Chapter 28
Written by Spacer X <>

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Once Vicky was gone, Lisa immediately slipped back into the spot between his legs that she'd just vacated. Acting fast to make sure he wouldn't go flaccid, she started jacking him off. She also leaned in and began licking all around his cockhead.

Sandy noticed that, and bit her lip with envy.

Jane noticed too, and shook her head incredulously. Damn! AGAIN! I bet she'll be back to sucking him before long, since she is an elite expert at that. This is a crazy plane ride. All the women are so endowed. Lisa's breasts are as big as mine, or bigger, even! And she's such a knockout. And... she clearly wants Brother's cock in the worst way! And she usually gets it!

Wow! I had him all wrong. Before today, I thought it would be progress for him to have a girlfriend, any girlfriend. Maybe some skinny, flat-chested girl his age wearing braces. It's not like he's ugly, just... middle of the pack, and shy. But no! I couldn't have been more wrong! Thanks to his huge cock, two of the most gorgeous and curvaceous women I've ever seen in my life BOTH want him! They BOTH sucked his cock today! How crazy is that?!

But I get it. I can relate. Because what's crazier still is that I want him too!

Not as a boyfriend, of course. Yuck. No way! But... just to suck his cock once or twice. Lisa's having the time of her life, and Vicky clearly loves it too. I want that, with tears streaming down my face and all. EXTREME sucking! It must be his extra thickness that makes it such a rapturous experience.

Sandy's thoughts were somewhat different. She was more mulling over what had just happened with Vicky.

She thought, That Vicky. What a woman! It turns out she wasn't kidding around! She told me straight up that she was going to suck my son's cock, and then she up and did it! She just craned her mouth wide open and gulped him down like a sword-swallower, like it was nothing! She's living MY dream! My secret shame and favorite fantasy! Oh, to suck my big man's cock! Vicky, I envy you! The way you cried tears of joy and struggle as your lips slid and your tongue flitted all over his sweet spot! You're such an inspiration!

Since she's NOT related to him, all she had to do was ask Lisa, "Hey, mind if I lend you a hand and a mouth?" And just like that, BOOM!, she was on her knees and crying and slurping and bobbing.

Whereas in my case, what can I do?! Nothing! Just watch and wish. And that can NEVER change, because I gave birth to him. It's like I'm cursed.

Damn. This is so depressing.

Then Sandy realized she needed to go to the bathroom, and this looked to be a good time to do that, as it was a pause in the nearly non-stop sexual action. She said, "I've gotta go to powder my nose. Wish me luck, that I come back from the hellhole sauna bathroom alive." She smirked at that silly exaggeration.

Darrin and Jane bid Sandy adieu and watched her sway her sexy bare ass out of sight until she reached the bathroom.

Sandy knew she was being watched, so she put some extra oomph in her wiggle, like Vicky had just done.

Jane put a hand on his shoulder and said about Vicky, "Wow! She really had a great ass. Don't you think, Bro?"

That startled him. He was thoroughly disoriented from many intense sexual situations one after another, and especially after that last confusing orgasm he thought he'd had.

Gathering his wits, he responded to Jane, "Who, Mom? Yeah, I agree. She's got a great ass."

Jane laughed. "No, not her. I know her ass already. I'm still thinking about Vicky."

He grinned. "Oh. Yeah. Sorry, there're a lot of great asses here. Vicky's got another nice full bubble butt, for sure. But it's not as nice as yours though."

Jane raised her hand, doing wonderful things to her bare boobs. "Bullshit! I call bullshit. You're just saying that because you want to get me in a position where you can run your hands all over my naked body and have your way with me, including fondling my bare ass, and my big tits, and kissing me until I cum hard!"

He laughed. "Yeah! That's all true! I totally want to do all that, and I will! But that doesn't change the fact that you have a world-class ass."

"Shut up!" She was delighted by his compliments.

He gave his sister a thorough looking over. He thought she looked fantastic, easily the sexual equal of the other women.

She'd grown tired of being forgotten, so she'd deliberately grabbed his attention to make him look. She shyly brushed a strand of her flaming red hair out of her face, but it was just an excuse to strike a sexy pose with her arm placement. She arched her back subtly, to draw more attention to her F-cups.

She thought, I'm totally posing for my little brother! I want him to want me! I don't know what's going to happen once we all get to Napali, but I'm increasingly convinced that Mom will be joining Lisa and Vicky in taking turns sucking on his cock before long. I want to get in on that too! I have these visions of kneeling naked before him in nothing but my sexy new high heels, and they make me so WET!

Jane had been lying low for most of the flight so far, relatively speaking, because she didn't know what she wanted. She didn't have a long-term plan about her brother at this point, since she couldn't conceive of him as boyfriend material even if the incest problem was solved, and she couldn't imagine how that problem could ever get solved. But she'd been staring at Lisa and then Vicky stroking or sucking his cock for so very long that she'd firmly made up her mind that she definitely had to suck him off at least once, at the very first chance she could get! She had to know what it was like, and if it lived up to the hype.

It had been a gradual dawning, but there was no doubt in her mind anymore, now that she thought about it more directly and seriously.

With that new resolve, she figured she had to seduce him first. She didn't know if he thought getting blown by his sister was "gross," although she highly doubted he'd have any problem with it, given her well-known beauty. But she was determined to convince him it would be worth his while, just to be sure. That was difficult with Sandy there though, both because Sandy was bound to disapprove but also because her mother was constantly naked and was quite literally the most gorgeous woman Jane had ever seen. Jane felt daunted trying to compete with that.

For the time being, Jane had his full attention, and she wanted to take advantage. She leaned forward towards her brother. With her big tits dangling down, she made a point of squeezing them together with her upper arms to make them appear even larger. At the same time, she asked, "Seriously, what do you think of her ass?"

He didn't answer at first, because Lisa took that moment to engulf his cockhead and get busy bobbing on him again.

Jane was looking at his face, so she noticed when his eyes bugged out in cartoon-like fashion.

She looked down at his crotch and snickered. "A-ha! I should have known. She really is insatiable and unstoppable, isn't she?"

He rested a hand on Lisa's head, causing her to purr contentedly on top of her slurping and sucking noises. She even briefly opened her eyes and looked up at him adoringly while also giving him the thumbs up sign, in hopes of showing how much she loved it whenever he touched her head while she was bobbing on him.

He said to Jane, "She is. Man!"

He started stroking her long black hair.

Lisa immediately moaned loudly and erotically.

Jane noticed the connection, when he was too distracted with waves of erotic joy to be thinking much. She noted, "I think she likes that."

"What?" he asked.

"The way you pat and stroke her hair. I think she's getting off on that."

"MMMM! Mmmm mmmm MMMM!" Lisa moaned loudly and emphatically. She was grateful to Jane for pointing that out, since she didn't want to pull off his cock to explain. Given his remarkable thickness, it was difficult to do so each time, even for an elite sucker like her.

At the same time, she tightened her lip-lock and greatly increased the suction. She did amazing things with her tongue on his sweet spot. She hoped to reward him with so much pleasure that he couldn't fail to notice the connection.

"Oh," he said, still a bit slow on the uptake. "She likes this, huh?" He stroked her gorgeous, silky raven-black hair some more.

"MMMM!" Lisa moaned again. She kept going wild on his cock, abandoning her usual restraint.

Within seconds, he was forced to squeeze his PC muscle as he fought hard not to cum. Ironically, he had to temporarily stop stroking her hair while he clenched his teeth and prayed he could endure the tidal wave of oral stimulation.

Jane laughed. "Brother, she definitely loves that for some reason. I think you need to do that constantly whenever she's sucking you."

"YETTTH! DEFANEEDLUUUH!" Lisa normally didn't attempt to talk as she sucked, but she felt so strongly about what Jane just said that she just had to.

Despite her voice being muffled thanks to the way her oral cavity was stuffed with cock-meat, the other two understood.

Jane even helped translate. "'Yes! Definitely!' See?"

For the next minute or two, he held on like he was a cowboy riding a bucking bronco, until Lisa eased her sucking technique and his urgent need to cum slowly passed. He managed to remember to resume stroking Lisa's hair, which resulted in another one of her grateful moans.

Eventually, he remembered that he'd been talking to Jane about something before that highly arousing distraction. He struggled through the continuing waves of incredible pleasure to remember what his sister had asked him.

He managed to reply, "Uh, as for Vicky's ass, yeah, it's a pretty awesome. But Sis, I mean this is all serious and not just flattery... you have the ass of asses! You're a total babe all over, but your ass is your best asset!"

"Really?!" Jane acted surprised. "Are you SURE?! I think you're just saying that!"

She suddenly turned in her seat, and not just a little bit. She actually got up on all fours in her seat and then rotated around until she was facing away from him. It was a tight squeeze, but the chairs had a good amount of leg room in front of them, so she just managed. But it just about put her bare butt up near his face, since he was leaning over the seatback edge to talk to her.

He stared in wide wonder, because it was such an incredible sight. She did have a great ass, and a lot of that was due to hard work, both from exercise and from working on an all-over tan, usually while on their rooftop deck when her mother wasn't home. As a result, it was flawless and firm, with an even tan and no tan lines at all.

But the best part of all was that her legs were spread as wide as the chair could allow. Admittedly, that wasn't very wide, but it was enough to give him a great view of her pussy between her ass cheeks. Her bush was completely shaved off, which he thought was a shame since it would have been a flaming red like her mother's. But his interest was more in her hot, wet pussy.

Aside from the surprisingly pink and symmetrical pussy lips, what caught his eye was just how wet she was. She hadn't cleaned up in a while, so it was a flooded swamp. There were rivulets of cum dripping well down her thighs!

He unthinkingly exclaimed, "Good Lord, Sis! You're so WET!"

She wiggled her ass enticingly. "That's because I've been thinking about your big cock, Brother! I love watching Lisa suck it! Is she sucking it good? Does it feel amazing when she does it to you?"

He breathlessly replied, "Oh, man! Sis, you have no idea! It's so incredible!"

Jane wasn't at all surprised to hear that. Not only had it been evident on his face, but she knew Vicky was an elite blue-heeled sucker. She wanted to ask him how Vicky compared to Lisa, but that would be rude given that Lisa was right there and in the middle of sucking him some more.

Still wiggling her ass, Jane reached back and ran a hand over one ass cheek. She couldn't see him at all, but she could feel his gaze on her ass. She said, "I'm glad you like it. But what are you doing just looking?! You know the new rules. As long as I don't touch your cock, and you don't touch my pussy, anything goes!"


Her voice was husky and sexy. "Anything!" She wiggled her ass enticingly. "Start by exploring my ass cheeks!"



He reached out with both hands and firmly grasped her buttocks. "Wow! Feels so firm! I can't believe I'm actually doing this!" He started caressing and exploring.

She asked, "Is it even more shocking than getting to play with my titties?"

"Kinda. And don't ask me why. It just is."

She snickered . "You're weird. But in any case, get used to it, 'cos from now on this ass pretty much has your name on it!"

"What do you mean?" Already, he was starting to explore her ass crack.

She craned her head back to look at his face, but he was staring intently at his hands on her ass, so she gave up trying to look his way. "Think about it: everything we thought we knew about life is wrong. We may not exactly be boyfriend and girlfriend, but from now on, if you want to kiss my lips, you can just do it!"

"I can?!" He hadn't had time to think things through yet. Plus, he hadn't realized how willing and eager she'd be.

"Uh-huh!" She wiggled her ass some more, making humping motions with her entire body. "Quick test: are the lips on my face the same as my pussy lips?"

"Obviously not." He was staring right at her sopping wet pussy lips, peeking out below her ass and between her muscular thighs. He felt the temptation to touch them for the first time, yet he didn't dare.

"And are your lips another name for your big fat cock?"


"Then it's allowed! And that's not all! What if I'm sitting by a pool in a bikini and you walk by and think, 'Boy, Sis looks really hot today. And her tits are so big. I sure would love to play with them.' Because I know you think that sort of thing all the time!" She giggled.

He laughed too. "Guilty as charged!"

He continued to have a ball just fondling her ass and staring at it, while Lisa kept on sucking his cock. He was still clenching his PC muscle from the combined arousal, but he felt he could handle things, at least for a while.

Jane went on, "Well, now you can do it! You could just walk over, sit on me, untie my bikini, and play with my tits all you want, and the rest of me too!" Her voice turned extra sultry. "And kiss me like you 'own my lips,' 'cos you're so good at that. Just keep something covering your big cock so it doesn't touch me much, and we're golden."

"Wow! I love it! But what if there are other people around?"

"Fuck them! They'll just have to turn away. My big tits are for your eyes only. And your hands!" She felt a shiver race down her spine as she realized how much she loved the sound of that. She didn't consciously realize that she was essentially exclusively offering her body to him, but she felt the thrill of that on some deeper level.

"Awesome!" He didn't fully understand either, but it sounded fantastic regardless.

He paused to think. I'm having so much fun with Sis. She used to act all high and mighty around me, knowing that she was a perfect ten and I was, well, just me. Now she's up on all fours with her ass in my face! I mean, her pussy, her soaked pussy, is just inches from my face! I can't touch it, but I sure as hell can smell it! So wet! The SMELL! Overwhelming!

He came up with an idea, and asked her, "But what if all that isn't enough?"

"Uh-oh! What do you mean?"

He whiffed the air with his head even closer to her pungent pussy. The arousing smell further emboldened him. "What if I flatten out your lawn chair, turn you over face-down, and then have my way with your backside, including your sexy naked ass? Just like I'm doing now!"

She laughed joyfully. "Well then, sucks to be me! I guess I'll just have to suffer my way through your sexy depredations!"

The two siblings shared a hearty laugh over those lines.

Even Lisa couldn't resist laughing along, despite her mouth being stuffed with cock. She had been listening to Darrin and Jane talking all the while, of course, and what she heard was like music to her ears. Jane's attitude suggested she was progressing along her transformation path with startling speed. That would make Lisa's job a piece of cake. Her only disappointment was that Vicky had left too soon to hear it all.

Darrin continued to be endlessly fascinated by Jane's ass, even though he couldn't touch her sopping wet pussy. He also avoided touching her taint, just to be on the safe side.

He asked, "Here's another one. What if I feel like spanking you?"

Jane had never been spanked before, but just the mention of that gave her goose bumps. "Ooooh! You naughty boy!"

"No, you naughty girl! That's why I'm spanking you!" He gave her an experimental but relatively light smack on her left ass cheek.

She squealed in surprise. She arched her body dramatically, like a stretching cat. "OH! Oh, WOW! Brother! That was unexpected!"

She was going to say more, but another voice cut in. "Here's something else that's unexpected! What the heck is going on?!"

The voice belonged to Sandy. She'd had to defecate and then she chose to wash away a lot of her sweat as part of the cleaning up process afterwards, so she was coming back after being gone a good while.

With his hands gently caressing where he'd just smacked his sister's ass, he turned to Sandy and did a double take to see her standing there naked from head to toe. That was going to take a lot of getting used to, especially since her hourglass figure was to die for.

He re-gathered his wits, and asked her, "Hey, Mom. What's wrong?"

Sandy had her hands on her hips in a sexy but highly annoyed pose. "Don't you 'hey' me! I'm gone for five minutes, and all hell breaks loose! First, Lisa is sucking your cock again. Admittedly, there's nothing wrong with that. It's just kind of... remarkable! Does she ever stop?! Do you ever cum?!"

He wasn't feeling that bothered by his mother's mood, maybe because he was having such great sexual success at every turn. He playfully answered, "Apparently, no AND no! Who'da thunk it?"

She glared at him. "That's what I've noticed too. But that's not what's bothering me, since I actually think it's super sexy. Son, today you're sort of come out of the closet in the sense that we've all realized that you have a powerful cock that needs to get sucked a lot and is going to get sucked a heck of a lot, usually by naked, busty, and beautiful women. So what Lisa is doing is only to be expected."

She was accidentally getting herself so excited that she had to force herself to refocus on her annoyance. She went on, "No, what bothers me is what you're doing to your sister's ass! That is NOT how two siblings are supposed to behave!"

Jane immediately complained, "Why not, Mom? Remember the one simple rule: 'no touching his huge cock!' And I suppose there's that unspoken second rule that he can't touch our tight little pussies. But as you can see, neither of us are violating the rules, so there's no problem."

Despite her words, she could tell that her mother had ruined the mood, so she repositioned, sitting back in her middle seat in the usual way.

Sandy huffed, "Technically, I guess. But still, it doesn't look right. It looks... incestuous! For crying out loud, Son, you just smacked her and it looks like you're about to bury your face between her ass cheeks!"

He stared into space like he'd just had a Eureka moment. "Hey! Now, there's an idea!" He resumed stroking Lisa's raven black hair.

Despite her irritation, Sandy couldn't help but chuckle along with her kids.

Darrin didn't think that he or his sister had done anything wrong, based on the new rules. He figured that the real reason Sandy was upset was because her jealousy surged since it wasn't her ass that he was fondling.

So rather than argue, he opted for the direct approach. He waved her over. "Hey, Mom. Come here for a sec."

She was wary of getting near him, knowing that lately she had a hard time controlling her lust. "What is it?"

"Come right here. I want to whisper something in your ear."

She sighed, but she dropped her hands from her hips, walked over, and knelt down right next to his aisle seat. She leaned towards his head, causing her incredible I-cups to sway down dramatically.

Once she was in position, he cupped a hand right up to her ear and whispered quietly, "Here's the secret: I think you're acting jealous. So never forget how much I love you, AND how much I lust for your sexy, sexy body! Need proof? Here it is!"

He acted fast, wrapping his arms around her upper back and pulling his face to hers. Their lips locked and he started to kiss her with all the love and lust he could muster, just as he'd said. It was a lot of both!

Sandy was so overcome that her bad mood immediately vanished and she melted into his kiss. Their tongues began dueling.

It was a bit awkward for him, since he didn't want to move his lower body due to not wanting to interfere with Lisa's great ongoing cocksucking efforts. But not only did his kissing set her heart on fire, he brought both hands to her chest and got busy fondling her tits with his usual gusto.

Sandy thought, Dammit! He tricked me! That whispering was just a ruse for him to get close enough to kiss and fondle me. But it's working! And I don't mind. In fact, I love it! Gaawwwd! Whenever he gets his hands on my breasts, I'm a goner. I need clothes to wear, or I'm going to become his personal slut!

That was such a heady, arousing thought that she felt dizzy and breathless.

After another minute of fantastic necking, she thought, He's right, I was being a jealous bitch. They were sticking to the rules. It's just so shocking to see them naked like that. Yesterday, there weren't even any rules because we were a totally normal family. Today, we've gone totally sex mad! But it is what it is. I can't change it. I don't want to change it, because I feel reborn.

He's got the kind of cock that busty beauties like Lisa and Vicky love to suck. I'm just going to have to get used to it.

Gaaaawwwwd, it's so fucking hot that he's making out with me while another bombshell sucks him off! Her slurping sounds are driving me crazy! I can't get used to them!

Jane waited patiently for Darrin to finish playing with their mother. She didn't mind what he was doing at all, because she could clearly see he was attempting an instant and dramatic mood adjustment on her. And she could see it would work like gangbusters.

She just sat in her seat behaving herself as she waited. At least she had the always entertaining sight of Lisa's busy fingers and sliding lips on her brother's fat cock. Her main frustration was that she couldn't see inside Lisa's mouth to check out the action there.

When the kissing session ended, Sandy was positively giddy. She wore a wide smile that just wouldn't quit.

Still on her knees, she sat back and looked to Jane. "Okay, I'll admit it, I was wrong. I take back everything I said before my son basically raped my mouth!"

Jane chuckled at the "raped my mouth" comment.

The panting and bedraggled mother said, "If there's one thing we learned today so far, it's that absolutely everything has changed. We can't go back, nor should we. I need to readjust my way of thinking. But it's going to take some time."

Jane graciously said, "Don't sweat it. I get it. But actually, I have a slightly different take: if there's one thing we learned today so far, it's that you and I have to be careful not to get too close to you-know-who, or he'll kiss and fondle us to death!"

Darrin wanted to get in on the fun. He spoke as he ran his fingers through Lisa's long hair, "Nah, you're both wrong. If there's one thing we learned today so far, it's that my mom and my sister both look so much way, way better naked than clothed that I hereby decree they have to stay naked forever!"

Sandy and Jane laughed happily at that. Jane exclaimed, "You wish!"

"I do!" He was all smiles.

Sandy thought dreamily, To stay naked forever! For my son! God! What a scary, wonderful thought!

Jane glanced back at Lisa's bobbing head, and said in clear reference to it, "Brother, I just came up with yet another different take: if there's one thing we learned today so far, it's that now that the word is out about how big, thick, and delicious your cock is, it's going to get sucked a LOT!"

Sandy showed a disagreeable face, but as she talked she broke back into a smile. "Now, hold on, Janey. We don't know that for sure. Of course, it's big and thick; there's no doubting that!"

Mother and daughter shared a knowing laugh. "Agreed!" Jane added.

Sandy went on, "But is it really delicious too? That's the big question. Of course you think that, because it's such an incredible COCK In every way! It just LOOKS delicious. And it's clear that Lisa can't get enough of sucking it! But does it really taste that good?"

"MMMM! MMMM MMMM!" That was Lisa. Her mouth stayed crammed full, but she was trying to convey in a fun way that yes, it did taste great.

Jane giggled. "You see, Mom? Lisa's saying it IS as delicious as it looks! Right, Lisa?"

"MMMM!" Lisa moaned again. Her dark brown eyes were open and she wiggled her eyebrows theatrically. She even gave the thumbs up gesture to make sure she made her point.

Jane said, "You see, Mom? And Lisa definitely knows! She's taken his cum down her throat already!"

Darrin was getting insanely horny. He was fit to burst. He impulsively decided to take action. Given that he'd last necked with Sandy, he turned Jane's way, pulled her in, and started making out with her!

Sandy was impressed by his bold action. She brought a hand to her mouth and unthinkingly sucked on two fingers. Wooooow! Things have changed today, for sure! I guess I'm going to have to get used to the sight of my two children making out a lot. I know I should be bothered seeing them do that, but I actually think I like it. It shows how much they love each other, for one. And it'll help bring them closer together.

I just hope they don't get TOO close. I have this vision in my head of them lying naked in bed together, with my big man on top. He's got his fat cock balls-deep in her hot cunt, and he's fucking her good! And she's loving it! She's squealing like a stuck pig and pledging her eternal devotion to him as he plunges in and out! Because of course getting fucked by him would be the absolute best!

It could happen! Although I think my bigger worry by far should be if she winds up on her knees sucking his cock. God knows she has to be curious! And if she does it once, I'm sure she'll be hooked! I would be. That's why I have to maintain that one awful rule.

She thought about what Jane had just said regarding the taste of Darrin's cum, and especially Lisa's emphatic though non-verbal insistence that his cum tasted sweet and good.

I kind of hope she's wrong about that, but I'm sure she's not. After all, I can't lie to myself: I've secretly tasted his cum numerous times over the last year, since he masturbates so much that it's a wonder one doesn't need a boat to cross a sea of cum in his room! I worried it was just my imagination, my bias, a mom's rose-colored glasses. But now we know for sure it's not. Mmmm!

I thought he tasted pretty yummy months ago, but his taste has been getting even better all the time since then! I think that's because of the special diet Olivia talked me into trying for the whole family. She said it was for good health in general, but in retrospect, I'll bet it was designed for yummy cum specifically, because she gobbles down so many cum loads a day.

Oh Gaawwwd! That just makes me want to suck my son's cock that much MORE! Feeling his hot cum shoot down my throat would be such a tasty treat! Like sperm-flavored dessert! Oh God! Oh God!

She looked over to Darrin French kissing Jane and playing with her heavy tits, then down to Lisa bobbing in his lap. I'm gonna break eventually, I just know it! Totally break! Exactly like that redheaded mommy Vicky keeps telling me about. What if I even break TODAY?! I'll wind up spending the rest of the flight between his legs, in cocksucking bliss! Just like she did!

My desire is too strong! I don't know if I can resist! I have to try my best, but it's looking grim. But what about Jane?!

She looked at her daughter, again, still lost in making out with her brother. Look at her! She could easily break too! Then we'll probably both suck his cock off together until our faces are caked pearly white with his sticky seed! Which is well and good on this flight. In fact, it would be downright incredible! One or two days of divine madness! So very hot!

But what about on Napali and beyond?! Too many problems. I have to put my foot down! I can't start down that slippery slope, or there's no telling where things will go. I HAVE to maintain my "no touching his cock" rule no matter what. And Jane has to follow it too, or else. I've got to talk to her about that soon.

Sandy said, "Okay, kids, that's enough. Son, I think you've been playing with your sister's titties long enough."

Jane protested, "But Mom! The rule is basically there are no rules. As long as I don't touch his cock, we're good." She looked to his crotch. "And with the way Lisa has it covered with her mouth and both hands, there isn't room to touch it if I wanted to."

"I know, but... can you at least pace yourselves? The more you do that, the more horny you both get, then the more horny I get, and Lisa gets, and it all spirals out of control until one of us does something we'll later regret, like breaking that very much important touching rule!"

Sandy said, "Jane, that's probably true. I'll concede you do have a fantastic ass, and you should be proud of it, since you've worked so hard to stay in shape. But don't count your mother out just yet! I exercise daily too, you know, and I'm not just a pair of big breasts. I think my ass gets neglected. What do you think, Son?"

As Sandy was talking, she'd been repositioning. Seeing that Jane could do it, she got up on her seat in the exact same way, with her back to her son in the exact same way as the sight that had initially upset her.

She couldn't believe that she was doing something this bold, even after everything else she'd done. She had a non-stop burning sensation due to her constant humiliation from being naked, but her humiliation shot into the stratosphere. But lusty feelings had taken control of her, and she felt a strong need to make sure he appreciated her ass.

She shut her eyes tight. Good God! This can't be happening. I'm not really doing this! But there's no touching involved. Plus, I am his naked big-titted mommy, but my ass is just as nice. He needs to know that. He should think of me as his "tits and ass mommy." Mmmm! Yes! While I'm sucking his cock! He can reach out and fondle my ass too!

Darrin took one long look at his mother acting so wanton and sexual, wiggling her bare ass temptingly while up on all fours in her seat, and he simply couldn't take it anymore. He knew he either had to cum or take a serious break.

He stopped stroking Lisa's hair to cover his eyes with his hands. He complained, "Aaaah! Too sexy! Sis, your ass, and Mom's ass... too much! Can't take it anymore!"

He mentally double checked his bodily sensations, and was surprised to realize he didn't have an extreme need to cum. That puzzled him, because he still didn't fully realize how expertly Lisa was managing his arousal levels.

In fact, she was doing some more careful managing at that very moment. Anticipating that he would get supremely horny watching his sister's ass, she dialed her sucking effort way down, cutting out the tongue work and stroking altogether and only sliding her lips up and down a little bit. She'd kept things like that as he checked out his mother's ass too.

He was so new to this sort of experience that everything felt off-the-charts incredible. It was all one big blur. Since he wasn't forced to cum, he decided to rest, so that the erotic joy could keep going and going even longer.

He slumped down in his seat and muttered to Lisa, "Sorry! Gotta... gotta rest!"

Lisa understood. Actually, she was beyond impressed he'd lasted this long, even with her taking it easy on him at strategic times. Most boys his age would have climaxed over and over until their balls were drained dry just from all the other highly arousing things going on.

Thus, she pulled her lips all the way off him and sat back up. She even let go of his cock and balls. She didn't want him to go completely flaccid, but she was ready to take action if she saw that was starting to happen.

He closed his eyes and tried to calm down.

His effort to get calm was way more successful than he'd expected. As soon as his eyes were shut, his body started slipping fast into sleep mode.

It might have seemed that simply sitting there and getting one's dick sucked would take next to no energy at all. But that wasn't true, especially considering the way Lisa and Vicky knew how to suck, even when they were only using half or so of their full oral talents. For starters, riding on the cusp of orgasm for a long time, as he was doing nearly all of the time since Lisa first grasped his penis, was mentally taxing.

This was particularly true for someone like him who had no previous sexual experience with a female before. All of his emotions were supersized, and he was panting, tingling, and sweating with a dangerously racing heart the vast majority of the time. Furthermore, cumming so many times, and almost cumming via the "squeezing the base of his shaft" trick even more times, took a lot out of him.

On top of all that, he was clearly the physically weakest person in the group. The others were all significantly taller and weighed more, and they were in peak physical condition thanks to their strenuous daily exercise regimens. He was fit and of average height for his age, but he was only fifteen, after all. On a typical day, he might be able to run five or six miles without rest, whereas the others could run well over ten, and Lisa might be able to run a marathon. As a result, even though he was the only one to have a very short nap a while ago, he already needed another one.

The sleep urge hit him so fast and hard that it was all he could do to say to the others, "Gotta take a nap. Now. So tired..." He was out like a light after that.

With Darrin clearly starting a serious nap, Lisa felt this would be a good time to give Vicky another status update on the Douglas family. Actually, she wouldn't have that much to tell, since Vicky had been with the group more often than not since the last update. But it was important for both of them to know what had been said in pivotal private conversations. More crucial still was that they strategized to help ensure the sexual transitions continued effectively. So far, things were going way better than expected and far ahead of schedule, but that also meant they needed to "wing it" much more.

Lisa stood up and told Sandy and Jane that she had some things to take care of without mentioning any specifics. After saying her good-byes, she walked away while remaining defiantly naked, since she only planned to see Vicky.

Lisa was a bit worried that Sandy and/or Jane might have a setback of some kind while she was gone and Darrin was sleeping. But such setbacks were par for the course, and factored into the overall plan. The big danger was if one of them had a more drastic regretful rethink. But she was highly doubtful that would happen anymore. She had a gut feeling Sandy and Jane had crossed a line of committing their bodies to Darrin and there was no turning back, even if they hadn't fully consciously realized it yet.

They effectively were his sex slaves already! But neither he nor they had any clue about that yet. There still was a long, rocky road to full, willing enslavement. In fact, that part would be the most difficult hurdle for all three of them to get over, by far.

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