Chapter 41
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Sandy suddenly broke the kiss. She definitely was aware that Lisa was right there, but she didn't even glance at her. Instead, she stared into her son's brown eyes with an intensity hotter than lava. "Son, Lisa's right! Let me show you just how special!"

With that, Sandy dropped to her knees. One of her hands held his shaft while the other one clutched at his ass to pull him in closer. Seconds later, her mouth enveloped his cockhead!

She did that knowing full well that Lisa was there and even touching her. In fact, Lisa's presence was the final straw, causing her sexy humiliation to spin so out of control that it broke the last of her resistance.

Sandy's lust was burning so brightly that she didn't even think about how difficult it was getting her son's thickness into her mouth until the deed was done. Her lips stretched and stretched until it seemed they could stretch no more, and then, BAM! Just like that, her lips were past his crown and already bobbing back and forth over his sweet spot!

Darrin was emotionally and physically overcome. He'd been having the time of his life kissing and fondling his mother while she jacked him off. He didn't think it could possibly get any better, until it did! But it was literally too much to take. He swooned and felt his knees giving way.

Luckily, Lisa was right there. She saw what was happening and held him up. She laughed. "Watch out, you big stud, you!" She wound up fully embracing him from the front while Sandy kept on bobbing with a remarkable passion. That meant that Lisa's great bare G-cups pressed against his chest up near his shoulders.

Lisa looked into his eyes and asked him, "You okay?"

He nodded. But then he admitted, "Keep holding me though. I'm actually weak in the knees!"

She laughed. "It happens!" She was mostly facing him, with one hand reaching around to cup one of his ass cheeks and the other around his waist. But she was careful to come at him from a slight angle so she wouldn't get in the way of Sandy doing her thing.

Sandy couldn't miss feeling Lisa's leg brushing up against her side, and she even felt Lisa's hand just above her on one of his ass cheeks. Her humiliation level soared to the moon. Oooooh NOOOO! Lisa! She's seeing and hearing and even smelling everything I do! And what if someone else comes by?! The SHAME! She's got her big tits against his chest, the SLUT! I can't even have him all for my own for just my second time blowing him. But I can't stop!

Sandy definitely couldn't stop, because she was overtaken by a cocksucking frenzy. Due to her intense lust and powerful love for her son, she managed to pick up almost exactly where she'd left off last time. Then, it had taken her quite some time to work up to using her tongue, lips, and both hands on him all at once. But this time, she was willing and able to do all those things in tandem from the very start. She would have done them anyway, but she had extra incentive, to try to convince him of her cocksucking skills to help him choose her as one of his "girlfriends."

Little did she knew that she didn't have to lift a finger to win that title. He loved her so much, and she was so scorching hot and voluptuous, that he would have considered himself the luckiest guy on Earth if she wanted to be intimate with him in any way. But she didn't realize that. Her world had turned upside down, and suddenly he had become the most desirable prize around, despite his unremarkable and even slightly scrawny figure.

Indeed, Lisa found it an odd sight, to see Darrin standing there in his oversized T-shirt, with a typical body for a fifteen year old. He had a long ways to go before he was a fully grown man. Meanwhile, a blindingly gorgeous woman with ridiculous curves was sucking his cock like her life depended on it!

But the imbalance drove Lisa wild, because it showed how strong the incestuous bond could be. Sandy could have any man, but she only had eyes for one: her son. And now that Sandy had him, she would never want or need another, Lisa had no doubt.

Keeping Darrin's shaft in Sandy's mouth was just as tough for her as it had been the first time, but the key difference was she knew what she was capable of and she just grinned and bore it. Tears of struggle began streaming out of her eyes after just a minute or two, but she preferred it that way. She considered her tears a badge of honor, and pride. She didn't want sucking his cock to ever be easy, and she especially didn't want making him cum to ever be easy. She loved that his sweet cum load was a prize that she had to give her all to win.

Lisa had been trying to restrain her sexual urges through the whole conversation, and she'd thought she had things under control. But seeing mother and son get increasingly intimate worked her up to a point where she had to do let those urges out somehow. Due to the fact that she wound up in an embrace with Darrin after helping his stay standing, things took a natural course.

She pulled his oversized T-shirt up to his armpits, full exposing his chest. She spread her legs wide, lowering her head in relation to his. Since she was even taller than Sandy, she had to spread her legs wider, while standing directly behind her now. Then she leaned back in and began rubbing her huge tits against his bare skin.

That put her mouth right up to his, and she panted in a sultry voice, "Darrin, I didn't bring it up for a while, what with your mom feeling distraught and all, but I still want you to call me 'slut'! YOUR slut! Can you do that for me?"

The urge to kiss her was overwhelming, especially with his arousal shooting off the scale due to Sandy's fevered cocksucking. But he managed to reply, "Slut!"

Lisa shivered all over. "UNNH! I love that! And I love how you're taking control of your mom and making her suck your cock! You'll make a good slut out of her too! Now, kiss me!" She meant to ask Sandy permission for the kiss first, since she was an interloper, but her lips were drawing towards his as if pulled by a magnet, and there was no time to say more.

Sandy felt a jolt of excitement race down her spine while she bobbed. He just called her "Slut," because she IS his slut! My son has a previously hidden talent of making centerfold-worthy women debase themselves just for a chance to suck on his fat knob! I should know, because he's done it to me! He IS taking control and turning me into a slut too! Good God, that's too hot!

The scorching hot mother had been dangerously close to an orgasm for a while, and she finally went over the edge. Sucking her son's cock had brought her to the very brink, but ironically it was hearing him call Lisa "Slut" that pushed her over. Her entire body trembled and quivered as waves of pleasure washed through her.

Darrin and Lisa began making out. Although they didn't have the years of love between them like Sandy and he did, they were both so very, very horny that their kissing was very nearly as passionate as the kissing Sandy and him had shared a few minutes earlier.

Darrin was just insanely horny. The way Sandy was sucking his cock alone was about the greatest pleasure he'd ever felt in his life, partially because she was going all out while Lisa had almost always held back so far, but more so simply because it was his loving mother doing it. Already, he was having to squeeze his PC muscle non-stop, just to hang on.

But on top of that, Lisa was kissing him with her sizzling hot lips, holding him up by folding his ass cheeks, and rubbing her enormous tits against his chest! Aside from the actual physical pleasure of that, the mental awareness that he was being intimate with two nude sex bombs at once was blowing his brains out.

Sandy was annoyed that he was distracted by kissing and fondling Lisa, but her annoyance actually was a good thing, because it only aroused and inspired her even more. UGH! My son is so ungrateful! Here I am, literally busting my jaw trying to pleasure him, and he's so busy playing with another one of his busty sluts that I doubt he even notices! And to think that until today he'd never even kissed a girl.

But I'm just going to have to get used to it, because he's going to have two or three girlfriends from now on. At least! With him, there's no telling. He's such a STUD!

As much as Lisa loved kissing him, she realized that he was going to cum in a minute if that much stimulation hit him from every direction. She was extremely impressed that he'd lasted this long already, given what Sandy was doing to him alone. Surely, this was a sign that he was going to make a great master.

She reluctantly broke their lip-lock and finally took the time to ask, "Sandy?" She tapped the cock-starved mother on her head.

"Hmmm?" Sandy tried to reply while still sliding her lips relentlessly.

Lisa chuckled at that. It warmed her heart, because it reminded her so much of the old days, when she and her mother shared their master in every possible physical configuration, multiple times a day. They had to come up with all sorts of non-verbal means of communication, given how often their mouths were occupied. Kissing him while the other one sucked him happened countless thousands of times... until he was gone.

Lisa put those bittersweet feelings out of her mind, and asked, "Sandy, you sexy thing you, you don't mind if I neck with your son for a while, do you?"

Sandy appreciated being asked, even though it was obviously a done deal. "Mmmm-ummm," she replied. Her tone more than her "words" made clear that she didn't mind.

She admitted to herself, Mind? I prefer it that way! It makes me feel extra slutty, extra naughty. And it shows what a manly man my baby boy has become. It makes me want to try that much harder to be his favorite!

Lisa said, "Good. Because if you have any intentions to be one of his girlfriends - and I'm guessing you do - you'll have to become VERY familiar with sharing him. You'll usually be part of a busty and beautiful cock-pleasuring team. Probably daily!"

Hearing that drove Sandy absolutely bananas with lust. So far, she'd been doing great with her "tongue, lips, and two hands at once" method. But she suddenly felt inspired to do something more, something new. She stopped all movement, and then concentrated all her attention on sucking him with more suction than she'd ever tried before.

The result was immediate: Darrin cried out like he'd been punched. "AAAANNNAAAIIIIEEE!"

Lisa realized what must have happened, though she couldn't see, given that her big tits sliding against his chest were in the way. She said, "Uh-oh! Sandy, that sounds great, but he's TOO worked up! Do you want him to cum already?"

Sandy thought, YEESSSS! Son! Cum now! Cum on my face! I need that! "Part of a busty and beautiful cock-pleasuring team!" Oh GOD! So great!

Lisa could pretty much guess Sandy's thoughts, so she hastened to add, "Then it'll all be over. And think how long it'll be before his cock can get stiff again. Or you can calm down, way down, and keep sucking him for ten minutes or more! Maybe much more. That's what a good team player would do."

Sandy was frustrated, but she realized that was the better option. Plus, she very much wanted to be a good team player. She moaned and groaned erotically, but she also stopped her intense suction attempt.

Lisa rested a hand on Sandy's head to sense what was happening down below, but all that told her was that Sandy was still bobbing at a fair pace. However, it was hard to know what was really happening without knowing what was going on inside her mouth.

She looked to Darrin's face for further clues. He was lost in a daze, staring slack-jawed into space. That wasn't a good sign. She caressed his cheek to get his attention, and then asked, "Stud, did she calm down, or is it still too much?"

He stirred enough to say, "Too much! Way too much!" He was clenching his PC muscle constantly, and he worried that even that wasn't going to be enough.

Lisa tapped the top of Sandy's head. "Did you hear that?"

Sandy grunted. "UNGH!" She thought, Drat! First my new suction style is too much, then what I was doing before is too much too. I can't have ANY fun!

However, had she been able to smile, her smile would have lit up the room, because she realized, What am I saying?! This is the most fun I've EVER had! It's even better than last time! And she's right. Slow is better. Let's prolong the joy! I want to suck him all the way from here to Honolulu!

With that, she finally slowed down a great deal. Her lips stopped sliding altogether, and her hands stayed still too. However, she couldn't resist continuing to slather her tongue against his sweet spot. She just couldn't help herself with that, because it was too much fun. Every time he let out an erotic moan, her entire body tingled with delight, even though she didn't know if she was causing that, or Lisa, or the two of them combined.

A minute passed, with Lisa also doing nothing at all except continuing to hold him up with an arm around his back while keeping a hand on his ass.

Eventually, Lisa noticed a change in his facial expression, like he was coming back to Earth from some distant heavenly nirvana. She asked him, "How 'bout now? Better? Can you handle it?"

He performed a mental check. Just Sandy's tongue work was dangerously arousing, and her tight lip seal around his shaft practically made him see stars. But compared to the multi-pronged sex attack before, he felt he could handle it. It felt ten times better than the best masturbation session he'd ever had, and normally he would have cum already. But he had no doubt it was worth the extra effort to hang on and delay his release. He reluctantly nodded.

Lisa nodded. "Good." She whispered quietly in his ear, in hope that only he could hear, "This is what all Napali guys get to enjoy, every single day. And if you want your mother to belong to you, that can happen. Just be assertive! Treat her like she's your slut, and it will become reality!"

He thought that was the greatest news he'd ever heard. He desperately grunted and groaned as he fought the urge to cum.

Sandy could actually just make out the whispering, and those words also hit a bulls-eye for her. "Treat her like she's your slut, and it will become reality!" So true! God, I'm so horny that I can't breathe!

Lisa worried that she'd aroused him too much with those words, but she smiled to see that he'd squeezed and squeezed his PC muscle until the worst of his orgasmic crisis passed. She felt butterflies in her stomach, because these moments reminded her of her former life on Napali so very much.

Then she tapped Sandy's head again, and said, "Babe, he's hanging in there, but just barely. Let's work as a team to show what great sluts we can be. I'm not kissing him or anything, although my tits do feel wonderful sliding against his manly chest."

Darrin's chest wasn't exactly "manly" - it was an ordinary fifteen-year old chest that looked somewhat ridiculous against Lisa's goddess-like body. But Lisa had become so deeply enamored with him that she considered him her master (with that important "temporary" caveat), so he truly seemed like a hunk in her mind.

Sandy thought, This is so exciting! In my dreams and fantasies, I usually envisioned having him all for myself, but sharing is better! I can't wait until I'm kissing him and rubbing my big tits against his bare chest while Lisa sucks him off, without those annoying seats in the way. Or when our tongues will meet on his cock! It's all good! We're going to blow his freaking mind! She chuckled to herself, her head spinning with possibilities.

Lisa asked Sandy, "Can you give him a few minutes to calm down? I know you don't want to pull your lips all the way off, and I sure hope you don't either. Your lips are right where they belong! But he's dangerously aroused, so I suggest to keep your lips still and see what you can do with your tongue while you bide your time. Then I'll tell you when he's ready for more, okay?"

Sandy let out a lusty moan of approval. Oh boy! We're going to make this last forever! "Dangerously aroused" is exactly how I want him. He's putty in my hands, even as I'm hopelessly in thrall to his sexual power. So much cock to suck!

Lisa added, "You see? Two sluts are better than one. I can be your eyes and ears up here, making sure he doesn't get overheated from your lovely sliding mommy lips. That way, you can suck him a long, long time. Sounds good?"

Sandy moaned with approval again. Sounds VERY good! I wish I could talk. I resented Lisa being here. Heck, I was absolutely dying of embarrassment, and I kind of still am. But despite that, I'm so glad she's stayed and joined in! Without her sage advice, he'd have climaxed already. As it is, there's no telling what we can do, together! Two sluts ARE better than one. I'll be able to suck him a long, long time, I hope!

I wish I could tell her my appreciation. No, wait, I'm happier I can't, because that means my mouth is too crammed full of cock to talk! Ha! This is so great! Gaawwwd, I'm naked and kneeling, feeling like a total slut! What kind of decent mother would do this with her own son?! But I don't care! Tears are streaming down my face, which is a sign of serving a truly huge, superior cock! No complaints from me there. I even welcome the sweat. And my mouth is getting used to being stretched out like this. I actually love the way my lips hurt and my jaws hurt. Again, it's a sign that I'm sucking on the best of the best!

She was carefully lapping around his cockhead inside her mouth as she continued to think. The urge to slide my lips some more is almost uncontrollable, but I have to stay strong and do my best! This isn't just fun and games. He can only have three girlfriends at most. I think, anyway. I'll have to ask to confirm. But let's say it's three.

I MUST win one of those spots! True, being his big-titted mommy gives me a crucial emotional inside track, and I know how much he loves my body and my big breasts. But those Napali girls are busty cocksucking queens, every single one of 'em! And I've never even properly sucked a cock before today. Oh dear! I've got to try to gain years of cocksucking skill in a matter of two or three days! I can't let my passion get the best of me. I'm going to trust every word of advice Lisa gives me. It's my only chance to catch up!

Despite that new resolve, Sandy had trouble keeping her lips still. She was far too cock-hungry. Soon, she was steadily bobbing on him again. She tried to make up for that by using as little suction as she could, but with her lips stretched tight in any case, she didn't have much choice. It was all either tight suction, or tighter, or tightest.

Lisa too, had trouble keeping to her own advice. It wasn't long before she was kissing his lips some more. But, like Sandy with her suction, she tried to be about as restrained with her kissing as she possibly could. Again, she was only partially successful at best, because she didn't know how to be a bad kisser, and her lust generally ruled the day anyway.

Somewhat remarkably, Darrin was able to handle all of that without busting a nut. He even managed to gradually calm his heavy breathing despite their increased efforts. He too was trying to play it cool and get with the "endurance" program. What helped him the most was that he let his mind go blank, instead of reveling in just how extraordinary it was to get to enjoy Sandy and Lisa together or thinking about his shockingly promising sexual future.

Lisa couldn't look down at Sandy while she was busy necking, so she sometimes brought a hand to Sandy's head to check on what she was doing. That told her that Sandy had been bobbing at a moderate pace for a couple of minutes, yet his breathing remained steady.

She broke their latest kiss and said, "Okay, Sandy, you listening?"


"You son is a truly remarkable boy! I know you've been cheating a little and bobbing on him some, but that's okay. I've been cheating and kissing him a little too. He's too much fun to resist!" She laughed.

Sandy laughed too, though it was muffled due to her filled mouth.

"But he seems to be able to handle it! He's a natural stud, if there ever was one! So I'm giving you the green light to take it up a notch for a while. But not too much, okay? Do what you want with your mouth and hands, but keep in mind our goal is to prolong his joy, not make him cum. Okay?"

"MMMM HMMM!" Sandy replied enthusiastically. She loved that green light. She had to consciously tell herself to take it slowly, step by step, so she wouldn't get carried away taking things way beyond just "up a notch." But it wasn't long before she was stroking his shaft with one hand, fondling his balls with her other hand, and then working his sweet spot with her lips and tongue.

To Sandy, this was truly paradise. She felt complete and fulfilled in a way she'd never felt before in her life. It got her thinking, Lisa says he's a natural, but I'm a natural too: a natural born cocksucker! God gave me this body and mouth to serve my son's cock! I MUST convince him to make me one of his girlfriends. There's no other choice! If I don't get to do this to him every day, several times a day, then... well... I don't know what! It's too awful to even contemplate. I'd crawl into a hole and cry forever!

I feel so humiliated! Here I am, a "perfect ten" in anyone's book, shamelessly kneeling naked and bobbing on my son in a public place! On a flying AIRPLANE, for crying out loud! If someone were to walk by, I would simply die of shame! But I don't care, because this is my one true calling. I've been dreaming about it, obsessing about it, for months!

Thanks to Olivia, bless her heart. And I really do have to thank her, because she helped me see the light! Everything she said that I thought was crazy is 100% true. Big-titted beautiful mommies ARE meant to suck son-cock! It IS the greatest joy!

And I say all that without him even cumming on my face yet! I can't wait! And the titfucking! Oh my God! That's a whole other thing I know is going to be equally awesome. Pinch me, I'm dreaming!

Time passed - a surprising amount of time, actually. For another ten minutes or more, Sandy bobbed non-stop. Her jaw hurt so much from the strain that she often felt she couldn't go on, but she kept going anyway. Her tongue would give out from time to time, or she'd have to rest her sliding lips. But that was okay, because there were peaks and valleys and she needed to take it easy on him from time to time too.

She loved it so much that she didn't particularly feel the need to fondle herself to orgasm. It was all one endless orgasm, pretty much. Plus, she only had two hands, and she wanted to use both of them on his cock and balls. But every now and then she'd take a hand and caress her enormous tits, because that helped her delight in feeling like a "big-titted mommy slut" and other similar names she called herself.

Lisa happily spent her time French kissing Darrin and also fondling him, both with her sliding tits on his chest and using her hands on his ass.

As he slowly grew accustomed to the situation, he recovered enough of his wits to play with Lisa's hefty melons, or her ass, or just fondle her body wherever he pleased. He freely played with her pussy lips and clit a fair amount too, which helped give her two very nice orgasms.

He figured it wasn't like Sandy would complain about that now, even though he had to brush past the hair on Sandy's head to reach Lisa's pussy, since it was right above and behind her head.

The one thing Lisa wanted to do most of all was drop to her knees and join Sandy in sucking and licking. Like all Napali sex slaves, current and former, she had a special passion for cocksucking. But she knew this was only Sandy's second blowjob, and it was good for the lusty mother to work on her technique all by herself. She was tempted to at least quite literally lend a hand, but she carefully kept her hands from his crotch. There would be plenty of time later for sharing.

All the while, Lisa kept careful tabs on the level of Darrin's arousal. She knew all the subtle signs that a man was getting close to the edge. Every now and then, she would break the kissing to give Sandy an update. As a result, working together, they were able to keep him close to the edge without going over it, seemingly indefinitely.

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