Chapter 46
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Lisa decided that Sandy and Jane were reacting to her latest revelations about as well as could be expected. (She wasn't worried about Darrin's reaction, because of course he'd love it.) She doubted either of them were far enough along to start openly breaking the "no touching his cock" rule in front of each other, especially in Jane's case. But she figured it wouldn't hurt to push them a little more and see what happened.

Lisa asked the women, "Do you mind if I give you a little cocksucking advice?"

Both Sandy and Jane were wary.

Sandy didn't trust herself not to lose all control and possibly end up sucking him where they sat. The fact that Jane was there and watching changed everything in her mind.

Jane was much more reluctant overall. Whereas Sandy would have willingly slid down a slippery slope towards going wild on Darrin's cock if only Jane wasn't there, Jane was afraid of losing control whether Sandy was there or not. She knew she had gotten so horny that she was willing and even eager to suck her brother's cock had she been able to get him in private, and that was both thrilling and scary.

As a result, while Sandy just silently sucked on her shrinking Popsicle, Jane freed her mouth to say, "I suppose that's okay, but just verbal advice, right? I'm glad for the tray table, because I for one am in no shape to see Brother's big cock get stroked in the flesh again... and more. Right, Mom?"

"Um, right." Sandy wouldn't have necessarily said that on her own, but she wanted to put up a good front for Jane, at least until she figured out how and even if she should tell her daughter the truth about how she'd blown her son - and planned to keep doing it.

Lisa spoke to Sandy and Jane while jerking her upper arm in an obvious manner to show what her hand was doing to Darrin's cock under the table, "Okay, here's the basic rule we all follow: 'the more you give, the more you receive.'"

Jane asked, "Wait. Who's 'we?'" She was still sucking her Popsicle, but it was getting smaller all the time. (Ditto with Sandy's.)

Lisa responded, "Good question. I mean all the women of Napali Island. We all treat cocksucking like an art or hobby that we're all trying to master. So, naturally, we share tips about it and a general attitude. As I said, it's a big part of daily life there. Anyway, think about that saying: 'the more you give, the more you receive.'"

She continued, "Really truly try to think about it in a new way instead of taking it for granted. It's kind of a Zen thing. You need to try to give more than you get, which goes against normal human nature. The more you can do that, the more you'll end up getting rewarded anyway! So forget about tit-for-tat fairness. You have to turn off your usual way of thinking, where you're measuring fairness at all."

Sandy and Jane were trying their best to think like Lisa was thinking. They knew she was an elite cocksucker and both of them had gotten so horny that their desire to suck Darrin's cock was strong, so they hung on to her every word of advice. But trying to get into her mindset was extremely tough. It did go against normal human nature, as she said.

Lisa gesticulated with her free hand, which set her G-cups wobbling, as she kept rubbing Darrin's sweet spot with her other one. "Forget fairness altogether! Go all out! Become a total slut for the man you're trying to pleasure! No holds barred! Act like your life depends on giving him the very best blowjob of your entire life, and do that every single time! If you take that attitude and maintain it, you'll be able to get into it on a deep level that you didn't even know was possible. You'll end up getting so aroused that your own orgasms will be brain-shattering!"

Sandy thought, "Forget fairness altogether!" Just be a "total slut" for my son! Wow, that sounds so very hot and thrilling! It's strange, but the idea of letting him unfairly take advantage of me turns me on somehow!

Lisa concluded, "So it really is true that the more you give, the more you receive, because the harder you try to please your man, the more you will please him. But also, and this is the key: the pleasure will boomerang back on you, and with added interest! Plus, guys can only have a limited number or orgasms while women can have many, so you'll cum over and over again while he cums just once. All from a so-called 'mere blowjob!'"

She paused after that mini-speech to get their reactions.

There was a prolonged silence as mother and daughter thought that over.

Jane was less mentally committed than Sandy since she hadn't gone from fantasy to action yet, and her SI confederate Cassie hadn't influenced her nearly as much as Sandy's SI confederate Olivia had. Furthermore, she wasn't as highly aroused as Sandy at the moment. But all that was relative. She still had a powerful and growing desire to suck Darrin's cock. Lisa's words were increasing her passion to not only do it once or twice, but to become an elite sucker that would justify the "sucker heels" she was wearing.

Sandy reached such a fever pitch that it wasn't enough for her to just think. She'd just finished consuming the last of her Popsicle, including the creamy center that reminded her of cum. She wanted something else to do with her hands, and it occurred to her that since Lisa was obviously jacking Darrin off from one side, she could do the same from the other side.

She didn't stop to ponder the pros and cons of her idea. She just reached out and put a hand on her son's nearer thigh, letting him know what she was doing.

He gasped and held his breath. He couldn't believe how exciting this situation was, especially with his sister still kneeling up in her seat and peering over the seatback. It would be no big deal if she could see what Lisa was doing to him, but if she sensed or saw that Sandy was doing the same, that would be a really big deal indeed.

Sandy's fingers crept like a spider across his thighs to his privates. Within seconds, she tentatively traced a finger up his shaft until she made contact with one of Lisa's hands.

That made Lisa jolt in her seat and suddenly turn to Sandy in surprise. She had been hoping Sandy would do that, since the whole situation was set up to allow it to happen, but she didn't know if or when Sandy would get brave and aroused enough to actually do it.

To cover for her suddenly turning Sandy's way, Lisa asked Sandy, "What do you think?"

Sandy was caught flat footed and didn't answer at first, because after she touched Lisa's hand, Lisa let go of Darrin's erection altogether, leaving it for Sandy to have fun with. Sandy immediately took full advantage, wrapping her fingers around his thickness and starting to stroke right away.

Sandy thought, Aaaah! Now THAT is what I want! Mmmm.... So fantastic! Lisa got it all hot and throbbing with life for me! Damn, I love my son's big fat cock!

An awkward silence grew as she spaced out, reveling in the joy of stroking and fondling Darrin's erection. Mindful of Jane being right there and paying close attention to everything, she was extra careful not to rhythmically move her upper arm like Lisa had been doing, and she tried not to pant hard or otherwise give away what she was doing. The thrill of not only getting to jerk off her son but to do it right under Jane's nose sent tingles and shivers of pure pleasure all throughout her body.

However, her failure to answer Lisa's question in a timely manner was suspicious in and of itself. Lisa didn't want Sandy's secret handjob to get exposed at this point, so she prodded, "Sandy? Did you hear me? What do you think?"

"Oh, right." There was another pause as Sandy had to scan back and remember how Lisa was explaining that the more a woman selflessly submitted herself to pleasuring her man without restraint, the more arousal and orgasms she experienced in return. The busty mother carefully said, "Well, I don't know about all that. I have so little experience doing it with my husband that it's effectively zero. In retrospect, I feel very sad about that. But I suppose what you say makes sense."

Lisa reached out and put a hand on Sandy's nearer shoulder. "You poor thing. That's tragic. You've missed out on one of greatest joys a woman can ever experience. Sex usually is over pretty fast. Most people finish fucking in less than five minutes, believe it or not. But if you do it right, a blowjob can easily last an hour or two... or longer! And it's like an endless orgasm for the man AND the woman!"

Sandy went a little dreamy eyed thinking about the joy of sucking Darrin's cock that very much. Between recalling her two blowjobs with him so far and what her sliding fingers were doing to his hard-on under the tray table, she had to fight hard just to continue paying attention to the discussion.

Jane asked Lisa, "For real?!" She was so interested in what Lisa had to say that she wasn't looking at how Sandy was blushing and panting hard.

Lisa nodded. After having given Sandy a chance to get comfortable with Darrin's boner again, she brought her hand back and put it over Sandy's hand and approvingly rested it there. At the same time, she looked at Jane as she said, "For real. No wonder it's the favorite pastime on Napali. But you have to have the right attitude or it'll be just a blundering disappointment, like you experienced. Here's the key: you have to totally LOSE YOURSELF in the experience! Have you ever heard of being 'in the zone?' Where you're so in the groove with what you're doing that even hard things become easy, and everything goes as smooth as silk?"

The other three nodded. Jane finally finished her Popsicle. She was the last one of the four to finish.

Lisa said, "That's what I mean by having the right attitude and losing yourself in it. You have to be totally selfless and devote your entire being to pleasuring his cock. And it starts even before you touch him. For one thing, it helps a lot to get completely naked."

She paused, then looked to the other two women in turn. "Am I naked now? Check."

After another pause, to make sure they didn't miss its importance, she asked, "Next, high heels!"

Sandy and Jane felt a tingle of excitement just from the mention of high heels, thanks to Lisa's earlier "cocksucker heels" talk. Both of them secretly reveled in the fact that they were currently wearing their own special heels.

Sandy had the extra secret joy of holding her son's cock in her hand, and stroking it with Lisa's hand on top of hers. She felt extremely slutty, and she loved it.

Lisa went on, "Like I've been saying, those are extremely important for getting you and him in the right mood. Remember what I said about wearing them... and nothing else?"

Jane replied, "It makes you feel extra sexy and slutty."

"Right. And what else?" Lisa looked to Sandy.

Sandy had no problem giving the expected answer. "It makes you feel, and I quote, 'MORE naked than completely naked.'"

"Exactly!" Lisa smiled like a proud teacher. "And let me tell you, when you're regularly sucking on thick cock for an hour or more, as Napali women do daily, it's the little things like that that make the difference. When you're doing this for that long..." She lifted a hand to her mouth and mimed a blowjob motion with her mouth and hand.

That sent shivers down the spines of both mother and daughter.

Then she continued her sentence: "...the challenge is not to lose energy or motivation, or get bored altogether. If you feel like you're a total slut, that you're completely submitting to the power of his cock, that'll give you the extra inspiration to keep on sucking even after your jaw is sore and your tongue is tired and you feel you simply can't go on. Serving his cock comes first! The more you think like that, the hornier he'll get, the hornier you'll get, and it'll be a positive feedback loop. You'll end up having massive orgasms every time!"

"WOW!" Both Sandy and Jane exclaimed together. Again, they were like two peas in a pod. Those words struck them powerfully, and did a lot to send their arousal levels soaring back up. It also made them even happier that they were wearing their black high heels - and nothing else.

They didn't realize it yet, but what Lisa said went beyond high heels and blowjobs, and described key tenets of the sex slave way of thinking in general. Lisa was very pleased to see from their eager faces that they were reacting positively instead of negatively, when she directly talked about "submitting to the power of his cock" and the idea that "serving his cock comes first."

Lisa quickly continued, before they had time to think that all through and develop second doubts. "That's why high heels are EXTREMELY popular on Napali Island! You'll see women walking around in them all the time - and very little else, or nothing else. Unfortunately, it's a beach environment, or you'd see women wearing them just about everywhere. It's tough to wear high heels to a sandy beach, believe me!"

She chuckled knowingly at that, thinking back to all the times she'd sucked her master Matthew's cock on the beach in her heels anyways, with dozens of other naked and bobbling slaves around her doing the same. Needless to say, she couldn't share those details.

She added, "The guys all appreciate the high heels, believe me. It helps make their cocks stiff and ready for sucking. When a guy sees his girlfriends walking down the street, both of them or all three of them in matching high heels, believe me, he can't control himself! I'll bet you anything that, five minutes later, those girls have will found some private spot and will be naked and kneeling side by side, with their hot eager tongues lapping up and down his shaft together!"

Sandy and Jane were rapidly heating up still more, thanks to talk like that. Both of them wished they could resume furtively fingering their pussies. But each of them had one hand on Lisa's back and their other hand on the seat right outside Darrin's thighs.

Darrin muttered, "Holy... WOW!"

Lisa chuckled. "You like that, don't you?"

"No duh!" He gesticulated wildly. "It's so great!"

The three women had a good laugh at that.

Needless to say, he loved how Sandy had taken over the handjob action, giving it even more of a secret thrill than it had before Lisa "outed" what she was doing to him. As if things weren't arousing enough, Lisa's hand had gradually migrated lower down his shaft, so she was stroking him there while giving Sandy the top half.

Now that he'd finished his bowl of sorbet, he could have tried to touch and play with Lisa's pussy again, or even Sandy's, or both. The only problem with that was that he was dangerously close to cumming already. He didn't want to up the ante even more. In fact, he generally looked at Jane no matter who was talking, because all he could see was her face. Looking to his topless mother on one side or his gorgeous slut Lisa on the other was usually too much for him to handle.

When the laughter died down, Jane growled at him, "You're such a little... RRRGH! It pisses me off that you're going to be living in your greatest wet dream paradise!"

Lisa said, "But remember, you will too! Imagine that scenario, of a boy like your brother ending up getting blown by his three girlfriends together. If you're one of those girls and you enjoy it as much or more than he does, then how are you not in paradise too?"

"Yeah, I guess," Jane grumbled. She still wasn't convinced. She had no doubt the sex was going to be incredible, especially if she could find a way to get it on with her brother, which was no longer something she was trying to deny. But the whole Napali sex culture still seemed unfair to women, and she didn't like that at all. It seemed fishy to her too.

He asked Lisa, "Is public nudity really THAT common?"

"Well, it is and it isn't. There's a time and place for everything. You wouldn't go to work naked, but then again you wouldn't go to the nude beach wearing any clothes."

She was deliberately vague on that answer because she didn't want to lie more than she absolutely had to. In fact, public nudity was more common than any of the Douglases would be capable of believing at this point.

Then Lisa said, "Oh yeah, I mentioned kneeling again. Let's talk about that."

Jane was especially keen on hearing more about that since she was kneeling up on her seat. She flexed her muscles, reveling in her sexy nudity.

Lisa kept on stroking the lower half of Darrin's cock as she explained, "Now, it's true that you can suck your man's cock in countless different ways. And variety is the spice of life. Plus, since you'll be sharing him and often sucking him off with other women, that opens up even more different possibilities. Doing it on all fours is popular. Really popular!"

That hit Sandy like a hot poker, since she'd been sucking Darrin's cock on all fours in the alcove not long ago. That aroused her so much that she dropped her other hand below her tray table and started fingering her pussy.

Lisa continued, "If you live with your man, that's a good way to wake him up and start the day, for instance with one of you kissing and fondling him, rubbing your big tits against his chest, while the other one goes deep on his big cock, slobbering her eager tongue all over it while sliding her lips relentlessly up and down it with a lot of suction. That's always a winner. I used to do that for my man every single day."

Sandy in particular was breathless. "Every single day? Really?!"

Lisa smiled. "Really. Of course, that's only the start. There's lots of switching of positions, lots of sharing. Trust me, soon you'll really appreciate sharing his cock with another girl. It opens up so many exciting possibilities. I tell ya, there's no better way to wake up than taking turns bobbing on your man's cock! One girlfriend holding and stroking the shaft while the other one works her oral magic on the top half! Then... switch! Why, you could go back and forth like that taking turns, until you forget all about the time and everyone's late for work!" She laughed. "It happens all the time!"

Sandy thought, If only that could be me and my son! I wouldn't even mind sharing him with some other woman. That sounds like such great fun. Every single morning! Wow!

Lisa went on, "Then there's all kinds of ways to dress sexily, from bikinis to lingerie to stockings and garters and much more. Variety is already great to keep things fresh and exciting. There are so many ways to make your man's cock stiff so you can suck on it some more! But, that said, the traditional pose, the old standby, is to kneel naked between your man's legs wearing nothing but high heels. Like I'm doing right now. It's a classic, like a burger and fries, or a '57 Chevy. Everybody loves a classic."

Sandy asked, "Lisa?! What you're talking about sounds like, well... so much cocksucking! Everywhere! All the time!" She was more amazed than concerned, but regardless, she felt she had to say something.

Lisa worried she might be revealing too much too soon. Sandy and Jane were in highly receptive states now, and growing more aroused almost with each new comment she made. But they might have a backlash later when one or both of them were in a calmer state of mind. So she said, "Oh, I might be exaggerating a little. I am an unabashed slut with a special cocksucking fetish, after all."

She looked up at Darrin. "Do you think you can handle that? While I'm your slut these next couple of weeks, can you put up with my eccentricities?" She gave his shaft a few extra tight friendly squeezes.

He was dangerously aroused, mostly from the amazing mental picture of Napali she was painting. He joyously spoke, "Oh yeah! Definitely! I'll try my best to forgive you for that!"

Everyone had a good laugh.

Lisa resumed, "Mind you, ladies, I've been emphasizing the cocksucking because all the daily bobbing is what makes sex in Napali so unique. Well, that and the sheer quality and quantity of the sex, of course. But that's not to say there isn't plenty of other sex too. There is. Tons! People fuck up a storm! Anal sex is really popular with some women and not at all with others. Cunnilingus and sixty-nines, of course. Spanking play is great, and that's very popular too. I could go on. But right now I just want to stay focused on one thing, okay?"

The women nodded.

But Sandy squirmed in her seat. Anal sex?! Normal fucking too?! God knows I love sucking my son's cock and want to do that a whole lot more, but can I stop there? What if I go "total slut" like Lisa's doing?! And spanking! Spanking! That's the kind of thing that makes me lose my mind, it sounds so arousing!

Her huge tits wobbled up and down as she fingered her pussy with one hand and stroked her son's erection with her other.

To be safe, Lisa asked them, "So, are you with me so far? Are you freaking out?"

Jane was quick to exclaim, "I'm totally freaking out! This is the wildest thing I've ever heard in my life! All that sex! And all that oral sex! It's just so... bizarre! Extreme!"

Sandy nodded, and added, "And the two girlfriends! Or three! I've never heard of such a thing! And having to share!"

Jane nodded emphatically.

Lisa asked, "But are you upset in a bad way? Neither of you look upset."

Jane said, "I guess I'm freaking out, but... I don't know. In a good way, almost. It sounds like it could be a kind of sexual utopia, and who doesn't want that? I can't wait to dive seriously into the cocksucking lifestyle. You make it sound like such fun."

"Great!" Lisa reached out for a high five with her free hand. Her other hand was still helping Sandy stroke Darrin's cock.

Jane brought a hand up over the seatback and slapped Lisa's hand.

Jane went on, "But I have concerns, like the whole thing being so unfair to women."

"I feel the same way," Sandy admitted. She didn't fully consciously understand how her submissive nature actually liked being dominated in an "unfair" manner.

Lisa said. "Remember, you don't have to take part in any of it. Because of the sex ratio imbalance, there are some women without any boyfriend at all. It seems crazy to me, but you could choose to be one of those. You'd be missing out on the best thing about Napali life, but hey, people have their reasons. That's what Sandy has already been doing, for years."

Sandy spoke very emotionally while still continuously fingering herself and playing with her son's cock, "I don't want to do that anymore! I'm DONE with that! Speaking of crazy, today has been beyond crazy! Look at us talking to you while you noisily slurp and fondle all over my son's big fat cock! From so close that we could just lean in and join you! And it's almost become normal! I can't wait till we get to Hawaii and I can put on some clothes and go back to REAL normal! But, that said, I can't say I really regret what's happened today, because I've started to realize just what I've been missing."

Lisa approvingly smiled at Sandy without saying anything, but underneath the tray table she briefly put her hand on top of Sandy's and gave it a friendly pat.

Sandy felt chills of arousal from that. It seemed a very naughty thing to do somehow, with Jane so close but completely oblivious.

Sandy went on, "Probably Dennis and I were mismatched, because I thought I was a cold fish. I almost came to hate sex, because no man could ever interact with me without drooling. But I was wrong! I'm NOT a cold fish!"

Jane enthusiastically said to her, "You're a hot momma!"

Sandy laughed gleefully. "Yes! I'm a 'hot momma!'" She stared right at Darrin's face (as he looked towards Jane), and she added in her mind, I'll be so hot for YOU, Son! With my tongue where my hand is now! Then I'll be a real "hot momma." Your busty cocksucking mommy!

She added, "So I don't know what's going to happen at Napali exactly, but I can't go back to being celibate. Especially with everyone all around me having all that great sex, as you say. It's hard, but I'm trying to be tolerant and give myself a major attitude adjustment so I can be a part of all that!"

Lisa beamed. "That is GREAT! I think that's a great attitude! Good for you!" She briefly glanced to Darrin, and gave him a sultry look as she furtively fondled his balls under the table. She said to him, "Now, I don't have to ask YOU if you're going to want to partake in all the sexy fun and enjoy having your cock sucked many times a day. Duh! Right?"

He laughed. "Right!"

"So do you have any problem?"

"Only how do we make this plane go faster so we can get there sooner," he joked.

Lisa chuckled at that, then looked to Jane. "But what about you? What do you think? Are you okay with all I've told you? Tell me more about why you say you're 'freaking out.' Are you overwhelmed?"

Jane spoke emotionally. "Definitely overwhelmed! I thought Napali would be exactly like the US, since everyone there is American. Except we'd have the beach and coral reef and palm trees and all that. But it's like we're falling into this weird, weird world, like it's another planet! But I'm not upset. Yeah, it still sounds like Darrin is going to get a waaaay better deal. Two or three hot girlfriends, and all that cocksucking passion from them. Come on!"

Lisa laughed good-naturedly, glad that her talk was going over relatively well. Sensing that Jane wasn't that upset, she admitted, "Yeah, well, you're probably right. He is going to be living the life of Riley, for sure. I just want to emphasize that the women love it too. You've seen the stats on the retention rates. Nobody wants to leave. Ever! Most people work there until they retire, and then retire there too. And why not? If you've found a secret paradise, why EVER leave?!"

She added, "And I know you're probably thinking I'm still hyping it up since I'm an SI employee, but why would I at this point? You're already fully committed. I don't have to talk you into going because you're on the plane heading there! If I lie to you now, I'll only let you down in short order when you arrive and see how it is, and I'll still be on the island with you the first week or two to feel your wrath."

That was a very convincing argument that she was telling the truth, the others all realized.

She went on, "No, this is the time to give you the real scoop so you'll be fully prepared when the plane lands. And I'm telling you, it IS that great! The work part... well, work is work. That's not really different from working in an office anywhere. But the rest? Wow! You've seen the pictures. Those are not Photoshopped or faked. And the sex? DOUBLE WOW! And the oral sex is the best part of that!"

Sandy laughed. "Okay, okay! We've convinced! I can't wait to get there! And the lifestyle is going to take some getting used to. It's like moving to a foreign country, isn't it?"

"It IS a foreign country," Lisa pointed out. "As you know, the Marshall Islands were a US overseas territory for a long time, then became independent a while back. But that's all moot anyway because Napali is like a totally independent country on its own. It's very different from the US due to the imbalanced sex ratio, the heavy secrecy, and other factors. But it's also very different from the rest of the Marshall Islands too. It's fun to pop on over to Majuro from time to time, and it's like you're in another world, because you are."

She went on, "So, if you're not too freaked out in a bad way, can I get back to the topic at hand? Cocksucking!"

Sandy and Jane nodded their heads enthusiastically. Then they looked at each other around Lisa and laughed.

Sandy said, "Lisa, you've totally corrupted me! I still have yet to give my first blowjob, but it's like I already have a strong fetish for it!"

She figured the lie about still having to give her first blowjob would help deflect any of Jane's suspicions. She forgot about her earlier pledge to confess soon to Jane. She really didn't want to do that because it was so extremely embarrassing.

Jane said, "Totally! And I've done it lots of times, but I feel like a virgin at it too. I'm sure it'll be a completely different experience when it's done the Napali way. And I can't wait! You're giving me this insanely powerful cocksucking fetish too!"

Lisa grinned for days, because that was exactly what she wanted to hear. Giving both of them that passion was one of the main goals of her job (though admittedly the women had been prepped with months of unwitting conditioning). However, she knew she still had a lot of work to do before they fully gave into their submissive, incestuous desires.

One again, Lisa gave Sandy a secret squeeze on her hand around Darrin's shaft. Sandy rubbed a thumb onto Lisa's hand in return.

Lisa said to them, "Don't feel ashamed about that one bit. I know that back in America and most other places, cocksucking has kind of gone out of fashion. Supposedly, it's something a liberated woman shouldn't enjoy, because it's 'demeaning.'" She briefly took her hand off Darrin's balls to make mocking air quotes when she said that word.

She slid her hand back under the table and resumed her stroking. "Well, okay, it IS demeaning! But that's half the fun! It's about getting naughty! Getting slutty! To say 'I don't give a fuck about what people think. I'm just going to go all out and have fun with what I think is fun and forget about dignity!'"

Sandy chided, "Lisa, please! Your language!"

Lisa got so carried away that she forgot that Sandy was still a stickler about cursing. "Oh, sorry. My bad. But you see what I mean? 'Demeaning' is sexy and fun! Like dressing up in a super slutty way, like a sexy nurse or French maid or something. Sure, that's demeaning too, but it's FUN if you could only let yourself go. Women always poo-poo that sort of thing, but then they love dressing up as a slutty doctor or slutty whatever on Halloween, because they've been given an official excuse to go wild. Am I right?"

Both Sandy and Jane smiled and nodded, because they knew how right she was.

Lisa went on, "I think a big reason why blowjobs are so uninspiring for all involved in America these days is that everybody gets all hung up on respect and fairness and dignity, and they limit their actions and even their thinking. You know what I mean?"

Jane said enthusiastically, "I know EXACTLY what you mean! It's like you're telling the story of my life! I've had some pretty great boyfriends, due to my looks, especially my tits and ass. I've had my pick."

She sat up higher in her seat so her big bare breasts could be seen. Obviously, nobody needed the visual reminder, but she got a thrill out of showing herself off to the others, especially to her brother.

Darrin, naturally, couldn't resist gawking. He had to chime in, "As I think you know, they call her 'Queen Jane' in her school, 'cos everyone knows she's the sexiest and most desirable girl in town."

Jane stayed perched up high in her seat, with her tits resting against the top of the seatback. She let out a frustrated sigh, "They did! UGH! Now that's in the past and I've got to compete in the Napali big leagues. But anyway, I tried all these supposedly most desirable guys, and they were okay, but the sex wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. It felt like something was missing, but I didn't know what it was. But now I'm thinking the problem was ME! I bought all that stuff about fairness and dignity. And I worried about my reputation. I didn't want to be seen as too slutty. That's the social kiss of death amongst girls. You'll never hear the end of the snide comments behind your back."

She added, "So I limited what I'd let them do to me, or even what I'd let myself do. For instance, I sucked their dicks, but only rarely, and I never let myself go wild with it. I used that as a very sparing reward to control their behavior. Hell, I'm embarrassed to admit it now, but I didn't want them to cum on my face, my chest, OR my mouth!"

Lisa said, "So what were they supposed to do?"

"I know! Right? So dumb! God! I made them cum into their hands, onto the floor - anything but at me! But now I realize I was missing out on one of the best parts!"

"Oh, definitely!" Lisa said. "Having a big fat cock like Darrin's shoot out a huge creamy load, like Darrin does, all over your face... WOW! It's one of the great joys of life! Sucking on his thickness for an hour or more, working so hard to pleasure him until all your muscles ache and your face is streaked with tears, sucking and choking and gagging until you think you can't go on, but you pushing yourself anyway until you're half dead... and then to NOT get your spermy reward, your face bath, at the end? That would drive me crazy! It would be like running a marathon in the Olympics, winning the gold medal, and then having someone hand it to someone else instead of you! All that hard work for nothing!"

"I know!" Jane exclaimed again. "I get that now. And believe me, I'm going to change my ways, big time. I can't wait to take it on my face, my tits, AND down my throat! I can't wait for Brother to cum..." she stopped herself. She was going to continue to say "...on me in all three places!" But she remembered in the nick of time that she couldn't admit that yet, especially with Sandy there. So she finished the sentence, "...all over you, Lisa, so I can see a live facial up close with my own eyes!"

It was a nice save. Lisa smirked though, guessing from the pause what Jane was really thinking. She replied, "You will, trust me, you will. Hopefully not that long from now. But Jane, I just have to say that I think you hit the nail on the head. I'm sure that's why you found sex with those guys disappointing. In my experience, it's all about letting go. And that's what's so great about Napali. The women there are all working as one to push the envelope in pursuit of better sex. Trust me, nobody is going to snicker behind your back for being too slutty. It's the opposite: you'll be praised! If you do some new slutty thing, like blowing your man while wearing some unusual sexy outfit, they'll all want to know the details so they can do it too! So you can completely let go of ALL of your inhibitions, and have the time of your life!"

Lisa was being almost entirely honest in what she was saying. But obviously she was failing to mention key details.

Jane marveled, "Wow! That DOES sound like paradise! What do you think, Mom? Are you ready to start having sex again? To let go and live life to its fullest?!"

Darrin turned his head to his mother to see how she would answer.

Sandy waited until she had his full attention, then stared into his eyes with a sultry, hungry look that just about knocked him to the floor. Of course, she kept right on secretly rubbing his sweet spot. "Oh, Janey, you have no idea! Yeah, there are some strange things about what Lisa has told us, some parts that bother me, but all in all, it sounds great! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm actually excited to suck cock! I can't wait to get down between your legs, er, I mean a man's legs, wearing nothing but these black high heels I have on right now, and suck your cock until you cum all over my face!"

It was a pretty huge giveaway what her true feelings were when she said "between your legs" while staring intently into her son's eyes. She quickly corrected herself, but she was so very turned on that when she kept on talking, she forgot to correct herself for the rest of her comments.

Naturally, Darrin was completely blown away. He stared back at her in wide wonder as his entire body trembled with excitement and bolts of electricity shot up and down his spine. He didn't think or say anything, because his mind was overdosing on pure lust.

Lisa was very delighted by the verbal slip up, of course. She knew it was inevitable that Sandy would become her son's sex slave. Every sign suggested that that was the life she was meant to live, freeing her to be as happy as she could be. But Lisa was impressed at how quickly she was falling under his spell.

Lisa was fairly certain that Sandy didn't even realize she was saying "you" and "your" to her son, and was just so far gone into her lust that she was being careless and even reckless. She also believed from SI's long experience with such cases that Sandy was still trying to cling to her "no touching his cock" rule on some level, and would probably fall back to that when she calmed down. But the very fact that her words were almost certainly unintentional was actually a good sign, because it showed how uncontrollable and inescapable her desire for her son was becoming.

Lisa knew this was such a thrilling moment for Darrin that he was certain to lose control. Not only did she stop stroking so he wouldn't cum on the spot, she raised her hand a couple of inches and gave Sandy's hand a slap, to get her to stop stroking. Then she used her squeeze-firmly-around-the-base-of-his-shaft trick yet again to make sure he didn't shoot off at a most inopportune time. If he did, that would ruin the mood as well as wreck Lisa's plans for what she wanted to do next. Furthermore, it would probably cause Sandy to think back to what caused him to unexpectedly erupt, and then belatedly realize what she'd said to him. That would almost certainly cause her to take a step backwards in the sexual transformation process, if only due to her embarrassment in front of Jane.

Lisa kept on squeezing until the crisis passed. She wasn't sure if he ever crossed the point of no return, or if his quick thinking distracted him enough to knock him off his game and stop the orgasm. But, either way, it worked.

However, Darrin was wiped out. Probably that was mostly because he was so emotionally overcome from hearing his mother's lusty words. All his greatest fantasies were coming true in one day (and then some!), and he was mentally destroyed.

So Lisa took mercy on him. She just held his stiff cock in place and let him close his eyes and recover for a while.

Funnily enough, Jane didn't even notice Sandy's verbal gaffe. That's because she was extremely horny despite not masturbating at all, and she had Darrin in her thoughts all the while. Thus when she heard Sandy talking, it was as if she was in her mother's shoes and talking to Darrin, so it made perfect sense to say "you" and "your." It helped too that she'd been looking back and forth between Darrin and Lisa instead of Sandy at the time.

Lisa made sure to keep the conversation going, to help cover up the close call. "Sandy, I love that attitude. You GO, girl! I especially like the part you said about looking forward to sucking on a great big cock while kneeling between his legs in just your high heels. Remember what I said about the classics, and how everyone loves the classics?"

Both Sandy and Jane nodded.

"Well, we got a bit sidetracked, but I just wanted to make the point that kneeling between your man's legs is THE favorite position for Napali women. Sure, variety is great, as we keep talking about, but you always return to the classics. Back when I lived on Napali, I did all kinds of wild things for my man, every day. There are soooo many sexy poses to suck cock in! But I don't think there was a single day when I didn't spend at least one hour in the classic pose, like I am now. Usually with his other girlfriend shoulder to shoulder with me, endlessly taking turns bobbing on his cock!"

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