Chapter 27
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Sandy thought, Disaster! I thought I could get friendly with Vicky and talk her into getting me something to wear. That's out! Traitor! She's fallen under the spell of his big cock too, and she's on his side now! I'll bet that she can't wait until she has a chance to drop to my knees, take his thick meat in my mouth, and show him how much I love him by bobbing on it until tears are streaming down my face!

Er, I mean "her face." Shoot!

No, the problem is I don't mean her. I mean ME! I want him! God, this is humiliating! I can't deny how much I want to do all that to him, and more. But I CAN'T! "No touching his cock!" That's the one simple rule.

She sighed sadly.

Anyway, since Vicky is running off to hide my robe somewhere, that means I'm going to be naked the whole day, for sure! There's NOTHING I can do! And my big man is going to hotly kiss me and play with my naked body as much as he pleases all day long! And he's STILL getting his cock sucked! And he's going to KEEP getting his cock sucked! By Lisa, by Vicky, and who knows who else!

How is it that everything is coming up roses for him?! It seems like years ago, but when this plane ride began, he was just a normal boy who'd never even been kissed!

She looked to Lisa's lips sliding up and down his shaft, and then to her nude daughter cuddled into his side. Then she looked down at her own nakedness. DAMN! Seriously, what the HELL happened today?!

She sighed heavily. But it's pointless to change the past. Meanwhile, I'll just have to sit by and watch and writhe in distress, naked and licking my lips, while OTHER women get to suck and slurp and slobber all over him! Wishing I could have a jaw-busting, tear-inducing turn of my own! But I can't! Not today, not ever! At least with that damn stupid rule in place!

She didn't consciously realize it yet, but her blowjob craving was already causing her to start to think about how to get around that rule without losing face.

Vicky came back and knelt back down next to Sandy.

She told Darrin, "Okay. I took care a that pesky robe. Now, it's in a place she'll never find it."


"No problem."

He impishly asked her, "Do I get a reward?"

Vicky asked, "What, you gave me your momma's robe, so you'll get ta watch her flawless curvy body stay fully naked all day long, and you want a reward for that?"


She laughed. "Okay! I like a man who's a little pushy. A man who knows how ta take what he wants."

She stood up and took a step back. "Look, but don't touch. For now!" Then she hiked her micro miniskirt up, bunching it up so it covered even less.

That exposed her entire pussy mound, revealing that she had a "landing strip" above her wet pussy. Seeing him stare right there, she said, "I keep that to prove that I'm a natural blonde."

Sandy surprised herself by complaining, "Vicky! Please! Can you not show him that... area?! I don't want him to think about fucking you!"

The buxom mother was burning red hot with jealousy. Somehow, when it came to thinking about him fucking other women, her intense feelings about the issue got even more intense. Deep down, way below her conscious level, she got off on the idea of many beautiful women taking turns sucking his cock, but she wanted to him lose his virginity when he plowed his cock into HER pussy!

Vicky chuckled, amused by the strength of Sandy's response. She knew that, eventually, Sandy would have to come to realize that her son was her master who could fuck whomever he wanted, while his slaves were allowed to only be with him. That was one of the many, many perks of being a master in Napali. Some masters took frequent advantage to fuck around while others did so only rarely or never, but it was the master's choice alone. His slaves could only stew with jealousy.

However, Sandy was nowhere near ready to hear about any of that yet.

So Vicky just nodded and pulled her tiny miniskirt back down in place. But she said, "Later, Stud. That's for later!"

She leaned forward dramatically while keeping her legs together and ramrod straight, until it looked like she was bound to fall over. Then she licked her lips ostentatiously and blew him a kiss.

Still maintaining that provocative pose, she added, "Oh, and there's one other thing I told your momma that you should know. Just like Lisa, I'm also a shameless slut for really big cocks. Like yours. Exactly like yours, in fact!" She giggled, and flashed him a devastating sexy smile.

She stood back up straight, because it was impossible to maintain that precarious pose for long. She went on, in an increasingly husky voice, "So now I want to ask YOU for a favor. And a reward."

"What's that?"

"Unfortunately, I've gotta go again in a minute. I wish I could just hang out with y'all back here the whole flight long, 'cos ya clearly have the most fun. But I do technically have a job here." She laughed. "I really should go check on the other passengers."

She went on, "But before I go, I was wonderin'... do you think ya could talk Lisa into pullin' off for a minute or two? As a big cock-loving slut, I can't wait ta get my tongue on your hot n' throbbin' pole!"

As if trying to sway him, she slowly and sensually pulled her highly revealing top all the way off. Then she let it drop to the floor.

He rubbed his chin and pretended to be thinking it over while he delighted at the sight of her stripping. Her F-cups were extremely impressive, even if they were smaller than Lisa's or Sandy's. He ran the fingers of his other hand through Lisa's long black hair.

He told Vicky with an impish grin, "Hmmm... Let me get this straight. You said that would be a favor from ME to YOU."

She laughed. "Good point! Think of it as a treat for both of us!"

To draw out the suspense, as well as make sure he wasn't offending anyone, he turned to Jane. "What do you think? Should I let her?"

Jane huffed, "Do it already!"

"Wait. So you WANT to see another woman suck me?"

"Yes! And don't ask why. These things aren't rational. Just friggin' do it before she runs out of time!" Jane knew she would feel burning jealousy watching Vicky suck him, but she also knew the lusty payoff would be even more emotionally intense.

He nodded at her, fairly surprised by her answer. Then he looked to Sandy.

The gorgeous redheaded mother said almost proudly, "She already has my permission."

Dissatisfied with that short answer, he prodded, "Does the thought upset you?"

"Yes." She frowned. She couldn't deny that, because she was feeling the jealousy already.

"Does it turn you on even more?"

Her face lit up. "Oh, God yes! So much!"

That made him smile too. He tapped on Lisa's head. "Um, Lisa?"

To his surprise, Lisa pulled her lips up and off his hot pole right away. She sat up, smirked, and wiped her cummy chin, though she didn't touch the tear streaks on her cheeks.

Then she spoke, "Don't worry, kid. I have ears too. And no, I don't mind. I don't have any sort of exclusive claim on you. I just love playing around with you, and especially sucking your cock!"

He was impressed with that take-charge answer. "Wow! Okay then." He looked back to Vicky, expecting her to get started.

However, Vicky looked expectantly to Lisa. "Friend, could I ask another thing? I've heard it said that cock-meat is twice as sweet if ya suck while on your knees."

Lisa stood up. "Say no more. Please take my place. And by the way, I've heard that too, and I'm sure it's true."

Darrin, Sandy, and Jane watched as Lisa walked into the aisle. But instead of Vicky passing her by, they were all surprised when Vicky wound up face to face with Lisa, wrapped her arms around her back, and pulled her in close. Lisa responded by hugging her back. That left their big bare racks tightly pressed together.

Jane exclaimed, "Wow! Sexy!" Knowing that her brother had to have big tits on his mind even more than usual, she took his closest hand and brought it to her chest.

Even as he looked to Lisa and Vicky hugging, he idly cupped and caressed Jane's nearer boob. He never knew one guy could have it so good.

Lisa and Vicky just stared into each other's eyes for some long moments. They seemed to be sharing an emotional moment. They looked extremely serious, almost grave, like they were dealing with a matter of life and death importance.

Vicky brought a hand up to Lisa's face. She ran a finger down one of the rivulets of tears on Lisa's left cheek. "So it's that kind of cock, is it? The crying kind. The kind where he's so thick that your jaws n' lips stretch n' strain so much that it hurts like hell! Where it's a constant struggle just ta keep it in your mouth n' keep breathing."

Lisa replied, "It is. I'm sure you're gonna cry like a baby at first. But you know that's the very best kind of cock to suck. The harder the struggle, the greater the reward."

Vicky said seriously. "I know. I can't wait! That's the kinda cock that makes me glad that I'm a woman, glad ta serve a truly superior kinda boy."

"Then go for it!"

Their faces drew closer and they shared a brief but obviously sexual French kiss.

Sandy and Jane were curiously moved by the interaction between the two women. Their verbal exchange pushed all sorts of their buttons, including submissive ones. The interaction had added emotional heft for them since they now knew that Vicky and Lisa were ranked members of the cocksucking elite. They treated phrases like "the harder the struggle, the greater the reward" as gospel truth.

Darrin was especially inspired and aroused, especially to be seeing their awesome racks pressing together, and then the lesbian kiss. Inspired with the tit rubbing, he reached out and cupped one of Sandy's giant tits from below.

He was still holding and fondling one of Jane's tits on the other side, so that left him playing with his mother and sister at the same time! He wondered why he hadn't thought to do that earlier, because this kind of contact was allowed ever since the "no touching" rule became the "no touching his cock" rule.

Lisa and Vicky weren't quite done with each other. When their kiss ended, Lisa told Vicky, "You know, not only is it true what they say about sucking while kneeing being best, you know what else they say?"


"All the best cocksuckers suck while wearing nothing but high heels!" With that, Lisa slid her hands down Vicky's back until she reached Vicky's miniskirt. She yanked it down off her ass.

Vicky grinned widely. "They're so right, whoever they are. Here, I'll take care a that." She finally broke away from Lisa, so she could finish pulling her miniskirt all the way off her legs.

Once she did that, she quickly got between Darrin's legs and took Lisa's place kneeling there. She took his boner in hand and said to him, "Sorry for the delay there, but Lisa n' I take our cocksucking VERY seriously."

He said, "I can see that."

Actually, he never knew any women were into this sex act as much as these two women clearly were. It gave him goose bumps while he anticipated being blown by Vicky for the first time. He remained oblivious that she was a ranked expert, but he knew she was going to be fantastic just the same, from her dead serious attitude about it alone. Clearly, she was nothing like a "normal" flight attendant.

Vicky looked to his hand on Jane's chest and his other hand on Sandy's chest. "Oh my! You've been busy since I've been gone!" She laughed, because she'd been gone such a short time.

Then she brought her second hand to his shaft and stared intently at his phallus. "Mmmm! Now, this is a REAL cock! The kind any woman would be proud ta serve!"

She brought her head down to the base of his shaft. She licked long and slow from the base all the way to the tip, moving her fingers to clear a path for her tongue as she did so. When she reached the very top, she looked over to Sandy, as if to say to her, "It could be YOU doing this!" Then she slowly and sensually licked all the way back down.

She did that two more times, and also licked in swirly patterns around his cockhead.

Sandy and Jane were so thrilled they couldn't breathe. Seeing a new woman size up and explore his cock for the first time was extra emotional and interesting. As predicted, they burned with jealousy and embarrassment, yet they wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Vicky lifted her head back up and looked up at Darrin's face. "If it's okay by you, I don't want ta beat around the bush, especially since I don't have much time left. I'm just going ta go for it!"

"Please do!" He knew exactly what she meant. His heart raced fast in anticipation.

"Okay!" She suddenly opened her mouth wide, dropped her head back down, and engulfed all of his cockhead in one fell swoop.

"Aaaaaah!" he cried out, walloped by the tsunami of pleasure. Vicky didn't do anything extra arousing that Lisa didn't already do to him, but the fact that a second gorgeous woman was sucking him was an extra jolt. He couldn't even begin to imagine what his friends back in school would have thought about this. They simply wouldn't have believed it. Even he had trouble believing it!

He was so overwhelmed that he let go of his mother and sister and clutched at his own head. It was like an "ice cream freeze," except a rush of total erotic stimulation.

Vicky didn't waste time. She started bobbing after just a small pause to try to adjust to his size. It was slow at first, but she distinguished herself from Lisa by using more suction from the very start. Since she didn't have much time, she wasn't pacing herself like Lisa usually was.

Vicky kept on bobbing, her gorgeous, long, light blonde hair flowing and cascading as her head tilted this way and that. It was a drastic contrast from Lisa's black hair. In fact, so much hair fell forward that it blocked a lot of the view of the action.

That gave Lisa a good idea. Since she was standing, she said to Sandy, who was kneeling close in, "Sandy, could you do us all a favor and brush Vicky's hair out of the way? I can't see the good stuff."

"Um... certainly." Sandy's hand trembled with excitement as she reached out to her son's crotch, as if to grasp his shaft. But her fingers went to Vicky's blonde hair hanging down. She slowly and carefully brushed it back over Vicky's shoulders so it felt down her back instead. At times, her hand came within an inch or two or her son's horse cock.

Had Lisa ordered Sandy to hold and stroke his boner just then, she certainly would have! She was sad when she ran out of hair to take care of and was obliged to withdraw her hand.

One minute passed, and then another, and Vicky kept on going. In fact, five more minutes passed as everyone stared at Vicky's head with rapt fascination. It turned out that when she'd said she could only suck him for "a minute or two," she hadn't meant that literally. But nobody minded, least of all Darrin!

Jane thought, Okay, now I'm convinced: sucking cock is the BEST! I definitely was doing it all wrong with my lame boyfriends. I can't wait to do it right! I think the key is passion. I noticed Lisa puts her entire heart into it all the time, like it's the most important thing in the world. It's exactly the same with Vicky. No wonder they get to wear special red and blue heels respectively.

But it's not like only Brother is enjoying it. Lisa said "the harder the struggle, the greater the reward," and I'm sure that's true. But I can also see that the more you give, the more you receive. Vicky is having a ball! It's written on her sexy, sexy face!

Sandy was having nearly identical thoughts, coming to the same conclusions. She sucked on three bunched up fingers as she watched, doing her best to imitate Vicky's sucking style.

Lisa had been standing for a while, but she knelt down next to Sandy and wrapped an arm around her back. She whispered near her ear, "Isn't that the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?"

Sandy knew that wasn't meant literally. She muttered, "Mmmm!" She didn't want to stop sucking on her fingers to talk clearly.

Lisa whispered, "I think there's something so special when a really beautiful, big-titted woman gets into sucking a truly exceptional cock like your son's. Vicky knows it too. She could have ANY man, with her looks, but she'd rather have your son! Remember she said, 'This is a REAL cock. The kind any woman would be proud to serve.' He has a cock worthy of oral adoration, for sure."

Sandy muttered again, "Mmmm..."

She thought as she watched Vicky's lips slide up and down, That's so true! Any woman! Including me! If only he wasn't my son, it would be my honor to serve him with my lips and tongue! I could be the 'really beautiful, big-titted woman.' Because there IS something special about that. What's the good of having all that beauty if you don't use it?

It's like throwing pearls before swine. Looking back with what I've learned today, that was the problem with my marriage. Dennis was a great guy and I loved him, but he didn't deserve my body. He didn't have a cock worthy of oral adoration. And there was something wrong about him in bed anyway. He didn't know how to thrill me. And I deserve to be thrilled!

A woman with my face, my curves... I deserve the best! Enough of my living in hiding! I belong on my knees, with my son's cock in my mouth!

She realized her thoughts were violating her "no touching his cock" rule, so she amended that, Er, I mean, or someone like him. Maybe not him, per se... although he's the one that I want! Damn! But I do know that Lisa and Vicky gave me these special cocksucker heels to wear, and I'm not going to let them down! I will prove myself to be a worthy sucker!

Lisa whispered in Sandy's ear as they both gawked at Vicky's sliding lips and stroking fingers, "Look at her! Such passion! Sandy, I'm in love with sucking your son's cock! There's just something special about it... Even for an experienced red-heeled sucker like me. Vicky can feel it too! It's not just his sheer size, it's more! I know she really meant to just lick and suck him a minute or two. She has a job to do with the other passengers. But it's like once she gets started, she can't stop!"

"Mmmm!" Sandy moaned again.

Lisa whispered with growing excitement, "Us busty women, we're helpless when it comes to really big FAT cocks! Because it hurts so good to stretch your lips around it, that you can't resist! They make us weak in our knees, then we DROP to our knees! Then we shame ourselves, tossing away all dignity, submitting to the POWER of someone like your son! Submitting to the craving... to serve him! To love him! To suck him!"

"Yesssss..." Sandy moaned. She wasn't thinking of "someone like" her son, she was thinking exclusively of her son, even as she watched Vicky blow him with heartfelt emotion. She was getting hotter and hotter, even in a literal sense, with sweat pouring down her face. Without realizing it, her hands found her tits and started pressing them together and sliding them up and down.

Lisa's words worked on Sandy like magic or hypnosis. She felt like she was falling under a spell. The sexy mother thought, So true! Every word Lisa says is true! All these years, I had it all wrong. I was barking up the wrong tree. I didn't know what sex was all about. I didn't even give blowjobs a second thought. I thought fucking was the ultimate.

But no! Serving my son's cock is! Sliding my lips up and down his throbbing meat, just like Vicky is doing oh-so-well... HNNNG! Lapping my tongue all over his fat knob inside my mouth... Fondling his big balls... Stroking his shaft too...

The proof is in the tears! Look at Vicky's tears streaming down her face! So sexy! So selfless! She's giving it her all! What did Lisa say? "The harder the struggle, the greater the reward." So true! She's going to be rewarded with a great spermy explosion all over her face! UNNGH! HNNNNG!

Sandy was working herself up to a fever pitch. She certainly was headed towards another major orgasm while she practically fucked her mouth with the three fingers in it.

Not coincidentally, Vicky had been sucking faster and faster, like a boulder gathering speed as it rolled downhill. And she was applying an ever increasing amount of suction.

It seemed a certainty that he was going to cum soon. She wasn't acting at all like Lisa, who was always holding back to varying degrees, trying to help him prolong the joy. She'd started out rather slowly, but she was determined to get him to cum. She was going all out, using all her considerable sex slave skills. She was unstoppable!

But then, out of the blue, Vicky pulled her lips all the way off Darrin's shaft! She just held his shaft as she panted hard, with a wild, fiery look in her dark brown eyes.

He could hardly believe it. He felt like he'd been on an amusement park ride that came to a complete stop mere seconds before reaching the most exciting part of the ride.

She looked up into his eyes and said, "Sorry for goin' on so long! I guess I got a little carried away."

He was too blown away to speak. He wasn't sorry for her sucking his cock for nearly ten minutes, he was sorry she stopped when she did!

She gave the tip of his cockhead a big smooch. "Thank ya for letting me do that. Is it okay... would you mind... if I do it to ya again sometime? If Lisa's not suckin' or titfuckin' ya again at the time? Or... would it be okay if we lick n' suck ya together?"

He was even more blown away. She's asking ME that? Like I'm the one doing her a favor? I really must have stepped into the Twilight Zone!

She licked her way in circles around his cockhead. "Mmmm.... Please... I promise, I'll be so good ta ya... You can do whatever ya want ta my body in return! In fact, I want you to! I want you ta play with my body!"

She licked and licked some more. "Do what you want! Spank me if you must! If fact, spank me anyway, if I've been bad or good. Just because ya can! Shame me! Make me beg! And crawl! Just, just... promise me you'll let me help Lisa suck your cock!"

He was incredulous. "Okay, already! Wow! You definitely make a... strong case!"

Jane thought, WHOA! I have GOT to start sucking cock! Superior cock, done the right way, like my heroines Lisa and Vicky! They love it so much they'll beg and crawl and even get spanked for more! It must be the ultimate!

Vicky brushed her long blonde hair back over a shoulder as she beamed with delight. She suddenly rose up, dragging her big tits along his bare chest. "Thank ya! I could kiss ya!" It looked like that was exactly what she was going to do.

But then she stopped rising up on him, though she continued to hold and stroke his hard-on with one hand. "Oh! Wait. I'd love to kiss you, but my mouth has just come from your cock." She turned to Sandy. "Could you please kiss him for me? To thank him for me?"

"Certainly!" Sandy was on that offer like white on rice. As Vicky's head drifted back down to his shaft, Sandy rose up on his chest. She planted her huge tits on his bare skin like they were pillows. Then her lips went straight to his and they started to smooch.

"Good!" Vicky said, "Like that. Only more passionate, please. Sandy, imagine that YOU'VE just sucked his cock for a long, long time. He finally splooged all over your face, and ya want ta thank him for it, like a busty slut always should! Show him your appreciation with your hot lips n' your flawless body!"

That didn't make much logical sense, but Sandy didn't care or think it through. It sounded great to her. She loved imagining that she had really just sucked his cock and was making out with him afterwards. Her kiss was filled with love and lust already, but Vicky's words took her passion to an even higher plane, leaving her heart racing.

Seeing that Sandy was French kissing her son with abandon, Vicky redirected her attention back to his erection. While continuing to stroke his shaft, she engulfed his cockhead again! She resumed her bobbing with just as much passion and intensity as before, not to mention powerful suction.

Jane laughed. She leaned in towards him and put a hand on Sandy's back, since Sandy was sprawled all over his upper body to the point that there wasn't much skin visible for Jane to put a hand on. "Look at you, Brother! Between Vicky and Mom, I think you've finally met your match. You look almost hapless, you're so overwhelmed. But it's cute!"

She had a point. His face was so strained it looked like he was having some kind of seizure.

Right then, he gave up the struggle and started to cum.

Only he didn't. Vicky knew the same orgasm delaying tricks that Lisa did, including the highly effective squeezing-tightly-at-the-base-of-his-shaft trick. He practically passed out from the sheer emotional intensity while she did the squeezing, but he somehow persevered and no cum shot out his pisshole.

Still, when she was all done, he was left wiped out. He didn't even have the energy to keep making out with his mother. His entire body went slack.

Assuming that he'd just climaxed, Sandy relented. She broke their lip-lock and slid off him.

Vicky deliberately helped create the false impression that he'd climaxed again. She held her mouth closed with her cheeks puffed out, making it look like her oral cavity was full of his seed. She also smiled like the cat that ate the canary.

Lisa understood the ruse and played along. She reached out and slapped Vicky's arm. "You lucky slut! Look who got a creamy, spermy mouthful! Damn!"

Jane, not part of the ruse, marveled, "What is that, the SIXTH time he came today already?! Double damn!"

"That's right," Sandy said, feeling strangely proud about it. Her only disappointment was that he'd shot all his cum into Vicky's mouth (so she thought) instead of cumming on her face or chest. But she figured he was bound to give out some more sexy facials and pearl necklaces before the flight was over. "My son is a cumming machine! And I'll bet he's got a lot more left in him."

In fact, he'd only had four real orgasms so far, plus two fakes ones.

Darrin was left even more confused than last time, because he didn't remember cumming extensively into Vicky's mouth at all. But he assumed that he must have. He figured he was new to these sorts of sexual situations and there was a lot he didn't understand yet.

Vicky decided she needed to leave right away, because it wasn't easy to continue the pretense of having her mouth full of cum. Plus, she had overstayed the time she'd expected to spend with the Douglases yet again. She felt guilty that she was neglecting the two other families. They actually needed more assistance, since they were further behind with their sexual transformations.

As a result, she stood up, gave Darrin a friendly wave, bent down to pick up the pieces of her pornographic flight attendant uniform, and then headed off towards the front of the plane. Her face was still wet with tears.

He was panting and gasping. It all seemed impossibly wonderful. He didn't understand what he did to deserve this kind of treatment all of a sudden.

Although Vicky walked away, she did so very slowly, sashaying her hips all the way. She felt her ass was her best physical feature, and since she was literally butt naked, she wanted to show it off.

He watched her ass cheeks undulating up and down, not to mention her long blonde hair swishing back and forth down to the dimples of her lower back. He was thoroughly impressed by her entire backside. He kept on watching her walk back down the zigzagging aisle until she was out of sight.

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