Chapter 34
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Sandy asked Lisa, "Is that your complete answer?"

Lisa was ready to do something different. She replied, "Sandy, no, it isn't. But it's complicated. Before I answer that in detail, and talk more about the girlfriend situation there, since I have Darrin's cock in hand, do you mind if I demonstrate by showing you how I suck him?"

Jane giggled. "Haven't you been doing that off and on for the last forever and a half?"

"Yes, from your point of view. Although by suck queen standards that wasn't particularly long at all. However, I don't mean to brag, but what I've been doing to him so far almost doesn't count. That's just like a warm-up. I've never had his undivided attention and he's too close to cumming, so I haven't been able to really bust loose. But now I can!"

Darrin was incredulous. He couldn't believe that was "holding back" and it could get even better.

Naturally, Sandy and Jane were so hot and bothered that they welcomed that idea with open arms.

However, Sandy was skeptical that Lisa had been holding back. It had looked intense and passionate the whole time to her. She complained, "But... I saw you crying, repeatedly! Tears of joy and effort steaming down your face! And you're saying that wasn't busting loose?"

Jane added, "Yeah, I saw that too. It was freaky. I didn't know what to think about that, the whole crying thing."

Lisa explained, "When you suck a really thick one like his, and I'm pretty sure you will very soon, because basically all the guys on Napali are really well hung-"

Jane cut in, "Wait! What?"

"Sure. I thought I'd mentioned that already. You didn't know that?"

Jane complained, "How would I know that?! I haven't met any boys from there yet, much less looked inside their pants! And yeah, you did say something about the guys being generally handsome and well-hung, but it's a big difference between 'some' and 'all'. Now you're saying 'all.' Which is it?"

Lisa replied, "Sorry if I'm loose with my words. If you want me to be more precise, I can't really say 'some' or 'all,' because there's a range. Naturally. And I don't know the stats. I didn't look inside everyone's pants when I lived there either!"

That got some chuckles.

In fact, she had seen every single penis on Napali Island, far too many times to count. Public sex and public humiliation of sex slaves is a big part of daily life there, with cocksucking parties being one frequent example of that. So she actually did know the exact size of every penis on the island quite well back in those days, even though she'd never touched any other than her brother-master's. But that was a detail she couldn't reveal yet.

Sandy was still thinking over the penis size issue as she continued to stare at her son's erection. She said, "Now that I think about it, when I was having a private talk with Vicky earlier, she said something very similar. She said all the guys chosen for Napali were handsome and well-hung and all the women were always gorgeous with big breasts. She has a theory that the jobs on the island are so highly desirable that the company can pick the 'best of the best of the best,' so why not pick 'perfect physical specimens.' Those were her words. And she also called them like 'Greek gods and goddesses.' And by the way, she knows the deal because she used to live on Napali herself!"

"I'd agree with all that," Lisa said.

"Wow!" Jane was both amazed and disappointed. "That's kind of... intimidating. I've always been treated special due to my looks. 'Queen Jane' and all that. But I'll just be 'Plain Jane' over there."

Darrin was similarly disappointed. "Yeah. What a drag! Lisa, you said I was going to be 'cock of the walk' due to my big dick. But if everyone has one, I'll just be ordinary. Worse than ordinary, because I'm still thin."

He looked at his bare, hairless chest with a frown. "I have a lot of filling out to do. And I look my age, which is only fifteen. I'm not like a 'Greek god' at all!"

Lisa smiled encouragingly at him. "Kid, relaaaax! Who called you 'cock of the walk?' I did! I also said you'll be 'the hottest thing in town,' and I stand by that. Because there's big and then there's BIG! For instance, there are my breasts. These are 'big.'" She let go of his boner, knelt up straight and high, and then cupped her tits from below.

Then she looked to Sandy. "Can you strike this same position?"

Sandy wordlessly also knelt up higher and brought her hands back to herself. Then she cupped her round melons from below. She didn't say anything because doing that in front of her son was embarrassing, now that her lust had simmered down a fair amount. Still, she wasn't feeling so prudish that she could resist striking the pose, even though her face turned redder as a result.

Lisa said to Darrin, "Now, look at her. Those are 'BIG!'"

He didn't need to be told that, obviously. But he loved the excuse to ogle anyway.

Lisa asked Sandy, "What's your bra size?"

"H-cup," Sandy muttered shyly.

"Wow!" Lisa exclaimed. "I'm a G-cup. That's only one bra size different, but that's a poor measure. I'm really stacked, but you're way more so! It's like half of your weight is in your breasts!"

Sandy chuckled. "I get that sort of comment all the time."

"Frankly, I think you must be wearing the wrong bra size." Actually, Lisa knew that for sure, since she'd looked over all the results from the physical tests SI had given Sandy, but she couldn't reveal that.

Sandy sheepishly admitted, "That may be true. I've tried to downplay my breast size by wearing a tight bra and then binding my chest when I go out of the house."

Lisa griped, "Oh no! That's so bad! You should never do that. That'll stop on Napali for sure, especially since I won't let you. But that pretty much confirms that they're I-cups instead. Just look. They're larger in every way. They look to be double the size of mine, and I'm almost not exaggerating."

Everyone stared back and forth between Lisa's rack and Sandy's rack, side by side. It was obvious Sandy's had to be more than one bra size larger.

Even Sandy saw that. She was secretly delighted that she turned out to be an I-cup. She knew her son loved that. In just the last couple of hours, she'd gone from wanting to minimize or hide her breasts as much as she could to wanting to flaunt them for him at every opportunity.

He got an idea. "Hey, to better figure out this whole size issue, what if you two press your chests together? Then we could see the exact size difference."

Sandy gave him a chagrined look. "You'd love that, wouldn't you?"

He smiled unrepentantly. "Yep!"

"I'm game if you are," Lisa said to Sandy.

Sandy sighed like she was put out. "We might as well do it, because I'm sure my cocky son is going to keep pestering me until I give in."

The two ultra busty women twisted in place to face each other. Their racks made contact. It was tentative at first, but Lisa wrapped an arm around Sandy and gently but firmly pulled her closer in until they were tightly pressed together.

Lisa reached back to his crotch with her free hand and resumed jacking him off, to help make sure he enjoyed this to the fullest.

Jane had to lean way forward to check out the stupendous sight. After a long silence, she was the one to ask Darrin, "Well, Bro, what do you think?"


Jane laughed. "No duh, you dork! I mean about the size thing."

"They're both so stacked! But, uh, about the size thing, Mom, you've gotta be two bra sizes larger. Which is amazing!"

"Uh... thanks." Sandy was heavily distracted, because the touch of Lisa's breasts on hers felt extremely stimulating, especially because Lisa kept subtly fidgeting about, causing their sweat-slickened tits to slide against each other. But also, her face was startlingly close to Lisa's, and Lisa was so incredibly beautiful... Sandy felt an almost overwhelming urge to kiss Lisa's lips.

With Sandy and Lisa right in front of him, Darrin was in an ideal position to see the lusty look the two busty babes were sharing. That inspired him to ask, "Lisa, in Napali, with the two or three girlfriends thing, do women ever kiss each other on the lips to get their guy all horny?"

Lisa loved that he asked that question. "Only all the time!" She spoke softly to Sandy, "Do you want to see how it works?"

Sandy was lost in Lisa's dark brown eyes, her heart racing faster and faster. She thought back to the hot kiss she'd seen Lisa and Vicky share. But she abruptly snapped out of her daze and turned her head away. "Um, maybe later."

Lisa was disappointed, but she knew it was hard for Sandy to overcome old habits and prejudices. So she let that drop for now and turned back to Darrin.

Lisa let go of her tits and went back to stroking his cock.

Sandy though kept right on holding her massive globes. She couldn't freely masturbate where she was sitting, but at least she could touch herself in this manner.

Lisa told him, "So anyway, getting back to your worry about how you'll go over in Napali, what you just saw is the difference between 'big' and 'BIG.' In the same way, the guys in Napali have dicks you could call 'big.' But you have a 'BIG' one! So don't worry. All the girls there are passionate about their cocksucking. In their eyes, you'll be like your mom's breasts, but with your cock. Do you understand what I mean? The ultimate! Perfection! If the culture allowed it, they'd probably actually pay good money just to spend a couple of hours trying to deep throat your unusual thickness!"

"WHOA!" He was a very, very happy camper again.

Sandy was happy too. She still didn't care much about finding a boyfriend or husband. But she very much loved how her son thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world, and she didn't want that to change. In the last year, she'd especially come to love how horny he got over her breasts, and she definitely didn't want that to change. She continued to sit up straight while cupping her tits from below, since he kept on staring right at them more than anywhere else. She felt very good and tingly inside.

He asked Lisa as he continued to stare at Sandy's chest, "How is it my mom's boobs are so big, yet so firm and round? I've seen other women in that same size range, and their boobs sag down to their belly button or lower. But not my mom's! It's like they're fake, but they're not!"

Lisa grinned at the question, which was more of a clever way to slip in a compliment. "You got me, stud. I have no idea. Great genetics, I guess. And maybe the fact that she works out so religiously helps a lot."

Sandy blushed even more, but she was tickled pink.

Jane asked Lisa, "All this talk about 'big dicks' and 'BIG dicks'... can you give some actual numbers?"

Lisa said, "Like I said, I never looked inside every guy's pants. I was VERY loyal to my man. We all were. That said, I did see things, so I suppose I can make rough guess. The average size has to be much larger than back in America. I'd guess about the same as this fine specimen - eight inches in length or thereabouts. Whereas I'd guess they're about five or six inches long in the US."

With all eyes back on Darrin's hard-on (not that they'd ever left!), Lisa resumed stroking it. But only lightly, and with no tongue, because she was still trying to give him a rest for what was coming next. She added, "And they're thicker on average too. But there's thick and then there's THICK. Where Darrin really stands out, where he's going to make all the girls literally drool with hunger, is with his thickness."

Jane gleefully quipped, "He stands up too!" She was referring to the fact that Lisa had his erection pointed straight up. Lisa had been doing that nearly all the time, to make sure mother and daughter always had a good view.

Lisa added while looking right up at Darrin, "Kid, trust me, you've got nothing to worry about when it comes to thickness. Even on Napali. And you're only fifteen-years old! I actually worry your cock will grow more, because it's the perfect size now and I don't want you to get TOO thick to fit in my mouth. That would be a real shame."

Jane thought, We've been talking about if "some" or all of the Napali guys are well-hung. That sounds like "all" to me. Eight inches on average? And all of them thick? Incredible! So that means I can't go wrong with any boy I chose, right? That's cool, I guess.

She searched her feelings while staring at her brother's raging hard-on from only about a foot away. But it's kind of a moot point, because I don't want them, I want my brother! Gaawwwd, I must be fucked in the head, because the only thing that really turns me on anymore is thinking about HIS cock!

Even with my last boyfriend, I picked the guy with the biggest, thickest dick I knew of, pretty much just to try to drive all my thoughts about Brother and his cock out of my head. But it didn't work. I went down on him a bunch of times and I only got bored. And still, all my dreams were about my skinny, nerdy little brother!

That's why I HAVE to try him out at least once. Is HE the missing piece? Will we have that special spark I've been looking for? I need to know! But I'm pretty convinced he is, because just THINKING about sucking his cock drives me wild!

However, Jane still wasn't happy at all about this "big" versus "BIG" comparison when it came to herself. She griped, "That's all well and good for you, Brother, with your third leg, and you Mom, the tit queen of the universe. But what about me?!"

She hefted her bare tits up from below, exactly like Sandy was still doing. I'm a mere E-cup!"

"F-cup," Lisa corrected.

"So you say. But even so, that's still third place between us here. In my high school I thought that was great, and all the boys wanted me, but on Napali it'll be the equivalent of having a three-inch dick!"

Lisa said, "Now, hold on. That's not true at all. First off, before you say even F-cups probably are still small by Napali standards-"

Jane cut in, "That's exactly what I'm going to say! Look at you and Mom. And Vicky lived there too. And did you see the two moms of the other families?! Or their daughters?! I'm going to be average at best!"

Stroking Darrin's shaft some more, Lisa said, "Keep in mind that you're only eighteen, and I'll bet your breasts are still growing. More importantly, in your age group, you're going to be on the more endowed side. But also, remember that breast size is just one thing! Girl, you have a stunning face, and a fantastic body all over. You're a total knockout! And you do you have a 'truly epic ass!'"

Darrin and Jane had a good laugh at that reference to their earlier conversation about her ass.

Sandy didn't understand that reference though. She was still holding her tits up, and even lightly rubbing them together, because once she started doing that around her son it was hard for her to stop. She asked, "What's so funny?"

Lisa said, "Oh, it's kind of an inside joke. Jane was showing him her bare butt a little while ago, and he called it a 'truly epic ass.' You had to be there, I guess."

Things had changed so much in a short time that Sandy didn't even blink an eye at the idea of her daughter showing off her "bare butt" to her brother. As long as there was no touching, and as long as she was extremely horny like she currently was, she didn't mind.

Lisa redirected her attention to Jane. "Anyway, my point is, you've got nothing to worry about at all when it comes to looks. You'll still be a 'babe,' even on Napali. And you have a great personality too. All the boys will want you, trust me. I promise you, it won't be long before you'll be naked, kneeling, and slurping on a really thick one!"

Jane sighed. "I hope so!" She stared longingly at Lisa's fingers slowly sliding up and down her brother's cock. There was only one "really thick one" she wanted, and it was right in front of her.

Sandy finally let go of her huge tits and reached across Lisa to touch Jane's upper arm. "Did you hear that, babe? She says you're gonna be 'slurping on a really thick one' soon. That sounds pretty good!"

Jane broke into a grin. "Yeah, I suppose that's okay." She was more delighted than she let on. Part of that was because she'd already decided to herself that she was somehow going to find a way to suck on her brother's cock before the plane got to Hawaii. When she thought of "slurping on a really thick one," she had no doubt in her mind which one it would be.

Lisa had one hand fondling Darrin's balls while she merely lightly rubbed his sweet spot with her other hand. Her goal was to use restraint and do little more than keep him erect through the end of the discussion. That way, she could really go wild with the blowjob demonstration she was planning for next.

She said, "Now, where was I? There was something else I wanted to follow up on. Oh yes. We were talking about crying during blowjobs earlier. Jane and Sandy, both of you are truly stunning women and yet very warm and kind, so I'm assuming you'll have your pick of guys."

Jane asked, "Does that mean we'll have to share?"

Lisa answered almost incredulously, as if that was a silly question. "Of course you have to share! I thought I'd made it clear that every woman on Napali has to share their man. I've never heard of a case otherwise. If it were to happen, that would be the height of rudeness. Everyone would give you dirty looks, because think about it - due to your selfishness, that would mean some other lovely and deserving woman would have to go to bed alone every night, instead of having a throbbing fat pole to slurp and bob on. And it would be like you're saying you're better than everyone else and the social rules don't apply to you."

Jane was chastened. "I guess I hadn't thought of it like that."

Lisa said, "Let's get back to the crying issue. As I was saying, I'm taking it as a given that both of you will hook up with an outstanding guy, which means you'll be regularly bobbing on a really thick cock. If you're lucky enough to snag a guy with a cock as thick as Darrin's, that'll mean a lot of crying, at least at first, because it's not easy! Sandy, those tears you saw me crying were partially my tears of joy, because I was so very happy to be slurping on a truly superior cock like Darrin's. It's been a long time for me, since I've given up on normal guys with normal-sized ones. So, as slutty as I've been acting today, the truth is I haven't had sex of any kind for many months!"

The other three were surprised to hear that, but they had no reason not to believe her.

She lovingly kissed all over Darrin's cockhead. "Yep, I've been a lot like you, Sandy. Since I left Napali three years ago, I've mostly let my sex life go dormant. But a really big cock like this one I'm rubbing and kissing and licking makes a woman like me go weak in the knees! My pussy gets wet and my nipples get stiff. I start to salivate and lick my lips non-stop. I have to make a special exception. I've gotta have it in my mouth!"

She was so carried away by her own words that her kissing turned into sucking on the tip, and then more and more of the cockhead.

Sandy saw what was happening, and said, "Wait! Before you start doing that again, there's one thing I don't understand."

Lisa reluctantly pulled off and went back to just lightly stroking him. If she wasn't going to suck yet, she'd go back to merely keeping him stiff.

Sandy said, "You're so very beautiful! You're one of the most stunning women I've ever seen. Even in America, there have to be really big cocks, ones that are even thicker than my son's. Did you ever hook up with a guy like that?"

Lisa honestly explained what happened. "Of course. I tried, more than once. But it just wasn't the same! It goes back to what I was saying about attitude. In Napali, being slutty is celebrated. There's kind of a shared culture. For instance, I got so used to sharing my man, and I liked it so much, that having a boyfriend all on my own felt strange and disappointing. We used to share EVERYthing. Not just his cock in all those daily double blowjob sessions, but we became a really tight threesome. For instance, if I gave him a really great titfuck and she wasn't there, it's like it wasn't truly complete until I could tell her about it and she could share in the celebration. Can you kind of imagine what I mean?"

Both Sandy and Jane nodded. They'd never been in a threesome, obviously, yet they still felt they could relate at least some.

Lisa went on, "Whereas, it was the exact opposite in the US. I felt even my extremely well-hung boyfriend was judging me all the time. He wanted me slutty, but not TOO slutty, you know what I mean? How would you even go about finding a way to share a boyfriend? People would think you're crazy. Sharing might work for one night, but beyond that there were too many issues to make a true threesome last. Sex with all the inescapable American hang-ups was all so normal and boring. So that's why I gave up. Having bad sex only reminded me of how much I'd lost."

Sandy cooed sympathetically, like the concerned mother she was, "Oh, you poor thing! My heart goes out to you."

"Thanks." Lisa concluded, "Size isn't everything, by a long shot. I think sex is mostly mental. It's all about attitude, both yours and his. On Napali, there's a great attitude that affects everyone. You just can't go wrong having sex there. It's fun! It's a celebration!"

Jane asked, "Sorry to change the topic back, But what about the crying? You didn't finish fully explaining that."

"Oh. Right. Sorry. Where was I? Oh yeah. The crying. I WAS crying tears of joy, but those were also tears of struggle and of exertion, because sucking on a cock like Darrin's is a true ordeal!"

Sandy had a finger in her mouth and was lightly sucking on it while she unthinkingly rolled a nipple between her fingers with her other hand. She asked, "But... then... why do all the Napali women love it so much? That doesn't sound like fun at all!"

"Ditto, Mom," Jane said, frowning. "I don't get that."

Lisa's dark brown eyes sparkled with delight. "Oh, it is fun, believe me! In fact, it's just about the most fun you can possibly have! Fucking is great, of course. Minute for minute, that may be even better. But that's over so fast. Your man gets too excited, even Napali men. And it takes a lot of energy, usually. It's a challenge to keep that going for even a good portion of a single hour, and the pussy can only handle so much without getting sore, especially when you get fucked by a pussy-wrecking cock like Darrin's. But with cocksucking, you can spend hours and hours just bobbing away! Imagine the joy of a great five or ten minute fuck, except extended to two or three hours, or more! It's almost like one endless orgasm over that whole time if you do it right."

She concluded, "So is it any wonder that Napali women spend so much time naked and kneeling? If you were to walk down the main street of the village at around, oh, say, eight or nine at night, and if you had X-ray vision to see what everyone was doing in house after house, over and over again, you'd see a man sitting on an easy chair, maybe reading a book or listening to music, while his two women are naked between his knees and taking turns bobbing on his big boner! Probably while wearing nothing but their favorite cocksucking high heels!"

Sandy gasped, and felt shivers run down her spine. Oh God! That sounds... really incredibly HOT! They suck him together! She didn't understand why, but somehow the idea of having to share her son's cock like that turned her on something fierce. She also got off on having to suck while her man was busy doing something else and not even paying attention.

Her reaction to both of those things had to do with her naturally submissive nature. When she was married to Dennis, she had a completely balanced and fair relationship. They decided everything together, by mutual consent, including in the bedroom.

Whereas what she truly craved deep down was to be owned and controlled, especially sexually. She actually wanted unfairness, because that would lock in her submissive position. Having to share her man destroyed any idea of balance or fairness. She couldn't consciously admit it yet, but she realized on some deep level that she far preferred that to having a man all on her own.

It was the same for all the Napali women. That was a key part of psychological screening to make sure they were the kinds of people who would truly love being sex slaves.

Naturally, Jane felt the exact same way, since she fit that same profile. But she was having an even harder time admitting it to herself. She liked to think that she was basically "normal," since she'd had a seeming successful series of normal boyfriend relationships, and she just needed to learn how to let go of her inhibitions.

That said, Jane also felt a great surge of lust, and shivers ran down her spine. Wow! Both girlfriends sucking on him at once like that?! Every single night, for hours?! That's crazy! But... crazy hot! And in high heels! I'm SO glad I've got these on my feet!

After Jane recovered from her lusty surge, she spoke some of her thoughts out loud. "That's messed up. And what's strange is that... it sounds pretty sexy to me! I mean, I want to be there, sharing him with another girl. Why is that?! Back in America, I NEVER would have shared my boyfriend with another girl, not even for a single threesome. No way! It actually gets me angry thinking about it. But when I think of myself kneeling between his legs, all naked and horny, bobbing on his thick cock for so long... and I think of another busty hottie right next to me, somehow that sounds even better!"

Lisa smiled. "Oh, it is! Believe me, it is!"

Sandy chimed in enthusiastically, "And don't forget about the high heels, Janey! And kneeling in the classic position!"

Jane giggled. "I'm not, Mom. Believe me. I love that detail. Being more naked than completely naked!"

Sandy moaned lustily at that. Still staring at her son's huge pole, she licked her lips repeatedly. Son! What would you think if your big-titted mommy was one of your two or three girlfriends? Would you like that? Would you like me to be bobbing on your thick cock-meat until late at night? Hmmm? Making me share with who knows who?! Some other super stacked beauty, I hope! Every night! Oh God! That WOULD be paradise!

Lisa smiled at the progress. Mother and daughter were turning into suck queens just from talking, it seemed.

She said, "'Triads,' as we call them, are actually much more stable than a normal one-on-one relationship. We don't have a word for that latter thing since it doesn't exist there. Just triads and quads. If you can get over the jealousy, there are soooo many advantages to sharing, and it doubles the sexual pleasure for everyone involved, at a bare minimum. Think about it. Back in the States, people think of a threesome as this wild fantasy that almost never really happens. Maybe once or twice in your life, if the stars align just right. But on Napali, you can and usually do take part in a threesome every night!"

Lisa had been doing little more than just holding his boner for a while, anticipating that she'd start her more active blowjob demonstration at any moment. But she lowered her head and lapped on his sweet spot for a little bit.

Then, as she still did that, she looked up at him and said in an extra sexy tone, "Kid, I know it sounds pretty hard to believe now, but having two or three tongues on your cock will be your new normal! Having just one girlfriend suck you while the other one or two are off somewhere else will be the unusual occasion!"

"WOW!" Darrin joked, "Why is this plane so slow? When are we going to get there already?!"

Lisa lifted her head back up and looked at him with a devastating smile. "Patience, stud. Trust me, I'm going to make this flight highly enjoyable for you!" With that, she tilted her head down again and resumed licking around his cockhead.

Sandy stared in wide-eyed wonder at the tongue lapping on her son's big cock. It took her a few moments before she found her voice again. "And to think! I really thought I was going to Napali to get away from men and from sex. But it sounds like the exact opposite is going to happen! And I can't say I'm exactly upset about it either."

She wasn't really thinking about it, but she'd stopped sucking on a finger so she could caress her huge tits with both hands. She was extremely worked up.

Lisa was still lightly lapping on Darrin's boner, but she wasn't stroking it so he wouldn't get too worked up. She asked Sandy, "Pardon me if this gets too personal, but I must say I've been really puzzled about something. Why have you been so down on men and sex? With your looks and personality, you could have your pick of any man you want."

She actually knew the reasons why Sandy had avoided sex and men since her husband died, since she probably knew more about Sandy than Sandy knew herself. But she wanted to hear Sandy say them out loud, to help her become more self-aware.

Sandy grew thoughtful, even as her pussy continued to gush in response to watching Lisa's renewed licking. "Believe me, I've given that a lot of thought over the last few years. At first, I told myself that it was because I loved Dennis so much that if I couldn't have him, I didn't want anyone else. And I did love him a lot, but over time I've had to admit to myself that's not the full story. You see, guys just... bother me! They see my breasts and my overall looks, and all they want is sex. Sex, sex, sex! You don't know what it's like! I cover up as much as possible, even to the point of binding my breasts, dying my hair brown, and wearing fake glasses, and they still stare and catcall!"

Darrin cut in, "By the way, Mom, I've gotta say I love your new look, with the glasses gone and your hair back to its natural color. Your flaming red hair is fantastic!" He looked to Jane. "Just like Sister's."

The siblings shared a smile.

Then he looked back to his mother. "I hope you grow your hair out longer though. As it is, you practically could join the Marines."

Sandy beamed. "Thanks! It makes me feel good, hearing you say that. I may just grow it out some, for you. If you insist." Without thinking about it, she arched her back to thrust her massive tits forward, and cupped them from below, as if offering them to him.

She thought, It would be nice to have long hair. He could run his hands through my hair and pet and stroke my head while I'm bobbing on his fat cock until my jaw hurts! Then, when he's close to cumming, he'd grip my hair hard, hanging on for dear life as he vigorously fucks my face!

"I do," he said firmly.

Sandy felt a heady rush of pure lust. It almost made her cum. Her smile continued to brighten the whole room. "Okay, then! Your wish is my command, my liege!"

Lisa felt giddy too, because she could see more signs of Darrin taking charge and Sandy getting off from submitting to him. She loved it.

Then Lisa asked, "Is that it? That you don't like all the attention and even harassment?"

Sandy grew serious again. "You don't know how bad it is!"

Lisa pulled her face away from Darrin's cock so she could rise up high on her knees and show off the sheer size of her breasts.

Sandy chuckled. "Oops! My mistake. Okay, I'm sure you do know, what with your curves and your face. So I hope you can sympathize."

Lisa said, "I can. As bad as I've had it, you must have had it worse. You have a body like a cartoon exaggeration of some Wonder Woman superheroine figure. All tits and ass and sexy curves, AND a sultry face!"

Sandy just modestly nodded. She was still holding her huge tits up, and slightly rubbing them together. She stared into her son's eyes and thought as if she was talking to him, "Son, that sounds like a pretty hot mom, wouldn't you agree? Isn't that the kind of sexy mommy you want sucking on your cock?"

But she was mindful that the others were waiting to hear more from her. So she finally let go of her boobs, and went on, "I felt like I was under siege twenty-four hours a day, unless I was safe in my home. I got a job at a gym working only with women, as you know. And that helped, but still, over time I practically became a hermit other than having to do the basics like shop and work, because I hated the gawking so much. And what really killed me was that all these men drooled over me to the point that none of them could hold a real conversation with me or look at my face, and all because of sex, and sex wasn't even that great!"

She looked to her children, one after the other. "Sorry, kids, I don't mean to trample on Dennis's memory, but the truth was, sex with him was just... okay. Almost... blah. I did it out of a sense of martial obligation, but there was no special spark. I had to pretend to be interested. Frankly, I would have preferred to read a book or watch a movie. I thought all sex was like that. I thought that maybe I was a cold fish, or women just don't enjoy it nearly as much as men."

She suddenly brightened again, and her toothy smile returned. "But today it's like I've had an epiphany, because I finally get it! I've finally experienced the intense pleasure that everybody's been going on about. And of course I'm glad about that, but I also find it sad, because I've missed out on so much. Here I am, thirty-three years old, and it almost feels like I'm a virgin. I've never even given a blowjob, and that sounds amaaaaazing!"

Lisa said, "Oh, it is, I guarantee it. And you'll make up for lost time on Napali with that, for sure. Like I keep saying, it's the favorite pastime there."

Sandy was still sad, and stared off into space. "Maybe so. But I have such a sense of loss that I couldn't experience things like that with Dennis. I loved him a lot otherwise, but I only really discovered my sexual nature well after he was gone. And I don't know what I did wrong that prevented me from finding that spark with the man I loved."

Lisa said, "You and I should talk about that later. Right now, I'm pretty keen to get back to bobbing on this bad boy right here." She gave Darrin's sweet spot a prolonged kiss. "But I'll bet there were a lot of factors, and I'll bet a big one was that there's all kinds of sex, and you completely missed your true passion, your greatest passion, which is sucking on a really big cock. I know you still have a virgin mouth, but tell me... have you ever had fantasies or dreams about sucking on a thick, juicy, throbbing cock, just like Darrin's here?"

Sandy was feeling nicely aroused, but in a flash, suddenly she was horny as hell again. It was the out of control arousal she'd felt earlier in the day a few times, and never in the rest of life.

She stared wide eyed at her son's erection. Her heart resumed beating fast and her mouth started salivating some more. "Oh my gosh! So much! Not when Dennis was alive, mind you, but in the last year, definitely! I've thought about that a LOT. And I've never even done it!"

"How did that fascination of yours start then?" Again, Lisa knew everything, but she wanted to see what Sandy would admit to, especially in front of her children. She ostentatiously slid her fingers up and down Darrin's shaft all the while.

Sandy didn't want to reveal that much, because she'd kept the sexual aspect of her friendship with Olivia a secret from her children up until now. She carefully explained, "I had this friend who started telling me the intimate details of her sex life. And, well, I guess you'd call her a blowjob queen. I think she loves doing that as much as you do, Lisa. Or more!"

Lisa laughed. "She's definitely a blowjob queen then!"

Sandy went on, "She had a relationship with a young man who was very well-hung, and she told me all about it. Maybe, maybe... in too much vivid detail. Her passion was so great, that I picked up on that. It was what I'd been missing. I still thought I was frigid or messed up somehow, but I kind of lived vicariously through her."

Jane asked, "It was Olivia, right?"

Sandy looked to her daughter in surprise. "How did you know?!"

"Oh, come on, Mom. It's obvious. For one thing, she's been about your only friend in the last year, since you've became such a shut in. And she definitely was your only new friend in ages. Plus you said she has a young, well-hung boyfriend. She'd have to be a real looker for that, and Olivia's a busty bombshell, just like you. But the real kicker is you'd get all nervous and excited before she'd come over, then disappear into your room to talk with her about 'private stuff.' And when you'd come out to escort her out the door, you'd be blushing profusely and somehow even more excited."

Sandy blushed redder. She didn't realize she'd been that obvious.

Jane went on, "I actually started to suspect you were lesbian. It all fit, including your obvious lack of sexual passion or interest in men prior to that point. But I listened with my ear to the door several times, and even spied on you once, and all you two really did was talk! I was puzzled as all get out until it kind of dawned on me that you were doing the 'living vicariously through her' thing."

Sandy's face turned redder and redder. "Oh dear! I feel so ashamed! My own daughter, thinking I was lesbian!" She was miffed about the spying, but decided not to make an issue about it since Jane's curiosity about her strange behavior was more than understandable.

Jane said, "Don't worry about it. It so happens you're not, and there'd be nothing wrong if you were."

"I know, but still. It makes me feel like I've been a complete sexual failure all my life. And with this body, the one that all the men drool over. Such a waste!"

Darrin thought, Ain't that the truth? God, I've been feeling that way for years. Finally, things are changing!

Lisa said, "You can't change the past, but you can change the future. This is good, what's happening today. You're clearly making a big sexual breakthrough. I hope you run with that, and don't let traditional ideas about dignity and fairness stand in your way."

"I'm trying, believe me!" Sandy replied. She kept on staring at Lisa, who was back to licking and stroking. Her pussy was throbbing and gushing, now that the talk was focused on oral sex.

Lisa said, "And like I said, I think the key is that you've finally found your true passion, which is sucking cock." She paused, and then very slowly and deliberately took nearly all of Darrin's cockhead in her mouth.

Darrin tilted his head back and moaned like he'd just been shot in the chest.

Sandy leaned forward and gasped. Oh my God! SON! I want to do that to you, SO MUCH! Even if I didn't enjoy it physically I'd still love it, because I'd be doing it to you!

Jane was impressed too. Fucking hell! That looks soooo hot! All my girl friends must be nuts, thinking cocksucking is no big deal. I can't WAIT to get Brother alone in some secret corner of this damn sweat box of an airplane. I may not be as talented as Lisa is, but I'm gonna wow him with my enthusiasm!

Lisa slowly bobbed on Darrin's knob. However, she was careful not to slide her lips below the crown of his cockhead. Once she got past that, it was likely she'd be unable to stop. She was on a mission, and talking was more important right now.

So she slowly pulled off, and then resumed talking to Sandy. "Lucky you, because Napali is a blowjob paradise!"

"Really?!" Sandy asked hopefully. "You're not just saying that?!"

"Trust me." Lisa lapped her way in swirls around Darrin's soaked cockhead. "You're going to have the time of your life! And the other thing is that I'll bet you're a size queen."

"What does that mean?" Sandy asked. She'd learned a lot about sex in the last year, thanks to Olivia and her own reading of erotic stories on the Internet, but there were gaps in her knowledge.

"It means that it takes a cock of a certain size to really get your motor running. Tell me, Dennis had an average to small sized penis, didn't he?"

"How did you know that?" She quickly covered her mouth. "Oh dear! I can't believe I just admitted that in front of my children!"

Lisa said, "That's okay. He had no control over that; it's just the luck of the draw. Not many win the genetic lottery like Darrin here."

Once again, all eyes were on Darrin's raging cock while Lisa licked down to his balls and then back up again to emphasize just how big it was.

Both Sandy and Jane had glazed eyes and racing hearts as they furtively fingered their pussies.

Lisa went on, "But some people happen to be much more physically compatible than others. I know you loved him a lot, and he loved you, but sexually you were a bad match. You would have discovered that if you'd had more partners, but you two were childhood sweethearts and you got pregnant early, so that was that. But now, you have a chance at a brand new sexual life. This is a chance for you to be reborn. I think you're going to love the new you!"

That cheered Sandy up, but she still had doubts. "You think?"

"I know. Just look at you, kneeling there completely naked, holding and caressing your big tits, watching me lick your son's thick cock. Doesn't that feel good? Don't you love it? Don't you feel more alive than you've felt in years?"

Sandy nodded emphatically. She thought to herself, But it's my SON'S cock that's making me feel that way! I'm not even interested in other cocks. That's the problem. I can't get intimate with him. Can I? I hate the stupid "no touching" rule, but it's there for a reason.

Lisa spoke as she lapped on Darrin's sweet spot, while her sliding fingers kept on sliding. "Now, imagine leaning forward and cramming a cock like that into your mouth! Can you feel it stretching your lips? Can you feel your jaw straining and your eyes starting to water? Doesn't that feel good? Even before you slide your lips over his hot meat, doesn't it just feel RIGHT, like this is what you were meant to do all along?"

Sandy had her mouth open as wide as it could possibly get. Then, feeling foolish when she realized the others were looking at her, she closed her mouth and nodded vigorously again. However, she worried about being too open about her "secret shame," her lust for her son. So she complained, "But... he's my son! I can't do that for real!"

Lisa had chosen her words carefully. She pointed out, "I didn't say 'his cock,' I said a 'cock like that.'"

"Oh. Right." But in Sandy's mind, it was all about Darrin's cock and his cock alone.

Lisa went on, "That reminds me, I never finished explaining about the crying. I just mentioned your eyes starting to water, because that WILL happen for you, every time. It IS a physical ordeal to suck on a really fat one like Darrin's. I won't try to sugar coat that at all. But I have a saying: 'no risk it, no biscuit.' Meaning, the more effort you put into it, the greater your satisfaction and your reward. Who wants to suck on a tiny, wormy little penis? There's no fun in that. The sheer difficulty is part of what makes it such fun!"

That resonated with Sandy in a big way. I totally believe it. Who wants to suck on a small or even normal sized penis? Yuck! In fact, anything smaller than my big man's is unworthy, as far as I'm concerned. Actually, I'm not all that interested in the larger ones either! His size is just right! Son, if only I could show you how much I love you by crying my heart out bobbing wildly on your thickness, day after day, and night after night! Curse the damn incest factor!

Lisa's words also resonated with Jane. Her mouth was watering like crazy to the point that she was practically drooling, dreaming that she had Darrin's cock in her mouth at that very moment. She was less convinced than Sandy so far, but she too had a hard time imagining sucking off anyone but him, even really great and well-hung Napali guys. It was her brother alone that fired all her erotic dreams.

However, she still had worries about the physical pain aspect. "But crying in agony? That doesn't sound fun at all."

Lisa replied confidently, "It's not 'in agony.' It's not that bad. It's a mixture of pleasure and pain, but way more pleasure. But think about it. Think about rock climbers. They don't want to climb up some little rocky hill. Booooring! They want to climb a sheer rock face! They want to climb something like Half Moon in Yosemite. That's human nature, wanting to be challenged. Darrin's is like the Half Moon of cocks. It's the perfect size for a great challenge! If it were just a little thicker, you wouldn't be able to fit it in your mouth at all. But it's so thick that you'll NEVER get used to its size. Never, ever, ever! You could suck on him every day for twenty years and STILL shed tears from the struggle!"

That sounded wonderfully thrilling to Sandy, but she didn't want to appear overly enthusiastic. She asked, as if she didn't know already, "And that's good?"

"It's very good! Nobody wants to get bored. With a cock like his, you'll never get bored. Sandy, I hate to say this, but if you'd tried to suck your husband's penis back in the day, I don't think it would have done much for you. That's why I've given up on normal men with their normal penises. It's like, once you've seen the bright lights of the big city you can't go back to living on the farm. You know what I mean?"

Sandy and Jane nodded. Already, they'd left "the farm" way behind.

"But don't worry. Both of you are exceptional catches even by Napali standards. I'm sure each of you will find really big ones to suck on. Maybe not quite as big or as nice as Darrin's - his really is the best of the best - but almost as good, at least in that same general ballpark."

Lisa sounded spontaneous, but her words were carefully chosen. She wanted to be provocative without being too overt just yet. Naturally, nobody wanted "almost as good."

She decided to casually drop another bomb, since they were handling all this so well. "Who knows, you two might even end up with the same boyfriend. I can see it now: Sandy, you'd come home from work to find Jane already kneeling naked between his legs, bobbing away. You'd strip naked - except for your high heels, of course. Your heart would soar, seeing the familiar sight of Jane's bobbing head, her bare ass, and the backs of her heels. Then you'd sashay your way to him, probably playing with your tits and pussy as you go to put on a little show for him. You'd sit up on the armrest of his chair so you could make out with him for a while. Naturally, he'd play with your tits and ass and generally run his hands all over your naked body like he owns you, getting you hot to trot."

Jane and Sandy were horny as goats as they listened, utterly transfixed. Both of them were vigorously masturbating. They weren't even trying to hide their arm motions anymore.

Sandy thought, "Like he owns you!" WOW! Why does she keep saying things like that? It sets my entire body ON FIRE! And "the same boyfriend?!" As in sharing him with my own daughter?! That's SO WRONG! But it's seriously HOT!

Yet again, Jane had very similar thoughts, so much so that it was almost uncanny. "The SAME boyfriend?!" I really like that! I know it's unfair, but maybe that's my problem, worrying too much about things like fairness and dignity. I just need to let it all hang out. Let some guy take control. "Like he owns you!" YESSSS!

Lisa just lapped on Darrin's sweet spot while she let her words sink in. After about a minute, she resumed, "Then you'd kneel between his legs, with Jane sliding over a bit to make room. Naturally, his huge cock would be soaked with slobber and cum, and there would be more cum on her face and big tits, since she's been at it for a long while. She'd tilt his cock towards you. Here it comes... get ready! You engulf his cockhead and more in one go!"

Sandy loudly moaned, and, in fact, she almost screamed. It was a near miracle that she didn't cum, but she worried about the revealing timing if she did. She didn't want the others to know how much this scenario thrilled her down to her toes. When the moaning ended, she kept her mouth as wide open as physically possible, trying to imagine taking Darrin's cockhead in.

Lisa ignored that noise and went right on, "You'll probably cum on the spot, because you've been getting excited for this moment all day at work. You've been salivating and licking your lips for hours, because you're so hungry for cock! HIS cock!"

She paused dramatically and just licked and stroked for a good minute.

Sandy and Jane wantonly fingerbanged themselves, imagining themselves doing that.

Finally, Lisa resumed, "And it's as good as you remember from blowing him all through breakfast! You find your bliss again bobbing up and down with lots of tongue work, while Jane licks further down his shaft and fondles his balls, just like I'm doing now."

The eyes of both mother and daughter went to Lisa's hands on his balls. The two of them were panting hard. They were totally transfixed, as if they were living the story out as Lisa spoke it. Phrases like "blowing him all through breakfast" stuck in their minds and drove them absolutely wild.

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