Chapter 47
Written by Spacer X <>

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"Oh wow!" Sandy said, panting hard. "All this... talk... is making me hungry!"

Jane asked, "Hungry for what, I wonder?" She giggled, since the answer was so obvious for both of them. "Didn't we just have lunch?"

Sandy blushed, because she worried her lusty desire for her son's cock was so obvious.

Lisa said with a big smile, "Lucky me! I just had dessert with an icy, cold Popsicle, but I want a second dessert with a hot and fleshy one!" She took her hand from helping Sandy stroke under the tray table and began slowly working to fold her tray table back up into the seatback in front of her.

Sandy asked her with alarm, "What are you doing?!" She didn't want her handjob fun to be exposed or stopped.

Lisa responded, "Enough with just using my hand! I'm his slut now, and for as long as he'll have me, and a good slut knows how to SUCK!"

Sandy and Jane gasped.

Lisa continued to work on her tray table. The remains of her lunch were still there, so she pushed that over to Darrin's tray table. Then, once hers was locked up and out of the way, she began working on Darrin's.

While she did that with one hand, she slapped Sandy's hand under the table several times until Sandy bowed to the inevitable and withdrew her hand from her son's boner. It was just in time too, because Lisa pushed all the lunch trash over to Sandy's tray table and then folded Darrin's table up into his seatback, fully revealing his uncovered crotch for the first time since before lunch began.

Sandy and Jane gasped again. Their mouths watered and their hearts raced.

Sandy brought her hand that had just been wrapped around her son's shaft to her mouth. She started in on her usual habit of sucking on a finger or two, in this case two, only to realize that those fingers were soaked in her son's pre-cum. Actually, the pre-cum didn't taste like much, but she was extremely excited just the same.

Lisa bent over into Darrin's lap and started to lick around his cockhead a little bit.

But after just a few seconds, she pulled back up. "Wait! Before I get started, I have a better idea! Darrin, please stand up!"

He did so. He had no idea what was happening, but he figured that if Lisa was suggesting it, it had to be something great.

Lisa pushed him forward until he was right up against the seatback in front of him. Jane had been resting her big tits against the top edge of that seatback, so she had to pull back just to get out of the way.

Lisa then stood up next to Darrin. "Okay! We were talking earlier about how it'll be good for our big man here to get really good at kissing and whatnot, so he can impress all the Napali girls." She took his arms and wrapped them around Jane's bare back. "Kid, you practice with Jane! Meanwhile, I'll get down to some serious cocksucking! On my knees, like a good slut!"

Darrin was so extremely aroused by this point that he didn't think, and pulled his sister in closer. Within seconds, they were necking! She was still kneeling up on her chair, but since he wasn't very tall, their heads were close enough to the same height to make it work.

Jane was greatly shocked, yet again. She thought, Oh shit! The rule! And Mom's right there! But wait. That used to be the "no touching" rule, but now it's the "no touching his cock" rule, so kissing is okay! And if Mom has a problem with it, let her speak up!

Within seconds, Jane had her hands wrapped around Darrin's back too. That allowed him to free up his hands, and he brought them back to her front side to play with her big boobs. He thought, YESSSSS! So great! Damn, Lisa is great! DAMN!

Sandy did have a problem with all that, mainly because she wasn't the one getting kissed and fondled.

But Lisa worked quickly to fix that. She dropped to her knees in the narrow aisle between the two rows. She motioned to Sandy to get down too, and loudly said, "While you two kids do that, Darrin, I'm going to suck your cock! And Sandy, get in really close so you can watch how it's done!"

That sounded a lot better to Sandy. Lisa helped her get down on all fours by partially lifting Sandy's tray table and then putting it back down, because it now had the lunch trash from all three back row passengers on it.

Then Lisa took a bold risk. Once she was down on all fours on one side of Darrin's crotch and Sandy in the same position on the other side, with both their faces just inches from his stiff erection, she held his hard-on but pointed it right to Sandy's face. She whispered, "Go for it! Jane can't see. The tray table above you will cover you. Whatever she hears, she'll think it's me!"

Lisa didn't give Sandy a chance to reply or even think for a moment. She put a hand on the back of Sandy's head and pushed it forward until Sandy's lips met her son's cock.

This was a critical moment. Lisa was calculating that after the whole group cooled down while eating lunch, her recent talking and the under-the-table handjob with Sandy's help had gotten Sandy so worked up that she would throw caution to the wind and willingly blow her son despite the extreme danger of Jane being right there, close enough to reach out and touch.

Had Lisa tried this maneuver right after lunch, Sandy would have balked. But Sandy was so insanely horny to suck her son's cock some more that she immediately craned her mouth open wide and engulfed his cockhead.

Darrin's eyes rolled up into his head. He lips were locked with his sister's, so he couldn't speak, but he panted hard into her mouth while trying to breathe through his nose. GOOD GOD, she's good! I'm getting my dick sucked AGAIN! This is too AWESOME to be believed!

He was thinking about Lisa, since he had no way of knowing that Sandy was blowing him instead.

Jane knew that a blowjob had begun. Lisa had announced it in advance, and there were the tell-tale sounds and signs, including her brother's lusty reaction. But she also assumed Lisa was the one doing it, with Sandy only closely observing, like before.

Sandy was flying up in the stars. God help me! Dear God! I just can't help myself! Sucking my son's big fat COCK is the BEST! HNNNG! Getting to secretly jack him off - and with Lisa's help - was a total blast, but this is a thousand times better! Mmmm! Feeling my lips stretch around his extreme thickness, with my jaw straining and tears starting to trickle down my cheeks... it's where I belong! And getting to do it naked and on all fours, wearing just my special cocksucker heels... WHOA! And while my big man makes out with Janey, playing with her big tits! I could JUST DIE, I'm so overjoyed! It's all so WRONG, but it feels so RIGHT!

Lisa waited about a minute or two, until she was sure Darrin had "survived" the initial surge of pleasure caused by Sandy's lips, and Sandy had gotten into a good sucking rhythm and had settled down somewhat too. Then she quietly whispered right into Sandy's ear, "Stay totally quiet for the next little bit, okay? For the next minute or two, no sound at all!"

Sandy nodded slightly. But since her head was bobbing already, she had to raise a hand to give a thumbs up gesture to make her answer clear. She'd had both of her hands on the floor, but she kept the hand she'd just lifted up and used it to hold and stroke her son's boner. She lowered her ass down and essentially knelt with her ass on her feet to make it easier to balance herself in the cramped spot under her tray table. That allowed her to free up both of her hands, allowing her to bring her other hand up to play with his balls as well.

Hoping that Sandy could stay quiet without any tell-tale slurping sounds, Lisa quickly stood back up so she could give advice to both Darrin and Jane. "Darrin, before I get started with some serious sucking, I want you to do kind of a role-play here. Imagine that your sister is a sexy, busty Napali girl that you've just met. Your goal is to get her so hot that she'll want to spend the rest of your first date adoring and even worshiping your cock with your mouth! Can you do that? Because that's the kind of situation you'll be experiencing a lot from now on."

Darrin was utterly blown away. Lisa's head was right to this side of his own, but he could still feel a hot pair of lips tightly sliding back and forth on his boner! Waaaiiit a minute! That can only mean one thing: my gorgeous mother is the one sucking me off!

His arousal level skyrocketed, and he had to frantically clench his PC muscle to stop himself from cumming, even though Sandy had just slowed her lips to a near standstill in order to obey Lisa's request not to make any noise. He thought, You've gotta be fucking kidding me! This can't be happening! Mom is sucking my dick for the third time today! And while I'm making out with Sis! That's so dangerous that it's totally nuts! Sis is gonna find out for sure! Shit! I've gotta play it cool! I don't know where Sis is on all this, but I'm pretty sure she's not gonna be happy if she finds out. Damn!

Lisa smirked with glee as she watched Darrin's eyes open and grow wide as saucers. She had no doubt that he'd figured out that her mouth couldn't possibly be in two places at once, and what the implications of that were.

Luckily, Jane kept her eyes closed, since she was so deeply entranced by making out with her brother, and she also was embarrassed to make eye contact with Lisa. She could tell he was shocked about something from his mouth movements on her own mouth, if nothing else, but she assumed that was due to Lisa's words. She didn't see the panicky look on his face, which would have immediately made her suspicious that something else had to be happening to him.

Lisa didn't give Darrin or Jane time to think. She resumed talking in Darrin's ear, while still being loud enough for Jane to overhear. "Be brave! Be bold! Remember what your sister told you before, how she wants you to 'own' her mouth? So kiss her like you mean it! And she wants you to own her tits too. So don't just hold and caress them, OWN them! And don't stop there! Own the rest of her too!"

Jane thought, Motherfucker, YES! Tell him, Lisa! Right on! Fucking OWN me, Brother!

Lisa ran her fingers through Jane's long, wavy, fiery red hair. "Just look at this girl! She's pure sex on high heels! What are you waiting for? Why aren't you playing with her incredible ass, for instance? You can reach it, can't you?"

He moaned loudly in the affirmative. He brought a hand down to Jane's ass and found it was within reach, though only just.

Jane moaned and trembled as she felt her brother firmly clasp her ass cheeks. She briefly broke their necking to purr, "YEEESSSSS! Like that!"

Lisa then tapped on Jane's face, near her chin. "Jane! I need you to role-play too, to help him out with his seduction technique. Pretend that you're shy and submissive. You just met him on the beach, because your best friend is sucking his cock and you want to find out what she sees in him. But there's no chance to talk, because he's pulled you in close and ripped your bikini all the way off! His goal is to make you so hot and bothered that you'll drop to your knees and suck him off with your friend, even though you've never done that before. Hell, you don't even know his name yet and he doesn't know yours! You're just a busty hot piece of ass in his eyes! So you've gotta play like you're reluctant. Keep your hands safely around his back and let him take the lead. Can you do all that?"

Jane moaned in agreement as she kept on necking with him. She found the scenario exciting, so she was eager to play along. Besides, the way he was kneading her ass cheeks practically turned her brain to mush.

A "role-play" was hardly necessary, since brother and sister were going at it so hot and heavy already. But Lisa's main goal was to make sure Jane kept her hands up around Darrin's back. As long as Darrin kept leaning right up against the seatback in front of him, it was virtually impossible for Jane to look down and see if Sandy's mouth was merely close to Darrin's cock or actually licking or sucking it. But if Jane lowered her hands down on him, she might end up putting them on Sandy's head and figuring out what was really going on, due to Sandy's short haircut being so different from Lisa's. Lisa also hoped the role-play would help Darrin get into more in a dominant mindset and Jane more in a submissive one.

Lisa added, "Now, Jane, as for the idea of him seducing you while another girl is sucking him off, I know that sounds impossible and unbelievable, but trust me, things are VERY different on Napali. That sort of thing happens all the time, especially to really well-hung guys like your brother. You're going to see sexy and stacked girls suck his cock so much that you won't even blink an eye about it. Anyway, have fun! I've got some serious jaw-breaking sucking to do!"

Lisa pecked Jane's cheek, then Darrin's cheek, then dropped back down to her knees.

Jane thought while she kissed, Motherfucking son of a BITCH! That's so fucking HOT, thinking about all those Napali girls sucking his cock all the time! And now Lisa's going to suck him again... while MOM watches from super close up! Fuuuuck! I'm so horny that I just HAVE to cum again!

So far, Darrin hadn't dared touch her pussy, since that was prohibited as part of the "no touching his cock" rule. But Jane didn't have any such restriction. She quickly jilled herself to another big orgasm, even as she kept right on making out.

Down at Darrin's crotch, Lisa smiled approvingly at how Sandy still had her son's cock in her mouth but wasn't moving much or making noise. She whispered to Sandy extra quietly, "Okay! Now that I'm back, you can get noisy again!"

Sandy was all over that. Her eyebrows wiggled, trying to signal agreement and understanding. She had only been lapping on her son's sweet spot inside her mouth, but she started loudly and triumphantly sliding her lips back and forth, using lots of suction.

Darrin had to briefly let go of his sister's tits and ass and clench his fists, the resulting pleasure was so intense. Hoooooly shit, that's good! God DAMN, Mom knows how to suck cock! I can't believe I just said that, and while I'm making out with Sis, no less, but it's true! There's no way things could get any better than this!

Then things got better for him, again!

Lisa had nothing she had to do after setting up hot situations with everyone else. But she remained on her knees with her face just inches from Darrin's erection, and naturally wanted to get in on that action. Sandy's eyes had closed as she lost herself in erotic ecstasy some more, but Lisa tapped on her cheek to get her attention. Then she whispered very quietly, "Can I? Add a tongue, that is?"

Sandy felt another great surge of arousal as she considered just how naughty that suggestion was. WHOA! Two tongues at once?! I must be going insane, because I'm spoiling my big man rotten... and I LOVE IT! So wicked, so wrong! Let's do it!

She gave Lisa a thumbs up signal and switched her hand from his shaft to his balls to give Lisa room.

Lisa moved in and started lavishly lapping up and down his shaft while also tickling it with her fingertips.

Once again, Darrin couldn't believe what was happening. TWO tongues?! At once?! Are you fucking KIDDING ME?! This can't be happening! Good fucking God! What happened today to make this the greatest day in the history of the world?! Mom AND Lisa, the two hottest women on the fucking planet! And while I'm making out with Sis, no less!

He channeled his feverish lust into fondling and kissing Jane. He remembered Lisa's advice to do that like he "owned" her, and he embraced that approach wholeheartedly.

Jane couldn't believe how much she loved what her brother was doing to her. She still thought of him as her shy and geeky little brother, because it's hard to change an opinion of a person in a single day. But that actually worked out in his favor, because it left her continually surprised at just how much he was arousing her. She found herself putty in his hands, going wild over just about anything he did.

She thought, Fuuuucccck! How could I have been so deluded?! To think that I had almost talked myself out of wanting to suck his cock! Duh! Damn! He may be shorter by far than all of my previous boyfriends, but he's heads and shoulders above them when it comes to driving me wild! It's not even close! He's such a STUD! I know that some of it is that it's so HOT and so WRONG to be making out with my own brother! HNNNG! But it's not just that. He's taking charge! OWNING my mouth! My breasts! My whole body! I'm ON FIRE!

Down at his crotch, Sandy was tripping out at the realization that not only was she sucking off her son, but that Lisa was helping with her tongue and fingers. In her mind, that multiplied the taboo naughtiness of what they were doing by ten, at least. She remained on the edge of climax all the time, slipping over and having a good cum pretty much whenever she wanted to. She would have climaxed more, except her pussy was sore from cumming too much already.

Sandy was torn between keeping her eyes closed so she could fully concentrate on her sucking technique or keeping them open so she could experience the extra thrill of watching Lisa's tongue and fingers at work. She alternated between the two while her eyes kept leaking tears of joy and struggle.

At one point, Sandy opened her eyes and took some time to just gawk at Lisa's body. With Lisa kneeling with her ass on her heels, so was in the exact same pose Sandy was in. Sandy thought, Dear God, Lisa is gorgeous! Even as a woman, seeing her huge breasts dangling down and swaying in time to her licking does something to me. But what gets me the most is that looking at her is just like looking at me in the mirror! I wish so much that my big man could somehow get a great view of all of this, especially Lisa and me working his horse cock together.

He HAS to know that I'm the one sucking him, since Lisa was just up talking to him! That thrills me so much, that he knows I'm totally slutting myself out to serve his cock! And I don't even have his full attention, because he's fondling and dominating his very own sister! HNNNG! It's all so incestuous, but I don't fucking care!

She closed her eyes and focused all her attention on sliding her lips back and forth on his shaft, while continuing her talented tongue work. Son! Let Mommy show you how much she loves to suck your thick cock-meat! I'm not going to worry about the morality of it or any damn rule! Screw that! I'm going to revel in the glory of living life to the fullest! This is SO MUCH FUN!

Lisa spent the next several minutes lapping on Darrin's shaft and balls, sometimes going so high up that her tongue touched Sandy's sliding lips. That always set off sparks for both of them. She could tell that Sandy's sucking ability was getting better by the minute. Basically, Sandy was so extremely aroused that all of her inhibitions and doubts had been forgotten, at least for the time being, causing her to suck with almost unlimited passion and energy.

The one big problem was that Sandy's growing enthusiasm could cause Darrin to cum too soon. In fact, Lisa preferred it if he didn't end up cumming at all, since he'd already climaxed seven times and there was so much of the day left to go. But the challenge was getting him through one of the greatest and most arousing experiences of his life, even including the ones earlier in the day, without him losing his load. By keeping her hand on or near his lower shaft, she was ready to employ her special orgasm-denying squeezing trick at any time.

She also took advantage of having her mouth free to whisper advice to Sandy from time to time. For instance, she said, "Sandy! This is the third time you've sucked your son today. I can see from the tears on your cheeks and the sparkle in your eyes that you love it, don't you?"

Sandy didn't reply, not even to mumble something through her full mouth. But her face turned even redder, which was an answer of its own. Oh my Lord! I love it SO MUCH! I'm so ashamed to have you see me like this! But I just can't help myself!

Lisa pressed, "I think it goes without saying that you're going to suck him a lot more from now on! I've seen it happen to other moms on these flights. You want to be one of his three girlfriends, don't you?"

Again, Sandy didn't reply since she couldn't reply. But she thought to herself, Oh God, YES! Now I know exactly how that other mom felt, the one Vicky keeps telling me about. Maybe it's a special mother-son thing. I love my big man so very much! So it's only natural that I love sucking his cock just as much!

Lisa went on, "Can you just imagine, if you could 'date' him while you live with him? Why, he wouldn't have to take you out to a fancy dinner and a movie. He'd just snap his fingers and point to his cock. And you'd drop to your knees and start sucking!"

Sandy moaned loudly and lustily. She considered that dangerous, because Jane might recognize her muffled sounds as uniquely her own and then put two and two together, despite not being able to see. But Lisa's words were making her so crazy that she couldn't help herself.

Help me! Shut up, Lisa! Too hot! I can't take it! I could just see it... sashaying into my son's room wearing just a skimpy see-through nightie, and then seductively taking even that off! Oh God! His cock would get SO STIFF, and I could spend HOURS taking care of it with my hot lips!

Encouraged, Lisa went on, "Just think: you could wake him up in the mornings with a nice long cocksuck, and put him to bed the exact same way! The possibilities are limitless, if you want to go 'all in' on serving his cock! And I think you do. You don't have to say anything because slurping on your son with your tight lip-lock is the most important thing, but I can see it in your face. You're blushing so much. It's so cute! And all the sweat and the tears, it really shows you're determined to be a good naked big-titted mommy slut for him, aren't you?"

Sandy let out another moan that was even louder and lustier than the last one. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she felt more shivers race down her spine. Lisa's use of the phrase "good naked big-titted mommy slut" in particular pushed all sorts of submissive buttons for her.

She thought, I am! I AM! It's what I want! Mommy slut! UNNNGH! I've never wanted anything more!

Her moan never really ended, because she felt compelled to finger her pussy, and that triggered a particularly powerful orgasm. She wound up screaming all through it. She was grateful that her mouth was crammed full of hot cock, and she tightened her lip-lock even more, if that was possible, to try to prevent Jane from hearing her screams.

Sandy failed in the sense that Jane definitely could tell that some woman was screaming through a big cum. But she succeeded in that Jane still assumed that Lisa was doing the sucking. Jane was highly distracted with a lusty delirium of her own, and it was hard to tell the sound of one female's muffled cries from another.

Lisa was very pleased by how events were proceeding. She worried that Darrin was getting overstimulated, and hearing the sound of his mother obviously cumming from sucking him was the sort of thing that could push him over the edge. But she was impressed that he managed to hold out this long without her needing to resort to her special trick.

Better yet from Lisa's point of view, Sandy was so distracted and overcome by her long orgasm that it left her incapable of doing much of anything for the next couple of minutes, at least. She kept his cock in her mouth, but that was mainly because she knew it was such an ordeal to get her lips around it each time.

Thus, Lisa was able to stand back up, in order to check on how Darrin and Jane were doing. She especially wanted to double check that Jane still didn't know that Sandy was doing the sucking. She wrapped an arm around Darrin so her head was just to the side of his head again. Then she whispered to Jane, "How are you two doing? Jane, do you think the role-play is helping your brother to be a better kisser?"

Jane was feeling exhausted after making out with her brother for a while. It was great, but emotionally and physically intense. She'd just had an another orgasm, partially inspired by hearing the sound of what she thought was Lisa cumming. So she broke her mouth free to reply. "Oh my GOD! So much!"

She looked to Darrin with new eyes. "Brother, you are SUCH a good kisser! It's nuts! I never knew!"

He grinned sheepishly. His hands had been all over her flawless nude body, but they happened to be in their favorite spot, holding her huge tits. He said, "How could I not be? You inspire me!" He gave her hefty melons an extra firm squeeze.

Lisa brought her hands to Jane's rack too, including using a hand that was on the other side of him due to her arm around his back. She put her hands right on top of his and said to Jane, "Damn straight! Girl, you're a total FOX! God, just look at your sexy body. You're going to be a big hit with the Napali guys, if your brother ever lets go of you, and I don't see why he should." She giggled playfully.

He happily played along. "That's right! Sorry, Sis, you're not going to get rid of me so easily." He possessively caressed all over Jane's massive rack, taking Lisa's hands along for the ride.

Lisa groaned like she'd just been struck, causing the other two to turn her way. "UNNNNGH! Jesus Christ, Darrin! You just basically said that Jane is going to be your naked plaything for who knows how long! For the rest of this journey, at least, you're going to kiss and fondle her as much as you want, and there's nothing she can do about it! Isn't that right?!"

He looked back and forth between Lisa and Jane. He felt uncertain, since he hadn't said that much. It sounded dangerously bold. "Uh, um... well..."

Sensing his hesitation, Lisa used her hands on his hands to get him to "honk" Jane's huge tits a couple of times. He eased into kneading them, sinking his fingers into her soft tit-flesh.

That put a big smile on Jane's face. Fucking hell! God! Brother is driving me wild! And with Lisa watching and even holding his hands as they own my tits... UNNGH! I can't... can't take it!

Encouraged by that reaction, he said, "Yeah, right!"

Lisa groaned like he's just fingerbanged her to climax. "HNNNG! God, that's hot! I love it when my man knows how to take charge, even if it's of another girl!" She used her arm still around his back to turn him in place so he was partially facing her direction, then she pulled him in for a hot, wet kiss.

Jane felt her jealousy soar. She put her hands on Lisa's hands, which were still on top of Darrin's hands and holding her tits. "Hey! Hands off! He's mine!" Then she blushed redder still, after realizing what she'd just said.

Lisa broke the kiss. She took her hands away from Jane and as well as his hands, and patted Jane's shoulder. "Good for you! That's the spirit! Let's keep this fun and educational role-play going. Darrin, I'm going to go back to sucking your cock. You keep pretending that your sister is a hot, sexy, busty slut, and you're determined to make her one of your girlfriends! Which by the way, can and does happen between brother and sister sometimes. Go for it!"

With those words, Lisa switched the role-play from Jane being some other Napali girl to Jane being herself. Neither sibling noticed the shift, since that was what they were thinking anyway. But hearing Lisa say that somehow made it even more explicit and real in their minds.

Jane thought excitedly, YESSSS! I'm a hot, sexy, busty slut! A sister slut! And my brother is taming my naked body with his hands and his hot kisses! Taming me, touching me, everywhere! Why the hell was it never like this with any boyfriend? Wherever he touches me sets my skin on FIRE! He's gonna make me one of his girlfriends for sure! And we all know that's just another name for "cocksucker!" UNNGH! I'm gonna SUCK HIS COCK so damn much!

Lisa put one of her hands on the back of Darrin's head and her other hand on the back of Jane's head. She forced their faces together, ensuring that they quickly went back to heated kissing some more. Then Lisa ducked back down to his crotch.

Jane was frustrated. She'd wanted to ask Lisa some things, such as what exactly Sandy was doing with her face so close to Darrin's cock. She couldn't see what was happening down there, especially with the way her brother was always leaning into her space over the seatback, but she knew Sandy had to be down there and very close up. She'd heard some quiet whispering down there, but far too quiet to hear what was being said, and she wanted to ask Lisa about that too. But Lisa had dominated and directed the conversation, and then disappeared out of sight.

However, those frustrations slipped her mind as she was overwhelmed with her brother's kissing and fondling once more, while also thinking about what Lisa had just said. Brother could make me one of his girlfriends?! Are you fucking kidding me?! I think I knew that before, but it's a different thing to be told that when he's just owning my body like this. OWNING IT! Fuck me, I'm so fucking boiling hot! I AM a "hot, sexy, busty slut!" I never felt that way before, but when he's got his hands all over me, I sure as hell do! And God, do I love it! I love that it makes him so hot, keeping his horse cock stiff for Lisa to suck!

Her ears perked up as she heard the sound of loud slurping from down below. Once again, she assumed that was Lisa, when it really was Sandy. UNNNGH! GOD! Lisa IS sucking him some more already and it sounds soooooo delicious! God, that's what I want! If it weren't for this damn seat in the way, and Lisa in the way, I would suck the hell out of his cock right here and now! I know it's fucking insane and even suspicious that Napali is some kind of blowjob paradise, but really, who am I to judge?! Lisa loves it, and she knows the deal! I want to be just like her, red high heels and all!

Jane practically swooned as she thought of Lisa's heels and all they implied. HNNNG! Those heels! Mine are only black, and I don't even deserve those. I want to spend years and years earning my red heels by sucking on my brother's cock every single damn day! If I could be one of his girlfriends, that could really happen!

No! But it can't! It's too fucking intense! People never would allow it. Hell, Mom never would allow it! But... maybe! What if anything is possible on Napali, even that?! Oh God! I think I'm gonna cum again!

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