Chapter 39
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Sandy finally pulled her head away from his crotch, straightened up, and opened her eyes.

As she did, she got a great shock: she glanced towards the aisle since her body was pointed in that direction, and she saw Vicky standing in the aisle, staring right at her!

To say Sandy was shocked was very fitting, because her entire body jerked exactly as if she'd been struck by a powerful electric shock. In a flash, her plan to be her son's secret cocksucker seemingly crumbled into dust. All her shame and moral concerns that she'd thought she had overcome came flooding back. That was accented by the fact that Vicky at least symbolically still wore her sari, handkerchief, and hat, symbolizing her flight attendant uniform, while Sandy was buck naked with her son's cum dribbling down her chin.

If the description of someone wanting to crawl into a hole and die ever fit anyone, it fit Sandy right then. She couldn't have felt any worse or any more ashamed. She thought she was a complete failure from letting her lust rule her over her responsibilities as a parent.

Actually, Vicky shouldn't have been there in the first place. It was reckless, and as soon as her eyes locked with Sandy's she knew that she'd screwed up in a big way.

What had happened was that when Lisa went rushing down the aisle to find Vicky in her usual spot in the middle of the place, Vicky wasn't there. Instead, she'd gone through the curtain into the middle section of the plane set-up for the Sanchez family.

Lisa was the minder to just the Douglases, but Vicky's job was to assist all three families equally. That included the typical flight attendant duties, although those weren't much since there were so few people on the cargo plane. Mostly, she was there to help each minder help the son in each family seduce his mother and sister, so she was almost certain to get sexually intimate with all three sons before the journey was over. The same general events happening to the Douglases were happening to the Browns and Sanchezes, though the Douglases were still ahead in the process so far.

All three Sanchezes had been talked into wearing just robes and nothing else, with the heat off the airplane cabin being the usual excuse. Most recently, the sexy and very buxom mother, Maria, had been talked out of even wearing her robe. But she was having a hard time coping being buck naked around her well-hung and obviously aroused son Ramon, especially since the minder for their family, a gorgeous SI employee named Emily, had gotten naked already and was busy giving the son a titfuck.

The pattern was very similar to what was happening to the Douglases because the SI company had found a successful formula on how to get each family to quickly get to accept and then love their roles as masters and sex slaves. There was no need to mess with success.

Maria had felt overwhelmed by her conflicted feelings from seeing Emily titfuck Ramon, so she had gotten up and was standing in the aisle to try to get away from the arousing action. But she had nowhere to go, because she was afraid to enter the unknown parts of the aircraft without any clothes on. Vicky had discovered her distress and was doing a capable job of calming her down.

That's when Lisa had come rushing to the front of the plane looking for Vicky. She was so horny and excited about the big news regarding Sandy and Darrin that she nearly went barging into the Sanchez section buck naked. Luckily, she heard Vicky and Maria talking in emotional tones, and stopped herself just short of the curtain. From there, she'd called out for Vicky, telling her there was an urgent situation with the Douglases she needed to explain right away.

Vicky had been able to wrap things up with Maria without upsetting her, and got Maria to promise to return to her seat buck naked - where she'd have to watch Emily titfuck her son from only one seat away. Maria had been so horny herself that she didn't put up much of a fight, and was even unthinkingly caressing her huge tits as Vicky walked away.

On the other side of the curtain, Lisa had quickly and quietly told Vicky the great news, that she'd just seen Sandy's head bobbing in Darrin's lap. Lisa had anticipated having a prolonged talk with Vicky about this, but somehow they wound up French kissing instead! They necked and fondled for a couple of minutes. Soon, Vicky's sari had fallen to the floor.

But then Vicky had been so excited that she just had to rush and see it for herself. She'd hastily put her sari back on, just to be on the safe side. She hadn't meant to watch Sandy and Darrin for long, but her timing had been unfortunate. She'd only been there a minute when Sandy happened to raise her head.

With Sandy almost going into a real physical traumatic shock, Vicky realized she needed to do some quick damage control before Sandy had a serious prudish relapse. She'd noticed that Jane was still sleeping, remarkably enough, and she didn't want Jane to wake up and find out what had just happened, and thus make Sandy feel even more dejected at the worst possible time. She needed to move a discussion to another location.

So, with her eyes still locked with Sandy's, she gave her a "come here" gesture with a raised hand. She deliberately kept a neutral expression on her face so Sandy would feel even more compelled to get up and explain her behavior to Vicky.

Sandy stood up to go right away. She thought that she had no choice, given what she'd been caught doing. But she wasn't totally crushed, because she remembered how Vicky had been the one to tell her the story of the redheaded woman who had gone hog wild sucking her son's cock on a previous flight on this very airplane. She remembered how Vicky had been surprisingly non-judgmental about that as well as about all Sandy had confessed about her own incestuous desires. Her plan was to throw herself at the mercy of Vicky and beg herself to be similarly understanding about this.

Sandy and Darrin shared a look when Sandy stood up to go to Vicky. Darrin didn't know anything about what Sandy and Vicky had talked about in private, so he had reason to worry that Vicky could have a problem with incest. But he'd also seen that Vicky had been around a lot of overtly sexual behavior that involved members of his family naked, masturbating, and watching each other. Not only did Vicky show no problems with what she was seeing, she'd joined in and sucked his cock for a while! So he didn't think this would be the end of the world, because how opposed to incest could she be after all that?

Still, he took one of Sandy's hands in his and gave it an encouraging squeeze while also giving her an encouraging look. He found himself unable to say anything, because what could he say after what had just happened?! Besides, he was afraid to speak freely with Vicky standing right there.

Sandy's tear-soaked face was on the verge of new tears, and they were the usual tears of despair this time instead of the tears of both joy and exertion that were currently still streaming down her cheeks. She also felt unable and even afraid to speak her feelings to him with Vicky there, but as she walked past him, she gave him a mournful look and mouthed the words "I'm sorry!"

Then she ran into the problem of trying to get by Jane. The problem was, Jane had slumped down and sprawled out as she'd slept.

Sandy tried to get by as carefully as possible, but it was almost inevitable that she'd bump into her at least a little bit, and that's what happened.

Jane had been on the verge of waking up already, and that was the final straw. However, she wasn't in any hurry to wake and had no idea that something important was happening with the others, so she kept her eyes closed and tried to go back to sleep. She was keen to get back to her lovely incestuous blowjob dream.

Very fortunately for Sandy, considering her frazzled mental state at the time, Jane dismissed getting touched as a minor annoyance and went back to sleep right away.

Vicky took Sandy's hand without saying anything and quietly led her away towards the front of the plane.

Darrin heaved a big sigh of relief. He figured things couldn't be so bad with Vicky because she didn't even look mad at Sandy. She even gave him a slight nod before she walked out of sight.

Now that he could be alone with his thoughts, he was astounded anew when he considered what had just happened. HOLY FUCK! Mom just sucked my dick! I'm not too worried about Vicky catching her, because come on, Vicky's a major slut! She was wearing nothing but a sari just now, so it's not like she's suddenly changed. I barely know her from Adam and she's already sucked me off.

Lisa a major slut too. There's something up with them, some story we don't know yet, because how could they so easily have sex on an airplane? But the point is, I don't think Vicky's going to give Mom a dressing down. Maybe she'll even try to cheer her up.

There are more serious long-term problems and questions that I'm way more worried about. But I'm not going to dwell on that either, because holy fuck, Mom just sucked my dick!

He chuckled at his repetition of that statement. WHOA! I mean, seriously! What the fuck?! When I woke up this morning, I didn't have the slightest clue ANY of this would happen, much less THAT. I thought things would be totally normal. But things have gotten so sexual for so long today that what Mom did to me almost isn't a surprise, at the same time that it totally is! Everything went screwy about the moment we got on this plane.

What the hell is the deal with this flight, anyway? And Napali! That place IS a sex paradise, if even half of what they're saying is true. And I believe it is, because I've seen how the women in the other two families look, and they're moving to Napali too. And Lisa and Vicky, and they've both lived there. Each one is more gorgeous than the last! And busty! Good grief!

Now that I think about it, out of all the hottest women I've actually seen with my own eyes in my life, most of them are on this plane right now! They're all so fucking stacked, even the other teenage girls! Again, what are the odds?! The island must be run by boob-obsessed sex maniacs! I'm not complaining AT ALL, mind you, but the more I think about it, the more bizarre it all is.

Maybe my earlier thought that I'm in a dream is right, except this is waaaay too long and detailed to be a dream. Maybe I'm in a coma or something like that, and I'm making my own reality somehow? Or I've fallen into some sex-mad parallel universe?! Or this is Heaven and God loves sex?! Fuck if I know! But the most likely explanation is just that the SI company picks the most outrageously sexy and stacked women they can find, and I got pulled along because I'm family. Hell, if I owned my own island and I could get away with it, I would totally do that!

He laughed with relief and delight as it dawned on him that that was by far the most likely explanation. Of course! It all makes sense now. It IS some rich guy's private island sex paradise. Or guys', most likely. If word got out, their "sex mad" environment couldn't last. They'd be flooded with 100,000 tourists the next day, nearly all of them horny men. But due to all their top secret military work, they have total secrecy so they can get away with it! That would explain all kinds of things, like no Internet, no company website, no photos until you've qualified to join, and so on. It's not just the military secrets, they want to protect the sexual secrets! Brilliant!

And that's GREAT news for me! First off, that means what Lisa said is almost certainly TRUE! This is REAL and not some alternate universe or something. All of it! The two or three girlfriends for every guy and all the rest! My GOD! I think I've just stumbled into the greatest sexual paradise on Earth! It could be! And that would explain why everyone says living there is so great and people hardly ever leave, because it IS that great! Man oh man! I'm so excited that I don't even know what to do! It's like I've won the sex lottery! Even movie stars like Brad Pitt don't have it this good, I'll bet!

But the best implication of all is that, with all that wild sex going on between people chosen because they're physically perfect sex maniacs, if there's anywhere on Earth I could get away with having sex with Mom, it's there! That would explain why Lisa and Vicky don't blink an eye when they see something like Mom playing with her big tits while she stares at my dick getting sucked from close up, panting hard and with lust in her eyes. They're totally sexually liberated! No hang-ups! They don't give a fuck!

So that means I could secretly get it on with Mom! AND Sis! Fuck! SIS TOO! Why not both?! Sis is falling under the sex-mad spell too, and God knows how much I want her! If I can have sex with both of them, we won't have to keep any secrets from each other, which means we could get it on in the house all the time! Threesomes! Mom and Sis sucking me together! WHOA! Or what if I fuck Mom while Sis guides my dick in?! Or vice versa! Double whoa!

And even if we do get caught, so what? The security on the island is so tight, nobody off it will ever know! And the whole island is some kind of sex-mad paradise, designed for fucking, so they don't give a fuck! MAN!

He was so excited by all this that he had to do something. He didn't know what, but he couldn't just sit in his seat. He thought about running naked up and down the aisle, and that sounded like a great idea, because he was that very energized and euphoric. Also, Jane was still sleeping in the seat next to him and he didn't want to disturb her.

Jane remained sprawled in her seat, but he simply scampered over the seatback in front of him into the front row and then on into the aisle. He was so excited that he felt like could have leaped over the seatback.

He had never walked around naked in an unfamiliar place before, much less run around like that. Plus, the aisle zigzagged with a lot of boxes jutting out, so he shelved the running idea for now. However, he thought he could use the aisle to walk back and forth and at least burn off some energy.

He started to walk towards the center of the plane, since that was the only way to go, given that their seats were in the very back. But as soon as he stepped a few feet from the two rows of seats that had started to feel like home base, he became very shy about his total nudity. He spotted his oversized T-shirt near Lisa's cooler and he put that back on. That made a big difference.

His dick had just grown erect again, which was a remarkable feat considering all it had been through recently, including no less than seven orgasms in four hours. But his epiphany about the true nature of Napali Island (even though he didn't understand all the important aspects yet), plus his continued euphoria over his mother's blowjob, was enough great sexual news to even wake and arouse a dead man. This was the most arousing day of his life, by a mile, and he was breaking all personal arousal and orgasm records.

He pulled the oversized T-shirt down over his newly revived boner. If he ran into a stranger, like someone from the Sanchez or Brown families, it would be very tricky, but at least his privates would be technically covered. Plus, he figured it was likely the others were partially naked by now due to the heat anyway. Vicky had suggested as much already.

He started on down the hall. His urge to simply burn off energy was quickly turning into a journey of exploration.

— — —

Meanwhile, Sandy went with Vicky for a private talk, Vicky silently and quickly guided Sandy down the aisle until they came to an alcove of sorts, an area about five feet wide from one side of plane to the middle aisle that was empty. It actually wasn't far at all to the two rows the Douglases sat in. Had there been rows, it would only have been about six rows away. But it couldn't be seen from those two rows due to a deliberate zigzag in the aisle, and the constant roar of the engine (plus boxes and other things stacked way up high) meant that even most loud noises from the alcove couldn't be heard back where Jane was resting, and vice versa.

This was the same alcove Jane had used much earlier to change clothes in. It had been carefully constructed to enable passengers to secretly have sex away from the others if they wanted to. Each of the other families had their own alcoves in their curtained sections, so the families wouldn't mix. There would be a time for mixing later, but it wasn't that time yet.

There was a single folding chair in the alcove, but only one. Sandy and Vicky remained standing so they could stay on the same eye level.

Sandy had been starting to lose her composure even as she was walking, and by the time she made it the short distance to the alcove, she burst into tears.

Vicky immediately took Sandy into her arms.

This was a big deal, because Sandy was still buck naked, while Vicky's "flight attendant uniform" by this point only consisted of a sari, a handkerchief around her neck, and a hat. Needless to say, their awesome bare racks pressed together in a very titillating manner.

However, Sandy was so distraught that she didn't pay that contact much mind. She just wanted to be hugged and comforted. She'd only just met Vicky earlier in the day, but she felt she'd developed a special bond with her due to sharing important feelings with her and get much needed reassurance that she wasn't alone with her incestuous feelings. She didn't even seriously consider the idea that Vicky might make a pass at her, even after seeing Lisa and Vicky make out. She trusted her.

Vicky most definitely would have loved to have sex with Sandy. Like Sandy, she much preferred men. However, it was nearly inevitable that Napali sex slaves eventually engaged in some lesbian sexual activity. As sex slaves, their highest priority always was to serve their master's cock, and that included frequently exciting him to arousal. Nearly every guy got aroused watching two hot women kiss, fondle, and more, so that was an easy way for a slave to get her master erect in almost any circumstance.

Additionally, part of Napali sex life for everyone was learning to let go of one's sexual inhibitions. Gay or bisexual men were screened out in the selection process. However, at least some bisexual leaning was a very big bonus in the selection of women. Nearly all Napali women came to genuinely enjoy getting it on with other women, though there was a wide range of how serious they got and how often they liked to do it. Their master's cock came first at any rate.

Personally, Vicky liked having sex with other women, but only in the Napali context. She gave up on any lesbian activity after leaving Napali for the same reason she gave up sex with men - it was a pale shadow of how great it was on Napali, a painful reminder of all she'd lost. (Lisa felt and acted the exact same way.) Vicky would have gladly welcomed sex with Sandy, since she already considered Sandy to have the Napali sex slave spirit. But she knew that was the last thing Sandy would want to deal with right now, so she was careful to be as platonic and supporting during their hug as she possibly could.

Any sort of face-to-face hug between Vicky and Sandy was tricky to do, since both of them were so extremely well-endowed up top. Had they been in a different mood, they could have laughed at their first attempt at a hug, because their massive racks bumped into each other like bumper cars colliding.

Luckily, Vicky was very familiar with hugging (and French kissing) other extremely busty women, thanks to her Napali years. She bent at her hips and leaned way forward, so her face was close to Sandy's but her lower body was well away. She secretly delighted in the tit rubbing, but showed no outward signs of arousal.

Sandy was going to bawl her eyes out and then hopefully have a meaningful talk with Vicky. She looked forward to letting her feelings out in that way. It could be cathartic.

However, Vicky wasn't having it, because she didn't want Sandy to wallow in her misery unnecessarily, based on a misunderstanding of how things really were. So as soon as the two of them had a good nude hug established, Vicky said, "Sandy! Listen to me! I'm not upset! Yes, I saw what you did to your son, but I don't care!"

Sandy was listening, but still crying harder and harder. Those words didn't really sink in.

So Vicky kept talking while also stroking Sandy's bare back in a comforting way. "Listen! I'm okay with what you did! Do ya understand?!"

Sandy heard and understood, but she still was too ashamed to reply.

"This is the fifth flight like this that I've helped with. Like I told ya, what with the heat n' the forced nudity n' all, somethin' special happens on these flights. Everyone gets a little sex crazy. And with families sittin' together, what do ya think happens? When mothers are sittin' naked next ta their naked sons, what do ya think happens then?"

That got Sandy's attention. She was still crying, but at least Vicky's words distracted her from bawling like a baby. "What DOES happen?!"

"You can imagine! It's pretty common for mothers ta suck on their son's big dicks. Remember what I told ya about that ultra-busty red-headed momma?"

"Of course! I'll never forget. But you said she was exceptional."

"Yes, but only in her dedication n' passion for suckin' her son's cock-meat. Plus, the size a her tits, like yours." Vicky looked down at Sandy's rack pressed tightly against her own and smirked. "You shoulda seen the way her son loved ta fondle n' even suckle on those bouncy boobies of hers!"

Sandy gasped. She stared intently into Vicky's baby blue eyes, searching for signs of insincerity or lying.

Vicky went on, "But even in our lil' chat earlier, I told ya she wasn't the only one, right? That other things happen between moms n' sons, right?"

"Yes, you did, but I didn't know you meant THAT!"

"Well, I meant 'that.' Lotsa that. Mainly that, in fact. Mommas on this flight have been known ta keep right on doin' a whole lotta thattin' until their jaws simply can't take it anymore!" Vicky grinned happily and knowingly.

"NO!" Sandy was in shock. She had a sudden vision of herself bobbing on her son's cock while kneeling naked between his legs. There was nothing unusual about that, since that thought have been in her mind nearly the entire flight. But her vision had a twist in that her face and rack were absolutely soaked with his cum, showing that he'd cum on her many, many times. Furthermore, Jane was sitting next to them, buck naked and playfully scooping cum off Sandy's face and into her mouth!

Sandy was appalled and aroused, but much, much more aroused. She realized there was a possibility that very exact scene could happen if she just let her urge run wild. It might even be a strong possibility. That took her breath away.

Vicky said, "Yes! Why would I lie to ya? Well, ya might say I was doin' it just ta make ya feel better, but I told ya before when ya weren't feelin' bad. I'm just addin' more detail."

Sandy believed that, since Vicky seemed so sincere - which Vicky was, even though she still wasn't telling the full truth. As always, both Vicky and Lisa had to be careful to reveal the truth bit by bit, because there would be a disastrous backlash if too much came out too soon.

Vicky went on, "I reckon it's kind of a perfect storm for that to happen, because usually they don't know how important cocksuckin' is to life on Napali, and we have to give them that news on that flight. All the blowjob talk naturally makes them crave a good ol' suckin', but the only male around is their son. You can imagine what happens next!"

Sandy's eyes were as wide as saucers. "Really?!"

"Really!" Vicky briefly brought a hand up right to her mouth and mimed a blowjob motion.

Despite Sandy's continued crying and general distress, her pussy was leaking again as she imagined a dozen or more different voluptuous and nude mothers in a row all bobbing their heads in their son's laps. "For everyone?!"

"Well, I don't know about everyone," Vicky lied. Then she added more honestly, "But I've assisted on a bunch of these flights, like I said, and ALL the moms I know of ended up suckin' their sons' cocks. There's usually three families a flight, so do the math."

Sandy did, and was staggered yet again. She whispered in amazement, "Fifteen moms! All sucking their son's cocks!" That gave her vision of a dozen or more mothers sucking cock in a row added weight, and she pictured that again, with herself as one of the mothers.

Vicky nodded. "And it's not like it just started the same year I started workin' here. That's the pattern goin' way back. In fact, remember that I came ta Napali on one a these flights with my mom n' brother, on this very plane. I watched my mom suck my brother's dick quite a lot on those two days."

"Oh my God!" Sandy was so very shocked that her crying was forgotten. "What happened?!"

Vicky laughed. "What do ya think? She spoiled him rotten! She was a busty beauty, kinda like you. She sucked him from the side, sucked him from between his legs, she played with his balls n' sucked those too, she titfucked him like crazy... Why, she even sat in his lap n' hand-fed him his meal while she jacked him off n' he played with her big tits!"

Sandy immediately imagined herself doing exactly what Vicky had last described. It sounded like heaven on Earth to her. Her body squirmed with wild arousal.

She began thinking about the practicalities of incestuous fun aboard this very plane flight. That led her to ask, "What about... what about... Ms. Brown?! And Ms. Sanchez?!"

Just then, Sandy saw through her teary eyes that Lisa was standing a few feet away in the aisle. That nearly gave her a heart attack, and the fact that Lisa was still naked down to her high heels only brought her even closer to really losing her mind. "NO! OH NO! Please dear Lord! LISA! Tell me you just got here!"

Sandy immediately took a step back, breaking the hug. She covered her sopping wet pussy with a hand and crossed her arms over her stiff nipples.

Lisa seemed utterly unbothered and unfazed by anything. "I can't say that. I've been listening pretty much from the start. But don't worry, I feel exactly the same as Vicky. Sucking your son's cock a little bit here and there is perfectly okay!"

Sandy just about passed out. She actually swooned, and only stayed standing up thanks to Vicky holding her up. This meant their hugging resumed the same as before, including their impressive racks pressing tightly together.

She thought, Even Lisa thinks it's okay?! That makes it okay! Which means I can do it on this flight, at least! Lord have mercy! But do I dare?! It still doesn't seem right! Well, there's Janey to consider, but we could sneak away from her sometimes! What she doesn't know can't hurt her, right?

Lisa added, "I'm hardly surprised by what you're saying at all. Think about it. I've worked on these flights the same as Vicky, except this is only my third flight instead of my fifth. What do you think I saw on my two previous flights? A lot of naked moms with their heads in their son's laps, that's what! A lot of loud slurping! I had to be okay with that before I took the job, since it's an open secret in SI."

Sandy nearly swooned again, as she returned to her vision of more than a dozen mothers in a row, all sucking their sons. Thanks to Lisa's comment, now they were all slurping loudly too. It was just about the most arousing daydream vision she'd ever had, and she'd had some real doozies lately.

The bombshell mother exclaimed, "It IS? Dear God! This just gets worse and worse! Vicky knows, you know, everybody knows! My shame couldn't get any more severe! I could just DIE!"

Lisa raised an eyebrow. "It gets worse? Or it gets better? Think about it."

Sandy absentmindedly wiped her cheeks clean of sweat and tears with her bare hands. She tried to think, but she was too frantic to think rationally.

Lisa saw Sandy's frazzled condition and put a hand on her nearest shoulder as a supportive gesture. "It gets better, precisely because 'everybody' knows and approves. Everyone who works for SI used to live on Napali at one point or another, so think what that implies. It's a sexually wild place. Anything goes. Remember, I was on this flight once too, with my brother and my mom. What do you think happened in the exact same conditions as everyone else?"

Sandy just stared, afraid to speak. She'd stopped crying, even though she didn't consciously realize that. Oh dear God! So much cocksucking! Nobody cares?! Nobody would stop us, for real?! It's all too much! I'm going to cum!

So Lisa went on, "I had to watch as my mom choked and gagged on my brother's pulsing cock like her life depended on it! Imagine my surprise when I saw him blow his load on her face for the first time! And his cock stayed hard, so she just smiled, took him back in her mouth, and kept right on bobbing. It went on like that for hours and hours!"

Sandy was simultaneously more aroused and more distressed upon hearing that. She only felt free to verbalize her distress though. "That's so AWFUL! It's a vicious cycle of depravity! Why does SI allow all this to go on?! Somebody has to stop it!"

Lisa took her hand from Sandy's shoulder and put both hands on her own hips in indignation. "Why?! What's so awful about it?! Was anyone forcing her to do that? No! Once she got started, she couldn't stop, she loved it so much! And don't call it depraved, because it brought them closer together. It's a loving thing. I still remember when she took his fat cockhead all the way in her mouth for the very first time, and as her lips started to slide up and down his thickness, he patted her head and told her he loved her with so much emotion that tears came to HIS eyes!"

Sandy was hit with another extremely arousing sight to picture in her mind. But she was genuinely upset too, and she tried to focus on that. She huffed, "Oh yeah?! He was probably just crying tears of joy because her cocksucking lips felt so great!"

Lisa sighed, knowing it would be tough to get Sandy to come around. She said, "Vicky, I should probably handle this. It's going to take a while to put Sandy's worries to rest, I think. One of the Browns was calling for lunch. If you don't do something, someone is liable to wander down here looking for you."

Vicky realized Lisa had a very good point. It would be a disaster to have someone else make it this far, especially if Sandy saw a stranger in her current frazzled condition. Besides, Lisa was the minder for just the Douglases, so this was more of her responsibility to deal with.

Vicky looked into Sandy's green eyes, which still had red in them but were looking much better now that she'd wiped her face clean. "Can I leave you in the capable hands of Lisa?"

"Yes! Please! Just go, before someone else comes here!" Sandy was fearful and almost frantic.

However, Lisa and Vicky radiated calm, and with good reason. They were trained to handle this sort of "freak out." They'd seen and dealt with it before.

Vicky said, "Okay. Red, I wish I could stay n' help ease your mind, I really do. But I've got one partin' shot for ya. I don't think incest is bad in n' of itself. You have ta keep in mind the context n' meanin'. In my opinion, this flight is like a free pass. It don't count! Lisa, you tell her."

Vicky kissed Sandy's cheeks one after the other and then gave her an encouraging smile. "Don't worry, everything is going to be alright. I guarantee it."

With that, and a final wave, Vicky walked off towards the front of the plane.

Lisa immediately moved in and replaced Vicky in the same hugging position, complete with their huge, bare racks pressing together. As she did so, she asked, "Is this okay? I know we've hugged before, but not when wearing THESE outfits!" She laughed, due to the fact that she and Sandy were only wearing their high heels.

Sandy chuckled a little, but it was through her distress. However, she hugged Lisa in the exact same way she'd been hugging Vicky, and said with a sad sigh, "Who cares? Compared to the evil deed I just did with my son, this is nothing."

Despite that attitude, the fact was they were both completely naked. Lisa's breasts were even bigger than Vicky's, and it was truly a meeting of world class bare busts. Furthermore, Lisa stood up straighter, leading to more of an all-body hug.

There was no way that Sandy couldn't get more aroused by this, even if she didn't have a bisexual bone in her body. If nothing else, the sheer naughtiness of being naked on an airplane while hugging another naked woman, and after just being reminded that other passengers could wander by, was bound to inflame Sandy's submissive humiliation sensibilities. The fact that they were both "more naked than completely naked" in their special "cocksucker heels" only added to that.

Lisa had no intention of seducing Sandy at this time, for the same reasons that Vicky didn't. But she knew Sandy's body would get aroused from the talking and touching just the same, and the more aroused Sandy was, the less she'd be able to fully wallow in her sorrow and shame. Thus, she wanted to stoke her fires some without actually getting intimate with her.

Keeping her hands safely around the middle of Sandy's back, Lisa said, "Let me take over where Vicky left off. I heard everything you two said, and I agree completely with her. You were last talking about Maria Sanchez and Jasmine Brown, right? You want to know if they're sucking their son's cocks yet?"

Sandy groaned loudly and unhappily. Just hearing the names of the other two mothers on board reminded her of her recent "crime" with her son.

Lisa took that as a "yes" and plowed on. "I honestly don't know for sure. My job is to just help you and your family, and I haven't been to the front of the plane where they are. Besides, even if I knew I wouldn't be able to tell you, just as I wouldn't tell them what's happening with you. But in a larger sense, it's safe to assume that's the case. Just look at what happened to all the previous moms in previous years. If they haven't done the same yet, they will. It's just a matter of time before their jaws are sore and their faces are splattered with cum."

Sandy's head spun as she thought about so many different mothers, all of them busty and beautiful, sucking their son's big cocks. It was highly arousing to her, but also reassuring, suggesting she hadn't done something extreme and wrong, if everyone in the same situation did it. She was having to fight to stay upset at herself. "But... but... Oh GOD! Someone should warn them!"

"What good would that do? We've found it's a phase families go through. It's a rite-of-passage thing. Imagine you and your son find yourself naked in a snowstorm, so you both are forced to take refuge in a cave. Then imagine that the only way to keep warm and stay awake through the night is for the two of you to lie together and rub each other's naked bodies all over. Who wouldn't end up having sex in that situation? It's inevitable! But that doesn't mean you're going to keep having sex later on, when you're out of the cave."

Sandy didn't say it, because she was still having trouble openly admitting her incestuous feelings to Lisa. But she thought, I would! In a heartbeat! Because I know my son's cock. It's incredible! And why did you have to bring up fucking? Once he starts fucking me, that would make things a hundred times worse! I'd become his bitch! His personal whore! His pet!

I can see it now. I'd beg for it shamelessly! "Son! Son! Mommy needs you to stick your big cock in her again. Pleeeaaase?! I don't even know what I can give you in return, because you basically own me already! So please, if you love your mommy, impale your thickness and stir it around in my hot pussy until I cry my voice hoarse!"

Dammit! Why did Lisa have to mention fucking?! Just thinking about it is making me way too horny! I can't think of that, ever! I must be smelling up the whole damn plane with my wet arousal!

Lisa subtly smirked a little bit, knowing that anecdote had set Sandy's lusty fire ablaze. She still figured that the hotter Sandy got, the more her cocksucking desire would swamp her doubts and guilt.

A sign of how extremely hot and bothered Sandy had already gotten could be seen in the way her hands had gradually slid down until she was firmly clutching both of Lisa's ass cheeks. She didn't really realize it, or just didn't care.

Lisa couldn't resist reciprocating, and gladly slid her hands down to Sandy's ass cheeks too. She loved their feel and firmness, and would have loved to caress them, but she simply held her hands there lightly. She didn't want to complicate matters if Sandy worried she was trying to seduce her.

Lisa let her cave anecdote sink in.

Sandy struggled with it. Her problem was that she didn't know exactly how much Lisa knew about what she'd done, so she had to be careful with her words. She tried to get around that problem by proposing a hypothetical. "That cave story is all well and good, but you say they'll carry on as normal, after the cave. But what if they can't? What if the pleasure was too intense? What if they're addicted? Both of them!"

Lisa spoke gently. "You don't have to phrase it like that. You've already had a taste of how great it is, haven't you?"

Sandy stiffened in alarm. "What do you mean?!"

Lisa spoke with a reassuring smile. "I'm talking about the tremendous pleasure a mother gets from sucking her son's cock. You know that I know everything. Remember, I heard you and Vicky talking from the start. Plus, there's all the cum spilled down your chin."

Sandy groaned with great shame. Her blush spread down her chest. "Oh God! I could just DIE!" She brought a hand up to her face. Sure enough, even though she'd wiped her cheeks clean of tears earlier, she hadn't touched her chin, and there was still plenty of cum there, mostly smeared into her skin.

With her eyes shut tight, she tried to both wipe the cum away and rub it in, so it couldn't be seen anymore. "Kill me now, please!"

Lisa chuckled at that. "Sorry, no can do. Your son needs you too much, and you need him. Can't you imagine how happy he'll be, tilting his head back, groaning in ecstasy, as he strokes your hair while you bob in his lap, your mouth crammed full of his hot cock-meat?"

Sandy groaned in an ecstasy of her own. She was upset, yes, but very close to cumming as well. Her body was starting to squirm against Lisa's, arousing her yet more, since Lisa's body radiated sex.

"I'd love to hear all about your very first suck, but I can see you're very embarrassed." Lisa leaned forward and gently kissed Sandy's nose. "Don't worry, everything is going to be alright, like Vicky said. I guarantee it too."

However, Sandy wasn't mollified. The reminder that Lisa knew exactly what she'd done triggered her sorrow all over again. She'd stopped crying for a while now, but she suddenly resumed shedding tears once more. "Oh God! Lisa! What have I done?! What have I done?!"

Lisa patted and caressed Sandy's bare ass in a non-sexual manner (sort of!) while Sandy unthinkingly firmly squeezed Lisa's ass cheeks in return.

Lisa said, "Like I told you, what you did is normal!"

"Normal?! No it's not! It's a CRIME!"

"Normal for this flight, that is. Think again about that scenario of lying naked in a cave in a snowstorm with your son. Extreme things happen in extreme situations. You're not to blame! This is just a passing phase! Everything will change when we get to Napali, making all this almost moot. Believe me!"

There was much truth in that last comment, though not in the way she was implying.

Sandy remained highly aroused, even as her distress came back with a vengeance. Her face was red and tears were threatening to return as she explained, "I don't care about that! If I'd just done it in a 'grin and bear it' way, I wouldn't feel so bad. If it was a trial to be endured as a responsible mother, I wouldn't have reason to feel guilty. Like the cave."

She said with even more angst, "But I enjoyed it! So much! Too much! No, more than that! I LOVED it! I can't believe I just confessed that to you, but it's true! I loved it with all my heart and soul! I still do as I think back on it! And that's the REAL problem! You say it's a passing phase, but what if I can't stop?!"

Suddenly, Sandy was bawling, sobbing uncontrollably. She lifted her hands from Lisa's ass to squeeze her tightly around her middle.

Lisa reluctantly did the same. She told herself it was probably for the best anyway, since she didn't want to be too tempted.

Lisa said, "It is a passing phase! Sure, you're feeling that way now, all moms on this flight do. You don't think they feel bad too? They all do. But in a couple of days you'll be in Napali. It'll be like that snowstorm ending and coming out of that cave. Everything will change. All of this will pass. It's a passing phase!"

Of course, Lisa knew the "passing phase" part was a lie, and she felt bad about lying to her, but it was what she felt Sandy needed to hear at this point.

Sandy was unswayed, and kept on crying. She didn't care much about how guilty the other mothers felt, and she didn't believe it would be a passing phase in her case, due to the sheer strength of her cock-lust. She could easily see herself totally falling into unrestrained, wanton, oral adoration of her son's rampant erection, like the other redheaded mother Vicky had told her about.

Lisa went on, "Remember that when we get to the island, Darrin will be assaulted by a bevy of busty and sexy girls wanting to be one of his girlfriends. Thanks to his huge, delicious cock and great personality, he'll have two or three in no time flat. He'll be a very happy camper, with all of those hotties bobbing on his shaft every single day! Meanwhile, you'll also find a guy to share. Soon, you'll be sucking on a big fat cock of your own, and you'll be happy as a clam as well. I'm sure your new man will have a cock that's almost as thick and nice as Darrin's. Years later, you'll just look back at this flight as a strange but necessary part of life's journey."

Of course most of that was untrue, but it wasn't time to reveal the full incestuous truth yet. There was a tried and true sexual transformation formula SI had developed for these flights, and Lisa was sticking to it.

However, Lisa had to stop for a while after that, because Sandy was crying so hard that she worried her words wouldn't get through. She just held the sobbing mother and let her express her cathartic cry. She knew that some scene like this was bound to happen at some point anyway, because all mothers went through something like it, often more than once. It would be good for Sandy to let her emotions out.

Sandy was sobbing too much to be able to reply to Lisa's latest comments, but she thought to herself, I don't want "some guy to share." I want my son! I NEED my son! And I don't want a cock "almost" as nice as his, I need HIS cock! In my mouth! Down my throat! It can ONLY be his! That's my problem! He's ruined me for all other men! And I don't want him to have another girlfriend, much less two or three! I want to be his one and only!

Lisa, you have no idea what happened to me! It's like I've found my calling as his big-titted cocksucking mommy! The one thing that brings me the greatest joy! I've only done it once, but I know I'm hooked! With HIM, and him alone! I want to wake him in the morning with my mouth bobbing on his cock, and then blow him all through his morning shower! And then titfuck and suck him all through breakfast, just like Olivia does!

Olivia, wherever you are, I'm soooo sorry! I misunderstood! I thought you went too far when you talked about things like sucking your son all through various meals, but now I get it! As long as his cock is there, nice and stiff and throbbing and hot, it would be a waste NOT to suck it! Like throwing newly bought food away. And you must feel soooo slutty to do that. Bobbing under the table! Gaawwwd! So wonderfully slutty! I can only imagine. It makes me all woozy and tingly just thinking about it!

But this is my problem. I'm getting carried away all over again just from thinking about it. This cocksucking lust of mine is going to ruin me! I'm gonna get caught for sure, and I'll end up in prison or who knows what! Jane will hate me and then tell everyone back home. Disaster in every direction. But the danger makes it all the more tempting! UGH!

It's like I've just tried crack for the first time and I can already foresee I'm going to spend the rest of my life as a crack junkie until I wind up dead in some alleyway. There's no escape! The pull is too strong!

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