Chapter 33
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With Vicky gone, Darrin scooted to the middle of the cooler so he'd be equidistant from Sandy and Jane. He didn't want to play favorites and possibly offend.

They leaned against the cooler from either side, usually with their elbows on the top. They had to crane up to look at his face, but they had a great vantage point to watch Lisa's action at his crotch.

Lisa pulled her lips off his shaft. She was still doing very little to it, and more was just enjoying the sensation of having his cock in her mouth. After her slut declaration, she felt even more like his secret sex slave (though only temporarily), so just having his thickness in her mouth made her feel really good.

However, she figured it was more important that she put on a good performance for Sandy and Jane to help break their resistance to the "no touching his cock" rule once and for all, and there was almost nothing to see. By pulling off and then licking and stroking him instead, she could provide exciting visuals while also keeping it easy on him for a while, relatively speaking.

Sandy was clearly enjoying what she was seeing, but she sighed heavily, and said, "How did things come to this? When I woke up this morning, I was some other person. I don't regret what's happened, at least not now. I have to admit that these last three hours have been the best times of my life, even with all the moral worry and near constant humiliation. But I wonder if I will have regrets later, when I finally calm down and think clearly."

Darrin spoke to reassure her, even though he wasn't being completely sincere. "Don't worry, Mom. I know what's happened since we got on this plane has been shocking for you. It's shocked all of us. All this nudity is making us kind of a crazy. But remember this is just a temporary thing. Soon, we'll get to the island and everything will change. I'll probably get a girlfriend soon-"

Jane interrupted, because she couldn't resist. "Actually, I'm glad you mentioned that, because I want to ask Lisa something about that. Lisa, can I ask you a question, or are you too busy slurping on my brother's massive cock?"

Lisa replied with a naughty smirk. "Both! You can ask, and I'll answer, but of course I'm going to keep on slurping away on said massive cock. It's too delicious to resist!" She gave his long shaft a few especially theatrical slurps.

Jane giggled good-naturedly while she watched that from only about two feet away. "I figured you'd say that. Anyway, my question is, a while back, you were talking to Mom and kind of praising how big Brother's horse cock is, and then you said, and I quote, 'I'll bet he's going to have THREE girlfriends.' It's been over an hour or more since then, I'd guess, and so much has happened that it's crazy, but that comment stuck out at me, especially the way you strongly emphasized the word 'three.' As if two wouldn't have been remarkable enough already, but four wasn't a possibility! What did you mean by that?"

Sandy also was very keen to hear Lisa's answer to Jane's question. She had made a mental note about the strangeness of that "three girlfriends" comment at the time it had happened too, although it had slipped her mind since due to all the other exciting things that had occurred since.

Lisa stopped her licking, but not her stroking, and made eye contact with each of the others in turn. "Are you sure you really want to know? I mean... there are some aspects to Napali life that are kind of... unusual."

Naturally, that only increased the curiosity of the others, as intended. They all spoke up at once, indicating they definitely wanted to know.

Lisa nodded. "Get comfortable then, because I have a rather long-winded explanation to give you."

The others stayed where they were, because they were plenty comfortable, but Lisa made an important repositioning. She remained on her knees between Darrin's legs, but she sat up higher and encased his shaft in her deep cleavage.

That caused the other three to all gasp in shock.

A thrilled Sandy practically screamed, TITFUCK! But she managed to hold back just enough to only scream it in her mind. She asked Lisa breathlessly, "Just what do you think you're doing?!"

Lisa smirked triumphantly. "Isn't it obvious?" She kept her huge tits still for the moment, but leaned down and licked the top of his cockhead. "Everybody knows what this is called. It's a 'titfuck.'"

Sandy was practically speechless. She thought she'd been plenty hot already from watching Lisa stroke, lick, and/or suck, but this doubled the erotic heat in her body yet again.

It was a double whammy, because not only was she witnessing a titfuck begin, but Lisa immediately got busy licking his cockhead at the same time. Olivia licked or sucked her son's knob nearly any time she titfucked him unless she did it in an unusual position, so that combo had an extra emotional and arousing impact on Sandy.

At the same time, Sandy felt bitterly disappointed and she didn't know why. She couldn't consciously admit it to herself yet, but she was secretly disappointed she couldn't be her son's first titfuck. She believed her I-cups were the perfect tits for the job.

Her tummy was doing more backflips, but she found the words to say, "I know the name for it; everybody does! But why are you doing it!?"

Lisa stopped licking so she could alternately look at Sandy and then over at Jane as she responded. "Because I'm a good slut! Now that I'm his official slut, if only for a short time, I have to do my best to serve his cock with my body. Varying things up to keep him on his toes is essential. To get really good at pleasuring a big fat cock like this one is a special skill, like becoming an expert painter or chess player. You could spend your entire life trying to get better, and there will still be things to learn. That's why I believe in wearing high heels, for instance. Especially these high heels."

Both Sandy and Jane caught that veiled reference to Lisa's "red heeled sucker" elite status, though Darrin stayed oblivious.

Lisa finished dramatically, "As long as I'm Darrin's slut, I strive to be an expert in pleasuring his superior cock!"

That wowed Sandy and Jane. Sandy especially was very taken with that idea. Except she was thinking of what it would be like to be an expert in pleasuring Darrin's "superior" cock and not any other.

Darrin thought, This CAN'T be happening! I can't possibly be this fortunate, can I? I'm starting to go back to my theory that this simply can't be real life. But what is it then?! It's way too long and logical to be a great wet dream...

Lisa looked down significantly at his cock while it was almost entirely buried in her deep cleavage. She swirled her tongue around and around his cockhead while Sandy and Jane stared with rapt attention.

She finally went on, "It's an art, just like any art. There are thousands of ways to learn and improve, to maximize his pleasure. But one of the most basic moves is to continually surprise him with lots of variety. That's essential, all the time! I haven't done that as much as I've liked, because I've been trying to hold back and not be too distracting. But, finally, inspiration struck me. I just have to do this!"

She added as an afterthought, "Oh, and I figure I'll be talking a lot, and this way I can have lots of cocky fun without having to lick as much as before."

So far, she hadn't done anything with her tits except to wrap them around Darrin's shaft. But once she was finished making those comments, she not only licked some more, she began squeezing her huge tits around his shaft while rubbing them a little bit.

That led to more gasps, including from Darrin.

He thought, Whoa, man! Best day of my life, hands down! Wow! Fuck! That was about as coherent as his thoughts got. Mostly, he was too horny to think straight, and he was overdosing on too much physical pleasure. Since he was such a tit man, titfucking had a special place in his heart.

Jane was just as amazed and aroused by the sight as Sandy was. She exclaimed, "Holy Toledo! Lisa, your tits are huuuuuge! We all knew that already, but... with his equally huge cock poking up through them, and you licking the top... WOW! Incredible! I wish I could take a picture. Brother, is this your very first titfuck?"

"Yeah!" His face was flushed red due to the sheer arousal. He was panting hard, and sweating in the heat. Technically speaking, she wasn't actually doing much to his hard-on at the moment, but the mere fact that it was a titfuck kept sending shivers down his spine and even tingling him all the way to his toes. Mostly, he was tripping out that he was getting titfucked at all, and by such a super stacked total knockout.

Jane asked him, "How does it feel?! For a tit-mad guy like you, you must be pretty psyched!"

"Boy, am I ever! Sis, it feels so GREAT! Gaawwwd! I hate to get explicit, but I kind of have to. I've never fucked a woman yet either, but I can imagine what it's like, to have my dick totally surrounded and stimulated on all sides, squeezed into a tight, fleshy tunnel! That's pretty much exactly how it feels!"

Lisa said, "I think you hit the nail on the head there. That's what I'm trying to do, trick your cock into thinking it's fucking my cunt! There's a reason it's called a titfuck!"

"WOW!" He nodded at Lisa. Then he continued his reply to Jane, panting, "And that was all before she even started to make any movement! And then... and then... she's started to squeeze and slide! And LICK! Oh, man! FUCK ME, it feels so good!"

Lisa said with a happy smirk, "If you do it right, a titfuck can feel even better than fucking, because I can control pressure and motion much better this way, AND I can use my mouth on top of all that!"

"WOW!" He exclaimed again. "I think I can die happy now!"

The others laughed while feeling moved by how euphoric he clearly felt.

Sandy was so hot that she couldn't stand it. She was salivating copiously, and very nearly drooling. Her desire to get her tits fucked by her son was so strong that it was like a physical pain in her chest.

She thought, All this time, for months, I've been focused on sucking my son's cock almost to the exclusion of any other sex act. How wrong I was! All of the sudden, I want to titfuck him even MORE! That name really does say it all. I can FUCK him with my TITS! And if I could suck him from the top, then, hell, it's the best of both worlds, for sure!

Lisa decided to dive right into her talk about Napali life while the others were still reeling from the titfucking development, to make sure they were all horny as hell and thus hopefully receptive to the sexual aspects of their new lives that she was planning to reveal.

Unfortunately, Lisa already was mostly forced to "fake" the titfuck, just like she'd been mostly faking other sex acts, in the sense that she was holding back significantly compared to what she could really do at her best. She did slide her tits around his shaft some, but just in a simple up-and-down manner without much pressure or variety. It was frustrating, because she wanted to do so much more, including attempting to fit all his cockhead into her mouth at the same time, but she couldn't let him cum during this critical discussion.

She consoled herself that he was floating on cloud nine just the same. And Sandy and Jane were right there on cloud nine with him just from the titillating visual aspect. Lisa knew the simple sight of her enormous tits wrapped around his similarly oversized shaft would keep the other three close to cumming even if there was no movement whatsoever.

Lisa said, "Sorry for that distraction. But it is pretty fun to know I'm giving him his very first titfuck!"

Sandy said breathlessly, "But definitely not his last!"

Lisa responded, "That's for sure! I dare say the Napali girls are going to want to smother his cock with their big tits just as much as they're going to want to blow him! But that reminds me. Jane, let me get back to finally answering your question about my 'three girlfriends' comment. It's going to bring up some pretty important stuff, actually. Is everyone ready for that?"

Sandy and Jane each closed their eyes and took some slow, heavy breaths, trying to calm themselves enough for a semi-normal conversation. They had started to furtively masturbate, helped by the fact that neither Darrin nor Lisa could directly see their pussy mounds, thanks to the cooler being in the way. But they forced themselves to stop.

Eventually, both of them nodded.

Darrin was a different case. He was entirely in Lisa's hands, though it was more accurate to say that he was in her cleavage. He had learned by now that she was going to keep him in an ideal arousal level close to cumming, but hopefully not dangerously close. Trying to calm down on his own was futile.

As it happened, Lisa wanted him to calm down a fair amount, because she knew this was going to be a pivotal conversation full of life-changing information. So she slowed her titfucking motion to a near stop and eased up on the pressure against his shaft too. She stopped licking his cockhead too, at least for now.

Lisa waited a little longer without saying or doing anything, to help make sure all the Douglases were calm enough to fully pay attention and participate.

Then she said, "Now, I know the SI company has told you tons about life on Napali Island. I have been a big part of that. But the official company line which I've had to tow up until now misses or downplays some important things. In my opinion, the main thing to keep in mind in understanding life on the island is the three-to-one female to male ratio. You all know about that, right?"

The three of them nodded. They'd known that there were a lot more women than men, although they hadn't been told or had forgotten the exact ratio.

Lisa said, "That affects life in Napali in all sorts of ways. Have you ever stopped to consider the implications?"

Sandy said, "I'm sorry, but I'm having a hard time concentrating while you're doing... THAT! It's just... really HOT!"

Lisa smiled warmly. "I know, it is, isn't it?"

The curvaceous black-haired beauty got busier sliding her tits around his shaft. One tit would go up when the other went down, and vice versa. At the same time, she craned her head back down and licked around the top half of his cockhead. It was counterproductive to her wanting the Douglases to calm down, but she couldn't resist, and she especially wanted to give Sandy an extra thrill. She told herself she would only do it for a minute, so it wouldn't be too arousing and distracting.

Her energetic effort led to more gaping open mouths of amazement, including from Darrin.

Sandy just about passed out. That's exactly how Olivia does it to her son! All the time! That's her favorite! Especially when she cranes her head down even more and sucks and titfucks him at the same time! That really is the best of both worlds!

Gaawwwd! I want to do that to him soooo much! Even more than just sucking him! But that's some advanced stuff. I'd have to work my way up to that. There must be a secret society with special high heels for titfucking too.

(There was, on Napali. Lisa and Vicky held high ranks in that one as well.)

I'm going to have to train to be the best! Mmmm! But the training will be such spermy, slurpy pleasure! MMMM! YES!

She was so carried away that she temporarily forgot how doing any of that with her son would be a grave violation of the "no touching his cock" rule. She unthinkingly started fingering her pussy.

Lisa went on to say to Sandy, "I understand, but try harder to pay attention, because what I'm going to tell you is very important."

Sandy nodded gravely. She took her fingers from her pussy mere seconds after putting them back in, due to her renewed determination to pay attention. But that self-control lasted all of about five seconds, because she was too horny to control her hand. Instead, she tried her best to only stimulate her pussy a little bit, so things wouldn't get too out of hand.

She also took turns pinching and playing with her nipples, even though, with her giant tits, the others could easily see that.

Jane was also secretly masturbating on the other side of the cooler. She was more worried about getting caught though, so she only surreptitiously fingerbanged herself, thinking that keeping her lower body up against the side of the cooler protected her.

Lisa waited in silence, hoping that all three Douglases would take some time to think about the sex ratio implications. She eased up on her titfucking motions and stopped the licking to help them focus.

Each of the Douglases really did try hard to think, but they were too horny to come up with much. Darrin in particular couldn't think of much at all except variations of Lisa! Titfuck!

Finally, a very curious Jane asked, "Why is that ratio so skewed in the first place?"

Lisa responded, "It's been like that for decades, pretty much ever since the island was bought by Jake Samson, the colony's founder. Remember that secretaries used to be all female, and most of them still are. The vast majority of jobs on the island have always been secretarial, dealing with all that military paperwork. That's still the case, although there's been some diversification as the population has slowly increased a little bit."

The others were all listening intently, even with the titfucking distraction. They knew these basics already, but they figured Lisa was going to add new insight.

Lisa continued, "It was ascertained over time though that hiring single, childless women didn't work. Such women were okay for a little while, but there was frequent turnover after just a few years. SI is always looking for lifers, people who want to work there until retirement. In short, those women were lonely, and there were very few men around, so they didn't stay."

The slow titfuck sliding continued as she went on, "Plus, what if they wanted to marry and have kids later? Nearly all of them did; that was the usual pattern. But the island population was too small to have all the necessary facilities to properly raise children from birth. But when secretaries came with their kids already, it was much better. Soon, the company looked for women who had kids that were at least teenagers, due to the many problems of dealing with babies and toddlers and such. They built a small school that allowed the teens to properly finish high school. So that became the pattern."

So far, what Lisa was saying contained a lot of truth, but there was also a careful rewriting of certain facts to still hide the rampant incest. For instance, it was true the island couldn't handle raising kids from birth in its early days. But that had nothing to do with choosing mothers with teenage children, since creating an incest utopia was why the colony existed in the first place.

Jane asked, "What happened to all those daughters when they became adults?"

Lisa explained, "The daughters usually would find work at one of the secretary jobs when they were old enough."

Lisa looked to Jane. She was still keeping the titfuck motion going, though less intently than before, to help the others focus. "And before you say you're not keen being a secretary, keep in mind that the pay is great and the cost of living is almost zero. So you can work on the island for ten years and basically be set for life. Besides, the jobs have diversified in recent decades, giving you options. There's even an entire marine biology lab there now."

Again, Lisa was mixing in truth with some lies or fudged facts. There was a marine biology lab, though it was mostly staffed on a volunteer basis. And the yearly savings were great, mostly due to the near zero cost of living. The rent was free, most of the food was free (imported specialties being an exception), the utilities were free, and so on, and there were very few luxuries to spend money on. So people really did find it easy to save a lot of money.

But the irony was that the islanders rarely had the need to spend much of it, at least as long as they lived on the island. Napali society was mostly about sex, incestuous love, and dominance and submission, so money hardly mattered at all. It was practically a money-free society, since there was no need to carry or spend money on a day-to-day basis. There was no need to carry a wallet or purse, or keys, or a cell phone, or even wear clothes, period.

Jane didn't say anything, because she still didn't know what kind of future career she wanted to pursue yet. She was only eighteen after all, fresh out of high school, and she didn't have any strong ideas on that yet. She figured she'd see what the island had to offer before making up her mind about how long she'd want to live there.

Lisa continued, "When women brought sons along, those easily filled up the smaller number of jobs that are more typically male-oriented, like security guards or engineers. But don't worry, those positions are more mixed these days. We're very egalitarian."

Actually, that was true on Napali, when it came to work. There was no sexism when it came to employment and promotion. However, even the women in the top jobs were almost always somebody's sex slave. Even the "free agent" women believed deeply in serving superior cock. (And on Napali, all the cocks were way above average in size and generally "superior," due to the highly rigorous selection process.)

Lisa went on, "Anyway, you can see that with all the female secretaries, plus their sons and daughters, you'd naturally have a lot more women than men. Plus, it's been found that guys tend to be more restless. They want to be ambitious and explore the wide world and all that, while the women tend to figure they've already found paradise, so why search for something better? You end up with a ratio of three-to-one."

Lisa continued to expertly titfuck Darrin's cock as she talked. Nobody minded, least of all Darrin. However, she continued to restrain herself, relatively speaking. She didn't want him to get too aroused to miss what she was saying. So although she continued to slide her tits up and down his shaft, she didn't use much pressure or vary things up, and she generally refrained from using her tongue either.

Had this been a "real" titfuck, she would have been sucking on his cockhead nearly all the time. In Napali, a titfuck was more like a variant of a blowjob, because there usually was some kind of oral action too. It was a rare sex slave who didn't learn to suck her master's entire cockhead into her mouth while titfucking his shaft.

Sandy and Jane were still furtively fingering their pussies, but they'd reached stable levels where they were flying high with arousal while still being calm enough to listen and coherently talk. They were trying hard not to build up to an unstoppable orgasmic peak.

Sandy asked, "Why is there a policy against hiring married couples? Wouldn't that be even more stable?"

"You would think. But keep in mind that the sex ratio used to be even more skewed back in the days when all secretaries were women. So what would happen when a few husbands would show up? Cheating was almost inevitable! Rampant cheating, flagrant cheating. Think about it: you've got all kinds of horny women and not many men. It was a wild and sometimes dangerous situation."

Sandy asked, "But isn't that still how it is now? The sex ratio is still way out of whack."

Lisa nodded. "Right."

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