Chapter 29
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With Darrin essentially napping for a while (though he remained awake), Jane and Sandy also felt their energy levels crashing. They both slumped down in their chairs and just tried to rest and recover.

However, they kept their eyes open, because their sweaty naked bodies were so wired from the excitement that sleeping or even just tuning out like Darrin was doing was impossible.

As Jane stared at the ceiling, she thought, What a crazy, crazy day! I don't know what's happened or why. Sure, it's hot as a sauna, and it sucks to have my body drenched in sweat. Maybe it's the heat, or the nudity, or who knows what, but this is practically like a flying orgy, six miles over the Pacific! How wild is that?! Even without getting to suck him, this is literally the most fun I've ever had in my LIFE!

Let's review what we've learned. I thought my brother, well, I love him all up, but I've never thought of him in THAT way. But it turns out he's like the most well-hung super stud of all time! Living just down the hall, and I never knew! Okay, I saw his huge bulge a lot, but I never fully got it.

Seeing and hearing Lisa suck him so long has opened my eyes. Even smelling. It's all so fucking arousing! Seeing a curvaceous, large-framed goddess like her so obsessed with sucking the cock of a kind of scrawny and small mere fifteen year old kid is so improbable that it doesn't seem real. But watching Vicky gobbling his fat knob in the exact same way really brought home that this is happening! Even Mom feels the inescapable pull in a big way, and God knows I feel it too!

I have NO fucking idea what's going to happen next. But consider what Mom just did, displaying her ass like that. She's lost ALL her inhibitions. The sexless woman living a hermit life I thought I knew is dead and gone. This is turning into a sexual free-for-all!

I want to try what Lisa's been having! Yes, I want to suck my brother's cock! There, I said it! I don't know if I want him to actually fuck my pussy, but I can't wait to open my jaw as wide as I can and feel my lips stretching around his bulbous cockhead! I have to try it at least once! I have to know if it's really so great!

I know that's all kinds of fucked up, and God only knows what the long-term consequences are. But worst comes to worst, we could chalk it up to some kind of temporary insanity due to this crazy flight.

She glanced over at her naked mother and saw that she was resting. I have no idea what's come over Mom. But with the way she's behaving, I'm sure she totally wants to suck his cock too! She thinks she's hiding her feelings, but she's all but screamed it from the top of her lungs. Still, she's bound to get all upset if she sees ME doing it. Typical hypocrisy. So I've gotta be sneaky about this and get him alone. Then find out if it really is as great as Lisa and Vicky make it out to be. That's not going to be easy though!

She looked around. It's funny. This little section of the plane has come to kind of feel like home away from home. It's a cramped space, but we make it work. I can't imagine anyone coming here into "our" space, except Vicky of course, but I guess it's possible. And going elsewhere feels scary. But I need to find some private nook amongst all the boxes and cargo.

Meanwhile, Sandy was feeling guilty over showing off her ass so brazenly, getting up on all fours to wiggle her butt cheeks practically right in her son's face. However, her erotic high seemed to be a permanent condition, at least as long as she stayed naked, and even having second thoughts only dampened her lusty mood a little bit.

She thought, Let's not even go there. I can't even bear to think about what I just did, not to mention all the rest! But it is what it is. We've got to get through the rest of this sweaty, hellish ordeal. There's a certain sexual mood in the air. To say the least! I can't shake it. Heck, I can't even stop thinking about sucking my son's cock. Even now, I can picture it so clearly in my mind. I can almost taste it! I can feel my jaw aching and my lips being stretched to their limit as he dominates me and uses my hot, wet mouth for his pleasure!

Wait. Hold it! I can't think like that. The point is, yes, I'm obsessed. I've had an unhealthy cocksucking fixation for months now, thanks to Olivia and her damn videos. Plus seeing my son's cock bulging in his shorts every day, looking so very long and thick and all-around magnificent. It's only natural that he became the object of my obsession today. Actually, that happened months ago, but it got a thousand times worse today with all of Lisa's stroking and sucking, and Vicky's too! I'm literally going out of my mind with the need to SUCK!

But I HAVE to keep a grip. No touching! NO touching! Let Lisa have all the slurpy fun. And Vicky. Heck, the two of them together. Darn, that would be soooo HOT! But the point is, not me! Maintain that "no touching his cock" rule. All I can do is watch. Period!

That put her mind at ease. She decided to reward herself for showing mental resolve by letting a fantasy play out in her head. Not surprisingly, it involved her kneeling naked between her son's legs and blowing him to climax while wearing her new "cocksucking heels." She truly was obsessed. But that put a big smile on her face and kept it there.

After a couple of minutes, Jane turned to Sandy and said with a smile, "Well, Mom, we already knew that he loves a nice pair of big tits. But it looks like he's an ass man too!"

Sandy was still in a very good mood, thanks especially to her latest blowjob daydream, which Jane unwittingly interrupted. If nothing else, her constant nudity kept her so aroused all the time that even now she wasn't seriously questioning what she was doing.

She opened her eyes to make eye contact with her daughter. She joked back, "Ain't that the truth? I ask you to use your ass power on him with great restraint, though. You nearly killed him from too much sexiness! It probably was a lucky thing I intervened!"

Jane giggled, though she also loved the compliment. She figured that she had pushed her brother to the brink of sexual insanity by practically shoving her bare ass into his face, and him seeing Sandy positioned in the exact same way immediately thereafter was like the icing on the cake.

She joked, "I'll be careful. I believe in the great philosopher Spider-Man who said, 'With great asses comes great responsibility.'"

Sandy laughed at that, because she'd watched a couple of the Spider-Man movies on video with her kids and understood the reference.

She thought happily, And with great tits comes even greater responsibility. My big man loves my tits so much! I remember back when that used to bother me. Now I love it, because it makes him erect nearly all the time.

Maybe I need to take responsibility. It's like the Pottery Barn rule: "if you break it, you own it." If I'm the one who gets him erect, I need to suck him back to normal, so he can go about his day without that damn third leg of his leading the way. Mmmm! Yes! Every single time! It would serve me right for being such a big-titted flirt!

Well, nice fantasy, but no. No touching his cock. That's the rule! Remember? Ugh! I hate that. But I'm going to be strong.

When the laughing died down and then a silence stretched out, the mood turned serious. Jane and Sandy felt the need to say something to Lisa and/or each other to try to put all that had happened in perspective. But neither of them knew what to say.

Then Sandy found herself looking up and down Jane's bare legs and hips. If I'm going to be serious about maintaining the "no touching his cock" rule, I need to start doing something about all this nudity. I can't get my robe back, unfortunately. I could ask Lisa to put her robe back on, but it's not really for me to say. Besides, she sucks my big man's cock so very much, and everybody knows the right and proper way to do that is while kneeling naked with only high heels on. Especially special red ones. Phew! What I wouldn't give to be able to wear those!

Anyway, that just leaves Jane. I DO have the power to force her to wear her robe, and it's probably lying on the floor somewhere nearby. Things have gotten too arousing, and that'll help. This is the moment where I can prove I'm serious about drawing some limits!

Sandy's newfound backbone had a lot to do with the fact that Darrin's penis had gone flaccid, he was effectively sleeping, and she couldn't even see him from where she was sitting. She still was fairly horny, but it was a lot easier to be "tough" when she wasn't facing temptation.

She said to Jane, "By the way, what are you doing still naked? I want you to put your robe back on."

Jane was taken aback. She thought they'd left clothes far behind for the rest of the flight. Even Darrin finally had his T-shirt off. She could have understood her mother's demand if Sandy had shown a dramatic change of heart regarding the overall sexual situation, but that didn't appear to be the case at all. For instance, Sandy was making no attempt to cover her privates.

Jane groused, "But Mom! I don't want to. It's hot!"

Sandy said with unexpected firmness, "But I want you to. And I'm your mom."

Jane swiped a hand across her sweaty forehead. "Look! Look how sweaty I am."

"Big deal. I'm sweaty too. So consider that an order. Besides, can't you feel that?"

"Feel what?"

"The breeze. Thank heavens! It looks like Vicky got the pilot to turn those fans on after all. It's not much, at least not yet, but it's something. So all the more reason for you to cover up."


"Sorry, no buts. I'm realizing I let certain things go way too far. There's a new sheriff in town. I can see that the overall situation has heated up. That's okay. I'm not saying things have to go back to how they were before. I realize I was profoundly unhappy until today, and the lack of sexual, well, anything in my life was a big part of that. But if we're going to be serious about maintaining the 'no touching his cock' rule, we have to step up our efforts as the temptation grows."

She gave her daughter a stern look, "And you ARE still serious about keeping that rule, aren't you?"

Jane replied, "Of course!"

"Then what's the problem?"

"Hey, if you're so big on wearing clothes all of a sudden, why don't YOU wear something?"

Sandy shot back, "I would love to put my robe back on too, but nobody will let me!" She looked down at her feet and smiled. She repositioned so one heeled foot was up on a knee. "Besides, I am wearing something: my high heels. Don't they look nice?"

Jane lowered her voice, since she'd gotten the message from Lisa and Vicky that Darrin was not to know about the special nature of their heels. She doubted he could hear them talking over the constant hum of the old plane even if he was paying attention, which he almost certainly wasn't. But she wanted to be on the safe side.

Jane also repositioned to put one of her heeled feet on a knee, so she could better admire her new gift. But she said, "Mom, you know that wearing heels causes your whole body to reposition, thrusting your ass out and your tits out too. Wearing these will make Brother want to see us on our knees in prime sucking position more than ever before. Especially since they have five-inch stilettos. So they don't help to cover up anything in any way."

She went on, "But worse, these are no ordinary heels! You know they have one special purpose, one special meaning: to inspire us to love sucking superior cock! And it's working. As long as these are on my feet, I practically feel like a blowjob queen. If we're REALLY serious about bringing down the heat to help us not violate our cardinal rule, then we should start by taking our heels off right now!"

Sandy looked at her heeled foot up on her knee, and then into her daughter's blue eyes. She said firmly, "That's probably true, but that's not going to happen."

The two of them burst into naughty giggles, which lightened the mood considerably.

Jane said with a smile. "I know. I said that because I knew there was no way you'd want to take them off. I'm so keen on these right now that I'd practically want to sleep in them!"

Sandy smiled back. "Me too! They make me feel sexy and confident."

Jane got serious again. "Then why this insistence on me putting my robe back on?! I don't get it."

"Because we have to do something. If not the heels, then something else. Things keep escalating. We at least need a symbol to show him that we're not turning into hopeless sluts. The robe is highly visible, so he'll get the message easily."

Jane griped, "That's easy for you to say! All that 'messaging' will be on me, while you'll still be able to gallivant around in your birthday suit! You'll be leaning forward and fondling your ridiculously huge breasts making him super horny while Lisa or Vicky slurp on his fat pole. Meanwhile, I'll be sitting to the side in my stupid robe, my breasts all small and covered up. He won't even notice me!"

Sandy sighed. She realized her demand wasn't fair to Jane. But she was feeling a burst of resolve with the situation having cooled down and Darrin resting and flaccid. So she said, "Okay, I can see that seems like a hypocritical demand on my part. But to show you I'm serious and sincere, what about this? I could wear the robe half of the time and you could wear the robe the other half of the time."

She winced, because she didn't want to say what she felt obliged to say. "In fact, maybe we can find where Lisa's robe went to, and one of us could wear that. It has to be around here somewhere. Then we'll both wear robes. It'll be fair."

Jane was upset and torn. She didn't want a situation where she was the only one wearing a robe. But she also didn't want Sandy to wear a robe. She figured that if Sandy did, she would be able to control her lust better, and the entire situation would get less wild and crazy. Jane was loving the wild and crazy.

So she made the snap decision that it was most important to keep her mother nude at all times. That would ensure the sexy fun kept going the rest of the flight. In essence, she had to take one for the team.

She said, "Mom, you wearing a robe isn't going to happen. Remember Brother has total and final say over what you wear. That's a firm rule."

"Well, I don't like that rule." Actually, Sandy loved it, but she couldn't consciously admit that to herself yet.

Jane said, "Well, tough! It's out of your hands. He's not going to let you wear anything for any amount of money, I'm sure of it. He's going to want to play with your huge tits and kiss your sweet lips while someone like Lisa endlessly sucks him off. That's how things are now. You wearing a robe is out of the question!"

Sandy thought that over. She decided that Jane was right, and Darrin was going to "force" her to stay naked. That gave her a secret thrill that she tried to ignore.

Jane interrupted her mother's thoughts to say, "Here's a counter proposal: I'll try to wear the robe, for now. But if it gets hot and uncomfortable, it's coming off, period! And you've gotta let me wear it wide open in front. That'll help me from overheating, plus hopefully Brother won't totally ignore my body. It's bad enough that you have breasts that need their own zip codes! I'm having enough confidence problems as it is, especially with Lisa and Vicky on the scene. Please, don't be cruel."

"Well... okay," Sandy said. "I suppose the main thing is just to make the symbolic point, to show him that we're posting a speed limit on this runaway train. Seeing the robe on your shoulders will make that point, I guess."

"It totally will," Jane responded.

After some more back and forth about it, Jane found her white robe - it had been kicked under her seat- and put it back on. She didn't even tie the sash this time, so it definitely stayed wide open in front.

She was annoyed, but she figured she needed to play along with the idea that she was still on board with the "no touching the cock" rule so she could find a way to sneak off to a private spot with Darrin without her mother getting too suspicious. Besides, she figured the robe wouldn't stay on her shoulders for long, especially after Sandy was mollified that the "symbolic message" had been made.

Sandy and Jane found themselves in a strange situation after that issue was resolved. Both of them felt tired from all their thrilling sexual experiences, and their pussies were sore from countless orgasms. But they felt a lingering arousal and sexual energy that kept them too wired to fall asleep.

Both of them closed their eyes and tried to sleep, but all they did was toss and turn. It didn't help that they had to sit in their seats with limited space to stretch out. However, both of them were able to mentally tune out for a while, at least. That was important, because any person can only go at high intensity for so long.

— — —

Lisa talked to Vicky in private for about twenty minutes. After each of them filled in all the relevant information about what was done and said that the other might have missed, they talked about strategy and planning.

Ultimately, they decided that things were going so swimmingly that they should just stay on course and not try to get too tricky with interventions. The key was to make sure the Douglas family stayed in highly arousing situations. The immediate goal was to get Sandy and Jane to suck Darrin's cock for the first time. Once that happened there truly would be no turning back, because blowjobs had been hyped to such a degree that it was bound to be a fantastic, pivotal experience. Sex is far more about mental attitude than most people realize, and both women were so positively disposed to love sucking Darrin that it was almost certainly due to be a self-fulfilling prophesy.

However, it was vital that the first blowjobs had to come naturally. If either woman felt too pushed or pressured, that would lead to a big setback afterwards. And with Sandy's "no touching his cock" rule firmly established, that was a big obstacle to overcome. That rule was bound to fall before the end of the flight, based on the experiences of past families, but how would it happen? Would it fall soon, or would one or both of the women hold out for many hours? And would it fall gradually, or all at once?

So many things had happened to the Douglases in such a short time that it was easy to forget that the ten-hour flight was still only three hours in. Lisa and Vicky knew they could afford to be patient, especially since the family was so far ahead of schedule.

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