Chapter 40
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Sandy's thoughts would have continued like that for some time as she kept on sobbing.

Lisa didn't know what to do except let her "cry it out" for a while.

However, Darrin had finished his own rumination and heard her crying as soon as he started walking down the aisle in her direction.

He grew very concerned when he realized it was his mother crying so hard. She could be very emotional, but she generally put on a brave face in front of her children, so seeing her like this was almost unprecedented. True, he had an uncommonly powerful lust for his mother, but he had an uncommonly powerful love for her too. The two feelings interacted and strengthened each other.

He hurried on. He guessed correctly that she was having an emotional meltdown over having given him a blowjob, and he wanted to reassure her.

When he reached sight of the alcove, only a short distance away, he was knocked back with another big shock when he saw that Lisa was already comforting Sandy. That wasn't the shocking part: it was that they were both totally nude and hugging each other. The mere sight of their gigantic racks pressed together would be good fapping inspiration for him for months! Furthermore, they both appeared to be fondling or at least holding the other one's bare ass cheeks!

He would have gotten an erection in a hurry except that he already had one, tucked under his oversized T-shirt. He was keeping it from bouncing too much due to a strategically placed hand over his crotch.

However, at the same time he saw Sandy and Lisa together like that, he also saw his mother in distress, so he was conflicted. He didn't want to be horny, he just wanted to be helpful. But he couldn't turn his arousal off like a light, especially after seeing a sight like that!

What he didn't realize was that he'd missed the earlier discussion, when Vicky and then Lisa had gotten Sandy extremely horny all over again. Only near the end did her great sadness return, but that was mixed in with her still high arousal level.

Then he was put on the spot, because Lisa turned his way and said, "Good! Sandy, look who's here. Your son! Darrin, I've tried my best to be consoling and tell her that what she did to you is perfectly okay, but I can't seem to put her at ease. I think you should be the one to hold her. Here, take over."

With that, Lisa abruptly and totally disengaged for Sandy's embrace.

He stood there uncertainly. "But I'm..." He looked down at his crotch. Even with his T-shirt covering his boner, the bulge was obvious.

Lisa chuckled. "Let me guess. Your cock is stiff. Big surprise there! You're going to make two or three Napali women very happy, that's for sure! But it's up to your mom. Sandy, can you handle hugging your ever-ready son?"

Despite the tears flowing from her eyes, Sandy smiled and held her arms open wide. "Come here, my big man!"

He rushed forward and squeezed her tightly. But he wanted not to confuse her feelings further with more lusty signals, so he was careful to keep his hands wrapped around the middle of her back.

She was very relieved to hug and hold him again, even though she knew that sort of intimate contact was the very sort of thing that had given her her current troubles.

In a way, she was tricked by his T-shirt. Had he walked up to her buck naked with his stiff erection jutting out and wobbling in front of him, she would have been much more wary. But with his oversized T-shirt covering his crotch and ass when he was standing, it looked pretty much like he was fully dressed.

Wanting to be considerate, he leaned into the hug and kept his lower body from her, so his cock wouldn't poke against her, either through the T-shirt or not.

However, there was no way to hug her from the front without her huge bare tits pressing against his chest. And that contact was electric for both of them!

Because she was a few inches taller than him and wearing five-inch heels, her tits pressed up towards his shoulders. He had to rise up on his tiptoes to stop his face from sliding into her cleavage. He didn't want to give her the wrong idea, that he was totally controlled by his lust.

Darrin was disappointed that he couldn't feel her tremendous globes skin-on-skin. But for Sandy, it was possibly even more arousing that way, because of the psychology of it. He seemed fully dressed, while she was most definitely totally naked, in just her high heels. That contrast made her humiliation skyrocket, and her already red face suddenly turned even redder.

Lisa knew that sexual humiliation feeling well, because she'd come to savor it during her years as her brother's sex slave. She knew just how to heighten it too. She said, "Awww! Look at you two. You're so loving and adorable. Sandy, you've got a great son. Napali women really go for confident and even dominating men. They love guys who show what people on the island call 'command and control.' As much as you loved sucking him off, don't you think it would have been even better if he took charge, holding your head and guiding it, calling you dirty names, and generally making clear that you were there to serve HIS pleasure?"

This was a big moment, Lisa knew. Of course she was describing exactly what Sandy craved, due to Sandy's naturally submissive nature. But would Sandy willingly admit it in front of her son? If she did, that hopefully would give him a very big clue on how to behave with her from now on.

Sandy got very shy, and her face turned redder still. But what Lisa just described sounded so hot and wonderful that she couldn't resist nodding her head a little bit.

That wasn't good enough for Lisa. She asked her, "Well?"

Sandy's nipples were tingling painfully and her pussy was burning yet gushing. She whispered, "That sounds... pretty good!"

Darrin definitely took notice. In fact, hearing that thrilled him to his toes. Feeling emboldened, and testing out if there was truth in what Lisa was saying, he slid his hands down to Sandy's ass cheeks and gave them a firm squeeze.

Sandy's eyes bugged out in surprise. "OOOH!"

Lisa chuckled. "See what I mean? He's a natural!"

However, he confused Sandy's surprise for distress. He brought his hands back up to her lower back and said, "Sorry, Mom."

He was going to apologize more, but he didn't have a chance because Lisa began talking without pause. She did that deliberately because she didn't want him to give a full apology. "He's still learning to overcome his shy ways, but don't you feel a little bit of that in him already? He's standing there holding your naked body, bursting with love and confidence! Like he's in charge. It makes a woman weak in the knees, doesn't it?"

It definitely did for Sandy. Even the seemingly innocuous "weak in the knees" comment made her think about losing her footing and having to drop to her knees. Naturally, she imagined taking his cock back into her hand and then into her mouth!

The fact that she could do that this very moment if she really wanted to blew her mind to smithereens. She might have, too, had it not been for Lisa standing there, as well as the fact they were in an unfamiliar place closer to the front of the plane where she knew the other people were. Once again, lust was dulling her worries.

Darrin tried to step up to the plate and make her feel better. But at the same time, he didn't want to say anything to discourage her from sucking his cock a lot more. After his epiphany about life and sex in Napali (which wasn't totally accurate but was a lot closer to the truth than what he'd thought before), he believed the odds of carrying on a secret sexual relationship with his mother were almost guaranteed.

So he brought a hand to her facial cheeks and said, "Mom, your face is all wet. Why is that?"

He didn't know that, but even that turned her on. The tears rolling down her face were fresh, but she remembered how her face had been wet earlier simply due to her tears of joy and struggle from her intense cocksucking efforts.

Lisa didn't leave. It was somewhat impolite for her to stay, but she was dying to know what they said to each other, and she figured that knowledge about that sort of thing could help her to move the family's sexual transformation process along. She hoped Darrin would show increasing dominance over Sandy as well as get her insanely horny again. One reason Lisa was lingering a few feet away was in case she could help with those things.

He told Sandy, "Don't cry! I think what you did to me is great!"

Sandy was incredulous, "'Great?!' Are you crazy?!" But then she realized, "Oh. Of course you'd say that. You're thinking with your cock. Sure, it was great for you. Any boy your age would love to see his big-breasted mother bobbing and moaning on your hot thick shaft. But don't you see the disastrous implications?! We're caught in a trap and we can't get out!"

He had to resist the urge to snicker, since she'd just unwittingly said the opening line to Elvis Presley's big hit "Suspicious Minds."

He decided to share some of his epiphany about the true nature of Napali Island to help her feel better. He was sure he was right. "I beg to differ. From everything I've heard, the people on Napali are pretty wild and crazy about sex. Isn't that right, Lisa?"

Lisa was glad to be drawn back into the conversation, to justify her continued presence there. She stepped closer, and said, "That's right. How many times do you cum when you masturbate, on average?"

He considered that a very personal question, especially since he was loathe to admit he masturbated at all. He turned his head to Lisa and stared at her incredulously, as if begging her not to ask that.

Since he was looking her way and Sandy wasn't, Lisa gestured with her hands for him to fondle Sandy's ass. She even made the motion of cupping an ass cheek and then gave him an encouraging nod.

His resolve not to make a move on his sexy mother was all but forgotten. He was going wild with lust, especially from feeling her huge bare breasts pressing against his chest while staring at Lisa with her similarly awesome rack and all-around naked glory. He brought both his hands back to his mother's ass and cupped her ass cheeks. He also lowered himself from being up on his tiptoes, since that position couldn't be sustained.

To his surprise, Sandy just cooed happily and snuggled into him. Due to their height differential, he found his face sliding into her cleavage. He still looked up to her face, but he could feel his chin resting on, and practically enveloped by tit-flesh.

She showed no signs of disapproving of that either. In fact, she brought a hand to the back of his head and playfully ruffled his hair some.

He realized that he still had to answer Lisa's masturbation question. It was embarrassing, but Lisa hadn't steered him wrong yet. He figured she had a good reason to ask it. So he sheepishly answered, "Well, if you must know... about five or six times a day. Sometimes... even seven."

Lisa smiled. "My oh my! Impressive! Sandy, did you hear that? That's so far above normal. Your son is an uncommonly virile young man!"

Sandy flashed him a sultry smile. "Son, you sure are!"

"Thanks, Mom." So far, he was just cupping her ass cheeks. But feeling even more emboldened, he began gently caressing them.

Sandy purred with pleasure, showing her approval. My big man! Taking charge! Lisa's right: it's even better when he takes control! And he does have an uncommonly powerful cock. One that needs a lot of daily TLC! Oral TLC! She was giddy about that, all but forgetting her distress.

Lisa smiled benignly at the scene. His ass fondling was causing Sandy to writhe more, which was making her huge tits slide against his upper chest, to their mutual pleasure.

However, Lisa had to keep the conversation going, so she said, "Darrin, cumming five or six times is an remarkable amount, for sure, back in the States. But when you get to Napali, expect to double that."

"WHAT?!" He was truly shocked - though not too shocked to keep fondling his mother's ass cheeks. "There's no way! I've practically rubbed my thing raw as it is. I'm maxed out, for sure! Guys can't cum ten times a day, much less more than that. It's impossible!"

Sandy had simply been keeping her hands around the middle of her son's back. But her lust reached a point where she just had to slide them down and feel his ass, in the same way he was feeling hers. She moaned and purred again as she thought about her son cumming that many times a day, in her mouth, on her face, and on her ample chest. (She still had next to no thought of actual fucking.)

Such thoughts left her breathless and writhing lustily, but she fought to keep her raging lust in check. After a long pause, she said, "Yeah, I don't think that's physically possible for a man. Not even my big man could cum that much in one day."

Lisa kept on smiling knowingly. "Sure, it probably is impossible, in the rest of the world, that is. Things are different on Napali, believe me. Darrin, keep in mind that you're going to have two or three scorching hot girlfriends who love to suck your cock about as much as you can physically handle. Your penis responds and begins producing more and more cum, and your stamina gets better and better. It really is a blowjob paradise."

Sandy was getting increasingly aroused, and hearing that aroused her still more. She whispered in a sultry voice, "Did you hear that? You lucky devil!"

She was very mindful of the fact that his cock was stiff and exposed, yet she wasn't touching it. She was dying to change that, but she was shy with Lisa standing right there.

Darrin was in awe about what Lisa was saying. So many seemingly impossible things had happened in the last few hours that he told himself not to discount any possibility. He was beginning to think that Napali really was a paradise, about as wonderful as any place on Earth could possibly be.

Lisa told him, "Given the size of your cock plus you cumming that much even back in the States, I can almost guarantee you're going to have three hotties at your beck and call. Trust me, you're going to be cumming more than you thought physically possible, every day. They're going to push you to your limit, because they're going to be so hungry for your cum. Soon, that will simply become normal. Your body will adjust. It happens every time."

Actually, even Lisa doubted he could cum quite that many times a day, at least not on a regular basis. Ten or more orgasms a day from a man was a hell of a lot, even by Napali standards. But she had no doubt he'd improve on five or six. Regardless if her claim was technically true, she wanted to shock mother and son, so they'd start to understand what a sex-mad place their new home was.

Sandy made some mental calculations. If he cums ten times a day, and has three girlfriends, and I'm one of them, that will still leave me about three to four of his yummy cum loads, every day! But we've been told that Napali women love to share, and double and triple blowjobs are the usual. Even better! Assuming he does some fucking every day too, that's still a LOT of cocksucking for me to enjoy!

Meanwhile, Darrin thought, Ten times a day?! That's nuts! I refuse to believe ANY man could do that on a daily basis. My dick often gets sore if I go much over six. But then again, everything that's happened on this plane ride has been totally nuts, but real. For instance, Lisa, a perfect ten centerfold type, freely calls herself my "slut!" And she acts like it!

He stared at Lisa's hourglass figure in disbelief, even as his chin rested on his mother's great tits. Who would believe that? And Mom HAS sucked me off, with her gorgeous mouth! Even I can't really believe it happened, but it happened to me! It can never un-happen. And now I'm fondling her naked body! Man!

At this point, it's safe to say that NOTHING is off the table. Besides, there's my theory that the clever bastards behind Napali Island made it a secret sexual utopia, and the classified government work is just a cover. This would fit into that.

Lisa stood in a sexy pose, with a hand on a cocked hip, while she waited for both of them to absorb that information. Then she went on, "Now, compare that to life in America. If a man cums twice in one sexy evening, maybe after a special night on the town, he pats himself on the back for being so 'virile.'" She made a mocking face. "And those are the few lucky enough to have a sexy evening! I feel sad thinking about it. They're missing out on so much."

Sandy was reminded of her marriage to Dennis again. Lisa's words perfectly described the sex life she used to have - which of course was Lisa's intention. It sounded sad and pathetic.

Darrin replied, "Exactly." He stared deeply into his mother's shining green eyes while continuing to enjoy exploring her firm ass cheeks. He was still shy to probe into her ass crack very much, though. "Think about that. The people on Napali celebrate sex in a way we probably can't even begin to understand yet. They're completely sexually uninhibited. Think how you've been feeling today, as you've been letting go and embracing your sexual side after all this time being lonely and cold. Doesn't that feel great?"

She smiled. Already he was cheering her up. "It sure does." She was starting to rub her bare tits up and down his chest deliberately, and not just from her usual sexy writhing.

She thought, It feels as great as your body! Son! I wish you weren't wearing that dumb T-shirt. I love playing with your cute ass, but when is Lisa going to go so I can have my hands back on your cock?! I can't even feel it with the way you're leaning into me. Your naked big-titted mommy needs it!

He took a hand off her ass, reached up to her face, and started wiping her latest tears away. He pointed out, "Consider then how much your attitude about sex has changed in just part of one day. Napali folks are probably much more enlightened and open minded than that. You're still thinking like you're in America. You're not!"

Lisa chimed in, "The kid has a good point. I've been downplaying how different the attitudes on sex are, because I don't want to shock you too much. Sandy, you'll be in a different world there. And that's true in lots of ways, for instance legally. Already you're in international waters, so US laws no longer apply."

That startled Sandy. "Really?! Is that true?!" Her entire body was slightly humping up and down against her son, to help with her tit rubbing on his chest. Plus, thanks to all their ass fondling, their lower bodies were slowly getting closer to each other. She hoped to feel his big boner against her soon, maybe even skin on skin if his "dumb T-shirt" would get out of the way.

"It is," Lisa said. "There are no laws against incest here or laws about his age either. Ditto in Napali. There are only about 400 people there, all carefully selected to be good and honest, so laws aren't really needed at all. Sure, there are a few issues every once in a while, but generally people work out problems amongst themselves and have a 'live and let live' attitude. The only time you'll technically have to worry about laws like that anymore is maybe the overnight stay in Hawaii tonight."

Darrin picked up on that theme. "You see, Mom? You don't have to feel guilty about what you did, because that's American thinking. By Napali thinking, it's no big deal. We could continue to have fun in private, and it's nobody's business but our own."

Sandy looked down at him with worry. Her hands were getting more aggressive exploring into his ass crack. "But... there are so many problems with that. What about Jane, for starters?"

He kept on wiping his mother's tears away, now that they'd run dry. "I think if she sees how much being intimate strengthens our love, she'll come around. Like our hugging right now. Isn't this only strengthening our love, even though you're naked and I'm partially naked?"

"Yes, but this is a pretty innocent hug, despite all that."

Actually, the hug was anything but innocent. He still had one hand exploring her ass, and she had two hands exploring his, while she continued to subtly rub her huge bare tits against his chest. However, from her point of view it was innocent, because she was holding back from doing the one thing she wanted most of all, and that was getting her hands back on his cock. She was glad to be learning important new information from Lisa, but she also wished Lisa would go away so she could get busy stroking him, at least.

Lust was getting the best of Darrin too, with his earnest attempt to just emotionally reassure her long forgotten. In particular, he was going out of his mind feeling her bare huge tits rubbing against his chest. So he brought both hands up to her tits and cupped them from the sides.

In doing so, he changed his stance, bringing his lower body closer to her, close enough for his cockhead to poke up against her lower pussy. It was still covered with his oversized T-shirt, but even so, the contact made her whole body jerk.

He casually asked her, "Okay, how about now? It's not such an innocent hug anymore is it? But do you love me any less?"

Lisa smirked. Well played, kid, well played! I see such master material! Gentle and loving, but insistent. She can't resist that combination!

Sandy's eyes went wide and her heart started thumping harder than before. She was tempted to tell him to move his hands away, mostly because Lisa was still there and watching. She was also tempted to move his cockhead off her skin with her hand, but she realized that if she held it to do that, she probably wouldn't be able to let go.

She feared that she was going to cross a line soon where she'd have no choice but to start stroking his cock, and that was likely to lead to sucking. The craving to suck was so overpowering that it was hard for her to think of anything else. She wanted nothing more than to hold and stroke his boner, for starters, but she was trying to restrain herself until Lisa left.

However, she was far too horny and his hands and poking cockhead felt too good. So she just said, "No, of course not. I can see your point. Something like this doesn't necessarily have to ruin the close love we share."

She slightly pulled her upper back, lessening the pressure on his chest. That was done to give him license to play with more of her incredible I-cups.

He quite literally grabbed that opportunity with both hands. He slid his hands slightly down and in, so he was cupping her tits more from below. Then he started caressing them from there.

Suddenly, Sandy's body was so hot that it was a wonder she didn't burst into flames. My SON! I'm standing in this plane somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, buck naked and red-faced with shame, and he's playing with my big titties! I hope and assume it's not the last though! Mmmm! My big man! I'm putty in his hands. I hope he plays with my tits as much as he wants!

She kneaded his ass cheeks aggressively as her arousal skyrocketed even higher. Not coincidentally, that closed the gap between their lower bodies, causing his cockhead to rise up her lower abdomen. If it kept sliding up, it would soon come free of his T-shirt.

She thought gleefully, He just takes and takes. He's so aggressive. I love it! What did Lisa say? She said he has to show "command and control!" He has to make his personal cocksuckers understand that they're serving his cock at HIS pleasure, at HIS whim! And if he can do that, he'll win the hottest girlfriends with the biggest tits who love to suck his cock the most! Their hearts will melt and their pussies will gush. They'll be unable to resist him!

Well, it was something like that anyway. What about me, Son? I'm pretty impressed with the way you're playing with my tits with such command and control! You're doing a pretty good job of winning me already, and I have some pretty damn big tits! And God knows I love to suck your cock the most! So how about it? Can I be one of your girlfriends? Or not even that: just one of your personal cocksuckers! You can go off and fuck your girlfriends - a whole bunch of them! And I'll be waiting for you to come home so I can lick and suck your cock clean of all those naughty, nasty girls, and then keep sucking you late into the night!

There was a significant pause in the discussion while Sandy was thinking all those lusty thoughts.

Darrin didn't know what she was thinking exactly, but he could tell it was something good as her facial expression turned increasingly sultry and hungry. All the while, he continued to fondle her huge tits while her body continued to writhe around. Then he reached for her nipples and started rolling them between his fingers like he'd being doing that for years.

That made her let out a loud erotic moan. "OH! SON!"

Lisa couldn't help snicker with glee. Yes! Go, kid! Another key step forward!

The audible snickering caused both Darrin and Sandy to look Lisa's way.

Darrin was simply astounded that Lisa, a woman who looked like a porn star, continued to simply stand there in just her high heels, happily watching him fondle his own mother. It didn't bother him at all. In fact, it only emboldened and further aroused him. But he couldn't figure her out.

Sandy though, was tremendously embarrassed to be reminded Lisa was there. Oh God! Why can't she go away already?! What she must think of me! I'm acting like such a slut. And I don't even know where I am, somewhere in the middle of this plane, six miles high! I'm so naked, and horny! I can even feel his hot pole almost burning against my skin, when it needs to be in my MOUTH! If only she'd go away! My big man's big cock needs me!

Finally, he looked back up into his mother's gorgeous green eyes and asked, "What's on your mind, Mom? Are you feeling better about things now?"

She was too horny to think or resist. His nipple play was the final straw. She tried to continue to talk like her concerns were paramount, even as her mouth was watering to the point of nearly drooling. "I am. I think that as long as we're together, loving each other, everything will be okay. But despite that, I worry. The problem is, I love it too much!"

"You love what?"

"THIS thing!" She suddenly reached for his crotch. His boner was still pointing up but thinly covered by his T-shirt. She reached for his shaft and pulled it up higher until it was almost pointing straight up. That left his shirt behind, sliding down to the base of his shaft. She scooted it closer, so his cockhead was still pressing against her body too.

She thought, Aaaaaah! God help me! I must be crazy, with Lisa standing right there, and anyone could walk by at any time. But I need this! I need to hold it, at least! Aaaah! My son's big cock! Feels so good in my hand!

She continued to act like she was upset. She lightly shook his boner, like she was punishing it. "This damn thing is the cause of all our problems. If only your cock wasn't so big and so THICK! If only it wasn't fully erect every time you see me!"

He loved where this was going. He spoke while still playing with her stiff nipples, "That's because it's YOU, Mom! You! You arouse me like no other woman on the planet!"

She pouted, but playfully, "You are just saying that. You're trying to flatter me, thinking that'll get me to stroke your cock!"

He joked, "It seems to be working!"

Her mood had improved so much, mostly due to all their fondling and rubbing, and then her wrapping her fingers around his erection, that she happily laughed along.

Yet a part of her was still trying to seriously deal with the real problems she felt she had. So she said, "You see? This is the problem! It works too well. I love you so much. I have no self-control! Even as I'm telling you this, I... I can't control my hands!"

She had been attempting to just hold his boner - as if that could last. She gave in and started to stroke it. Oh dear Lord! Here we go again! Aaaah! Feels too good! I can't resist!

She said "hands" instead of "hand" because she had brought her other hand over to it too. There was enough room for both hands on his shaft, which thrilled her more. She loved how she was incapable of reaching her fingers all the way around it.

Lisa spoke up. That surprised both Sandy and Darrin, because they were totally into each other, staring at each other with lovey-dovey eyes, to the point they forgot Lisa was still there. Lisa said, "I think what you two are doing is fantastic! Sandy, don't you worry about those other problems! I swear to you, Napali is where dreams come true."

Sandy sighed, annoyed that her worries were coming back, thanks to Lisa's interruption. Her embarrassment spiked, especially since she still couldn't stop stroking her son's throbbing pole. She complained, "But what about incestuous dreams?! Just because it's legal-"

Lisa interrupted, "A lot of mothers go through what you go through on the journey to the island. A LOT of them! Did Vicky explain that to you?"

"She did."

"So think about that. People who live in glass houses can't throw stones. How can they get upset at an incestuous blowjob or two, if they've done the same? All the moms on Napali got there on these yearly flights, naked with their sons! Their well-hung sons! All of them!"

That made a powerful impact on Sandy. Between that comment, his tit fondling, and her cock stroking, she was a hair's breadth away from cumming hard. Oh! WOW! I hadn't thought things through! All the mothers have done it! All of them! So who are they to judge?! So many slurpy and joyous mommies sucking!

Lisa's comment was big news for Darrin, since he'd missed out on their earlier conversation, not to mention previous conversations where Vicky dropped similar hints. He asked Lisa, "So, are you saying that some of the mothers end up blowing their sons on these flights?!"

Lisa said dramatically, "No! I'm saying that basically ALL of them do! I haven't heard of one that hasn't! So think about what that means. Incest is NO BIG DEAL on Napali. I repeat: NO BIG DEAL! Everyone has done it themselves! Everyone! Everybody lives in a proverbial glass house! Basically, nobody cares. Think of it as a rite of passage everyone there goes through on these flights and sometimes beyond. It's an issue for you and your personal morality. That's it!"

Sandy's heart soared up to the heavens, especially from Lisa's "sometimes beyond" mention. She asked with bated breath, "So... if I were to keep sucking my son's cock even after we arrived..."

Lisa made an exaggerated shrugging motion. "So what?! Nobody cares! Nobody is going to judge you. Do what you want. Live your life. Be free! The island has some customs when it comes to sex, but very few hard and fast rules. Including no rule against incest."

Darrin let go of Sandy's massive tits to lightly shake her shoulders. "Did you hear that, Mom?! Did you hear that?!" He was excited beyond belief.

She was just as excited, if not more so. "I heard it! I heard it!" Her face was beaming. Both her hands practically flew up and down his thick shaft, in tandem.

Encouraged by her lusty reaction, and all the talk, he brought his hands back to her amazing I-cups and fondled them more aggressively and blatantly than before.

Sandy mewled and purred with pure pleasure. Her eyes actually rolled up into her head, it was so great for her. My son! My son is taking control of my big tits! And I've got his huge cock in my hands! So hot and throbbing with life! And Lisa says it's okay! Everything is okay! I can keep sucking him even after we get to the island. And I don't need some stupid boyfriend, when I have HIM!

What a huge load off my back. I'm so relieved! Maybe I can't be one of his official girlfriends, I don't know. That's a lot to hope for. We're moving to a utopia! Paradise! But I'll get my mouth on his cock every day, one way or another, and that's the main thing!

Lisa smiled benignly at the happy couple. She was getting very hot and bothered herself, but she tried not to show it so they could focus on each other. "Don't worry so much. Things will be fine. Remember, I'll be there with you for the first week or two. I can stay longer if there are problems to sort out. I've got your back! It's literally my job to make sure you succeed. I still know nearly everybody there. I can smooth things over no matter what you do!"

Feeling emboldened by all that was happening and what was being said, especially the titty play and Sandy's handjob, Darrin decided to see if he could step things up another notch. He asked the very leading question, "Oh yeah? What if I were to kiss Mom on the lips right in the middle of the main street there? Even while she's naked and stroking my cock! How would people react?"

He didn't know how Lisa would reply, but he was guessing it was going to be something good. He brought his lips much closer to his mother's, hoping that would give Lisa a big clue.

Sure enough, Lisa replied with a coy smile, "I don't know for sure. But I still consider myself a member of the Napali colony. So why don't you kiss and then I'll give you the verdict?!"

That was exactly the sort of excuse to kiss Sandy he'd hoped she'd give him.

Sandy didn't have time to think that over. Her hands kept on sliding up and down his shaft.

Darrin immediately brought his face close to hers. It was a bit of a challenge, because her huge knockers were between them like two basketballs on her chest. Furthermore, he couldn't bear to let go of them to help draw her head in closer. There also was a big height differential. But he made do by leaning up and in, up on his tiptoes. But he had to hope she'd slouch down or spread her legs enough to make up the rest of the distance.

Sandy still worried about doing more with Lisa right there, because she felt she was losing all control over her lusty desires. She sensed that with the way things were going, she was likely to wind up cocksucking him very soon, no matter who was looking. But with his lips parted and only an inch in front of her own, Sandy let go of her restraint and closed the remaining gap.

She spread her legs wider and wider until her head lowered enough to match his height. Striking that lewd pose was yet another sexy thrill for her.

Sparks flew when their lips touched! It seemed that way at any rate, because the kiss was so electric. Darrin had French kissed her, Lisa, and Jane some earlier, so he wasn't a total kissing novice anymore, and he put his crash course lessons to good use. Within seconds, mother and son were making out like it was the reunion of two long lost lovers.

Furthermore, his fingers had been slowly but surely moving back to the middle of her big tits, and he played with her stiff nipples some more. That was like Fourth of July fireworks going off for both of them.

Most important of all, her hands kept on sliding up and down his stiff pole, and she wasn't going to stop that or let go for anything! For her, that was the best part of their intimate joining, by far.

She moaned in erotic ecstasy over and over, into his mouth, as they kept on necking. MMMM! My son is such a STUD! A natural lover! Of COURSE he's a great kisser! Gaawwwd! It feels too great to be wrong! Such a big and perfect cock, burning my fingers! And he's playing with my tits like he owns them, which he DOES! Hell, he's owning my mouth, tits, and hands, all at once! How could I EVER give myself to anyone but him?!

Son, it's YOU! You, you, you, you, you! You're the one for me, forever! I'm so glad that I'm jacking you off while we kiss, because that's how it should always be! Gaawwwd! Lisa, eat your heart out! For once, you get to lick your lips and watch and suffer while I get to have all the cocky fun! I love holding all this HOT MEAT in my hands! Screw that old no touching rule. If we're close enough to kiss, then I'm close enough to stroke your many inches of manly perfection! That's the new rule!

She realized that she'd been so carried away by the kissing and everything else that her stroking style was all wrong. It looked and felt dramatic, with her hands flying up and down his slick shaft, but she wasn't paying any special attention to his sweet spot. Olivia had taught her well that any big-titted mommy slut worth her salt rubbed her son's sweet spot about as much as she possibly could.

So Sandy changed her styles. She kept one hand at his cockhead and mostly used it to rub his sweet spot non-stop. Whereas her other hand went exploring. She loved simply sizing up the length and girth of his shaft, as well as cupping his balls.

She thought, Aaaah! So BIG! All these inches are going to go down my throat soon! All the way down! That's a promise I'm making to myself right now! Lisa, get lost, before I scream! I don't know what's going to happen when we get to the island. Maybe he'll find a girlfriend or two who'll sweep him off his feet and won't be willing to share. So I'd better get started on that right away!

She thought with fierce determination, while passionately swapping spit with him, It's my duty as a good mother to suck his cock as much as I can between here and Napali, to help him get ready for all those cock-hungry girls! But I don't intend to stop there! No way! I know the competition is going to be tough, but I'm going to do all I can to convince him that I should be one of his girlfriends! Yes, ME!

The intensity of their kissing just grew and grew as they became more familiar with the other's kissing style. She thought, Son, who loves you more than me? Nobody, that's who! Janey's up there, I'll admit, but I don't mind sharing you with her. In fact, that would be perfect! I'll need to talk to you about that later when I can actually talk!

But anyway, besides her, who can complete with me when it comes to being your ideal girlfriend? Lisa, sure, but she'll be gone. Son, I'll be soooo good for you! Those Napali girls are supposed to be gorgeous and busty, and I'll bet they are. But Lisa says my tits are big even by Napali standards! And it sounds like the girls there love sucking cock a lot, but I love YOU! They don't even know you yet. I love you more than they ever will!

That means my passion to suck your cock simply can't be beat! Just the thought of your dick getting erect makes me wet! I'm going to PROVE to you that I can suck your cock the best and the most! You'll see!

Lisa was still standing right next to them. She realized that it was probably prudent to walk away and let them develop their own chemistry, but she was so moved seeing their incestuous lust and love flower that it seemed she was incapable of stepping aside. She was nearly teary eyed with joy, because it reminded her so much about her first kissing sessions with her brother-master Matthew on this very same yearly flight.

Instead of backing away, Lisa was so overcome by heartfelt emotion that she stepped forward and put one hand on Sandy's back and another on Darrin's back. Then she said, "This is so beautiful! I'm moved! You don't see this kind of love and passion every day. You two have something special!"

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