Chapter 35
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Lisa licked further down his shaft, as if she was Jane in her story. Then she said to Sandy, still talking in a calm voice, "You'd be up there, bobbing and slurping until your cheeks are soaked with tears and your jaw hurts!"

Then she engulfed his fat knob again.

There were gasps all around, including from Darrin.

Lisa spent a minute sucking on his cockhead, knowing that the longer she did that, the further mother and daughter fell into a kind of cocksucking fever. However, just like in her last "sneak peek" sucking effort a few minutes ago, she didn't actually go below the crown of the head, because she knew once she crossed that threshold she wouldn't be able to stop. But she sucked enough to make a big impression that she was Sandy in the story.

Jane thought, Fuck me! Okay, that's IT! The next time I get Brother alone, I'm going to RAPE him! Rape his cock with my mouth! That looks soooooo good! And tasty! If I don't get to suck him soon, I'm literally going to lose my freakin' mind!

Sandy was lost in the fantasy that she was Lisa. As she pulled on her nipple with one hand and pumped two fingers into her cunt with her other hand, she thought, MMMM! Son! Do you like it when Jane and I suck your cock together? You love it when she licks your balls, don't you?

Then she realized with a start, Wait! Me... with Jane?! What a startling thought! Could that be possible?!

She didn't have time to think about it though, because Lisa pulled her back and said, "Then... switch! Jane takes the top spot while you get to lick the rest, including licking his balls. That's always great." She demonstrated that too by licking all the way down to his balls, while still holding and stroking his shaft.

In her mind, Sandy switched to licking Darrin's balls too. Mmmm! Yum yum! Son, I love your balls because that's where all your hot cum comes from! I'm gonna get your balls all worked up so you'll squirt your creamy load all over my face!

Lisa kept her ball licking going even as the action changed in the story. "Then, after a few minutes, switch again. And again! And again! You could spend hours like that, taking turns. And you can vary it up with titfucking and sixty-nines and all sorts of other things. With threesomes, the possibilities are practically endless!"

Once she finished talking, she slowly licked her way back up to his sweet spot and then kept licking around there. Her efforts to keep him only moderately aroused were falling by the wayside, because she still had a sex slave mindset and her own story was making her as hot as oven. She could only use so much restraint.

Sandy and Jane stopped gawking at Darrin's cock for the first time in a long while and stared at each other wide-eyed instead. The look between them was electric. It was unspoken, but they were both thinking about what it would be like to lick and suck Darrin's cock together. Their big tits were heaving and swinging in time with their ragged panting.

Both were fingerbanging themselves without restraint, and playing with their nipples too. They couldn't directly see that the other one was masturbating, since Jane was kneeling down in one row with her body mostly out of sight, while Sandy's body was mostly hidden by the seatbacks between them. However, their arm movements and general erotic panting made it fairly obvious what was going on. But neither one cared or even though much about it.

They were aroused beyond belief, but they didn't know what to think or say. In fact, sheer lust pretty much shut down any ability to think about the scenario at all.

Lisa still stayed silent, letting them absorb her scorching hot story, now that she was done.

Up until recently, neither Sandy nor Jane had explicit conscious thoughts about sharing Darrin with each other, because it was almost too intense to contemplate. But both of them had Darrin in mind all the way as they heard Lisa's story. He was the one sitting in the chair, as far as they were concerned. That meant that the sharing Lisa had described had to be the two of them sharing him!

Finally, Jane asked, "Mom, can you imagine?! Sharing the same guy?! That would be so wild!" There was an audible squish of her fingers humping in and out of her cunt, though it was masked by the constant hum of the airplane engines.

"I know!" Sandy was struggling with all her might not to think about the three of them being an incestuous family. She was afraid to get her hopes up.

Using all her willpower, she pulled her soaked fingers from her pussy. She knew this would be a particularly embarrassing time to have a screaming orgasm.

Sandy and Jane finally broke eye contact when Sandy urgently asked Lisa, "Does that ever really happen?! A mother and daughter sharing the same boyfriend?"

Lisa said casually, as if she was talking about nothing important, "Oh yeah, sure. It happens a lot. It's a good fit, actually, for a number of reasons. Remember, when families first arrive, the sole male is a teenager. He typically chooses a girl around his age to relate to, plus an older woman to teach him the ropes. And sharing can cause jealousy and other problems. Will his two girlfriends get along? But if they're mother and daughter then of course they get along already. So yeah, you'll see a lot of that."

That hit Sandy like a punch square in the face! She knew that most, if not all, families in Napali consisted of a mother, son, and daughter. She was dying to ask the logical follow-up question of whether the boyfriend was ever the son in the family. Furthermore, what would happen if that were the case? Would the family get kicked off the island? But she felt there was no way she could ask such things. It was way too embarrassing, not to mention incriminating.

Jane looked up to Darrin's beaming face. "You lucky little shit! Sounds like you're going to be in the driver's seat! I can just picture you sitting there all smug and satisfied after coming home from school while some gorgeous mother and daughter combo take turns bobbing on your cock all afternoon long!"

She was unwilling to verbally admit it, but she was specifically picturing herself and Sandy kneeling side by side, with their tongues almost touching over his sweet spot. It was heady and dizzying.

Darrin was also having the same thought, that his mother and sister could sexually share him. It seemed entirely logical to him, given everything that had happened on the plane flight already. It might even be likely! He suspected that a lot of incest must take place in Napali behind closed doors, if everyone there was so keen on sex. Little did he realize that it happened out in the open too.

He worried about ruining things by stating the obvious possibility out loud, so he played it cool. He kicked back and held his hands behind his head. His smile was a mile wide. "Yeah, it sounds like I'll be living the life of Riley! I love our new island all to pieces already!"

Jane reached up and playfully slapped him in the ribs. It was a dangerous thing to do, because her fingers were so cummy, but she wasn't thinking about that. She actually left a cummy smear where she touched him.

She griped, "You would! Meanwhile, Mom and I will be on our knees, forced to share, and crying from the sheer difficulty of it all the while!"

Without consciously thinking about it, she worded that in such a way that it could fit if they were serving his cock, but she was vague enough so it could refer to someone else instead. But in her mind, it could only be him.

Feeling emboldened, he said, "Yeah, it's good to be a guy on Napali. But I dare you to say you don't think that would be really hot and fun for you too. ESPECIALLY if you have to share with Mom! Can you imagine the two of you sharing the same cock, your tongues sliding up and down all that hot cock-meat? Your naked bodies squirming side by side, your pussies gushing, and the smell of sex heavy in the air?"

Jane growled with so much sexual hunger that it turned into anger. "SHUT! UP!" She shook her fists in the air, setting her big bare tits swaying. "AAAARGH! I'm so horny I could scream!"

If anything, Sandy was getting even more carried away. She didn't say anything though, because she didn't trust what she might say. Instead, she closed her eyes and went into fantasy land as she aggressively kneaded her tit-flesh.

She pictured herself in the scene Lisa had just described. "Son! Son! Mommy's home! Has your sister been keeping your cock wet and warm for us? How many times have you cum on her face already? I hope you have a lot of that creamy cum churning in your balls to splatter on MY face!" HNNNG! OH GOD! YESSSS!

Then she imagined she was talking to him some more, but the Darrin of the here and now, not the Darrin in the story. "Son, I think we can take it as a given that you're going to have not one but TWO girlfriends, and they'll suck your cock practically all the time! Where is that going to leave me?! What if I could be one of your girlfriends and Jane could be the other one? Wouldn't you like that? I would! In fact, I think that would be incredible! With the three of us all living together in the same house, nobody else need know! We could keep it a total secret. All I'd have to do is talk Janey into it, because I'm sure you'd love it. Then all my fantasies could come true!"

She continued talking to him in her mind, so aroused that she had no choice but to resume fingerbanging herself. "Lisa said one of the two girlfriends usually is an older 'MILF' type. I know that means 'Mom I'd Like to Fuck.' Who better than your actual mom?! I don't know about my pussy, that might be incest, but you could fuck my face all you want! And my big tits! I could sneak in your bedroom before you even wake up and just... SUCK! UNGH! HNNG! Gaawwwd, I would suck on you so hard and so long! You'd wake up to total erotic euphoria, seeing your busty mommy naked and on all fours, with her lips stretched wide around your shaft! Like, like... your personal sex pet!"

Yes! Yes! THAT! There, I said it!

Sandy had been holding out from cumming for a long time, but those thoughts were too much and she finally lost control. The problem was, if the others knew she was cumming just then, it would be easy to figure out the kind of talk that got her there, and that would be incriminating, further exposing her true incestuous feelings. So she had to fight with all her might to stay quiet and not give away what she was doing. But it was an almost impossible task, since her arousal level was sky high. Actually, way beyond sky high.

Luckily, she was the only one sitting in the back row, and that helped. While she still felt the orgasm about to hit, she ducked down and sat in the chair right behind her. Then she braced for impact, already with a hand in her mouth to bite down on and another one to cover up. She didn't need to keep playing with herself to help things along anymore, because her body was shooting off like a rocket regardless.

Meanwhile, Jane went through the same process, starting with her thoughts getting hotter and hotter as she warmed up to the "sharing with Mom" idea. I can't believe what's happened to Mom today. She's had a total personality change from the person she was when she woke up this morning. She's so hot for cock! For cocksucking! And for cocksucking Brother's cock! It's so obvious. There's such lust in her eyes that it drives ME crazy!

What if I want to be brother's secret girlfriend? We'll be living together, so the only thing that could stop me is Mom. And she's so hot and horny for Brother, I think she might go along with it! For real! The two of us, his slutty secret girlfriends! And then the whole scenario Lisa just laid out could come true! For real! For fucking REAL! If I want it too, that is, and I think I do.

She had an important epiphany. Hell, I KNOW I do! Damn! Holy fuck, I DO! I know I'm gonna suck his cock the first chance I get, and I know I'm going to love it! How could I not?! I love it already! It's the one thing that totally drives me wild! So there's nothing stopping me from being my brother's slut! NOTHING! It's gonna happen! I'll be kicking back on the beach in my new tropical paradise, with Brother's big fat cock pumping in and out of my mouth! And Mom holding his shaft and lapping on his balls!

Just like Sandy, these thoughts pushed her over the edge. But she was in a considerably more exposed position than Sandy was. Her crotch couldn't be directly seen by Darrin, and Lisa was facing the wrong direction to look much at her at all. However, Sandy could duck behind the seatbacks and out of sight, and Jane had nowhere to go like that, because she was literally boxed in by boxes (as well as seats and Lisa).

She similarly was desperate not to reveal to the others that she was cumming and for the same revealing timing problem. Jane considered covering her mouth with a hand (just as Sandy was doing at the same time), but she worried that even doing that would draw her brother's attention and give the game away. So instead she shut her eyes tightly, clenched her teeth, clenched her fists, and generally clenched her entire body as if her life depended on it.

That worked at first, because she truly struggled with all her might to stay quiet and not make any sudden movements. It helped greatly that Darrin had his eyes closed as he was flying high on lust. But soon she realized that her hefty tits were starting to shake as part of her entire body quivering and trembling, and she knew that sort of motion drew her brother's attention like nothing else. So she was forced to take her clenched fists and use them to squeeze her tits together. That aroused her even more, making her cum still harder and longer.

Sandy suffered and struggled mightily too, at the exact same time. But she was lucky in that she only had to worry about making noise. But that was a double-edged sword: since she knew nobody could see her, she wasn't forced to stop masturbating, so she didn't. At first, she had both hands at her mouth, but she quickly realized she only needed one there, so she went back to diddling her clit and playing with her pussy. It was a close, close call, but by a great force of will, she managed not to cry out.

Eventually, a few minutes later, both Sandy and Jane were done. They were seriously wiped out. They breathed a mental sigh of relief, thinking through they'd made it through that crisis without giving themselves away.

However, they were wrong. Lisa had been anticipating they'd cum around then, due to the force of her words. So she'd been listening carefully for tell-tale noises. She was impressed that neither Sandy nor Jane screamed, but their intense struggle made a fair amount of noise. She was very familiar with the sounds of desperately fighting not to cum, because a favorite game of Napali masters is to order their slaves not to cum for any reason, then arouse them beyond belief until they do, so they can give them a sexy spanking later. Lisa loved that game - it was one of the many, many things she missed about her former life.

Lisa didn't want Darrin to know too much too soon. It was good for the family's sexual transformation to proceed in a certain way, and that wasn't part of the plan yet. So she increased her licking and stroking, which had forced him to close his eyes and generally tune out everything else in his own struggle not to cum.

Thus, Darrin missed out on the fact that Sandy and Jane both just experienced big orgasms. He was so overwhelmed by pleasure that he barely could tell up from down.

When the other two had clearly made it through the potential screaming parts of their orgasms, Lisa just about stopped stimulating his boner altogether. She gave him a couple of minutes to calm down, but not many. She didn't want the other two to calm down too much, or she'd have to work to get them horny all over again.

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