Chapter 50
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Jane did think that was hot, extremely hot. She opened her mouth to excitedly ask, "Has Mom sucked your cock yet?!"

But before she could get past "Has Mom," he pressed forward, pushing his cockhead in. Since his bulbous knob was so big and her mouth hadn't opened very much, he didn't get far.

But it was the thought that counted. Jane closed her lips around his tip and didn't resist when it kept sliding until about an inch of it was past her teeth. At the same time, her tongue started flicking against it inside her mouth, almost unthinkingly. She also brought a hand up to hold his shaft.

She thought, HOOOOOLY SHIT! It just went in! I've got my brother's thick knob in my mouth!

She had been getting a strong feeling that his cock would end up inside her mouth before they finished their private chat, but the sudden series of events took her by surprise. Her brother hadn't been this aggressive, ever! It was such a tremendous rush for her that she was completely overcome. She touched her clit with her free hand, and started to have a surprisingly powerful orgasm.

She opened her mouth wider in surprise.

He took advantage of that to push in deeper.

She knew that the mere act of fitting all of his cockhead into her mouth would be a supreme challenge. She would have wanted to just lick him for a while and work her way up to it. But she opened her mouth so wide that she found it sliding most of the way in. And she didn't realize this, but her mouth was slightly larger than Sandy's or Lisa's, and just a fraction of an inch made a big difference. She felt it going all the way in, before she even fully knew what was happening!

She opened her mouth wider and wider as she started to scream her head off with an excited orgasmic climax, and just like that, it was all the way in!

She thought, HOLY FUUUUUCK! It went in! All of it! FUCK ME! I simply can't believe it! This is absolutely INCREDIBLE!

Just because it happened quickly and accidentally for her, that didn't mean it was easy. She immediately had to deal with trying to breathe while her body was spinning out of control in orgasmic euphoria. She was taken by such surprise that she hadn't even had time to take a deep breath, and she couldn't fix that any time soon while she shuddered and shivered all over as her orgasm continued to wrack her body.

She did her best to hang on for what had suddenly become a crisis situation. Her eyes bugged out for fear of passing out from lack of oxygen, and they started to tear up. She couldn't think of a more embarrassing way to start her very first "real" blowjob (since what she'd done with her boyfriends felt like nothing in comparison). She'd never felt so helpless, and just hoped and prayed that her orgasm would end soon so she could regain control of her body. But that feeling of helpless aroused her more and more, intensifying and prolonging the orgasm, creating a feedback loop.

Darrin was having such a great time that he was oblivious to his sister's distress. But he knew that it was a serious challenge for any woman to fit his thickness in her mouth, especially for their first time, so he just waited for her to adjust.

One key reason that Jane's climax kept going and going, and at such a dizzying peak, was because she was experiencing a profound realization. Even though she was too insanely aroused to think clearly, she had a deep feeling that everything in her life had changed forever. Clearly, this very orgasm was proving that sucking her brother's cock was something special and incredible for her, and it certainly wouldn't be a one-time thing. In fact, it was a near certainty that sucking his cock was going to be a big part of her life from now on. Sure, she figured there would be obstacles in the way, but she loved it so much that she never wanted to give it up.

The implications of that kept hitting her over and over, like a series of tidal waves washing her out to sea. She felt like she was drowning in the realization that her relationship with her brother had drastically changed forever, and, in fact, probably all aspects of her life had changed in ways she was only starting to guess at.

At the same time, Jane simply had to deal with the physical difficulty of what was happening. She could have pulled his shaft all the way out if she really had to, but she would rather have passed out than give up that easily. She focused all her attention on sniffing through her nose. Despite otherwise losing total control, she managed to get just enough air to endure until her orgasm finally passed a minute or so later.

He also couldn't think because he was so busy dealing with what was happening. Except in his case, if he had a problem, it was coming with the extreme pleasure without actually cumming. He shut his eyes tight, clenched and shook his fists, and tilted his head back.

Meanwhile, Lisa had woken up from a short nap several minutes earlier. She and Vicky were sitting naked and talking when they heard the sound of a muffled female scream coming from not far beyond the curtain that led to the "Douglas section" of the airplane. Lisa got up in a flash and hurried through the curtains.

She peeked into the alcove and saw a side profile of Darrin with his head tilted back and his fists helplessly waving in the air. Below him was Jane's flawless and voluptuous nude body, with her mouth stretched wide around his shaft and tears already streaking down her cheeks.

Lisa wanted to jump for joy and yell in triumph. This was a key step in the Douglas family sexual transition that she and many other SI employees had been working for months to achieve. She would have at least made a lot of noise, except that she was half-expecting to see this, so she wasn't totally surprised.

She certainly didn't want to spook Jane at this critical time. She didn't know how committed Jane was to sucking her brother just yet, and she didn't want to test that by giving her an excuse to stop. Plus, given what she was seeing, she had an important task to do: check on Sandy to make sure the bombshell mother wouldn't come to the alcove and interfere with or even stop Jane's pivotal very first incestuous blowjob.

As a result, Lisa moved quickly while both siblings were fully distracted with their eyes closed. She snuck past the alcove and kept on going back to where Sandy was.

She found Sandy deep asleep. She decided to let her be, because as long as Sandy was sleeping, she wouldn't be able to interfere with her children. But Lisa remained nearby, ready to talk to her as soon as she woke up.

Jane wound up overwhelmed and exhausted. She'd never had an orgasm that massive before, and it was tough not even being able to breathe freely afterwards. She still had to consciously focus on breathing through her nose, while every instinct she had told her to get the massive intrusion out of her mouth. Already, her cheeks were wet from her tears of exertion and euphoria.

She needed time to rest and recover. Oh, FUCK ME! That was so INTENSE! I can't believe this is happening to me! My mouth is jam-packed with Brother's cock! FUUUUUCK!

Luckily, Darrin sensed her mood, at least once he finally got over exulting from the triumph and incredible pleasure of feeling his cock in his gorgeous sister's mouth for the first time. His head had been tilted back with his eyes shut, but he finally looked down to see her face and check out how she was doing.

He noticed her distress and asked, "Hey, Sis! You okay?"

She simply nodded, as much as she could with his thick log in the middle of her face. She held a hand up to give him a wait signal.

He put a hand on her head and stroked her lovely, long, flaming red hair. "Okay. Wait. I get it. Whatever you want. I love you so much!"

She was finally starting to recover her bearings as she kept focusing on the simple act of breathing in and out through her nose. Hearing him say "I love you so much" was another whammy that emotionally knocked her off her feet again.

She shut her eyes tight, trying to focus. Holy FUCK! Fucking HELL! How did THAT happen?! Brother, I love you too, so very much! I wish I could tell you, but I can't because I've got your entire cockhead IN MY MOUTH! Damn, that's so fucking HOT!

Whoa! This is BIG! Things are never going to be the same! Especially because I came already! I wanted to see if sucking Brother's cock was somehow better or different, and I got my answer in the very first minute! Holy fucking mother of God! That was a MASSIVE orgasm! Maybe the biggest EVER! Just the fact that I'm sucking on MY BROTHER'S FUCKING COCK is an endless rush! This IS awesome! So awesome! Gaawwwd! It's what I've been missing from fully enjoying sex the whole time!

Although it's true I can't actually say I'm sucking on him. I haven't done ANYTHING yet! He must be wondering what's going on. A couple of minutes have passed, and I can't slide my lips or use my tongue at all. It's too much! Too intense! God! I'm my brother's cocksucker! Well, one of them, at any rate. FUUUUCK!

All I can do is breathe and NOT pull off! That's the main thing, not pulling off. I need to get used to this. If I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do it right! I want him to be proud of me and think "Sis sucks my cock almost as well as Lisa." Well, I can aim for that, anyway. She's got the red high heels and mine are only black. UGH!

Maybe it'll get easier?! It must. Lisa didn't look like she was suffering. But damn! This is tough!

It wasn't exactly true that she hadn't "done anything yet." Although she still hadn't made any deliberate moves with her mouth, her whole body had been convulsing in climax for well over a minute, which meant her lips had been spasming and trembling around his shaft for all that time. Plus, he was thrilled beyond belief that his sister was obviously intent on sucking him. Although it was true that his mother had been his number one fantasy for years, it also was true that his sister had been a close second, and there had been no third.

Jane realized that she had been holding his shaft all this time, which had allowed him to let go of it some time ago. While her mouth tried to adjust, she decided to do her best with her hands to show him that she was at least making an effort. She began stroking all of his shaft that wasn't in her mouth.

She thought, WOW! So THICK! God! I've had some pretty well-endowed boyfriends, back when I was thinking that maybe size was the missing element that would make my sex life sizzle. That one guy had a really big one, and it was even longer, but it wasn't THIS thick! God! Maybe thickness is the thing, 'cos my whole body is burning with lust! Those other blowjobs are nothing in my mind. They were a chore. Less than nothing. But this! God, this! My entire body is ON FIRE!

Although I think maybe it's the fact that it's Brother that's the main thing. I keep thinking that I'm sucking on HIS cock, and it gets me so hot! I love him so much! And I didn't care for any of those guys at all. The missing piece is LOVE!

The pleasure was flowing through his body like a raging river. But he looked down at her with concern. "Sis? Are you sure you're okay?"

"Mmmm-HMMM!" she managed to respond, with another slight nod. Never been better! Oh, Brother! I wish I could talk. I'd tell you "never been better!" And it's true! My GOD! I've never felt so ALIVE! I feel weirdly humiliated too. After all, I'm his older sister by three years, but I'm basically sexually serving him with what I'm doing right now! But thinking about that makes me feel even MORE alive!

Then she realized he probably was wondering why she still wasn't doing much, if she really was okay. So she got more into stroking his shaft while also bringing another hand up to fondle his balls. WOW! Again, WOW! Big balls too! So full of cum! He's right. I think we're kind of genetic freaks. Our bodies are built for lots of sex! Lots of cocksucking, I should hope!

He's right about a lot of stuff. Napali really could be great! I don't know for sure how everyone there handles incest, but Lisa and Vicky seem pretty chill about it so far. They've seen Mom and me ogle Brother's cock getting sucked and even make out with him naked, and they had no problem with any of that at all! If everyone there are kind of sex freaks, how much could they really mind if I suck my Brother's cock from time to time?!

Gaaaawwwwd! Too hot! I think I might just LOVE our new home! As I remember, our new place is only supposed to have two bedrooms. Instead of Mom and me being in the same room, what if Brother and I were roommates? UGH! Then I could suck his cock SO MUCH! HNNNG!

She'd been doing a fairly adequate job of stroking his lower shaft and playing with his balls. But she decided that she had breathing through her nose under control, and her thoughts got her so insanely horny that her mouth pretty much started moving on its own.

She was bursting with so much enthusiasm that she wanted to do everything at once. She tried lapping on his sweet spot while sliding her lips back and forth at the same time. Plus, both her hands kept moving. But even though her mouth was a little larger and thus the sucking was a little easier, that was only true in a relative sense. From her perspective, it still was a daunting task, and the tears freely flowing down her cheeks were proof of that.

She decided it was better to concentrate on just her lip movement until she got a handle on that, and then add in her tongue work later.

She soon had a steady bobbing rhythm going.

Darrin tilted his head back in erotic ecstasy. "Aaaah! That's it! Sister! Oh, Sister! So great!"

That spurred her on. She was still suffering with her stretched lips and sore jaw, and the urge to pull off was nearly overwhelming, but the pleasure was so great that she didn't care. Mostly, she felt a special thrill from the fact that the cock she was sucking belonged to her brother. The SI company hadn't subtly indoctrinated her nearly as much as they had Sandy, since Sandy was seen as the linchpin of the family. But a lot of indoctrination wasn't necessary because the family was chosen mainly due to the fact that Sandy and Jane were so ideally suited for the incestuous submissive life.

She understood the special feelings for her brother to some degree, but she remained mostly oblivious to how much she secretly craved to be dominated by him. That was a big part of the reason this blowjob with him was so much more arousing for her than any sex act she'd taken part in with anyone else before. He was standing while she was kneeling, and even though he was nude, she felt "more naked than naked" in just her high heels. In the back of her mind, she was thinking about how she would be "forced" to share him with an unknown number of girlfriends, and that was a constant turn on.

On top of all that and many other factors was the way he'd started the blowjob, by talking about unfairness and then pushing his cockhead against her lips and even into her mouth.

As she kept on bobbing, that came back into her mind. Brother talks about "unfair." Damn right Napali Island is unfair! Three girls for every guy? Come on! It's massively unfair! It has to be. Everything flows from that one basic fact. Gaawwwd! That means he'll have three girls taking turns sucking on his cock each and every day! Probably including me! Hell, definitely including me! Like I'm ever going to stop doing THIS!

Why does that sound... so fucking... HOT?! That may even include MOM, with the way things are going! I'm definitely NOT going to stop sucking him now! No way! This is exactly what I've been looking for all along! I'm in heaven just sliding my lips on his huge log! Brother's cock is the BEST!

She paused in her thinking to savor the physical sensations she was experiencing. Mmmm! I love it! The stretched lips, the pulsing heat of his shaft, the pain in my jaw... I love absolutely all of it! I'm so totally humiliated, naked and kneeling in the middle of a fucking AIRPLANE where anybody could walk by, and I fucking love that too!

She tried to return to her previous train of thought while still savoring what her mouth was feeling. That said, I'm never going to have him all for my own. Never! If Mom hasn't sucked his cock yet, she will. She will! And I'll bet anything that she's gonna feel that special connection, that magical incest link, that I feel. Hell, I felt it big time just from watching Lisa suck him, and I KNOW Mom did too! It was written on her face! And what about his Napali girlfriends? And Lisa! She's his cocksucking "slut" already! And Vicky! She's had a turn, and she won't stop there!

And how many more?! We're going to some kind of fucking blowjob island, where hot girls suck cock the way people back in the States say hello! I'm probably going to have to share sucking and licking him practically every time! Maybe even with Mom! Actually, definitely with Mom! A LOT! Every damn day, I should hope!

Jesus fucking Christ, that's so fucking HOT! I think I'm going to cum again, just from thinking about that! That, and the fact that my lips are actually wrapped around Brother's cock! AAAAIIIIEEE! Oh shit, I know I'm gonna cum! Here we go!

Sure enough, Jane began cumming hard again. It was just as intense as the last one, except that she was in a much better position to enjoy it, so it was truly epic, the greatest orgasm of her life so far. And she wasn't even touching her privates, since her hands were still on his cock and balls.

Her hands and lips had to stop moving for the duration of her orgasm, but Darrin didn't mind that at all. He could easily see that she was having a great cum, and that made him feel really good. Besides, her body had a way of vibrating that set her lips humming in a way that was unique and extra stimulating.

When Lisa got up to check on what was causing the screaming she'd heard, Vicky was curious about the same thing. After another minute had passed and Lisa hadn't returned, Vicky figured something important was happening.

However, she had to go to the front of the plane and check in on the Brown and Sanchez families first. She was pleased to see that each family's minder had things under control. For instance, Joni, the minder for the Browns, was making out with the son Trevor while both of them were standing naked, and the mother Jasmine and daughter Vanessa watched while furtively masturbating. And Emily, the minder for the Sanchezes, was jacking off the son Ramon, while the mother Maria and daughter Rosalita watched and masturbated. In short, they were progressing much like the Douglases, except they were about two hours behind.

Seeing those situations were being taking care of without her, Vicky passed back through various curtains without being noticed, going all the way to the private alcove where Darrin and Jane were. She was very careful at first, just barely peeking her head past some boxes to check on what was happening.

Vicky wasn't at all surprised to see Jane blowing Darrin (though she would have thought it more likely to be Sandy again). She figured she could have some fun getting involved, as well as helping them along. But she wanted to be sure her arrival wouldn't cause any setbacks. So she just observed until Jane obviously finished struggling through her epic orgasm without pulling her lips off her brother's shaft. Vicky figured that if Jane could keep her mouth on him through all that, she was determined to keep sucking him no matter what. Plus, she figured that there was a lull in the action afterwards, which meant her arrival wouldn't startle Darrin into accidentally losing control and cumming.

However, she decided to wait another couple of minutes until Jane was ready to start actively sucking again, just to be sure. She was emotionally touched when she saw Darrin run his hands through Jane's long mane of fiery red hair and tell her, "Sis, thank you so much for what you're doing to me. I love you so very, very much! I'm totally excited that we're doing this with each other. To be honest, I hear those Napali girls are supposed to be pretty amazing, but there's no girl I'd rather want as my girlfriend than you!"

Vicky thought that comment was an ideal opening for her to make her presence known. She strolled into full view without any hesitation, looking and acting as friendly as she could be. "Hey, y'all! Looks like you're havin' some fun!" She walked right up to Darrin and put a hand on his shoulder. She had to come at him at an angle so she wouldn't bump into Jane.

Darrin was surprised, but not that surprised. After all, this was far from the first time Lisa or Vicky had walked in on him without warning. But still, his eyes opened wide as he took in Vicky in all her voluptuous, blonde beauty. She was still wearing just her flight attendant hat and scarf as symbolic reminders of her position, plus her high heels.

Jane was more shocked than he was, since this was her very first time sucking her brother and she had much more of a feeling that she was doing something forbidden and wrong. She recognized Vicky's voice, with her distinctive Southern accent, right away, but she kept her eyes closed. Her face was already blushing from constant embarrassment about what she was doing, but it turned redder still.

Jane thought, Oh SHIT! Not AGAIN! Why does she have to come by, NOW?! I suppose it could be worse though. Jesus, it could have been Mom!

Seeing that Darrin and Jane weren't too shocked, and especially that Jane showed no signs of pulling her lips off his thick pole, Vicky leaned in and gave Darrin a kiss on the lips.

He resisted at first, because he was still catching up to the fact that Vicky was there at all. But her lips felt so good, and feeling her big bare tits rub on his skin, as well as her arms around his back, felt so good, that he soon gave in. He found himself tongue dueling with her.

He thought, What the hell, man?! I'm getting more action in one day than I ever thought I'd get in a lifetime! And I'm only freaking fifteen! This is totally crazy! He was astonished, but he certainly wasn't displeased. His arousal level soared even higher.

Jane could sense that some necking was taking place, mostly because of the way Vicky's legs pressed up against her side to get to Darrin's front as much as possible. But she could also hear tell-tale kissing noises. She opened her teary blue eyes and looked up to confirm it.

She saw what she'd expected to see, which was Vicky's nude body in the way but positioned so her face was up against Darrin's face. Still, seeing it hit her like a lightning bolt. DAMN! GOD DAMN! I'm so pissed! I can't even get his undivided attention with the very first blowjob I'm giving him! Fuck you, Vicky! Leave my man alone! Grrr! I'll show her! I'll show both of 'em!

Jane decided to get her brother's attention by resuming her cocksucking instead of just keeping his boner in her mouth, and furthermore, doing all she could to drive him wild. So far, she actually hadn't been doing that much other than raggedly sliding her lips back and forth while stroking his shaft. He was loving every second, but mostly because there's almost no such thing as a bad blowjob, and especially because of the mental thrill of knowing it was his sister doing the sucking. She still couldn't hold a candle to Lisa's ability, even when Lisa was greatly restraining herself, or even Sandy's ability, which had already improved by leaps and bounds, mostly through sheer determination and enthusiasm.

But Jane set about to change that in a hurry. Despite her lackluster feelings about blowing her previous boyfriends, she did have some experience thanks to those encounters. So far, she'd been daunted by Darrin's sheer size, but in her determination to regain his full attention away from Vicky, she went all out. However, instead of speeding up, she actually slowed down and just carefully sucked back and forth over his sweet spot. That reduced movement allowed her to bring her tongue into play in a big way. She knew to obsessively focus with her lapping too. Then, on top of all that, she brought her other hand to his crotch to help her first hand with stroking and fondling.

The effect was immediate. Darrin had to break his necking with Vicky and gasp out loud. "GAH!"

Vicky chuckled. "'Gah?' Stud, that wasn't from my kissin', and you're not even holdin' my titties." She quickly brought his hands from her back to her fantastic F-cups. "So I reckon Jane is doin' somethin' extra special with her sweet mouth."

He was forced to squeeze his PC muscle until the unexpected surge of pleasure passed. Then he blurted out to Vicky, "How can you just stand there and kiss me when she's doing... THAT?! You do know she's my sister, right?!"

Vicky chuckled again. "Sure thing. Actually, the reason I came here was 'cos I overheard ya tell her that there's no girl you'd rather want as your girlfriend than her. I wanted to make sure ya both know that's very possible."

"Really?!" he asked excitedly.

"Sure. Haven't I mentioned to you that brothers n' sisters get it on sometimes?"

"Yeah, maybe. It's all so jumbled up in my mind. Fantasy and reality. I don't know which is which!"

Vicky said with more chuckling, "Oh, that's easy, Stud. Your fantasy has become reality. End of story. And it's not just an occasional odd thing either. Sisters suckin' on their brothers, why, that's practically as common as dirt! Same with mothers suckin' on their sons. Incest just ain't no big deal on Napali. That's a fact."

"But that can't be!" Darrin gasped.

Jane was thinking the exact same thing. But simply hearing about the possibility encouraged her to suck with more intensity and power.

Vicky chuckled still more. "Of course it can! Anything is possible. It's just a matter of tradition, and that's the tradition there. Why would I lie to you? You'll find out for yourself just as soon as you get there. Not only that, but it's just as common for brothers to make their sisters their sluts. AND their moms. If you're gonna have three girlfriends, and I'm sure you are, wouldn't you want your sis and mom to be two of your personal cocksuckers!"

He was incredulous. "Are you fucking KIDDING me?! I would take that in a heartbeat!"

Vicky gave him a coy smile. "Oh really? And what if they didn't want ta be your 'girlfriends' at all? Because that name is too dignified. 'Slut' is the more commonly used name. So instead, what if they want ta be your SLUTS?! Your personal sluts?! Personal cocksuckin' sluts? Always chokin' n' gaggin', bobbin' n' slurpin'? Would you still want that?!"

He suddenly found himself on the edge of hyperventilating. "OH MAN! UNGH! I think... I think I need to sit down!" He meant that too. He could feel his legs starting to get wobbly. It was all too exciting for him to take.

Vicky wrapped her arms around him tightly and said, "Hang in there, Stud! Jane, for Christ's sake, take it easy on him! You don't want him ta cum just yet, do ya?"

Jane didn't want that. She was tempted to enjoy his cum blast, but she felt she had a lot to prove before she could even think of that. She was just starting to get into a good groove, and what Vicky was saying was so thrilling and inspiring that she'd never felt so motivated in her life.

Vicky held Darrin up for a minute or two, until she was more or less sure that he'd be able to stand on his own. She told him, "Now, ya keep standin' on your own, ya hear? If you wanna tame both your sis and momma, you've gotta show you're a tough, deserving, and even powerful guy. You got that?"

He'd been closing his eyes as he tried to cope without cumming, but he opened them and gave Vicky a nod.

"Good. Now, I've got some things ta tell Jane, so you just hang on. Oh, and DON'T CUM YET!"

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