Chapter 38
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By and by, Lisa's curiosity became too much for her to bear and she came back where the Douglases were to see what was going on. She was extremely delighted to discover Sandy's head bobbing in Darrin's lap. It would be an exaggeration to say she was as overjoyed as Sandy was, but she was in the same ballpark, which said a heck of a lot.

Standing in the aisle, all she did was silently pump her fists. That set her massive bare tits swaying, and that reminder of her own nudity delighted her yet more. She noticed that Jane was still sleeping, or at least was pretending to be. She considered that a very good thing, since Sandy might have a freak out if Jane discovered what she was doing, so Lisa was careful not to touch anyone or make much noise.

She didn't feel too concerned about getting caught though. Sandy and Darrin were so preoccupied that she could have yelled their names and they might not have noticed. Darrin had his eyes closed and his head tilted back, oblivious to the world except for what was happening to his cock. Since Sandy had her head in his lap, she wouldn't be able to see anything in any case, even if her eyes were open.

As it happened, Sandy's eyes weren't open. In fact, she still hadn't opened her eyes for even a second since this began, not even to take a little peek. Partly, she wanted to concentrate all her attention on sucking her son's cock, and looking around would just be a distraction. But also, a part of her worried there still was a very tiny chance this could be a dream, and she didn't want to do anything to end it.

Although Lisa couldn't talk or make noise, she was free to celebrate in her thoughts as she stood there and watched. Woo-hoo! Success! Victory! This is so HUGE! This is THE key event! I've been working, the whole SI team has been working, for months to get us here! I wish I could call everyone and share the news! Wow! Yeay!

I'm SOOOO happy for Sandy! It won't be long now until she's fully enslaved! It couldn't happen to a nicer or more deserving person! Look at her starting to discover the joy of serving her son, serving his cock! I can already hear it in her sexy moans - the joy of sucking her master! I would sell my soul to be in her high heels right now!

Of course, there's still a lot of hard work ahead. I think Jane will fall pretty easily, and soon. I've seen the fire in her eyes when she's been looking at him today, and it's been burning brighter as the day goes on. She's already made up her mind to suck his cock too. I'm pretty sure.

Sure, we've still got the very big problem of alerting mother and daughter to the full truth of the sex slave lifestyle and then getting them to willingly enslave themselves to him. That almost inevitably leads to lots of drama and trouble. We've almost never had a case of anyone eagerly accept that at first glance, and rightfully so. It's the biggest and most important commitment a woman can possibly make in her life, way more than marriage. There's no turning back, and no divorce! I suppose a slave could ask her master to be released from bondage, but I've never heard of a single case like that.

Lisa shook her head and sighed blissfully as she continued to stare at Sandy's nude body and bobbing head. I love it! Just look at her go! I can only imagine what's going through her mind right now. She must be far more overjoyed than words can convey! Sure, she's going to feel a big emotional backlash later. They all do. I remember when I did. But there's no going back. Now that she's discovered the joy of sucking son-cock meets or exceeds all her dreams and expectations, her mouth is going to be wed to his cock for life! It's so beautiful, seeing her find her proper place on her knees between her son's legs. I could cry!

Lisa was so thrilled that she didn't know what to do with herself. She longed to stay and watch, but she knew that if she did that, she'd start masturbating. Then, because she was so extremely aroused, it wouldn't be long before she was panting hard or even screaming her head off, which might wake Jane. Plus, there was a chance that Sandy and/or Darrin could notice or hear that she was there at any time, which would interrupt the special time they were sharing.

There was only one thing for her to do, and that was share the great news with Vicky. So that's exactly what she did. She quietly hurried back down the aisle as fast as her high heels could carry her, holding her huge tits to keep them from bouncing too much.

Sandy's cocksucking effort stayed at that high plateau level for another five minutes.

Darrin managed to cling right to the edge of a climax without going over. It was even better than what Lisa had done to him on a purely physical level, since Lisa held back most of the time. And the mental factor added in made it off-the-charts fantastic!

Sandy wanted to make the experience last as long as possible, because she was still operating under the delusion that this would be her one and only time. However, she never eased up with her technique, because she was far too horny to do so. Plus, she was inexperienced when it came to understanding how much Darrin could physically handle without cumming. She'd been deceived by all of Lisa's "fake" action, especially her fake cocksucking. She got the impression that he could handle just about any amount of stimulation almost indefinitely. But she hadn't known what was going on or not going on inside Lisa's mouth, and particularly how Lisa would reduce her efforts or even stop them altogether for a time if necessary. She also didn't know Lisa's special emergency tricks to stop his orgasms dead in their tracks, such as "the squeeze the shaft at the base" trick.

The upshot of all that was that Darrin was pushed over the edge. It was inevitable due to her relentless pace and style, and the miracle was that he lasted even half as long as he did. A lot of his endurance was due to the special circumstance of him being so scared and careful, due to Jane sleeping right next to him. But more of it was because he too was desperate to have the experience last as long as possible.

Unfortunately, when he did cum it was more of a disappointment than a triumph, from his point of view. He was on such a high plateau of sexual pleasure that cumming couldn't take him much higher, but doing so meant the great joy would have to end shortly thereafter. Worse, he couldn't let go and fully enjoy the experience, due to the problem of Jane still sleeping next to him.

He resorted to Herculean efforts not to scream and yell for dear life while his orgasm hit him like a two-ton hammer. He tilted his head back and let out a "silent scream," just as his mother had done earlier. Somehow, that worked. Of course, he panted and gasped, but he'd been doing that all along more or less, and for Jane's sleeping perception it had become part of the background noise, like the constant roar of the airplane. Actually, there had been so much panting and moaning for hours now that it was getting easier to not pay that much mind even when fully awake.

Sandy was having some nice medium-sized orgasms from time to time, and naturally she came again when she realized her son was cumming. Had he shot his load on her face or tits, she would have gone bananas and had a really epic orgasm, since that was a key part of her hottest dreams and fantasies.

But she suddenly realized that taking his cum on her skin wasn't possible at the moment. She'd had such a difficult time getting his thickness into her mouth that she wasn't going to be able to deal with pulling off in mid-orgasm. Also, there simply wasn't time. She hadn't been looking for tell-tale signs of impending climax, and he didn't give any warning until his cum started to fire into her mouth. He did squeeze the sides of her head with both hands with extra pressure, but he'd done that a couple of times already when particularly powerful rushes of pleasure rocked his world, so she didn't know what that meant.

As a result, it was all she could do to hang in there and swallow down his cum as fast as it flooded into her mouth. She knew that men ejaculated a surprisingly small amount of cum if measured in teaspoons, so she didn't anticipate much of a problem with that. But when it actually happened to her, she felt like her mouth was flooded by a rushing torrent of cum. It was all she could do to repeatedly gulp fast to keep up.

Since her son's cockhead filled up so much of her oral cavity, his cum pretty much shot straight into her throat. That would have been a disappointment, because she was dying to taste it and savor his flavor. But the previously mentioned flooding problem turned out to be a boon in this regard, because his cum pretty much did overflow everywhere. Some of it even spilled down her chin. That left her seemingly drowning in spermy, cummy joy.

His orgasm also presented a noise problem for both mother and son, given Jane sleeping right there. But this was a case where his extra thick size proved to be an advantage. Sandy's lips were tightly sealed around his shaft no matter what, since she could barely manage to fit him in her mouth in the first place. As a result, although she did scream some in orgasmic ecstasy, the sound was mostly muffled. Most of the noise she made actually came out through her nose.

Even her limited noises, plus Darrin's extra loud moaning and groaning, almost certainly would have woke Jane up if the conditions had otherwise been relatively quiet. But there was the steady rumble of the plane engines. This was the main reason why the engines had been deliberately manipulated to be loud, to hide sexual sounds so sex could secretly take place only a short distance from other unsuspecting people.

More importantly though was the fact that Jane was having a great dream about sucking her brother's cock, and she didn't want it to end. If someone came by and shook her shoulder to get her to wake up, she would have tried her very best to ignore it. The irony was that she would have been extremely excited to wake up to see her mother sucking his cock, if she only knew that was happening. But she didn't.

Sandy was a real trooper. She still had a vague notion this might be the one and only time she'd suck him off in her life. Since she hadn't consciously realized how committed she was to serving him yet, she sucked him as if she had to make the memory last a lifetime.

More tongue work was out as long as his ropes of cum were rocketing into her mouth. But that meant she devoted more attention to her lip work. Even as he was in the middle of blasting out his cum load, she bobbed on him with greater suction and intensity, making longer lunges than she'd been doing before.

She loved going all out for him, being a total slut for his cock. It was an endless mental rush for her, on top of the joyous triumph of using her mouth to give him a clearly highly enjoyable orgasm. But she also had a selfish motive. Still thinking this might be her only time orally pleasuring him, she didn't want it to ever end. She thought that if she could keep bobbing on him, he'd be so very aroused that he'd stay erect and she'd get an entire second round. So she kept bobbing and bobbing and bobbing even after he stopped cumming.

But to Sandy's great disappointment, he soon went flaccid despite her best efforts. She resumed licking him, and briefly tried using a powerful amount of suction for the first time as well. But it didn't matter. Even Darrin had natural limits, and he was reaching them. His penis had gone through a lot since the flight began. His penis needed a rest, even though it was his mother sucking him. This was his seventh orgasm of the day, after all!

Sandy went from the pinnacle of erotic rapture to a new low when she felt his penis go flaccid. Nooooo! NOOOOO! That can't be it! That can't be my one and only time! It was too short! That wasn't even ten minutes. Olivia regularly sucks her son's cock for over an hour each time! There are so many things I still want to do! He didn't even cum on my face! It can't be over if he didn't even give me ONE facial! Or a pearl necklace! NO!

Mostly, I just want to keep doing THAT! Bobbing, licking, and stroking on my big man's cock all at the same time! A lot more of that! That was the BEST! It started out tough, I'll admit. I was almost tempted to give up. Lisa and Olivia both were so right in everything they warned me about with sucking on a really big one. But then, the joy! The JOY! There's the physical pleasure, sure. But the mental aspect is even more intense. That makes it so worthwhile in so many ways! Just knowing that for ten or fifteen minutes I really was his naked big-titted mommy slut! And that I had totally succumbed to the power of his cock and he was using my body for his pleasure!

Gaawwwd! Maybe it's wrong to think that way, but I can't help myself. Just thinking about it is too much! Son, please! Get stiff again, I beg you!

By the time Sandy had those thoughts, he'd gone completely flaccid, but she continued to suck on his much smaller penis. If nothing else, she was thinking that if her mouth never left his crotch, she could still justify it as a single session.

UGH! It's no good. He's gone flaccid for sure. And there are so many other things I want to do, I need to do! This is a million times better than getting fucked by Dennis! Sorry, Dennis, may you rest in peace, I loved you with all my heart, but we just weren't sexually compatible. My mouth, my face, my big tits, my ass, my entire body... it's all meant for my son's pleasure!

She felt a great shiver and more jolts of pleasure race up and down her spine as she realized what she'd just told herself. My God! That sounds so slutty. So wrong. So incestuous. It's downright criminal, at least back in the States. But that doesn't change the fact that it's true!

I mean, there's NO WAY I can stop with just this one short time and call it quits forever. There are so many things I never even got to try. What about choking and gagging? God, I want to do that so much! I get the biggest orgasms when I see and hear Olivia do it. Or doing it while he's standing. Or in the shower? Or while lying in bed? And what about deep throating, for that matter? That's really tough! I'm going to have to suck my son's cock a hell of a lot before I'm ready for that, and I can't NOT at least try!

And what about my tits? God, my tits! He loves them so much, and yet he only got to fondle them some here and there. That's wrong! And he didn't get to fuck them at all! There's no way I could stop with what just happened and not let him fuck my tits even a single time! That's just criminal! He needs to fuck my tits a lot while I suck on him at the same time! Yeah, I'm going to be doing a LOT of that! The best of both worlds!

She finally gave up on sucking his flaccid penis, because it was such a disappointment compared to his fully engorged size. She took his penis out of her mouth and adoringly licked it instead while it rested on its own. But still, it was a disappointment. She couldn't even hear him lustily moaning anymore.

Her eyes remained closed as she kept thinking, I could go on and on. Mostly, I just need to suck on his cock a lot! This "one time only" idea is out of the question! And my "no touching his cock" rule is bullshit. That HAS to go! It should be the "touch his cock all the time" rule instead!

She quietly snickered a little bit at that thought.

Still, there are so many problems... moral problems, practical problems, secrecy problems. I can't keep sucking his cock forever, obviously. I want him to live a normal life and get married and all that jazz. Maybe I just need to suck on it until I get the urge out of my system. But that could take a long time! But still, what choice do I have? My compulsion is too strong!

Maybe I could be his secret cocksucker. Yes! Keep it a secret from everyone, especially Jane. She'd never understand. That'll be very limiting, but I'll have my chances to sneak into his room and get my fill. Get naked and put my high heels on. Aaaah! Then get my lips around his shaft again and put my tongue to work on all that hot cock-meat! Mmmm! Jane's a busy girl. She'll be out of the house most of the time... which means I'll be on my knees and slurping as soon as she's out the door! YES! God! I'll be able to SUCK my son's COCK! Every day!

Sandy made a mental resolution that being Darrin's secret cocksucker was the only possible way forward. That was a huge weight off her shoulders. She was surprisingly unconflicted about it, no doubt helped by the fact that she was still as horny as hell.

With that decision made, she no longer felt desperate to get Darrin erect again. She understood that his penis had to be tired out, given all that Lisa had done to him nearly non-stop and then what she'd just done to him on top of that. There would be other chances later, she was sure, starting with later on the flight if she could get him alone.

She thought, It's too bad that that must be his eighth or ninth orgasm of the day. Poor thing. He must not have many bullets left in his gun. But still, we can have plenty of fun today, even when he has a flaccid penis. There are many other things I wanted to do with him. The top of the list is to French kiss him a whole lot more, while he possessively fondles my tits and ass! While he OWNS them, as Jane put it so well! That in turn should get him erect again before long, letting me suck him a lot longer!

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