Chapter 37
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Lisa was gone for a half an hour. She spent most of that time talking to Vicky. She cleaned her body thoroughly with wet towels again, but she deliberately continued to wear nothing but her high heels, despite walking to the middle of the airplane. She was enjoying being a shameless slut again, and she had missed it badly. She felt like she was back in her natural element, especially when it came to being owned.

When she came back to where the Douglases were, she saw that the three of them were still sleeping but they were starting to stir a little. She could tell it was unlikely all three of them would stay asleep for long. Actually, the cabin was still so hot that it was a wonder they'd been able to go to sleep at all.

She looked them over and saw that Darrin had a big erection, as a well as big grin on his face. Awww. What a cutie. I'm sure he's having a nice erotic dream. It must be a pretty exciting one for him to be stiff after six cums in four hours. He certainly has plenty of new and highly arousing things to dream about!

His head was resting on the top of the upper slopes of Sandy's immense tits. Furthermore, his hand that Lisa had draped across Sandy's middle had wound up cupping her far tit from below.

Lisa felt shivers race up and down her spine. Lisa felt that to see Darrin drawn to Sandy's naked body like this even while sleeping was a sign of great things right around the corner.

Then Lisa quietly chuckled to herself. I really like where his hand went! It's nicely fitting, since he's so obsessed with his mother's rack. Although I am slightly bummed that it's taking place while he's sleeping, when he can't consciously appreciate it. I'm sure he'll get to play with those enormous globes much more as the day goes on. Much, much more!

She was more disappointed by what had happened to Sandy's hand that she'd put on his body. It had left his balls and even his crotch altogether, and was resting on his tummy instead.

Lisa had a devilish plan to "fix" and even "improve" that. Since he was fully erect, she very, very carefully moved Sandy's hand to his boner and wrapped her fingers around it.

That might have seemed an immoral thing to do, but she knew that it was just a matter of time before Sandy was spending hours a day with her son's cock in her hands, cleavage, and/or her mouth, and stopping that now would be like trying to stop a roaring freight train with the force of a pinky. Even a blind man would be able to see that Sandy wanted to suck his cock more than she'd ever wanted anything, with no exaggeration. However, she was stubbornly sticking to her "no touching his cock" rule.

Lisa knew that rule would crumble like a house of cards if Darrin just asserted his dominance over her as he should as her rightful master. But he was still too shy and inexperienced to do that yet, as well as too respectful of her feelings. Sandy might suffer in lusty agony for hours, or even into tomorrow's flight, because she was too stubborn to act on what she really longed to do more than anything else and finally wrap her lips around her son's shaft for the very first time.

However, if Sandy did something to his cock when she was asleep or half asleep, then gradually come awake and keep going, that could help that "no touching his cock" rule come crumbling down much faster, to the benefit and relief of everybody, most especially Sandy.

Sandy had a great big smile on her face already, and Lisa figured she was enjoying a great erotic dream too. Lisa knew that dreams often are influenced by what is happening in the room where the person is sleeping. For instance, a loud buzzing sound might result in something buzzing in the dream world.

In Sandy's case, she already was dreaming about Darrin's cock, so when she actually felt it in her hand, that immediately got incorporated into her dream.

Sandy was slowly coming out of her deep sleep into that zone halfway between sleep and waking. Soon, she had enough control over her body to start stroking his shaft in real life!

Lisa was absolutely overjoyed! She had spent months of preparation with other SI staffers to help with the Douglas family's sexual transformation behind the scenes, and the linchpin of that was getting Darrin and Sandy intimate. She felt more shivers race down her spine to witness this pivotal first. Her heart soared, even as her envy did too. She would have given anything to be in Sandy's place, just taking her first baby steps towards a new sex slave life.

Lisa would have loved to stay and closely witness everything that happened. But she knew that if she did so she could jeopardize events. If anyone noticed her presence, the mood would almost certainly be broken. She had to put the Douglas family's sexual progress with each other above everything else, including her own curiosity and arousal. It was her job, after all.

She snuck away unnoticed. She went to talk to Vicky some more and see if she needed help with anything.

Then a rather curious yet fortuitous thing happened. Sandy slowly came awake, because what was happening was so exciting and thrilling that she couldn't possibly sleep through it. On some level, her body knew she was not only holding a stiff, huge erection, it was so extremely thick that it had to be her son's erection! Her dream had involved her jacking him off already, and when she began to actually do that in real life, her dream morphed to take the real details around her into account, such as where they were sitting in relation to each other.

So when she woke up, she consciously thought the dream was continuing except it had become lucid, even though she knew better on a deeper level. She was so blissed out on joy and lust to be stroking her son's cock after having to only watch Lisa playing with it most of the morning that she never had a sharp "A-ha!" moment jerking her wide awake.

As a result, even though she opened her eyes and eventually did become wide awake, she didn't stop stroking him!

Meanwhile, something similar was happening to Darrin. He too happened to be having an erotic dream involving his bombshell mother already, and when she began jacking him off in real life, his dream also morphed to take that into account. But as he came awake, he DID have that "A-ha!" moment where he realized he'd woken up and this wasn't a dream anymore.

The twist though was that he assumed that Sandy was awake and was fully aware of what she was doing, even though he opened his eyes and saw her eyes were closed and she had a dreamy, blissful expression on her face. It was a likely assumption, because how could she jack him off without realizing it? So naturally he was freaked out but excited beyond belief!

He thought, Oh my GOD! Mom! MOM! Mom has her hand around my dick and she's STROKING IT! Jesus Christ! This is even better than everything that's happened with Lisa! Mom's come around after all, despite that stupid rule of hers! YES! YES! AWESOME! Oh, happy day! I can't believe it!

Oh God! I knew it! I knew she was hot for me! Especially when she had that hungry look in her eyes and just stared and stared into my soul for so long, while standing there naked, just rubbing her huge tits together, licking her lips... Man, she's hotter than molten lava! But I didn't know if and when she'd actually cross the line and break that stupid fucking "no touching my dick" rule. And now she HAS! Man, has she! Nothing will EVER be the same again!

UNNGH HNNNG! And it feels soooo good! Oh God! Oh God! I feel I could fly! Actually fly in the sky! My MOM is jacking me off!

Actually, what Sandy's hand was doing wasn't particularly stimulating as handjobs go. She was still somewhat out of it, and all she was doing was pumping her hand slowly up and down. She was helped along by the fact that her son's boner was still wet from before the nap, so her fingers slid along easily. But she wasn't doing anything tricky or special at all, and she didn't even pay any particular attention to his sweet spot or his cockhead as a whole. The fact that her fingers were holding and sliding on her son's cock made her so thrilled beyond belief that she was incapable of doing more at the moment. She was flying high as a kite!

But for Darrin, her lack of talented moves so far didn't matter. He knew the mere fact that his mother had her fingers sliding on his hard-on was the most significant development of his entire life, even more than anything and everything Lisa had done to him earlier. After all, Lisa would be gone from his life in a week or two, but his relationship with his mother was forever, so this changed everything. Or at least so he thought, since he assumed his mother knew this was "for real."

He immediately figured that if she was doing this much to him, he could do things to her body that he'd wanted to do for years, starting with fondling her huge I-cups some more. So he was more than a little surprised to find that one of his hands was already touching and even cupping one! He didn't know how that had happened exactly, but he took it as another great sign and green light to go full speed ahead.

Jolts of excitement shot up and down his spine when his mind caught up to where his hand was. His head spun just from looking at his hand in that previously forbidden spot. He also loved that her gigantic orbs were lightly bouncing in time to her stroking. He couldn't wait to act out all of his fantasies that revolved around her firm, round I-cups.

However, she looked so blissed out that he didn't want to startle and upset her. He figured she was in a mellow, contented mood, so he started out fondling her tits gently. Wow, man! Mom's body is my personal wonderland to enjoy and explore, at least for now. That's such a heady thought that the room is spinning! I can't wait to touch every last inch of her muscular yet feminine body.

She's such a fox, and she's MINE! Man! My mind is continually melting just from thinking I can play with her now, and maybe even forever! ... Well, okay, maybe that's overstating things, but fuck! Anything is possible now! Anything!

He shifted in his seat so he was facing her as much as he could in the limited space, while being careful not to wake Jane, who he'd noticed was sleeping on the other side of him. Then he brought his other hand over to his mother so he had one hand cupping each one of her mammoth globes.

YEEEESSSS! There IS a god! This is so great! Fuck me! WOW! They feel fantastic, like I'd already dreamed! Of course, I felt them earlier, but doing this while Mom is ACTIVELY JACKING ME OFF is freaking me out! In the best way! I've spilled enough cum dreaming about this sort of thing to float an ocean liner! MAN! Her tits are just so soft and squeezable and wonderful and ENORMOUS that I could cry! And her hand! Her hand! Stroking me! I can't believe it! I honestly can't believe it!

He was still tempted to give her round melons a few firm squeezes right away, but he decided to work up to that. Her smile was ten miles wide, and she was moaning joyfully and lustily, so he knew she was reacting to what he was doing - as well as what she was doing to his erection. But she still seemed mellow and blissed out, and he didn't want to come across as too grabby, especially since she'd gently chided him about that earlier. So he just lightly caressed them, taking in their shape, feel, and incredible volume. It was like he was touching them for the very first time, even though he'd enjoyed them earlier.

Meanwhile, Sandy was coming to the gradual "realization" that her dream had turned lucid, although she was very wrong about that. He mind was actually tricking her brain, because she wanted her son's cock so very badly but she had all kinds of reservations of actually playing with it. So she was doing an end-run around her conscious thinking. She knew on a deeper level that she was awake, but on a surface level she stayed oblivious. She was very careful to keep her eyes closed, for fear that opening them would end the "dream."

She thought, Aaaah! So this is what a lucid dream is like. I've heard about them but I've never had one myself. I guess my feelings today are so strong that my dreams are going to a whole new level! My desire to stroke and suck his cock is so all-consuming that my brain found a work-around!

Wonderful! It's so much better feeling his cock this way! Much more real than any dream before! And I get to be in charge of everything! This is my big chance! So what am I doing just stroking it in this lazy way? Now's my chance to act out everything I want to do to him!

She started to jack him off in a more deliberate manner. She knew her way around a penis well enough from her years married to Dennis, and she'd learned more talking to Olivia and watching her videos. Plus, she correctly considered Lisa an elite expert at all forms of pleasuring a cock, so she had been mentally taking notes all the time she'd spent staring at Lisa's busy fingers in the last few hours. She definitely knew to focus on his sweet spot and the area around it, especially his cockhead and his sensitive underside. She concentrated nearly all her efforts there.

Darrin was wowed. That felt much, much better. And thanks to his knowledge that it was his mother doing it, the pleasure of her every move was multiplied by ten. He moaned with rapturous joy.

Sandy heard those moans and felt her own rapturous joy. She was waking up in a hurry, all the way up, with her entire body tingling with arousal.

But her new technique only lasted a minute or two before she came up with an even better idea, the thing she longed to do most of all: suck his cock! Of course, she'd fantasized about that endlessly over the last year, but in the last couple of hours her desire had become unstoppable, so there was no way she could miss this opportunity! Since she thought she was dreaming, the "no touching his cock" rule wasn't even on her mind.

She'd had an excellent idea what blowjobs were like due to Olivia plus her own recent experiments with dildos and other phallic objects. She couldn't even count the hours she'd studied Olivia's technique by watching her videos, whether she realized she was studying or not. Plus there were all the times she'd talked to Olivia about it, with Olivia often going into great technical detail about what she was doing inside her mouth.

However, since Sandy hadn't sucked on an actual flesh and blood penis for many years (and even then her infrequent and uninspired times with her husband hardly counted, especially due to the penis size difference), her dreams had lacked vividness and accurate detail when it came to putting her son's cock in her mouth. She was sure her supposed "lucid dream" would feel completely different - especially since a part of her knew it wasn't a dream at all!

There wasn't much room for her to bend over into his lap, because she was trapped in the "window" seat (which had no window) between the wall of the airplane and his body in the middle seat. But she was so determined to realize her greatest desire that she made do. She slid her ass as far as she could until it was pressed against the wall, and then bent her head down into his lap.

It wasn't comfortable, and she could have used a lot more room, but she managed to bring her mouth to his cockhead by bending her upper body.

She was wide awake, with every nerve in her body on end, but she still didn't even open her eyes for a second, still in fear of waking up.

She gave the very tip of his cockhead a few licks while she was psyching herself up. She continued to slide her fingers up and down his shaft. Aaaaaah! Licking! That's MUCH better! So real! I can practically taste it! But I know what I REALLY want, and I can't wait another second! And I can do it! I know I can do it! Here goes nothing!

He was still having a grand time playing with her magnificent tits. When she repositioned, he had no trouble keeping his hands on them. But when her head dropped down and he felt her tongue lick his cockhead, time stood still! His hands froze, and in fact his entire body froze except for his loudly thumping heart.

Is she going to do it?! Oh God! Oh God! Lord, have mercy on me! SHE'S GONNA DO IT!

She took a deep breath, then opened her mouth as wide as she possibly could. She finally stopped stroking and her two hands simply held his boner in place. She knew this was going to be a great challenge, and she didn't want her attention divided. Her goal was to just get his cockhead in her mouth fast before she began to have doubts and second thoughts about the physical challenge of it.

She slid her lips down and down, stretching them wide around his cockhead. But they weren't wide enough! She wanted to scream in frustration, even as she was walking on air from actually having her mouth touching his cock at all. She made it down to the ridge of his crown in one fell swoop, but the extra width of that crown foiled her.

She wasn't going to be denied though, and she stretched and strained even harder, opening her jaw still wider.

And that did it! She made it past! She was overjoyed! Things got easier after that, since he had a particularly large and bulbous cockhead. His shaft narrowed for a while just below it, before thickening again towards the middle. She eagerly slid her lips back and forth there, knowing that's where most of his pleasure nerves were. At the same time, she struggled with trying to breathe through her nose. She also found it surprisingly hard not to use her teeth on him.

UGH! Gaawwwd! I did it! OOOOH! OH YES! Glory be! I took it all in! And it feels so REAL! BEST DREAM EVER!

Her sense of accomplishment was so immense that nothing compared to it. It was as if everything in her life had come together for this one magical moment. This was her true calling! Not just sucking cock, but sucking her son's cock! Her entire body bathed in a glow of warm satisfaction.

However, she couldn't dwell on that, because the physical challenges were considerable, and she had to run with her momentum to get over additional hurdles.

Keeping her son's huge cockhead inside her mouth was full of physical challenges, and continuing to get oxygen was just one. Her lips stretched so widely that it was quite painful, and her whole face ached with unfamiliar sensations. Mainly, it simply wasn't comfortable to fit any object that large into one's mouth. The mouth wasn't designed for it, and it felt unnatural, to say the least.

Her heart was thumping so hard that it felt like it was pounding right in her ears. She was salivating like crazy as well, to help lube him up, though luckily his boner was still wet from Lisa before. She was sweating a lot too, more from the intensity of the moment than the heat.

It would have been very easy for her to throw in the towel at this point. It was even more difficult than she'd anticipated, and tears streamed from her eyes right away. Furthermore, she began to have a real worry that this wasn't a lucid dream after all. If it was, why would her mind make it this very difficult?

But this was her great fantasy, her obsession. This was her son, this was his thick cock, and she wanted to experience sexual nirvana while giving him great pleasure. Most of all, she wanted to be his cocksucking big-titted mommy slut, exactly like Olivia was for her son. That couldn't happen if she gave up now.

So she persevered with tremendous determination. She knew that pulling her lips off could be a disaster, because it would be twice as hard to get his cockhead back in her mouth after a loss of confidence. There was no choice but to go forward.

However, she decided to scale back her ambitions. She wanted to do everything at once, like she'd seen Lisa do at times: fondle his balls, stroke his shaft, slide her lips, lick with her tongue, and apply a lot of suction. Given his unusual thickness, just sliding her lips was difficult enough, so she limited herself to that for now. She had both hands on his shaft - she loved how there was plenty of room to do that - but they continued to merely hold him in place so she could direct all her mental energies to her lips.

For the next couple of minutes, she simply slid her lips back and forth about an inch each time, right over his sweet spot. Her eyes were shut tight and she blocked out the outside world so she could keep that going, no matter what. She felt tears flowing down her face, and her jaws and lips hurt from the stretching. Merely continuing to breathe through her nose was another problem. The temptation to pull off remained great, but still she went on.

Thankfully, despite the difficulties, she already was having a great time! She'd started to feel a physical pleasure from the sucking right from the get-go. After all, she was orally fixated, and she often had a hard time not sucking on something.

But much more intense than the immediate physical pleasure was the mental pleasure. She was sucking her son's cock! That was the most exciting and arousing feeling she'd ever felt, by a mile. She found herself thinking, both to psyche herself into keep going and just to revel in her situation, I'm really doing it! Of course I've sucked his cock countless times before in other dreams, but this feels so much more real! I can smell and taste and feel everything... so vividly! Maybe it was all the things Lisa said and did today.

It's as great as I'd hoped! It really is! I worried it couldn't live up to the hype, but it has!

Although maybe it's TOO real. If I'm in charge of this dream, can't I make it a little easier on myself? Couldn't I dream his cock to be a little narrower, or at least my mouth wider?

But, no! I LIKE that it's so tough! I RELISH the challenge. And I wouldn't change his cock for anything in the world. I love it! Son! I love you! I can do this! I AM doing it! Son, your cock is so big and THICK and powerful, but I'm not going to let it defeat me! Don't worry, Mommy's going to learn to suck your cock like Lisa does, even if it kills me! I've been bobbing for a minute or two already, and dammit, I'm not stopping for anything!

Needless to say, Darrin was reeling in shock, tripping as high as the highest drug addict, except his "drug" was lust.

The danger of the situation set his heart racing even faster than it already was. He was highly aware of the fact that his body was trapped between his cocksucking mother on one side and his still sleeping sister on the other.

Had he been rationally thinking, he would have realized that having his sister wake up and find him like this might not be a bad thing and could even be a great thing, since she'd shown an obvious desire to suck him too. But he wasn't even close to thinking rationally, and his gut instinct told him he had to avoid her from finding out at all costs.

But how could he do that, short of ending the blowjob? Stopping wasn't even an option in his mind. He decided that all he could do was stay as still and quiet as possible, and above all make sure he didn't jostle her or even touch her. That was the main reason for his fear, since there were only a couple of inches between parts of her body and his.

Unfortunately, he had to withdraw his hands from Sandy's big bare tits. He would have thought that a wild team of horses couldn't keep him from playing with them, as long as she willingly let him. However, the blowjob took top priority. He had to remain 100% mentally focused on that, especially on trying not to cum. It would be very disappointing to both him and her if he climaxed now. He worried she might have grave doubts if the magical spell allowing this to happen was broken, and that might break it.

Therefore, he couldn't afford to arouse himself still more by having fun with her enormous tits. Besides, doing that was pleasure overkill at this point, and he couldn't properly appreciate it. The mere mental realization that she was well and truly sucking his cock was orgasm-inducing enough, not to mention the actual physical pleasure he was sensing.

Happily, he had cum so many times with Lisa already, and Lisa had sucked and licked him for so very long each time, that his boner had built up a lot of tolerance. It's well known that a man can last a lot longer after cumming once, but that's even more the case after multiple orgasms in a relatively short time. Plus, although he was only starting to master his control of his PC muscle in a sexual context, he had built up its strength for months, and that helped a great deal.

Another minute or two of joyous bobbing passed, and Sandy's confidence grew to the point that she realized she wasn't going to give up after all. Simply having his enormous cockhead in her mouth was a strange feeling that never went away. But she pushed that to the side and kept her thoughts on other sensations.

She still didn't attempt to do anything more than just slide her lips back and forth while holding his shaft with both hands. However, she kept her focus on repeatedly sliding past his frenulum, his sweet spot, and she correctly figured she simply couldn't do wrong as long as that spot was the main focus.

She knew she was doing something very right by the sound of her son's continual lusty breathing and moaning. She could tell he was fighting hard to stay quiet, and so was she. It wouldn't be a big problem if Lisa found them like that, although it would be awkward trying to explain how this jibed with her "no touching his cock" rule, to say the least. But she assumed Jane was sleeping on the other side of Darrin and she most definitely didn't want her to wake up, whether this was a lucid dream or not. Even if Sandy had been fully rational, she would have been too scared of Jane freaking out to think that might be a good thing. She correctly assumed that Jane being there was why her son was trying to stay quiet too.

Still, despite Darrin's obvious efforts not to make noise, his euphoria and joy shone through with his every excited breath and lusty moan. That set Sandy's heart soaring to the skies, and not just for a moment or two, but non-stop. Her entire body was trembling with excitement already, but his lusty noises gave her yet more confidence too. It meant the world to her if her son wanted this as much as she did.

Another minute or two of wonderful cocksucking passed. Nothing changed. She kept her eyes shut tight, still telling herself this was just a lucid dream, despite all the evidence otherwise. She stuck to her simple lips-only style, and even then her lips were only moving slowly and about an inch in each direction. But both mother and son couldn't have been any more overjoyed or aroused.

Then, since he wasn't using his hands to fondle her huge tits anymore, he put a hand on the top of her head. Already, he was worried that he could cum at any moment, and he wanted to be ready to stop her head with his hand if he got too close to the orgasmic edge.

It was a simple gesture, but it meant everything to Sandy. Her heart soared still higher, and her arousal level did too. Because she was so sexually submissive, it made her feel that he was in charge and she was doing his bidding, serving his cock with her mouth. That was very heady stuff to her, even if it wasn't really the case at this point.

She had an orgasm as a rush of mental pleasure washed through her, pushed over the edge simply by her son putting his hand on her head.

But that orgasm seemed to merely be a launch pad to even greater arousal. She imagined what she would have looked like if she was floating near the ceiling of the airplane cabin and looking down at herself. That reminded her that she was buck naked in a flying plane, which caused another big mental rush. Remembering the black heels on her feet was another kick, reminding her that she was "more naked than completely naked," as well as the special symbolic meaning of the heels she'd been gifted.

Then she thought of Jane sleeping naked on the other side of him. That aroused her more, because it was so wrong and debauched, both that her daughter was naked and that Sandy was daring to suck Darrin's cock with her so close. My God! I'm SUCH a slut! I'm sorry, Janey, but I MUST suck this cock! I need it so much! And it's soooooo gooood! Please don't wake up!

However, what really got Sandy going the most was the mental image of her head in her son's lap and her red hair bobbing up and down in time to her sliding lips, with her son's hand holding and guiding her head.

Oh God! Dear Lord! This isn't just a dream! I really am sucking my son's cock! My greatest obsession and my ultimate desire has become reality! I'm well on my way to becoming his personal cocksucker! Well, one of them! Gaawwwd, that's so hot! I'm already only number TWO! He's such a STUD! I'll have to take turns gobbling on his knob, as one of his sluts! His big-titted mommy slut! UNNGH HNNG!

She had another nice orgasm as those thoughts sank into her consciousness. Happily, it wasn't the overwhelming kind of climax, so she was able to keep her lips sliding all the while. That was very important to her.

Despite those thoughts, a part of her still believed she was dreaming, and she was just dreaming about it not being a dream. But then she had a profound realization. She'd used the expression "This isn't just a dream" without thinking about it, because she was operating from the assumption that she was awake. She desperately tried to cling to the idea that it was only a lucid dream after all, but what she was experiencing felt so real that that idea crumbled in an instant.

Her lips continued their relentless sliding as she thought, OH NO! NOOOOO! I'm NOT dreaming! This is actually happening! No WONDER it feels so real, because it IS real!

That caused shivers and goose bumps all over. More importantly, she had another orgasm! It wasn't a huge one, but its timing was telling. She was disturbed by this epiphany, especially since she knew she wasn't going to stop now regardless, but she was far more aroused.

But of course! How could I know what it's like to suck my son's cock like this?! It's so difficult compared to my actual dreams, yet many times more pleasurable! My mind couldn't invent such detail. It would be like Columbus knowing what a map of North America looked like before he got there. Impossible! Putting my mouth on my husband's little thing was in no way the same. Like night and day! And if this were a lucid dream, I wouldn't make his cock THIS big or the suffering this great! Or this fucking HARD! I'm crying like a baby!

FUUUUUUCK! Sandy never, ever cursed, but if there ever was a time to feel totally exasperated and emotionally overwhelmed, this was it. Those things PROVE this isn't a dream! Plus, I don't think it's possible to feel this kind of extreme ecstasy while sleeping. And why would I dream of being all bent over in this far too hot plane, with Janey far too close?!

She felt like she'd just fallen through the floor into an alternate dimension, as if her entire known universe had been revealed to be an illusion in an instant. She felt completely unmoored and frightened out of her mind.

And yet, despite all that, she still didn't stop sucking! The way she figured, she really had no choice. The only way she could keep going was if she kept going. Meaning, she worried that if she ever stopped her rhythmic bobbing, the lack of action would draw her attention to the sheer difficulty of keeping his cock in her mouth and she'd freak out and pull off. And once that happened, she might not be able to resume again, especially now that she knew that this was a real event in the real world.

She continued to think as her lips slid back and forth, Worse, Darrin most definitely is awake and aware! That's clear not just from his huffing and puffing, but he's been fondling my titties and patting my head! Gaawwwd, that's SO HOT! Patting and petting my head like I'm his sex pet! Incredible!

She moaned loudly around his shaft as another wave of arousal washed through her. She kept right on bobbing, her determination undiminished.

But what does that mean?! If I did this when he was sleeping, I might be able to back out with no damage done. But no! He knows what I'm doing! It can never be undone! Our relationship will be changed forever! I'm no longer just his loving mother; I'm his busty cocksucking mommy too! He'll always think of me that way, whether I suck him more or not. When he looks at my mouth, he'll think of it stretched to the breaking point around his great thickness!

But that's true for me too! Yes, I've fantasized about him almost nightly for months now, and daydreamed even more. Mostly about doing this very thing! But there's a big difference between fantasizing and doing. Now, whenever I look at his stiff erection through his clothes - and he's erect around me nearly all the time - I'll think about this time and the greatest pleasure and satisfaction I've ever felt in my life! I've found my place in the world and it's kneeling between my son's legs, sucking on his cock!

She increased her suction and her speed as her arousal level went up and up and up. This is my calling! It feels SO RIGHT! It's meant to be! Yes, this is an arduous struggle, but that's part of the appeal. I love that his cock is almost too big to suck! But really, it fits PERFECTLY! This is what I want to do with my life! My lips belong around his thickness, sliding and slurping! And that's a fact!

But I CAN'T! I CAN'T! I can't become his personal slut. If it were just up to me and him, then yes! Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times YES! I'm sure he wouldn't say no because I'd suck his cock so very much! I'd give him too much sexual joy every day to say no. But what about Jane?! What about society?! It's just not done. It's against the law, and doubly so since he's so young! But I'm doing it right now! This is a CRIME in most places! SHIT!

She continued to slide her lips as she ruminated on her plight. And worse, it's feeling even better all the time! I'm over the worst of it and I'm enjoying it more and more with each passing minute. God, it's SO GOOD! I can't stop now! I'm already guilty. The damage is done. I might as well suck him until he cums so I'll have this one perfect experience in my life I can always look back to.

Yes, that's what I'll do. I'll keep going until he cums. Then that's it! No more! It can't be! We could end up in prison. Exposed and ashamed on the evening news! I have to get it out of my system! I can just tell him that I thought it was a dream the whole time.

But if that's the case, I have to make the most of it! I have to push myself to the limit and be the best cocksucking mommy I can possibly be! I need to make this a memory to last a lifetime!

The idea that she could somehow go back to how things were before was a total non-starter. Already, she loved it far too much to only do it once. But she wasn't thinking rationally, and thinking that way for now gave her the thin excuse to keep going and even up her efforts without feeling too guilty about it.

She abruptly switched her sucking technique. First, she took a hand off his shaft and pinched her other forearm to try the "pinch me, I'm dreaming" test. As expected, nothing changed, but that was no surprise for her because she was fully convinced by now that this was for real.

Then she brought that hand to his balls and began fondling them. She'd avoided doing that before, because even that simple gesture was so highly arousing and distracting for her. She'd been fantasizing about playing with and licking his balls for months too. Olivia had often emphasized to her that a good, big-titted, cocksucking mommy slut almost always used both hands as well as her mouth to pleasure her son. In her videos, Olivia always seemed to be playing with her son's balls while she sucked him, making it clear that she practiced what she preached.

Sandy was of the opinion that she had to try everything, and right away, or she might not get another chance. That was especially true since Darrin could cum at any time. Like him, she worried that would break their magic spell and send them crashing back to a harsh reality where this was totally forbidden by society.

With that attitude in mind, she began stroking his shaft instead of just holding it. She enjoyed that much, much more. Her hands trembled with the thrill of doing that, plus everything else going on. She kicked herself for not trying that before. She discovered it wasn't that hard to fondle his balls and stroke his shaft while sliding her lips, since her hands wanted to be doing something anyway.

She took a moment to revel in the joy of what her hands were doing, even as her lips kept sliding.

Aaaah! Better! So much better! My big man has big balls. So full of tasty cum! Cum that's going on my face! If I only get to do this once, I'm going to take it on the face, for sure! And it feels divine sliding my fingers up and down his shaft. So hot! And thick! And alive! I love how my fingers can't even touch around it. God! He's such a MAN! My son!

But that was just a warm-up to what she really wanted to do, which was get more creative with her mouth on his cock. She started by making a conscious effort to use her tongue. She reduced her bobbing so her lips were only sliding back and forth over his sweet spot, so her tongue wouldn't have the problem of trying to hit a constantly moving target. Then she began lapping on his sweet spot too, as much as she could when her lips weren't busy with it.

Darrin hadn't been that affected by her hands getting busy with his shaft and balls. Sure, it felt great. But Lisa had been doing that to him nearly constantly for a long time, so he was somewhat used to it. Although, it went without saying that he got a big extra mental thrill out of the fact that it was his mother doing it.

However, when she started using her tongue, thus focusing even more attention on his sweet spot, that changed matters quickly. He'd already been riding near the orgasmic edge, but that pushed him deep into the red of the danger zone. The physical pleasure was noticeably better with her active tongue, but again what really got to him was that it was his mother who was doing it.

The fact that she was putting this much effort into it when he knew she was still struggling with his great thickness, as shown by the tears streaming down her face, was very emotionally impactful to him. He was overcome with love, that she was so caring and giving, and so determined to bring him great sexual satisfaction.

But he was also overcome by lust! He brought a second hand to her head and firmly clenched the sides of her head as he grunted loudly and erotically. He clenched his PC muscle frantically, trying with all his might not to cum on the spot.

Somehow, he held on by the skin of his teeth. He was ever mindful of the fact that Jane was sleeping right behind him, and that pushed him even harder to avoid cumming, since that would surely lead to loud noises that would wake her. As it was, he didn't want to grunt and groan so much, but that couldn't be helped.

His physical actions were a big, big deal for Sandy. First, they showed that he'd noticed her tongue work and it was having a great effect on him. That made her heart soar yet again, and with so much joy that she feared she might pass out from emotional overload. It was like the mental joy of her wedding ceremony, only greater, and with all the physical sexual sensations added on top! She was particularly struck by the fact that if he loved it this much, that meant he'd want her to do it a lot more!

But she was also beyond overjoyed because she was experiencing a direct fulfillment of her ideal fantasy. In her most common and favorite daydream or nightly dream, she was naked and kneeling between her son's legs, wearing nothing but high heels. But more than that, in her dreams, she always was expertly licking his cock while sliding her lips back and forth over it, and using her tongue on him as best she could, with her two hands fondling and stroking his balls and shaft, for good measure. And usually, her son would have his hands on her head and would be panting and moaning from too much intense pleasure.

That's how Olivia always did it in her highly arousing videos. Except that was exactly what was happening now, to Sandy! And it was real! In her sexual heat, she forgot about her worries that this could be her one and only time in her life. She was swept away by the euphoria of the moment. She climaxed again!

Happily, Darrin reached a plateau a hair's breadth from cumming without actually losing control. Because he realized the severity of his orgasmic "crisis," he was squeezing his PC muscle mightily.

Sandy kept right on sucking him through her orgasm, since it was another medium-sized one that didn't wipe her out. Then she got in a groove experimenting with licking and bobbing at once while keeping her hands busy too. But she didn't try any other new things, such as caving her cheeks in and using a lot of suction on him, because she could tell how dangerously close he was to the edge.

If she thought she was in her element before, that was doubly so now. She was loving life and wanted this to go on forever!

True, she still had the same physical problems as earlier, and most especially her jaw and lips hurt even more from the stretching. But she'd gotten good at ignoring it. And her brain constantly wanted to eject the Coke-can-sized intrusion in her mouth, but she got good at ignoring that too. Getting into a steady bobbing rhythm helped. So did using her tongue. The more she focused on her sucking, licking, and stroking, the easier she found it to ignore those other physical annoyances.

More time passed. Tears kept streaming from her eyes, but she saw that as a very positive sign, another stamp of approval that she was becoming a truly talented cocksucker. Not many women could keep his great thickness in their mouths for long, but she could! She practically glowed with pride. Every time he let out another particularly loud and passionate erotic moan, her joy soared still higher.

Somewhat surprisingly, Jane still hadn't woken up. Jane was having a great erotic dream, which not surprisingly starred her brother and his big cock. He was vigorously fucking her face, and she didn't want it to end. Darrin's brain would have simply fried and melted if he'd known that not only was his mother sucking his actual cock, but his sister was doing the exact same thing in her dream at the exact same time!

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