Chapter 43
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Not long thereafter, Darrin, Sandy, and Lisa finally finished their waters, allowing Sandy to resume her cocksucking. The major difference was that Darrin was tired of standing up so much, so he sat down in the one folding chair that was there in the alcove.

The others adjusted accordingly. Lisa sat up on her knees to one side of him, allowing her to be on roughly the same level as before.

Sandy had to go lower, since his crotch was lower. She wound up on all fours.

Darrin hadn't done much fondling of Lisa's body, since what his mother was doing with her mouth was usually all he could handle. But he'd gotten a relative break for the past few minutes, so he freely played with Lisa's big tits. He was having the time of his life.

Lisa still held and stroked Darrin's erection. She said to Sandy, "Now, I'm going to hand him over to you in a minute. It's only the second time you've pleasured him with your mouth, and I want to give you some special one-on-one time. But I want you to keep in mind that sharing superior cock is the norm on Napali. There are three busty and beautiful women like you for every guy, so most of the time you're sucking him, some other slut will be stroking him, or licking his balls, or lapping on his shaft, or the like. Can you handle that?"

Sandy nodded. "I understand." She made a determined expression. "And yes, I can handle it!" She looked up to Darrin. "Son, I know you're a very virile and well-hung boy. I don't mind sharing your cock at all!"

"Good." Lisa let go.

Sandy had a lot of pent up lust from having to wait during the water break, so she didn't waste time. She took his hard-on back in hand, craned her mouth wide open, and engulfed his cockhead. She sighed blissfully as her lips slid widely around his thickness. Aaaaaah! Finally!

As Sandy happily resumed bobbing on him, Lisa ran a hand up and down Sandy's bare back, and even to her ass. She commented, "I hope you like that position, because getting down on all fours and sucking like that is a VERY popular position for Napali women. It really puts you in your place, don't you think? Doesn't it emphasize how much your son is taking charge?"

Sandy thought as she sucked with gusto, I should be upset at that. So unfair and sexist! But I can't deny how I feel! Yes, it DOES put me in my place, and it DOES emphasize him taking charge... and I love it! With anyone else, no way, but with him, YES! I know my face is burning with shame, but I love being his big-titted mommy! His SLUT! His naughty cocksucking slut!

Lisa laughed, amused at Sandy's reaction. Although Sandy couldn't speak, she showed how she felt by moaning like a bitch in heat and slurping louder. She suddenly used so much suction that Darrin was forced to firmly grab the sides of her head until she eased up.

Lisa said mirthfully, "Hmmm! Somebody around here likes that idea. I wonder who that could be!"

Darrin didn't want to see his mother humiliated in a mean way, just a sexy way, and he thought Lisa was getting too close to the borderline. So he tried to redirect the conversation by asking, "I take it Napali society isn't exactly egalitarian when it comes to men and women?"

Lisa replied honestly, "Actually, you'd think that, based on what you've learned today so far, but you'd be surprised. It's VERY egalitarian when it comes to work. That's no lie. But when it comes to sex, well, that's a whole different story! It's that three-to-one sex ratio factor again. The guys rule the roost!"

Darrin snickered with glee. "Awesome!" He gave both of Lisa's G-cup tits a firm squeeze.

The conversation ended there though, because he and Lisa locked lips again. He slipped one hand back to Sandy and started fondling her tits while continuing to fondle Lisa's tits with his other hand. He was in big tit heaven, and wished he had more than two hands.

Sandy thought while she lapped on his sweet spot, with tears of effort once again rolling down her cheeks, Damn, that sex ratio is annoying. In fact, there are big parts of this whole Napali story that feel like a scam. I feel tricked! Would I have agreed to go on this adventure with my family if I only knew we were going to some sex-mad orgy island? No way! I'd be damn mad about it and make us turn around just as soon as we got to Honolulu... if only I didn't love it so very much!

In fact, Napali just might be the one place in the entire world where I at least have a chance of pursuing my passion of sucking my son's cock. So we're pretty much screwed, if this is a scam. The place could be the world's worst hellhole and I'd still be willing to give it a try! MMMM! God! I love this feeling of having my mouth stuffed full with his throbbing cock-meat. So much of him to love! MMMM! And feeling my tongue on his shaft... heaven!

That said, I trust Lisa. And Vicky too. Even the other SI people I've met along the way. Yeah, they've lied by omission, but I know at least Lisa truly cares for me, and for my family. It's just that the sexual aspects of Napali life are so extraordinary that they couldn't tell the full truth from the start. I get that. If they admitted up front that all the busty mommies sucked their son's cock before the flight was over, no family would have stepped on the plane at all.

Time passed. Lisa and Sandy once more got in a cooperative groove, with Lisa giving Sandy timely advice on when she should ease up or intensify her efforts. Sandy tended to gradually intensify her efforts if given half a chance, so Lisa almost always had to tell her when to ease up. Lisa thought that was adorable, though typical for mothers new to the Napali incestuous cocksucking life.

Darrin's fun playing with Lisa's body fell away as his arousal grew, and he had to stop playing with Sandy too. Once again, he felt overwhelmed by so much passion, and he grew passive trying to limit his sensory input.

Lisa didn't mind. She knew that building the special bond between Darrin's cock and Sandy's mouth was the most important thing. Blowjobs were the basic foundation of any good master-slave relationship on Napali.

Sandy was eager to try out all sorts of different things with his cock, most especially titfucking. But she decided that she was in this for the long haul and it was key that she mastered her basic cocksucking skills first, so she could more easily branch out into variations later. She enjoyed every second, for sure, but she also made a study of it, testing the limits of her ability to breathe through her nose, how far her tongue could explore inside her mouth while her lips were sliding, how helpful more saliva could be, and so on.

Perhaps most importantly, she began testing how deeply she could bob down his shaft. She hadn't done much of that yet, because simply bobbing back and forth over his sweet spot took up nearly all of her time and attention. But she already had big goals to deep throat him someday soon, so she tested her gag reflex on him. She didn't yet realize that deep throating a cock as thick as his was simply physically impossible for most women.

She soon ran into difficulty as she took him deeper, bit by bit. She started to choke and gag on him for a few seconds as her gag reflex came into play. But she recalled watching Olivia choking and gagging in her many videos, plus talking to Olivia about it, she knew that was an art in and of itself. To try it now would be like trying to run before one could walk. Instead, she mostly worked on using her lips and tongue in different ways to deliver maximum pleasure to his sweet spot.

She truly was in her element. There was an endless combination of things she could do with her two hands, lips, and tongue, plus additional variables like tightness, vibration, rhythm, pattern variations, and much more. And that didn't even include extras like using her teeth or external items such as whipped cream or breath mints. She figured there were literally millions of different ways she could suck his cock, and she wanted to spend years trying them all! It was a heady feeling.

In addition, she realized there were a myriad of different body positions she could suck in, as well as a truly infinite number of physical locations in the world to do it, not to mention all the endless clothing choices to wear or not wear while doing it.

She'd thought that kneeling naked between her son's legs was the ultimate, especially since Olivia repeatedly praised that as her favorite. But she was discovering sucking while on all fours was at least equally exciting and appealing to her. It heightened her humiliation and submission, and that was a constant rush.

Time kept sliding by. Vicky walked by no less than four times, and she always stopped for a minute to make some comments. It greatly embarrassed and aroused Sandy every single time, which of course was Vicky's intention. Vicky liked to ask Sandy a question, usually while touching or stroking her short red hair, only to get no answer due to Sandy's continued sucking. That heightened Sandy's humiliation even more.

Lisa stayed close, usually with a hand on Sandy's back. Although she offered advice and encouragement from time to time, she considered her top task to be making sure Darrin didn't cum soon, or even at all if it could be helped. She was acutely aware of the fact that he'd cum seven times already. She didn't regret that, because it helped move the sexual transformation of the Douglas family ahead of schedule. But she doubted he had many climaxes left in him for the day, so extreme measures had to be taken.

Sandy was annoyed when Lisa unexpectedly reached to the base of Darrin's shaft, forcibly moved Sandy's stroking fingers out of the way, and squeezed him tightly.

Lisa had to explain to her, "I know you're wondering what I'm doing. I'm saving your bacon! You're sucking him with too much energy and love. That's good, but I can see from all the signs that he's going to cum any minute. I know some tricks to stop that from happening. What I'm doing now is that when he starts to cum, I'm going to squeeze really hard at just the right spot at the base of his shaft, and it'll cut off his climax before it can really get going."

She went on, "I've done this a few times already, actually. He's 'only' cum seven times today, not nine. But even seven is too much, because we all have a lot of sucking we'd love to do, I'm sure. So keep going doing your thing, and I'll do my thing."

Sure enough, less than a minute later, Darrin reached the point of no return, but Lisa used the trick to stave off his orgasm.

Once Darrin recovered about a minute after that, he explained to Sandy how the near miss felt from his perspective.

Sandy was very encouraged by this. She could see how useful it would be to prolong suck sessions to come. She paid attention when Lisa gave her further advice on how she could do the trick herself.

Time went on. Sandy continued to be so enthusiastic that Lisa was forced to use the trick once more, and then she let Sandy successfully use it once too.

Twenty minutes in total passed since Vicky had left (not counting her brief return visits), before Darrin got so tired from holding back the urge to cum that he basically cried "uncle." He made clear that he'd had enough of Lisa's trick and he needed to cum for real, and then rest.

Lisa sensed that he was winding down, and told Sandy to get ready for the big moment.

Sandy was ready. She had been going above and beyond her normal physical limits, doing all she could to keep sucking him with only a few brief breaks, but she too was near the end of her rope. The pain and strain on her jaw was increasing, while her energy was lagging. She felt like she couldn't last another minute, until the prospect of getting blasted in the face gave her one last renewed burst of energy.

Lisa observed from close up, always ready to help, but Sandy was willing and able to do it on her own. Cradling her son's balls, she felt them tightening up, tipping her off that he'd passed the point of no return. She quickly pulled her lips off, closed her eyes, and braced herself for the sperm shower. Yet she still had the presence of mind to keep jacking him off while aiming the tip of his cockhead towards the middle of her face.

Her very first facial was everything she'd hoped it would be, and more. Perhaps for most people, getting splattered across one's face with hot cum would register as anything from unexceptional to downright disgusting. But for Sandy, it was manna from heaven. It wasn't the actual physical event so much as the symbolism: she'd never felt so sexy, so slutty, so used, so controlled, and so loved by her son! To her, his cum was a physical manifestation of his love and lust for her. Every drop of his seed was precious in her eyes.

She carefully aimed his throbbing pole this way and that until each part of her face was thoroughly covered. Some also got in her flaming red hair.

When it was all over, she tilted her head way back with her eyes still closed, and reveled in the moment. YEEESSSSS! Fiiiiiinally! I must have seen Olivia get splooged a couple of hundred of times on video in the last few months alone, but all I could do was watch and wish. Finally, it's happened to me!

And I agree with what she told me over and over: it IS the ultimate! And while I'm naked and on all fours, and wearing my special sucking heels too. I can't wait to get to a phone so I can call her and tell her the good news! I wouldn't tell anyone else a single word about the incest, but I HAVE to tell her! I owe it all to her! She's my angel!

Darrin was down for the count. The simple folding chair didn't offer much support, and since his entire body turned to jelly, he had to slide off it and slump to the floor, with Lisa's assistance.

He closed his eyes but stayed awake, because he knew these were pivotal moments and he wanted to hear how his mother reacted.

Lisa was as happy for Sandy as if she'd announced she was pregnant. "Look at you, babe! Look at you! You sexy, sexy slut! I wish I had a camera to take a picture of your very first facial! You look divine! Like a goddess!"

Darrin felt he was on the verge of dying from sexual exhaustion, it seemed. But after hearing Lisa say that, he couldn't resist open his eyes to take a peek. Lord have mercy! She's right! It's amaaaaazing! That's my MOM! So sexy! Too sexy! Can't take it!

He had to close his eyes again because it was too much for him to handle in his half-dead condition.

Sandy too, was on the verge of total exhaustion from the sheer difficulty of sucking on such a thick cock for so long, and with no practical experience doing so except for her dildo practice. But the spermy facial re-energized her to a surprising degree. She was downright giddy and bouncy.

Lisa saw that and said, "Come here, you!" She'd been up on her knees for a long time, but she sat her ass on the floor and leaned back against some boxes. She patted her lap.

Sandy was giddy as she crawled into Lisa's lap and into her arms. She wanted to celebrate her cocky victory with her son, but she could see that he was wiped out. She was thankful she could celebrate with Lisa, at least.

Lisa said, "Good job! No, make that a GREAT job! I'm seriously impressed. Look at you! Such a busty and beautiful mommy. My own G-cups can't compare." She boldly hefted up Sandy's huge tits from below.

Sandy was so giddy that she didn't think anything of it, except to shudder with still more arousal.

Lisa went on, "I know I've said this already, but you're pretty as a picture! It's more than just cum on skin. It's visual proof that you're serious about sucking your son's cock, aren't you?"

Sandy said with conviction, "Serious as a heart attack!"

Lisa lightly caressed Sandy's orbs, now that she had her hands on them. "Good God, woman! The way you kept going for so long, when it was only your second time and with him being ridiculously thick, leaking tears nearly non-stop... You should win a medal! How do you feel?"

"Like I'm flying through air!" Then, recalling that they were on a flying airplane, she clarified, "And that's not counting the plane flight!"

The two buxom beauties shared a laugh.

With cum dripping down her cheeks, Sandy elaborated, "It's everything I hoped and dreamed it would be, and even better than the first time!"

She looked over at Darrin and saw that he was seriously zonked out, if not actually asleep. Throwing caution to the wind, she whispered confidentially, "I think I've found my true calling! My special bliss! I don't want to do this just a few times to help him with the Napali girls. I don't want to stop when we get there. If he'll have me, I want to be his personal big-titted cocksucking mommy!"

She recoiled in dismay as she realized what she'd just confessed to. "You must think I'm..."

Lisa tenderly fondled Sandy's I-cups, helping to put her at ease. "No! No, I don't! I think that's GREAT! Like Vicky is fond of saying, everyone needs to find their passion. You've found your passion, haven't you?"

Sandy let out a big sigh of relief that she wasn't being harshly judged. Her enthusiasm returned with a vengeance, because she had found her passion and she knew it. "That's right!"

"Then go for it, girl! Find your joy!" Lisa was genuinely overjoyed for Sandy, and it showed.

Sandy picked up on that positive energy. She looked at her son again, and lowered her voice even more. "The thing is... I well and truly want to be... his personal big-titted cocksucking mommy!" She repeated those words to make sure Lisa had heard her and fully understood.

Lisa muttered, "Mmmm hmmm!" She playfully pulled on Sandy's stiff nipples.

Emboldened, Sandy went on, "And I don't just mean for the rest of his journey; I mean... I want to be one of his three girlfriends! Because you know a stud like him will have three for sure. If he'll have me, that is." She looked to Lisa, suddenly uncertain. "Is that possible?!"

"Of course. On Napali, anything goes. Even that."


Lisa nodded firmly.

"Oh. Good! That's such a huge relief!"

Sandy glanced to Darrin to make sure he was asleep or at least too out of it to pay attention. She continued, more quietly, "But that's not all that I want. I'm so greedy! 'Girlfriend' just doesn't cut it. I want to be something more special than that, more absolute. I want to belong to him in every possible way! Maybe I'm just babbling 'cos I'm so high on life from the facial and all the cocksucking joy, but I don't think so. I love him, Lisa! I love him! I want to love him every day, all the time! With my mouth! With my hands! With my big tits!"

Lisa was shocked that Sandy was confessing this much, this soon. This was unprecedented, at least for the two previous yearly flights she'd been involved with. But of course she considered it nothing but great news. She whispered back. "What about with your pussy?" She briefly let go of Sandy's huge tits to drag a finger down to Sandy's bush and then back again.

Sandy took a deep breath as she thought about that. She felt an excited pulsing and tingling in her pussy that drove her thoughts. "Well, that's REAL incest. I've tried not to think about it. But I suppose that if I'm going to devote myself to serving his cock, it's inevitable that he'll take me there too. And in my ass as well, I imagine."

Lisa nodded. "Yes, a slut doesn't know the meaning of the word 'no.'"

Sandy unthinkingly spread her legs. My God! My son is going to fuck me! He's going to plow me and drill me and maybe even BREED me! WOW! Because I'm his slut! I belong to him!

She felt butterflies in her stomach and chills racing down her spine. She would have felt even more emotional about it except that it didn't feel fully real, at least not yet.

She spoke, "And... I accept that! It's kind of scary. So taboo. But... I feel deep in my heart... this need! This longing! To serve his cock! Not just suck it, but serve it!" She shyly added, "Is that... weird?"

"No, not at all. You know how women in the US are always looking for 'Mr. Right?'"

Sandy nodded.

"In Napali, women do that too. Only because cocksucking is such an essential part of life there, women long to find that special guy with a cock that they don't just want to suck daily with his other girlfriends, but one they want to SERVE with all their heart and soul! It's like the 'true love' of cocksucking. I'm kind of a romantic, so I love to see it when that happens."

Sandy shook her head in wide wonder. "Wooooow! I think I'm going to love Napali!"

Lisa chuckled. "You will! I tell you, it's paradise, especially sexual paradise."

Sandy went on, "Today has been a non-stop series of epiphanies for me. The biggest one has to be that when his throbbing hot pole is in my mouth, and I'm sucking on it and licking it, I feel such a bliss, such a contentment, like I've never known! I've found my place in the world, and it's between my son's legs!"

She stopped, and then considered her words. A look of distress crossed her face. She still whispered, "Oh my God! Did I really just say that out loud?! I must sound crazy! No, I AM crazy! I think the joy of the facial made me temporarily lose my mind! I take it all back!"

Lisa whispered fiercely while continuing to play with both of Sandy's huge globes, "Don't you dare! I think that's beautiful, what you just said. That might sound crazy back in the States, but you're moving to the right place. In Napali, a LOT of women dedicate themselves to serving their man's cocks."

Sandy gasped. "REALLY?!" She looked quickly to Darrin, since she'd gasped so loudly, but he remained oblivious.

Lisa whispered, "Really! Just like you, they discover they find their special calling in serving the man they love, especially by sucking his cock."

She mulled over introducing the "master" and "slave" concept. But even though Sandy was progressing so well, Lisa decided that would be too rash. Sandy was still flying high over her cocksucking, and she was likely to come down from that high before long and see things in a different light. Lisa decided it was best to let all that had happened sink in for a while before taking her to the next stage.

Sandy whispered excitedly, "Tell me about 'serving' a cock! How does that differ from just sucking it a lot?"

Lisa didn't get a chance to answer, because Vicky came walking by yet again.

Actually, that wasn't a coincidence. Vicky had been lingering out of sight for the last couple of minutes, waiting for the right moment to come back. She was too far to hear what was being said. However, Lisa had noticed her and gave her a secret signal that this was the time. Lisa didn't want to reveal more about "serving" just yet either, since that quickly moved into "master" and "slave" territory.

Vicky walked into the private alcove and spoke quietly, seeing that Darrin was resting or maybe sleeping. "Hi, y'all!"

When Sandy turned her way, Vicky pretended to be surprised by the cum on Sandy's face. "Ooooo-weeee! A facial! RED! Congratulations!" She rushed over, dropped down to Sandy's level, and gave her a supportive hug, even as Sandy remained on Lisa's lap.

Sandy looked down at herself in dismay. She was disturbed to fully realize that Lisa had been playing with her breasts for the past few minutes. However, Vicky noticed but showed no sign of being bothered by it, so Sandy put it out of her mind. There were way too many other thrilling developments for her to think about.

For the next few minutes, the three busty bombshells raved about the joy of facials and praised Sandy's facial in particular. Both Lisa and Vicky insisted of swiping some cum off Sandy's face and tasting it, which led to more euphoric compliments about the taste of Darrin's seed.

Then Vicky revealed a surprise, and pulled out the camera she'd been hiding behind her back. She explained, "I knew things were goin' ta come to a sticky, spermy 'conclusion' for ya, and I reckoned you'd probably take it on the face or chest. And I also figured you might want ta have a special memento of your very first facial, since ya see so serious about your passion."

Sandy was overjoyed. "Thank you, thank you, thank you! You're an angel!"

"Wait!" Vicky said. "That's not all. Remember how I walked by a few times? Well, a couple a times, I secretly had the camera with me, and I took a few shots on ya in action! Don't worry, I'm not goin' ta keep any a the pictures. They are for YOU! I'm sure in years to come, you'll look back fondly on this special, magical time."

Sandy was over the moon. "Oh, Vicky! I could just kiss you!"

"Then do!" Vicky chuckled.

Sandy leaned in and found herself necking with Vicky, while Lisa continued to play with her hefty globes. It was very passionate because Sandy had virtually no restraint left on her sexual behavior. She gave the kissing her all.

When it ended, Lisa wanted a similar kiss. She sweetened the idea by swiping lots of Darrin's cum off Sandy's face then sensuously licking her fingers clean. She stuck her tongue out, showing she'd kept the cum on her tongue.

Sandy and Lisa then shared an equally hot kiss. They freely fondled each other's bodies, while Vicky did some fondling too.

The scene could have turned into a lesbian orgy of sorts, except that Sandy was very excited to take some more pictures, especially before all the cum got licked up.

A mini-photo session ensued, with Vicky taking a couple dozen pictures of Sandy's teary and cummy face, plus some of her huge bare rack and also some of her entire body. Usually, if Vicky was taking the pictures, then Lisa would try to do something to further arouse Sandy, such as hefting her tits up while reaching around from behind, or posing with her mouth open and an inch from Sandy's open mouth. And when Lisa was taking the pictures, Vicky would do something similar.

The only unwritten rule was that their pussies were off limits from being touched by any of the others. Vicky and Lisa were taking things carefully, step by step, and didn't want to push too far with lesbian contact, especially if Darrin wasn't alert to see it.

Unfortunately, Darrin was out of it, so they let him be, still sprawled out on the carpeted floor. But Sandy often made sexy expressions or poses with a mind to her son enjoying the pictures later.

The other two goaded her on, with comments like, "Make a really sexy face! Stick your tongue out and imagine you're slurping his cum right off his throbbing shaft!"

Needless to say, all of this resulted in some really great, sexy photos.

For a while, all three women had been careful not to mess with the cum on Sandy's face, since one main purpose was to get sexy photos of just how cummy her face was. But by and by, that changed after Lisa pointed out that the cum either had to get cleaned off now or washed off in a few minutes, before Jane could see. Sandy began sucking up cum gobs and eating them, while Lisa and Vicky began swiping and eating more as well. More cummy French kisses followed.

Sandy was energized and highly aroused all over again from the brief photo session, so she was willing to try new things. Everything was possible, it seemed.

Before long, Lisa was licking one of Sandy's cheeks clean while Vicky was licking the other.

It was a very erotic moment for Sandy. She didn't think of herself as bisexual at all, but she was so aroused from sharing the cum, and all the nudity, and their hands on her and her hands on them, and the picture taking, and the feeling of two tongues lapping on her face at once that she didn't feel any qualms about "lesbian" activity at all. Somehow, the sharing of the cum made it seem more of an extension of loving her son's cock.

The three of them kept on talking, mostly about the joy of cocksucking, while they continued to lick and share the cum from Sandy's face. Since Olivia had insisted months ago that Sandy put her entire family on a new diet, one specifically designed to improve the taste of male ejaculate, it truly was delicious. The three of them kept at it until Lisa announced that all of the cum was gone.

Sandy was thrilled to be swept up in the excitement. It validated her feelings in a powerful way that sucking her son's cock could be a worthy pursuit. Most importantly, she felt reassured that she wasn't crazy. Lisa and Vicky had an enthusiasm about oral sex that couldn't be faked.

At the same time, the seeds of the word "serve" had been planted in Sandy's mind, and had started to grow. Once she was fully committed to serving her son's cock, it wouldn't be that big of a leap to the introduction of the "sex slave" concept, since slaves served their masters. She was growing more accustomed and accepting of the idea of serving his cock, because it was exactly what her naturally submissive nature had been craving all along, even though she hadn't realized it.

Eventually, Vicky started getting insistent about getting Sandy and Darrin up and ready to eat lunch. She pointed out that it was one in the afternoon already, and she felt like she was failing as a flight attendant if she didn't get food in their bellies. She also noted that Sandy certainly wouldn't want Jane to wake up and see them like this.

Sandy made a mental check and realized that she was surprisingly hungry. She didn't want to disturb Darrin while he was resting, but she decided that eating was just as important as resting, if not more so.

As it so happened, Darrin had been drifting in and out of sleep, sleeping more often than not. That meant he'd missed all their conversation, as well as the lesbian kissing, fondling, and photo taking. On the plus side, there still were the pictures which he could be surprised with later.

By the time the women came to rouse him, he'd mostly recovered from his post-orgasmic exhaustion. So when they told him lunch was ready, he agreed that sounded good.

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