Chapter 30
Written by Spacer X <>

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Lisa came walking back to the two rows where the Douglases were resting with her hands behind her back. She wanted them to wake up, because no sexual transition progress could happen if everyone was sleeping. So, as she got near the rows, she said in a loud voice, "Hey! It's me, Lisa! Is anybody awake? I hope you are, because I've got a special surprise I know you're going to love!"

Darrin was dead asleep in the front row, so he didn't hear that.

However, Sandy and Jane were only lightly resting, and by this time they realized attempts to go to sleep were hopeless. So both of them blearily sat up and opened their eyes.

Seeing their eyes open, Lisa said to them, "I think this is a surprise Darrin would like too. Do you think we should wake him? It's a thing where we have to act fast or the surprise will be gone."

"What is it?" Sandy asked.

"I'm holding it behind my back," Lisa said with a cryptic smile. "But if I tell you, then there's no surprise. So what do you say about Mr. Big Cock here? I'm not family, so it's not my call. Oh, by the way, if it helps you, I've been gone about half an hour." (She exaggerated that slightly to help them make the "right" choice.)

Sandy looked to Jane. "What do you think? I say we wake him. This is a long flight and we'll have plenty of nap time. But this surprise, whatever it is, is a time-limited thing."

Jane just said, "Agreed."

Lisa said, "Then let's do it fast, because this surprise is very time limited. I'd love to wake him with a blowjob... can you imagine the smile on his face?" She chuckled. "But there isn't time this time. I'm sure I'll have other chances later. In the meantime, can one of you do it?"

Jane said to Sandy only semi-jokingly, "Mom, you should wake him by rubbing your huge breasts in his face!"

But Sandy was still in a relatively low arousal mood. So she said, "Janey! Don't be silly. And by the way, where's your robe? Please put it on."

Jane's robe had slid off during her tossing and turning. Sighing petulantly, she pulled it to her shoulders and wore it very loosely.

With time being of the essence, Sandy did the traditional thing, and simply shook Darrin's shoulders gently from where she sat over the seatback behind him. "Son! My big man! Time to get up!"

He started to stir.

Sandy was too embarrassed to take up Jane's tits-in-the-face suggestion, but she wasn't totally unwilling to do something playful along those lines. So she leaned in closer and started licking and nibbling on one of his ears.

That woke him up the rest of the way in a flash, because that was a totally unfamiliar situation for him, and he had no idea who would do that to him.

Within seconds, he was sitting up, and staring wide-eyed from Sandy to Jane to Lisa, and back again. He could only see his mother and sister from the shoulders up at first, due to the seatbacks, so he lurched forward to confirm that they were fully naked, with the semi-exception of Jane's robe. (It actually didn't make much difference, since it was wide open in front, with the sash undone.)

He thought, Jesus H. Christ! They're all naked! It's all true! It all happened! Good God!

He asked, "Who did that to me?"

Sandy raised a hand. "Guilty! You don't like that? How about this, then?" She leaned in again, and this time brought her lips to his face. They shared a French kiss. It wasn't passionate or prolonged, since he was so confused and still in the process of getting fully alert.

However, that didn't matter much, because the main thing was that he realized he was making out with his mother! That hit him like the kind of electric shock that could make one's hair stand on end.

As soon as the kiss ended, Lisa said, "Darrin, I've got a surprise for you all. It's behind my back. I'll just bring it out without further ado, because it's the kind of thing where you have to use it or lose it."

She put her hands in front of her, and in so doing revealed that she was holding four Popsicles. Each one was still wrapped in its glossy paper packaging.

Sandy and Jane felt let down by that. The way Lisa had been so secretive, they thought it would be something more important. Plus, they wanted something very sexual. They could see the enjoyment of eating ice cream in this severe heat, but they would have much preferred something, anything, involving Darrin's stiff cock.

Darrin was still catching up, so he didn't have any expectations in the first place.

Lisa said, "Believe me, this hits the spot. And I've got more for later, so please remind me or Vicky if you ever want some."

"Cool!" Darrin said. He wasn't really focused on sex yet, but he woke up sweaty and the ice cream sounded great to him.

Lisa, still holding the Popsicles, said, "Before I give them to you, I say we eat them standing in the aisle. After resting, I'll bet you'd like to stretch your legs a little bit.

So they all got up and moved into the aisle. Lisa kept a cooler and another big box of supplies on the other side of the aisle, but it was a wider aisle than the typical ones on passenger flights, and there was plenty of room to stretch out or walk around while avoiding Lisa's stuff.

None of the Douglases thought of the Popsicles as a sexual thing, but, in fact, it was a Trojan horse kind of gift, designed to get the family hot and bothered in a hurry (while also providing a cold, refreshing snack). The first clue came when Lisa handed off the Popsicles to the others and then unwrapped her own.

The Popsicle was startlingly phallic in shape. It had a slight barbell shape to it, meaning there was a knob-like shape at both ends that was slightly wider than the long middle section. The Popsicle looked completely professional, with brand names and logos and such on the wrapping, but in fact they were custom made by SI for the families on this flight, because no real companies made food this phallic. It wasn't blatantly overt enough to make the Douglases disbelieve it was a real product, but Lisa was confident they would start to take advantage before long.

The four of them stood in a circle licking their Popsicles, with only Jane's robe and the three women's high heels the only things any of them were wearing. At first, they just enjoyed consuming their white vanilla-flavored bars.

While making small talk, Darrin asked Jane why she was wearing her robe again.

Jane bitterly explained that Sandy "forced" her to wear it, as part of "sending a message" that they all needed to work harder to make sure the "no touching his cock" rule was maintained.

He was secretly disappointed to hear that, but he didn't complain because he didn't want to give the impression that he wanted to help break that rule.

But it wasn't long before Darrin's penis started to engorge. Mostly that was due to the fact that he was standing with three "perfect ten" nude women. His penis had gotten a nice rest while he slept, and it was raring to go again. But it certainly helped that all three women were licking Popsicles. And since they were all working from the top to start, he thought it looked startlingly like they were licking on the cockheads of erect dicks. But he didn't know how to bring that up, or if he should.

Out of the blue, Lisa said, "Oh, shit! I can't lick this. Does anyone else want mine?"

The other three shook their heads no. They were fine with their own Popsicles, since each one was unusually long and thick - just like Darrin's penis when it was erect. (Needless to say, that wasn't a coincidence.)

Sandy paused in her licking, and asked, "What's the problem? Is there something wrong with them?"

Lisa unexpectedly dropped to her knees right in front of Darrin, still holding her Popsicle. As she did so, she responded, "No, they're fine. But there's something else I need to lick! And suck!"

Darrin's dick was still engorging, though it was already over half-hard. Lisa didn't just start licking it - she engulfed it in her mouth! And since it was only about half its usual size, she was able to take all of it in!

One downside of having a cock as big as his is that it's physically impossible for any woman to deep throat unless she has an unusually wide esophagus, because it's too thick to fit down a throat. One rare exception though were times like this, when his penis was partially hard.

So he was shocked beyond belief by her totally unexpected move, especially the novel sensation of feeling his cockhead enter her throat! In fact, he was so very shocked that he dropped his Popsicle and didn't even realize it. It went sailing a surprising distance away, because he let it go while he raised both of his hands to clench the sides of his face.

Tossing away the Popsicle actually was a minor lucky break for him. He would have been embarrassed to keep licking after everyone realized just how phallic the Popsicles were.

As if the whole situation wasn't shocking enough for him already, Lisa's mouth was surprisingly cold, since she had just been licking her Popsicle. Her tongue was especially so. That didn't last long because his warm cock was heating things right up, but still, it was a unique and thrilling first-time experience for him.

Still too shocked to think straight, he blurted out his thoughts, "Lisa! LISA! Hooooly shit! My dick! It went down her throat! She's deep throating me!"

Already, Sandy and Jane were live wires, totally energized and aroused in a flash simply from seeing Lisa drop to her knees and take his cock into her mouth in such dramatic fashion. But his words just about set off a nuclear bomb for them.

Neither Sandy nor Jane had any interest in deep throating. Because the cocks of the boys who moved to Napali were generally too thick to be deep throated, it wasn't part of any SI tradition. Sandy's friend Olivia and Jane's friend Cassie never mentioned deep throating to Sandy and Jane respectively, because it wasn't something they did or something they were supposed to encourage to do.

Still, both mother and daughter had enough general knowledge to know what deep throating was. Since their mindsets were becoming increasingly focused on sucking Darrin's cock, this was great, unexpected news, like finding an unclaimed suitcase containing a million dollars. They actually squealed in delight and very nearly dropped their Popsicles too.

Unfortunately, the deep throating couldn't last very long at all. The fact that it was happening, plus the unusual and highly arousing feel, excited Darrin so much that his already engorging dick engorged even faster. It was dangerous for Lisa to keep it in her throat as it grew. She did her best, but she had to bow to her physical limitations and pull back until it was out of the narrower danger zone.

Still, the deep throating had served its purpose. In less than a minute the whole group had gone from relatively normal to insanely horny. That changed everything, including the way the remaining Popsicles were treated.

And Lisa remained on her knees, vigorously bobbing away. She had insisted the group eat their snacks in the aisle mainly so Sandy and Jane could see her suck Darrin's cock in a new and excitingly different position, and so Darrin could enjoy the same.

It worked like gangbusters for Sandy and Jane. Their hearts raced out of control and they struggled just to breathe. Without knowing what the other woman was doing, they independently chose to take a few steps back, just so they could enjoy the full view of the sex act, from Lisa's high heels all the way up to Darrin's head.

The two busty women were so transfixed by what they saw that they very nearly forgot about the deep throating news, a bit like forgetting the suitcase containing a million dollars after finding another one containing precious gems worth hundreds of times more. They stared and stared in rapture.

At one point, Sandy quietly muttered in awe, "It's so beautiful!"

Jane just barely heard that, and similarly muttered, "It is!"

Knowing that her mother was going to be too distracted to care, Jane took a few seconds to shuck her robe off her shoulders, let it fall to the floor, and kick it away. She immediately felt relief to be wearing absolutely nothing but her special "cocksucking heels."

The sight mother and daughter were staring at was visually arresting, without a doubt. Darrin was a rather scrawny fifteen-year old with unremarkable looks, including generic short brown hair. Whereas Lisa was the largest, tallest, and most Amazonian out of the women interacting with him on the plane. To see her on her knees and sexually serving him with her mouth seemed all backwards, like the strong submitting to the weak. But that helped give the scene taboo power.

Lisa was just as physically stunning from the back as she was from the front. Her bare, heart-shaped ass looked especially appealing with her sexy red high heels directly underneath them. Her back was mostly covered by her long, straight, black hair, but enough skin was showing to make clear she was completely nude and not even wearing something small like a skimpy bikini top. Her breasts were so enormous that one could see plenty of "side-boob" on each side even if standing directly behind her. She still held her Popsicle in one hand, curiously enough, leaving it pointing upwards near one of her sides. Her other hand was up at Darrin's shaft, stroking it in the usual way.

One couldn't see Darrin's cock or her sliding lips from behind, but Lisa was particularly active with her head, not only steadily bobbing it up and down, but also tilting this way and that as she frequently came at his throbbing boner from different angles. As a result, there was absolutely no doubt she was giving him a very energetic blowjob.

But out of all the arousing aspects of the scene, what aroused Sandy most was the symbolic submissiveness. In Sandy's mind, Lisa was submitting herself to Darrin in every possible way! Most crucially, he was standing and she was kneeling. The symbolic importance of that couldn't be overstated. He was doing absolutely nothing but stand there while she was working hard to pleasure him. Then there was the fact that his physical appearance was nothing special, but every aspect of her body was extraordinary. It didn't compute that a stunning goddess like her should submit to him.

Sandy thought, That's my son! Look at him, standing so tall and proud! He's not just making her suck his cock again; he's turning her into his SLUT! (Of course he wasn't making Lisa do anything, but Sandy liked thinking of it in that way.) It's all so INSPIRING!

Already, Sandy was teetering close to a big climax despite just standing there holding her Popsicle.

At the same time, Jane thought, Okay, that's it! If I had ANY lingering doubts that I need to suck Brother's cock - and I didn't - that is SOOOO over! I have GOT to give that a try! In fact, maybe my first time should be in this very position! I know naked and kneeling is that classic, but this is so appealing! She's not merely sucking him; she's SUBMITTING to him! It takes my breath away!

The intensity of Jane's blowjob lust started the day far behind Sandy's. It still was far behind, but it was catching up fast. Jane too felt like she could cum at any time if she would only touch her pussy or clit. Yet she just stood there slack-jawed and holding her Popsicle.

Lisa would have loved to suck at full blast, freely using her many talented techniques in devastating combination. Unfortunately, she knew Darrin wasn't ready for that. In fact, she practically stopped all stimulation caused by her tongue and lips for a while, because she knew the overall situation was arousing him so much that she had to try to compensate yet again. However, she continued to vigorously move her head to give her audience of two a very different impression.

Lisa still had plans for the remaining Popsicles. That's why she didn't just toss hers away too. After a couple of minutes, Darrin calmed down enough for her to afford to get a little more adventurous with his cock. She pulled her lips all the way off his shaft and then brought her Popsicle to her mouth and engulfed it deeply. She bobbed on it several times and lapped on it intently. Then she pulled it out and immediately engulfed his cockhead again.

The effect was the same as when she took him in her mouth at first. Her entire mouth was cold, most especially her lips and her tongue. It was another electric shock, so much so that he yelped and even screamed in surprise.

Sandy and Jane had been struck speechless, but Sandy regained her voice to ask Darrin, "What's going on?! Why are you in agony?!"

He was in no condition to reply. He tilted his head way back and his eyes rolled into his head.

Thankfully, Jane was there to put Sandy's worries to rest. She said, "He's not in distress! I think I figured it out. She's using the Popsicle to get her mouth really cold, then she blows his mind by freezing his cock just after. It's not painful, it's pleasurable!"

Lisa tried to nod vigorously and say "Exactly." But her head was nodding already, and her word came out sounding like a muffled version of "ETTTHAAALEE." Nobody understood her.

Sandy asked, "Son, is it true?! Are you okay?! Does it feel good?!"

His head was still tilted back, his eyes were shut tight, his teeth were clenched, and he was tightly squeezing the sides of Lisa's head like his life depended on it. In other words, he was fighting with all his might not to cum, and barely hanging in there. But he didn't want Sandy or Jane to worry, so he managed to shout to them, "Feels good! Feels great!"

"Wooooowwww!" Sandy was highly impressed. "There are just SO MANY ways to suck a cock! It's so exciting! I've seen Olivia do a lot of things to her son's cock, including use breath mints, but I've never seen her do THAT!"

Sandy was so carried away by the situation that she didn't even realize she'd made a major slip up. Over the last year, Olivia had visited her house many times, frequently when Darrin and/or Jane were there. The cover story was that Olivia was a normal friend and they talked about and did typical things for female friends their age, when in fact, 99 plus percent of the time, they talked in sexually graphic and very arousing terms about Olivia's "problem" of having sex with her son. Darrin and Jane weren't supposed to know that Olivia was committing incest, and Sandy thought she had been very careful to successfully keep that secret. Yet she'd unthinkingly mentioned in passing that Olivia did "a lot of things to her son's cock."

Jane most definitely took notice. She even said, "Mom, you and I are going to have to have a long talk about your friendship with Olivia one of these days!"

But Sandy was still so carried away that she hardly noticed. If it wasn't about the action taking place on Darrin's cock, she didn't care.

Lisa spent another minute bobbing on him in the way she'd been doing that day: relatively restrained, but visually very impressive. She still had to be careful not to make him cum too soon. As she bobbed and licked, her mouth returned to its baseline temperature, causing his cock to do the same. Then she pulled off and repeated the same trick using the Popsicle to get her mouth cold.

The second time, Darrin knew what was coming, so he didn't scream out. But his awareness couldn't eliminate a sharp physical reaction to the shock of her cold mouth surrounding his boner, and especially her cold lips and tongue in contact with it.

He managed to recover enough to open his eyes and even look in the general direction where Sandy and Jane stood, which remained several steps away. He clenched the sides of his own head, as if trying to keep his brain from shattering into pieces. "This is SOOOOO INTENSE! Good GOD! Holy FUCK!"

Sandy chided him, "Son, watch your language!" But then she said in a more exuberant tone, "Is it really that good?! Doesn't it hurt?!"

He was between Lisa's "cold attacks," so he was able to say, "Oh, YEAH! It's great! It DOES hurt, but in a 'hurts so good' way! It's, like, pleasure and pain mixed together. Mostly it's just shock! But that gets every nerve tingling, so when she does her usual thing, everything is, like magnified! Extra sensitive! It's so cool!"

Jane joked, "Literally!"

The next time Lisa pulled her lips off for another "cold attack," before she put her Popsicle in her mouth, she craned her head around to look back at Sandy and Jane and generally see how they were doing. But specifically, she was very interested in seeing if they were taking advantage of the phallic shape of their Popsicles.

She liked the lusty and fiery looks in their eyes, as well as the way their huge tits were heaving up and down on their chests. But she was seeing that they were just holding their Popsicles in their hands like they were some mundane objects like batons. They didn't even have them properly tilted up, so the melting ice cream was dripping to the floor. If they had thought to do something else with their hands, they were liable to drop them altogether.

This wasn't how Lisa thought things would go. She had envisioned their little group standing around in a circle licking their Popsicles at first, then having the women lick and suck them in an overly sexual manner, as well as joke and talk about them, once their phallic nature was openly mentioned. She'd upset this plan on an impulsive whim when she saw Darrin's cock growing stiff and couldn't resist immediately engulfing it into her mouth.

While still looking back at the other two women, she tried to quickly reignite their interest in the Popsicles. She didn't want to spend any more time than necessary with Darrin's raging thickness out of her mouth, especially since she only had one hand to stroke his shaft at the moment. So she just blurted out to them, "Your Popsicles! They're cocks! Lick and suck them like cocks!"

Then she crammed her Popsicle in her mouth so she could proceed with the cold trick again.

Lisa's blunt message couldn't be ignored. Mother and daughter brought the Popsicles they were holding up in front of their own faces while being somewhat surprised to discover they were still holding them at all.

Jane said, "Mom, check it out: they DO totally look like cocks! I noticed it before, kinda, but it's so much more true now!"

A better way she could have explained that would have been to say she had noticed the remarkably phallic shape earlier, but she hadn't been aroused enough to mention it out loud. Now, she was so very aroused that she didn't have any hesitation to talk about it and more.

Since the Popsicles were deliberately designed on the typical size of the erections of boys moving to Napali, they were only somewhat smaller than Darrin's. (He was unusually thick even by Napali standards, which was truly remarkable, though his length was standard.) It had been about five minutes since the Popsicles were first unwrapped, and they had been starting to melt even before that, due to the heat inside the cargo plane.

Had they been normal-sized Popsicles in that heat, they would have largely melted away into a sticky mess already. But because they were so much thicker and even longer than real Popsicles, there was a lot more to melt, and the inner cold helped. But they had melted enough for there to be rivulets dripping down on all sides and threatening to run onto one's hands or leak to the floor.

Jane went on, "Just look! It's like it's soaked in pre-cum and saliva! Do you see that?"

"Oh yeah!" That was another new thing for Sandy to get excited about. She pointed out, "But look at the knob at the top! It's just like his fat knob! And the knob at the bottom can kind of be his balls. The size is about right. And it's so THICK! Just like him!"

"I know!" Jane agreed. "Ohmigod! You know what we have to do!"

They looked to each other, and somehow communicated non-verbally. They didn't try to suck or even lick the Popsicles just yet. Instead, they walked back to where Lisa and Darrin were. They wanted to be a lot closer, for maximum effect. Sandy stood on one side of Lisa and Jane on the other, getting up into Darrin's personal space.

Sandy took the lead. She brought the Popsicle right up to her chin. She spoke huskily, "Son! Thanks to that STUPID rule, I can't actually suck your cock, or even lick it. So sad! But I can do THIS!" She dramatically crammed all of the Popsicle's "cockhead" into her mouth, and then some. She moaned orgasmically. Since it was thick, but significantly less than Darrin's shaft, it was difficult to get it into her mouth, but not an ordeal that could induce tears. So she was able to start plunging it in and out of her mouth right away.

He felt a thrill race up and down his spine to see his own mother do that. But he didn't have time to think, because he knew Jane would immediately want to do something crazily arousing right away too. He looked her way.

Sure enough, as she held the Popsicle close to her mouth, she said, "Ditto what Mom just said! I swear, I'm going to lick and suck a LOT of Popsicles today!" She laughed.

Then she said, "Brother, when you feel Lisa sucking your cock in her super talented way, look to me and imagine that I'm doing it to you! THIS to you!" Then she also dramatically crammed the "cockhead" of the Popsicle all the way into her mouth and began immediately plunging it in and out.

Lisa was delighted. She thought as she sucked, NOW we're cooking with gas! Better late than never. I should have planned that better, but I think it worked out for the best anyway. Good thing the Popsicles didn't melt away yet!

Darrin soon found himself wishing he had no less than three sets of eyes. He mostly wanted to watch Sandy "suck his cock," since his lust for her was strongest, due to him lusting for her since he first started to masturbate years ago, plus her more voluptuous body. But his lust for Jane was a very close second. Since she was three years older than him, she'd been hot and busty for a long time, and his second earliest masturbation fantasy. Also, he didn't want to play favorites and possibly offend anyone by looking at one of them "cocksucking" more than the other.

However, Lisa was doing amazing things with his hard-on. Looking straight down at her from a standing position was a new and amazing sight for him too. Plus, he didn't want to ignore and offend her either, especially when she was the one doing all of the actual real cocksucking work.

Since he didn't have three sets of eyes, he went from ogling one sexy face to another, but in a deliberately equitable way. He would stare at one of them for about a minute before moving on to the next.

A curious pattern soon developed. If he was looking right at, say, Sandy, she would find it extremely exciting to suck on the Popsicle while having all sorts of lusty thoughts and feelings about it. But she couldn't speak any of them for his benefit, due to her mouth being full. Whereas Jane would be far less excited about sucking on her Popsicle, at least until he looked her way and the spotlight fell back on her.

So what transpired was that Jane helped out by saying arousing things based on what Sandy was doing. For instance, she said, "Brother! Look into Mom's eyes as she SUCKS on you! Can't you see the passion there? So much passion! There's a raging fire in her emerald green eyes, because she loves to suck your cock more than she can say! She's your big-titted cocksucking mommy, and she can't get enough of making love to your cock with her hot mouth!"

This continued until he tore his gaze away and looked at Jane.

Then the roles flipped. Sandy pulled her Popsicle out of her mouth and just licked it at the same time Jane resumed deeply sucking on hers. Then Sandy said, "Son, how do your sister's lips feel wrapped around your huge COCK?! Does she have a tight lip-lock there? Is she sucking hard on you? I hope she is! I know she is! Because she has so much passion for you too! I can see it in HER eyes! Can you picture her kneeling right where Lisa is now, tears rolling down her cheeks, just like Lisa! Because I can! She's your big-titted sister SLUT!"

Lisa couldn't really talk, ever, but both women took turns giving the running commentary whenever he was looking down at her. For instance, the next time he focused on Lisa, Sandy said, "My big man, I wish you could have an out-of-body experience right now! You need to stand back where Janey and I were standing. Lisa isn't just the best damn cocksucker on the planet, she looks SO HOT that it'll melt your mind! You just have to see the whole effect of her sucking you, from her red high heels to her mass of bobbing black hair! If you do, you're going to CUM HARD! Cum all over her FACE!"

It went without saying that between Lisa's usual blowjob effort, plus the frequent "cold attacks," plus the new standing position, plus seeing Sandy "suck" his "cock," plus seeing Jane do the same, plus hearing the filthy, passionate sex talk from mother and daughter, plus seeing their massive racks heaving up and down, plus smelling their soaked pussies, plus who knows how many other highly arousing things... he was aroused beyond belief and hardly knew up from down!

Luckily, Lisa was in control. She had to use the squeeze-the-base-to-stave-off-impending-climax trick twice only a few minutes apart. Actually, she was only somewhat in control, because hearing Sandy and Jane talk in such a sexually explicit manner, and about each other or her instead of themselves, was such an unexpected thrill for her that she sucked and stroked his cock with a lot more vigor and talent than she normally would have used to maintain him at a safer arousal level. He really was riding a wild ride.

A big reason Lisa was so excitable was because Darrin was touching her head more often. It was hard for him to be mindful that she liked that with so many insanely arousing things going on at once, but he tried. Perhaps more important though was that he was so close to cumming nearly the entire time that he felt he had to keep his hands at her head to give her quick warning whenever he started to feel his self-control slip away, which could happen at any time.

Although it hadn't been discussed at all, he'd gradually caught on to her use of the squeeze-at-the-base-of-his-shaft trick, and he realized how valuable that was. He figured his penis might have been done for the day without that trick.

One thing Lisa realized was that since Sandy and Jane talked about what they thought the other woman was thinking and feeling, they were much more uninhibited than if they had been talking about themselves. Both of them were still holding back in terms of what they were telling him. Neither one of them had come out yet to overtly tell him something like "I want to suck your cock" or "I'm going to suck your cock," even though they were thinking it all the time. They had to continue to maintain the fig-leaf of wanting to obey the "no touching his cock" rule, so they couldn't say those things about themselves. But they could "speculate" wildly about what the other one was thinking and wanting to do.

Lisa made a mental note that the Douglases might have "invented" something with this "talk about the OTHER one suck his cock" situation that wasn't part of SI's "bag of tricks" to help along the sexual transitions of the families first moving to Napali Island. She could already see herself eventually writing a report encouraging the SI planning staff to add it.

And the fun went on and on! Since the Popsicles were so thick and thus slow to melt, it was easy to keep going as long as there was more of the ice cream bars to suck.

After a while, Lisa stared varying up how she used her Popsicle as a prop. For instance, the spine-tingling jolt of the "cold attack" faded in intensity a little bit each time she did it. But when she directly touched the tip of the Popsicle against the side of his shaft, that was such an electrifying jolt that he yelped out loud. She also would bite off pieces of the ice cream and keep them in her mouth when she engulfed him again, then used her tongue to push the coldness to different parts of the inside of her mouth, constantly keeping him on his toes.

Then, after another ten minutes passed, out of the blue, Jane came up with a clever idea. Instead of continuing with the alternating sucking-by-Popsicle-proxy and sexy commentary, when her next turn to be the focus on Darrin's attention came around, she had bitten off a piece of her Popsicle in her mouth, then she leaned in and gave him a French kiss. She would move that piece around inside his mouth until it melted away, giving him another kind of pleasurable shocking experience. She independently came up with this without seeing that Lisa was doing something very similar below.

Naturally as soon as Sandy saw Jane doing that, she had to do it on her next turn too.

From that point on, Sandy and Jane did a lot more French kissing and a lot less talking, although the sexy talk definitely continued. They loved to kiss him while Lisa blew him even if there was no ice cream involved.

As the Popsicles were licked and sucked smaller and smaller, a surprise was revealed: the Popsicles appeared to be made entirely of hard and icy frozen ice cream, but it turned out the innermost core was made out of much soft, creamier ice cream, also vanilla flavored. It was much like an ice cream version of a Twinkie in that respect.

The "cream filling" had been explicitly designed by SI to symbolically represent cum inside a hard-on, and the women caught on to that meaning right away. In their comments, they had all sorts of fun raving out of the "cum" they were licking up.

Darrin stayed at an exhilaratingly high level of arousal for more than twenty minutes, until all the Popsicles were melted away, and even beyond. The fun finally came to an end when he accidentally tipped over the orgasmic edge and had another almost-climax. Once again, Lisa had to save the day with her squeezing-the-base-of-his-shaft trick.

In theory, the four of them could have kept going still longer. The three women definitely were keen. But those almost-orgasm tricks came with a cost, sapping a lot of his energy and mental strength from him each time. After that third time it was used, he had to cry uncle, saying, "Enough! Too much! God, you're incredible and unstoppable, all of you! But I need to rest!"

He headed to the back row and laid down across all three seats. He closed his eyes, tuned out, and shut down, though he just barely stayed awake. He was practically dead.

The three women remained energized. They realized they'd stumbled onto a fun thing that was about a lot more than just Popsicles. They high-fived and complimented each other copiously, especially about the running commentaries. All of them had to say how they felt the others practically read their minds.

Sandy still clung to the notion that she was going to maintain the "no touching his cock" rule, not knowing that Jane had decided to toss that aside at the first chance she had a crack at her brother alone. For Sandy, the Popsicle scenario was a great breakthrough, because it was a way for her to express her desire to suck Darrin's cock right at him without actually ever touching it, and thus not breaking the rule.

She thought this meant it could strengthen her resolve to uphold the rule, since she could have nearly all the fun and pleasure of hot incestuous oral sex without actually doing it. That might have been true in the short run, but on a deeper level it sent her desire to do the actual deed even higher.

One thing it proved was that she was essentially guaranteed to love sucking his cock. She still had worries that she might not like it, at least not nearly as much as the others. After all, she had toyed around with it during her marriage and basically hated it. But she loved everything about sucking the Popsicle, proving yet again that most of sexual pleasure was a purely mental thing. In her mind, the ice cream bar WAS her son's cock, so the whole experience was highly emotional and arousing. She could hardly imagine how much more intense her feelings were likely to get bobbing on the real thing.

Jane felt very differently, in secret, when it came to the "no touching his cock" rule. But what happened with the Popsicles also convinced her beyond a shadow of a doubt that sucking her brother's cock would be orders of magnitude better than any sex act she'd ever enjoyed with any of her boyfriends. It strengthened her resolve to somehow get him to a private nook and show him just what she could do with her mouth.

The problem was making that happen. She hadn't even scouted out a possible private spot yet. Worse, Darrin had become the undisputed center of attention for the group, so getting to spend time with him away from the others without causing suspicion was going to be very problematic.

While the three women were still raving about the whole Popsicle incident, including Sandy and Jane lavishly praising Lisa for coming up with the idea and the Popsicles in the first place, Vicky came by to check on their group.

That caused a great commotion, as the other three couldn't wait to tell her everything that happened, in great detail.

Even Lisa was highly excitable and enthusiastic, despite all her years of sex slave experience. She was beginning to feel there was something very special about him. The past two years, she had been employed by SI to do this job of guiding one family per year to their new lives in Napali and especially helping their sexual transitions along. That inevitably meant developing a highly sexual relationship with the teenage boys in each family for the two or three weeks she lived with them. She had enjoyed her time with her two previous boys greatly, liking them as people but loving the hot blowjob-centric sex.

But already she could tell her feelings for Darrin were different. She had some kind of special connection to him that she couldn't define. The two other boys had been very nice (they had to be to pass all of SI's psychological tests so their families could qualify), but she liked Darrin a lot more than either of them. More than that, she was developing an intense lust for Darrin's cock. She had a passion for cocksucking that most people in the outside world would have called crazy, but her desire to suck Darrin's cock in particular was even stronger!

She didn't know where this was going. She was afraid to open her heart to make a deep emotional connection with him, because she only got to be with the Douglases for two or three weeks and then she would effectively be out of their lives forever, with them moving to Napali and her going back to the US. But at least she knew she was loving all the time she was spending with him as well as Sandy and Jane, especially when she had his cock in her mouth.

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