Chapter 31
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Vicky had come back wearing some clothes, but even less than the "pornographic" flight attendant uniform she had on last time. She still had her undersized, brimless blue hat pinned to her hair. She also loosely wore a blue handkerchief around the neck. The two accessories were functionally useless, especially in the heat, but they were highly recognizing identifiers that she was a flight attendant. She also had her blue "cocksucker" heels on her feet.

Besides that, the only thing she wore was a thin green sari slung low on her hips, decorated in Indonesian batik patterns. It covered her pussy lips and the strip of blonde bush above, but not much more. It didn't even come down as far as her knees. However, by just barely hiding her pussy and ass, it arguably left her an even more alluring sight than if she was buck naked.

Unfortunately, Darrin wasn't able to enjoy that sight or the three bombshell nude women Vicky was standing with, because he slowly drifted in and out of a light sleep as he continued to lie across all three seats in the back row. Although he was technically awake much of the time, he paid no attention to what the women were talking about, and they spoke like he wasn't there at all.

Eventually, the excitement about telling Vicky all the details about the Popsicles died down.

Jane commented, "It's crazy how everything is coming up big cocks today! What are the odds that the Popsicles would be so long, thick, and phallic shaped? All Popsicles are phallic in a general way, but I've never seen one THAT phallic, and in such a 'size queen' way. I could barely fit the damn thing in my mouth! And then there was the 'cream filling' inside."

She actually had some suspicions that something was going on that she didn't understand, because in retrospect the Popsicles were so sexual that it seemed improbable. But she had no idea what that could mean, especially since the Popsicles were so professionally packaged. It wasn't like something someone could make at home.

Sandy was still too giddy to have suspicions. She smiled from ear to ear. "I really like the 'cream filling' part!"

She thought, That was my favorite! It makes me giddy thinking how much fun it would be to lick up the real thing, straight off my son's fat pole! The only way I could have loved those Popsicles any better was if there was some way that cream filling could have 'ejaculated' into one's mouth when you reached it!

Lisa and Vicky were aware that there was a real danger that one or more of the Douglases could catch on to the fact that they were being manipulated somehow. That could be a very big setback for their overall sexual transformation. The Popsicles were a significant clue. Had they been given out earlier in the flight, before the Douglases had progressed so far sexually, the reaction would have been very different.

The two SI employees were prepared for most any eventuality, including how to answer a question like Jane's.

Vicky said, "Actually, the sexual nature of the Popsicles are not exactly an accident. You can blame me for that. You see, as the sole flight attendant on this flight, I'm in charge a everythin' havin' ta do with pleasin' the passengers, including selectin' n' orderin' all the food n' drinks. We work with this big caterin' company that offers just about everythin' under the sun! Ya know how an ice cream trunk can have hundreds a different kindsa ice cream bars n' whatnot? Well, they've got way more variety than that."

She went on, "So, when I was doin' the plannin' for this year's flight, I noticed one Popsicle that seemed way more sexual than the others. I don't know if it was a jokey thing or what, but when I saw that, I thought, 'I've gotta order that one!'" She giggled. "Since these flights always turn so sexual, what with the nudity n' all."

She pretended to be uncertain. "The big question is, did I do the right thing there? Or was it too much? Maybe next year I should just order the regular kind?"

As expected, Sandy and Jane fell over each other praising Vicky's selection of the Popsicles, and they insisted the same choice should be made next year. Lisa, pretending not to know the real story, also joined in with the praise.

Thus, a potential problem was avoided. Jane's suspicions that something fishy was going on were forgotten, at least for now. However, this sort of problem was bound to come up later, and with a vengeance, because the Douglases WERE being manipulated, and the evidence for that was bound to pile up as the sexual transformation continued. Of course, Lisa and Vicky felt deeply and strongly that the manipulation was entirely altruistic and beneficial, to improve the lives of the Douglases, allowing them to experience a loving and sexual future with each other far better than anything they could have possibly imagined. But it was manipulation regardless.

Vicky changed the subject by saying, "On a different note, the main reason I came back here is 'cos I just love seein' y'all so much!" She smiled from ear to ear. "But, besides that, I wanted ta ask ya about the food situation. Ya see, like I said, I'm in charge of all that kinda thing, and my motto is that 'the customer is always right.' So I'm open ta feedin' y'all as often or as little as ya want."

She continued, "It's a bit of a tricky issue, because a the time change. We left a nine A.M. from L.A., and since this ol' cargo plane flies so slowly, it's a ten-hour flight. So you'd think we'd land in Honolulu at seven P.M., right when it's gettin' dark, but that doesn't take into account the three-hour time change. You're actually arrivin' at four, givin' ya an extra long day."

She then said, "So, I'm wonderin' how y'all want ta do your meals. Lisa told me ya had breakfast before the plane took off, n' I reckon you're startin' ta get a hankerin' for lunch."

Sandy asked, "What time is it? I've lost all track!"

Vicky explained, "I don't know precisely, but it's about 12:30."

Sandy exclaimed, "Is that all?! Unbelievable! That's only been three and a half hours! It feels like three and a half years! Longer! The person I was when I got on this plane is somebody else. I wouldn't even recognize her!"

Jane nodded emphatically. "Same with me! I've changed so much! I totally agree with you Mom that that feels like another lifetime. I feel like I'm having a sexual awakening. I've had more sexual fun in the last three hours than the rest of my life combined!"

Sandy nodded just as emphatically at that. "Me too! And I had a long marriage!"

Vicky and Lisa fully expected these sorts of comments. Every family member felt the same way by this point in the flight, because they were undergoing radical personal transformations, thanks to a pressure cooker situation that had been carefully planned for maximum effect, after months of psychological priming. There always was an incredulous reaction at how little time had passed, because the hours were filled with such intense and non-stop sexual adventures.

Vicky said, "I hear ya. But I'm tellin' ya, that's the time. What that means for lunch is-"

Sandy cut in. "Wait! What does this mean for my son and his big fat cock?! He's cum seven times already! SEVEN!"

In fact it was "only" five, since Lisa had created the false impression that he'd had two more orgasms than he really did. But even five times in one day was a lot for a man, especially given the time of day.

Sandy had very mixed emotions as she said, "This means his blue balls problem is over, for sure, isn't it? Lisa, with your non-stop help, that's not a worry at all since he's so very well taken care of."

"Thank you," Lisa said modestly. "I do my best. Seeing his cock well-tended means a lot to me."

Sandy nodded, then continued, "In fact, we have the exact opposite problem now: how to keep his cock stiff and throbbing with joy? As his mom, I think I have a better sense than anyone about how often he masturbates, and I'd guess he does it about five to seven times a day, pretty much every day."

Lisa loved the fact that Sandy already considered "how to keep his cock stiff and throbbing with joy" a problem she wanted to help with. Lisa was secretly thrilled, knowing that in fact once Sandy was his sex slave, that would be the greatest concern in her daily life, by far. Yet constantly "taking care of it" would be her greatest joy.

Vicky said to Sandy, "Ya realize that's way, way more than normal, right? I'd guess most guys cum once or twice, with some not even that."

Sandy stiffened with pride, even unthinkingly thrusting out her huge tits as she did so. "My son is not just some average guy! Far from it! I think we all can agree after what's happened today that he has a superior horse cock with simply incredible stamina! He cums buckets each time too. So of course it's only normal that he cums many more times than normal!"

The other women all nodded in agreement.

Sandy said, "So, as you can see, he's already at the upper edge of his usual daily limit. And that's only three and a half hours into the flight! We have six and a half hours to go, and then it'll still be only four in the afternoon in Hawaii! His cock is going to run out of cum and energy before long, for sure!"

Jane said, "I'm not so sure about that. I mean, take a look at the four of us standing here in a circle, especially you three."

Sandy said irritably, "Don't give me that 'especially you three' claptrap! Janey, you're just as beautiful as any of us. I hope you know that."

"Thanks, Mom. But regardless, my point is that he's never been in such an exciting and sexual situation as this flight has been for him. Especially with all of your endless oral help, Lisa, and you joining in with that too, Vicky. I'm thinking he could cum some more today. He might even set some kind of personal record."

Sandy blurted out, "Well, I sure do hope so!" Then, realizing how much that revealed her own incestuous lust, she tried to take that back. "Er, uh... What I mean is... I don't mean to imply..."

But after a few seconds, she sighed heavily and changed her tune. "Oh, to hell with it, I DO hope so!" She laughed.

The others smiled and laughed too.

She added, "That's not to say I would ever violate the 'no touching his cock' rule. That has to stay. But what's the harm in looking?"

Vicky nodded approvingly. "For sure! There's no harm. And not only that, but remember what you n' I were talkin' about, how it's good ta help him gain some experience French kissin' n' tit fondlin' n' whatnot, so he'll be ready for those randy n' sexy Napali girls. It doesn't make ya a bad mom if ya end up neckin' with him off n' on for the rest a the flight, while he plays with your naked body. In fact, in my book that makes ya the very best kind of carin' n' responsible momma!"

Sandy bit her lip with worry, because she wasn't so sure about that, now that Darrin was resting out of sight and she had calmed down a lot. Seeing his dick fully erect had a drastic effect on her mindset.

Jane sensed Sandy's worry. She put a hand on her shoulder. "Mom, I totally agree. That's not incest at all, that's just love. It's like if he wanted to play a new sport and you took the time to teach it to him. It's sweet. And sure, you'll get super horny at times, maybe, but that's just an accidental side effect. Don't feel bad about that."

Lisa spoke up. "Those are very wise words, Jane. I couldn't agree more. But anyway, Sandy, what's your point about him having cum seven times already?"

Sandy put her incestuous worries aside, at least for now, and replied, "Well, it's just like I said, we've got a long, long ways to go, and even his penis can only take so much. So maybe we should try to take it a little easier on him. He's hardly been flaccid at all for the last three hours. That can't possibly be sustained. Bringing this back to the whole lunch question, maybe we should eat lunch sooner rather than later. That'll give him some time for his penis to rest and recharge during the meal."

In fact, the last thing Lisa and Vicky wanted to see happen was for Darrin to stay flaccid for an extended period of time. The first half of the flight to Honolulu was always the most pivotal when it came to the sexual transformations of each family. The main driver of change was all the wild sexual action that happened whenever the teen boy was erect. The key to the SI transformation plan was keeping the sexual excitement going non-stop, so nobody had time to stop and clearly think about doubts and worries. Once various thresholds had been crossed and it was clear that there was no turning back, then Darrin could go flaccid for extended periods of time without much danger.

However, the best strategy was to keep that thinking a secret for now. So Lisa nodded and pretended to agree. "Good idea. He deserves a rest, too. Poor guy. I'm sure he's having the time of his life, but at the same time he must feel like he's been hit by a truck."

Vicky said, "I agree too. So I guess that means I should serve ya in the next hour? It'll take me some time ta make the preparations, since the other two families will want ta eat around the same time."

Jane said, "Sounds good to me. Now that you mention it, I'm starting to get a little hungry."

Sandy said, "Same here."

Vicky asked, "But what about the three hour time zone change problem? Do you wanna have two lunches? If ya eat dinner at dinner time in Hawaii, you'll go an extra long time between meals. Another option by the way would be that I could serve ya snacks from time ta time. I've got all sortsa options there."

Jane asked, only half-jokingly, "Are any of them phallic-shaped?"

"Actually, some a them are!" Vicky replied. "Just wait n' see. But, shucks, ya kinda spoiled the surprise."

Sandy smiled at that, then said, "I'm thinking we should try lunch soon and then snacks later. What do you think, Janey?"

Lisa cut in, "Before you answer that and come to a decision, don't you think it would be good to ask Darrin? He must be growing like a weed, at his age. And for a virile, well-hung boy like him, lots of sex will give him a big appetite. He may want to eat more than both of you two combined."

Vicky added, "Not ta mention all the fluid he's losin', what with sweatin' in the heat AND squirtin' so much a his hot, sweet seed on his sexy ladies. He can't drink enough, on a day like this. The more he eats n' drinks today, the more cum he'll be blastin' on some big pair a tits tomorrow!"

Jane, grinning madly, nudged her mother with an elbow. "Then we need to make sure he eats and drinks A LOT? Right, Mom?"

Sandy flashed a toothy smile. "Right!"

Lisa said, "So I'm thinking we should wake him up. I've been keeping an eye on him as he rests from time to time, and he's been tossing and turning the whole time. Clearly, he finds lying across the seats uncomfortable and he never fell asleep in the first place. So would anyone mind if I rouse him so he can join us deciding about the meal times and who knows what else?"

Sandy responded, "I don't mind, but please don't 'rouse him' in that other way you do so well. Things have been going non-stop for so long now, I think we all need to stop and catch our breaths. And we don't want his penis to be tapped out before the flight is even half over."

Actually, the true secret reason why Lisa wanted Darrin to join their conversation had nothing to do with meal planning. Lisa wanted to keep the sexual arousial going non-stop. The mood had cooled down considerably due to the current conversation. Short breaks were okay, and even necessary, since nobody could run full blast forever, but Lisa was starting to worry that the Douglases were cooling down too much. She wanted Darrin's dick stiff again, and soon.

Lisa lied, "I'm with you there. Don't worry, I'm not planning on stroking and sucking him now anyway. Believe it or not, but I could use a break from that sometimes too."

Sandy chuckled. "Heavens! Will wonders never cease? I thought you had superhuman endurance!"

Lisa chuckled too. "I wish. But you'd be surprised. I've had some pretty great sexual relationships over the years. I think you may be surprised that, with a little practice, you can suck on a really big cock like Darrin's for an hour or more, no problem. It doesn't come overnight, but everything improves with lots of practice." She licked her lips ostentatiously.

Sandy's heart went to her throat as her blowjob lust came back in full force. She was left speechless. She brought two fingers to her mouth and unthinkingly sucked on them instead.

Lisa actually had been planning on resuming stroking and then licking Darrin's hard-on as soon as she had him fully alert. But she had to make new plans on the fly since she didn't want to directly go against what Sandy had just told her not to do. Luckily, she could think of lots of other ways to get the group seriously hot and bothered before long.

Lisa went to the back row, all the way to the farthest seat where Darrin's head was. She confirmed that his penis was flaccid, as she'd expected. She crouched her naked body down and tapped on his bare chest until he stirred and opened his eyes.

His eyes got big fast and his smile even bigger as he took in Lisa crouched over him, with her massive G-cups practically sagging down to his bare chest. "Wow! Nice! What a sight to wake up to!"

Lisa smiled at that. She leaned in closer, until her nipples were resting on his chest, and whispered in his ear, "There are even sexier sights for a studly guy like you to wake up to, believe me. But I have to be quick about telling you something. As you know, I'm your slut for as long as you want me. But please don't think about fucking me yet, or even talk about it."

His jaw dropped, due to the mention of that previously forbidden topic. His heart started to race.

"Of course I can't wait to get fucked by you, again and again! That WILL happen, soon! But not yet. Right now, things can only go so far as what your mother will allow. I can tell she'll get freaked out by any sort of fucking talk, much less seeing it. So let's hold our horses on that until she's going to be at least grudgingly okay about it. Agreed?"

He nodded. "Sure." In fact, he was having such a great time with Lisa's shockingly frequent handjob and blowjob action that he'd hardly given any thought of fucking Lisa, except maybe when he had a good view of her pussy, such as when she'd toweled off in front of him. So it was easy for him to agree.

But her comments got him curious, so he asked, "That said, when do you think Mom might be okay with that?"

Lisa glanced back to see if the others were paying attention to her whispering at all. They weren't but that would change soon if they kept on much longer. She told him, "Hard to say. Almost certainly not today. Tomorrow, probably."

"REALLY?! WOW!" That excited him a lot, since fucking Lisa hadn't really been on his agenda at all, due to him living in the moment with almost no forward thinking whatsoever. He'd been close to cumming the vast majority of the flight so far, so he simply hadn't had the time to do any serious thinking at all.

Lisa whispered, "Come on, please get up fast. We don't want them to ask what we've been whispering about. But please remember: no fucking talk, about me or anyone else."

He sat up and stretched his body a little bit. He whispered back, "Sure. But, uh... what about touching a pussy? Is that okay?"

"I'll leave that to you. But you might want to go slow on that. If you do touch a pussy, you might want to keep your fingers on the outside, at least at first. We don't want Sandy especially to have some sort of freak out by you going too far too fast."

He nodded. That sounded reasonable. But he wondered whose pussies she might be talking about exactly. Did she really expect the "no touching his cock" rule to be maintained? Or would she be okay with him getting intimate with his mother and sister, maybe even to the point of fucking them? It wasn't clear. He wanted to ask her, but she stood up and walked back to the others.

He had no choice but to stand up too and go join the group. He made a mental note to try to get more answers from Lisa the next time he could have a private moment with her.

Vicky was the first to react to Darrin joining their circle. She theatrically brought a hand to her forehead like she was on the verge of swooning. "Lord have mercy?! I must be hallucinatin', because it almost looks like our resident stud here has a flaccid pecker!"

He grinned as he stood there with his hands by his sides. "It's true. It happens sometimes."

Lisa went to his side and wrapped an arm around his back. "Here's my guy! I have trouble believing that too. If you do get hard at all though, let me know and I'll be more than happy to stroke, lick, and even suck you some more."

He looked up at her face, since she was much taller than him when they were standing side by side, especially since she was wearing five-inch high heels. "Really?! Lisa, you're far too good to me."

"Shush! I'm your slut! It would be my duty and your honor."

She did a double take as she seemed to remember something important. "Hey! That reminds me! Vicky, I don't think I've had a chance to tell you that he's made me his slut! Oh, and Sandy, now that I think about it, that conversation happened while you were sleeping, so Jane knows but you don't yet, right?"

Sandy was flabbergasted. She pulled the fingers she'd been sucking on out of her mouth and clutched at her chest. She didn't know what the declaration of being a slut meant, but it sounded really hot, and serious. That made her burn with desire and jealousy at the same time.

Before Sandy could figure out what to say, Vicky rushed to Lisa and gave her a big hug. "Congratulations!"

Lisa had to take her arm from Darrin's back to hug back. Since the only significant piece of clothing between them was Vicky's sari, their big tits pressed together, skin to skin, in an extremely titillating manner.

Lisa responded with a quick "Thanks!" but she couldn't say more, because Vicky's lips locked with hers and they started to share a fiery French kiss.

Sandy sighed heavily and covered her eyes with her hands. "Ugh! They're bisexual! I should have known."

There was a long silence as Darrin, Sandy, and Jane watched the kiss and tried to figure out what to make of it. (Sandy was too curious to keep her eyes covered for long.)

Darrin's penis was still flaccid, despite standing with the four most beautiful and sexy women he'd ever known, and all of them naked except for Vicky's hat, handkerchief, and sari. He'd been through a hell of a lot on the flight so far. Cumming five times in three hours was quite a lot, even for him. But as he watched Lisa and Vicky neck, his arousal was rising rapidly.

After about half a minute, Jane commented to Sandy, "They're not necessarily bisexual. We knew they're very sexual women. Some straight women do kiss on the lips sometimes. Maybe they just get really enthusiastic about it."

Just then, Vicky's sari fell to the floor, because Lisa's hands dropped to Vicky's ass and she started fondling it.

Vicky did the same, firmly clenching Lisa's ass cheeks and even kneading them.

All that ass play made both of them groan loudly into each other's mouths. Meanwhile, they seemed to be more overtly rubbing their hefty tits against each other. Thanks to the heat, their bodies had a thin sheen of sweat everywhere causing their tits to slide along easily.

Sandy told Jane with chagrin and some sarcasm, "Yeah, REALLY enthusiastic. Do you still think that's just a friendly kiss?"

"Um..." Jane realized she didn't have much of a defensible position. Besides, she was too horny watching the lesbian kissing and fondling to argue.

Sandy was finding herself powerfully turned on too. Jane at least was in touch with her sexual feelings enough to realize that she could get aroused by beautiful women and lesbian action sometimes. But Sandy had put her sex feelings in deep freeze for the last five years, with only Olivia's intervention in the last year changing that. Sandy hadn't admitted to any bisexual feelings at all, because she'd had the power to repress those feelings in the past. But now, with her sexual desire running rampant in general, her inhibitions were on holiday in general, so she was blindsided by how much watching Lisa and Vicky got her nipples and pussy tingling and her heart thumping.

Still fighting her feelings, she took a few steps to Darrin and put a hand on his back to steady herself and then put a hand over her eyes. She whispered to him, "Please don't look! Your penis needs a rest after Lisa sucking it so much, doesn't it?"

Like Jane a few moments before, all he could say was "Um..." In truth, his penis was starting to engorge a little bit, surprising even him. He was still feeling drowsy from his almost-nap, but that was changing dramatically as his heart started thumping hard too. But it seemed like Sandy genuinely wanted him not to get aroused at the moment and he didn't know what to say about that. He'd missed the conversation where Sandy had talked about the problem of him needing to pace himself so the sexual fun could continue all day long, though more intermittently.

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