Chapter 32
Written by Spacer X <>

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Out of the blue, Lisa and Vicky mutually ended the kissing and broke into just a loose hug. They stayed close enough though for their huge and slightly sweaty racks to continue to lightly rub together.

Vicky said about Lisa's "slut" comment, as if the prolonged kissing interlude hadn't just happened, "So tell me all about it!"

"About Darrin making me his slut?"

"Of course!"

Lisa was about to say more, but Sandy interrupted. She pulled away from Darrin and took a couple of steps towards Lisa and Vicky. "Wait! Wait! You can't just ignore that kiss that just happened! What was that all about?!"

Lisa turned to Sandy in confusion, as if she didn't even understand what Sandy's problem might be. "What? Did that kiss bother you?"

It did bother Sandy, as well as greatly arouse her. She didn't want to be seen as homophobic, so she said, "I didn't bother me, per se, but just... surprised me! Are you two lovers or something?"

Lisa and Vicky chuckled.

Lisa so, "Oh, dear no. I love men. And their cocks. Especially big cocks, like Darrin's. And I most especially love sucking on a really thick one like his. Does that sound like a lesbian to you?"

"Er, no," Sandy said, uncertainly.

Vicky said, "Lisa n' I are good friends. We go way back. Sure, we make out n' more sometimes, what you might call makin' love. But we're mainly straight. I love suckin' on a big fat cock like Darrin's just as much as Lisa does. Don't you know that already from our high heels?"

Sandy looked down Vicky's blue high heels and then at Lisa's red ones, and remembered the elite cocksucker status the colors of those particular heels symbolized. She realized both of them must have sucked cock thousands of times to achieve the high rankings they had. Clearly, they well and truly loved sucking cock.

Seeing that Sandy's worry about the lesbian kissing and fondling had been batted away for the moment, Vicky said, "We can talk more about that later. But first, please can I hear more about this 'slut' news?"

Vicky was still in a loose hug with Lisa, with their tits still pressing together enticingly. She resumed eye contact with Lisa and said, "Please, already! Spill the beans! What happened exactly?!"

Lisa looked to Darrin, and asked him, "Is it okay if I tell her, and your mom, what we talked about?"

"Um, sure." His penis was more than half hard and continuing to stiffen, but for once nobody was looking at his crotch to notice.

Lisa then looked Sandy's way, and asked her, "I hope you won't get upset if I tell you that I'm your son's personal slut now. Does that bother you?"

Sandy frowned. She spread her legs and put her hands on her hips as she gave Lisa a very skeptical look. "What does that mean, exactly?"

Lisa finally broke the hug with Vicky, sort of. Both of them repositioned in place slightly so they were facing the general direction where Darrin, Sandy, and Jane were. But they kept an arm wrapped around each other's backs. Lisa said to Sandy, "Before I try to explain, I think I need to tell you the story of what happened so you can better understand. Can I do that?"

Sandy nodded.

Lisa then explained, "It happened while you were sleeping. I was sort of joking around with Darrin and Jane, while stroking his cock, of course, when Jane struck a sexy pose and teased him, 'Eat your heart out, Brother! You can only wish you'd have a girlfriend as hot as me!' He responded by asking me, 'Since we've gotten intimate and all, is it okay if I call you my girlfriend for now?' Now, I don't know if he was joking or not, but I took him at face value and told him, 'Of course! Call me your "girlfriend" or your "personal cocksucker" or your "sexy slut" or whatever you want! I'm honored!'"

Sandy's mouth hung open. "You didn't!"

"I did. Then I guess we got distracted with other things and didn't get a chance to talk to him about it, but a little later I whispered to him, "Actually, 'girlfriend' is too dignified for me. I'd prefer if you'd call me your slut! Your personal busty slut!"

Sandy exclaimed, "LISA!"

Lisa played the innocent. "What? That's what I said."

Vicky suddenly repositioned so she was facing Lisa again, with their bare racks pressing together again. "Lisa, that's so very excitin'! Congratulations again! I'm so damn thrilled for ya!"

Lisa leaned towards Vicky and Vicky leaned towards her, and they shared another scorching French kiss. Their hands dropped back to each other asses for more sexy fondling.

Sandy put her hand on her forehead and let out a long sigh. She was trying not to get aroused all over again at the kissing, but she wasn't succeeding. Thinking about the "slut" news only got her even more worked up.

Jane reached out and tapped his shoulder to get his attention. "Brother, did she really whisper that part about wanting to be your 'personal busty slut?' Because I missed that."

He replied, "Sure. But... uh... to be honest, I thought that was just sex talk. I didn't know she really meant it! In fact, I pretty much forgot about it, and I haven't mentioned it since. But now she's acting like she really means it!"

Lisa abruptly broke making out with Vicky to look at Darrin and address that. With her body still pressed tightly against Vicky's, she said, "Of course I meant it! I could see now how you might have thought that was just talk, since you don't know me well and it's a pretty shocking thing to say. So it's good that we're having this talk now."

She stared intently into his brown eyes from about five feet away. "Let me be perfectly honest and clear: I meant every word! Darrin, I know I can't be with you long. You'll be starting your new life in Napali in a couple of days and I have to go back home to the US. We'll probably only be together a week or two until I can leave on the next supply plane. But in that time, it would be my honor to be your slut! And not just as a sex talk thing. For real!"

He unwittingly took a step closer and to the side, so he could better look into her dark brown eyes, and without Vicky being so much in the way. His penis had been struggling to get much past half-hard, but it suddenly surged to full size. He asked her, "What does that mean to you, exactly?"

She replied, "Well, the 'personal' part is very important. That means that for the time I'm with you, I'm yours and yours alone. My body belongs to you, exclusively! And before you worry, relax, that's just a one-way street. I certainly don't expect you to be exclusive with me. I wouldn't even want it. You're just starting your true sexual life and just starting to discover the power of your exceptional horse cock. Of course you're going to fuck the mouths and tits of other women, and you've already started with Vicky. I think that's great!"

"You do?!" Suddenly, he was as hot and bothered as if Lisa was actively blowing him, even though his hard-on wasn't being touched at all.

"I do! You've got the kind of cock that big-titted beauties love to drop to their knees for." She made a playful jerky blowjob motion with a hand near her cheek. "You're a natural stud! Of course you're going to have multiple sluts. I'm just honored that I get to be your first!"

Vicky was smiling and hugging Lisa, as if this all made perfect sense to her and wasn't unusual at all.

Sandy and Jane, though, were absolutely floored. They stood side by side with their eyes as big as saucers and their jaws practically on the floor.

Darrin was just as flabbergasted. His stiff cock poked straight out, he was so very aroused.

But Lisa wasn't done. "But being exclusively yours is just part of it. The main part is that I'm here to serve you!" She took her arm from around Vicky's back and held her arms open wide in invitation. "It's rare that I've found a guy I deem worthy of being a slut for. In fact, it's only happened to me three times in my entire life."

(That was true. She was referring to her brother-master, plus the boys she'd helped sexually transform on the journeys to Napali in the last two years.)

She took a step closer to Darrin, leaving Vicky behind. "But you! You! Darrin, you're definitely worthy! I don't know what it is about you. Sure, part of it is your big fat cock." Now that she was standing within easy reach of him, she reached out and took his jutting erection in hand.

Sandy and Jane gasped. They hadn't noticed he was erect at all, since they hadn't been looking his way. But given all that Lisa was saying, and with her flawless voluptuous body right in front of him, they shouldn't have been surprised.

Lisa continued, "I love stroking it, licking it, and especially sucking it! I want to suck it so very, very often!" She added with a coy, shy look, "If you'll let me."

He almost had to snort out a laugh, because it was so ridiculous that he'd turn her down.

"But that's not all." She started stroking his boner, with two fingers rubbing his sweet spot. "There's something about your personality that I really like too. You're a sweet, kind boy, which I love. But I can tell you have a dominant side that's just starting to come out! I love it when a guy TAKES CONTROL! I think you can be that guy, to order me at your whim to strip and drop to my knees to service your fat pole, to humiliate me by seducing my sexy, busty friends, right in front of me, or maybe to pull me across your lap and give me a good spanking when I need it!"

She stepped closer still and wrapped one arm around him while continuing to hold and stroke his hard-on. She pressed her bare G-cups against his bare chest too.

He automatically wrapped both of his arms around her too. But instead of just putting his hands in the middle of her back, as he did before, he was inspired by what he'd seen Lisa and Vicky do to each other, and dropped his hands to her ass cheeks. He gave them a firm squeeze.

She let out a sexy moan, like he'd just made her cum. "See? Look how you're taking charge! You're owning my ass with your hands!"

Thanks to that encouragement, he began aggressively kneading and exploring her ass all over.

She resumed her narrative, "And that's just for starters! There's so much we can do. So many different ways I can't wait to go wild all over your cock! I've said that my time with you will be so short, but we can have quality over quantity. How does that sound to you? Since I wasn't clear before, now that you know I'm serious, will you please let me be your slut?!"

Her hand stroked faster and faster back and forth over his throbbing erection.

His conscious mind had all but shut down, he was so overwhelmed by Lisa's passionate words. But he retained enough sense to reply, "YES! Hell, yes! I love it! Lisa, you're the greatest!"

"UNNNNGGH!" Her moan was obscenely orgasmic, like he'd made her cum hard on the spot just from saying that.

She dropped to her knees, took his hard-on in her mouth, and started to suck!

Actually, she hadn't meant to do that. It wasn't that many minutes ago when Sandy had explicitly asked her not to do that sort of thing. Her plan was to get Darrin erect and aroused, and then find clever ways to get him interacting with his mother and sister in highly erotic ways, even if they still stuck to the "no touching" rule.

But then he had mentioned "Lisa, you're far too good to me," and she had replied without thinking, "Shush! I'm your slut!" From there, the conversation took a dramatic turn and then events seemed to have a momentum of their own. She had decided that by showing Sandy and Jane the example of how she liked to behave as a slut, their submissive natures would be thrilled beyond belief and they would start to think in the exact same terms of how they would behave if they were Darrin's slut. That would be a key stepping stone on the way to full willing sexual slavery. It was a common SI technique during these yearly Napali flights.

This new on-the-fly plan was working in spades. Sandy and Jane were breathless and about as insanely horny as they could get. Sandy forgot all about any objection she might have had to Lisa sucking him some more, because she thought Lisa's oral expression of her passion for him was just about the most inspirational thing she'd ever seen.

Lisa's behavior was convincing because it was entirely sincere. True, she was part of a sneaky manipulation of the Douglas family, but her motives were pure, to help them find their incestuous bliss, and the full truth would be revealed over the next few days. Anyone who didn't want to take part could get on the next plane home at any time.

It was true that, in normal circumstances, Lisa would never have declared herself someone's slut after knowing them for such a short time. She had only seriously gotten to directly know him since she'd arrived at the Douglas house in Missouri one week ago to start helping them with their move. But due to the secret SI planning and scheming, she'd known all about him for months prior to that, and she really did feel a special something for him. Her problem wasn't trying to fake feelings for him, it was knowing that she'd have to leave him in a week or two.

Sandy and Jane were panting hard, sweating and tingling, with their huge tits heaving on their chests. After about a minute, Lisa started leaking tears from her eyes, and that took their desire to be in her place to san even higher level. Both of them started fondling their tits and even their pussies without any thought of who might see, because their bodies demanded it.

Then Jane broke the lack of anyone speaking by saying, "Mom! What we're seeing just... can't be! I can't believe my lying eyes! Lisa is so gorgeous! She's ridiculously gorgeous even, just like you! She shouldn't fall for any mere fifteen-year old guy in any case, on any planet in the universe! And yet she wants to be his slut! And she means it!"

Sandy was even more winded that Jane, and had trouble replying. "I know! ... Too hot! ... Crazy! ... I don't understand! ... But... but... HNNGGG! ... HOT!"

Vicky had been lingering back, happy to just watch. Since she had the same sex slave mindset as Lisa, seeing her slut declaration was extremely emotional and inspirational to her, nearly bringing tears to her eyes. It vividly brought fond and powerful memories when she'd first told her brother she wanted to be his slut. But she felt like there was nobody else to respond to Sandy's and Jane's puzzlement.

She stepped forward and put a hand on Lisa's constantly bobbing head. It wasn't moving nearly as much as it had been a minute earlier.

Lisa was faced with the same problem she'd had all day, that at the most exciting times Darrin got too excited and she had to dial back her efforts considerably. Already, her blowjob had slowed to a crawl. Still, she was putting on a good show.

Vicky said, "Sandy, Jane, I reckon I can answer your question, since I see a question hidin' in there. You're right that what you're seein' makes no sense on the surface. But lust n' love know no logic or no bounds. Anybody can fall in love with anybody else, even family members. Sometimes, you've just gotta go with it, even if it's totally humilatin' ta submit ta someone else who might not seem worthy in a conventional sense."

She wasn't exactly being subtle in talking more about Sandy and Jane than Lisa. The two women didn't consciously realize it, but the words sunk in on a subconscious level.

Vicky went on, "Isn't there somethin' extra thrilln' from seein' a sight like this? Lisa must be at least six inches taller than him, even without her heels, and she outweighs him by at least fifty pounds, I'll bet. If it came to a fight, she'd kick his ass! But that doesn't matter, 'cos look! He's tamed her with his big cock! All she wants ta do is suck n' serve!"

She ran her hands through Lisa's long black hair to make sure she had her attention. Then she said to her, "Lisa, isn't that true? Aren't you overcome with the desire ta serve your guy? Especially with your mouth?!"

"MMMM!" Lisa passionately replied, clearly in the affirmative.

Vicky kept on stroking and even patting Lisa's head. "You could be on the cover of a fashion magazine, or the star of a centerfold spread. Ya could have any man you want! But that doesn't matter, because your heart now belongs ta a mere teen boy! He's the only one who knows how ta make your heart soar n' sing from the pure joy a slidin' your lips back n' forth over his incredible thickness! It's humilatin', sure, but so what? So be it! You're happy, he's happy, it's all good! Let the haters hate! Anytime he snaps his fingers for ya ta start suckin', you'll be there! Am I right?!"

"MMMM! MMMM! MMMM! MMMM!" Lisa frantically shook her head in agreement as best she could, given the way her mouth was crammed to the brim with hot cock.

Vicky looked back to Sandy and Jane. "There! Does that answer your question?"

Mother and daughter were speechless, absolutely speechless. Somehow, Sandy managed a nod.

Sandy thought, GOOD GOD! It's SO HARD to maintain that damn "no touching his cock" rule! I HATE that rule! This may sound awful, but I almost wish he was adopted so I could still be his loving mother and yet get to suck his cock without it being incest! If only! If only, if only, if only! I wouldn't want to just suck him one or twice, I would want to be his SLUT! Just like her!

Look at her! Tears of joy flowing down her face! Such PASSION! My passion would be even greater because I'm his mom! Son, I wish I could love you with my mouth! I'd even let you fuck it! Fuck my face! Except, no. I wouldn't let you, you'd just TAKE! Vicky's right. You're becoming so confident! So dominant! I know it looks strange that Lisa would slut herself for you, but it makes perfect sense to me, because you're effortlessly taking control! She has no choice!

In actual fact, Darrin hadn't acted very domineering at all so far. He had shown some promising signs, and Lisa was genuinely impressed, but it was more about his future potential. But Sandy was looking at him through rose-colored glasses so rosy red that it was a wonder she could see at all.

Jane was having very similar thoughts at the same time. But what she was seeing and hearing was much more shocking to her. Olivia had psychologically primed Sandy for months and months. For instance, having Lisa declare herself to be Darrin's slut was rather tame language compared to the way Olivia talked about her submission to her son. Whereas Cassie, the secret SI confederate who had befriended Jane, hadn't gone very far with that sort of language or theme because she had encountered resistance from Jane and her directive was not to be too pushy.

So what Jane was seeing was a profound revelation. She'd been increasingly drawn to Internet porn with submissive (and incestuous) themes in recent months, actually preferring them to her dates with her boyfriends. But she had thought those stories were generally far-fetched fantasies, but she was now watching that type of story play out right in front of her own eyes.

Both Sandy and Jane felt a growing fear as they independently imagined what it would be like to be Darrin's slut. It was scary to contemplate losing control to someone else, and extra humiliating to lose it to a family member only his age and size. But that was a big part of what gave their lusty desires such a powerful kick.

Even with Lisa doing all she could to try to manage and limit his arousal level, the overall situation was so highly arousing that his need to cum kept steadily rising no matter what she did. He had gone from never even so much as intimately kissing any girl in his life to having one of the most utterly stunning women he'd even seen in real life or even on TV pledge to be his personal slut, all in the course of one day! He frantically clenched his PC muscle to prolong the joy, but it was a losing battle, and he knew it.

He tried not to think, look, smell, or hear what was going on. But his thoughts kept going back to Lisa's dramatic slut declaration, and there was no way he could turn off his senses. His hands had wound up on Lisa's head, clutching it like his life depended on it. Thus, he couldn't cover his eyes.

That would have been okay except he also couldn't resist the temptation of taking a peek at the others from time to time. Just glancing at Vicky, Jane, or Sandy in their glorious total nudity (not counting Vicky's sexy flight attendant handkerchief and hat) was a total mind blower. But Sandy and Jane were standing almost shoulder to shoulder, and seeing them wantonly masturbating at the same time was driving him to insanity.

He valiantly held out for several minutes until he saw Sandy and Jane so overcome by lust that they grew so weak in the knees they had to drop to kneeling positions, both of them at once. The overwhelming desire on their panting faces, the need to suck his cock, was a sight that would stick in his mind forever. That was the final straw. He let out a feral yell as he started to shoot.

Except that he didn't! Once again, Lisa used her special squeeze-the-base-of-his-shaft trick to frustrate his orgasm right as it was about to begin. He actually shot out two ropes, but that was all.

His yell turned into more of a strangled cry, because his urge to cum was so great and he couldn't do it. He moaned and groaned and suffered fairly badly, but it was all to no avail.

Lisa felt bad that she was frustrating his urge to cum like this. Normally, after seeing that sort of reaction from him, she would have relented and stopped her squeezing trick. But she knew the math. True, he'd only climaxed five times, not seven as Sandy and Jane thought, but five was quite a lot considering all the sexual adventures she wanted to see him experience before going to sleep at night. She felt she had no choice.

The crisis passed and his urge to cum faded away. But he was left so wiped out from the close call that it was just a struggle for him to remain standing.

Lisa saw that and pulled her lips from his boner, which was feeling overly sensitive at the time anyway. She looked up at him and said, "Poor thing! Sorry about that. Let's get you to where you can sit down."

She waved a hand to Vicky. "Hey, Vic! Help me get him to the cooler."

The cooler Lisa used to store water bottles and some other supplies was only a few feet behind him, on the far side of the wide aisle. Vicky held his hand so he could shuffle backwards to it while Lisa continued to stroke his cock. It was like she couldn't let go, she was so hot for him after all that had happened.

The cooler was a good height for him to sit down in comfort. Since it was up against a wall, he leaned back against it. He let out a long contented sigh of relief, because he was able to slump down and let his body turn to jelly.

Lisa immediately engulfed his cockhead again, and held his shaft as well. But, knowing how emotionally and physically wiped out he was feeling, she had mercy on him and barely moved her mouth or hands at all. Mostly, she just loved the feeling of his thick cock filling her mouth and stretching her lips until they hurt. She did the bare minimum amount of stimulation to make sure he stayed erect, but that was all.

Sandy and Jane both had experienced a series of orgasms that had driven them to their knees and kept on going. With the excitement at Darrin's crotch effectively over for a while, their minds and bodies started to crash. They were so tired that they simply laid down right where they were, sprawling out right in the middle of the aisle. Luckily, the floor was very clean and newly vacuumed for this flight, but they were so dead that they pretty much had no choice.

Vicky saw Darrin staring with his mouth agape, like he'd just seen through all space and time. She sat down on the cooler, since it was just big enough for a cozy two, and wrapped an arm around him.

She waited another minute or two, until he appeared to more or less come back to the living. She whispered in his ear, "Hey, Stud. I'll bet you're wonderin' why Lisa didn't let you cum."

He nodded. He even gathered his wits and looked into her baby blue eyes.

"That's because she wants you to have the best day of your life. Not just for the mornin', but all day long. Since you've cum a bunch of times, we've gotta be super careful that you don't cum a bunch more, or you'll be plum outta cum. You see the problem there?"

He nodded. Then he quickly added, "Yeah, I guess." He was unenthusiastic and tired.

She patted his back. "Believe me, she knows what she's doin'. Put your trust in her hands n' your cock in her mouth. Oh, wait. You're already doin' that!" She chuckled at that, especially since Lisa still had his cockhead in her mouth, though she still wasn't doing anything with it.

He muttered, "Good idea. Thanks."

She whispered extra quietly, "Please don't mention her little trick to stop ya from cummin' to your mom or sister though. There's no harm in them thinkin' that you're cummin' more than ya do. Then they'll be impressed at ya. Oh, and they'll be really, really hot to trot."

He nodded slightly towards where Sandy and Jane were sprawled out on the floor. "They WILL be really hot to trot? I think they're already there!"

Vicky chuckled. "True! My, don't they look like the sexiest creatures in creation, all sprawled out like that? So sweaty, cummy, n' bedraggled, but I think they look even sexier that way. Kinda animalistic. Ya know what I mean?"

"I sure do!"

His gaze lingered on his mother and sister, only a few feet away. He thought, GOD, they're fucking hot! She's exactly right. They look like they just got fucked to death, and it's the sexiest thing I've ever seen! Well, not counting everything else I've seen today. He laughed silently to himself. For instance, just look at Mom's boobs. Even when she's lying down, they STILL look huge! And Jane. She's just as sexy as Mom. Well, at least as much as Lisa, and that's totally right up there with Mom.

Vicky continued to sit next to Darrin with her arm around him. She deliberately didn't say anything about Lisa's slut declaration even though she wanted to, because she sensed he was really frazzled and what he wanted most of all was some time to chill out.

As the minutes passed, Lisa started getting more active with her lips and tongue on his rigid pole, but it was more like she was gently suckling on it. That fit his mood nicely. He certainly enjoyed feeling an erotic buzz from what she was doing, but he wasn't ready to ride the wild roller coaster of hanging dangerously close to the edge of orgasm. That took more mental and physical energy than he had to give at the moment.

After a while, Sandy and Jane started to stir, both around the same time.

Jane was the first to manage to sit up and look around. Naturally, her interest went straight to what Lisa was doing to Darrin. From her visual perspective, she couldn't tell that Lisa wasn't hardly doing anything to his cock. She noticed Lisa's head wasn't really moving, but figured that just meant Lisa was using different techniques that were more about delicate tongue work.

She thought, Sheesh! Okay, I give up. I can't compete with Lisa. Nobody can! Her dedication and determination to suck his cock is beyond belief! How does she do it?! If she's determined to prove that she's serious about being his slut, consider me convinced several times over already. Wow!

Jane crawled over towards the cooler and sat down on the floor with her back up against the same wall the cooler was up against. She was content just to silently sit there for a while as she slowly regained her energy.

Pretty much the same series of events happened to Sandy. While she sat up and stared at Lisa's head in her son's crotch, she thought, Lisa's basically broken me! I've been broken like a wild horse gets broken! Seeing her suck my big man's cock SO MUCH, basically this entire flight, has whittled my resistance down to the barest nub. It's all so tempting! I'm trying to stick to the "no touching his cock" rule, I really am, but it's soooooo hard! I don't know if I'll be able to hold out. I want to feel my lips stretched around his shaft and my tongue lapping on his sweet cock-meat more than anything else in my life!

And then she had to go off on that "slut" talk. UGH! She really has broken me with that! Oh God! Now I want that too! I don't just want to suck it once or twice to see what it's like, I want to be his slut too! His exclusive slut, while he gets to fuck around. That sounds SO WRONG, but it makes me too horny for me to think straight!

I have to get my act together. Be strong! I MUST resist! Incest is WRONG!

Like Jane, she also crawled to the cooler, but since she was second to do so she wound up on the other side of it, with Vicky between her and the action at Darrin's crotch.

Darrin couldn't believe he got to watch first Jane and then Sandy naked and crawling on all fours. Even though it was just for a few seconds, the visual was burned into his memory forever.

Neither Sandy nor Jane said a word about Lisa's slut revelation. In their current condition, it was too arousing to even think about. They would have to come back to it later, when they were in better condition. They didn't look much at Darrin's crotch either, since that was almost too arousing to bear too. But they stayed close, knowing they'd want to be near the action before too long.

Time passed. Bit by bit, everyone in the group started to feel better and more lively.

Sandy found herself staring at Vicky's blue high heels, since she was sitting on the floor with Vicky on the cooler right next to her. That reminded her of all she'd learned about "cocksucker heels" and the unnamed secret society behind it. That was one more thing breaking her willpower.

She thought back to Olivia, and she remembered again how Olivia had always worn the exact same pair of orange high heels whenever she had any kind of sex with her son, except for a few locations like a bed or the shower. Orange was such an unusual color that Sandy was convinced that Olivia had to be a ranked member of that secret society.

She tapped Vicky's leg, and then whispered, "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure," Vicky whispered back.

"When it comes to special heels, sucking heels, what color does orange mean? Is that as good as blue or red?"

Vicky whispered, "Whatever makes ya think ta ask that?"

After a pause, Sandy reluctantly admitted, "I have a friend back in Missouri... the only friend I was able to discuss explicit sexual matters with. I probably shouldn't tell this to anyone, but... she has a lover, a teenage lover, and she likes to suck his cock a lot. Whenever she does, she wears the same orange high heels. I'm thinking she must be part of the same group you're in."

Vicky knew right away Sandy was talking about Olivia, since the SI world is a small world of only a few hundred people and Vicky knew all about Olivia's role in the SI team working to help transform the Douglases.

But Vicky played dumb, and just said, "Ya know I can't tell ya anythin' 'bout that group at all, not until you've moved up the rankin' some. ... That said, I'll make a special exception just this time, just for ya." She flashed a toothy smile.

Sandy smiled back in thanks.

"First off, note that there's no logical pattern ta the colors. They don't move in orderly fashion like a rainbow, or that would pretty much give the whole game away. Your friend... is she exceptionally busty n' beautiful?"

"Very much so," Sandy replied. "I'd guess she wears the same bra size as you, but she's a little shorter."

"Hmmm. Then she's probably a member then. Remember that only the very most sexy n' gorgeous women qualify. But there's a growin' trend all over where more n' more women are rethinkin' old ideas about sex n' discoverin' a special joy from becomin' expert cocksuckers. So, yeah. If she is a member, she's really good. Orange isn't as high as red or blue, but it's up there."

Sandy said, "Thanks for telling me that."

"It's all right. But mum's the word."

"Right. Can I ask you one or two more questions about your heels, though?"

Just then, there was a scream. It was a distant scream, but it was fairly prolonged. No words could be heard since one had to listen carefully to hear it at all, but the voice clearly sounded female.

Sandy sat up stiffly. "What was that?! A scream! I think I heard a woman screaming!"

Jane also perked up. "I heard it too!"

The distant scream problem had come up earlier, between Jane and Lisa while Sandy was sleeping. Lisa had managed to dismiss Jane's concerns. The secret truth was that virtually all such screams were the sounds of mothers and daughters yelling their way through particularly powerful orgasms. (The teenage boys tended to be a lot less vocal, and with less high and piercing voices.) It was a problem that came up on every yearly flight to Napali, and tended to become more frequent as the flights went on and the sexual activity got more intense.

The truth had to come out eventually, but Lisa and Vicky wanted to delay that as much as possible, so the Douglases wouldn't give any thought to the other families having sex. Such thoughts often led to questions that were difficult to answer without revealing too much too soon about the overall secret sexual transformation plan.

Vicky had a plausible excuse she could use at least for a while, so she decided to use it. She stood up. "Oops! I'd better get goin'! Someone's callin' for me."

"They are?" Jane asked quizzically.

"Remember, I'm the only attendant n' there are no fancy call buttons since this is a cargo plane, after all. The only way ta get my attention is ta get loud. There's this one mother who's very demandin'. When I don't come right away, she keep yellin' louder n' louder until I do. So I've gotta hustle. But I'll see y'all later, okay?"

The Douglases nodded and said their good-byes. That explanation sounded plausible.

As Vicky stood next to Darrin, ready to leave, she gave a sad look at his erection, with Lisa's mouth covering his cockhead and another inch or two. She reached out and touched his shaft. "Oh, shoot! I was all plannin' on doin' some serious suckin'. But now I have ta go n' I hardly even had a chance ta touch it."

Lisa thoughtfully let go of his shaft altogether.

Vicky wrapped her fingers around it and pumped it slowly and tightly a few times. "Darnation! I always say 'you snooze, you lose,' and now I'm doin' the snoozin' n' losin'." She looked from his crotch into his eyes. "Stud, next time I come by, I'm thinkin' Lisa n' I might lick n' suck ya together. Would you like that?"

"WHOA! I would LOVE it!"

Vicky let go, causing Lisa to bring her hand back. Vicky smiled widely. "Great! It's a date, then! See ya!"

Vicky then quickly hurried off out of sight, taking the dropped sari with her. She didn't want to go, but she decided the scream was a good thing because she was spending too much time with the Douglases (again) and not enough with the two other families.

He thought, Did that just really happen?! Both of them on my dick at once?! It shouldn't surprise me at this point, nothing should. But it does. Boy, I swear, I must be in Heaven, or a brain in a vat, or in some alternate porno-verse, or something. This can't be real!

Vicky's questions about serving lunch were never fully answered, since the whole group got heavily distracted as soon as Darrin stirred and got up. But Vicky figured it was an easy call to start work on getting the Douglases and the other two families lunch soon. As for a possible second lunch or snacks later, that could be worked out later.

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