Chapter 42
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Then Vicky walked by. She had been busy with the Sanchez and Brown families for a while, mainly serving them lunch.

Things were developing nicely with both of the other families. Neither mother had graduated to sucking their son's cocks yet, so Sandy was "in the lead" in that respect. Both of the other minders were just as capable as Lisa, and they had been doing a heck of a lot of cocksucking themselves, with mothers and daughters sitting naked and closely watching all the while, as had happened to the Douglas family already. One nice breakthrough was that Jasmine Brown had sat next to her son Trevor during lunch and jacked him off for the very first time. She did it even with her daughter Vanessa sitting on the other side of him and openly gawking.

So Vicky was in a buoyant mood when she returned to the back of the airplane to see how the Douglases were doing. She was even more over the moon once she got to the private alcove and took a look. She found the sight of Sandy sucking Darrin's cock remarkable enough. But she was still more impressed to see that happen while Lisa was passionately making out with him. In Vicky's five years as a flight attendant on these yearly flights, she'd never seen a family progress so fast.

Truth be told, Vicky was left at a bit of a loss over what to do next, because the progress was so rapid that the Douglases were in danger of exceeding the bounds of the usual sexual transition script. For instance, what if Darrin came so many times that he was totally spent hours before the flight was even over? Given all the time to spend in Honolulu after the flight ended, it was imperative that Darrin didn't run out of cum too soon.

Still, if one had to have a problem, that was the best kind of problem to have. Vicky was overjoyed. Watching Sandy with tears streaming down her face, concentrating so intently on her bobbing, nearly brought tears of joy to Vicky's face too. She stretched her mouth open as wide as it could get several times, wishing she could be in Sandy's place.

She walked closer to the entangled threesome, cleared her throat, and then said, "Howdy, y'all! How are things hangin' over here?"

Normally, she wouldn't have made her presence known, for fear of freaking out the mother too much. But since the Douglases were "ahead of schedule," she figured she could wing it and see what happened. She didn't see much of a downside, since Sandy had obviously adjusted to Lisa's presence there quite well.

Not surprisingly, Sandy in particular freaked out. But it wasn't a total freak out. Vicky guessed correctly that Sandy was so deeply into her cocksucking joy that nothing short of a team of wild horses would be able to stop her.

Sandy's eyes had been shut as she concentrated intently on her sucking. She opened them for just a second, confirmed that Vicky was there, and shut her eyes tight again. She froze in place, with her son's fat knob still in her mouth.

She thought, VICKY! OH NO! NOOOOO! When will the humiliations ever end?! She's seeing me commit incest! Sure, she says she's okay with it, but is she really?! She'll probably hate me! She'll think I'm a freak! And I'm sharing him with Lisa for good measure! We've practically got a little naked orgy going on, right in the middle of the plane, where everyone can see! I could just DIE! Just THINKING about it makes me want to die!

Sandy didn't die, of course. In fact, she still didn't pull her lips off her son's shaft. There was a practical reason for that, since she knew it would be very difficult to fit him back into her mouth again. But also, that gave her a great excuse not to talk, and she didn't know what to say anyway.

That said, she couldn't resist opening her eyes for a longer peek at Vicky.

Vicky continued to wear the same flight attendant "outfit" as before if one could call it that: just a sexy low-slung sari, a handkerchief around her neck, and a hat pinned to her head. She somehow looked like a flight attendant and simply a naked woman at the same time.

Sandy couldn't bear to take a close look at Vicky's face, so she didn't notice that Vicky was smiling in a friendly and non-judgmental manner.

As expected, seeing Vicky greatly increased Sandy's humiliation and thus her arousal. She shut her eyes tightly again and went right back to sucking her son's cock. That latter action might have seemed strange, given the circumstances, with her not even being sure how Vicky felt. But she figured that if she concentrated on that, it would help her to forget that Vicky was even there. That did make some sense, but she also did that because her arousal suddenly spiked so high due to Vicky's arrival that she couldn't resist the temptation.

Vicky walked closer until she was in Darrin's line of sight.

Not surprisingly, he was shocked at first by Vicky's return, and he winced and tensed up. But the fact that she was smiling widely and was effectively naked caused him to relax. Once the initial shock wore off, he didn't mind her being there much at all. In fact, it was an ego boost for him to show off to someone else what was happening to him.

Vicky guessed how he had to be feeling, and tried to encourage that to help boost his confidence. She said jovially. "My, my, my! Look who's the cock o' the walk! Do my eyes deceive me, or is his mom so hot for him that she can't stop sucking, even now? Lisa, what happened ta that shy boy who came on the plane? And where did this studly Adonis come from?"

Lisa could see where Vicky was going with that, and she played along. With her mouth freed from kissing Darrin, she said, "Believe it or not, this IS that shy boy! Just look at how he's got his ultra busty mother kneeling in devoted submission to the power of his cock. We have to speak up just to be heard over her obscene slurping sounds. He's a natural stud, I tell you. A natural!"

"It sure looks like it," Vicky said approvingly.

Sandy was over the moon hearing phrases like "he's got his ultra busty mother kneeling in devoted submission to the power of his cock." She was so turned on that she kept on sucking even when she took another quick peek and saw that Vicky was staring right at her.

Vicky asked him, "What have ya got ta say for yourself, you well-hung stallion, you? Havin' a good time?"

He laughed at the absurdly easy question. "I'm having a GREAT time!"

"Good. Good." Vicky beamed at him. "I can't say I'm surprised though." She walked around the trio until she was standing right behind Sandy. "I love how you've turned her into your shameless slut, rubbin' her naked body all over ya, like a bitch in heat. But that's not even the best part. I reckon any 15-year old would be feelin' pretty peachy if he had a momma as blindingly gorgeous as your mom, bobbin' on your cock with great passion like she is. Just look at her!"

The flight attendant boldly put a hand on Sandy's head.

Sandy trembled all over, and jolts of arousal shot down her spine. Even though Lisa had her hand on her head quite a lot, as a kind of non-verbal communication system they'd been developing, it was very different knowing the hand belonged to Vicky. But she was still deep in her cocksucking fever and she kept right on bobbing anyway. In fact, it took a lot of self-control for her not to go all out with tremendous suction and a faster pace.

She thought, Now I'm going to find out if a person CAN simply die of shame! I'm so in love with my son, and with sucking his cock, that I forgot how strange it must look to anyone else. But I'm going to be strong! Vicky knows already, so how can things get worse about her knowing more? And as long as my tongue is slobbering on his shaft and my lips are steadily pumping on it, nothing is going to bother me!

Vicky gently patted and stroked Sandy's short flaming red hair. "What a goddess! Stud, can ya see how beautiful she looks, with sweat n' tears runnin' down her face? And her lips stretched so widely around your enormous cock-log... incredible! I suppose ya can't, what with Lisa's honkin' huge titties in the way n' all, but trust me, it's quite a sight!"

So far, Vicky hadn't given Sandy much reassurance at all, because she figured that since Sandy had resumed her sucking already, she didn't need her hand held. Instead, Vicky sought to subtly sexually humiliate her, to help drive her wild and lose all her inhibitions.

But Vicky did want to say some encouraging things too, if only because she couldn't help but express her own excitement over this big development. "Anyway, I don't want ta interrupt y'all at all. Red, I'm so PROUD of ya! You're getting over your hang-ups n' pursuin' your passion! Feels great, doesn't it?"

She brought a hand down to Sandy's face and wiped some of her tears away. "Look at how you're cryin' from the struggle. And the sheer pleasure of it too, I'll bet, right?"

A weeping Sandy shyly nodded.

Darrin looked down in lusty amazement, peeking through Lisa's massive tits on his chest to do so. But he had to stop looking because Lisa resumed making out with him.

Vicky continued to run her fingers through Sandy's tears. "You really are an inspiration, with your passion, not ta mention your gigantic titties bouncin' in time ta all your head bobbin'. If ya keep it up, ya just might give that other big-titted cocksuckin' mommy named Red I told ya about a run for her money!"

Sandy was almost dizzy with delight to hear that. She had put most of her hang-ups aside, and it was her new goal to be the best "naked, big-titted cocksucking mommy" she could possibly be. That unknown other woman she'd nicknamed "Red" had become her model and inspiration.

Vicky continued, while patting Sandy's head some more, "We'll talk about that later. Red, now that you're gettin' over your hang-ups, there's so much I want ta teach ya about suckin' cock! Especially suckin' son-cock, which some say is the best kind, by far!"

Lisa briefly pausing in her necking, because she couldn't resist cutting in to joke, "It's mostly the big-titted mommies who say that, I'll bet."

Vicky chuckled. "True, true. But for now, I just wanted ta tell y'all that lunch is ready. The other two families have eaten, and you're overdue. Plus, ya must be dyin' a thirst. Hold your horses. Sandy, I'll bet you're thinking that ya can get by on just guzzlin' down your son's sweet cum, but that's not true. You're sweatin' so much, ya need a lot of fluid. Let me go get ya somethin' ta drink."

Vicky walked off, but a drink cooler wasn't far away since it had been anticipated that the alcove would be well used by the Douglases, so she came back in less than a minute. She handed a bottle of water to Lisa and another one to Darrin.

Both of them broke off kissing again and started drinking up.

Sandy kept right on sucking. She marveled, It's strange how normal this has gotten. It feels so natural, so right, to be doing this. I don't ever want to stop! It's hard to think back to yesterday and before, when sucking on my big man was just my secret shame and not my real life living dream!

The temperature in the cabin had come down some. A high heat had been a useful tool to get everyone naked, but that had been accomplished for all three families and their minders. However, it was still hot even with the reduction, and Sandy and Darrin in particular had very sweaty faces, since they were new to this sort of situation.

Vicky walked back around to a spot just behind Sandy. "Come on, Red." She gently tapped the last water bottle she was holding on Sandy's head.

Unexpectedly, Darrin paused in his drinking to ask Vicky a question. "What's happening with the other families?!" He'd been reminded about the other families due to Vicky's passing comment that they'd eaten lunch. He was very curious to find out how sexual they'd gotten, now that he had the idea that Napali was a carefully designed sexual utopia.

Vicky smiled coyly. "Oooh! Nice question. By the way, I love how ya just stand there all casual-like, drinkin' your water n' chattin' with me about this n' that, and all the while your impossibly sexy and even more improbably stacked mommy is suckin' ya off! Are ya not noticin' that or somethin'?"

Sandy thought, Tell me about it! That's the hottest thing ever! It's like he's impervious to anything I do. His cock is unstoppable! Whereas I'm falling apart! He's broken me and shamed me. Look at me. Just look at me! How did this come to pass?!

There was a pause while he tried to figure out how to respond. Then he said, "Believe me, I'm noticing! I keep thinking that none of this is real, because this can't possibly be happening to me! Is it?!"

Vicky laughed. "You'll have ta figure that out for yourself."

There was another pause while he tilted his head back and luxuriated in the sexual joy. Then he slumped forward a little bit and buried his face in Lisa's great G-cups. But before he could truly start to enjoy that, he snapped his head back and said to Vicky, "Hey! You didn't answer my question. What IS happening to the other families?"

Vicky chuckled. "Shucks. I was hopin' you'd forget. Ya see, I know the answer, but I can't tell. After all, ya wouldn't want me ta tell them how y'all are doin', would ya? We believe in total discretion."

He frowned in frustration, since that was a good point. Or at least he tried to frown. With Sandy still sucking his cock at a steady pace, everything felt so fantastic that he couldn't feel less that totally overjoyed no matter how hard he tried.

Vicky placed the cool water bottle against Sandy's bare back, giving the lusty mother goose bumps. "Come on already, Red. I know how much ya love suckin' your son. I see it every year, so ya know I don't mind a bit. But you've got ta hydrate! You're still sweatin' like a pig. Did ya know the flight is still only half over? If ya don't stay well hydrated, you're gonna get the shakes again, or worse, and then it'll be no more cocksuckin' for ya!"

That was a persuasive argument for Sandy's current mindset. Plus, Sandy's whole face was in pain after being stretched around such a massive phallic object for so long. She wasn't used to doing this, and she was reaching her limit. But her pleasure was great, like she was experiencing a medium-sized orgasm that had no end, so long as she kept her lips sliding back and forth over his shaft. She still couldn't get herself to stop.

Vicky continued to place the water bottle here and there on Sandy's back, trying to annoy her into stopping. At the same time, she said, "Still not enough? Consider this. If you're goin' for endurance, you've gotta learn ta take small breaks. There's no shame in restin' for couple a minutes every now n' then. In fact, if ya want ta be the kinda cocksuckin' queen who regularly lasts for half an hour or more, that's the only way ta do it. Plus, there's a bonus: if ya take a rest, he'll take a rest, and then his cock will get fully recharged so ya can go wild without havin' ta worry about him cummin' on the spot!"

That was a much more convincing argument to Sandy's current sucking-obsessed mindset. She pulled her lips and hands off his boner and sat back.

As soon as that happened, she realized it was a very good thing that she did. She'd been physically pushing herself and she really needed a break. Besides, she was dying to drink the water. She wiped the tears from her cheeks and took some heavy breaths.

She was frustrated that she had to open her eyes to take and drink the water, because she felt so humiliated that she didn't want to make eye contact with anyone else or even see them. But she had no choice since Vicky wouldn't just place the water bottle in her hand.

Vicky waited until Sandy made eye contact, then gave her the bottle. She patted and stroked her hair while the bedraggled but still gorgeous mother eagerly drank. "There, there. That wasn't so hard, was it? Stud, look at your momma. Don't she look beautiful?"

He looked down at her, even as he continued to hold and fondle Lisa's outstandingly fit body. His mother couldn't reposition at all, since Lisa was standing right behind her and Darrin was right in front of her, with his cock still almost touching her nose. Her face was still wet with tears and sweat, despite the fact that she'd just wiped some tears away. Her flaming red hair was tussled. Her nude body was simply to die for. Her huge tits continued to heave up and down on her chest, thanks to all her excitement.

He was bursting with emotion as he said, "Mom! You're the most beautiful sight I've ever seen in my life! God, how I love you!"

She felt butterflies in her stomach, overcome with delight from the compliment. She waved a hand dismissively. "You don't mean it. I'm such a mess!"

He said, "You're a heart-breakingly gorgeous mess. Don't you dare tidy up. You look so wild and sexy! It makes me want to shoot my cum all over your face!"

She stared up at him in wonder, her heart pounding hard. "Son, don't say that! You're making me too happy! I can't take it!"

"Mom, I love you so much!"

"Son! You know I love you too!"

Mother and son shared a silent moment. Sandy's heart was overflowing with love and joy. As if there could be any other man I could ever love, now that Dennis is gone! No wonder I've been sex-less the last five years. I've been waiting for my son to grow up enough to take me!

Vicky chided him, "Don't just say it, show it!"

Sandy eagerly opened her mouth wide, hoping for more sucking, even though she was still holding her half-empty water bottle and hadn't had enough time to take any sort of break.

But Vicky boldly grasped his erection and brought it to Sandy's left cheek. She rubbed his sopping wet cockhead against her equally wet skin.

Both mother and son moaned lustily at the contact with each other, almost forgetting that Vicky was involved too.

Vicky lightly rubbed his sweet spot as she quietly purred to him, "Now, when ya have a really hot big-titted slut like your mom here, ya need ta show your appreciation while also makin' clear you're in control. Rubbin' your cock against her face like this is a good way ta do both at the same time. It's kinda like you're markin' your territory. See?"

Vicky brought his boner to Sandy's other cheek, notably sliding it along her chin so it remained just out of reach of her stretching tongue. Then she let go.

He got the idea, and continued to gently rub the top of his fat knob on her cheek.

Sandy was dizzy with lust. He IS marking his territory, and his territory is my face! My entire body, for that matter! Things keep getting worse and worse, with Vicky holding his cock. The SHAME! But somehow, I've never felt so fulfilled! So alive!

Vicky sighed longingly as Darrin kept using his cock like a pencil, slowly smearing a cummy trail across Sandy's face. The sight reminded her of the countless times her brother-master had done the same thing to her. A master rubbing his cock all over the face of one of his slaves was a very frequent Napali tradition.

Lisa looked down and sighed longingly too, thinking the same thoughts as Vicky. Moments like this made them miss their brother-masters more than words could say.

For the next minute or two, there was total silence while Darrin explored his mother's face with his cockhead. He ran it over her nose and up along her forehead, smearing his way through her sweat with fresh pre-cum.

Sandy felt both deliriously happy and strangely calm at the same time. She felt such pleasure that it was like a mental orgasm, only even better than a physical one. She felt totally dominated by her son's huge boner, and it sent shivers through her body, over and over.

She still held her water bottle but didn't dare take a sip, since she felt doing so would interrupt what felt like an important ritual.

She obligingly closed her eyes so he could "feel" her eye sockets with his cockhead too. As he did that, she cooed, "Oh, Son!"

Vicky and Lisa silently held hands as they watched. It took months of preparation to bring a family like the Douglases to this point, but moments like this made all the hard work worthwhile.

Eventually, Darrin ran out of facial features to explore, except for her mouth. He started to smear his cockhead to her lips.

However, Vicky saw that coming. She grasped his shaft again and aimed it up and away. "Now, now. Not yet. Y'all need ta finish drinkin' up first."

Both mother and son sighed in frustration, but they acquiesced. Sandy sat back again, away from the temptation.

Vicky lightly rubbed Darrin's sweet spot some more as she continued to hold his erection. "Now, I'd love ta stay n' chat, but I've got ta see about gettin' y'all some food before ya up n' starve on me!" She chuckled.

Lisa spoke up. "Actually, I think I can speak for everyone here that we're not in that big of a hurry to eat, right? What do you say?" She looked to Darrin. "Can we finish off our threesome fun first?"

That was a no-brainer for him. "Definitely! I don't mind starving, if I get to enjoy more of this!"

So far, Lisa had been careful not to touch his privates, as she generally didn't want to encroach on Sandy's fun. But with Sandy busy drinking anyway, she reached out and held his boner with Vicky.

The sight and feel of that gave him shivers. Fuck me! Lisa AND Vicky are holding my dick while Mom waits for her turn to suck it some more! This is NUTS!

Sandy was similarly moved, and swooned back into Lisa standing right behind her. Good Lord! What a sight! Two hands! Two hands from DIFFERENT sluts! Just looking at that is breaking me! My resistance is getting crushed into dust. Seeing that, I want to suck him all the more!

He looked down at his mother and ran a hand through her hair. Or at least he tried to, but he couldn't see much of her with Lisa's huge tits resting on his chest. "Mom, I haven't said this enough today, but you're awesome! I love you so much!"

Those words went straight to her heart and almost make her choke up with emotion. She leaned over to the side, so she could look up at him around Lisa's hefty rack. "Oh, Son! I love you too! Even more! And I love that I can express that love in ways I never could before."

She brought her head back to his crotch. She longed to lap on his cock some more, but Vicky held it almost straight up while lightly fondling it, and what wasn't covered by Vicky's hand was covered by Lisa's.

An idea came to Sandy. She raised her free hand, grabbed his hand on her head, and brought it down to her mouth. She leaned back out to the side where he could see her whole face. Then she sucked on his index finger while giving him a lusty look that literally took his breath away.

"WHOA!" was all he could say. Hot DAMN! My mom is such a sexy goddess!

Lisa and Vicky were secretly impressed, even though they weren't too surprised. The families selected by SI were always remarkable, though in different ways.

He looked to Vicky pleadingly. "Maybe we could come and get you when we're done?"

Vicky pretended to be torn, while she and Lisa continued to jack him off in tandem, more overtly than before.

He certainly wasn't getting much of a break from Sandy's hungry mouth!

Sandy wanted the same thing Darrin did, to get some private time to seriously go wild on his cock without distractions. Despite her blushing face, she stopped sucking on her son's finger and looked up to Vicky with sad puppy dog eyes. "Please?! Pretty pleeeeassse?"

Vicky chuckled. "Just for you, Red. Since ya said 'pretty please.' Okay. I'll let ya be. But I'm goin' ta go see about Jane. I'll bet she's eager ta eat sooner rather than later, since she ain't got somethin' nice n' thick ta slobber on."

Sandy jerked in surprise at the reminder that Jane was nearby. "Oh no! My Janey!"

She thought, What am I going to say to Jane?! She can't know what we're doing! She still thinks the "no touching his cock" rule is in effect. If she knows I've broken it, she's going to want to break it too. It's bad enough I'm falling for my son; I don't want her to take that path too!

She gave Vicky another pleading look. "Vicky! Please! Can you do me a big favor?! Don't let her know where we are or what we're doing!"

Vicky pointed out, "You can't keep this a secret from her, ya know. She's gonna find out one way or another, very soon, unless ya plan on stoppin' with all the vigorous suckin' for the rest a the flight, and I highly doubt that!" Her fingers slid up and down on Darrin's cock, just above Lisa's hand.

Sandy blushed in embarrassment, because it was so clear that that wasn't even an option in her mind. She gawked at the two women's hands on her son's boner as she thought that over.

She's right. Something has to be done. Maybe I can do it where I lay down the law and say I'm just helping him out to get him ready for his Napali girlfriends. The "no touching" rule still has to apply to her! I know that'll be a tough sell since I'm a raging hypocrite, but I have to try. God, that's going to be tough!

She took another big sip from her water. Then she said, "I know, I know. I do plan on talking to her, but not yet. I need to break it to her gently, not have her stumble in on us. I'll talk to her during lunch or not long after, okay?"

Vicky kept on slowly pumping Darrin's shaft, with Lisa's hand riding along. "Okay. I'm gonna hold ya ta that, though. I'll go check on her now n' see what I can do ta keep her in place. Frankly, it's a wonder she hasn't come wanderin' by yet. Ya know that you're only, like, twenty feet away from where she's sittin', don'tcha? You're so close that if you shout she'd hear ya, even with the steady rumblin' a the plane. But after I do that, I may go walkin' past from time ta time ta get the drinks n' food n' whatnot, so don't mind me if I do, alright?"

The other three nodded.

Vicky finally let go of Darrin's boner again.

Darrin still didn't get a break though, because Lisa's hand slid up his shaft and took over rubbing his sweet spot. Not only was that fun for Lisa to do, but the general idea was to keep the sexual activity so arousing for so long that all mental resistance to incest would break down. It was definitely working.

Vicky walked to the side of the remaining trio so she could get a better look at Sandy's face. Then she bent down and kissed one of Sandy's teary cheeks. "I'm proud a ya, Red. You're boldly pursuin' your passion! I respect that, no matter what that passion is."

Sandy blushed some more, and blissfully muttered, "Thanks!"

She thought, How bizarre that it turns out my greatest passion is sucking cock. My son's cock. But it is what it is. I can't deny it. I've never felt this passionate about anything. I can't wait to get back to the sheer joy of having his fat knob in my mouth. If only Lisa would let go already!

Vicky walked away.

Sandy was both pleased and even tickled pink by her brief interaction with Vicky, but also highly embarrassed by it. But since that kind of embarrassment made her much more aroused, it was all good. Curiously, she had almost no objection to the fact that Vicky had been stroking her son's cock, or that Lisa had, or that they had even held it together. She was coming to think of sharing his cock with other deserving hot women as natural and normal.

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