Chapter 44
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Vicky was sent to check on Jane first, since Lisa and Sandy especially had to do more to make themselves semi-presentable. Vicky put her sari back on and went to see what was going on.

Vicky had been regularly checking on Jane already. Each of the four times she passed by Sandy and the others, and usually stopped for a minute or two to talk, it was because she was on her way to Jane to see if she was still asleep. Each time, Jane was. But Vicky hadn't checked for a while, due to all the recent picture taking, kissing, and talking with Sandy and Lisa.

Once again, Vicky found that Jane was still sleeping. Jane had only been asleep for one hour, but it seemed a lot longer because so much had happened to Sandy and Darrin in that time. Most crucially, Jane was still oblivious to the fact that Sandy had started sucking her son's cock.

Vicky could have simply told Jane about that as soon as Jane woke up. But Vicky wanted to keep it a secret, and she was sure Lisa would agree. The thinking was that Jane was near her own tipping point of falling into submission for Darrin by sucking him for the first time. If she did that all on her own, without knowing that Sandy had done it already, it would be a much more powerful and emotional commitment from her. And that was key to locking in her feelings for him before she was ready for the next step in her sexual transformation.

Vicky gently woke Jane under the excuse that she was ready to bring her lunch meal to her.

Jane was roused easily enough. She didn't mind being woken up, because she discovered she was quite hungry. Plus, when Vicky told her that she'd been asleep for an hour, she thought that was plenty long for a nap.

Vicky asked Jane to sit in the front row aisle seat. She explained that the tray tables on this particular cargo plane were much larger than the usual ones on passenger planes, so it would be hard for the others to take their seats when they came in a few minutes, if Jane already had her meal and had the tray table down.

In fact, Vicky had another reason for Jane to sit there, namely so Sandy and Darrin could take part in more sexual hanky panky in the back row. But she couldn't tell Jane that.

Jane had no problem changing seats, and did so. Since there was no row of seats in front of that row, there was no tray table to pull down from any seatback. But Vicky brought out a tray table with legs on either side, like the kind used to serve breakfast in bed. That covered all of Jane's lap.

With that settled, Vicky said, "Okay, sugar, I'll go get ya your vittles. Everything's ready ta go, so I'll be back in a jiffy."

Jane asked, before you go, "I've got lots of questions. For starters, where's my mother and brother? And Lisa, for that matter?"

Vicky replied, "They're hangin' out in the middle of the plane. Lisa brought them to a private spot so they could talk. She wanted ta get away from ya for fear a wakin' you up. I was just talkin' ta 'em on my way ta you, and I told 'em about lunch bein' ready. They should be back shortly ta eat lunch with ya, so don't worry."

"What have they been talking about?" Jane asked.

"Oh, there's no shortage of interestin' things. I wasn't there 'cept ta pop my head in n' say 'howdy' a couple a times, so I can only guess, but I'd imagine they're askin' Lisa about Napali life, especially its unusual sex life."

Jane grumbled, "Damn! I want to be there. I've got lots of questions too. I feel like I'm missing out on everything!"

Vicky smiled. "Don't ya worry, you sexy thing. This is a long flight. You'll get all your questions answered, for sure. Ask 'em ta fill you in when they get here if ya want. I'd like ta help with your questions myself, but I've got ta run. I have ta feed three families right now, scattered all over the plane."

Jane nodded, then looked down at her naked body.

Vicky saw that, and asked her, "How are ya holdin' up, goin' without clothes and all?" She knew that Jane had calmed down quite a lot due to her nap. In fact, Jane had probably come all the way down to something close to her "normal" sexual arousal level. As a result, Vicky knew Jane's feeling about being naked had probably changed dramatically.

That went even so for Jane's feelings on other things. Earlier, she had made a mental commitment to suck Darrin's cock the first time she was able to get him alone. Now, Jane was embarrassed to even think that she'd ever felt that way.

Jane groaned unhappily as she continued to look at her nudity. "This is not so good. To be honest, I was having fun before, but now it just seems weird."

Vicky acted understanding. "Sure. That's only natural. Do you want me ta check if I can rouse up somethin' for you ta wear?"

Jane thought that over. Even though she was no longer in a highly aroused mood, she was smart enough to figure that would change rapidly after being around her brother again, at least once his dick was fully erect. She wanted to at least keep the door open to more sexual playing around, though she figured she wasn't going to go nearly as far as she'd previously been thinking.

She asked, "What about them? Are they still naked?"

"Sure thing. Your momma in particular is gettin' really good at that. She's practically a nudist already!" Vicky chuckled. "So what'll it be? Should I try to find that robe you were wearin' before?"

Jane thought, God, this feels weird. But I'm not going to be sexually outdone by my mom. If she can handle it, then I can too. And I don't want Brother to go back to ignoring me with Mom AND Lisa acting all sexy and slutty. And hell, Vicky's basically naked too. That sari doesn't cover much. I've got to try to keep up!

So she replied, "Nah. If I put that back on, I'll never live it down. I can deal." She consoled herself that the large tray table would at least thoroughly cover her pussy mound.

"Good!" Vicky said brightly. "I'm sure your brother will appreciate that. It may seem sometimes that he only has eyes for your mom or Lisa, or even little ol' me at times, but trust me, he definitely has eyes for ya too."

That startled and intrigued Jane. "Really?! How do you know?!"

"Believe me, I can tell. First off, there's the fact that ya could be on the cover a the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue if ya wanted to."

"No!" Jane was trying to be modest, but she was flattered.

"It's true! Just about, anyway. So he'd have ta be gay or a eunuch not ta have eyes for ya, n' we definitely know after today that that's not true!"

They shared a laugh over that.

Vicky went on, "Besides, I saw him give ya some glances when he thought ya weren't looking n' even some when ya were. Didn't ya notice too?"

"Yeah, I guess," Jane said with a frown. "It's just that it's so hard to get him to notice me with Mom around, and naked." She looked down at her F-cups as if she was flat-chested. "And now Lisa! Sheesh! She's nearly as sexy and stacked as Mom is!"

"True, but so are you! Don't sell yourself short. You have an incredible pair of breasts on a truly awe-inspiring body."

"Thanks," Jane muttered uncertainly.

Vicky had been leaning in towards Jane, but she stood up to go. "Ya know, if ya want somethin' badly enough, sometimes the best way is just ta grab it. Even if it's so thick that ya can't get your fingers all the way around it." She winked, and started to walk away.

It took a couple of seconds for that to sink in. Then Jane exclaimed, "Wait! What?! Wait! What are you talking about?!"

Vicky stopped and turned around. She was smiling widely. "I think we all know." She pantomimed a stroking gesture on an invisible erection right in front of her face. Her mouth opened into a perfect O shape, making clear she was talking about a blowjob.

Jane's instinct was to deny everything. Now that she was no longer highly aroused, she was scandalized in a way she wouldn't have been before her nap. "Ewwww! Gross! I am NOT interested in my brother like that! No way!"

Even as she said that she knew it wasn't true, and in fact she still wanted him. But she had a new determination to repress those feelings and at least act like it wasn't true.

Vicky shrugged. "Say what ya want. But you're a smart girl, and I think ya can see what's happening with Lisa n' your mother. Not ta mention me! That's right! I'm gonna be chokin' n' gaggin' on your brother's tube steak every first chance I get! It's liable ta be Grand Central Station over his crotch. Kneelin' room only!"

Although Vicky could sense Jane's change of mood, she wanted to be at least somewhat provocative while talking to her, to help make sure Jane couldn't turn back the clock.

Jane groaned unhappily. The way things were going, she could easily imagine Lisa, Vicky, and even Sandy all kneeling around her brother's crotch, taking turns bobbing on his cock. That seemed likely, maybe even inevitable. Even in her current unaroused mood she wouldn't have minded that much if it was just Lisa and/or Vicky, but she was genuinely grossed out by the possible inclusion of her mother.

Vicky went on, "Things get pretty wild on these flights, due ta the nudity n' the heat n' whatnot. It's kinda like a 'free pass' from normal life n' normal rules. You can be all prudish n' sit on your hands, or you can satisfy your curiosity. To me, it's a no-brainer, but I'm not you. Anyway, just sayin'. I've gotta go. Good luck with whatever ya decide ta do."

She walked away again, and this time Jane didn't stop her.

That left Jane a lot to think about. Since she was left alone with nothing to do but wait for her meal, she did a lot of thinking.

This flight has been the strangest ever! Now that I've calmed down, I can see with clear eyes, and even the Twilight Zone doesn't get this strange! When we woke up this morning, everything was like it had always been. Normal. Boring. Mom was her usual self, for instance. But since then, it's like she's gone sex mad! We all have! I mean, I'm sitting here buck naked, having just been talking to a topless flight attendant, and I'm on an international flight somewhere over the Pacific! And I've almost gotten used to it!

I don't even know what's real anymore. Is Napali Island anything like I think it is?! Are we joining some kind of sex cult?! I wish Vicky would come back and answer all of my questions, because I've got LOTS of questions. It's like the whole thing is a big lie and it's unraveling before my eyes!

Unless we're being kidnapped, we still have a chance to turn around once we get to Hawaii. We've got to do some SERIOUS thinking and talking before then. Am I the only one who sees this?! Boy, I've got to talk to Brother and Mom, big time! And without Lisa or Vicky there. They may be trying to brainwash us or something! It's like we're kept horny all the time so we can never think straight.

Darrin, Sandy, and Lisa came back a minute later, after Vicky stopped by the alcove and told them how Jane had just woken up.

It was a startling event for Jane to see them again, to say the least, because they were all completely naked (not counting Darrin in his oversized T-shirt and Sandy and Lisa's high heels). Jane was even more cognizant of them looking at her own nudity, despite the tray table, and she sheepishly covered her boobs with an arm.

Jane could see that they were mostly calmed down from their earlier sexual highs, but each of them were reacting differently to the new mood.

Lisa looked completely unabashed and unrepentant about her nudity, because she was. Thanks to her sex slave past, she was in her element exposing herself and acting sexy in front of her man.

Darrin felt shy and abashed, but at least he had his oversized T-shirt. He was able to pull it down over his crotch and his ass, so he didn't feel that exposed in the first place. Plus, he was the main beneficiary of all the nudity and sexual fun, and to a dramatic degree, so it was hard for him to feel bad about anything.

Sandy felt the most embarrassed of the three, by far. But she had changed in a fundamental way in the last few hours, and especially after sucking her son twice. It was like she was reborn. Even though her arousal level wasn't so high, it still was elevated much above normal. More importantly, her basic attitude had changed, regardless of how aroused she happened to be. She wasn't in the mood for more hanky panky with her son at the moment, but she took it as a given that she'd be sucking his cock again soon. She just wanted to do it in the right time and place, and especially without others watching.

She was already covering her pussy with one hand and her nipples with an arm when she walked into Jane's view. Her face was also very red with embarrassment. But even so, she was resigned to the situation. For instance, she walked at a normal pace with the others instead of hurrying back to her seat.

Since Jane was sitting in the aisle seat of the front row, the other three went to the back row. Sandy went to her usual "window" seat, Darrin to his most frequently used middle seat, and Lisa took the aisle seat.

The four of them engaged in innocuous small talk. For instance, Sandy asked Jane how her nap had been. They all were avoiding the elephant in the room of their previous sexual activities in front of each other (as well as the ones in private), plus their continued nudity. The seeming normalcy was surreal.

Jane had had the most dramatic "relapse" of the Douglases. After her nap it was like she'd woken up in more ways than one, and she was looking at everything with newly critical eyes. She couldn't stop thinking about seeing her mother naked again.

Holy fucking mother of God! Mom is so ridiculously hot! Having her go away and then come back after a while, it's like a hard slap in the face. Whoa! She's so STACKED! And her breasts are so round and flawless! No wonder Brother has an erection nearly all the time. I would too. How am I supposed to compete with all that?! At least I have her genes. Maybe I'll keep filling out and eventually look somewhat like her.

But more than that, how can we all act like everything is fine and dandy when it's not?! Sure, things are calm now, but how long can that last?! What'll happen when Brother gets erect again? I bet that all hell will break loose again. Mom will, I dunno, dance naked some more, or kiss him some more... or worse! And the scariest thing of all is that I'm not entirely opposed to that. I mean, I am... but at the same time I'm not. Hell, I don't know what I want!

Vicky came by only a minute or so after everyone was settled, bringing food for everyone. She then left after getting fresh drinks for each person, saying she had to look after the other passengers too.

Sandy, Darrin, and Lisa unfolded their tray tables from the seatbacks in front of them before getting their food. The Douglases didn't know it, but the tray tables were specially made to assist with the sexual transformations of families on these flights. Each tray table in the row was unusually wide compared to those of typical passenger airplanes, so much so that they effectively locked with the one or ones adjacent, creating one continuous flat surface. Plus, they were both wide and long.

This may have seemed entirely innocuous. But the end result was that it allowed for a lot of sexual hanky panky to take place under the tray tables without being seen from above.

Lisa knew this very well, of course. But she sensed it wasn't the time to do anything about it, since everyone in the group was feeling less aroused or even unaroused. Darrin's penis was flaccid.

She might have tried to change that, but she was a good judge of the ebb and flow of events, and she felt a more prolonged break from the action was needed. Things had progressed to such a point that even if there was some backsliding, they wouldn't slide all the way back. Most crucially, she felt that Sandy had crossed a line by sucking her son's cock twice, and she could never go back. She didn't even want to go back.

The meal was a choice of sandwiches, plus a large fruit salad, and a variety of other side dishes. It was surprisingly good for airplane food. For instance, the fruit was fresh and organic.

There was very little talking during the meal at first, because everyone was famished. They were eating lunch late, plus all their sexual activity had caused them to build up a hunger.

Jane finished her meal first, well before the others. She hurried mainly because she was feeling left out in the front row, unable to see the others. By finishing, she was able to put her large but portable tray table on the floor near her and then turn around in her seat and sit up on her knees so she could look over the seatback with ease and be a part of the group.

With the others still eating and generally not talking, she looked them over more carefully while pondering the situation some more. She noticed that Darrin and Sandy seemed unusually tired, especially Darrin.

She thought, What could make them so tired? The heat? Sure. Everyone's still sweating and weak from sitting in this damn flying sauna. Plus, I had a nice long nap and they didn't. So maybe it's just that. But I have my suspicions. After all, Lisa didn't nap and she's looking as fresh as a daisy.

Could they have been up to something?! Sure, Lisa was with them some of the time, and Vicky passed by a few times, she says. But I was asleep a full hour. All kinds of things could have happened. The key question is, did they get it on?! Did Mom suck his dick?!

I can't believe I have to seriously ask that! What have things come to?! Although... hell... I have to admit that I was kind of thinking of sucking him myself.

She searched her feelings and her memories. Okay, that's not exactly true either. I was more than just "kind of thinking;" I was just about hell-bent on doing it! Thank God that I took a nap and came to my senses! If I'd been alone with him at just the right time, I would have probably done it. No, I KNOW I would have done it!

Even now, I kind of feel some temptation. I'm going to have to be careful. We're playing with fire. Things are fine. Brother's penis is safely flaccid and covered by the tray table and his T-shirt for good measure. But what'll happen the next time he's erect and Lisa sucks him off again? Because I know that's gonna happen. Or Vicky. Or both of them together! Yikes!

I need to stay strong and vigilant. I can't let my momentary lust destroy my life. Sure, sucking his cock would be fun. In fact, it would be the absolute best! Just one look at Lisa's passionate face when she sucks him is proof of that. But he's still my brother, and doing that just once would ruin our relationship for life! No. I can't even think about my desire. I've gotta be strong!

Had Lisa been able to read Jane's thoughts, it would have confirmed her general resolve to keep the sexual excitement going non-stop and especially prevent prolonged naps. But there was only so much she could do, and people could only stay "high" on extreme arousal for so long. Besides, her main goal as always was to get Darrin and Sandy intimate. Jane's nap and resulting prudish backlash was a sacrifice that allowed Darrin and Sandy to get alone.

As the meal went on and bellies got filled, the pace of eating slowed down considerably and more small talk ensued. Jane tried to direct it, and began asking questions about what the three of them had talked about. Partially, she wanted to find out what important information she'd missed, but also she was looking for clues about what the others did more than just talk.

Since there had actually been some normal conversation before Sandy's cocksucking in the alcove began, Sandy had no problem drawing on that to give convincing answers.

Lisa did more of the talking, and used the opportunity to fill Jane in on topics that she'd missed and would want to know about. Darrin also learned some new things, since he'd missed most of the talking between Sandy and Vicky and then Sandy and Lisa.

However, Lisa only gave a censored version. She could have said a lot more, but she didn't want to go into the most sexual aspects of life in Napali at this time, since Jane had calmed down almost all the way back to normal and thus wouldn't be in a receptive mood. Plus, it went without saying that she didn't mention a thing about Sandy's blowjob or the talk and action that led up to it, or the "photo session" afterwards.

Sandy naturally made sure her account jibed with Lisa's. She was even more keen to keep her incestuous actions from Jane. She'd promised Lisa and Vicky that she would come clean to Jane before long, but now that she was in a less aroused mood, she was much more embarrassed. She had a hard time seeing how she could make any sort of confession, despite her promise.

Jane sensed that Lisa was being evasive. When Jane asked certain sexual questions, Lisa artfully dodged them or promised to answer them later. Sandy was evasive on the same topics.

Jane decided to bide her time. She figured she was much more likely to get better answers talking to the others one-on-one instead of with everyone listening in.

But there were other things she wanted to know, especially now that she was in more of a critical mindset. She looked to Lisa as she continued to kneel naked in her seat, facing the back row. "Lisa, I'd like to change the topic a little bit. I want to hear more about life on Napali. Specifically, the sort of stuff you felt you couldn't tell us before because it was too shocking or too sexual or whatever. I want to know the full story, the real deal. I want to know just what we're getting into!"

Lisa was secretly delighted. She had been hoping to get the discussion back on that sort of topic. Partially, there was important information the Douglases could now know that they couldn't before. But also, with lunch coming to an end, she wanted to see if she could increase the sexual heat and get everyone highly aroused again.

Lisa was still eating her food, but after a finishing a bite, she said, "Sure thing. What would you like to know?"

Jane said, "That's the thing. I probably don't know enough to even be asking the right questions."

Lisa said, "Good point. I've got a suggestion. Why don't I get back to your earlier question about the 'three girlfriends?' If you want to know the full truth about Napali life, and especially the sex life there, it all comes back to the sex ratio. I can't emphasize that enough. Remember what I said about the imbalanced sex ratio, with a lot more women on the island than men? Three to one!"

Sandy, Jane, and Darrin all nodded. They were paying very close attention, even though Sandy and Darrin were still eating.

Lisa said, "I know we talked about that some already, but I think we got distracted with the titfuck and whatnot, so I didn't get to say everything I needed to say." She turned to Darrin sitting next to her. "Remember that, the titfuck?" She smiled from ear to ear.

He smiled widely too. "How could I forget?!"

She leaned towards him and thrust her huge tits out. "Don't be afraid to touch them, you know. Now that I'm your slut, you can touch me anywhere you want, whenever you want!"

He reached out and cupped one of her breasts, with wide eyed wonder.

But Jane was watching closely, and said, "Hey! Brother, NO! Behave! That's how we got distracted last time. Let's not make that mistake again. Can we stay on track, please?"

Lisa said, "Jane, you've got a point. Darrin, maybe we should save that for later."

He was disappointed, but he withdrew his hand. It was relatively easy for him to restrain himself since his penis was flaccid and he was in a mellow mood. Still, Lisa's invitation and her reminder that she still considered herself his slut got his libido start to kick into gear again.

After eating another bite, Lisa continued, "So... thinking about that skewed sex ratio... I'm sure you already have been thinking how that means Darrin is likely to have two or even three girlfriends. You heard me exclaim that I thought he'd have three girlfriends for sure. Remember?"

The others nodded.

She looked to Sandy while she kept talking. "But what you need to understand is that he's going to have at least two girlfriends, at a bare minimum. Having just one is next to impossible."

Jane asked, "Why? What if a guy and girl fall in love and want everyone else to butt out?"

Lisa answered, "It's a simple case of supply and demand. You have to throw out your old notions of romance and relationships. Remember how I said that bringing married couples to Napali never works, because there's an existing marriage agreement that demands exclusivity and loyalty. People find it very hard to change, after they've already made certain mental commitments. Well, people don't get married after they've moved there either. Marriage as you understand it simply doesn't exist."

"WHAT?!" Sandy exclaimed.

Jane asked, "Why the hell not?!"

Both of them were very shocked to hear that.

Lisa replied calmly, "Think about the skewed sex ratio and every guy having AT LEAST two girlfriends at any time, often three. What would happen if a guy marries just one of his girlfriends? That would create all sorts of problems. The others would feel like second-class citizens. So, sure, Napali has commitment ceremonies that are like weddings, but guys almost always make equal commitments to his girlfriends at the same time. He would have to be the most insensitive idiot to commit to one of his girls but not the other or others."

What Lisa still couldn't reveal was that these "commitment ceremonies" were sex slave initiation ceremonies.

Sandy asked, incredulously, "So you're saying there's NO marriage there whatsoever?!"

"Well, technically there may be some. People might do it for various legal reasons, or to make friends and family back home happy. But within Napali society, that's just a legal formality."

"But how can that be?!" Sandy asked. "Marriage is such a fundamental thing. Certainly, people would be up in arms about this!"

"No, not really. I guess that's part of the reason SI likes to recruit families with teenage kids, like yours. Teenagers aren't fully wedded to the marriage paradigm, pardon the play on words. They adjust to the different social rules made necessary by the skewed sex ratio, and that becomes what is normal."

She looked back and forth between Darrin and Jane. "As you two mature and the decades pass, you'll take it as a given that men need two girlfriends at a minimum. Having just one will seem strange and even wrong. Believe me, I've never heard of any Napali guy who didn't have TWO women, minimum, because even then there are women who are left alone."

Sandy, Jane, and Darrin were all amazed. There was silence as each of them tried to process all of this.

Finally, Sandy said, "That's incredible! Why didn't anyone tell us that before?! I feel tricked! I mean... I didn't know this thing about two or three girlfriends was so EXTREME! I thought that was just a phase for most people, like how people in the States date around before they settle down!"

Lisa said, "Sure, guys date around in Napali too. But that's just to find a good, stable, and loving threesome or foursome match. Is that so surprising?"

"Yes!" Jane said.

Sandy nodded.

Darrin was wisely silent. He certainly didn't have anything to complain about. But he didn't want his mother and sister to turn their ire at him.

Lisa acted surprised that there was any controversy. "The sex ratio was no secret. You knew that even before you officially signed up, didn't you?"

Sandy thought back. "Yes, I did. I thought it was a good thing, because I haven't been interested in getting married again or even having a romantic life. I'd shut that down and I just wanted to be left alone. So it sounded ideal to me. But I foolishly didn't think through the implications. Just because I'm not interested in getting remarried right now, I'd still like to have it as an option!"

Sandy went on, "And it's not fair to Jane. She has her entire life in front of her. Are you saying that having her get married, settle down, have kids with the white picket fence and all that... that's not even possible in our new home?!"

Lisa said, "I didn't say that. Of course that's all possible. It's just as part of a threesome. Or foursome."

Jane let out a loud, frustrated groan.

Lisa went on, "Don't be so quick to judge. Believe it or not, it actually works out great almost every time for everyone, once people warm up to the idea. Even teenage girls. It's been found that guys are terrible at sharing their women; they all want to be the alpha male. But women are good at sharing their men. It's common in a lot of societies. For instance, all over the Muslim world, up to four wives are allowed."

Darrin couldn't resist asking, "Speaking of which, do any guys ever end up with FOUR girlfriends at once?"

"It happens, but rarely, and it usually doesn't last. It's frowned upon."

That was true, but Lisa couldn't explain why without revealing incestuous secrets the Douglas weren't supposed to know just yet. The truth was that Napali society was all about the son-mother and brother-sister master-and-slave dynamics. It sometimes worked out when a master had a third slave, especially if he had some special connection with her that could approach the intensity of the incestuous bonds with his two other slaves. Plus, occasionally, SI chose families with one mother, one son, and two daughters, such as if the daughters were twins. But having a third and a fourth slave rarely lasted long.

Families were judged by the quality of their relationships, both sexually and emotionally, and not the quantity of slaves. Most guys didn't even want a third slave, because that just got in the way of deepening their incestuous relationships. Every master got as much sexual pleasure as their bodies could physically handle, so having more slaves was seen as overkill anyway.

Jane complained, "So two or three girlfriends is good, but four is bad? That seems crazy to me!"

Lisa shot back a bit testily, "Please don't judge until you see the society in action. It works! The big reason you don't see four girlfriends has to do with that sex ratio. Since there are three girls to every guy, it's a perfect match if every guy has three girlfriends. But if you have four, then you're taking someone from some else. That's not cool."

Jane groaned. "This sucks so bad! Brother is going to live like a king with two or three girls doting on him hand and foot. Meanwhile, I'll be forced to be a part of some guy's harem! SO UNFAIR!"

Lisa said, "It's not like that. When a guy has two girlfriends and it's all in the open, they team up to keep him in line. When he has three, he's seriously outnumbered. So the power dynamic isn't like what you'd think at all."

Actually, that was a total lie, because all the families were chosen for their dominant sons and submissive mothers and daughters. But Lisa knew she had to give Sandy and Jane some reason to be more hopeful given their current mindsets. Later, they wouldn't want it any other way than to be fully enslaved to Darrin, but the trick was getting there from here.

That did give Jane some relief, at least. She pointed to Darrin and laughed. "Ha! Sounds like you're going to be pussy-whipped in a big way, Brother!"

He groaned in a way that sounded like he was unhappy. He was hardly unhappy though, especially since he was looking Lisa's way the entire time and she looked almost impossibly beautiful and sexy, even though she was just sitting there topless.

Lisa said about Jane's "pussy-whipped" comment, "In a way, yes. Let's face it, women usually run circles around men when it comes to emotional sophistication and even manipulation. But sexually, Darrin, you may be going to a true paradise! We've talked before about how beautiful and busty the women on the island are. There's no such a thing as an ugly or even 'average' looking female on the island by non-Napali standards, though of course there are senior citizens, since people have to get older everywhere. We can speculate on the reasons why, but that's the reality. And Darrin, with your big fat cock plus your stamina and regeneration powers, you're going to be, well, the cock of the walk. You'll be the hottest guy in town!"

He shyly muttered, "But the rest of me..." He looked down sadly at his unimpressive chest.

"Don't worry about that. Trust me. Island life will soon have you looking like a Greek god. True, it may take you a few years to grow into your body, but the girls are going to see you not as you are, but as they know you'll be. Anyone can add on big muscles with enough effort. But you're pretty much stuck with the size of your cock."

That made him feel much, much better, though he couldn't possibly imagine himself ever turning into a "Greek god."

Lisa looked down at her own huge tits. "Look at me now." She had her hands in her lap, under the tray table, and right at that moment she surreptitiously slid a hand over to his crotch. His penis was flaccid, but she started to toy with it with her talented fingers.

She was confident that the oversized and interlocking tray tables would keep her touching a secret, so long as she kept her visible upper arms still and in place.

Darrin's eyes and mouth opened wide in surprise, but she'd timed touching him with her "Look at me now" comment, so the others thought he was just shocked all over again by Lisa's considerable nude beauty.

Lisa told him, "I'm only here as an SI employee helping you and your family move. I didn't have to get sexually intimate with you. In fact, that would be seen as very unprofessional of me. But I couldn't resist, because you're such a sexy, commanding, and well-hung young man!"

The "sexy" and "commanding" parts were a real stretch. Darrin had potential that he was only starting to understand and use. But Sandy and Jane didn't think to question that because they were already so moony over him. Even Jane in her unaroused mood had feelings that were sleeping and waiting to spring back to life.

Lisa went on, "Of course, things have taken on a life of their own, and I consider myself your slut now. You're going to have a hard time trying to get me to stop sexually serving you!" She gave him a saucy wink. "So if that's happened to me, isn't that proof that you'll be a big hit with the ladies? And consider how Vicky is lusting after you too. She's already sucked your cock!"

Sandy squirmed uncomfortably. She complained, "Lisa, could you please watch your language?"

"What, saying that Vicky sucked his cock? Is that not true? Didn't she do that?"

Sandy stammered, "Er, yes, of course, but... uh..." Her face started to redden.

Lisa's fingers were still in Darrin's lap and were rapidly causing his penis to fully engorge. Between the discussion with the promise of two to three girlfriends to sitting next to Lisa in all her topless glory to the sheer naughtiness of the under the tray table hanky panky, it wasn't hard to see why he was getting aroused in a hurry.

It wasn't long before she had his dick stiff. She kept right on furtively and quietly jacking him off.

He grimaced in a ham-fisted attempt to keep his face from betraying what was happening. His entire body stiffened too, and he clutched his hands, which were resting on top of his tray table, into fists.

Luckily for him, Sandy and Jane were looking only at Lisa, so they didn't notice anything odd from him. He brought his hands under the tray table so at least his hands wouldn't be a potentially suspicious clue.

Sandy had been so off-the-charts horny from her blowjob experience in the private alcove that even though her arousal level had come down a lot since then, it remained her baseline normal. Being such an orally fixed person, she unthinkingly sucked on two fingers as she listened to Lisa talk.

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