Chapter 49
Written by Spacer X <>

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The Douglases slept for a full hour, all of them. Each of them needed the rest, to recharge mentally as well as physically. Even Lisa took a nap, though it was a shorter one, and she did it up in the middle of the airplane, at Vicky's station.

Jane was the first to wake, since she was the least in need of a nap, due to her nap prior to lunch.

She had slept for so long that her body cooled down considerably from the raging sexual heat she'd felt prior to her nap. However, her latest experiences had changed her and she couldn't go all the way back to normal. As soon as she was conscious, thoughts of all the highly arousing things she'd taken part in flooded her mind and got her back into a horny state right away. True, it wasn't "insanely horny" like before, but she felt seriously aroused, at least.

She found the bottle of water Lisa had left next to her and drank it down. She was surprised at just how thirsty she was.

With that done, she tried to take stock. Holy fuck! Did all that just happen?! I can't believe it, but here I am, sitting buck naked on a fucking flying airplane! Whoa! Even then I wouldn't believe it all, except my pussy feels like I've just been through a gang bang and my thighs are fucking soaked! Damn! I came soooo many times, all thanks to my brother. It's crazy!

Speaking of him... where is he?! She raised herself up enough to peek over the seatback into the back row. She was immediately thunderstruck by the sight of Sandy and Darrin cuddled together. Darrin had an arm around Sandy's back, and the hand of that arm was cupping his mother's far breast. Sandy had an arm around his back too, but what was really shocking was that her other hand had found his penis in her sleep and she was holding it. It was flaccid, but his penis was fairly sizable even in that condition, so she still had plenty to hold.

Jane snickered and shook her head. Figures! Why should I be surprised at all? It makes me wonder what the real story is of what happened down below during all that necking. Did Mom really limit herself to just licking his balls? I wonder. I doubt I can find out just by asking one of them though. Damn. Maybe Lisa will tell me something.

She continued to stare. Damn. There's something so odd about seeing them like that. Mom is such a babe! She's like this nude Amazon goddess. And Brother, I love him all up, and today more than ever, but he is kind of small and scrawny. I know that's mostly just due to him being fifteen, but still, he is. It's so freaking weird to think how he's been dominating me, Lisa, AND Mom today! Pretty much all due to the power of his cock, I must admit.

Ugh. Don't get me started thinking about THAT! I need to keep a cool head. In fact, this is a good time to have a private talk with Brother. There have been too many strange things going on. Especially now that my head is clear from all the sexual insanity, it seems downright suspicious. I need to talk to someone about it. He's a smart guy. He can help me figure things out.

For instance, all this cocksucking. What the HELL?! Okay, I'll admit that I kind of fantasized about sucking him off from time to time before today, but today, it's been ALL cocksucking, all the time! It's all I can think about all of a sudden. And Lisa says Napali is a kind of "blowjob paradise." How can that be?! It's too damn weird!

Thoughts of taking him to a secluded place and seducing him were far from her mind, now that she was practically back to "normal," but she did want to take him to a secluded place so they could compare notes without the likes of Lisa or Vicky butting in.

She went to the back row and gently shook him awake, without waking Sandy. Then, while he downed the bottle of water Lisa had left for him, she talked him into "going for a walk" to have a private talk.

Darrin also woke up feeling relatively calm and normal, only to be hit by a series of memories about what had happened and then get into a very horny state. But it was just a mental state, because his penis was very worn out from so much activity. Even an hour's rest wasn't enough for him to quickly rebound. The fact that his penis stayed flaccid helped him keep his lusty feelings in check, so he at least appeared unaroused at first glance.

Jane found it daunting walking down the aisle while wearing nothing but her high heels. Darrin had already explored as far as the private alcove. It wasn't very far at all in terms of physical distance. In fact, it was almost comically nearby. But psychologically, it meant leaving their "safe space." Darrin had done that, so it was no big deal to him, but Jane had not.

Darrin was gentlemanly and offered to lend her his oversized T-shirt, but she didn't consider that an option because he'd sweated in it so much. Plus, she felt a curious compulsion to stay completely naked.

However, he also offered to lead the way, and she did appreciate that. If they ran into anybody, he would be her shield.

He didn't wear his shirt either, since putting on a sweat-stained shirt, or any shirt, didn't sound appealing. He also knew that he would take her to the same secluded alcove he'd been in before, where Sandy sucked his cock while Lisa kissed him. It was less than ten rows of seats away, if there had been seats instead of luggage, and given what had happened to him there before, merely being naked was no big deal.

They quickly got to the alcove and Jane looked all around. She was concerned that it was open to the center aisle, and anyone walking down the aisle couldn't fail to notice them, but it did provide some sense of privacy. She figured the only people who could possibly come by were Lisa, Vicky, and maybe Sandy, so being seen wasn't that great a danger. There were dark, thick curtains just a short distance beyond the alcove, so anyone coming from that direction would have to make their presence known by parting the curtains.

There was still just the single folding chair in the alcove, without nothing else nearby to sit in. However, he again took the gallant approach and let Jane sit in the chair while he leaned up against the side of the plane. Luckily, there was a ridge there where he could rest his ass. It wasn't comfortable, but it carried his weight.

Jane sat down in the chair. She still found it exciting to be completely nude in front of her brother, and she deliberately failed to cover her breasts at all. However, her goal wasn't to seduce him, but to get answers. Thus, she sat with one leg over the other to cover her pussy, to make clear she meant business.

She said, "I'm so glad to get you one on one, because I've got concerns. BIG concerns! I know we've got a lot to talk about, considering all of the crazy things we did with each other, but can we kind of put that to the side for the moment? I really need to talk to you about something else."

"Sure," he said. As he stood, he made no effort to cover his privates, since he figured it didn't matter with his penis being flaccid.

"I was kind of just going with the flow and not thinking. But in the relatively few moments I've some time alone and I haven't been distracted by all the crazy sex stuff, I've been thinking about what's been happening to us in a bigger picture way, and I think something is seriously wrong. Nothing makes sense! I think this whole Napali 'paradise' is some kind of scam. Some kind of trap! What are we getting ourselves into?!"

She continued, "Consider everything that's happened since we got on this plane. It's been what, five hours? But there's been enough sexual craziness for five years! Like Mom. She's become a different person! She was practically sexless and now she's become a sex maniac, almost! And how can there be such a strong blowjob focus on Napali? It sounds like everyone there is totally obsessed about that one sex act. Isn't that really strange? And how on Earth is EVERYBODY on that island so beautiful and busty when it comes to girls or handsome and well-hung when it comes to guys? What are the odds of THAT?! What the hell is going on?!"

She got so agitated that she started gesticulating. But she had to curb that when she realized how much it was making her big tits bounce and sway. She finished that rant by crossing an arm over her nipples to make all the movement stop. She was embarrassed in a bad way, since she wasn't that horny.

Darrin nodded. "I get it. I totally hear you."

"Aren't you worried?! Are we being kidnapped?! Brainwashed?! Is this some kind of scam?! A sex cult?! What?! It's a sex cult, right?! Tell me!"

He grinned. "Calm down. Calm down. I think I've got it figured out. It is weird, but I don't think it's bad."

"Tell me already, because I'm kind of freaking out!"

"Well, I think almost everything is on the up and up. We really are going to Napali Island, and Lisa, Vicky, and all the others who have raved about it are being genuine. Actually, it sounds like a pretty awesome place. There really is the top secret government paperwork and all that jazz. But that's just a way for people to make a living, as well as the perfect cover for the true nature of the place."

"Which is?!" Jane was on the edge of her seat, both literally and figuratively. She uncrossed her arm over her nipples and uncrossed her legs as she leaned way forward.

"Some kind of, I dunno, sexual utopia. A sexual paradise. I know that sounds over the top, but think about it. What if you were some kind of billionaire, like the guy who really founded the Napali colony? What's his name again?" He furtively glanced down at his sister's bald pussy, which was in full view.

"Jake Samson." She knew what she was showing, and she let it happen. She didn't even know why, except that it made her heart flutter.

"Right. Imagine you're him. You've got a ton of money and you love sex. So you buy a tropical island and set up a colony for a small group of people where everything is arranged just so to let people run sexually wild. Of course, you need people for it. Samson, being a guy, arranged a scenario where lots of secretaries were needed, so you'd have that three-to-one women-to-men sex ratio. Then he made the place so incredibly appealing that he could pick the very best of the best."

Jane stared up at her brother, feeling very impressed. She knew he was smart, and she was already thinking he had this all figured out.

"Consider for example how high the salaries are there. It's like they're just giving money away. Especially because all cost-of-living expenses are paid for. Why did we get so lucky to be chosen to live and work there? Was it because of some special skill? No! Anyone who can type can do most of the basic secretarial jobs there, and pretty much everyone can type these days."

He went on, "So why did they pick us? Our looks! You and Mom, you're literally as sexy and beautiful as it gets. I mean, most fashion models would look at you and just give up."

She tingled with arousal and delight from the compliment. "Come on. I'm not all that." She struck a sexy pose. Her head was swimming as she remembered how he'd fondled her naked body for so long prior to their nap.

"You are all that! You're so gorgeous that it's crazy. And you're beautiful on the inside too. You didn't let your looks go to your head. And Mom? She's friggin' ridiculous!"

Jane snickered as she thought of her mother's hourglass figure, flaming red hair, and jaw-dropping face. "I can't disagree with that part."

He said, "As for me, I may not look extraordinary, but at least I've got an uncommonly big dick."

She glanced at his crotch and was disappointed to see that he was still flaccid. However, she thought she detected a little bit of stirring.

He went on, "Plus, we're a family package. I probably got lucky that way and squeaked in just because I'm related to you and Mom. And we all seem to have uncommonly powerful libidos. I mean, total disclosure here: I masturbate about five or six times a day. That's not normal. That's not even close to normal."

Jane nodded while unthinkingly licking her lips. Already he was putting her worries about Napali to rest, so her libido was heating up.

He noticed her nipples harden right before his eyes. That helped his dick stiffen a little more.

She said, "That makes a hell of a lot of sense. Um... may I ask... how many times have you climaxed today?"

"Eight! Can you believe it? That's not normal either!"

"Wow, that is pretty nuts." She could feel her lust rising as she thought about what a "total stud" her brother was, despite his seemingly normal looks other than his penis size.

But she forced herself to stay on topic. "Let me play devil's advocate, I'm not some kind of raging slut. I'd say my sex life was pretty much down-the-middle normal, at least until today. Besides, I'm not THAT sexy. Not like Mom. Look at my breasts. They're not that big." She provocatively cupped her F-cups from below.

"Not that big?! Are you crazy?! You know that's only true in comparison to Mom, and she's off the charts stacked. And you ARE sexy! So very, very sexy! When I think of your lips..." He turned away, embarrassed.

She prodded, "What?! When you think of my lips, what?" She continued to hold her big tits up for him. She decided she was getting much more aroused.

Still looking away, he admitted, "I think of you doing things with them. Sexy things! To me!"

She smiled from ear to ear. He's talking about me sucking his cock! How does he know that's my favorite? Gaawwwd, just thinking about it drives me wild!

He looked back and was startled to see she was still holding her immense melons up while staring up at him with a new hunger in her eyes.

She wanted him to specifically admit to what he wanted her lips to do to him. But trying to keep her libido in check and the discussion on track, she decided to let that drop, for now. She continued, "And as for Mom, she's been a cold fish. She hasn't had ANY sex in the last five years, and I don't think she and Dad really lit it up before that either."

"True, he replied. "But you've seen how she's acted today. Wouldn't you say she's changed?"

Jane laughed, because that was such an understatement. "Okay, point taken. But how could they know that if we were selected for our sexual potential?"

He said, "Remember how we took all those tests to see if we'd qualify? Physical tests, mental tests, psychological tests. Maybe they were looking for potential more than what you or her or any of us actually did. They probably have this whole thing down to a science. Do you remember those tests? We got asked about absolutely everything, which included all sorts of personal stuff, and even very sexual stuff."

Jane nodded. "Okay, I see your point. What else? I'm buying your theory a 100 percent. Tell me more about just what the heck we're getting into." She sat back in her seat as she continued to relax, and she finally let go of her huge tits. But she used her upper arms to subtly push them together.

He was looking back and forth between her exposed pussy, flawless rack, and gorgeous face. He loved that she didn't seem to mind her nudity before him at all. He also was recalling how long he'd spent kissing and fondling her, and he ached to get his hands and lips back on her. But he understood that they had important issues to discuss.

He said, "To be honest, I haven't really had time to think it through beyond that. But I don't think it's a bad or evil place. It's not like they're going to keep us there as sex slaves or prostitutes or something. I mean, have you seen Lisa's face every time Napali life is mentioned? It lights up like you just told her the best news of the year. Ditto with Vicky. That kind of enthusiasm can't be faked."

Jane nodded, then grinned. "It would be kind of kinky if we were sex slaves though." She shifted in her seat, striking another sexy pose.

He was grinning too. "Don't get me started." He felt that his penis was starting to engorge. He glanced down at his crotch and confirmed that was true. After all that had happened since the flight began, his sexual shyness was long gone. He purposely decided not make any effort to cover up.

She thought, I wouldn't want to be a sex slave, obviously. But it would be kinda kinky and fun if Brother tied me up and did naughty things to my body! I wonder what he'd do first. Probably stick his cock in my mouth. AS HE SHOULD!

She wondered where that last thought had come from, expressed so passionately. She asked, "What if we get there and find out there are some super rich creepy dudes who pay big money to visit there and have sex with the likes of Mom and me?"

He pointed out, "I considered that sort of thing too, but I really don't think that's the case. If it was, why bring the likes of me along? I'm sure they could have found great mother-and-daughter combos, or just single women, if that was their intention. Why bring the sons like me?"

"Why? Tell me!"

"Because in a sexual utopia, you need guys and girls, and I get to be one of the guys. Note how Lisa keeps talking about how all the guys are really well-hung. Why would SI select for that, if the whole thing was some kind of prostitution scam? I'm thinking this Samson guy wanted to create a true sexual utopia where he could have fun. You'd want to create a fun, happy, loving, and freewheeling overall culture for that. He has billions of dollars. Some prostitution scam would be chump change for him, and having outsiders come and go would threaten to expose the whole thing. Security is super tight. I believe that. People can't freely come and go."

Jane said, "I guess. But doesn't that mean we'll be trapped?"

"Not at all. People can leave if they want. Maybe not right away, but there are supply planes that stop by every few weeks. Unless they keep us in chains, it really has to be so good that you wouldn't want to leave, or people would just leave. If you're a billionaire like this Samson guy was, why not make it awesome? That would just be a drop in the financial bucket for him."

"But he died a long time ago," she pointed out.

"Yeah, but obviously his descendants kept things going. I'll bet he set aside some money in his will to make sure his paradise keeps going forever without trouble. If your goal is to make a sexual utopia for you to enjoy. you'd want everyone to be there of their own free will and totally loving life. Otherwise, you'd not going to get genuine enthusiasm."

She nodded. All her worries were vanishing, and her lust was rising higher. She teased him, "What if they just keep some of us in chains? Will you come visit me in my sex dungeon?"

He shook his head. Whoa! She's really heating up. And she says she's not as sexy as Mom. She's like Mom but still a teenager! As his dick continued to engorge, he said, "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I'd incriminate myself."

She smirked, and gazed at his steadily growing penis. Mmmm! Grow, Brother, grow! She was beginning to realize that this would be an ideal situation for her to seduce him. Earlier, I kept thinking that if I could only get him alone, I could suck his cock to see what it's like. This is my big chance! But first, I really need to hear the rest of what he has to say about our new life.

He went on, "What if it's really as great as everyone we've met whose been there says it is? They're ALL so enthusiastic. I don't think it's possible to fake that. All it would take is ONE person to leave the island and blow the whistle if there was some sort of prostitution or coercion."

"But something very sexual is going on, and nobody has told us the truth, at least not until today," she pointed out. "Why is that?"

"It's true, everyone has been covering up the sexual aspect, because most people would get freaked out about it and decide not to go. They have to kind of ease us into it, so we get a taste of how great it is. Otherwise, let's be realistic, nobody would go."

Jane pondered that, and nodded. "That makes so much sense. It all fits together. But I still have questions. For instance, everyone knows this Jake Samson guy died a long time ago, and he didn't even have children. Some faceless board runs his company. So what's their motive now? Why keep the sexual thing going? Who benefits?"

Darrin shrugged. "You got me. There are a lot of missing pieces in my theory so far. But I think we can find out soon. We should go to Lisa or Vicky and tell one or both of them what we've figured out and ask them to level with us. And if we're not happy with the answers, we can get off the journey tonight in Honolulu, or tomorrow night in Majuro. I'm betting these flights are part of their plan. Their tests can't be perfect. At least some people are going to start to get a taste of the Napali life and decide they don't like it. They don't want people who go there who are fuddy duddies. It would ruin the whole vibe. So those who get cold feet can quit before they even get there."

Jane nodded again. She was talking more to his crotch than his face now, trying to will his cock to poke out from under his shirt. "Pretty clever. Makes sense." She frowned. "What about this whole blowjob craziness thing?"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, come on! Don't play dumb! Surely you must have noticed. Lisa and Vicky keep talking about blowjobs all the time. It's like they're obsessed, and it's kind of making me obsessed." She gazed right at his still engorging dick. It was most of the way back to full size already. "And they claim Napali isn't just a sexual paradise, but a blowjob paradise. To hear them talk, it's like every guy there is getting constantly blown all the time! And by more than one girl at once!"

He grinned impishly from ear to ear. "Sounds good to me!"

"Grrr! You would say that!" She huffed, but she wasn't upset. In fact, she subtly shifted into another sexy pose.

He said more seriously, "We'll have to see for ourselves when we get there, but I'm inclined to believe they're on the level about that too. Didn't Lisa say something about how great fucking is, but it can't be sustained for all that long, and it can't be shared easily. Given that guys have two or three girlfriends, the sharing part is probably pretty important."

Jane let out another annoyed, "GRRR!" She gesticulated in frustration, setting her huge tits swaying, "You lucky son of a bitch! You're gonna get TWO OR THREE girlfriends! So fucking unfair!"

His grin only grew wider. "I know. It's pretty sweet!"

She shook her head, but she found herself grinning too. She pondered all that they'd been talking about, and then said, "Okay, looking at the bigger picture, I pretty much agree with your assessment. It's freaking bizarre, but it's a relief that it's not something super shady. But that leads us to the big question: should we go for it or quit?"

His eyes lit up. "I say go for it! I think we're incredibly lucky to be chosen. It's kind of like winning the lottery. I don't mean to boast, but due to freak genetic luck, we're the elite of the elite, the best of the very best, when it comes to sexual appeal. I think the place really IS a sexual utopia, and an all-around utopia besides! You've seen the pictures and the videos and talked to people who have come back. It IS a tropical paradise! We would have to be FOOLS not to go!"

She thought that over, and said, "Of course, YOU would say that. I'm sure it's as great as advertised for YOU, a man. If that three-to-one sex ratio is true, and I'm sure it is, you're going to be living the life of Riley! You're not just going to have two or three girlfriends, but busty and gorgeous babes who just so happen to be total blowjob-loving nymphos, if your theory is true!"

She stopped and laughed, because she realized that his erection had finally reached its full size. But what she found delightful and amusing was how it jut nearly straight out. She waved towards it. "Somebody here really likes that idea! Geez! Be careful with that thing! You could poke an eye out if you get stiff that fast!"

She thought, Good grief! I can see why he got picked, if they choose the sexual elite. That has to be the perfect cock! If it got any bigger, it would be too big. As for the rest of his body, it's true that he's nothing to write home about now, but he's still growing. Plus, he can lift weights or whatever. That part is fixable. He does have a cute face. The main thing that can't be denied is that whenever I think of sucking his cock, like I'm doing right now, I get butterflies and all tingly. Big time tingly!

He laughed too. "Sorry, Sis. But you're right, it does arouse me. Of course I'm looking at it from my point of view, and it sounds beyond awesome. Beyond the beyond! It literally couldn't be any better!"

Notably, he didn't make any attempt to cover his boner or do anything to it. He left it pointing right at his sister. And since she was sitting and he was standing, it was right at her eye level. In fact, with her leaning forward, it was less than two feet away from her face.

She had to force herself to keep looking up into his eyes at least part of the time, instead of at his stiff pole. Her arousal was steadily soaring, though she did her best to hide that and ignore it. She said with some chagrin, "I get that it's a MALE sexual paradise, but what about for the women? So far, from what I hear, it's okay maybe, but not great."

He responded, "Then why would a perfect ten bombshell like Lisa or Vicky live there for years and years, and then be so wistful about leaving? And they have totally legit reasons for leaving too, due to the death of close loved ones. It wasn't like they just got bored of the place. Far from it. I gather they have their jobs because it allows them to keep their feet in that world."

He added, "And if it's true that all the women there are beyond gorgeous, it HAS to be awesome for them too. Women like that have options, lots and lots of options. It can't just be the good money. Gorgeous women have lots of options there too - a perfect ten like you could make big bucks just by being an eye candy receptionist or something."

She spoke huskily, "So now you're calling me a 'perfect ten?' Flattery will get you everywhere!" She giggled.

"I'm only saying it because it's true. Look what you do to me!" He looked down at his crotch again and took his boner in hand. He was feeling horny and emboldened, so he lifted it up a bit until it was pointed directly at her face.

She teased, "Hey! Don't get an itchy trigger there, big man, or I'm going to find out what a facial is all about!"

As soon as she said it, she realized, Not that there's anything wrong with that! Hell, I'm pretty much hoping I'll find out before we leave this little nook. I've never let any of my boyfriends do that to me, but with Brother, I'd be disappointed if he doesn't. I love it when he takes charge and "owns" me!

She was becoming increasingly aware of the fact that she had him all alone, completely undisturbed. Whoa! The more I think about it, this is my BIG CHANCE! If I want to find out if sucking his cock really is miles better than sucking any other cock, this is the time! Of course, I know that's gonna be true, but still, actually FEELING what it's like make all the world of difference!

Hot damn! I think I'm gonna suck my brother's cock! For real! She repeatedly licked her lips and stared wantonly at his boner poking straight towards her face.

A part of her still hesitated to go for it, largely because what they were talking about was so important. She wanted to finish the conversation and then consider her options, such as double checking to make sure Sandy was still sleeping. But her cocksucking lust was growing by the second.

He kept his hand on his erection and said, "I'll take my chances."

In fact, he went from leaning back against the side of the airplane to standing up straight, which closed the distance to his sister so his cock was only about a foot away from her face. He readjusted his aim so the tip was still pointed right at her. In fact, it was aiming straight for her mouth.

Her cock lust was growing to the point that her mouth was constantly watering and her head was spinning. She didn't know exactly when she'd made the decision to suck him before they left the alcove, but she was already thinking, I'm beginning to lose the plot. What are we even talking about, again? I hope we can wrap this conversation up soon so I can try to fit him in my mouth. God, he's so thick! And Lisa cries each and every time she sucks him. I bet I'm gonna be bawling like a baby in a few minutes, but that's not going to stop me. In fact, it's seriously hot!

He wasn't nearly as distracted, so he kept the discussion going. "It can't be a male paradise where the women have it rough, or they'd all leave and then the men would leave too!"

However, he was highly aroused, and he realized after he'd said that that he was repeating himself. He added, "A sexual utopia can't work without both sexes. Believe me, I love you and Mom more than anyone else in the world, by far, and I wouldn't willingly send you into some situation that I thought was bad."

Jane put a hand on her chin, striking another sexy pose as she did so. "Hmmm. You have a good point there, Mr. Big Cock. I think I need to talk more to Lisa and Vicky and find out what makes it so great for them. I feel a lot better after hearing your theory, and I'm even kind of excited again. But I still am not completely sold. For instance, I don't know about having to share my boyfriend with one or two other girls. That sounds pretty lame."

"Fair enough."

The conversation was taking place in slow motion, because both of them were thinking about how close her mouth was to his stiff cock. Still, she pressed on, after another long pause, "I mean, it's blatantly unfair. You can see that, can't you?"

"I can. But you know what? I have a theory. Sometimes, unfair can be sexy."

"What?! That's bullshit!"

"Is it?" He was feeling emboldened, because he could see how very aroused his sister was. She was panting heavily, constantly licking her lips, and staring non-stop at his raging boner. He was certain it was just a matter of time before her lips were on his shaft, and that got him so crazy with desire this his shyness fled far away.

He took a step forward. That was a very huge deal, because there was nowhere to go except right into Jane's face. The tip of his boner actually touched her nose.

She tilted her head back slightly as an automatic defensive reaction, creating a gap of a few inches.

He said, "Isn't it unfair if I just stick my dick right in your face, like I expect you to suck on it, even though you've never done it before?"

"Definitely!" Her huge tits were heaving with excitement as she panted harder and harder. God! I feel so naked and exposed! And hot! Hot as FUCK! Damn, his cock is gigantic! Can I really fit that in my mouth?!

He asked, "But isn't it kind of hot too?"

"Definitely!" Her eyes were as wide as saucers as she stared at the tip of his cockhead from only about five inches away. Her heart was racing wildly. She'd never been so aroused in her life.

Encouraged even more, he took another half-step forward, actually resting his fat knob right on her lips!

Jane didn't know what she wanted. Although she'd resolved earlier to suck him off the first chance she got, when she'd taken him away to have a private talk, she'd cooled down so much that all she truly wanted to do was talk. Since then, she'd heated way up again, but the talk had been on such vital matters that she hadn't had time to clearly think through what she wanted to do with him. She loved that he was being so aggressive and forcing her hand.

She'd known for a long time that he lusted after her in a big way, but she still worried that he would be more interested in Sandy, now that their mother was becoming so uninhibited. It drove her wild to see visible proof of his lust for her.

He remembered Lisa saying encouraging things about guys getting confident and aggressive, and he could tell that his sister was responding to that in a big way. So he rubbed his cockhead back and forth across her lips. "Don't you think it's kind of hot if Lisa sucks my cock, and Vicky sucks my cock, and even MOM sucks my cock, so you have to wait to take your turn to suck it too?"

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