Chapter 36
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Lisa got up from between Darrin's knees because she was thirsty and figured everyone else could use a drink even more than she could. All their naked bodies were drenched with sweat. She was hungry too. It had to be lunch time by now, she figured, but the timing of that depended on when Vicky was free. It could be Vicky was busy with one of the other families for a while.

She gave each of the Douglases a drink. She also gave them small, wet towels to wipe the worst of their sweat away. That was badly needed, not only for the sweat but for all the cum between the legs of both Sandy and Jane, and herself.

Once she'd drunk her water down, and while the other three were still chugging away, she stood in the aisle. She struck a cheesecake pose at a side profile to Darrin. She humped her ass way back while leaning her head forward, until it looked like her body was about to fall over. Of course she was still buck naked, and she looked absolutely fantastic.

As she maintained that position, she asked Darrin in a cheeky voice, "So, stud... having fun yet? I bet you thought this flight was going to be boring."

He laughed. "Oh boy! Not boring! Definitely not boring! The most unboringest thing ever!"

She laughed too, which set her dangling G-cups swaying. "Not the best grammar, but I'll let it slide."

He was in awe at Lisa's beauty. Just look at her! It's like there's a nude Playboy centerfold standing in the aisle of our airplane as we fly somewhere over the Pacific! And she literally can't keep her hands or mouth off my dick! And she calls herself my slut! While Mom and Sis watch it all. Fuck me! Can things ever get this good, for anyone, ever?!

His dick had gone flaccid in the couple of minutes he'd been drinking the water. His penis desperately needed the rest.

Lisa had anticipated that happening, but she wasn't going to give his penis more than a minute or two to stay that way. She said, "Hey, Sandy and Jane! Check it out. I want to show you just how virile your boy here is."

Jane had never left the cramped spot where she'd last climaxed. She was too tired to do more than drink the water. So all she had to do was look a couple of feet forward to see what was happening to her brother's penis.

Sandy had to stand up to look over the seatback in front of her. But she wasn't about to miss anything if it involved her son's dick.

Lisa didn't say or do anything, except for remaining in her precarious and highly titillating pose. She'd seen his penis was already starting to engorge, and she expected that to continue as he continued to stare at her curvaceous body.

Sure enough, in less than a minute, it was back to full size. It didn't stand up on its own like it did before, but it was very difficult for that to happen for a cock as large and heavy as his. He had to be out of his mind with lusty need for that. It did lift all the way off his tummy on its own though.

Sandy and Jane not only noticed, they oohed and aahed in appreciation.

Lisa was triumphant. "See? Is that not a great cock or what? Darrin, I've gotten to know you over the last week, and I think you're a great guy. But you're only fifteen! It's probably illegal for me to even kiss you. I don't want to know. As much as I like you, your personality isn't the main reason I'm your shameless personal slut. It's your cock! I don't know what's happened to me. I just wanna spend this whole flight with your hot throbbing cock-meat in my mouth, or buried between my big tits, or both!"

That had the reaction she'd been hoping for, not only on Darrin, but on Sandy and Jane too. She wanted to make sure they didn't come down too far from their last orgasm, because if they had time to clearly think, there was bound to be a lot of guilt and backsliding.

She kept the action going by turning around in the aisle until Darrin was staring directly at her ass. She struck another sexy pose, saying, "So, stud, now that you have your very first slut, what are you going to do to me? Just look?"

That was an obvious invitation if there ever was one, and his reaction was predictable. He reached out and clutched her ass cheeks with both hands, as he'd done the last time she'd showed him her ass while standing in the aisle.

She let him fondle and explore for a good two minutes or more. All the while, her legs stayed ramrod straight and spread wide to show off the effect of her high heels on her ass. She was delighted at how quickly Sandy and Jane were developing a high heel fetish, since that was a key part of sex slave life on Napali. On non-work days, it wasn't unusual for slaves to spend the entire day wearing nothing but their slave collars, their high heels, and their master's cum on their faces and chests.

Jane thought, Wow! Being a slut looks pretty damn great! Look at her writhe in ecstasy just from him fondling her ass! Taking control! He's not just caressing her ass, he's owning it! And everyone says I have an awesome ass. He could do that to me!

Sandy's thoughts were more focused on the danger. I can't believe Lisa is standing there in the aisle, where anyone can see! What if someone comes by?! They'll all see that she's acting like the sex toy to an unassuming teenage boy! How will she explain that?! Will she even stop?! Will he?! I think not! My big man is becoming such a BIG MAN! He's learning how to take control of his women!

To help boost those high heel feelings, as he groped, Lisa said to Sandy and Jane, "Ladies, was I right about high heels or was I right? Look at how much he loves to play with my ass. And half of that is how they firm up my butt cheeks and thighs. And it makes me feel really slutty and sexy! My heels are proof that I'm not naked by accident, like I'd just stepped out of a shower or something. I'm naked for HIM!"

The other two women were very impressed, and even more aroused.

Lisa deliberately stood almost out of reach of Darrin's grasp, so he had trouble reaching through her legs to her pussy (which was already getting wet again), and he wasn't comfortable reaching her ass.

This then gave her an excuse to say to him, "Wait, that's no good. We need to do that in a more comfortable way. And I want you to know that I'm not a slut for just anybody. Those women have no self-respect. I'm a slut for my man! That's why I want you to call me your 'personal slut,' Darrin!"

Sandy watched Lisa's every move. In her mind, she was the one bare naked in the aisle, getting felt up by her son.

Lisa moved over to stand directly in front of Darrin between his legs, right where she'd been kneeling before. Still facing away from him, she put her hands on the tall wall of stacked-up boxes in front of her and spread her legs even wider (while being mindful of where Jane was still kneeling).

He leaned forward again. Then he brought his hands back to her ass, firmly grasping each ass cheek.

She moaned erotically again, like his touch made her cum. That wasn't quite true, but it was close. She whispered huskily, "That's better! Such strong hands!"

Sandy's feelings were a jumble, now that she'd calmed down and recovered somewhat. A part of her wanted to chastise Lisa for posing so sexily with her completely naked sex bomb body and then inviting Darrin to fondle her ass like that. She felt it was too outrageous and sexual, and it set a bad precedent. Also, she was burning with jealousy and frustration that that wasn't her ass getting fondled. In addition, she was envious of Lisa's incredible naked body, even though her own was just as incredible, if not even more so.

But on the other hand, she'd only calmed down somewhat, and even her "calm" baseline state meant she was very, very horny! Each time she had a massive orgasm, the lusty part of her took more control. The "old" Sandy of only a few hours ago seemed to have left the airplane altogether.

In addition, Lisa's latest behavior was already heating Sandy right back up to a burning hot level, starting with getting to see her son's cock fully engorge on its own. Darrin's dick was still wonderfully stiff, and she was frustrated she couldn't at least stroke it a little, since nobody else was touching it.

Furthermore, watching Darrin fondle Lisa's bare ass, she had that same feeling that she was actually looking at her own body getting fondled by her son! It was very easy to imagine that - one only had to ignore Lisa's deeper all-over tan and not look high enough to see her black hair.

Also, her recent thoughts about possibly sexually sharing Darrin's cock were still bouncing around her brain. She was still resolved to stick to the "no touching his cock" rule. But that was like a broken dike crumbling to the forces of the onrushing ocean. A growing part of her desperately wanted to belong to him, especially so she could fulfill her great dream of frequently sucking his cock.

That was seeming increasingly possible if only she had the guts to suggest to Jane that they secretly share him, and Jane said yes. (That was from her current point of view. Of course, on Napali there would be no need for secrecy at all.)

Again, Jane was feeling much the same way as her mother, and for the same reasons. They really were "like mother, like daughter," which helped explain why they would both make great sex slaves. The idea of secretly sharing him with Sandy was weighing heavily on her mind too, even though she was trying hard not to think about it for fear of getting her hopes too high.

If only Jane had known how Sandy truly felt, and Sandy knew how Jane truly felt, things would have been much easier for everyone. But Lisa didn't want things to be too easy. SI had developed a sexual transformation formula over the decades, and it was good for future sex slaves to struggle with their feelings before they fully surrendered to their new master. It helped to make their inevitable fall that much more emotional and meaningful.

Since Jane was still kneeling on the floor to the side of Darrin and Lisa, she knew nobody was paying any attention to her, except maybe for Darrin occasionally looking at her big tits or her face. She resumed secretly playing with her pussy and clit, since it was such a thrill to see her relatively short and slight fifteen-year old brother dominating a centerfold-worthy woman nearly twice his age with the way he aggressively fondled and even kneaded Lisa's ass cheeks.

Jane thought, Wow! That's so seriously hot! I had my brother all wrong. I mean, I love him all up, and I've fantasized about his big cock for months now, but it was like it had been attached to the wrong guy. I still thought of him as my dorky little brother. But look at the way he's kneading Lisa's ass like he owns it! He's really taking charge! She's so way hot! And yet she's really into him! Gaawwwd! He's more of a real man than ANY of my boyfriends! The losers!

What if he came into the bathroom one day, naked, and I was already in there and naked too? But instead of just shyly leaving, like he did all the times he walked in on me before, what if he came on in and pinned me up against a wall like he's got Lisa pinned against those boxes? Then he'd totally fuckin' fondle the hell out of my ass like I'm his personal property, just like he's fondling her ass now! Then, having made his point that I'm his sexy little SLUT from then on, he'd turn me around and make me suck that fat cock of his! And I would! Hell yeah! I'd suck him with so much passion that he'd have to make me his favorite slut!

What little talking there was died away entirely as Darrin went to town playing with Lisa's ass for several more minutes. His inner master was coming out of its shell, and he really was fondling and kneading her ass cheeks like he owned them.

Not surprisingly, Sandy and Jane were hot as ovens all over again. Jane kept on secretly masturbating while Sandy kept on fondling her ass in imitation of what she was seeing.

Lisa hadn't expected such aggression from him so soon. He was supposed to be shy and polite, but clearly he changed dramatically when he got extremely turned on. This made her even more convinced that he was a natural sex stud.

She moaned loudly like a bitch in heat, since she felt exactly like a bitch in heat. She also knew her erotic noises would help drive the other two women wild.

Then, out of the blue, she resumed speaking. "Darrin! I hope you know I'm serious that I want you to call me your slut. Why don't you call me that again? I'd prefer if you'd regularly call me 'Slut' instead of 'Lisa.'"

"Are you serious?!" he asked unthinkingly.

"I JUST said 'I'm serious.'"

"Oh yeah."

Her bare ass humped back into his hands. "Come on, give it a try. I want you to. It'll make me even hotter for you. Start with 'slut.' But be creative with adjectives too. Come on!"

His entire body was trembling with excitement as he stared at a bubble butt that looked as flawless and enticing as a photo from a porn magazine. This was even more thrilling than when she'd been licking his boner. Despite the fact his cock wasn't being touched, it was in no danger whatsoever of going flaccid.

He said, "Hey, slut! Lisa, my busty slut! Oooh! I like that!"

"HNNNG! UNGH! I do too!" Lisa actually had a climax right then, although she did a good job of hiding it. It wasn't a really big one, but it felt great just the same. Due to her sex slave mentality, having the boy she now considered her master (albeit temporarily) call her "slut" was a great thrill for her.

Sandy was just as aroused. Although she wanted to keep both of her hands on her ass, still imitating what Darrin was doing to Lisa, she was compelled to bring a hand around to her pussy, because it was getting too hot and needy to be denied. She was thankful again to be behind the seatbacks as she resumed pumping two fingers in and out. She'd wiped her pussy dry mere minutes ago, but it went without saying that it was soaked again.

She thought, "SLUT!" I love the sound of that. Especially "my busty slut!" "Son, can I be your busty slut, too? Pleeeaaase?! I promise I'll make it worthwhile. I can reward you with my hot mouth and my big tits! Don't you want me to sneak into your bedroom wearing just these high heels and wake you with a slurpy blowjob? Because that's what busty sluts do! I'll even let you fuck my face any time you want, because that's what good sluts do too. And you can fuck my big tits as well, any time you want! Busty sluts love that, because they're so busty! I know how much you want to do that. Mommy wants it too!"

But even as she was working up towards a nice climax, her guilt came back. What am I thinking?! I can't be his slut; I'm his mother! I'll have to leave that to Lisa and others. It's not my fate. No touching!

However, her attempt to shut down this line of thinking didn't work too well, largely due to the fact that she kept on masturbating and kept on watching her son's aggressive fondling. But God, if I could, if I only could... Son, I'd be the BEST slut ever! Your BUSTY slut! With my BIG tits!

I'd even share you with Lisa, and Vicky, and Jane! Especially Janey! And anyone else you want, because that's how much I love you! And that's what sluts do, like she said! I know nobody is touching your cock right now, which is a damn shame! If I was your slut already, I could hold it and even suck on it as Lisa stands there and lets you play with her centerfold body! Yesssss! SUCK on it! I'd slide my lips back and forth on your yummy pole to help you enjoy fondling Lisa's ass that much more, just like Olivia does for her son!

A minute passed, and then another. Darrin could have played with Lisa's ass all day, since he was having such a great time making her moan erotically. That was doubly so because he could hear the renewed, constant stream of sexy moans from his mother and sister too, as well as their heavy panting. It didn't take a genius to figure out that both of them had to be masturbating some more, even if it couldn't be directly seen.

He knew they'd been calm just a little while ago, when they'd been drinking their waters, and he loved how quickly they got hot and bothered all over again. That was a good portent for the future.

But it was inevitable his hands started to wander farther afield. He began exploring Lisa's muscular thighs and her lower back. However, he was particularly interested in going between her legs, since they were spread out. He toyed with her taint, but soon moved on to properly touching and fondling her pussy for the first time.

Lisa was getting carried away. Oh, yes! Touch me there, Master! That cunt is yours now, for as long as you own me! I can't wait until you fuck me for the first time! When you plow all the way into me, it just might be the deepest, thickest fucking of my entire life!

He was having a great time exploring her pussy lips and clit. He was learning about female anatomy with keen interest all the while.

Then it occurred to him that since he really wanted to explore her pussy the most, it would be a lot easier to get her to turn around. So he said, "Slut, turn around. I want to play with your pussy more directly!"

Lisa loved how forceful he was getting. She got a thrill out of the fact that it looked like he really was going to try to call her "Slut" instead of "Lisa." She grunted extra loudly as another minor orgasm hit her. Then she said, "Yes, sir! Right away, sir!"

Those words were a serious skull fuck for both Jane and Sandy. Hearing him take charge of Lisa with those words pushed their buttons, and they were big buttons that had never been pushed before.

Furthermore, having Lisa - who easily could have been a centerfold or fashion model for any magazine she wanted - so eagerly obey this rather thin and dorky fifteen-year old boy was another brain fuck for all involved. It simply should not have been that she was falling hard for him, even with his huge cock, and yet she obviously was. So when she said, "Yes, sir! Right away, sir!" that was like pouring gasoline on an already raging fire, especially with the use of the word "sir."

Jane was playing with her nipples and her pussy lips. But when she moved her fingers to diddle her clit, that set her off like a rocket. She had to take her hand from her nipple so she could bite on it in order to avoid screaming as another big climax hit her.

At the exact same time, Sandy was getting even more carried away freely masturbating. With her lower body still protected from prying eyes by the chairs, she rapidly pumped her pussy with two fingers while sometimes touching her clit with her thumb. Meanwhile, she used her other hand to pull on a nipple, even though that might be seen had anyone been looking her way.

She came at the exact same time her daughter did, while having the exact same thought that Darrin was calling her slut and demanding she turn around so he could play with her pussy.

Also, funnily enough, not only did Sandy want to stay quiet so her orgasm wasn't noticed, but she bit down on the hand that had been playing with a nipple in order to try to silence herself, exactly as Jane did at almost exactly the same time.

In fact, had either Darrin or Lisa been paying attention, they would have noticed the orgasmic moans that both Jane and Sandy were making. Neither of them were screaming exactly, but it was a significant difference from the constant stream of sexy moans they had already been making.

However, Lisa was cumming too, and she didn't have any reason to restrain herself, so her even louder and still more obviously orgasmic moans and cries took precedence, drowning the others out.

It took about a minute from the time Darrin said "Slut, turn around. I want to play with your pussy!" until she actually did so. She'd said "Right away, sir," and she was craving to obey the direct command from her new master. But she was immobilized by her orgasm rushing through her body.

Finally, she managed to turn around for him. She had to lean up against the boxes behind her, since her legs were still a little shaky from the orgasm.

He briefly looked up at her stunning face and huge tits, and simply thought, WOW! What a BABE! The sweat pouring down her face made it look like she'd been royally fucked for hours, which, in a way, wasn't that far from the truth. She felt well used already, especially since this was her first real sexual interaction in a year.

Then he eagerly reached out for his prize. He'd been sliding a finger along her pussy lips a little bit through her legs, but now he was able to both touch and see her pussy, and that was much better.

The only problem for him was that it was far too arousing for him. He was tripping out like he was on heavy drugs, except the drug was sexual arousal.

Lisa was just as high on lust, if not more so. She was very mindful of the fact that it had been a full year since her pussy had been touched by anyone other than herself. While she had greatly enjoyed her time with her last temporary master one year ago, and the one the year before that, she was clicking with him in a special way that had never happened with her previous temporary masters.

Actually, she felt the entire Douglas family was extra special, even by SI's high standards. They were model examples of what the Napali colony was all about: a hidden tropical utopia where people like them could find their true places in the world as masters and slaves, respectively. Without SI's intervention, they almost certainly would never realize their full sexual potential.

Darrin had only started to explore Lisa's pussy from the front for a few seconds, running his index finger up and down her sopping wet pussy lips, when she hissed at him earnestly, "So! When are you going to fuck your SLUT?!"

That wasn't part of the SI script Lisa was supposed to follow. Fucking was deemphasized about as much as possible during these Napali flights, so the mothers and daughters on board could develop a very special feeling for cocksucking, the "bread and butter" of daily slave life on Napali. There would be plenty of fucking, of course, but that usually came later. Furthermore, it was Lisa's job to encourage him to lose his virginity to his sister or mother, to help deepen their sexual bonds. She had even privately chided him not to talk about fucking just yet. However, she was so taken by him and his cock that she forgot all that and let her lusty urge to get fucked get the best of her.

Darrin didn't know he was on the verge of cumming. He thought he had that under control for a while, since his boner wasn't even being touched. But when Lisa said those words, he suddenly lost it. He winced like he was suffering badly, and muttered, "Gotta... cum!"

Lisa reacted in a flash. In about as much time as it took to count to two, she was back on her knees, with a hand on his shaft and his cockhead in her mouth!

Both Jane and Sandy thought they were done with their orgasms. They were at the tail end of their last ones and enjoying the afterglow. But seeing Lisa wrap her lips around his thickness yet again changed that in a hurry. In a flash, their arousal level shot all the way up to Jupiter or even beyond. Both of them immediately resumed playing with their clits and biting down on their hands and had another climax much like the last one.

Jane thought, Oh no! Okay, that's IT! I'm cumming AGAIN?! I have GOT to suck Brother's cock! NOW! Fucking move over, Lisa! I swear, I'm tempted to push you out of the way so he can ram his cock down MY throat! I need to suck him, like a good slut does! Like Lisa does it, teary cheeks and caved-in cheeks and all! I've never been this hot and horny in my life!

At first, Lisa wrapped her lips around his bulbous cockhead and planned to bob right through his climax. She'd gotten there with no time left to spare, and he started blasting into the back of her throat. But she generally preferred taking cum loads on her face. Furthermore, she was lucid enough to remember that her main task was to help the other two women find their sex slave bliss, and having his cum splattered all over her face could help with that, because it was such a symbolic visual.

So, after taking the first couple of ropes directly into her mouth, she quickly pulled back. With her eyes closed, she both held and stroked his cock as he aimed it here and there, making sure some of his cum hit her forehead, chin, nose, and both cheeks while avoiding her black hair or her eye sockets. She had done this countless thousands of times when she was a sister-slave for eight years, so she was an expert with her aim.

Luckily, Darrin shot out enough cum to match the porn star size of his cock. So despite Lisa taking some of his cum into her mouth, there not only was enough cum to thoroughly paint her face, there was even some left over for her to partially paint her G-cups too.

Sandy and Jane watched in sheer amazement. Since they were submissives who got off on being sexually humiliated, they were bound to love facials like a fish loves water, and they did. The submissive and humiliating aspect of the act was obvious and needed no spelling out.

Both of them were cumming already, but seeing a "perfect ten" stunner like Lisa take all that cum on her gorgeous face kept their orgasms going and going.

Before long, the inevitable happened and Darrin's orgasm started to peter out. His orgasmic peak seemed like a wonderful eternity for both him and her, but in reality it was only a matter of seconds, like any man cumming.

However, Lisa was a very talented slut, and she knew how to prolong the joy. As his last weak ropes shot towards her cleavage, she took his hard-on back into her mouth and frantically sucked on it.

Thanks to that, he stayed stiff for about another minute, and a great minute it was. But he was too wiped out from too much intense sexual activity in a short time, and he gradually went flaccid despite her best efforts. Remarkably, this was his sixth orgasm in only four hours.

While she watched Lisa suck him some more, Sandy came close to passing out because she was so dizzy with arousal, even though she had just climaxed herself. You've gotta be KIDDING me! A face soaked with cum AND my big man is still erect and fucking her face! THAT has to be the sexiest thing I've ever seen! He's such a STUD! And I'm going to be living in the same house as him, maybe for years to come! How will I resist cramming his cock into my gullet on the very first day we arrive?! Or even before then?! How?!

Lisa realized he needed a mental break as well as a physical one.

So she did something that surprised all the others. Since her mature body was larger than his still growing one, and she was so buff that she had the slight beginnings of a "six-pack" on her tummy, she had no problem picking him up, and that's what she did. He was like a dead weight after cumming, but she carried his seemingly lifeless body into the aisle and then moved to the back row.

Still holding him up, she non-verbally indicated to Sandy that she wanted to sit in the middle seat, where Sandy was still standing, so Sandy moved back to her usual "window" seat.

Then Lisa sat down first and then sat him down in her lap.

Resting on Lisa's lush but firm body was heavenly and reassuring for him, especially since she lightly wrapped her arms around him, cradling him like an oversized baby.

He was out like a light.

Sandy stared at how Darrin looked sitting in the lap of Lisa, who was at least six inches taller not counting her high heels, and bigger and stronger all around. She thought it was adorable.

Awww! Look at my big man! He's not so big compared to Lisa. In fact, he makes her look like an Amazon. And he's all cute cuddled up in her lap, just like he slept in my lap back when he was a baby. But he's no baby anymore. In less than a day, he's turned the likes of Lisa into his slut! His personal big-titted slut! My son is really becoming a man. Wow!

And look at her face, so thoroughly covered with cum! It's just like one of Olivia's videos, except I can see the glistening sheen so much better. And I can smell it! Mmmm! Aaaah! So sweet and nice! I love the smell of my son's cum from his socks already, but I'm sure it's even more tasty on skin.

I wish I could swipe a finger along her face to taste it, but that would be rude. Besides, I guess that would kind of violate my no touching rule, although not really, because it's not touching him, only her... Hmmm...

Maybe I should ask her for permission? No. That would be too weird. It would be a violation of the "no touching his cock" rule too, in spirit, at least.

Meanwhile, Lisa was looking at Sandy as she was thinking, Just look at you, with your mammoth tits and perfect face. You're going to make an excellent slave! But if you want to be the very first woman he fucks, you're going to have to act fast. I don't know how long I can hold out! There's something about him that I really like. If he's like this at 15, what will he be like in three or four years? It makes me want to cream yet again, thinking what a perfect master he'll be! Gaawwwd, the untold thousands of times he's going to blast his cum on your face or tits, or down your throat! You're so lucky!

Once Lisa was repositioned and comfy, Sandy asked her, "What's going on?"

Lisa replied, "I think we could all use a little rest, no?"

"I suppose," Sandy replied. She'd just had two fairly big orgasms, though not huge ones, and she could go either way. She was very tired indeed, but she was having the time of her life.

Lisa chuckled as she thought back to what just had happened. Having another round of orgasms for everyone hadn't been planned by her at all. But she didn't see any harm in it, unless Darrin was too orgasmed out to fully enjoy himself all the way to the end of the flight. She would have to watch for that.

To justify her chuckling, she commented, "Remember how I stood up to stretch? That turned into quite a stretch, didn't it?"

Sandy chuckled at that too.

So did Jane, who had returned to her usual seat in the front row, while looking to the back row.

Now that Sandy had climaxed and calmed down some, she was much more aware of her surroundings. That made her acutely aware of the fact she was totally nude on a plane with passengers and crew. She shyly asked, "Can I have at least something wear?"

Lisa smirked. "I'll think about it."

Sandy blushed. She said, chagrined, "I take that's a no."

"You take that correctly. It's not for me to say, anyway. You've gotta start working on earning some more brownie points with your son, and you can't do that until he's up and about." Lisa gently ran a hand through his hair, careful not to disturb him.

Sandy grumbled to herself, The stupid point system! How did that come to be, anyway? And how am I going to get enough points to even make it through the airport later? Ugh! What a nightmare!

But she was getting used to her fate. She didn't fight it or even try to cover her privates. It seemed pointless, after everything that had happened. She couldn't admit it to herself yet, but she liked having her son control what she wore or didn't wear. It was a first step towards him taking total control over her body too.

Lisa hadn't got much reaction from the women to her suggestion that everyone should take a nap. So she repeated the idea. "Like I said, this would be a good nap time. It's a long, long flight, after all. But hey, before we nap a little, Jane, could you get each of us another bottle of water from the cooler? You've probably seen where it is."

Jane responded, "Sure thing. But didn't we all drink not that long ago?"

"Yes, but we've been so distracted by, well, let's just say interesting things happening in Darrin's lap, that we haven't been hydrating enough. It's still hot as hell in here, even with the fans on. Remember how Sandy got the shakes?"

Sandy groaned in her own mind over that. Ugh! When am I ever going to live that down? But it was still hot. She wiped her sweaty forehead and got a wet hand as a result.

That reminded her how cummy her thighs were too. That also seemed pointless to combat at this point though. If she got cleaned there, she was pretty sure she'd just be wet again in a matter of minutes anyway.

Jane got up and picked up four bottles of ice cold water. She handed one each to the other still awake, then left one on the empty seat next to where Lisa and Darrin were sitting so he could drink it when he woke up. Then she had a better idea and moved the bottle out of the way and took that seat, since it was vacant anyway.

The three women slowly chugged down their waters.

Sandy was still fairly horny. More and more, after she climaxed she'd find herself thinking about all the things that happened that led up to her climax, and that would get her hot and bothered before anything else took place yet. She was becoming resigned to the probability that she'd be cumming off and on for the rest of the flight.

Holding her water bottle, she recalled what happened earlier when Vicky had turned her orange juice into an oversized copy of Darrin's cock in her mind. She was tempted to live that fantasy daydream again, but the others were sitting nearby and she was too tired from cumming so much in a short time. She'd had three big orgasms in only about ten minutes.

So she quickly finished off her water and then fell asleep right away. She was a lot more tired than she'd realized. Despite passing out and otherwise resting earlier, and despite being in top physical shape, she wasn't used to this kind of nearly non-stop sexual activity.

It was even more mentally exhausting than physically taxing. She needed to rest her mind much more than her body for other reasons too. Her entire life had turned upside down in just a couple of hours, and she hadn't had any time to process it yet.

Once again, it was a very similar story for Jane, since they were two peas in a pod in many ways. She also fell asleep right away, and for the same reasons.

Lisa had made a good call about the need for napping. The funny thing was, Lisa had led most of the actual sexual physical interaction for most of the morning, so she should have been the most tired by far. But after eight years of being her brother's sex slave, she was used to sexual marathons, especially cocksucking and stroking marathons. Even though she'd been celibate for most of the last three years, she'd stayed in tip-top shape, and her old habits came right back to her almost like she'd never left Napali at all. She was proud of that.

Still, even she closed her eyes so she could take a little mental rest. Seeing everything come together so wonderfully for the Douglas family was mentally exhausting for her too, especially since she knew how much more was still to come in a short time.

But she didn't rest for long. After five minutes, she decided that this would be a good time to slip away for a while without being missed. She wanted to talk to Vicky so they could exchange notes. She wanted to find out from Vicky what Vicky and Sandy had talked about in their private chats, as well as see how things were going with the two other families. Plus, there were some logistical issues to deal with. For instance, lunch was coming up or overdue, and she wanted to find out about that.

She got up and out from Darrin as carefully as she could, which wasn't easy, since he was cuddled up in her lap. He woke up briefly while she was moving, but he was so exhausted that he went right back to sleep.

Before Lisa left, she came up with a good idea. Once she was sure Darrin was sleeping again, and that Sandy was sleeping too, she scooted him over until he was resting up against his mother's nude body. He stirred a bit, but only to find a more comfortable position. He cuddled into Sandy like she was a giant pillow.

Lisa thought that was adorable and great, but she wasn't done. She carefully took one of his hands and draped it across her tummy. Then she even more carefully took one of Sandy's hands and brought it to his lap. His penis was flaccid (finally!) or she would have wanted to actually wrap Sandy's fingers around his shaft.

As it was, Sandy ended up unwittingly lightly cupping his balls, which Lisa found pretty exciting.

Lisa had to go shortly after that, which meant she knew they'd be left to their own devices. She was hopeful that they'd wake up to a nice surprise and something incestuous would happen.

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