Spacer X <>

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Darrin lazily stretched his arms high up and yawned. Then he turned around in his seat to see the others and find out what was going on.

Lisa urgently asked him, "When did you wake up?!"

He was still too tired and out of it to pick up on her worry. "Uh... just now. A minute ago, I guess. But I heard someone say 'cocksucking heels.' That kind of piqued my interest and caused me to wake. What's that all about?"

Sandy's facial color had almost returned to normal, at long last, but she immediately resumed blushing upon hearing that question. She covered her pussy and nipples, and exclaimed, "Nothing! Nothing! Pay that no mind!"

Jane chuckled. "Come on, Mom. Relax."

As his consciousness fully returned and he started to look around, he was hit by a series of shocks. "WHOA! Mom, you're naked! And you're looking.... soooo good! And Sis! You too! You're a fox! A stark naked FOX! And Lisa! Whooooa Lisa! I'm soooo glad to know you! WOW! You're the Suck Queen!"

Sandy and Jane found that very funny. They laughed, though they tried not to.

"What?!" he asked in confusion.

Jane said mirthfully, "You have nooooo idea how true that is!"

Lisa was very relieved that Darrin hadn't heard much more than the phrase "cocksucker heels," but she had a new worry that Sandy or Jane would spill the beans.

She quickly said to Darrin, "We're talking 'inside joke' stuff. You missed out because you were sleeping."

He yawned again. "Well... can you tell me now?"

"Unfortunately, NO," Lisa said with unusual firmness. "There's some talk that's just women talk. It's better if you don't know certain things at this point. Trust me." She gave significant glances to Sandy and then to Jane.

That, plus her comments, finally clued them in that he wasn't to know.

However, he still didn't fully get that. He leaned over the seatback to look mainly at Sandy and Jane in the back row. "Well, you at least have to tell me what 'cocksucker heels' means. That's such a weird phrase. And if it involves 'cocks,' then it involves guys, which means it involves me."

Jane decided to try to give a mostly honest but simple answer that would hopefully quench his curiosity. "Oh, it's just that Lisa just gave us some new high heels, for some reason. You see?" She kicked a leg way high up in the air, with her heels almost brought right up to his face.

He hardly noticed her black heels, because she was showing off her pussy so dramatically in that position! He even gulped.

She was deliberately showing off her pussy like that to him. Although she was in a relatively calm mood, the high heels talk had aroused her some, and being nude around her brother was a constant thrill.

She was tempted to do more, but Sandy was sitting next to her and gave her a disapproving look about her obscene pose.

Pretending innocence, she lowered her leg, and went on, "I don't see what's special about them, but she insists that it's much better if a woman sucks cock wearing nothing but high heels. What's your take on that?"

His grin widened from getting asked such a great question, especially given that it was asked by his naked sister. He also loved how everyone was freely using terms like "cocksucking" when the "old" Sandy would never have allowed that in a millions years. Even Jane would have been offended. But now it seemed normal.

He thought the whole "cocksucker heels" issue was kind of silly and maybe some kind of inside joke, but he decided to give an over-the-top answer, just for fun. "Oh, I totally agree! It's hard to imagine any woman who really knows her cocksucking stuff to suck in any other kind of footwear. Or wear anything else at all, for that matter. I suppose it happens in some special circumstances, like doing it in a movie theater, but those must be pretty rare."

Lisa was secretly delighted. She couldn't have asked for a better answer, since that accurately described part of Napali sexual culture. She quickly tried to lock that answer in as established fact for the other two. "There you go, ladies! And you thought I wasn't being serious. He hit the nail on the head: it's absolutely essential to suck cock in high heels, unless there's a special situation."

He was somewhat confused, since he didn't know what was real and what was joking. He decided to chalk it up to coming into the middle of an on-going conversation, as well as the fact that he just woke up and probably wasn't thinking clearly. It was only of passing interest to him in any case.

He stretched his arms and yawned again, then said, "Hey, I could really go for something to drink. Damn, it's hot in here!"

Lisa was secretly relieved by the change of topic. She said, "Good idea. Actually, everyone should drink. I'll go get water bottles for us all."

The drinking of water took a couple of minutes, and passed without much of note happening. They generally drank so fast due to their great thirst that there wasn't much talking at all.

However, Jane and especially Sandy became increasingly self-conscious about their nudity the more that Darrin fully woke up and looked around. The cocksucking heels discussion had got them only partially aroused. Plus his penis was flaccid, which made a very big difference to the overall mood.

After waking up and getting a fresh take on things, even he found it strange to only be wearing a T-shirt. Had it not been for the day's remarkable series of wildly arousing sexual incidents he'd been a part of, he would have wanted to find his shorts and put them back on. He was hopeful for more of the same. (Lisa had carefully secreted his shorts away so that option would be removed.)

Lisa knew she would have to stage an intervention to keep everyone in the group fully awake and especially much more aroused. After everyone had finished drinking their waters, she cut into their mundane small talk to say, "Hey, gang! I have a great idea I think you'll really love. Are you getting tired of the heat?"

Darrin, Sandy, and Jane all spoke up at once, all of them wanting to complain about how much they were sweating and suffering.

Lisa let them ramble a bit, then cut them off again. "I hear you. But I have just the thing: a bath!"

That got them very interested, but just as puzzled. Sandy asked, "A bath? On THIS plane? Or any plane? Surely you must be joking."

Lisa said, "No, I don't mean that kind of bath."

Sandy interrupted, "And I hope you're not talking about anything in that awful bathroom. That place is a hell hole!" She had particularly strong feelings on that due to the long time she'd been forced to wait for Lisa there when she'd taken her underwear off.

Lisa said, "No, not that either. I just mean toweling ourselves off with wet and cold towels. It's not ideal, but believe me, it feels really, really good. You did some of that earlier, Sandy, remember? Except you were wearing your robe then. Now that you're completely naked, it's much easier and feels even better."

Sandy did remember that. She said, "Oh boy! That did feel heavenly! Sign me up, please!"

Lisa went towards the front of the plane to get wet and cold towels. This was a carefully prearranged activity, and it was key the towels were put someplace secret so that Lisa controlled access to them.

She looked for Vicky while she was wandering around the middle of the plane, still heedless of her nudity, but Vicky was trying to make up for lost time with the other two families.

Lisa gave some thought as to the order of the toweling off while she was making the preparations. She decided it was best if she went first. Her initial goal was to get Darrin's penis erect again. Once that happened, all sorts of fun things could follow.

She came back with a small cooler used to keep the towels wet and cold. She took only one small white towel out, and then said, "Okay, here we go. Now, I'm going to go first, to show you how it's done. There's a right way and a wrong way to do this to get the maximum benefit out of it."

She then proceeded to perform what essentially was an astounding striptease, only without any clothes. Standing in the aisle where everyone could see her, she used the towel to show off every part of her body.

Thanks to Lisa's sex slave experience, she was an expert in all the sexual arts, including the many different ways to arouse a man. She could make even a simple motion like bending a knee or stretching out an arm look highly erotic if she wanted to.

Darrin could have sworn that it would take him a couple of hours at a bare minimum before his penis could get stiff again, but with Lisa "toweling off," the outcome was a foregone conclusion. Not only did she know all the moves, but she had a face and especially a body to die for. After five minutes, not only did she feel clean, refreshed, and re-energized, but Darrin's dick was sticking up in his lap like a tower!

Sandy and Jane noticed after they heard him groaning in surprise, if not sheer disbelief, and it was like the room suddenly got much, much hotter. Sex was in the air.

Shortly after Darrin achieved "lift-off," Lisa ended her performance. She concluded, "So, there you have it! Darrin, I think you should go next, since you're so tired. You need it the most."

Nobody had any objection to that, so he got up and took a fresh towel out of the cooler. He started to wipe himself in a normal manner. But although he didn't plan on making a sexual show out of it, and his fifteen-year old scrawny body was nothing to write home about, especially after he was forced to finally take his T-shirt off to towel everywhere, he had no choice but to put on a show due to his continued erection.

To say Sandy and Jane were interested in watching was putting it mildly. Their eyes stayed glued to his boner as it bobbed and wobbled almost constantly. Had this event happened without everything else that had happened before, the situation would have been utterly different. But mother and daughter had already transformed so much that it didn't take a lot to get their sexual fires burning bright, and even raging into a bonfire.

Other men and other penises hardly interested them anymore. But Darrin's penis made them go crazy! After just a couple of minutes, they were panting hard while constantly salivating and licking their lips. Both of them had cocksucking on their minds.

For Darrin, the situation was awkward and embarrassing. He was very self-conscious about hiss rather unimpressive physique, especially with his T-shirt off. He'd never put on anything remotely like a sexual show before, and he had no idea how well he was going over, due to his bouncing boner alone.

He wished his cock would go flaccid, but that was essential impossible when he had to look at women as stunning as Lisa, Sandy, and Jane, and all of them completely naked!

So, after only wiping his body down once, compared to Lisa who had wiped all over several times, he said, "I think I'm done. I am tired. And I kind of have a problem." He looked down at his erection jutting out. "I think I'll sit down." He went back towards the front row aisle seat he'd been sitting in before.

But Lisa had other ideas. She said, "I have another suggestion. Darrin, why don't you sit in the aisle seat, but one row back? Jane, you sit next to him in the middle seat. Sandy, please stand up because it's your turn to clean off."

The group repositioned just as Lisa asked while Lisa continued to stand in the aisle.

Once everyone was in their new places, Lisa said, "Good. Now, I'm going to move... here." She walked into the back row and stood right between Darrin's legs. She even put her hands on his knees and spread them out wide. Then she suddenly and dramatically dropped to her knees and took his erection in her hands.

She was smiling from ear to ear as she said, "As you can see, Darrin DOES have a big problem! And it's my job to take care of it. That is, if none of you object?"

There were no objections. In fact, there were big smiles all around. That was no surprise coming from Darrin, but Sandy and Jane were very happy too. The submissive tendencies were coming to the fore, making them happy to see their man "properly" taken care of.

Lisa immediately lowered her head and started licking his sweet spot while stroking his shaft and fondling his balls. As she did so, she said, "Now, while I do my thing, Sandy, it's your time to get cleaned up. But remember that the new rule is 'no touching his cock.' If you want to put on a little sexy show for him, maybe say some encouraging things, that'll certainly help me. And I'm sure he'll love it!"

Darrin had been out of his element while using the towel, but he was energized and very horny now. He looked to Sandy and said, "Yeah, Mom! Go for it! I'm thinking back to when we kissed and played around and stuff. You were so sexy! Can you be sexy for me like that again?"

Sandy replied, "Well, that depends. Can you do a favor for me?"

"Sure! Anything."

"It's frightening to prance around naked, like I'm part of a strip show. I've never done it before, and I'm scared. But give me another one of your special kisses, my big man. That'll put me in the right mood."


Seeing the lusty look on Sandy's face, Lisa figured the situation was proceeding as planned. She craned her mouth open wide and lunged down, swallowing all of his cockhead and then some.

Darrin yelped in surprise, like he'd just twisted his ankle. But it was another surge of extreme arousal he was responding to.

Jane snickered with glee. "Oh boy! Here we go again!"

Lisa had carefully thought out the seating arrangements, just as she'd thought out the performance order. She'd had Darrin move to the back aisle so that Jane would be able to sit next to him and thus see the upcoming blowjob as well as Sandy's show. She'd toweled off first to get Darrin fully aroused, then had him go second to get the other two fully aroused. Then Sandy was to go third because she was further along in her sexual transformation. Jane would be more loosened up going fourth after being inspired by Sandy's performance. It was all going exactly according to plan.

Sandy remained standing in the aisle and bent way over her son's lap to get her kiss from him. Naturally, that set her incredible I-cups dangling down in a way that was impossible to ignore.

Darrin was on cloud nine all over again. He locked lips with his hot mother at the same time his hands got busy fondling her dangling orbs. Plus, of course, all the while Lisa was sucking his cock like the elite talent that she was!

Breaking the kiss, he theatrically put his hands behind his head and sighed with great satisfaction. He couldn't resist joking a little bit. "Aaaaaah! This is the life! Mom, can you get the name of this airline? I say we fly with them all the time!"

Sandy wasn't amused. She was far too horny, and hungry, to even think of laughing.

For him, Lisa's renewed cocksucking was just more of the same. He loved it, and the pleasure was intense and non-stop, but she'd been doing it so much lately that he was already taking it for granted to some degree. There were so many other arousing and tempting sights and sounds around him that he was easily distracted.

However, after Lisa's "cocksucking heels" revelation, Sandy and Jane were looking at her in a new light. They could already tell that she was very talented with her mouth. But finding out that she had special red heeled sucking status sent their opinions on her talents soaring sky-high.

Both of them wanted to examine her technique even closer than before, so they could live and learn. But for Sandy at least, that would have to wait until after her making out with her son came to an end, at the very least.

The only problem for Darrin was that the entire situation was all too much to take at once. In less than a minute, he already was dangerously close to cumming. Lisa wasn't taking it that easy on him either. But he was getting better at self-control by leaps and bounds, thanks to his months of PC muscle strengthening that he was only starting to properly use and appreciate.

It was somewhat like not knowing how to play the piano at all and then sitting down at a piano and inexplicably playing like someone who had years of practice. It was a wonderful, though baffling, feeling for him.

The French kissing went on for a couple of minutes. It wasn't as molten hot as the series of kisses the Douglases shared earlier, because they weren't worked up to a fever pitch like they'd been then. But still they were great, passionate kisses by any measure.

Sandy would have liked the necking to go on and on, but it was uncomfortable bending over as she was, and she was excited to put on a show for him.

She got a new towel from the cooler and started to wipe herself down.

She was slooking radiant, and she knew it. She'd never felt so alive and so at ease with her newfound sexuality. Although she'd never done anything like this before, the fact that she was doing this for the son she loved so much made all the difference. She wanted to rock his world!

Standing in the aisle, but almost close enough to reach out and touch him, she began playfully holding the towel over her chest without actually touching her body with it. "Let's see... where shall I begin? ... I don't know, Son, why don't you tell me? Do you have any favorite body parts of mine you'd like to see me play with?" She winked saucily.

He practically swooned. "Oh, man! Mom! Don't even say that! You KNOW what I like! You are the Tit Queen, after all!"

She laughed with glee. "That's right, I am! So maybe I should start here, with my big... fat... TITS!" She finally brought the towel to her chest, right to her cleavage, and began rubbing. It wasn't what she did but the way she did it: her every move was soaked in lust, like pure sex itself! It was almost like everywhere the towel went, she was feeling her son's huge cock sliding across her skin instead.

Her performance continued in this vein.

Lisa was able to watch out of the corner of her eye since she was kneeling perpendicular to where Sandy was. After a minute or two, she thought, Sweet Jesus! Talk about inspired! I'm going to have to tone my cocksucking down, way down, or he's gonna blow for sure! I'm truly impressed, which says volumes since she's a total newbie and I'm judging her on a veteran sex slave level!

My God, is Sandy going to make a great slave or what! She just has that special something, that extra joy in serving her man!

Lisa did suck him a lot slower and with less tongue work.

Even then, he was riding high the whole time.

He loved the fact that Sandy spent at least half the time "wiping" her I-cups. Clearly, getting herself clean was secondary in importance to turning her son on. But he loved even more the time and attention she put on to showing off her lower body too. He hadn't seen that much of her ass, due to the fact that all of them were usually sitting in seats. But she seemed to be making up for lost time with the way she used the towel to repeatedly caress her ass cheeks.

She didn't talk non-stop, but she said enough to add another layer of titillation. There were still many things she felt uncomfortable talking about or explicitly addressing, such as her great desire to suck his cock. But she got around that nicely by talking about Lisa instead, using her as a stand in.

She would say things like, "Do you like this pose, Son? Does it make your cock throb? Can you feel it throbbing in Lisa's mouth? Is she licking you good, in your super sensitive spots? I hope she is! She's such a sexy little slut! I can see the way she's caressing your balls. She wants all that hot cum in your balls to end up in her tummy! Can you help her with that? Let me help too! Watch me bend over and touch my toes. Then I'm going to spread my legs! Does that make you so hot that all your cum is gonna rocket right down her throat?!"

She talked as much or more about Lisa's ongoing blowjob than her own body and sexy poses, but the combination was devastating.

It was so arousing that even Jane was transfixed and agog. It wasn't long before she was freely masturbating, although she'd never done that before while sitting right next to her brother where he could see absolutely everything. Except that he didn't because he couldn't take his eyes off his mother in the other direction, not even for a second.

After about five minutes, Sandy ran out of steam. She figured it was better to end on a high note than start to repeat herself.

Darrin and Jane were so impressed that they clapped and hollered enthusiastically, causing her to bashfully yet proudly take a bow. Even the bow was a sexy pose, as she held the position extra long to let her massive tits dangle down.

Then she went back to her seat, or at least wanted to. She couldn't actually get there because she wanted to sit where Jane was sitting, since that would allow her to watch both Lisa's blowjob and Jane's upcoming towel wipe / sex show with ease. But first she had to get past the "blockade" of Lisa kneeling between Darrin's legs, plus Jane wasn't giving up her seat just yet.

The reason Jane didn't try to get up became clear when she told Darrin, "Before I get up and make a fool of myself, I want that 'warm-up' kiss, the same as what Mom got!"

He was all smiles. "Well, twist my arm. If you insist!"

"I do!" She playfully reached out and pretend to twist his arm, though in fact she just held and caressed it.

An interesting thing was happening to her: Darrin had average looks for his age, aside from his oversized penis, and being three years younger than Jane was a big deal. But the more sexual pleasure she shared with him, the more she was finding him downright handsome. It was a rose-colored glasses effect, but it was real.

The exact same thing was happening to Sandy, only to an even greater degree.

He figured he and his sister were in excellent position for kissing already, so he simply turned as best he could in his seat without interrupting Lisa's sucking, then brought his hands to her big tits and his lips to hers.

The two siblings spent several minutes making out. The kiss was even better than the one he'd shared with Sandy, because Sandy's sexual performance had gotten everyone that much more hot and bothered.

Sandy didn't mind much that Jane's kissing went on longer than hers did, because she knelt down right next to where Darrin was sitting and focused most of her attention on Lisa's blowjob. With greater comfort and familiarity between everyone, she put a hand on his thigh, startlingly close to the action, and leaned in much closer than she'd ever been before.

She thought, This is such a thrill! And an honor! It's like seeing a maestro at work. When it comes to sucking big fat cock, Lisa is the best of the best!

She took a big whiff. Mmmm! I'm so close I can SMELL my son's manly essence!! God, that really goes from my nose straight to my pussy. I'm tempted to masturbate some more, but I probably shouldn't. The poor kitty is actually sore from all the big orgasms I've had today! I need to give it a rest.

Instead, I can really learn a lot from watching a "red heeled sucker" at work. And I get what she means about the heels finally. Just knowing that I'm wearing my special new heels makes me feel special too. And extra horny! Not that I'm lacking in that today! She quietly chuckled to herself.

The only problem is... what will I do with all my new cocksucking learning and confidence?! Whose big cock will I suck on, if not my son's?! And it can't be his! The "no touching his cock" rule is clear about that! I'm going to have to talk to Lisa or Vicky about this later. Their advice has been great today.

After a while, as Darrin continued necking with his sister and playing with her great breasts, Sandy continued the sort of running commentary she'd made while toweling off. She said, "Son! My BIG man! Gaawwwd! Your cock looks so beautiful and delicious from this close up! Even though I can only see about half of it, since so much of it is in Lisa's mouth!" She laughed. "Actually, I can't see much, since her hand is covering most of the rest. Lisa, could you be a dear and let go of his shaft for a minute so I can see most of it in its throbbing glory?"

Lisa let go. She even pulled her lips up until she only had a lip-lock around the very topmost inch of his cockhead, so Sandy could get a full view.

Sandy's eyes widened. "Wow! So beautiful! And I can see the trickles of slobber running down! That's making me so WET! In fact, those trickles remind me of the tears running down your face, Lisa. I need to ask you about that. Are you crying tears of joy, or struggle, or both? I'll bet it's both!"

Lisa moaned affirmatively. It really was both for her. After basically having no sex at all in the last year, she was having such a great time that she almost felt she was a sex slave living in Napali again.

Sandy said, "A-ha! It IS both! Incredible! If that cock was in MY mouth, I know I'd be crying like a baby! But I wouldn't let that stop me! Son, I would suck your cock..."

She paused abruptly, after realizing she was getting carried away and admitting more than she meant to. She didn't want to talk explicitly about her own cocksucking lust, because that would make enforcing the "no touching his cock" rule that much harder to do.

She finished rather lamely, "Um, what I mean is, I would give it my all!"

Darrin caught the gist of her meaning, despite her attempt to reframe it. WHOA! Mom just said "I would suck your cock!" I know she's trying to fight her feelings, but come on! With that sort of strong desire, how long will her stupid rules last?! God! Today has been a dream come true. I can't even IMAGINE how much greater things could get!

There was a positive feedback loop at work, because Sandy's sexy talk inspired Darrin's kissing and fondling of Jane, and inspired Jane in equal measure. It also inspired Lisa's cocksucking. But the fact that Darrin was so distracted playing with his nude sister inspired Sandy, and the same inspired Lisa. The fact that Lisa was endlessly and loudly slurping and bobbing on his cock in turn aroused the other three. It went around and around, with everyone getting hotter and hotter.

The whole group was having such a great time that Jane taking her turn with the towels faded in importance and was gradually forgotten about altogether. She actually was really keen to do it, but there was no hurry, since she was having such a great time with the kissing and fondling and the entire atmosphere.

They kept on like that for another ten minutes, remarkably enough. And none of them were getting tired of it in the least.

That's how Vicky found them when she came by again.

Vicky had been putting in time with the other two families, even though she found them less fun than the Douglases, especially because the Douglases were the most sexually transformed so far. The other two families had been making more progress lately though. For instance, none of them wore any clothes anymore.

Vicky still wore some clothes, because she had found that contrast was a good thing, and her showing up clothed often made family members more embarrassed and aroused by their nudity.

However, she'd recently changed from her previous flight attendant uniform to the pornographic version she'd been thinking about wearing. It didn't leave much to the imagination. The top had the fabric and coloring typical of such uniforms, but it was thin like a T-shirt. It also only went down to just below her nipples, showing off considerable "underboob." And it was open in front, showing off plenty of cleavage, nearly to her nipples.

But her skirt was even more arresting. Her previous skirt was mini, if not micromini. But this one was even shorter than that! It was more like an extra wide belt hanging low on her. In the back, it only covered about half of her ass, and the only reason it covered all of her pussy in front was because it hung strategically just so. Even then, it showed enough skin to make clear her bush had been shaved off.

She also still wore the same undersized brimless blue hat that she had been wearing earlier. It had no functional purpose, and keeping it pinned to her hair didn't help her deal with the heat. However, its shape and size instantly identified her as a flight attendant, and there was sexual power in constantly reminding Darrin about her position, since boys his age have fantasies about sexy flight attendants along with sexy nurses, sexy policewomen, and so on.

She walked up to their seating area in her click-clicking high heels, but the others were so busy with each other that they didn't notice until she exclaimed, "Hey, y'all! How ya doin' back here?"

So much had happened with Vicky around or taking part that there was no shock and mad scramble to make themselves presentable.

Instead, Sandy, who was kneeling nude in the aisle and thus in a sort of lookout position for the group, lifted her head from intently watching the cocksucking action to look up and around and confirm that it was Vicky and Vicky alone. Once she did that, she gave her a friendly wave. "Hey, Vicky! Nice outfit! Super sexy. How are you doing?"

"Good, good." Vicky walked right up to the back row and took a look at the action. "Not as good as y'all seem to be back here though!" She laughed and ran a hand through her long blonde hair.

She added, "Actually, I'm kinda sad, 'cos I put on this special outfit just for my special cocky guy, and he won't even stop kissin' his sister long enough ta look at it!" Her tone of voice made clear that was just playful teasing, even though she did want him to look.

Darrin broke the kiss with Jane and looked up and around. He smiled widely when he made eye contact with Vicky. "Hi!"

"Hi, you!" She laughed. "My oh my. You've been a busy bee, Stud. It looks like you've got your own little harem goin' on back here!"

He looked to his nude sister at his side, with his hands still idly feeling up her big tits. Then he looked down at nude Lisa, with her mouth and hands working on his cock and balls. Finally, he looked to the other side where his nude mother was sitting.

Seeing that he was looking her way, Sandy sat up straight and arched her back thrusting her tits towards him outrageously.

He laughed and shook his head in wonder. He looked back up at Vicky and said, "Not true. But I can see why you'd think that! Good grief!"

Jane was looking around too. Holy fuck! Look at Mom showing off her gigantic tits like some kind of porn star! And Vicky's sexy outfit, and Lisa's sliding lips! And brother's hands on me! I'm female, and even I am overwhelmed by the other women and the sheer sexuality of the whole situation! I can't even imagine how Brother is feeling!

Vicky struck a sexy pose for Darrin. "Hey! How do ya like my uniform already? Does it make you want ta fly the friendly skies? Does it make you want ta fly... me? Or even ride me?" Her voice dripped with sexual promise, if her words weren't blatant enough already.

He said, "I don't know. You've got some pretty heavy competition here." He looked over to Jane.

Jane said proudly, "That's right!" She leaned in towards him and gave him a brief but scorching kiss.

When that was over, he had to put his hands on the sides of Lisa's head to get her to slow down. He was trembling slightly, he was so very horny.

He finally returned his attention to Vicky. "Turn around so I can see the full picture."

Her eyes lit up. "Oooh! I like a man who plays hard ta get! And has anyone told ya how stimulatin' it is ta see ya in the middle a this big titty sandwich?"

Jane joked, "I think he's the sausage in the sandwich!"

Vicky's baby blue eyes were on fire with lust. She looked down to his crotch. She reached out and traced the tip of one finger up and along his wet and thick shaft, having to avoid Lisa's sliding fingers as she did so. She said huskily, "Oh, he's definitely the sausage!"

She ran her fingertip up until it touched Lisa's sliding lips. Then she ran it along her stretched out lips. "We all love sausage, don't we? I can see Lisa here is a BIG sausage eater. What about you, Sandy? Do ya like sausage?"

Sandy was so horny watching all this that she blurted out, "YES!"

"MMMM! I've bet you do! It's yummy!" Vicky's fingertip had gotten wet from the saliva and pre-cum coating Darrin's throbbing pole. She brought that finger to her mouth and sucked it clean. "Aaaaaah! Yessss! So sweet! Sandy, don'tcha want ta put that sausage in your mouth?"

Sandy answered with an affirmative but non-verbal moan. "UNNNARRNNNGH!" She brought two fingers to her mouth and began sucking on them in imitation of what Lisa was doing to her son.

Vicky looked back to Darrin's face and gave him a sexy grin. "Now, where were we, Stud? Oh yeah. You're bein' all demandin', makin' me show ya the whole package."

She started turning in place. "Okay, here I go. But I'll warn ya that I'm only doing this 'cos, well... to be honest, I reckon I'll do anything ta get a chance ta suck your cock!" She giggled.

She knew she had an especially impressive bubble butt, so she was glad to turn around and show off her backside. She brought a hand back to her ass and caressed one ass cheek. "As you can see, my clothes got shrunk in the wash. My poor skirt can barely even cover half a my ass!"

He laughed. "Yeah, right!"

"And look what happens when I bend over! Dear me. The problem gets even worse!" Not only did she bend over low enough to touch her toes, but she spread her legs out wide and kept them ramrod straight.

He groaned loudly and lustily in response.

Sandy couldn't resist looking at Vicky's posing, even over Lisa's cocksucking. Oh my! That's such a naughty pose! I can see her pussy lips all red and swollen, so my big man can see them too! If he could somehow pull himself away from Lisa's hot, talented mouth, he could stand up behind Vicky, put his hands on her hips, and slide right in! And she's such a slut, she'd probably love for him to fuck her!

Vicky said to Darrin, while maintaining that obscene pose, "Ooooh! Looks like somebody likes somethin'! But what is it? Are you thinkin' 'bout my ass? Do you wanna put your hands on it? Or is it something Lisa's doin'? Is she makin' one of her special moves? She has so many. God, the woman can suck a cock! Or is it the sight a your mom's outrageous tits? Or the feel a your sister's firm n' high ones? Or are you makin' out with one of them? What's goin' on? I can't see. It's all so confusin' back there!"

He clapped in appreciation at her sexy performance. "Hot damn! Vicky, you're a sexy, sexy slut!"

Sandy was looking down with particular fascination at Vicky's blue high heels. She IS! And Lisa says blue is almost as high level as red. She's a cocksucking queen too! A princess, at least!

Vicky stood back up and turned around. Then she took a little bow. "Why, thank you!"

She suddenly knelt down next to Sandy and put a hand on her bare back. "Hey, Red! And how have YOU been?"

Sandy was positively jubilant, and it showed. "Oh, Vicky! It's so great to see you again. As for me, you have no idea! We're having so much fun back here. It's so sexy!"

She put a hand around Vicky's back too. "I have to thank you for helping me see the light about that 'no touching' rule. Now we have the 'no touching his cock' rule. For Janey and me, that is. Not Lisa, obviously!"

"Obviously!" Vicky chuckled. She teased, "I can see the greedy little bitch can't take her mouth off his cock long enough ta give any a us a turn. Grrr!"

Sandy laughed some more.

"How are you likin' your new heels?" She looked to Jane. "And you too, ya sweet thing?"

Sandy's whole face lit up. "Oh Lord! They're such a great gift, I can't even say! Thank you and Lisa for these, and for thinking that we're worthy of them!"

Jane was similarly effusive. "Yeah, really! Before today, I thought high heels were stupid and I never wore them. But having these on my feet makes me feel extra sexy! Thank you SO MUCH! I'm going to do everything I can to prove that I'm worthy!"

"Good, good," Vicky said. "We'll talk more later about that. We don't want our stud muffin here ta know too much. That would spoil all the fun!"

Sandy, Jane, and Vicky shared a laugh about that.

Darrin was puzzled, to say the least. What's the deal with all the high heels talk? The new heels look nice and sexy, but they don't seem so extra special to me. From the way they're talking, you'd think they're made out of solid diamond. Sheesh!

He was too distracted by Lisa's mouth and everything else to linger on the issue, but he made a mental note to try to find out more later.

Vicky redirected her attention to him. "Stud, Red n' I were talkin' some about- Oh, did I even mention that's my new nickname for your mom? 'Cos it is, 'cos I love her hair. Don't ya love her red hair?"

He growled like a needy caveman. Then he reached out as if to fondle his mother's rack. "I do, but I love other parts of her more!"

Sandy quickly crossed both arms over her boobs, "Son! Behave!" She was getting more abashed with Vicky sitting right next to her. She worried that if he started playing with her tits, things could spin out of control.

Before today, if his mother said "behave," he behaved. But that shy boy was long gone in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde style, thanks to all his sexual success and sheer lust making him aggressive. He told his mother, "Wait. Why should I behave?"

Then he did reach out to her, and not just pretending. He cupped her immense globes from below. "Aaaah! That's more like it!"

Sandy was so horny that she was in no condition to stop him. Instead, she arched her back again, thrusting her tits towards him.

Vicky laughed, "That IS more like it! Wow, Stud, you've been so busy in the short time I've been away. You're really learnin' how ta bring your women ta heel, aren't ya?"

That comment went over great with Sandy and Jane, since it pushed their submissive buttons.

But as Jane watched Darrin knead his mother's tit-flesh, she was feeling horny, concerned, and confused all at once. Oh boy! There's no trying to deny it anymore, is there? Mom is seriously hot for Brother! She wants his cock! In her mouth! She doesn't say that in so many words, but it shows in everything she does. I don't see how those two are going to keep their hands off each other, with the three of us living together. God, that is SUCH a weird concept!

Things have the potential to get really, really weird! Man! What if I came into his room one time and saw her kneeling naked between his legs, bobbing away just like Lisa does?! And not just once, but daily! That COULD happen!

Darrin looked around, surveying the whole scene. With Lisa still steadily bobbing on his cock, he felt like he could pass out from enjoying too much sexual arousal at once.

Vicky said to Jane, "What do ya think, sugar? Do ya think it's right that your brother is playin' with your mother's fat titties?"

Jane replied, "Well, YEAH! It's not against the rules, we know that for sure. And look how much she's enjoying it! So what's the harm?"

"Well said!" Vicky gave her an approving nod. "Do ya like how he's becomin' more of a take-charge kinda guy, the sorta well-hung stud who just doesn't take 'no' for an answer?"

"Sure," Jane replied. "I think that's great. He's been too shy. This is gonna do wonders for his confidence."

"I don't doubt that," Vicky said, chuckling and smiling. "Course, this little baseball bat is gonna help his confidence too." She reached out and ran a fingertip up his shaft again, while she stared at it with an obvious hunger.

Sandy thought about Vicky, DAMN her! She can just reach out and touch it like that, whenever she wants! And I can't! I can't! That's the one rule! I'm starting to understand what the phrase "exquisite torture" means!

Vicky continued to run her fingertip along his shaft, with a feather-light touch. She said, as if speaking her thoughts out loud, "Yep, between his newfound boldness and this thick slab a meat, he's gonna have ALL the Napali girls linin' up ta suck n' slurp on him, that's for sure! Why, I can almost hear it already. ... No, that's just Lisa!" She laughed, and finally withdrew her finger.

The relentless focus on cocksucking was having a cumulative effect on both Sandy and Jane, making them more obsessed about it all the time. Between Vicky's words and Lisa's actions, it was easy to forget that people fucked and took part in all sorts of other sex acts as well. Such a focus was a very intentional SI strategy not just for the Douglases, but for all families first coming to Napali.

Vicky waited until the others settled down, more or less, then continued speaking to Darrin, "Anyhow, like I was sayin', I talked ta your mom a while back, and she agreed that you're in charge a her clothes from now on, or the lack thereof. By the way, where'd her robe go anyway?"

He flashed a naughty grin. "Oh, it's around here somewhere."

Vicky said, "Stud, don't get too coy or she'll surprise you and find it n' put it back on. I've got an idea. Give it to me n' I'll put it in a safe place. Then, if she wants it back for a time, she'll have ta work that out with ya and make some kinda deal. But I suppose you have the upper hand, 'cos it would be awful embarrassing for her ta walk off this plane n' into the Honolulu Airport in just her birthday suit!"

Darrin was so thrilled to hear that that he pumped a fist in the air and cheered, "YES!" His thick boner flexed and throbbed in Lisa's mouth, and he gave his mother's two round melons a triumphant squeeze.

But then he let go of Sandy, because with so much going on at once, he was getting sexually overheated. He was starting to vaguely understand how Lisa was regularly adjusting his arousal level by how active her mouth was, almost like turning up or down a thermostat. But he was starting to do more to try to control things himself, since he knew he wouldn't always have Lisa around. Electing not to fondle some tempting tits to help calm down some was an example of that.

Sandy leaned forward towards him, as if she could reach for the robe and get it back. All that did though was cause her immense tits to sway and wobble some more.

She looked to Vicky with annoyance in her eyes. "Hey! I thought you were my friend!"

That caused Darrin to look to Vicky too. He thrilled to see her ample rack again, even though there were ample racks almost everywhere he looked.

Then he looked down at Lisa's bobbing head and ran a hand past her head and down her bare back. Fuck me! How great is this?! It CAN'T be real! But I don't care!

Vicky responded to Sandy, "I am your friend, believe me. Don't worry, it's all in good fun."

"Good fun?!" Sandy griped in disbelief. "Can't you see I'm blushing and embarrassed?!"

"I can. But remember, you do need ta stay naked ta keep cool. Besides, I can see how much your son loves you. It's somethin' special n' precious. Why, even as Lisa is givin' him a world class blowjob, I'll bet dollars ta donuts that he's thinkin' 'bout ya, and how your sweet full lips would feel wrapped around his thick pole if ya were the one kneelin' between his legs instead!"

Sandy acted scandalized, even though those words sent shivers down her spine. "VICKY!"

Vicky chuckled. "What? My point is, do ya really think he'd let you walk through a busy airport completely naked?"

Sandy thought, YES!

But then she actually thought it through, and changed her mind. Well, maybe not. That actually disappointed her, because she liked to think he was capable of anything. So she thought, Who can tell? He's changed so much today that it feels like I hardly know him. He really IS becoming a confident man, not a shy boy! It's so... sexy! She shivered.

Sure, he loves me all up. And I love him so much for it. But right now he's thinking with his horse cock, and his cock just wants to get into my mouth, where it belongs! Er, I mean... uh... where it thinks it belongs but can never go. Yeah.

He put a hand back on Lisa's bobbing head and tried to get her to ease up a little bit while he considered Vicky's question.

Lisa did so. She also shivered, since she loved it whenever he touched her head.

He gave her a pat on the top of her black hair, letting her know her slower pace was good.

That gave Lisa an even greater thrill, because it was so similar to the non-verbal communication system she and her master-brother Matthew had developed over the years. It was all she could do to not go hog wild bobbing frantically to show her approval, but she felt it was more important to follow his signal. Besides, now wasn't the time for him to cum again.

Darrin knew for sure that he would never let his mother walk through the airport dressed too outrageously. He got off on seeing her naked, but he wanted her jaw-dropping voluptuous body for his eyes only, not for strange men.

However, he drew out answering the question, even making "Hmmm" noises, to give Sandy the impression that it was a tough call for him. He figured that would keep her on her toes.

Additionally, he could take all day enjoying the sight of her nude body while getting blown.

To make sure Jane wasn't feeling left out, he wrapped an arm around her back.

Jane appreciated that, and cuddled up into his side. She positioned herself to stare at Lisa's sliding lips. She thought, So that's how a red-heeled elite sucker does it. She really does have a gift. It's a bummer I can't see inside her mouth, but just seeing her facial expressions is fantastic. She makes it look like she's suffering badly, all the time! Like she's in agony, even! And of course there are those tears always running down her cheeks. But at the same time, it's clear she's not in agony, but ecstasy!

I guess the two kinds of faces are similar, like with the expressive eyebrows. I suppose the common link is showing lots of passionate emotion. So you know she must be great, if she feels that strongly about it!

Jane was right in general, though she would have been surprised to know that, even with all that expressive emotion, Lisa was still only operating at about fifty percent of what she was capable of doing with her mouth. Darrin was still very sexually inexperienced despite getting a crash course for the ages, and he simply wasn't ready yet to handle her full talents, at least not in more than short bursts.

After a full minute of his silence, Vicky finally prodded him, "Stud, I know it's hard ta think at all when Lisa's bobbin' on you like that. 'Specially if she's doin' that power suction special of hers, like I can see she's doin' now."

Indeed, Lisa was doing just that. Even though she had eased up on him in in general, she liked to constantly surprise him and keep him on his toes. Plus, she couldn't resist showing off a little bit at times like this when she knew all the others were paying particular attention to her efforts.

Vicky continued talking to Darrin, "But try. Look at your sexy mom, writhin' in place n' gettin' all antsy. No doubt, she's freakin' out, worryin' that you'll make her walk buck naked through the airport. You wouldn't really do that, would ya?"

He was having fun with this. He took his hand off Lisa's head and scratched his chin. "Hmmmm..."

Vicky knew his personality profile from SI records, and she knew he would never do something like that. She could also see how he was playing around in pretending to think it over.

So although it seemed like she was trying to convince him, she was more trying to arouse Sandy when she said, "Darrin, ya don't mean that. Look at your momma, and I do mean really look at her. She's special! Her titties are soooo big, and yet they sit high n' firm on her chest, like she's still a teenager, almost. And they're so round n' flawless, and jiggle n' sway when she walks. So many men want her that I understand she's practically become a hermit, ta avoid all the attention."

She went on, "She looks ta YOU! She wants you ta love her n' protect her from all those creeps. She's happy ta show off her fully exposed titties for ya n' even let you play with 'em ta your heart's content, because she trusts ya n' knows you'll treat her right."

Sandy thought, Right on! Tell it like it is, friend. How do you know me so well?! I would trust my son with my life!

Vicky added, "And not just her great tits, her whole body! Why, I'll reckon she can hardly wait for ya ta fondle her ass cheeks or even lay across your lap ta give her a good ass whoopin'! She's lettin' ya have your way with her body all you want, 'ceptin' maybe for that one rule, because she loves ya so much! Why, just look at the way she's caressin' her huge knockers while she stares deeply into your eyes. If that's not love, then what is?"

It was true: not only was Sandy writhing around, but she'd started overtly caressing her tits too, since she was getting so hot and bothered with Vicky's tit talk that she couldn't help herself. Then Vicky's comments about her ass getting felt up and even spanked by her son had fired her up even more.

But at the same time, cocksucking was on her mind, as usual. In particular, she was still wondering what Lisa's "power suction special" was, and how good it made her son feel, and if it was something she could learn to do to him before long. Her mouth watered at the idea of having her own cocksucking "specials" to use on her son.

After all of Vicky's emotional yet sexual comments, he felt obliged to finally answer her question. "Yeah, that would be a bit much, letting her walk through the airport naked. To be honest, I was just kind of joshing with you." He broke into a big grin.

Sandy let out a great sigh of relief. Oh, thank the Lord! She kept on idly fondling her fulsome globes while rubbing them together.

He added, "You have to admit though, it would be a sight to see!"

Vicky laughed. "It sure would!"

He elaborated, "I'd love to see the looks on people's faces. Can you imagine?! Talk about total shock! It would cause a riot!"

"It sure would," Vicky happily agreed. "To have a boy of your age n' size, with a big Amazon woman like her, with HER tits n' ass and all-around sex appeal... NAKED! And you two look enough alike that people would know you're mother n' son! How could it possibly get any MORE outrageous?!"

Sandy was absolutely dying of embarrassment, even as she had a quiet orgasm while rubbing her tits together.

Jane was having fun with the others imagining the airport scene. Vicky's question had been intended as rhetorical, but Jane answered it, "Oh! I know! What if he walked her with a LEASH?! Attached to a collar around her neck?"

Vicky clapped her hands. "Jane, girl, that's the best idea ever! That's perfect! In fact, that's such a great idea, I say Darrin should do it after all!"

Vicky did think that was a perfect suggestion, because Jane unwittingly reinforced the submissive themes Vicky was trying to promote while also arousing Sandy beyond belief. She wished she would have thought of that herself, except it was better coming from Jane.

Sandy wailed, "NooooOOOOoooo! Please! It's too much!" She'd just had an orgasm seconds ago, but the leash and collar idea aroused her so very much that that orgasm came back instead of fading away, and doubled in size. She couldn't breathe.

Vicky could have run with the leash idea, as well as the airport scenario in general, but she saw how Sandy was furtively cumming while being generally emotionally overwhelmed, so she had mercy on her. She let silence prevail for a minute or two, not counting all the heavy breathing and Lisa's sexy slurping, naturally.

After a while, Sandy said, "Okay, everyone, you've had your fun at my expense. Meanies, all of you! But can we talk now about me getting at least SOME of my clothes back?! Please?! For instance, I'm going to need my underwear for the airport, for starters."

Darrin looked to his mother again. He loved watching her play with her immense tits while he held Lisa's head and felt her talented tongue and her sliding lips working on his cockhead.

He told her with a smirk, "It's gonna take a lot to convince me to let you have your undies back for the airport though! And the clothes you wore when you got on the plane are right out. We'll probably burn those."

Sandy squealed in distress. "Oh no! No! Say you don't mean that! I need those things! All of them!" She let go of her I-cups and urgently leaned forward towards him. That caused them to sway down and bounce around enticingly.

He actually licked his lips as he watched her enormous jugs bounce and sway, seemingly forever. Since her chest was heaving from her heavy breathing, they never did come to a standstill. He wondered what it would be like to suck on her erect nipples while caressing those basketball-like globes with both hands. He figured he'd be enjoying that and more, very soon!

He finally remembered to say something. "Sorry, Mom."

Sandy thought, Disaster! Again! I'm so naked! So naked! And he just keeps getting his cock sucked! Of course he thinks he's the king, because he's getting treated like a king. My big-cocked studly son! UNH! So what do I do? I'm just leaning forward and letting my tits bounce endlessly because I love that hungry look in his eyes! That's not a strategy to get my clothes back!

Vicky smiled at how mother and son interacted. She could foresee many years of him ordering her what to do and her squirming in sexy distress in response, like she was doing now. Actually, it would almost certainly be decades, because the Napali experience was that once an incestuous master-slave relationship was established, it typically lasted until death.

Of course, Jane was carefully watching and listening to everything while she stayed cuddled up against her brother. She was secretly delighted having him take control of what Sandy could wear. That promised a lot more sexual fun for the rest of the journey and beyond. Wearing clothes at all might have seemed like an increasingly moot point, but she knew that wouldn't always be the case, such as them going through the airport. She didn't say anything at the moment, but she was eager to help him assert control over Sandy's clothes if the occasion came up.

Vicky decided it was time to change the topic. "I'm sure you two will work it out. Otherwise, Sandy's goin' ta cause that riot with her huge titties bouncin' n' swayin' all through the airport." She chuckled, and gave Sandy a wink.

Sandy let out a lusty, frustrated groan.

"Anyway, Darrin, can you give me that robe before you forget? Or, since you're a bit boxed in by all sorts a feminine loveliness, I can get it for you."

He said, "Sure thing." He struggled to remember where the robe actually was, since Lisa was trying another one of her special tricks on his cockhead. It even involved some careful but very effective teeth scraping.

After a long delay, he said, "Um... It's uh... it's on the floor of the front row, kind of kicked off to the far corner."

Vicky chuckled. "Is that all? It's a miracle she didn't find it n' put it back on. I'd better go get it before some 'disaster' like that happens." Still amused, she stood up and went to the front row to get the robe and deal with it.

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