Chapter 48
Written by Spacer X <>

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Sandy had already recovered enough to resume some lip and tongue work while Lisa was still talking to her children. But she'd paced herself, not wanting to make any tell-tale sucking noises while Lisa's head was nowhere near Darrin's crotch. Once Lisa was back down with her, she let loose with pent up desire.

Lisa watched approvingly as Sandy's cheeks caved in with the intensity of her sucking. She whispered in her ear, "That's it! Show him what you've got! Show him that your mommy mouth is good enough to be a slut mouth, one of his favorite suckers! Maybe even one of his girlfriends! Can you just picture it? Your son standing before his three girlfriends, each of them kneeling naked in just their high heels, heads bowed, all in a row? Each one of them super stacked, with hourglass bodies and sultry faces! And you! YOU! You're one of them!"

Sandy moaned and groaned like she was in agony, but it was sexual ecstasy. She was over the moon about Lisa's imaginary scenario, especially because she was beginning to think something like that could really happen. UNGH! One of THREE! And we'll all lick and suck and stroke him TOGETHER!

Lisa implored her, "Suck him so hard and deep and so TIGHT that he'll have no choice but to accept you as one of his personal sluts!"

Lisa knew that sort of talk would cause Sandy to lose all restraint, and that was exactly what happened. Lisa held her hand around the base of his shaft, not squeezing it just yet but getting ready to do so when he inevitably lost control.

Sandy was impressed by Lisa's words, especially her exhortation to "suck him so hard and deep and SO TIGHT." So that's exactly what she tried to do. Her lip-lock around his shaft was tight at all times as a matter of necessity, since she could barely physically get her lips around his thickness, period. But she applied more suction than ever before, even as she went deeper and faster than ever before. She choked and gagged a little for the first time as she flirted with triggering her gag reflex. Her tears of struggle flowed freely, but that only added to her erotic euphoria.

It was all so intense for Darrin that he had to break his necking with his sister to clench his teeth and pant hard. He'd been fondling Jane's ass cheeks with both hands some more, but he felt compelled to let go and clutch at the sides of his head while flexing his PC muscle for all he was worth.

Sandy wanted his cum desperately badly. She heard his agonized but highly aroused struggle, and that encouraged her to try harder. She could practically taste his cum already. She was getting ready to pull her lips off his throbbing pole altogether so he could cum on her face. She couldn't wait to have her face become a slutty mess of cum, tears, and sweat.

It only took her a couple more lunges like that before he crossed the threshold and started to cum.

Or he would have, had it not been for Lisa. As usual, she was one step ahead and knew to use her trick to squeeze the base of his shaft at the exact most effective moment. He let out a strangled cry, but no cum came blasting out.

Sandy had gone all out at a pace that couldn't be sustained, so when it became clear there was no imminent cum flood coming, she pulled her lips all the way off his boner in defeat and looked to Lisa in confusion. She was panting hard and her massive dangling tits were heaving wildly.

Lisa whispered right into her ear, "Sorry! No cum yet! Sucking cock is HARD WORK! Remember how I was showing you that squeezing trick to stop him from cumming?"

Sandy nodded.

"I just used it again, 'cos I figured you'd be too carried away to do so."

Sandy whispered very quietly, "But I wanted him to cum so very much!" She had to clutch at her I-cups because they wouldn't stop bouncing around to her heavy panting.

Lisa looked at Darrin's boner. She was holding it in both hands while Sandy rested. "I know, I know. Look at this magnificent cock! It demands respect. And obedience!"

Sandy unconsciously mouthed the words, It does!

Lisa slowly slid her fingers from tip to base and back again. "Is there any wonder why I've declared myself to be his slut for as long as he'll have me? Just looking at it, how can you not crave cramming it in your mouth and sucking hard, bobbing and bobbing until tears stream down your face, until he explodes in a glorious sperm shower! Am I right?"

Sandy bit her lip and shyly nodded. Thanks to the mention of tears, she reflexively wiped her cheeks clean. I'm ashamed to admit it! My face must be burning red. I've fallen so far in the last few hours. But Lisa's SO RIGHT! I want my son to cum on my face so badly that I can't breathe! I can't think straight!

Lisa whispered extra quietly, "Just because you're his mother, that doesn't stop you from being an ultra-busty and very sexy woman, like I am. And women like us, we have powerful sex drives thanks to staying in tip-top shape and generally having the best sexual DNA." She continued to sensually stroke up and down Darrin's boner. It wasn't that arousing for him, especially compared to Sandy's increasingly great oral work, but she was doing it mainly to tantalize Sandy.

Sandy licked her lips longingly. We're so sexy! So curvy! And that's great, because I'll never have trouble making my big man's boner stand up straight and proud! UNH! I wish she'd get to her point so I can get my lips wrapped back around it!

Lisa went on, "You have a VERY strong sexual drive, even though it apparently had been deeply repressed nearly your entire life. Maybe even until today."

Sandy whispered back just as quietly, "I never knew!"

"No, but you know now. And the best matches with the best. It's like a deep biological imperative." Lisa took one of Sandy's hands and brought it back to Darrin's erection.

Sandy stared in wonder at her own hand as she resumed lightly rubbing his sweet spot. The best with the best! Maybe it's my fate to be my son's busty slut!

Lisa said, "Now that you've discovered just how perfect and powerful your son's superior cock is, how can you NOT crave to stroke, lick, and especially suck it? Right?"

Sandy shyly nodded again. Right! The craving... it can't be controlled!

Lisa went on, "But the competition is TOUGH! Sandy, I know you're the modest type, but deep down you know you have a one-in-a-million face and body. In Napali, pretty much ALL the women look like us. You're still exceptional, especially thanks to the shape and sheer size of these" - Lisa reached out and cupped one of Sandy's dangling I-cups - "but maybe a one-in-five or one-in-ten."

"Really?!" Sandy frowned. SHIT! That's some serious competition!

"Really. You saw the other two mothers on board. Don't you agree that they're both perfect tens too? And super busty as well. Like I keep saying, SI only picks the very best of the best."

Sandy thought about the other mothers. She remembered that their names were Jasmine and Maria. She had to admit that they were two of the most stunning women she'd ever seen. Her body jolted in surprise as she thought, OH! OH! What are THEY doing now?! It's pretty much a given that they're naked, and their sons are naked. Can they resist the temptation?! Maybe they're slurping and bobbing on THEIR sons at this very moment! WOW!

Lisa could very well guess what Sandy was thinking, but she didn't want to get distracted talking about the other mothers. Instead, she continued, "So, getting back to why I didn't let him cum, you've got to up your game! I am not pulling your leg when I say that beautiful and busty women will be falling over each other to suck his cock every single day! Like this!"

Lisa stopped talking, craned her mouth wide open, pointed Darrin's cock towards her face, and engulfed his cockhead. She bobbed on it for about a minute while staring right into Sandy's eyes.

Sandy stared longingly while repeatedly licking her lips. She didn't even notice that Lisa was still holding one of her breasts and even rolling an erect nipple between her fingers from time to time. GRRR! If she's trying to make me jealous, it's working! But seeing her do that makes me totally horny too! I love that my son is such a STUD that he's made Lisa into his personal slut in just one day!

She licked her lips and salivated. Gaawwwd! Just watching her sliding lips makes me so damn hungry! My jaw hurts, my lips hurt, my tongue is tired out, and my face is drenched with sweat and tears... but I want MORE!

Finally, Sandy couldn't take it any longer, and whispered, "Okay, already! I get the idea!"

Lisa pulled her lips off and let go of his boner altogether.

Sandy immediately took hold of it and even licked all around his cockhead. Mmmm! Son! Let Mommy take care of you! Mommy's so hot and horny for your horse cock! Aaaaaah! I could just lick and suck it forever!

Lisa let Sandy keep doing that as she resumed talking - and resumed holding and fondling Sandy's huge tits with both hands. "I was just illustrating what you're going to have to get used to seeing all the time. Napali women love to suck, and they're not going to stop just because you happen to be in the room. Would YOU stop if you were naked and kneeling before your son and madly slurping away?"

Sandy didn't reply. In fact, she went from just licking her son's cockhead to slipping about the top inch of his cockhead into her mouth. She was inexorably drawn to sucking him again, only hesitating a bit just in case Lisa really needed her to talk some more. But in her mind, she said, HELL NO!

"I thought not." Lisa chuckled. "My point is, if you want to be one of his lucky three girlfriends, one of his big-titted sluts, having these isn't enough." She lifted Sandy's tits up and down a couple of times, her words giving her a thin excuse to still hold and fondle them. "Even being his loving mother will only get you so far, if there are other women out there who can suck cock much better than you."

Sandy's eyes went wide upon hearing that. She had assumed being his mother would be a trump card, especially with her outrageous beauty. Her lips slid further over his cockhead and she started suckling on it, while stroking the rest of his shaft with both hands.

Lisa said, "You have to be an elite cocksucker, every day, every single time! And the key to that is endurance. You can only arouse him so much at any given moment without making him cum. But what if you get so excited that you make him cum after just five or ten minutes, while some other H-cup or I-cup stunner keeps him throbbing with excitement in her mouth for thirty minutes or more? Every single time? Who's he going to choose?"

Lisa went on, "That's why I used that squeezing trick. Had it not been for that, the fun would be over already. But thanks to me, you can fully engulf him and bob on him a lot longer!"

Sandy took that as a green light. She let out a sigh of relief as her lips slid wider and wider until she had all of his cockhead in her mouth again. She immediately resumed bobbing back and forth over his sweet spot.

She thought, Aaaah! Soooo good! But Lisa is right. I lost control back there. Thanks to her, I DO have a second wind! If I play my cards right, I can suck on him a lot longer! This is my chance to prove myself. Since he's making out with Janey, he's bound to be super horny regardless. If I can really wow him with my lips and tongue, and for a long time, he might even think, "Mom sucks my cock almost as well as Lisa does."

Then she remembered that her high heels were black and Lisa's were red, and she felt despair that her skills had to be so very far behind. But she vowed to do her best anyway.

Lisa was already whispering quietly, but she leaned in to come across even more confidentially. "The fact that you're his mother IS an edge. He's spilled gallons of cum dreaming about your cocksucking lips doing exactly what they're meant to do, which is what you're doing right now! I can help you take full advantage, so you can find your bliss on your knees between his legs!"

Sandy's mouth was crammed full of hot cock-meat again, but she managed to mutter a muffled "Thank you" that Lisa understood.

"But also, you have another big edge: you're the very first to suck him! Well, technically you're the third, but you've sucked him from his very first day he's had his big coming out as a well-hung super stud, and that helps you a lot. If you take the time to truly learn how to be the best, then, by the time you get to Napali, you'll be sucking him like you were born to do it! With passion, and love, and devotion! He'll be so hooked on you that he may just accept you as one of his big-titted personal sluts as a matter of course!"

Sandy felt chills and thrills race up and down her spine. She was so far into her lust that "one of his big-titted personal sluts" sounded way better than "girlfriend."

Lisa went on, "The key to that is quality sucking AND quantity sucking! And that squeezing-at-the-base trick I showed you can be your ace in the hole. Always keep at least one hand stroking his cock or playing with his balls. Always!"

Sandy nodded obediently. Her eyes were wide open and she was paying close attention, even as she steadily slid her lips back and forth over his sweet spot.

Lisa finally let go of Sandy's tits, since she had no plausible excuse to play with them so much. She brought a hand back to the base of Darrin's shaft. "Get to know and love every last inch of his cock. Most importantly, get to know the signs of when he's about to cum. A great tip is that you can feel and even see his balls tighten up in the seconds right before he's about to shoot off. Then, master the squeeze trick!"

Sandy moaned in a way that she hoped would convey that she knew and agreed.

Lisa continued, "Use it! Give him a break for a few minutes after that, because it's very taxing to almost cum, practically as if he DID cum. Don't rely on that trick too much. Use it as a last resort. If you combine that with other techniques, you'll be keeping him hot and throbbing in your mouth for practically as long as your mouth and jaw can handle it!"

Sandy nodded again. As she intently sucked, she thought, Wow! Lisa is so great! So selfless. Maybe it's because she has to leave us in a week or two. She can't be his slut for the long-term, so it's like she's living vicariously through me, helping me to take that role! Wow! How lucky am I? If not for her, I wouldn't probably stand a chance against those experienced Napali cocksucking queens.

Lisa continued to mentor and teach Sandy, even as she assisted licking and stroking Darrin's shaft more often than not. She did her best to get Sandy to pace herself so Darrin wouldn't get too close to cumming and Sandy wouldn't get too tired out to keep going.

But after another ten minutes, Darrin unexpectedly lost control, and Sandy was able to use the squeezing trick to keep him from actually ejaculating.

Sandy followed Lisa's advice on letting him rest for a few minutes after that, which gave her a much needed rest too. She even pulled her mouth all the way off his boner so she could give her jaw a well-deserved rest.

During that break, Lisa stood back up to check on how Darrin and Jane were doing. She was impressed to see that they were still going at it hot and heavy.

In fact, things between the siblings had escalated somewhat in that at some point while Lisa had been distracted with Sandy, Darrin finally started playing with Jane's pussy and clit. Technically, that was against the rules, and both siblings knew it. The "no touching his cock" rule had an unspoken "no touching her pussy" implication. But clearly, the two teens were so far gone into their lust for each other that they didn't care.

Also, Jane was occasionally grasping and kneading Darrin's ass cheeks. This concerned Lisa slightly, because what if Jane lost all control and brought her hands to his crotch, since they were down low already?

This time, she whispered to Darrin as she put her face right next to his once more, "Hey, Stud! I see you're still having fun. I like how you're taking ownership of absolutely ALL of her. Nice!" She looked right at his fingers pumping in and out of Jane's hot cunt.

He belatedly realized he wasn't supposed to do that and he was going to pull his fingers out, but since Lisa just said she approved, he didn't see the point.

Lisa then said to him, "It seems like you two have been necking non-stop, which is great. But arousal is mostly mental. Sometimes it's good to talk to your big-titted slut and say things to get her even more hot and bothered. Why not try that now?"

He reluctantly broke lip-lock with his sister and looked uncertainly at Lisa. "Do I have to? I wouldn't have the slightest idea what to say."

"Hogwash!" Lisa said firmly. "Sex talk can be anything, even forbidden things. In fact, forbidden fantasies are often the best. Think about all the times you've jerked off to thoughts of your sister's fantastic body. What would you like to do to her, if you could to anything? Would you like to fuck her mouth? Or her tits?"

His face lit up. 'Hell yeah!" He unthinkingly poked in and out of Jane's pussy.

That caused Jane to blush and squirm, since she could see that Lisa was observing everything.

"Then tell her that!" Lisa's voice dropped to a whisper, but she made sure both siblings could hear. "But keep your voice down as you do so, just in case your mom is still hung up on her rules. And Jane, keep your hands well clear of your brother's crotch at all times, or you'll get her attention for sure."

Darrin opened his mouth to speak.

Jane whispered, "Wait! Before you do that, Brother, Lisa, just what the hell is Mom doing down there with you all this time?! I can't stop thinking about that!"

Lisa said, "It's been torture for her, as you can imagine. So close, yet so far!" She leaned right up to Jane's ear and whispered into it extra quietly, so not even Darrin could hear, "She keeps blowing air on it. So naughty! After a while, I took pity on her and let her lick and suck on his balls. After all, that's not violating the 'no touching his cock' rule, is it?"

Jane gasped loudly. "OH MY GOD!"

"Ssssh!" Lisa warned. "Do you want to embarrass her?!"

"Sorry," Jane whispered. "But that's so..." She wanted to say "hot," but she restrained herself from doing so.

Lisa stopped Jane from having to find an acceptable ending to that sentence by nodding and saying, "I know."

Darrin cut in with an urgent whisper. "Wait! What are you talking about? What is Mom doing?!"

Jane whispered back extra sexily, "You should know, Brother! Your own mother is licking and sucking on your balls!" She sensuously licked from his ear, along his jaw line, to his chin. Then she locked lips and gave him a kiss so passionate and powerful that his entire body jerked backwards. Clearly, Jane was showing that she didn't exactly disapprove of what she thought Sandy was doing.

Lisa liked that reaction, but she still didn't want Jane to know the full truth of what Sandy was doing. In fact, it was better to not even to admit the part about Sandy licking his balls, but she felt it would be too implausible not to admit that at least something had happened. It was better in the long run if Jane sucked her brother's cock for the first time without knowing that Sandy got there first. If she had to struggle some over what she did, she would ultimately be more emotionally committed to her decision.

Lisa kept whispering, but loud enough for both teens to hear, "I figure what's the harm. That 'no touching' rule is going to have to be loosely enforced anyway. Think about all the stimes Darrin will be kissing and groping you or your mom in the next few days. What'll happen when he does that while both of you are naked and standing?"

Lisa wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "His big stiff cock is going to rub up against your body, for sure. You might even have to hold it and stroke it just to make sure it doesn't accidentally slip and slide right into your cunt!"

Jane gasped, just as expected. Oh FUCK! Brother could fuck me! He probably WILL! Gaawwwd! I can't even imagine what it would be like to be pounded by HIS jackhammer!

Lisa said to her, "I've got a hand on his boner and I'm pumping it right now." That was true, though she obviously didn't mention how Sandy was lightly rubbing his sweet spot while she took a couple of minutes resting her mouth to supposedly give him a break (though he wasn't getting much of one). "But I don't want to be up here too long, or Sandy might get some bold ideas to do more."

Lisa turned to Darrin, "Now, let's get back to the role-play. Stud, remember, Jane is your sister, but you want to make her one of your girlfriends. I've already talked about how any girlfriend, first and foremost, has to be a dedicated cocksucker. Please tell her how much you'd love for her to suck your cock every day!"

Darrin still had a finger in Jane's pussy, though he hadn't been moving it much while Lisa talked. He resumed vigorously fingerbanging her while playing with one of her stiff nipples with his other hand. "Sister! Man! Where can I even begin to tell you how much I love you? And not just as a brother, but as a male! You're so fucking hot! Such a sexy fox! Your tits are so damn huge! I wanna fuck 'em so bad!"

She coyly smiled and brought her hands back to her chest. She pushed her F-cups together enticingly. "Really? Are you just saying that or do you really mean it?"

He still had a hand on her rack, and let his fingers get squeezed deep in her cleavage. "I really, really, really mean it! Sis, if I had my way, I would fuck your tits in a heartbeat!" He started to slide his hand back and forth, as if it was his hard-on. "If you'd only let me-"

Lisa interrupted, "Let you?! Darrin, what are you talking about?! No Napali girl is going to like hearing that kind of wimp-ass talk. They like guys who know what they want and aren't afraid to take it! Tell him, Jane. Do you want a guy who's polite and respectful, or a guy who treats you like it's your duty to pleasure his cock?"

Jane was put on the spot. She was so very insanely horny that she had no doubt she wanted the latter, but she felt shy to admit it directly in front of the other two. So she said, "Nobody wants a guy who's polite and respectful. Sure, we say we do, but we're lying!" She was happy with that answer, because she basically admitted to wanting the other option without actually saying so.

"That's right!" Lisa said. "Darrin, you have to understand, the entire island is full of hot girls who would love nothing better than to choke and gag on a really thick cock like yours. Did you check out Vanessa and Rosalita at the airport?"

He still had his hand trapped between Jane's F-cups, and Jane was rubbing and squeezing his hand with her tits in overt imitation of a titfuck. He also was mindful of the fact that Lisa and Sandy were jointly stroking his cock, and it was just a matter of time before his mother's mouth got busy again.

Needless to say, he struggled to remember the two names Lisa mentioned. But then it came to him, and he recalled seeing Vanessa Brown and Rosalita Sanchez talking to his sister some. (At the time, he'd been too shy to do more than shake hands and mutter a few words to them.) He remembered getting an instant hard-on from seeing the three stunning teen girls, each of them so stacked that it was a wonder their racks didn't touch as they talked together.

Lisa chuckled as she saw the slap happy look on Darrin's face. "You remember, I can tell! Do you think girls like that want to be politely asked if they want to suck you, or should you just rub your fat knob back and forth over one of their pair of sweet lips until she opens up and says 'Aaaah?'"

Jane whispered excitedly, "Fuck! Brother, make her say 'Aaaah!' Shove your cock right down Vanessa's throat and make Rosalita lick your balls until she gets her turn!"

Lisa laughed, "Right on, Jane! That's the spirit!" She whispered even quieter right into his ear, but still just loud enough for Jane to hear, "Now, while your sister titfucks your hand, and your mom licks your balls, and I stroke your cock, tell this raving busty beauty in front of you what you'd like to do with your cock and her mouth!"

Jane's blue eyes twinkled with fire and lust as she eagerly awaited Darrin's answer.

He said with surprising calm, given everything happening to him, "Sis... You know I love you and respect you. I think you're the greatest, even though we have our disagreements sometimes. If anyone puts you down, I'm gonna get mad! But..." He paused dramatically. "But, the second my knob slides into your mouth, all that respect is gonna go out the window!"

Jane's heart went to her throat and she started panting hard. She liked the kind words, but hearing about respect going out the window was what drove her absolutely crazy. She simply muttered, "Brother!"

Inspired by her reaction, he went on with growing confidence, "You know how you said you want me to 'own' your lips and your tits? Well, I'm gonna own your mouth too! Just like those two other girls, I'm gonna smear my cummy knob all over your face until you open up and say 'Aaaah!' Then I'm gonna-"

He didn't get any further because she lunged at him, mashing her lips against his. She would have dropped to her knees in a heartbeat to suck him off, but that wasn't physically possible with the seat being in the way, not to mention Sandy and Lisa being there, so she did the next best thing she could and channeled her passion into more heavy necking. She only used her hands briefly to pull her head to his though, because she went right back to "titfucking" his hand while he kept on fingerbanging her.

Sandy didn't know what was happening up above and out of view. She heard lots of urgent whispering, and she could usually tell who was speaking, but she could only hear occasional snippets of particularly loudly spoken words, like "That's the spirit!" or "Brother!" Still, she could sense from various clues, such as tone of voice or Darrin's breathing, that her son was getting increasingly worked up.

She decided she couldn't hold back any longer. She just had to resume sucking him, and damn the consequences! She knew it was reckless since Lisa's head wasn't at his crotch to plausibly make Lisa the cocksucker, but she wasn't thinking rationally. She gave his cockhead a few loving, swirly licks, then opened her mouth painfully wide and swallowed his entire fat knob in one fell swoop.

Lisa had been expecting this to happen, so when she saw Darrin's eyes open comically wide like he'd just been poked in his ass by a hot branding iron, she acted fast. She dropped down in a flash to help cover for Sandy's rash action.

Sandy sensed Lisa's face was next to hers again, and she opened her eyes to take a peek.

Lisa smirked. She whispered quietly, "Naughty, naughty!"

Sandy somehow managed a sheepish smile, despite her mouth being stretched into a perfect "O" shape.

Lisa was going to say more.

But just then, Vicky walked by and said out loud, "My, my, my. What do we have here?" She chuckled. "Darrin, ya stud, looks like you're havin' fun!" She chuckled some more.

By this time, the Douglases were getting used to Vicky unexpectedly showing up from time to time, so they were surprised, but not that surprised. Darrin and Jane didn't stop their kissing and fondling, though Jane did stop "titfucking" his hand, since that seemed extra embarrassing to her. Sandy also only paused in her cocksucking for a few moments before breathing a sigh of relief and continuing.

Vicky was buck naked except for her high heels, handkerchief, and hat, having lost her sari at some point, but Darrin only briefly glanced her way, since his scorching hot sister was demanding his full attention.

Vicky said, "Shucks. I came here to finally take the trash away, but I was really kinda hopin' to have fun talkin' to my favorite family. But I reckon nobody here even has a mouth free for talkin'!" She chuckled again.

Then she leaned into the back row for a closer look. She remained standing and couldn't get much of a view, due to Lisa's nude body being in the way. She said, "Hmmm. What do we have here? All I see is two sexy naked ladies with their heads comin' together right at Darrin's cock. Red! You naughty slut! Are you suckin' on your son?"

Lisa made a loud popping sound with her mouth, to make it seem that she'd just pulled her lips off Darrin's shaft. "No, that would be me. Although, I have been letting her lick his balls some."

Vicky chuckled. "Some? I reckon your 'some' is my 'constantly.'" She chuckled yet again. "But hey, since y'all are so preoccupied, I guess I'll just take the trash n' be on my way."

She crawled up onto the seats in the back row, since nobody was sitting in them. Crawling down the seats was the only way for her to reach the pile of trash still left on Sandy's tray table above her, since Darrin, Sandy, and Lisa were all in the back row aisle.

She silently got the trash, then crawled back into the main aisle and put it out of the way. She then crawled right back and said, "Don't mind me, I'm just gonna put your 'tray table locked in the upright position,' as they like ta say on regular passenger flights." She did that without incident.

But then, after scooting all the way over to the "window" seat Sandy usually sat in, she repositioned to kneel in that seat facing forward and towards Darrin, so her head was almost directly above Sandy's.

She put her hands on Sandy's bare back and whispered quietly, "Hey, Red! Peek-a-boo! I see you!" She chuckled quietly.

Sandy couldn't make eye contact with Vicky, since Vicky's head was above and slightly behind her own, but she blushed just the same from imagining Vicky's chuckling and amused face. However, she was sure that Vicky felt no ill will towards her, and even approved.

Sure enough, Vicky whispered, "I love that ya tossed that dumb ol' 'no touchin' his cock' rule out the window, for good. Go for it, girl! Find your bliss! You remind me even more a that other redheaded momma named Red. She found her greatest joy n' passion in suckin' her son's fat cock mornin', noon, n' night. There ain't no shame in that."

She went on, "In fact, I really think there's something magical n' special seein' a red hot, ultra busty mommy like yourself totally devotin' herself ta servin' her son's big fat horse cock! I hear it creates a unique bond, a powerful lovin' bond, that just can't be matched. I'm actually burnin' with jealousy. So remember, I'm rootin' for ya!"

She ran her fingers through Sandy's short fiery red hair in a playful and approving way. Then she leaned in closer and whispered so only Sandy and Lisa could hear. "Now, I'll bet ya think that I'm thinkin' ya must be some kinda awful mother."

Sandy grimaced and fervently nodded her head. But at the same time, she was tilting her head this way and that. She was discovering that she could be a more unpredictable and arousing cocksucker if she moved her head in all sorts of unexpected directions instead of just bobbing up and down or forward and back.

Vicky continued to run her fingers through Sandy's hair as she whispered, "You couldn't be more wrong! I don't have a problem with what you're doin' at all. I told you I admire that mother I was talking about, the one we call Red, just like I call you that. She decided ta follow her true passion, so who could object ta that?"

Vicky was forced to essentially hold both sides of the conversation, since Sandy couldn't talk and Lisa didn't have anything to say. "Now, I bet you'd say that sure, lotsa people would object. Because her passion happens to be, well, you know... Sucking her son's cock!" Vicky chuckled.

She went on, "And not just a little bit, Every day and every night. Whenever he wants it. Whenever he's erect. She's always naked, in just high heels. Spending hours on her knees, between his legs! Living as his personal slut, on top a whatever other girlfriends or sluts a well-hung, handsome stud like him inevitably has." She let that hang in the air.

Sandy squirmed and slid her lips with more vigor. She particularly got off on the idea of the son having "other girlfriends or sluts" too. It made the other mother's actions all the more extreme and submissive.

Vicky kept whispering like they were making the usual innocent small talk. "Again, I say so what if some people don't understand or disapprove? Most people are idiots, to be honest. I'm talkin' 'bout thoughtful people who try ta see things from all sides. But anyway, I should go."

Then she crawled back the way she came until she was standing in the aisle again.

Sandy thought, Vicky's so great! Yeah, it's really embarrassing every time she catches me in this sort of humiliating position, but she means well. Things would be so different without her help, or Lisa's help. Thanks to them, I am finding my "bliss," and it IS sucking my son's cock! There IS something magical and special about it. I can already tell that I would never want to suck any other. It would feel like cheating!

Vicky went into Jane's aisle next, because Jane had left her trash as well as her portable tray table on the floor. Vicky picked those up and put them in the main aisle.

Then she got right behind Jane and put a hand on her bare back. She whispered right in her ear, "Girl, look at ya! Do ya think your brother likes your big titties enough?" She chuckled. That was a reference to the way Darrin was caressing Jane's F-cups with one hand.

His other hand had gone back to playing with Jane's clit and pussy lips. Vicky addressed that next. She whispered to Jane some more, "Looks like your brother is really takin' charge! Can ya imagine what would be happenin' if ya didn't have that seat between ya two? I reckon you'd still be putty in his hands, only his thick anaconda would be restin' on your silky skin, pokin' up towards your belly button. Can you just imagine it burnin' into ya, like a red-hot brandin' iron? I bet you'd wind up rubbin' all over it, like a bitch in heat! Or maybe you'd take it in your hands. Both hands! Would ya like that?"

Jane was glad that she was busy necking with Darrin, because she was too embarrassed to answer that. But she could vividly imagine what Vicky was suggesting, and it was driving her over the brink.

Vicky went on, "I'm glad I'm not in YOUR shoes. I guess your momma don't want ya ta be one of your brother's cocksuckin' sluts, but how long can ya last? If you've got his cock up against your tummy, or pokin' between your legs, or slidin' through your fingers, how can ya resist droppin' ta your knees so ya can properly take care of it with your mouth? Boy, that's gonna be tough! And once ya start suckin' him ya just KNOW it's gonna be the greatest pleasure of your entire life, by far! So it'll be next ta impossible ta stop doin' it again n' again until you're his personal cocksuckin' sister-slut!"

She finished, "So, uh, I wish ya strength if ya really want ta turn down all that incredible pleasure. But ya gotta respect your momma's wishes, right? Y'all are gonna be livin' together, so it'll be mighty embarrassin' if she keeps catchin' ya sneakin' into his room ta slurp n' suck on his thick pole. So anyway, good luck with whatever ya wanna do."

She patted Jane's back, then slid her hand down to Jane's ass, cupped an ass cheek firmly, and then patted that too. Then she went back to the main aisle to deal with the trash. She walked back towards the front of the plane a short time later.

Jane was left to ponder what Vicky had said. Fuuuuuck! I'm so screwed! I AM putty in his hands! The next time we hug and kiss, without the seat there, I won't last five minutes! I'll be kneeling and bobbing on him with all my heart without him even ordering me to do so! Everything's changed. I think I've lost my mind! I'm so hot for my brother! I've never even sucked him, not even once, but suddenly there's nothing I want more than to adore him with my mouth, over and over! I don't just want to be one of his girlfriends, I want to be his "personal cocksuckin' sister slut," just like Vicky says!

And Vicky assumes that Mom is going to hold the line and not succumb herself. But what if she doesn't? My God, she's already licking his balls! Chances are that she's going to totally give in and suck him every chance she gets! Then where will I be?! How can I hold out? Do I want to hold out?! Or do I want to... UGH! Just... go all the way and shamelessly suck him exactly like his personal whore?! Do I even have a choice?! This is scary, but so fucking arousing!

Things continued without much change for the next ten minutes or so. Sandy kept on sucking her son, usually with Lisa helping with her fingers and tongue. Meanwhile, Darrin kept on "owning" Jane, usually fondling her tits, ass, and pussy in ever changing combinations. That kept her deliriously aroused, allowing him to make her cum at will.

The only problem was that Darrin was getting dog tired. Between struggling not to cum thanks to his mother's relentless mouth and vigorously kissing and fondling his sister, he felt like he was burning through as much energy as if he'd been playing a highly active sport, such as soccer. Sandy used the squeezing trick yet again, but that didn't help his energy level. He was reaching the point where he was ready to cry "uncle."

Sandy was in a similar state. Her desire to suck her son was so great that she was pushing her physical limits as far as she could go. But, eventually, she was also reaching a point where she simply had no energy to go on. The physical pain caused by the sheer size of her son's erection was getting to her. She also was on the verge of crying uncle.

Lisa sensed this. She considered somehow ending the sex session without letting Darrin cum, but she felt that would be cruel to him and even more so to Sandy, who had labored so long and so tirelessly. It would mean it was his eighth cum of the day, but she would simply have to accept that and deal with it.

However, she felt she couldn't just let him cum willy nilly. She had to carefully set up the situation to make sure Sandy's cocksucking secret was still kept for Jane. So first, while Sandy was taking a much needed rest, Lisa stood back up and whispered instructions to Darrin that would lead to a big finale. She told him to take his "control of Jane to the next level" by telling her that she wasn't allowed to cum again until he gave her permission. Then she had him deliberately avoid touching her nipples, clit, or pussy for at least five minutes. She explained that his goal should be to eventually hit her hard with such a big orgasm that she'd be too out of it to notice what happened to his orgasm, to take place at the same time.

Happily, for Lisa, that was exactly how it went. Sandy was so exhausted that Lisa had to take over sucking him for a few minutes. But as she sensed Darrin's time with Jane was getting near, she gave control of his cock back to Sandy. That extended break gave Sandy one last "second wind" to go all out and take him over the edge. Actually, she didn't have to do much since he was ready to let go just as soon as he could get Jane to have her big cum.

Once he put his fingers back in Jane's cunt, and diddled her clit for good measure, he gave her permission to cum, and Jane shot off like a rocket. She screamed her head off and totally lost herself to the multiple orgasm that ran over her like a steamroller.

When Sandy heard Jane start to scream, she pulled her lips all the way off him, closed her eyes tightly, and opened her mouth wide, waiting for the cum shower.

Sure enough, he blasted his load all over her face. The only relative disappointment was that the amount he shot off was much less than it had been a few orgasms ago. Each orgasm was getting smaller, and this cum load was similar to that of a normal teen his age, which was well below half of what he was capable of at his best.

However, it didn't matter much, because Sandy was so thrilled to get a facial from him that almost any amount of cum made her deliriously happy.

Lisa then had to act carefully to bring everything to a happy conclusion. Once Darrin's orgasm ended, she stood up and held him in place, because she knew that his legs would turn to wet noodles. She kept him holding and even fingering Jane long enough until her prolonged orgasm came to an end. Then she guided him safely back into the seat behind him, in the middle of the row.

Sandy's powerful orgasm was coming to an end about the same time Jane's was. Lisa waited until it tailed off, and then picked Sandy up and propped her back in her window seat.

Now that the Douglases were much more familiar with each other's bodies, she let Darrin slump down against Sandy's side.

They both liked that, and even though they were already quickly drifting off to sleep, Sandy wrapped an arm around him and he did the same with her.

Lisa hurried to the front row and helped guide Jane into a comfortable sleeping position too. Already, Jane was like a rag doll, but she managed to turn her around in her seat and helped her slump down. She even went and got a pillow to help her that much more, and then put pillows behind the heads of Sandy and Darrin too.

Lisa was almost done, but she had one last task. She went to one of her nearby coolers and got a wet and cold towel. She used that to wipe Sandy's face clean of all of Darrin's cum. She hated to do it, but she felt she had to. She didn't want Jane to wake up first and find all those cum streaks there. She had been clever to keep Sandy's cocksucking secret all this time, and she didn't want to blow that secret right at the very end.

She licked up some of the larger cum gobs off Sandy's face, but mostly she used the towel. By the time she was done, Sandy looked fresh as a daisy, even though that was an illusion that didn't match how she felt at all. She also used a different towel to wipe Jane's, Darrin's and her own face clean of sweat and spittle. She also left water bottles next to each occupied seat in hopes that they would think to drink up once they woke.

With that all done, she downed a bottle of water and observed the Douglases sleeping. She felt deeply satisfied. Aaaaah! This is what it's all about, bringing together such a great family in such a beautiful way. I would have to call that an unqualified success! It won't be much longer until Sandy and Jane have totally submitted to him! It's going to be glorious!

She gave the family one last approving look and then headed towards the front of the plane to give Vicky an update on everything that had happened.

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