Chapter 51
Written by Spacer X <>

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With that, Vicky dropped down until she was kneeling next to Jane. She wrapped an arm around her back. "Jane, Sugar, how ya doin' down here?"

Jane didn't want to stop sucking for anything. She glanced at Vicky out of the corner of her eyes. Her anger at Vicky had passed, thanks in part to all of Vicky's new news, but her determination to show her and Darrin that she was a worthy cocksucker remained. To communicate, she took one of her hands from his privates and gave the thumbs up signal.

"Good!" Vicky said. "You may be wonderin' why I'm actin' all cavalier 'bout your suckin' on your brother. That's 'cos I'm not surprised at all. It happens pretty much every time on these flights. Once ya hear it's okay to suck him, nobody's gonna hate ya for it or try to stop ya, 'cos all sortsa pent up desires come flowin' out!"

With one had still on Jane's back, Vicky brought her other hand to Darrin's lower shaft and found a spot to touch it between Jane's hand on his balls and her other hand stroking the middle of his shaft. "'Specially when you have a brother THIS well-hung! Lord have mercy! He's thick even by Napali standards!"

Jane opened her eyes and gave Vicky an annoyed narrow glare. She thought, Hands off! He's MINE!

Vicky chuckled. "I know what you're thinkin'! Don't worry, I know this is your very first brotherly suck. This is your special time ta start ta prove that you're worthy a bein' one a his big-titted sluts. I get it. I'm not gonna try to take over or even join ya."

Jane relaxed upon hearing that and closed her eyes. She was trying to give all her attention to her cocksucking, and Vicky's talking was a distraction.

However, Vicky continued to hold onto part of Darrin's boner. She went on, "That said, I feel it's pretty vital that I teach ya one weird little trick. Ya know how ta squeeze him at the base of his shaft just so, in order to prevent him from cummin'?"

Jane opened her eyes and shook her head as best as she could.

"I didn't think so. Listen up, 'cos this is as important as it gets! Whenever he gets close ta cummin', you can stop his orgasm dead in its tracks! If ya do that, ya can prolong the cocksuckin' joy for way longer! Lisa has already used this trick on him a bunch a times today. Here, let me show ya."

Vicky proceeded to spend the next couple of minutes teaching Jane how to use that trick. Part of it was teaching her how to look for the signs of an imminent orgasm so Jane would know when to be ready.

She also used the talk as an excuse to stroke his boner all the while. She concluded with a live demonstration. He had been getting increasingly aroused the whole time, since Jane was sucking him non-stop with her newly effective lip-and-tongue combo on his sweet spot. So Jane watched with wide eyes while Vicky talked her through the warning signs that came and then employed the trick, foiling his attempt to cum.

Jane paid close attention, even as she worked harder and harder to get him to cum.

When his close call passed, Vicky asked Darrin some questions out loud about how that felt and what he thought of the use of that technique, for Jane's benefit. As expected, he said it was trying to go through that and he'd much prefer if it didn't happen, but he also loved how it prolonged the joy.

Vicky finally took her hand off his boner. She told Jane, "There ya go! Listen to what he says. The key is to try to keep him throbbin' with pleasure in your mouth as long as ya can, and only use that trick as your last resort. Thanks to your ol' friend Vicky, you'll have a special edge over all those Napali girls wantin' ta steal him from ya! Now, ta make sure ya get it, next time ya bring him to the verge a cummin', you use the trick yourself. I'm not gonna touch him no more since this is your special time, but I'll watch closely to make sure you do it right and be ready to act fast if you fail ta act. Sound good?"

After that, Vicky stayed close, with her face often close enough to breathe onto Darrin's hot cock (which she did, a lot). But she kept her promise not to directly touch it. She tried to stay quiet and not ruin Jane's conversation, but every now and then she couldn't resist giving some advice if she thought it could help. Mainly, she encouraged restraint, because Jane had a habit of getting too excited and sucking him too hard and fast.

Ten minutes passed, and it seemed that Darrin was going to cum soon, no matter what Jane did. Jane held her hands around the base of his shaft, ready to employ the squeezing trick herself for the first time.

But then Vicky exclaimed, "STOP! Stop everything!"

Jane froze. But she felt disappointed and confused.

Vicky waited until the heavy breathing of both siblings calmed down some. Then she said, "Okay, Sugar, I know you're not gonna like this, but it's time to pull your lips all the way off him. All the way!"

Jane wanted to ask "Why?!" But she couldn't really talk until she pulled off. She did so reluctantly, since Vicky was giving her a look that brooked no dissent.

As soon as Jane's mouth disengaged, Vicky gave Darrin's nearer leg a playful slap. "Good job, Stud! You've been standin' a looooong time. Please take a seat."

Those words were music to his ears. He had been growing increasingly exhausted from standing up, due to his near-constant struggle to just not cum. He went to the single chair in the alcove and sat down on it. He let out a long sigh of relief.

Vicky looked to Jane. "Now, I know you're wonderin' why I made ya stop. A couple a reasons. First off, your goal should be ta keep his cock throbbin' with pleasure for as long as ya can. Even more important than the squeezin' trick is takin' well-timed breaks. Ya need it yourself, Sugar! You're all tired out. Your suckin' was gettin' more n' more ragged n' haphazard. Ya need ta bring your 'A game' all the time if you wanta be a good sister-slut. So, by all means, please stretch out, stretch your jaw, and generally rest n' recover. Okay?"

Jane sheepishly nodded while she wiped the tears from her face. Now that her mouth was unoccupied she could talk if she wanted to, but she felt shy to actually do so. Her face turned redder just from thinking about having a frank conversation with Vicky or Darrin, or both of them.

Vicky asked her, "What are you doin', wipin' your tears away? Those are hard-fought tears. Ya should wear 'em like a badge of pride. To me, they say, 'I'm my brother's sexy big-titted slut, and I love suckin' his cock so very much that I don't mind the pain n' sufferin' at all.' By the way, are those more tears a struggle or tears a joy?"

Jane stopped wiping her tears away. She shyly answered that question, since it was a relatively straightforward one. "I don't know. So much of both. Can I say 100% both?"

Vicky laughed. "Ya sure can, Sugar! And I know just how ya feel. But anyway, the second reason I wanted ya ta stop is that bein' a slut for your brother is waaaay different than bein' a girlfriend for some random guy back in the States. Yeah, it's unfair, but thanks ta that three-to-one ratio, the boy with the big cock is king. I know back home ya must stop traffic with your flowin' n' flamin' long red hair, not ta mention your sultry face and outrageous curves, but on Napali, EVERY girl is a perfect ten. Only the lucky few end up with a super stud like your brother, and a thick horse cock ta snack on whenever ya want."

Jane was unhappy to hear of that role reversal again, but by now she completely believed it.

"If ya want ta grab him n' keep him, ya gotta WORK for it! Ya need ta think of his pleasure at all times, and in every way. I know it's fun suckin' him when he's standin' up, seein' him all big n' powerful, dominatin' n' humiliatin' ya on your knees, but he can't stay standin' forever when you're suckin' him so good. Did ya ever stop ta think he might wanna sit down?"

"No," Jane sheepishly admitted. She turned her head away in embarrassment. She wanted to deny that she didn't get an extra thrill from blowing him while he was standing, but she searched her feelings and realized she couldn't honestly do that. In fact, it was a constant thrill for her.

Vicky smirked. "I thought not. Now, I'll go get bottles a water for both a you. Gotta stay hydrated at all times." She stood up.

But before she left the alcove, she turned to Darrin and said, "I'll be back in a minute. But while I'm gone, I want ya to tell your sister just how ya feel about her. Not many boys your age are lucky ta have an older sister who longs ta be one of your personal cocksuckers!" She gave him a playful wink, then walked out of sight.

Darrin and Jane looked at each other awkwardly. They didn't know what to say. It was much easier when Jane was just sucking him with her eyes closed while he ran his hand through her mane of red hair.

He decided to seize the situation and be brave. It was the least he could do. He patted his thighs. "Here. Come sit."

She smiled and got up. The tension between them somehow drained away. She joked, "Are you sure? I'm so much bigger than you, I could crush you."

She stretched her arms up high, proudly showing off her nude body. Aaaah! God, it feels SO GREAT to be naked for him! And posing like a porn star is even better. I love to turn him on!

He replied, "I'm sure. Trust me, if I'm gonna die, there'd be no better way than dying while I hold you in my arms."

As he said that, his jaw practically hit the floor from watching her stretch and preen. Hooooly Toledo! Good GOD, she's a BABE! And she's all mine!

Jane loved his comment. God, how I love my brother! I know I'm going to be in good hands if I let him take control.

She cut her posing short and sat in his lap. She held his boner and pointed it out of the way first, joking, "Careful, Bro. I don't think you're ready to be a daddy just yet." Then she wrapped an arm around him and kissed his lips with great passion. But once she got her hand on his cock it was like she couldn't let go, and she began vigorously jacking him off.

The two of them made out for a couple of minutes. All the while, Darrin alternated between playing with her tits, ass, and pussy. He fingered her through an orgasm that was so intense that she screamed right through it, directly into his mouth. She never stopped jacking him off though.

Eventually, they heard a cough and then some chuckling. It was Vicky, standing right in front of them. She said, "Ya know, it only took me like a minute ta get the water bottles. I was gonna wait outta sight until y'all finished kissin' n' talkin' until I realized I could be waitin' a long, long time!" She chuckled some more.

"Here." She placed the side of one of the water bottles against Jane's upper back.

It was cold, almost icy, so it caused Jane to shiver. She was obliged to break the kiss and take the bottle in hand before it was pressed against other parts of her bare body.

Vicky silently handed the other bottle to Darrin. "Now, I want ya to drink up first. Down the whole thing. THEN ya can tell her sweet nothin's, Stud. And Jane, I approve that you're strokin' him. Already, you're showin' all the signs of bein' a good sister-slut. But if ya stroke him so vigorously, he won't get much rest for when ya get back ta suckin' on him."

Jane winced in embarrassment, especially at being called a "good sister-slut." But she listened to Vicky and eased up with her cock fondling.

Vicky waited with her hands on her hips until she saw the two of them finish their waters.

Both siblings made a mental note that it didn't feel nearly as hot as it did earlier. In fact, they weren't sweating anymore. They both guessed their bodies had adjusted to the heat.

It was true their bodies were bound to adjust to some extent, but what they didn't know was that not only were the overhead fans running in the cabin, but air conditioning had been turned on, noticeably cooling the entire plane. Now that all the passengers in all three families had gotten completely naked and nobody was seriously thinking of wearing clothes anymore, there was no reason to have everyone suffer from the heat.

That said, Vicky and Lisa still felt it was good in general to keep everyone well hydrated. Even though the cabin wasn't as hot as it had been earlier, it was still much warmer than what was typical of a passenger plane.

Vicky took the empty bottles from them, and said, "That's good. Now, I'm gonna leave ya for a while and check on the other passengers. I'm sure ya want some private time. The main thing, Sugar, is that I taught ya how ta properly prolong the suckin' joy. Now it's up ta ya to put all those things I said ta good use. Right?"

Jane just nodded. She still found talking to Vicky about such matters highly embarrassing.

"Good. Oh, and by the way, I'm pretty sure your momma is still takin' a nap. Lisa is back there restin' too, and she saw what you're doin' here on her way back there, I reckon. So the odds are good she's gonna keep Red busy with talkin' n' whatnot so you two can have your special first time together. But, eventually, you're gonna have to figure out about what ta tell her."

Both kids nodded at that. The thought of having to confess to Sandy was daunting, but much more so for Jane, since she didn't know Sandy had already blown him three times, and he obviously did.

Vicky gave a friendly wave and then walked away, through the curtains that led towards the front of the plane.

There were a lot of things the siblings could talk about, but Darrin first wanted to do what Vicky had asked him to do, which was tell Jane how much she meant to him and how much he appreciated her blowjob effort. So he stared into her teary blue eyes and said, "Sis, I know I keep telling you today how much I love you, because it's true. You're such a great, loving sister in every way, funny and smart and kind. AND you're a total bombshell knockout!"

She smiled from ear to ear. "I suppose it doesn't hurt that I have these." She looked down at her huge tits, which he was caressing with both hands from below.

He smiled widely too. "No, that doesn't hurt." He gave them a playful squeeze, and more actively fondled them. "But I meant what I said before. If you want to be my girlfriend, or, er... slut..."

Jane said, "Vicky seems pretty insistent that the common term on Napali is slut." That humiliated her, but since she unwittingly got off on being sexually humiliated by her brother, she wanted to make sure he used that term.

"Yeah." He blushed. "In fact, um... I heard her call you my 'sister slut.'"

"She did," Jane said with perverse enjoyment, even as she kept on jacking him off. "She even called me your 'sexy big-titted slut' and one of your 'personal cocksuckers.'" Her face was getting redder too.

"Um, yeah. That. Anyway, if you want to be that, all that, there's no one I'd rather want than you! I mean that!"

She felt a thrill down her spine to hear him say that, even though she was certain he was going to say it. She asked him, semi-teasingly but semi-seriously, "Oh yeah? What about Mom?"

He stared shyly at his hands playing with her tits. "Well, of course, Mom. That goes without saying. But you're totally tied with her! I really mean that! The truth is, I've dreamed of both of you soooo many times! Together and separately, you two have been the stars of ALL of my fantasies, for years and years! Sis, I love you so much, but God, I want you so much too!"

She grinned impishly. "So, you're saying that when you were lying in bed, beating your meat, you'd dream of me doing something like this?" She abruptly slid down his body until she was kneeling between his legs, with her face at his crotch. She started licking his boner while continuing to stroke it. She didn't mean to get out of his lap so fast, but it was like she couldn't help it. She needed to feel his tongue on his cock, badly.

"Um... yeah. Pretty much every day. In fact, I'd say every single day, for sure!"

"Did you dream of me doing this?" She began bobbing on his shaft, but only on the top part of his cockhead, so she could still talk.

"Hell, yeah! So much!" His arousal level was spiking.

She pulled off for a moment to ask, "So you're asking me if I want to be your 'sister-slut?' Your 'personal cocksucker?' Or at least one of them?"

"Yeah! I guess I am!" His confidence was soaring along with his lust.

She spoke as she licked in swirls around his fat knob, "Well, first off, maybe you shouldn't ask at all! Maybe you should just tell me what you're going to do to me! And spank my bare ass if I refuse! But also, don't be so quick to decide." There was a long pause as she lapped on his sweet spot and then made some more swirly licks all the way around his cockhead.

"Huh?" he asked in confusion. His ability to think straight was falling fast as his erotic euphoria skyrocketed.

She explained, "Being one of your three sluts or cocksuckers or whatever you call it is going to be a highly coveted position, for sure! Just look at the two other girls on the plane, Rosalita and... um... the other one." She was having increasingly trouble thinking clearly too. "Oh yeah. Vanessa. Wouldn't you like to see one or both of them where I am now?"

He grunted almost orgasmically. "UNNGH! Oh yeah!"

"What if ALL the girls there look like them, and me? You lucky bastard! My point is, don't judge a book by its cover. I understand your sluts are going to suck your cock many, many, MANY times a day! They have to be great at it, and they have to love it! Let me prove to you that I'm deserving! That I can channel all my love into keeping your cock throbbing right on the edge of orgasm, all day long!"

With that, she took a big breath and engulfed all of his cockhead and then some.

Jane's words may have seemed unwise if she wanted to be his slut, since she was making matters more difficult for herself. But her deeply submissive side was coming into full flower, and that compelled her to say what she did. She both hated and loved the idea of having to compete with other girls roughly her equals in looks, breast size, and overall sexiness just for the chance to suck his cock. Deep down, she knew he'd choose her without a doubt, but pretending otherwise inspired her to try harder.

Jane was in a cocksucking mood, to say the least. Before, she'd struggled with his sheer size, and that still was a problem. In fact, she felt she would never get fully used to the struggle and discomfort. But at least she knew she could handle it and suck him well enough to get him to cum (had it not been for Vicky using the squeezing trick). That gave her lots of confidence. She wanted to try new things and test exactly what she could do. She also was feeling well rested and energized. With Vicky's tips in mind, she was sure she could keep him stiff and overjoyed for a long, long time. Also, as much as she appreciated those tips, she was glad Vicky was gone so she could concentrate on her sucking without any distractions.

So she began to go at it with a passion. Five minutes passed, then another five. Already, her jaw started to tire, but she felt she was doing a good job keeping him close to cumming without going over the edge.

Then, out of the blue, he did go over the edge and started to cum. He was getting tired too, and he hadn't been squeezing his PC muscle enough. He shouted, "CUMMING!"

But he didn't cum, because she had a hand around the base of his shaft and she squeezed hard right when she felt his balls start to tighten. He did shoot out one rope, right into her mouth, but that was all.

Afterwards, she gave him a couple of minutes to rest, just as Vicky advised her she should. But she kept his hard-on in her mouth. Even though her mouth was slightly larger, she didn't relish pulling it off and then engulfing it again.

As she waited, she thought, This is awesome! The more I suck, the better it gets! God! Just being here naked with my lips stretched painfully around his horse cock in nothing but my high heels, my special "sucker heels," is such an endless high! It's so fucking humiliating! When I gave my boyfriends blowjobs, I can see now that I didn't enjoy it because I tried to retain some dignity and there's no dignity in this act at all. But with Brother, UNGH! I just totally let my inner slut out! I actually revel in how unfair and shameful it is.

Maybe that's why I get off on thinking of myself as his slut. His sister-slut! Oooh! Goose bumps! She imagined her brother meeting a stranger on Napali. "Hey there. My name is Darrin. The girl you see kneeling naked and bobbing on my dick is my sister Jane. Sorry she can't talk now, but she's my big-titted, cocksucking sister slut, and once she gets started, nothing can stop her!"

Damn straight! HNNNG! So fucking HOT! And I'm going to have to be forced to share him! ME! "Queen Jane," the undisputed busty beauty of my entire high school! I'll have to share sucking him with MOM! Oh, FUCK ME! So fucking incredibly HOT! That's gonna be so intense! I mean, it's crazy! He's so normal. Scrawny and small, even. And Mom and me, let's face it, we're both centerfold worthy. And even then, we'll have to share him with others! FUUUUUCK!

God, I fucking love Napali already! I'm so glad it's not some kind of trap or scam. Or if it is, it's the very best kind!

Jane's thoughts aroused her so much that she found herself resuming her sucking before she'd intended to do so, and with more energy than planned too. Luckily, he was able to ride out that wave, and, in another couple of minutes, she more or less calmed down.

After another five minutes, she thought, Unngggh! This is such a trial. An endurance contest. But the weird thing is, the greater the challenge, the more I love it. For one thing, the fact that he's lasting this long proves that he's a total stud! He's worthy of me, for sure. In fact, I don't know if I'm worthy of him. But also, somehow it's even MORE humiliating that I have to work so damn hard and all he does is sit there like a fucking lord, running his hands through my hair. Like I'm his pet. His sex pet! HNNNNG! Too hot!

Unfortunately, Jane's physical stamina was flagging. Her mouth simply wasn't used to such an endurance trial. She considered taking another prolonged rest, but she figured it would have to be a very long rest indeed before her mouth recovered to something semi-tolerable, and she wasn't that patient. She decided that she had come a long way in just her first blowjob, and she deserved his cum.

She sucked faster and faster, with more and more suction. She aggressively fondled his balls and stroked his shaft too. It was an all-out sex attack.

Darrin's stamina was flagging in a big way too. He'd been through a great deal in one day, and his body and especially his penis were crying uncle. So once he could tell that Jane was working hard to make him cum soon, it wasn't long before he simply stopped resisting. He did manage to give her a little warning though, calling out, "Gonna... gonna cum!"

She immediately pulled her lips off, shut her eyes tight, and opened her mouth wide, in preparation for a facial. She kept one hand holding the base of his shaft while her other hand stroked up towards his cockhead.

Then the cum blast began. Jane had been so intent on using both hands to augment her blowjob that she hadn't been playing with herself at all (though she did have a big cum while she sat in Darrin's lap). Even though she still wasn't touching her privates anywhere, she exploded in climax anyway, because she was so overjoyed to take his cum on her face. It was like a religious rapture. She felt wave after wave of total sexual overload wave over her and through her. If she had any lingering doubt that she wanted to be her brother's "sister-slut," it was washed away as the peak orgasm went on and on.

She kept her eyes closed, but she had great fun aiming his cock this way and that, making sure to cover all of her face. In fact, his cum load wasn't as big as it had been earlier in the day, but she had a knack of coaxing more cum out of him than he otherwise would have released. She certainly didn't feel disappointed by how much cum splattered all over her gorgeous facial features.

Darrin, naturally, hit a great peak of orgasmic ecstasy too. But his orgasm ended much sooner than hers, as male orgasms do.

However, that didn't matter much, because she was so very enthusiastic that as soon as he stopped cumming, she engulfed his cockhead again and went right back to bobbing on him. Plus, she never stopped stroking him. Her orgasm went on and on, causing her body to shudder and shake, but she wasn't going to stop sucking him no matter what, even though she had great difficulty just getting enough oxygen not to pass out.

He was left half dead. He slumped in his chair, panting hard and not even opening his eyes. Had the chair been more substantial, with some kind of head rest, he would have fallen asleep altogether. But he couldn't with his head lolling back and forth, as if he didn't even have the strength to keep his head up.

After about a minute, his penis finally started to go flaccid, despite Jane's best efforts. He opened his eyes to apologize for running out of cum and energy.

But then he looked down at his sister's cum-splattered face. It was exactly like he'd been hit by a taser. His entire body jerked and jolted, nearly lifting his ass off the chair! He'd never seen anything so sexy and arousing in his life, with the possible exception of some recent moments with his mother.

In fact, he was so very aroused by the sight that his dick stiffed right back up!

Jane was delighted beyond measure. True, her mouth was so exhausted that she didn't even know how she could keep going, but in the heat of the moment she was determined to keep him erect, regardless.

She truly gave the effort her all. One minute passed, then another, then yet another. His cock still remained erect. This was true despite the fact that he was semi-conscious at best. The way he slumped in his chair, with his head tilting at an odd angle, it looked exactly like he had passed out. But his cock stayed stiff.

She soon reached a point where she realized she simply couldn't physically go on. Her jaw couldn't take any more sucking, no matter what. She was torn, because she knew that if she let up at all he would go flaccid, since he was so weary and out of it. She feared that simply jacking him off wouldn't be enough.

Then a solution hit her: My tits! Brilliant! He loves them so much, that'll do the trick, for sure! Hee! I love it! She pulled her lips off his shaft, then sat up higher and enveloped his shaft in her deep cleavage.

That hit him like another electric shock. He could feel his thick shaft enveloped in soft tit-flesh, and he couldn't resist opening his eyes to take another peek. Seeing his hard-on trapped between his sister's F-cups gave him a new lease on life, like taking a cold shower and getting slapped repeatedly in the face.

He sat up somewhat, and she followed, keeping his boner safely trapped between her warm tit-mountains. He exclaimed, "Sis! You're titfucking me!"

"I know!" Her eyes shone and sparkled with delight. "Isn't it great?! Just for a few minutes though. I so want to suck your cock, more and more and more! But my mouth can't take it. Luckily, God gave me these." She ostentatiously ran her hands over her huge globes, then went right back to tightly squeezing them together.

He stared in disbelief. His heart was racing faster and faster, forcing him to rouse himself back to full consciousness. "Jeeeeesus Christ! Sis! That's so awesome!"

She explained excitedly, "Whenever I get too tired to suck you, I can switch to titfucking. And whenever I get too tired to titfuck, I can switch to sucking. Between the two things, I might be able to keep your cock erect for, well, forever!" She laughed.

He laughed too. "I don't know about that. But who knows? You just brought me back from the dead." He reached out and ran a hand through her long fiery red hair.

She blushed at the tender gesture, strangely enough. She tilted her head down and focused on sliding her tits up and down on either side of his boner for the very first time. She would have tried to get her tongue involved too, but it needed a rest.

As he continued to revive and run a hand through her hair and even down her back a little bit, he said, "So, you're serious about being my cocksucking, big-titted sister-slut, are you?"

She blushed even more, and was glad she wasn't looking at his face. "I know it's humiliating. So fucking humiliating! But it's what I want, yes. I don't even know why, but when I'm sucking you, or doing this, for that matter, Gaaaawwwwd! It's like a non-stop climax the whooooole time!"

He grew a bit more thoughtful, even as he basked in the extreme pleasure. "You know, the way Lisa and Vicky talk about it, if you want to be my slut, it'll involve a lot of cocksucking. Like, about as much as I can stand, every single day. And I cum a lot!"

"I know," she replied. "I know all of that."

He continued to caress her wavy hair. "Won't you get bored?"

She looked up at him with a smirk. "Tell me. You've been masturbating for how many years now? Do you ever get bored of that? I tell you, this is such an endless sexual high. And I don't think it'll ever get old, ever! Just kneeling naked between your legs... UGH! It does something to me I can't even explain! It's like... HNNNG! So hard to explain. It's like... this is where I belong! Like, I feel ten times more alive!"

"Huh. That sounds really intense."

"It is!"

Silence ensued after that.

Darrin found himself thinking about Sandy, wondering if she felt the exact same way. From her off-the-charts enthusiasm so far, he guessed that she did. He tried to ponder why, but he couldn't come up with any great answer except the obvious one of incest causing an extra great thrill.

Then he went off on a tangent about other thoughts about his mother. So far, he'd been careful not to mention how Sandy had given him three blowjobs already. He figured it wouldn't be right for him to mention that without talking it over with Sandy first. He noticed that Vicky had to know all that, since it was a good guess that she and Lisa shared such gossip when they were talking in private. Yet Vicky hadn't mentioned a word about it either.

He decided to stick to that policy of not mentioning it, for now. And he wasn't going to tell Sandy what Jane was doing to him now either. But he also knew that the truth had to come out, and soon. He made a mental note to talk to either Lisa or Vicky and get their advice.

After a few more minutes of wonderful titfucking, Jane's mouth recovered enough for her to switch back to cocksucking for a while. But she was still tired out from all the sexual activity. She resolved to give him more of a mellow and slow sucking. It seemed fitting, since she noticed that even though he'd revived himself, he remained tired and mentally overwhelmed.

What neither Darrin nor Jane knew was that Vicky was keeping an eye on them from time to time. She didn't want to interfere anymore, now that Jane knew the squeezing trick and related endurance techniques. Plus, she had two other families to deal with sometimes. So she just went to the alcove and peeked in every now and then. Since both kids kept their eyes closed nearly all the time, she wasn't in much danger of getting discovered, so long as she stayed quiet.

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