Chapter 52
Written by Spacer X <>

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Sandy slowly came to consciousness in her usual window seat. She frowned before she opened her eyes as she remembered what she'd done prior to her nap. Oh SHIT! It happened again! I sucked my son's cock AGAIN! Ugh! I just can't help myself. And while he was making out with his sister AND with Lisa lending a tongue. It's all so wicked and depraved.

Damn. That said... It was soooo good! I sucked him for such a long time! She broke into a smile and raised a hand to her face to rub her jaw. My jaw hurts. My mouth is sore from being stretched out too. And my pussy. Dear me! My pussy is even more sore, from too many orgasms! But it was soooooo worth it!

As she continued to drift all the way awake, she tried to put her actions into a larger context. I can't stop thinking about that woman. That buxom redheaded mother, Red! Why did Vicky have to tell me her story?! It's made my need to suck that much worse! Red was totally obsessed with sucking her son's cock, just like I am! I keep thinking of her naked and kneeling, her huge tits drooping down, her red hair bobbing and flying about, and her gorgeous face splattered and dripping with hot cum. EXACTLY like how I must look. Right here on this very flight, only at a different time!

And her son was so mean! Keeping her completely naked with her face marked with his cum for the entire flight, so everyone on the plane could see that she belonged to him and him alone! Treating his own mother like his personal slut! His cocksucking pet! Yes, his PET! Gaawwwd, that's TOO HOT!

Except she didn't just dream about it and masturbate - she took action! She decided she wanted to belong to him, to serve him, to serve and suck his cock forever! Every day, all the time! Just like Olivia did! Like so many other busty mothers on these flights have! And like Lisa's doing right now!

Is that what I want? Really truly?! Maybe I'm a coward, because all I can think about is how much I wish that mother was ME! Or that I was Lisa right now! But still, I'm afraid. It's such a big commitment, to fully devote myself to pleasuring his cock. I'll never be normal again. Neither will he. Our entire family will be screwed up forever. Is it the right thing to do, or is my lust leading me into madness?!

She frowned as she continued to ponder that weighty issue.

Lisa was sitting in the aisle seat in the back row, since Sandy was sprawled out in both the window and middle seats. The raven-haired stunner was staring off into space, lost in her own thoughts, when she noticed Sandy raising a hand and rubbing her jaw. That tipped her off that Sandy had just woken up.

Lisa didn't know what Sandy's mindset was, but she and others in SI had learned from extensive experience that the time right after waking up from a nap was a particularly dangerous one for women like Sandy on these flights, since the non-stop sexual arousal would have worn off and retrospection was likely. Lisa's goal was to intervene before Sandy's thoughts could run off in a very regretful direction.

She was trying to give Sandy at least some time to awake on her own, but once she saw Sandy frown, she reached out and lightly tapped on Sandy's shoulder. "You're still feeling it in the jaw, aren't you?"

Sandy's eyes opened wide in a flash. She was startled to see Lisa there, looking devastatingly beautiful in all her naked glory. She looked down at her own nude body and immediately sat up in her window seat and covered her nipples and pussy as best she could.

Her face turned red as she thought about all that Lisa knew about her recent actions. She shut her eyes tightly and quietly muttered, "Lisa! Oh dear! What you must think about me!"

Lisa spoke in a normal voice, "There's no need to be quiet. It's just you and me here."

Sandy opened her eyes again and she scooted to the middle seat. Then she leaned forward over the seatback into the front row. She looked all around and confirmed that the others were gone. She sat back and turned to Lisa again. "Where are they?!"

Lisa said nonchalantly, "Oh, they're hanging out in the middle of the plane. In fact, they're at the same spot where you sucked on your son while Vicky and I were there, remember?"

Sandy shut her eyes in embarrassment. "Please don't remind me!"

She had mixed feelings about what were now her three incestuous blowjobs. In fact, she wasn't really that regretful, as her thoughts were starting to show before Lisa got her attention. But overtly talking to Lisa about what happened brought her regret and humiliation to the fore, at least temporarily.

Lisa went on, "I passed them by on the way here. They were busy talking about some private stuff, so I figured I should leave them alone. Probably, they're trying to make sense of everything that's happened today."

Sandy opened her eyes once more and looked at Lisa skeptically. "Talking?" Her worry and suspicion was that her children were kissing and fondling some more, or maybe even that Jane was sucking Darrin's cock. Even though Sandy was increasingly accepting that she loved sucking her son so much that she didn't want to ever stop, she didn't want Jane to take the same path. Part of that was motherly concern for Jane to have a normal sexual and romantic life, and part of it was jealousy and wanting to have her son's cock all to herself.

Lisa correctly guessed that Sandy would react badly to finding out that Jane was sucking Darrin off. In fact, she figured Sandy would probably feel obliged to get up and stop them. That's why Lisa felt she had to lie.

Lisa continued, "Yes, talking. They were so into it that they didn't even notice me coming by. Oh! By the way, here, let me get you something." She stood up, went to her nearby cooler, and got a bottle of apple juice for Sandy. She returned to her aisle seat and handed it to her. "Here. Drink up."

Sandy looked at the bottle skeptically. "Again?"

"Again. In a sweaty situation like this, you literally can't drink enough. Especially you. We don't want you to get the shakes again."

Sandy thought, Good grief, not the "shakes" again. That lie is going to follow me to my grave! She decided to come clean. She leaned in until her shoulder was touching Lisa's. "Actually, just between you and me, I didn't really have the shakes back then. I had a big orgasm, and I guess Vicky misunderstood. But don't tell the others, okay? It's kind of embarrassing."

Lisa nodded. "Your secret's safe with me. Don't worry about it. But drink up just the same. You sucked your son's cock for a long, long time. A good half-hour, I'd say. Which, by the way, is GREAT! I'm really proud of you. But it's a lot of hard work, and you need to stay well hydrated."

Sandy's embarrassment grew at that overt mention of her latest blowjob, but she opened the bottle and took a swig. Then she spoke while looking down and away, "You must think I'm an awful mother." She added in a quiet whisper, "I don't know what's wrong with me! That was the third time! I just can't stop sucking him!"

Lisa boldly stated, "You're not a bad mother, you're a GREAT mother! After all, aren't you doing this for him, to help with his development?"

"I am?" Sandy asked uncertainly. She was uncertain because she recalled her continuous intense sexual pleasure. She loved that she had made her son feel so good, but she felt that her main motivation was her own sexual satisfaction. Sucking his cock was like a non-stop wild roller coaster ride and she never wanted it to end.

She took another drink of her apple juice. She still had a hand over her pussy, but she had to give up her attempt to cover her enormous breasts in order to hold the bottle.

Lisa said, "You are. As I think I've told you, I've seen this happen before, pretty much every year on this flight to Napali. I've talked to you about how great it is that you've been helping him with his kissing and fondling, so he won't go to his first date totally clueless. You don't regret that, do you?"

"Of course not."

"Good. Because, in the same way, you can help him even more by sucking his cock repeatedly between here and Napali."

"What?! Are you serious?!" Sandy's heart started racing.

"Very. I know this sounds twisted, but SI has actually found having mothers suck on their son's cocks for a couple days during the journey is very helpful towards getting the families adjusted to life there. The more, the better!"

Sandy wasn't feeling all that aroused, at least compared to before, but that got her lusty fire burning again. It was practically an open invitation for her to suck Darrin's cock a whole lot more, at least until they arrived at Napali. Sandy salivated and licked her lips repeatedly.

But she was still trying to put up a front that she'd made a mistake and didn't really want that. She was attempting to convince herself of that as much as Lisa. So she acted indignant. "WHAT?! How?! That IS twisted! Explain!"

Lisa could guess Sandy's true feelings well enough, but she was taking things one step at a time, and pretended to be mostly oblivious. "Think about it. As I told you, Napali is a kind of real-life sexual paradise, especially a blowjob paradise. Like I said, the average teenage boy gets his cock sucked more times that you can imagine, based on what you think you know now."

"How many times?! I can imagine quite a bit!"

Lisa was secretly amused at Sandy's lusty curiosity, even during her distress. "You can't really measure it in numbers. What if one boy has his cock sucked to orgasm six times, and another boy has his cock sucked to orgasm nine times? But the first boy had his cock in five different mouths for a total of four hours and the other boy hand his cock in only two mouths for a mere total of three hours. See the problem? And that's not even the complication of counting double and triple blowjobs, which are the norm. But let's just say it's a lot!"

Sandy's head was dizzy at that sex math - and the implications. "But that... that... that's SO MUCH!"

Lisa chuckled. "Told you! Now, I'm not saying those numbers are typical. It's hard to say what's typical, especially when those boys have so many other ways to fuck, fondle, and use their women. Those would be blowjob-centric days, most likely. But remember that Darrin admitted he cums five, six, or seven times a day. That was when he was only masturbating. Once he's in Napali and has a variety of drop-dead, busty gorgeous women willing to suck him at the drop of a hat, I'm sure that number will go up. He could end up cumming ten times a day! Or more!"

Sandy was glad that she was covering her pussy because it started to tingle as it got wet. That IS a cocksucking paradise! And I've just discovered sucking my son's cock is even better than the best fantasies I've had about it! If I could suck his cock that many times a day... Sweet Jesus! It might be too much even for me. That's why a boy with a virile, powerful cock like his needs at least two girlfriends to take care of him. More like three. I can see that now.

But still, what a paradise! Heaven would be a come-down for me if it's really like that! Now that I know first-hand just how great sucking his cock is, it's all I'd want to do! Well, almost.

She wasn't that distressed in the first place, and her lust was rapidly pushing her worries to the side. She said, "Lisa, if what you said is true... my God! You told me earlier that a good cocksucker makes sure to prolong the experience. So some big portion of his day is going to be spent just getting his cock sucked! It'll be HOURS of his day, every single day!"

"That's true. We'll get back to that in a minute. But first, let me explain some more how you'll be helping him a lot by repeatedly sucking his cock during this journey. Keep in mind that most boys are around Darrin's age or a little older when they arrive, and they're sexually inexperienced. Probably, they've never enjoyed a blowjob before, or if they have, those have been bad ones by girls their age who don't know what they're doing whatsoever. That's nothing close to the joy he must feel from a big-titted and very curvaceous older woman bobbing on his shaft. They have so much more experience. And passion! Don't you agree?"

Sandy nodded her head eagerly. Then she realized she was showing too much eagerness, but it was too late to take it back.

Lisa was still trying to act and sound casual, despite her arousal steadily rising too. "But in a couple of days' time, they're going to be thrown into the sexual hotbed of Napali. They'll need sexual experience, and fast, or they'll be chum thrown to a pack of hungry sharks."

She smiled lustily as she added, "There's a skill to getting your cock sucked, you know."

Sandy tried to correct her. "You mean in doing the sucking, right?"

"That too, of course." She looked down at Sandy's feet. "Right now, your heels are only black. It could take you years and years to earn your red heels."

Sandy looked at her heels and then over at Lisa's red ones. She felt incredibly envious.

Lisa went on, "But think about it from Darrin's point of view. There's a skill to getting one's cock sucked too. First off, he can't cum too soon. That would be a disaster. Can you imagine how embarrassed he'd be if he goes on his first date with a Napali girl, and five minutes after he gets her alone, he already blows a hot and creamy load all over her gorgeous face? That would be embarrassing, to say the least!"

Lisa and Sandy shared a chuckle about that.

The super stacked mother started to wiggle a little in arousal. She was still covering her pussy mound, but also tweaking her clit a little bit. She asked, "What do you think would happen next?"

Lisa said, "Well, the girl is bound to be naked and kneeling in just her high heels, because she's no prude. Like any Napali girl or woman, she'll get uncontrollably horny and hungry when her mouth gets close to a big cock. She'll probably take it as a compliment, that he got too excited and lost control. So that alone wouldn't be a disaster. The disaster will happen when she resumes sucking him, or fucking him with her big tits, and he blows his load again just five or ten minutes later! That could ruin his entire reputation, because girls talk."

"Oh dear," Sandy said. "But ten minutes? That's not bad at all. Is it?"

Lisa said, "It is, by Napali standards. Remember, sucking cock is THE favorite pastime there. Heck, the girl will get even more embarrassed if she has to cry uncle and stop sucking him after only ten minutes. Or twenty, for that matter."

"Doesn't anybody ever work?!"

Lisa chuckled. "Of course! But that's only 30 hours a week or so." (Sandy already knew that one of the perks to living on Napali were the four-day work weeks.)

"What do people do for the rest of the time? On a date, don't they want to watch a movie?"

'Sure, but you can suck or stroke a cock during a movie. And, boy do they!"

Sandy took another sip of her apple juice, but she was furtively playing with her clit with her other hand as she imagined bobbing in her son's lap as the two of them sat in a dark movie theater. Oh God! Too hot! I could spend the whole movie just... just... UNH! I can't even think about it!

She asked, "What about going to the beach?"

Lisa replied, "Of course. That's very common. But that's just another locale to enjoy a cocksucking marathon, with some swimming and snorkeling thrown in. You get the idea. I could easily imagine your son going to some private cove with his three girlfriends, and kicking back on a lawn chair with his sunglasses on while all three of them slurp and slobber all over his huge anaconda!"

Sandy's eyes widened and her body squirmed even more. She had to put her apple juice down so she could pin an arm under her I-cups to prevent them from heaving too much. Oh no! That's even hotter than the movie idea! All three at once!

Lisa noticed Sandy's heated reaction and was secretly pleased. She continued calmly, "I can see you're startled by the three-girlfriends-at-once idea. I thought we'd talked about that before."

"We have, but it takes some getting used to!"

"That's true," Lisa agreed. "But what's most relevant here is that with every guy having two or three girlfriends, each guy gets to be an expert at having his cock sucked, with more than one mouth on his hot pole being the norm. They learn how to cope with mind-blowing pleasure without needing to cum, sometimes for hours. Darrin is going to have to compete with all that."

Sandy was stunned all over again. She whispered in amazement, "So much cocksucking!"

Lisa chuckled again. "You can say that again! Already, I think you can see how helpful it is when sons get some blowjob endurance training from their mothers on the journey there. But stamina is far from the only skill Darrin needs to be talented at getting his cock sucked."

"Oh?" Sandy asked. Her lust was taking over.

"Sure. Again, remember than two girlfriends is the minimum, which means that cocksucking is usually a group activity. Imagine Darrin lying in bed all morning, while THREE total knockouts work as one to pleasure his cock in every possible way! Can you imagine three tongues all meeting at his sweet spot? You should. It's not just how LONG he can stay erect, it's a matter of being able to handle EXTREME arousal, pleasures far greater than you or he can even imagine right now!"

Sandy was struck speechless. Her jaw hung open. She pictured herself in the tangle of naked sweaty bodies, bobbing on the top of his cock while two other tongues lapped just below.

It was a lucky thing she was sitting, because she got dizzy and weak in the knees. She was getting close to cumming, thanks to the way she kept on furtively playing with her clit.

Lisa said blandly, "It's a lot to take in, I know."

Sandy nodded, then whispered in awe, "Why did nobody tell me that... it's like... THAT?!"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean... everything!" She let go of her pussy and her hold on her huge tits to gesticulate, due to her difficulty in expressing what she meant by "everything." After a pause, she said, "About the whole sex ratio thing, and all that follows, for one thing. But also..." - she brought her voice down to a confidential whisper - "especially about how it feels to... you know... suck his cock!"

Lisa smiled warmly. "As for the first part, because who would believe it? And who would agree to go? And as for the second part, they do say there's something extra special about it. By 'they,' I mean the other moms I've talked to. AND the sons! Sure, I'm a pretty great cocksucker. That's just a fact, as my red heels show. But I'll bet you anything that he would rather see YOUR head in his lap, any day of the week."

"Do you mean it?" Sandy asked, torn between doubt and hope.

"I do. The other sons on this flight each year all told me that there's a special joy when they're kicking back and basking in the joy of their moms bobbing on their big cocks, time after time after time. Sure, there's the taboo thrill of the forbidden. And there's probably the extra charge of turning the tables and seeing one's own parent submit to sexually serve their every whim. But they tell me the main thing is that their mothers love them more than anyone else on Earth, and it shows in their passion and dedication in their cocksucking. They may not be the most talented. But that doesn't matter, because the love shines through!"

"Wow!" Sandy was amazed. She brought her hands back to covering her nipples and pussy, but she didn't try hard to hide the way she diddled her clit and pinched an erect nipple.

"I know. Lucky you!" Lisa reached out and patted Sandy's nearer thigh. "Anyway, let's get back to the issue of your son needing lots of practice learning how to get his cock sucked. What about his rebounding power? Let's imagine Darrin on his first Napali date again. Pretend that he lasts at least half an hour before he blows his second load on his date's face. Let's call her Rose, since we need a name."

"Okay." Sandy like that named, because it made her think of "rosy red," and that was a reminder of her own flaming red hair. It helped her imagine that she was the girl. She closed her eyes, allowing her to slip into a mental fantasy.

Lisa went on, "Mind you, we don't know her yet, but it's a safe bet that Rose is going to be a perfect ten by US standards. Big tits, flawless bubble butt, stunning face - the whole package. That puts a lot of performance pressure on him. So when they go to the beach to watch the stars and listen to the crashing waves, they'll start chatting, and fondling, and kissing... He'll take control, as Napali guys do, and she'll wind up naked and jacking him off, as Napali girls do."

Sandy cut in, "Wait! They're in a public place!" She kept her eyes closed, because she was imagining herself in Rose's place.

"Yeah, but so what? Napali has a different culture. Public nudity is just a part of daily life there, especially for women."

"Yeah, but public sex is different. Way different!"

"Not in Napali. What if you're out and about with your man and his cock gets hard? Do you rush home to take care of him? No! You strip off your clothes, if you're wearing any, and drop to your knees. And SUCK! That's the Napali way! Hopefully you can duck behind some bushes or something like that if you can. But if you're caught out in the open, say on the wide sandy beach, you do what you have to do. The urge to suck, the craving to serve your man, is too strong! If people stop and stare, or stop to talk to him, or even if some hot girl wants to make out with him, you just have to keep on, probably with your face burning red with embarrassment. There's a reason that the nickname for the place is Blowjob Island."

"Oh my God!" Sandy's body was trembling with excitement. She still had her eyes closed, so she fell into a vivid fantasy of blowing her son while some stunning teen came up to him and rubbed her huge tits all over his chest while necking with him like she wasn't even there. It was driving her wild.

Lisa said, "Anyway, let's get back to our imaginary date with Rose. Picture them both on a big blanket on the beach at night. Before long, she'll be hot to suck his cock again, no doubt inspired by seeing the tell-tale bobbing motions of female faces buried in male crotches in dark shadows up and down the beach. She might even hear the sounds of slurping, panting, and moaning off in the distance, over the sound of the ocean. But will he be able to get erect again, after cumming twice a little while earlier?"

Sandy frowned with worry. "I don't know. Will he?" She finally opened her eyes, to check out Lisa's facial expression.

Lisa acted uncertain and worried. "Think about your son. He's a pretty shy guy. Think back, before today. Could he even TALK to a 'perfect ten' girl? Aside from you or Jane, that is?"

Sandy frowned even more. "Well, no. Definitely not. He gets shy."

Lisa frowned too. "Not good. He might suffer the ultimate gaffe, and not even get erect enough to enjoy even the first cocksucking! He'd never live that down. So that's why it's so helpful when moms can be there to show him the ropes with their lips and tongues. It helps if she's extremely busty and beautiful, to kind of immunize him to the overwhelming beauty of others. After she's feasted on his cock a bunch of times, then he'll find getting repeatedly blown by even the sexiest girls with the most talented tongues and lips is a piece of cake for him in comparison."

Sandy took that all in, thinking deeply. Already, the wheels in her head were spinning, thinking about how it would almost be her moral imperative as a good mother to suck his cock a lot for the rest of the journey. Naturally, that set her arousal soaring even higher. She was naturally modest, but she was so ridiculously beautiful that she couldn't deny it. So that increased her "moral imperative" to suck his cock.

Lisa continued, "But that's not all. Darrin needs to learn to become skilled at getting his cock sucked. We've talked about how sucking cock is an art, but it's an art on his end as well. For instance, should he shower Rose with compliments as she bobs on him, or should he be more sparing with his kind words to assert his dominance over her, or even be quiet and mysterious, implying that it goes without saying her role is to serve and pleasure him? When does he let her take the lead so she can show off her oral creativity, and when does he take charge and grab the sides of her head to firmly fuck her face, and firmly put her in her place? If one of her friends comes by and asks to help lick his balls, should he let her, or would that be rude? Or would it be more rude to decline the help? And so on."

Sandy nodded thoughtfully. "I see what you mean. It's more complicated than I'd realized."

"You don't know the half of it. I'm just getting warmed up! For instance, he also has to show confidence and control. The more his cocksucking date understands she's serving his cock at his whim, the hotter she'll get. He might even want to bend her over his knees and give her a firm spanking, just to show who's boss. Women love that kind of confidence, don't you agree?"

Again, Sandy couldn't agree more. That sounded hot enough to burn white, as in a molten forge, especially the part about him giving a spanking for no obvious reason.

Lisa continued, "There's a lot more going on that you'd think at first glance. Sure, on one level he's just passive, kicking back and enjoying the incredible pleasure while Rose's tongue and jaw grows tired from serving him all evening, but actually he makes a series of vital choices all along. For instance, when Rose arrives at his house to start the date, does he greet her with a kiss and some compliments, or does he just unzip his fly and gesture for her to kneel? And does he stand as she sucks and bobs, to symbolize his domination over her, or does he sit to get comfortable, indicating he expects her to slavishly worship his cock for a long time? While she's orally adoring his horse cock, does he occasionally give her bare ass cheeks a firm slap as a kind of simultaneous punishment and reward? I could go on and on."

Sandy was writhing in place, causing her big tits to bounce around, even with her hand on one of her nipples. "Wow! Is that really how it is in Napali?!"

"Sure. Like I said, it's a blowjob paradise. And those dates the first few weeks matter a lot. Of course, Darrin's going to want to spread his seed around and sample the mouths and cunts of all the hottest unattached girls. As he should! But it's like a game of musical chairs. Eventually, the teens are going to want to select their partners. The boys who show the most ability at getting their cocks sucked will naturally have a big edge."

She went on, "Most importantly, the boys with the best command and control will win the hottest girlfriends with the biggest tits, roundest asses, tightest cunts, best sucking ability, nicest personalities, and all the rest. So Darrin needs to get his cock sucked a great deal between here and Napali."

Sandy asked, "What about you? You're the official blowjob expert. Your red heels prove it."

"Of course I'll be happy to suck him as much as he wants. I am his slut, after all. I'm sure Vicky will too. I hope we'll get to suck him off together sometimes as well. But who better to educate well-hung boys with their lips and tongues than their own mothers? Remember what I said about sons feeling a special spark, a special lust, for their mother's sucking lips."

Sandy gasped again. Her arousal level was steadily shooting towards the stratosphere like a rocket. She was hot to trot!

Lisa felt the urge to play with Sandy's bouncy knockers, but she kept her hands still so as to not give Sandy the wrong idea. She continued, "Remember how I said that in some societies, traditional societies, mothers gave their sons practical lessons in sex so they'd become men? That's basically what's happening here too. It really is the responsible and loving thing to do. Oftentimes, guys and girls hit it off right away, and stay together for life. All the daily cocksucking creates emotional bonds that make relationships much stronger and more stable than in the States. So the stakes couldn't be any higher."

Sandy needed to hear that, because she worried most of all she was putting her selfish sexual desire over her motherly responsibilities. This flipped that logic. I wish I had known all this before. I've had it all wrong. The motherly responsibility would be to suck my son's cock as much as possible!

Lisa added, "And at the same time, the mothers who fly on this plane are always sexually inhibited due to prudish American morality. They're facing a big culture shock too in dealing with Napali's 'anything goes' sexual culture. But after sucking their son's cocks a bunch of times, they inevitably go through a kind of sexual awakening, a sexual epiphany. That then allows them to arrive on Napali with a brand new attitude. They're way more open to things like sharing a boyfriend, because of what they did on this flight. Don't you feel it?"

"Feel what?"

"The sexual awakening! Aren't you going through one right now? Haven't your feelings on sex changed dramatically since we got on this plane? Don't you feel liberated?"

Sandy didn't hesitate, because she felt it so strongly. "Well, yes! God, yes! So much! Good Lord! It's like night and day!"

Lisa smiled. "You see? It's kind of like shock therapy. It's so helpful and even necessary for everyone involved that SI turns a blind eye. I actually think it's a good thing, a helpful thing."

She added, "Confession time; I have to admit that's a big reason why I was so sexually aggressive with Darrin from the get-go. It's turned out great for me. I know I'm going to have a great time being his personal slut for the next week or two! So that's another example of 'the more you give, the more you receive.' Remember when I was telling you about that earlier?"

Sandy nodded.

Lisa smiled widely, and even licked her lips knowingly, as if Darrin's cock was in front of her face. Then she continued, "But I also felt it would be nice if doing that could help push you two together."

Sandy felt a surge of anger. She was thinking that if Lisa hadn't tempted her so much, she wouldn't have lost control. "Wait! What?! You did that on purpose?! I'm so mad at you!"

Lisa just shrugged. "Blame it on me, but it would have happened anyway. Think about the conditions on this plane: the heat, the nudity, the tight quarters. Think about all the news I've had to share about the popularity of blowjobs on Napali, which you would have learned regardless. Think about sitting next to your naked son with his huge erection jutting out for maybe six or seven more hours non-stop. How long would he have suffered with blue balls? How long could you have resisted before you took him to a spot like this to help him out? If not me or you, then who would have helped him?"

Of course, Lisa failed to mention the option of Darrin masturbating in private. It was easy for Sandy to miss that because she'd become so blowjob focused in the past few hours, way more so than she'd been prior to the flight, which already was an off the charts obsession compared to most women.

Sandy's eyes went even wider, even as she continued to unthinkingly play with her clit and nipple. "OH! I... I don't know! That would have been tough. I suppose you have no choice."

However, she nonetheless narrowed her gaze in annoyance. "But still, I'm mad at you! Do you realize what you've done, and what your company has done?! This whole situation is setting up a disaster! You weren't fully honest with me. I've been tricked by the company too! And thanks to that, I'll never be normal again!"

Then a new thought came to her and took her breath away. "And what about Jane?! Oh good God! JANE! And what about the other daughters?! What happens to them during these flights?!"

Lisa had been hoping Sandy wouldn't think to ask that, but she wasn't surprised that she did, since it was such an obvious question. She tried to give as bland an answer as possible without totally denying the reality, since she'd have to answer to Sandy about it later. "The same process pretty much happens to them."

Sandy clarified with righteous anger, "So, you meant they suck their brother's cocks too!"

Lisa nodded. "Sometimes not as much though, because mothers can tell their daughters to stop, but not so much vice versa."

Sandy said with determination, "That's outrageous! I can tell you right now, that's not going to happen to MY Janey! I won't let her sample the sweet, sweet taste of my big man's big cock! I can't let her experience the jaw-busting joy of bobbing on his throbbing cock-meat, because once she starts, she won't be able to stop! It's too addictive! Too dangerous!"

Lisa took one of Sandy's hands, as if in a comforting gesture. Sandy didn't like that, because she'd been using that hand to tweak both of her nipples, but she felt obliged to play along. Lisa told her, "I understand how you feel, I really do. But it's pretty much inevitable that Jane is going to end up sucking his cock."

"Not if I can help it!" Sandy was steaming mad. She stood up and started to push past Lisa. "I'm going to go check of them right now! I can't trust them to be alone with each other in these conditions!"

Lisa stood up too, but she wouldn't let her pass. "Hold on! Hold on! You can do that if you want. But before you do, please just hear me out, okay?"

Sandy growled, "Well... okay. But hurry it up! She could be sucking on his cock even as we speak!"

Lisa put her hands on Sandy's shoulders but kept her close, since she liked the way their remarkable racks were pressing together. "First off, what kind of hypocrite would you be, getting upset at her considering that you've sucked your son's cock three separate times today already. When you tell her off, will that be before or after you confess what you've done, like you told me you would do?"

Sandy suddenly deflated. Most of her anger left her. She looked down towards their four enormous breasts. "Uggggh! Why'd you have to bring that up?"

"Because it's true. And it's not like you did that those three times and you're going to stop, right? We know you're going to keep going. There's nothing wrong with that. In fact, you know I fully approve. But it makes you a hypocrite if you're going to try to stop your daughter from doing the exact same thing."

Sandy lifted her head and pleadingly looked into Lisa's dark brown eyes. "But it's different! She's young and naive. I don't want her corrupted into some sort of... of... incestuous... thing!"

Lisa rolled her eyes. "So it's 'corrupt' if she does it but not if you do it? Look. Let's review what life is like in Napali. As I told you, it's a highly sexual place, a blowjob paradise, where every guy has two or three girlfriends. Jane IS going to become a cocksucking aficionado. I can guarantee that she's going to spend at least a couple of hours a day on average sucking some guy's cock. It's true for you too. That's just part of the culture, and frankly, most people think it's the BEST part of living there. Women AND men think that."

"But-" Sandy started to say.

Lisa didn't let her talk. "Look back on the three times you've sucked your son's cock today. Yes, it was tough, a physical struggle. I'm sure you can still feel it in your jaw and mouth. But have you EVER had a better time in your life? Have you EVER felt more alive? Not to mention more in love and connected with your son? Be honest!"

Sandy shyly looked back down at where her huge rack met Lisa's. She didn't consciously realize it, but her hands wound up on Lisa's back and then slid down to her ass cheeks. She muttered, "I can't. I can't deny any of that."

"Do you think those feelings are just going to end after three times? No! Trust me, it only gets better."

She looked back into Lisa's eyes in surprise. "Better?!"

"Yes, better. You'll get better at sucking his cock and he'll get better at being sucked. You'll develop a special rapport, a way for you to express your love for him with your mouth, and for him to show his appreciation by running his hands through your hair and saying nice things, like 'Good job, my sexy mommy pet.' I've seen it happen with other moms and sons. Don't you want that? Don't you want to show him your love every single day with your lips and tongue and hands, and receive his love in the form of his cum splashing all over your face or tits, or down your throat?"

"Of course I do!" Sandy said passionately. "In fact, I have to admit... I've never wanted anything more!" She sighed heavily, as she struggled to find the right words. "I... I... I feel like... when I'm on my knees, naked, with his thick shaft in my mouth... I have such a sense of... well, it's where I belong!" She tilted her head uncertainly. "Does that make any sense?"

"It makes perfect sense," Lisa replied exuberantly. "It's what you need and what you deserve! I'll tell you want. I'm going to help make that a reality, so that you not only suck his cock repeatedly on this journey to help him with his future girlfriends, but that he'll love your oral skills so much that he'll ask you to BE one of his girlfriends!"

Sandy gasped, and her heart leapt to her throat. "You could do that?! And that's possible?! Well and truly really real?!"

Lisa said, "I've told you that before, but I understand that it takes time for it to set in. Yes to all of the above. As I've said, incest is not illegal there, and it's not even frowned upon. In fact, it's very widespread."

"It is?!"

"Sure. Think about it. Families live together. Cocksucking is practically as common there as saying hello. Everybody living on the island comes there through these yearly flights, where most of the moms end up sucking their son's cocks. I've only been a family guide for two prior flights, but on both of them, the moms ended up loving sucking their sons' cocks so much that they didn't want to stop when the journey was over. If you were to peek into those houses the first thing in the morning, I'll bet that MOST of the sons get woken up on a daily basis with a long, loving blowjob from their loving mothers."

"NO!" Sandy gasped again. She felt the room was spinning. Even though most of what Lisa said had been told to her before, putting it all together like that made it hit home for her in a powerful way.

"Yes! Does that disturb you? Or do you want to be that mom who starts the day lying between your son's legs in just your high heels, sucking him until your jaw is sore, probably while one of his girlfriends makes out with him, or maybe scoots down after a while to lick and stroke him with you?"

Sandy frowned. "Why do you have to bring a girlfriend into it?"

"I'm just telling you how things are likely to go. A total virile stud like your son, with a cock as thick and suckable as his, not to go to sleep with at least one girlfriend in his bed?"

"No, I guess not," Sandy said sadly.

Lisa had her hands around Sandy's back, but she finally slid them down to her ass and gave her fantastic ass cheeks a firm squeeze. "Cheer up! I know what you're thinking: you want him all to yourself! Don't worry, that's normal. And understandable. After all the years of hard work raising him, who deserves to be one of his personal cocksuckers more than you?"

"Exactly," Sandy said. She blushed some more as she realized what she was admitting.

"Like I said, I agree. Which is why I'm willing to help you, if you keep showing the kind of enthusiasm for serving his cock like you've shown so far. But this brings me back to Jane."

"Oh no!" Sandy frowned. She'd almost forgotten about being upset over her daughter's situation.

"I told you that she's going to end up sucking some guy's cock, regardless. I know this is a shocking idea, so brace yourself. But who would you rather see her with than Darrin?"

"Darrin?! MY Darrin?!"

"Yes. Think about how your three blowjobs today have brought you closer to him. If she were to become one of his girlfriends too, they would develop a very special bond as well. If he's going to pick you to be one of his girlfriends, he's bound to wind up with two others. Who would you rather have him than Jane? Who would treat him better, or love him more?"

"Well..." Sandy thoughts were all a jumble.

"Not only that, but it's very practical. Consider that you and your two kids will be living together in a small house with just two bedrooms. If Jane isn't part of the cocksucking fun, think about how awkward that will be. Whereas if she's a part of it, think how GREAT that will be! You and her could become a cocksucking team, side by side, naked and kneeling, many times a day!"

Sandy stared off into space, torn between distress and euphoria. She didn't consciously realize it, but Lisa was subtly rubbing her huge tits against Sandy's while also sensuously caressing Sandy's ass with both hands. It was helping to raise Sandy's arousal level even higher, influencing her thinking.

After a long silence, Sandy said, "I don't know. I just don't know! About all of it! What you're saying is just... so much cocksucking! And it's not just for one or two months, or even years, right?"

"Oh, definitely not," Lisa replied. "Once you have a good thing going, why ever stop?" She could have said more, but she didn't want to freak Sandy out too much.

"But..." Sandy still couldn't handle the enormity of the life change she was contemplating.

Lisa said, "I know it sounds like a lot of cocksucking now, and it is. Your son cums about six times a day already, and that is almost certainly going to go up. That's why I'm so certain an extra virile young man like him will end up with three girlfriends. Imagine if he cums nine times a day, then divide by three. That leaves you only three blowjobs a day. Trust me, that's not enough! Consider that you've blown him three times today already. Are you done? Are you satisfied?"

"No way!" Sandy said with urgent worry. "I can hardly wait to get my lips around his thickness again!"

"Right. There's that motherly enthusiasm that makes big-titted moms like you such great cocksuckers for their sons. But there's another advantage of teaming up with your daughter. If you two share him most of the time, which is the common mother-daughter style, you'll get more like six daily blowjobs with him. Probably more, if you share with his other girlfriend too. That's another great thing about him having three girlfriends, by the way. If you're having a lazy day or off day or whatever, you can leave most of the sucking to the other two, confident his cock is in good hands. But if you're feeling particularly frisky and loving, you might have your hand, and mouth, in all nine or ten blowjobs that day!"

Sandy stared into space some more. "God! Good God! There's just soooo much cocksucking!"

"You said that before." Lisa chuckled. She was continuing to rub her tits against Sandy's more overtly all the time. She was doing the same with her ass fondling. She was encouraged that Sandy was rubbing and fondling back, though mostly without thinking about it.

"I know, but it's taking some time to sink in. I mean, if what you're saying is true, I could end up sucking him over a thousand times in one year alone! Easily!"

"That's true. That's another reason why you should suck him a lot for the rest of this journey. Figure out if you really want to be one of his girlfriends. You can do whatever you want, you know. You can be a celibate hermit if you want, kind of like what you've been doing these past five years."

"But... but... there's just so much INCEST too! You mentioned mother-daughter teams too. I suppose you're going to tell me that's a very popular combination?!"

"Oh, sure. Very popular. I know it seems bizarre from an outside point of view, but it binds families together like you wouldn't believe. So please don't be judgmental of Jane. Let her find her own path. And you need to find yours too."

Sandy let out an especially heavy sigh. "Unnnnggh! Okay. Fine. I guess. It's not like I have a lot of choices here anyway. I feel like I'm getting steamrolled. I would be upset, except... UGH! I hate to admit it, but... I just love sucking my son's cock so much!"

"So why deny that joy to Jane?"

"I want to say it's wrong, but then why am I doing it myself?! I don't want to be a big fat hypocrite." Sandy sighed again.

Lisa gave Sandy's ass cheeks an extra tight squeeze. "You may be a rather big woman, but you certainly aren't fat!" She chuckled. Then she lifted her hands and ran then up and down Sandy's sides. "With your hourglass figure, and your massive tits, and your face, trust me, Darrin is going to want to make you one of his girlfriends, or as we commonly say in Napali, 'sluts.'"

"'Sluts?!'" Sandy asked.

"Sure. But trust me, it's meant in a very positive way. Just imagine your son kicking back in his bed, with one slut under each arm and you bobbing between his legs, and hearing him say, 'Girls, you've got a lot to learn if you want to be as good a cocksucker as my mommy slut. She's the best!' Doesn't that give you goose bumps?"

"Actually, it does," Sandy admitted.

"Good!" Lisa gave Sandy's left ass cheek a hard slap. "Now, why don't you stay here? I'll go check to see how Darrin and Jane are doing. They've been gone a long time, so I'd say it's very possible that they're at least kissing and fondling. But don't be too shocked if Jane is doing more. She may well be kneeling and bobbing, and starting to learn to show her love with her mouth."

Sandy took a hand off Lisa's ass and rubbed her own forehead. "Oh, God! I don't know if I'm ready to see that!"

"Which is why I'll go ahead first. Then you can decide what to do. For all we know, they could still be talking."

Sandy scoffed. "Right! Fat chance!"

"Don't worry, whatever happens, it'll be okay. I'm your friend, and I'm going to make sure you get whatever you want, even if it means no sucking at all."

Sandy grinned, and joked, "Well, let's not go THAT far!"

The two of them shared a good laugh at that. Then Lisa tilted her head and leaned in, and they shared an intimate French kiss.

It was curious that Sandy didn't mind or even think that was particularly odd. It was a sign of how dramatically her life had changed in a short time. It also helped that the kiss was much more of a loving and affirming one than a lusty and passionate one.

Lisa broke the kiss fairly quickly, then pulled away. "Hang tight. I'll be back in a couple of minutes."

"Okay." Sandy frowned. "Don't be gone too long though, okay? I don't want to be stuck here in limbo, not knowing."

"Right. I'll be back even faster then. Hang tight." She looked down to the floor, where Sandy's bottle of apple juice had ended up. "Oh, and drink up! Hydrate."

Sandy rolled her eyes and said sarcastically, "Yes, Mom." But she picked up the bottle and resumed drinking.

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