Chapter 45
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Lisa said, "But there's another reason I'm doing what I'm doing, as well as telling you what I know. I'm helping all of you deal with culture shock. Darrin, as far as I know, you were a total virgin up until today. You'd never even kissed a girl in passion. Isn't that true?"

He shyly nodded. He thought with chagrin, Thanks for reminding me! Sheesh.

Lisa continued, while secretly jacking him off, "Don't worry; there's no shame in that. You're only fifteen, after all. But I can't let you arrive like that, because your brain will melt from the shock. Napali is a paradise in many ways, but one way is that it's definitely a sexual paradise. Thanks to this giant cock of yours, all kinds of stacked and gorgeous girls will be lining up to take turns sucking your cock the minute you step off the airplane! But their hot little tongues would be all over your cock like white on rice regardless. It's simple supply and demand."

Sandy gasped at that. "Are you serious?!" Her jealousy shot through the roof. Now that she'd sucked his cock, twice, she considered those girls serious competition for his attentions.

She added belatedly, "And, uh, do you have to use that kind of language?"

"I'm afraid I do," Lisa responded. "We have to call a spade a spade, or we'll never get anywhere." She looked to Jane. "Do you mind my frankness?"

Jane muttered, "Um, no. I guess not."

Jane was still kneeling in her seat, with her head just over the seatback. Despite the seeming bad news Lisa was giving her about the unfair situation for women in Napali, she was getting increasingly aroused anyway. She didn't realize it, but her submissive nature found that very unfairness a turn-on, since it heavily implied that she almost certainly would be dominated. The fact that she was kneeling buck naked in her seat was having an effect too.

Then she shyly asked Jane, "Will there really be a literal line of girls waiting to suck my brother's... uh..." - she looked to her mother, who had just objected to overt cocksucking language - "you know... his hard-on?"

Lisa explained, "Well, there won't literally be a line of girls, I suppose. But in effect, yes. Imagine you have ten horny beauty pageant winners and the only man they can choose is Darrin. Maybe two or three of the most gorgeous, most aggressive, and most sexually eager of them will learn to share him as co-girlfriends. There will be a mad scramble and a heck a lot of sucking of his cock by most or all of the candidates until the situation more or less stabilizes. The rest will have to do without. That's not the exact situation, mind you, but it should give you a sense of the cutthroat competition."

The other three were amazed, not to mention increasingly aroused, but Darrin was the most amazed and aroused of all. He wouldn't have believed it except for all the great things that had happened on the flight already, including the fact that his own centerfold-worthy slut was secretly jacking him off. Now, he believed anything could happen.

He said, "Wow! That really does sound like some kind of sexual utopia for me! Paradise!"

Lisa wagged her eyebrows. "You have no idea! As great as that sounds for you, the reality is even better. Not only will you have two or three girlfriends from pretty much day one, but those girls will always be mindful of the other hot girls who still have to do without. They'll always have to be on their toes to keep their man, even with the sharing. So expect to get your cock sucked! A lot! Many times a day, every single day!"

"WHAT?!" Funnily enough, Sandy, Jane, and Darrin all exclaimed that at the same time. They had come to except most of that already, but the "many times a day, every single day" part was yet another shocker.

Lisa smiled widely. "It's true. As if it hasn't become obviously enough by now, cocksucking is huge there. It's the main thing people do with their spare time. Well, that and titfucking, or some combination, but consider 'cocksucking' shorthand for both. Your typical guy gets his cock sucked so many times a day that he loses track."

She wished she could punctuate those words by sucking on his cockhead while titfucking his shaft, but she knew he was too close to the edge. She had to content herself to rubbing his sweet spot under the tray table.

Sandy thought what she'd heard from Lisa so far about the two or more girlfriends was outrageously unfair, especially for Jane. But she also thought it was amazingly hot. She got off on the unfairness, as well as all the cocksucking talk. Her arousal level shot into the stratosphere as she thought about Darrin getting his thick cock getting sucked "many times a day" by a variety of hotties. She resumed fingerbanging her pussy, since nobody could see her do that under her tray table.

Jane was considerably less aroused than Sandy at the moment. She still wasn't tempted to masturbate, because she was more pissed than horny. She exclaimed, "That sucks! Literally! I thought this island was supposed to be great for all of us, but it sounds like a total scam for the women!"

Lisa fought back by saying, "Hold on! Sandy, what have you heard from women who live there?"

Sandy admitted, "They all love it. In fact, they praise it to the high heavens." She thought back to what Vicky had told her, since she'd found out Vicky used to live there, and remembered how she'd praised it too.

"Right!" Lisa nodded. "And they're not lying, trust me. It really is some kind of remarkable utopia, for everyone. Nobody is holding anyone hostage there. If the women didn't like it as much as the men, why wouldn't at least some of them just leave and thus lessen the sex ratio imbalance?" She looked at Jane.

Jane scrambled to think up a good answer to that. "Um, maybe lots DID leave. How would we know?"

Lisa looked to Sandy. "You talked to Vicky about this some, didn't you? Did she tell you anything about her time living on Napali?"

Sandy replied, "We didn't really have time to talk about it. But she did say it was great. She praised it too."

Lisa turned back to Jane. "You see? Don't you trust me, and others like Vicky? We're going to get to Napali in just a couple of days. What will happen if we get there and it's nothing like I said? Why would I lie to you now? If I was trying to deceive you, why wouldn't I just tell you exactly what you wanted to hear until you got there?"

Jane sighed in frustration. "I don't know. But you have to admit that everything is just... really weird! Napali is so highly sexual that it's hard to believe!"

Lisa picked up on that. "That's true. It IS highly sexual. I'm trying to help you understand that now so you won't be too shocked when you arrive. Remember, it all comes down to that skewed sex ratio. With all the women constantly on their toes trying to keep their men sexually satisfied, they get GREAT at sex, by necessity. And the men are fit from the diet and the outdoor living, and they can't help but improve along the way. Before long, everyone is like a sexual Olympian!"

Sandy fretted to herself, But what about me? I don't even want a sex life. One reason I took this job was to get away from all that! But then again, I sucked my big man's cock twice and it was soooooo great! Before lunch, I was telling Lisa that I want to commit to serving his cock.

Do I really mean that?! Now that I'm not in the middle of a cocksucking fever, it seems pretty rash, even crazy. But how can I not?! Sucking his cock was the greatest joy I've ever felt! Not just the physical part - which is incredible - but the whole thing. Even just kneeling naked below him is such a thrill!

My favorite part though is that I get to express my love for him with my mouth. I couldn't do that with any other guy. I still couldn't care less about getting sexually involved with anyone, "sexual Olympian" or not... unless it's my son!

Lisa just furtively stroked Darrin's boner while she eyed conflicted emotions on Sandy's face. She couldn't resist asking, "Sandy, penny for your thoughts?"

Sandy's blush grew, because she felt she couldn't reveal what she was really thinking in front of her children. Instead, she blurted out, "I don't know if I want to get involved with anybody!"

Lisa gave her a curious look, because she'd thought Sandy was well past those feelings already. She had a strong suspicion that Sandy was lying to save face. She probed, "Really? I know you felt that way, before. But I also know you experienced some pretty incredible orgasms today. Think back to how you felt with those. And think of how aroused and giddy you've been in general on this plane ride so far. I know it's been weird, to say the least, with your son here and nobody actually touching you, but you can't deny the intensity of your feelings, can you?"

"Well..." Sandy blushed, because she couldn't. Even at the moment, she was feeling a growing arousal that was starting to make her squirm in her seat. She was feeling a constant rush of being buck naked, especially with her son right there. Even when he didn't look at her, she knew he knew, and that was like an endlessly burning fire inside her body. The way she was secretly fingering her clit and pussy under her tray table only added more fuel to her lusty fire.

Lisa asked her, "Haven't you had the time of your life so far? And I do mean that literally. Have you ever had a more thrilling time, and experienced more joy, more sexual arousal, and even more love, in your entire life?! Have you ever felt more ALIVE?! Please, be honest."

Sandy thought back to all that had happened since the flight began. She replied cautiously, "I'll admit... I can't deny that."

Lisa said, "Think about how great your orgasms have been today. Then multiply them by ten! That's how much more intense it'll be when you're regularly sucking a superior cock and not just watching!"

She phrased that carefully, since Jane was still clueless about Sandy's two incestuous blowjobs. Lisa's words were phrased in a way so that they could apply to Sandy being sexually intimate with any man, but she knew Sandy would think only in terms of herself with her son.

Sandy said, "Oh, come on! Ten times? That's impossible! What I've felt is already..." Her voice trailed off.

Lisa finished the thought for her. "Already much greater than the greatest pleasure you ever felt with your husband Dennis, I'll bet. Am I right? Despite having an active sex life with him all those years, you've felt more ecstasy today from cumming without so much as being touched by anyone or even yourself than any time you ever got fucked! Haven't you?"

Sandy's eyes bugged out, because she hadn't wanted to admit that. "How did you know?!"

"Because I've been exactly where you've been before. Pretty much literally. I was on this plane once too, and not in my current job. You know I've been helping SI with resettling families for a while. You're my third family I've helped along, as I've told you. And you know I used to live on Napali. But you probably don't know the stories of what happened back when I was seventeen and I was one of the family members being resettled. I experienced it all firsthand! I can tell you everything about how I felt in my first days and weeks if you'd like."

"I'd love that." But Sandy asked, "Why didn't you tell me about that time before? That's directly relevant for me, for us. You and I have talked a lot about everything under the sun, way beyond what your resettling job entails. I consider you a good friend."

"And I do you," Lisa replied with a toothy smile.

Sandy smiled too, but only for a few seconds. "That said, you've never told much specific about the details of your personal experiences on the island. It's all been vague and generalized, to the point that I almost forgot you actually lived there too."

Jane was still carefully listening and watching. She chimed in, "Yeah, me too."

Lisa replied while steadily rubbing Darrin's boner under the tray table, "I did that on purpose because there are strict, strict rules about that, as you know. Total secrecy is essential, and it's easiest and safest to simply get in the habit of saying as little as possible. It's the 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' rule, times a million. But since the three of you are on your way and you'll be there in a couple of days, and I'm friends with all of you, and I'm Darrin's new slut to boot, I figure I can bend the rules a bit. Don't tell anyone though." She winked.

Sandy said, "Well, thanks. I guess I can understand that."

"I know you're feeling like you haven't been told the whole truth, and that's true, but it's not for nefarious reasons. Back on the mainland, the company had rules and I wasn't supposed to talk about controversial things like people's sex lives. But I really like all three of you and I want you to be prepared, so I'm willing to break that rule, and more."

She looked to Jane. "I bet you're thinking this all is terrible. Great for Darrin, but horrible for you, right?"

Jane had been quietly holding back for the most part, but now she exclaimed, "Exactly! UGH! It's AWFUL! I don't want that whole dog-eat-dog-having-to-share my boyfriend crap. It's bullshit!"

"Au contraire! Believe me, you're going to have the time of your life! As I keep saying, the island is great for men AND women, boys AND girls. There are the obvious things, like the beaches, the all-organic garden-grown food, the flawless sunny weather, the coral reefs, and more. But what really makes it paradise is the mind-blowing sex!"

Lisa let that sink in. Then she went on, "People everywhere else do it wrong. Sex, I mean. Maybe due to the women being somewhat competitive in sharing their man, everybody at Napali HAS to get really great at it. And all the free time without people being hooked to their computers and electronic devices all the time really helps too. Imagine if you were stuck on an island with a bunch of beautiful people wearing very few clothes and no electricity whatsoever. What would YOU do to pass the time?"

Jane admitted with a sheepish grin. "Probably have a lot of sex!"

"Right! Napali has electricity, obviously, but you get the general gist. So women get better, men get better to keep up, and it becomes a positive feedback loop until all the people really are like sexual Olympians. You've had some pretty insane orgasms today, screaming your lungs out in total orgasmic abandon more than once, right?"

Jane nodded sheepishly.

"Trust me, that's small potatoes. For all three of you! Before long, you'll be having orgasms that great or even better on a daily basis. So if a guy has two or three girlfriends, is that really so bad, if you're totally sexually satiated anyway?"

Jane didn't respond. However, she was starting to get swayed.

Lisa looked to Sandy. "I can guarantee that you won't be celibate. There's just no way. Everyone walks around with a smile on the face practically all the time, because they're still flying high from one recent great sexual encounter or another."

Sandy pointed out, "But that's not what you said before. You said that all the women are forced to perform oral sex on their men all the time, or they'll lose them. That sounds cutthroat and awful! I don't want to be in endless competition like that."

Lisa said, "It would be awful... except what if the women love giving head as much or more as the men receiving it? What then? What if you could experience the kind of incredible orgasms you felt simply by sucking on the cock of your s-boyfriend? What then?" (She almost said "son," but caught herself just in time.)

That hit Sandy like a punch in the gut, since she could vividly recall the joy she'd felt sucking her son off twice. Thanks to the reminder, she found herself salivating. She was getting way more aroused than she looked or sounded, helped along by her secret masturbation under the tray table.

Since Sandy didn't say anything, Jane complained, "But that's impossible! I'll admit that I've kind of changed my attitude, all I've seen and heard about blowjobs today, but still, the common wisdom is that it must be much better for the guy than for the girl."

Lisa asked, "Is that what you truly believe in your heart, or is that what you feel obliged to say, because it's supposedly the common wisdom?" She suddenly turned to Sandy and put her on the spot. "What do YOU think?"

Sandy thought back to everything Olivia had told her. Olivia had been so convincing in explaining her great love of sucking her son's cock that Sandy truly believed her. Plus, as the day had gone on, she had become practically obsessed with a profound craving to suck on her son's raging boner. She'd never felt anything like it.

Sandy had to be careful how she replied, so she wouldn't inadvertently confess to Jane how she'd actually sucked Darrin's cock. She told Jane, "You have to admit that today has been a revelation for you as well as me. Am I right? I think we should chuck the perceived common wisdom out the window."

Jane sighed. "I suppose that's true." She felt frustrated, because she felt like she was sliding down a slippery slope, finding herself becoming more and more aroused by thoughts of sucking her brother off, but it was against her will, because she was trying hard to resist.

Lisa replied, "Sometimes, the common wisdom is wrong. Everyone used to think that the Sun revolved around the Earth instead of the other way around, for instance. People often have very misguided ideas about sex, especially. Darrin, can you still see? Because I'm guessing you've masturbated so much that you should have gone blind long ago!"

He laughed. "My palms should be hairy too!"

He was feeling great, especially with the secret handjob. Lisa's fingers had him riding a very nice buzz, but not dangerously close to orgasm. He could bask in the joy without having to stress out about cumming.

Lisa added to Sandy, "Some so-called experts STILL argue if the G-spot even exists. They all must be men, 'cos I can tell you for sure that it does!"

Sandy said, "Okay, point taken."

Lisa's mention of the G-spot made Darrin think, Wait a minute! Lisa's been secretly stroking me, and I've been acting like I'm paralyzed. I can do the same thing to her! He started out by placing a hand on her nearer thigh.

Lisa reacted immediately and decisively. While keeping a poker face for Sandy and Jane, she grasped Darrin's hand on her thigh and pulled it towards her pussy. She left his fingertips right on her wet pussy lips and then patted his hand approvingly.

He felt a tingle of arousal wash through his body and shivers race up and down his spine. His heart started thumping a lot harder. It was all he could do to stay quiet and not blatantly give away that something sexual was happening under the tray tables.

But Lisa didn't stop there. She said, "Not only does the G-spot exist, but any guy who knows that and does his best to pleasure his woman's pussy will surely be rewarded. She'll want to suck his cock with even more passion and devotion than before!" She leaned in towards him, and added in an extra husky voice, "Especially if she's the kind of woman who freely calls herself his sexy slut!"

He felt blindsided. He felt her words and come on look was so overt that if Sandy and Jane didn't realize yet that he had a hand on Lisa's pussy, they would figure he got her hint and was bound to start doing that soon.

Trying to deflect such suspicion, he said, "I'll have to, uh, make a note of that. Good point!" He withdrew his hand, because he felt Sandy and Jane had to somehow know what he was doing, as if they had X-ray vision.

Just then, Vicky came into view, still wearing her sari and next to nothing else. "Hey, y'all! How's it hangin'?" She had her hands behind her back.

Lisa boldly replied, "It's not hanging, it's practically sticking up straight. Believe me, I know I'm performing a manual check constantly." She calculated that the arousal level of the group had risen to the point that she could blatantly confess her handjob action, to help arouse Sandy and Jane more.

Vicky laughed. "Whoa! That wasn't exactly what I was askin', but it's good ta know anyway!" She laughed some more.

Sandy was shocked. "Lisa! How could you?!"

"What? I'm his slut. This is what sluts do. If it weren't for the fact that you want me to talk, plus these tray tables, I'd be happy to suck him off some more. His cock is stiff and throbbing with need!"

Vicky spoke as if they were talking about something mundane. "I wish I could do somethin' ta help ya with those tray tables, but I'll have ta go get my trash bag ta take your lunches away first." Actually, she had no intention of doing that anytime soon, since she was trying to assist in making the under-the- table hanky panky possible.

She said, "But also, before I clean up, I'm bettin' that y'all would like some ice cold dessert!" She dramatically brought her hands from behind her back, revealing that she was holding four ice cream bars. Three of them were the exact same phallic-shaped Popsicles the others had such arousing fun with earlier.

Sandy and Jane gasped. Their arousal levels shot up higher, because they had quickly developed a kind of Pavlovian association between those Popsicles and extreme sexual pleasure.

Vicky said with her usual smile, "Before I hand these over, it looks like you're in the middle a some kinda serious talk here. Do ya think ya could consume these in a normal, non-sexual way? I don't wanna be responsible for ya gettin' all distracted, if you've got somethin' serious ta discuss."

Sandy craved getting her mouth on one of those Popsicles again with a sexual hunger that was much stronger than any gastronomic hunger. She tried to dampen down her enthusiasm. "Oh, sure. Right, Jane? That was a one-time fun thing, pretending like they were... well, you know, but we did that already."

Jane was letting her lust rule, pushing her objections about some of the things Lisa had been discussing to the side. "Sure! Been there, done that."

Vicky was all smiles. "Good. Peachy." She looked to Darrin. "You'll see I only brought three of 'em though. I figured it would be too weird for you ta slurp on one, after all that cocksuckin' talk with 'em y'all told me about earlier. I got you somethin' else." She handed the Popsicles to each of the other women, then gave him a bowl with a spoon.

The bowl was wrapped in some non-transparent plastic to help keep the contents cool. He peeled the plastic away and discovered a heaping serving of sorbet inside.

He was so jazzed that he almost forgot that Lisa was still jacking him off under the tray table. "Cool! What flavor?"

"Cherry, with chocolate chunks. Anyway, I'll leave ya be. Sorry for interruptin'. Stay cool n' enjoy!"

After some good-byes, Vicky walked away towards the front of the plane.

Sandy, Jane, and Lisa all eagerly unwrapped their Popsicles and started sucking on them. Since that only took one hand, Lisa continued to stroke Darrin's boner. Now that she had outed what she was doing, she made her upper arm motion obvious, so Sandy and Jane wouldn't be able to forget what her hand was doing out of sight.

The conversation stopped for a few minutes so everyone could enjoy their snacks. Darrin was very happy with his sorbet, which was top quality. He did briefly wonder why only he got the bowl of sorbet and all the women got the phallic Popsicles, but he decided not to think about it.

He had mixed feelings about bringing his hands into view in order to eat the ice cream. On one hand he was disappointed that he'd only had a few moments to touch Lisa's pussy. But on the other hand, he didn't want Sandy or Jane to suspect his pussy play, since he got embarrassed about it. He figured he could resume what he'd started when he finished his sorbet, and by that time the others wouldn't be thinking about him doing something to Lisa under the table.

Sandy and Jane started off just licking their Popsicles, like people normally do. (Sandy could have kept masturbating with one hand and holding the Popsicle with the other, but she chose to devote all her attention to the Popsicle instead.) However, Lisa went straight to sucking on the "cockhead" top of the Popsicle in an overtly sexual manner, usually while staring lustily at Darrin.

It wasn't long before both Sandy and Jane gave in and began sucking on their Popsicles in the same way.

This was especially impactful for Sandy. The physical action of stretching her lips around the unusually wide phallic object was a vivid reminder of her two recent blowjobs of her son. It triggered her muscle memory and made her salivate all over the Popsicle.

She thought, Oh Lord! Dear God! It's soooooo good! How could I ever give this up? Except with the real thing! I need to suck my big man's cock! A lot! All the time! Mmmm! Gaaaawwwwd! Where has cocksucking been all my life?! HNNG! This Popsicle is great, but I want my lips around my son's hot throbbing cock-meat! UNNNGH!

Jane similarly thought, Fuuuuck! I'd kind of put this out of my mind. My extreme desire to suck my brother's cock! It's all coming back from sucking on this damn frozen vanilla bar. I swear, that whole Popsicle incident was the most fucking amazing and arousing experience of my life! God, it's so THICK! Brother's cock has to be at least this thick, if not thicker! What a trip it would be to fall to my knees and take his real cock deep in my mouth and choke on it! Fuck, I want that so bad!

Unlike the last Popsicle "incident," everyone was silent because the pretense was supposed to be that this was an entirely non-sexual eating of dessert and nothing more. But that pretense was razor thin. Darrin didn't know where to look, because, after a while, Lisa, Sandy, and Jane all stared at him with lusty intentions in their eyes. The sounds of the sucking got louder and more overtly sexual too.

At the same time, Lisa had never stopped stroking his erection. She didn't really put any more energy or technique into what she was doing, but the overall atmosphere suddenly grew so arousing that he found himself flirting with the edge of orgasm.

He tried to keep eating his cherry sorbet, but just remembering to scoop up the sorbet with his spoon and putting the spoon in his mouth was a challenge, due to all the sexy distractions.

Lisa worked fast to consume her Popsicle so she could resume talking. Since the Popsicle was both much larger and thicker than usual, it took her some time, but, eventually, she got it down to about half its width, allowing her to alternately suck and talk with relative ease.

Then, with one hand holding the Popsicle and the other stroking Darrin's cock, she asked, "Mmmm! This ice cream really hits the spot. But maybe I should resume what I was talking about, before Vicky came along. Are you game?"

The other three nodded. Darrin was also trying to finish his sorbet fast so he wouldn't have to multitask eating, listening to the conversation, and enjoying Lisa's handjob.

Lisa said, "We were talking about blowjobs, and how pleasurable are they for the woman, really. My theory is, people elsewhere do sex all wrong, including this. Yes, cocksucking is a lot of hard work for the woman, especially with a cock as big and thick as yours, Darrin."

She paused and let out a sexy purr. "Mmmm! I wish this tray table wasn't in the way, so I could show you just how BIG and THICK his cock is in my hands! So sexy! So manly!"

Then she went on, "So yeah, it's hard work for sure, but the payoff is incredible! If you suck your man in the right way, you should have some smaller orgasms as you work up to a peak, and then a really big one at the end. I'm convinced the Napali women actually enjoy a good blowjob even more than the men do. That's a big reason why the guys there always get their cocks sucked so much. Because everyone's a winner!"

Sandy thought, Truer words were never spoken! I get so horny when I'm sucking him. God, I'm so horny right now! This Popsicle is just making me want to suck my big man even more! If Jane wasn't here, there's no telling what I'd do! It's like I NEED his cock in my mouth!

Jane was finding herself swayed, especially since her arousal level had been skyrocketing since even before she was given her Popsicle. But she played devil's advocate. She pulled the Popsicle from her mouth just long enough to say, "So you say, but I still find that hard to believe. I'm not ashamed to say that I've blown some of my boyfriends. It was okay, but I never saw stars for anything. What makes it so different on some random island?"

Lisa replied, "Because, if that's how you felt, you obviously were doing it wrong. I'll bet you never had anyone teach you the right way to do it. You just had some vague ideas and then did your best to wing it with some ordinary, blah, normal-sized penis, right?"

"I suppose so," Jane said. Actually, that fit her situation to a 'T'. She went back to her sexual sucking.

Lisa explained, "There are some people out there who are sexual superstars. You've probably heard vague hints about that, like people who actually read the Kama Sutra and learn all the sex positions. For instance, perhaps you've heard about the rock star Sting and how he's boasted of practicing Tantric sex and being able to fuck for five hours at a time. Right?"

The other three reluctantly nodded. All of them had heard that well-known story.

"Well, I don't know if that's true for him, but I'd bet it probably is, because sex sessions like that are routine on Napali. There are people all over the world who put the time and effort into really learning how to perform sex right, and they make everyone else look like rank amateurs. Probably not many, but there are some superstars like that. Would you agree to that?"

They all nodded again.

Lisa went on while occasionally sucking on her smaller Popsicle, "It's like that for blowjobs. You can just blunder your way through it, like Jane has done. No offense."

"None taken," Jane said, taking the Popsicle out of her mouth to speak some more. "'Blunder' is a pretty good word for how I did it, actually." She felt embarrassed, knowing that she was talking to an elite red-heeled sucker.

Lisa nodded. "That seems to be the case for just about every woman I've known outside Napali, so don't feel bad. There's no shame in admitting you like it too, because it's seen as unfair or undignified or some crap like that. Anyway, you can blunder through it, or you can learn to be a cocksucking superstar, a true 'suck queen,' and enjoy it as much or more than the man. And the amazing thing is that, in terms of technique, there's surprisingly little difference between a bad blowjob and a great one. It's mostly about attitude."

Both Jane and Sandy looked at her skeptically.

Sandy would have said something. She wanted to know a lot more about becoming a "true suck queen." But she was getting so into sucking on her Popsicle that it was like she couldn't stop. She really was very orally minded.

Jane asked, "'Attitude?' That's it?"

"Not all, mind you, but that's the key that gets you through the first door. You can go from average to great in one day. To take it to the higher levels, to be awesome, or beyond, is a lot harder. That takes a lot of practice and dedication, for sure. Like I said earlier, being a talented slut is a true art. But that's a story for another day."

Sandy and Jane realized Lisa was repeating and referring to comments she'd made to them when they'd talked about cocksucking heels. But none of them could overtly mention any aspect of the symbolically special heels or the secret society behind them, since Lisa didn't want Darrin to know. However, the reminder of Lisa's elite status added extra heft to all her words on the subject.

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