Chapter 53
Written by Spacer X <>

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Lisa walked away, but she came back quickly, as promised. In fact, she was only gone a minute, because all she did was walk the very short distance to the private alcove, confirm her guess that Jane was sucking Darrin's cock, then walk right back without being seen.

Sandy stood up. Her heart was in her throat, because she knew what Lisa told her could affect her family in a drastic, permanent way. "Well?!" She stepped into the aisle and then took a couple of steps towards Lisa, as if that would give her an answer faster.

Lisa walked all the way to Sandy and wrapped her arms around her. Naturally, that meant their huge, bare racks were pressed together again. Then she said, "It's as we both figured. Jane IS sucking him right now."

"Oh God!" Sandy squeezed Lisa tightly around her waist and rested her head against Lisa's neck. "Oh God!" she repeated. She felt dizzy and distraught, but also highly aroused.

"I know, I know. It's a big deal," Lisa said soothingly. "But trust me, it'll all work out for the best."

Sandy asked worriedly, "Are you sure? Completely sure?"

"I am. Remember, Napali is a sexual free-for-all. Incest is totally okay there. I know this kind of thing seems like life and death to you now, but there, people won't even blink an eye if they hear some newly arrived boy has taken his sister as one of his big-titted sluts. Or if he's doing the same to his mom. Or both of you at once! In fact, that sort of thing is pretty much expected."

Sandy complained, "What you're talking about sounds like some kind of incest island! Rampant, blatant incest, everywhere and with everyone!"

"Pretty much, yeah," Sandy admitted. "Sex is looked at very differently on Napali. Should there be a law or rule stopping you from going to the beach with your son? Or playing tennis with him? Or eating dinner with him?"

"No, obviously not."

"Then why should there be a rule against you sucking his cock? The main reason for the incest taboo was the fear of birth defects. But you can't make a baby from sucking cock, for one. And there's all sorts of ways to stop birth defects these days. So I think Napali is ahead of the curve."

Sandy complained, "But a blowjob isn't just a sex act. It has all sorts of consequences!"

Lisa shot back, "True, but it all depends on how you look at it. What we think about sex is largely a social construct. Some people think of it as a loving act that you only do with a loved one, while others see it as a purely recreational activity that has no emotional connection if you don't want it to. There are all sorts of different points of view, and different societal norms in different places. There's a wide range of views on Napali too. Some people 'play the field' and some are very loyal to their partners. If you 'play the field' and see sex as just a fun way to feel good, why not do that with a son or brother or the like, if you want to and they do too?"

Sandy struggled to take all that in. It was a lot to consider, especially since she knew this was far from a hypothetical scenario.

Lisa suggested, "Imagine if you've had a hard day and your son offers to give you a backrub. Would that be nice? Now, imagine if he's had a hard day and you offer to give him a blowjob to make him feel better. Is that so different?"

"Well, YES!" Sandy exclaimed.

"Get used to it, because you're moving to 'Blowjob Island.' It really isn't seen as such a big deal there."

Lisa quickly switched the topic, to prevent Sandy from thinking about all the other reasons incest was such a widespread taboo. "But let's not talk about that right now. Remember that Jane is sucking Darrin's cock as we speak! He could cum at any time, so if you want to see it, we'd better go now."

Sandy groaned. "UGH! I don't know." She clutched at her huge boobs and looked at Lisa plaintively. "Should I?! Am I going to be outraged, or traumatized, or what?"

Lisa smiled benignly. "You're going to be shocked at first, no doubt. But not 'traumatized.' I can guarantee that. Why don't we go take a peek? If you're not happy, then you can just walk away, and maybe try again later."

That's what they did. Lisa knew that Sandy was still in a very horny mood, though not "insanely horny," so she figured whatever negative feelings Sandy would have would be blunted by sheer lust. However, it was impossible to know for sure until one actually tried it out in the flesh.

Sandy walked the short distance to the alcove not only hand in hand with Lisa, but with her arm around Lisa's back and Lisa's arm around her back. If Darrin had been able to see the sight of them walking along, with every step setting their I-cup and G-cup racks wobbling, he would have practically passed out.

But he didn't see that, because Sandy only leaned her head past some boxes to peek into the alcove for a few seconds before she freaked out and quickly walked back to the two rows of seats where she felt comfortable. She only saw the back of Jane's bobbing head, but even that much practically caused all her hair to stand on end. Since she didn't make any noise, neither Darrin nor Jane had a clue she'd been there.

Sandy was all torn up inside. A part of her was extremely aroused by what she saw, but that was frustrating too, because seeing Jane suck Darrin off made her crave to do that herself, and she couldn't at the moment. However, another part of her was very distraught. It really was a deep shock seeing the bare backside of her daughter, with high heels on her feet, and her long mane of flaming red hair steadily bobbing over her son's crotch.

When Sandy was standing back in the aisle near the two rows of seats, she gave Lisa a tight hug, and wailed, "Lisa! Lisa, Lisa, Lisa! That's so hard to take! My daughter! She's looking and acting like a complete slut!"

Lisa stroked her back, and tried to ignore the way their huge racks were rubbing together. "There, there. It's going to be okay."

"But how can it be?! I tell you, she's a total slut! It's shameful!"

Lisa said in a soothing voice, "Yes, she is. But that's okay. You are too."

"What?!" Sandy's head jerked up and she looked into Lisa's eyes.

Lisa said calmly, while caressing Sandy's ass cheeks, "Remember, I was telling you that we generally don't use the word 'girlfriend' in Napali, unless maybe if it's in some kind of formal or very polite situation. 'Slut' fits much better, because that's what we are. We're totally sluts for our man's cock. We adore and even worship it with our mouths as often as we can! Can't you feel it already? When you're bobbing on your son, don't you feel slutty, but in the best possible way?"

"What do you mean?" Sandy asked cautiously. She didn't realize just how much her body was wiggling, causing her huge tits to slide against Lisa's.

"I mean feeling completely uninhibited and free. Your sexual desires and urges unleashed so you can experience them to the fullest. That's 'slutty' in a good way."

Sandy nodded thoughtfully.

Lisa went on, "But at the same time, even as you feel freer than you've ever felt in your life, you feel a strange, powerful sense of belonging towards your son. Even a sense of being owned by him. You love that you're serving him! Sliding your lips all over his thick pole wantonly and shamelessly. Submitting to him! Haven't you felt it?"

"Well..." Sandy definitely did. Just talking about it was getting her engines running more than before. But she was reluctant to admit it.

"He's up above you, and you're down on your knees, not just physically but symbolically. Come on! Isn't that totally hot? Especially with the sheer size of these puppies..." - Lisa brought her hands to Sandy's front side and cupped her tits from below - "not to mention your overall stunning beauty. You could have ANY man, anywhere, but your son has won you, and your desire to pleasure him is so great that you'll break any rule, and even any law! Isn't that super hot?"

Sandy couldn't resist grinning, and admitting, "It is!" She playfully grabbed Lisa's huge tits too, and teased, "But it's not like you're any different. Don't you get off feeling these 'puppies' swinging freely in time to YOUR bobbing head?"

"Of course!" Lisa happily admitted. "Though I'd much rather be swinging these puppies." She gave Sandy's knockers a firm squeeze to make clear what she was referring to. "So big! They're more like ponies! You're so lucky. All you have to do is something like this..." - she dragged a finger down Sandy's cleavage until her finger disappeared, trapped between the two globes - "and Darrin's cock will get soooo stiff and energized! Poking straight out, ready for your perfect cocksucking lips!"

Sandy practically swooned. Her mouth watered and her eyes glazed over as she slipped into more cocksucking fantasies. But then she remembered the problem with Jane.

Lisa could see Sandy's expression go from glazed to serious, and she realized Sandy was going to try to bring the conversation back to her concerns about Jane's behavior. She liked that she still had her hands on Sandy's tits while Sandy was doing the same. She continued to subtly fondle as she talked. "Getting back to thinking about your son standing above you while you're on your knees, slurping on his throbbing pole, think about your nakedness and what that symbolizes! Your total nudity means that you're completely vulnerable to him. He can do anything he wants to you! Anything! He could pull your ass over his knees and smack it until it burns red and you can't really complain!"

Sandy protested, while she fondled back, "But I have no choice in being naked! It's this damn heat!"

She thought, Look at me! My hands are on Lisa's breasts and I can't stop playing with them! And what she's doing to me feels too damn good! Can I blame that on my nudity too? Or the heat? I don't think so. I'm just SO DAMN HORNY!

Lisa replied, "True, partially true, at least. But let's think about your high heels some more. You could take them off at any time. They're not just regular high heels, you know, they're COCKSUCKING heels! Whenever you wear those, it's like you're saying that your mouth is there for his pleasure. Your lips and tongue await the word, so they can get busy on his extreme thickness. Your entire nude body is there for him to play with, in fact. You might even look at those heels as symbolic chains, binding you to him, as his big-titted cocksucking mommy-slut!"

She let that sink in while still playing with Sandy's huge tits. She continued to hold their sides, since the nipples and the area around them were pressed tightly against herself, sliding around thanks to a fine sheen of sweat.

Sandy was panting hard, her lust soaring. With her body writhing, that caused her sweaty tits to rub against Lisa's even more, especially when their nipples rubbed against each other. She was unthinkingly fondling Lisa's tits from the outer sides in the exact same way Lisa was fondling her own.

Lisa went on, "Now, if you don't want that, if you don't want to be his mommy-slut, it's very easy: just take your heels off. He'll get the message right away. And between Jane, Vicky, and me, we should be able to take care of his cock adequately enough until the journey is over."

"NO!" Sandy spoke emphatically.

Lisa teased, "Why not just take your heels off? They're a pain to walk around in. Don't you feel humiliated and slutty, wearing them and nothing else?"

Sandy was frustrated as the silence drew out and she realized Lisa expected her to answer that. She reluctantly said, "I just... don't want to take them off... okay?" She winced and blushed as she went on. "I know they make me feel humiliated and slutty, and that gets me so horny, and then my son's big fat cock... it's like it's calling to me! And then I get to suck it! It's so good! So delicious! I love it too much!"

Lisa grinned. She fondled Sandy's tits ever more overtly and energetically. "So, you admit that you want to be his mommy-slut? His big-titted mommy-slut? Always ready to drop to your knees and slavishly slobber all over his extremely thick horse cock?"

Sandy was frustrated yet wildly horny. She was getting carried away fondling Lisa's tits too. "Yes! Dammit, yes! Things have gone completely insane today, but that's where I'm at. I love it too much. All of it. Even the part you say about... about... wanting to serve him! What the hell has happened to me?! It's like I've lost my mind!"

She added in her mind, Like the way I'm playing with Lisa's breasts right now. I'm not a lesbian! I would never do this. But somehow my hands got started and it's like I can't stop! And what she's doing to mine feel so great! Gaawwwd! I'm gonna cum! It makes me think of my big man and when he played with my body today! I am his big-titted mommy slut!

Lisa still talked in a soothing voice. "No, you haven't lost your mind, not at all. It's all okay. I know you feel crazy, that's because you're a normal person thrust into a crazy situation. Remember, I was once a passenger on this yearly flight too, with my mother and my brother. I wound up sucking his cock on this very airplane... lots of times! My mom did too. It's the rational thing to do when you're put in this situation. Think again about Jane. It's rational for her to want to suck him, and to love it. Just like you. She's a woman too."

"Barely," Sandy griped. "She just turned eighteen."

"I know. But what I mean is she's a sexually mature female. The size of her breasts is proof of her physical maturity, for sure. Someday they may end up being as big as yours!" That was an unnecessary tangent, but it gave Lisa an excuse to play with Sandy's boobs even more vigorously. She squeezed her hands between their racks and briefly pinched both of her nipples at once.

Sandy moaned lustily. Between all the tit play and Lisa's highly arousing talk, she totally forgot to think about how seeing Jane's cocksucking bothered her.

Lisa continued, "I'm proof positive that there's nothing wrong with being a slut. Remember that sucking Darrin's cock is so incredibly arousing for me that I proudly declared myself to be his slut within a matter of hours. One of his sluts, I should say, because you've just admitted the same. If Jane hasn't yet, she will. Soon."

Sandy complained, "But that makes things a thousand times worse for her!" She tried to get back in touch with her being upset at seeing Jane's bobbing head, but it was like she was lost in a deep erotic fog.

Lisa continued to play with Sandy's nipples. "Does it? Remember what I was asking you before? Would you rather see her become the slut of some other guy? Some stranger who won't love her and might treat her badly? Or Darrin, who loves her all up and will treat her like a princess? Can't you be happy for her? She wants exactly what you want: to serve him with her mouth, over and over again, every single day! Soon, both of you will be able to serve him together, as one! Isn't that exciting?"

"UNGH!" was all Sandy could say. She was vividly imagining her licking Darrin's cock with Jane's tongue on his sweet spot, touching her own. It was about the hottest thing she could possibly imagine. And with Lisa's tits rubbing against her own, and all their mutual tit play, she felt she was reaching a breaking point.

Surprising even herself, she opened her mouth and smashed her lips against Lisa's. On top of everything else, Lisa has such a stunning face, with high cheekbones, dark brown eyes, and wet red lips that she reached a point where it was like she had no choice but to kiss her.

The two of them passionately necked for a couple of minutes while their tit fondling and rubbing continued unabated.

At one point, Sandy brought a hand down to her pussy with the express purpose of giving herself an orgasm. She figured she was so uncontrollably horny that if she could only cum, that might bring her arousal level down to something more manageable.

She quickly fingered herself to a very nice climax, and it did help sate her lusty desire some. However, only some. For instance, she didn't remove Lisa's hands from her huge tits, or even stop fondling Lisa's nearly as huge ones, once her orgasm was over.

"Mmmm! Nice!" Lisa moaned sexily after their kiss finally broke. But then she resumed right where she'd left off. "Are you still thinking of slurping and stroking his cock together with Janey? 'Cos I am! I think that's SO HOT! Plus, it has all sorts of benefits. Licking and sucking him together on a daily basis will bind you and her together closer than you can possibly imagine! And it will bind both of you to him, and vice versa. I know, because I experienced all of that with my mother and brother."

Sandy sighed. At least she'd calmed down enough to speak without wildly gasping for air. "I need to ask you a lot more about your story there. How long did you slut yourself to your brother, for starters?"

"For the duration," Lisa admitted. "For years. Until he passed away."

Sandy frowned sympathetically. "Oh, I'm sorry for bringing that up. But, given that, his loss must have been even harder for you."

"It was. He was my whole world. We were much like husband and wife, only even closer. I never felt such joy, such peace, such bliss, as when I was bobbing on his cock. And believe me, I did that many times a day and my pleasure in doing it only grew over the years. Then, one day... nothing! He was gone!" Lisa started to tear up, even though she was still playing with Sandy's massive orbs.

Sandy leaned in again and kissed Lisa's cheek. "It's okay. That was a long time ago." Without thinking, she found herself making lip-to-lip contact. Soon, they were making out again. Their hands migrated to each other's asses during the necking, but they still rubbed their tits together in a very deliberate way.

As Sandy swapped spit with Lisa, she thought, Oh no! I'm doing it again! I'm not even a little bit bisexual, but Lisa is just too hot! My big man is so damn lucky to have her as his personal slut for the next couple of weeks! But then again, it looks like he's going to have me and Janey too! Lucky bastard! Gaawwwd! That makes me so hot! How did he win all three of us in one day?! I wonder if he'll make the three of us lick his cock all at the same time. I'm sure he will! HNNNG! That's too hot too! No fair!

She tried to calm herself by directing her thoughts to Lisa losing her brother. That's so sad, what happened to her. But it means she was her brother's slut! For years! She must have sucked his cock thousands of times! I'll bet he fucked her a hell of a lot too, banging her like a cheap screen door! A brother fucking his sister! GOD!

And what about their MOM?! Oh God! Everyone knows families live together on Napali. Where was SHE in all this?!

Sandy broke the lip-lock to ask, "What about your mother? How did she fit into all that?"

"Oh, she belonged to him too. She was a great beauty. Still is. Extremely busty, much like you." Lisa used that as an excuse to look down at Sandy's I-cups. She brought her hands back to them and then briefly lowered her head into Sandy's cleavage and motorboated her a little bit.

Sandy laughed giddily. "Hey! Stop that!"

"Mmmm!" Lisa licked and kissed the inner slopes of Sandy's great orbs while still holding and caressing their outer sides. All Napali sex slaves had at least some lesbian experience in order to put on sexy shows for their masters, and Lisa had played with her mother's massive boobs in particular a great many times. She had gotten extremely good at it.

Sandy moaned orgasmically, since she was on the cusp of another climax already, thanks mostly to Lisa's tit play. She complained, "Stop it! Please!" She wanted Lisa to stop mainly because she would be embarrassed to loudly cum from the obviously "lesbian" stimulation.

Lisa relented. She lifted her head up and stared into Sandy's green eyes.

Sandy gulped. Her heart thumped wildly. Lisa is so beautiful! God! If I weren't so in love with my son and his horse cock, I might fall in love with her!

She blushed, and turned her head slightly, unable to maintain the intense eye contact. Eager to talk about anything to break the suddenly romantic mood, she asked, "What's her name? Your mom, I mean?"

"Norah," Lisa said. "And my brother's name was Matthew. She started sucking his cock on this very plane, years ago, and fell head over heels in love with him, and in serving him, just the same as me. He decided he only wanted two sluts, her and me. Thankfully, Napali society didn't judge, since that's a pretty common triad. The three of us lived a kind of heaven-on-earth existence for six perfect years."

Lisa smiled in fond remembrance as she went on, "Mom and me, boy did we spoil him rotten! We sucked his cock so very much! Every day, for sure, usually a bunch of times. Almost always as a team. We could take turns bobbing on him for HOURS! And we often did. Or one of us would titfuck him and the other would lean down from the top and suck him. So many different positions and ways to share! It was the best!"

She went on, with continued mutual tit play, "Sharing is so much fun. It's like having a clone of yourself. We could drive him wild in so many ways. Trust me, two tongues are better than one! And then, when he'd cum on both of our faces, or our tits... Mmmm! So good! Can you imagine rubbing tits with another busty woman, like we're doing now, only with a copious amount of your son's cum acting as a lubricant? And more of his cum on your face, and her face, so you can have fun licking it all up at the same time?!" Lisa's face was flushed with excitement and jubilation.

Sandy thought, Boy! That sounds incredible! And let's face it: all that is going to happen to me! Sure, I'm upset at Jane now, but how long will I be able to make that stick? And my big man is the one with the big cock. He does what he wants! Jane is just as helpless to resist sucking him as I am. I don't even want to resist! Oh God! We're gonna pleasure his cock together! SO MUCH!

Lisa unexpectedly frowned and turned wistful. She even paused in caressing Sandy's massive tits. "But please... don't ask me more. You're going to make me cry if I keep talking about it." She looked like she was on the verge of tearing, even though she wasn't.

Sandy said, "I'm sorry. But... I have to say... to you, it sounds like a blowjob was much more than a sex act."

"Oh, it was!" Lisa spoke passionately, and resumed the tit play, "Sure, it was a sex act, and the orgasms were powerful and numerous beyond counting, but it was so much MORE! You'll find out with Darrin, I'm sure. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that your love for him will grow each and every time he blows a load on your fantastic body or right down your mouth. And his love for you will grow too, as he sees and feels you expressing your love each and every day with your lips and tongue, and your massive tits and the rest of your incredible body. I can see what happened to me and my mom happening to you and Jane. Please, go with it! Forget about the constant shame and unfairness. Serving your son as his mommy-slut will be the greatest time of your life, I guarantee it!"

She went on, while still subtly fondling and rubbing Sandy's rack, "I'm rooting for you and maybe even being a bit pushy about it because I know first-hand how great it is! I know you, and I know how happy you'll be serving your son's cock. And I kind of feel like I can kind of live vicariously through you and your family. Darrin is a good kid, he really is. Sure, it's going to be a big change devoting so much of your life to sliding your lips on his hot, throbbing pole, but I know you already can tell that the sexual pleasure makes it more than worth it for you. And I promise you, your love for each other will grow and grow and grow!"

Sandy nodded. "Serving my son's cock." With Janey! Both of us kneeling naked side by side, preening and posing, fighting for his favor, BEGGING to suck! HNNG! TOO HOT!

God! What's come over me?! Right now, that sounds like the best of all possible worlds! I can't just salivate and fondle Lisa's fantastic body; I need to think! What are the downsides?!

She asked, "But... isn't it wrong to have him, being only fifteen, effectively take control of me and Jane too?"

"Not at all! It's actually a great thing for him. It's going to teach him maturity, and fast. Remember how I told you there's an art to a guy getting his cock sucked. That's true more than you know, because it goes far beyond the sexual act. For him to have a slut like you, or even two or three, will teach him responsibility in all sorts of ways. It's a lot like him getting married. He HAS to grow up fast. But in the best way. With love. Lots of love!"

Sandy's arousal level only grew. She found herself longing to have an excuse to French kiss Lisa some more. However, she fought that urge and struggled to ask "responsible" questions. "But won't it spoil him completely rotten?"

"Only if you let it. Believe you me, you won't be the first to walk this road. You'll have help from other moms who are the sex pets of their sons in teaching you how to satisfy his every sexual fantasy without it going to his head. I know that sounds improbable now, but believe me, I've been there. Napali society is very different."

Sandy snorted. "You can say that again! And... did you just say 'sex pets?!'"

"I did. That's more of the fun and sexy lingo Napali folks use. Doesn't that sound sexy?" To help make sure Sandy would be too horny to object, Lisa used an ace in the hole: she brought a hand down to Sandy's pussy mound and lightly brushed over her clit.

Sandy grimaced and sucked in her breath. "UNNNGH!"

"Well?" Lisa diddled Sandy's clit more. "I'm not going to let up until you answer!"

Sandy's arousal skyrocketed, more from thinking about her son calling her his "sex pet" than even the clit play or the continued tit rubbing and fondling. She breathlessly panted, "So sexy!"

Lisa relented after one last clit tweak and brought that hand back to Sandy's rack. She smirked. "I agree! I can't count the times my brother called me his 'sex pet.' It always got me so hot and bothered! One time, we were eating in Napali's only restaurant, which is a surprisingly fancy place, and he introduced me to the waiter as 'my sister and big-titted sex pet, Lisa.' That got me so burning hot that I just had to drop under the table and suck him for the entire meal!"

"HNNNG!" was all Sandy could say to that. Once again, her arousal level spiked so high that she was compelled to give Lisa another prolonged French kiss.

As they were necking and tit-rubbing, Sandy thought, Good God! "Sex pet!" If I was in Lisa's high heels, I probably would have done the exact same thing! It's so outrageous! Here I am, a super busty centerfold type, and all I can think about is sucking my son's big fat cock! It gets me so worked up that poor Lisa must wonder what's wrong with me, because I can't stop kissing her or playing with her big tits! Just as my big man is going to play with MY big tits from now on! I imagine I'll have to go topless, at least, at home all the time! Oh God! Oh God! And that'll make his horse cock stiff, and Janey and I will see that and have it sucked back down to size! Over and over! UNNNGH!

Seeing that Sandy was right on the cusp of another powerful orgasm, Lisa ended their necking and stilled her hands to make sure Sandy didn't go over the edge. Then she casually asked, "So, can we go take another look at Jane now?"

Sandy groaned. "Jane!" Thinking about the sight of her bobbing head now was a purely lusty thing, with her worries lacking any heft.

Lisa excitedly continued, "Let's do it! And this time, when you think of her being a 'total slut' for him, think of it as a good thing! A great thing! If she really goes 'total slut' on him, he'll want to pick her as one of his three sluts. The same goes for you. Then your family can stay together forever, bound by a mutual joy in sucking and being sucked. But that'll only happen if you can turn off your objections and restraints and completely devote yourself to being the best mommy-slut you can be, the very best cocksucker you can be!"

Sandy shyly asked, "What do you think the odds are that he'll pick me?!"

Lisa looked down at Sandy's awesome I-cups still rubbing against her own G-cups, then up to Sandy's gorgeous face framed by her fiery red hair. The very notion that Darrin, or any other straight man, would ever sexually refuse Sandy anything was absurd.

But Lisa felt it was best that Sandy didn't know that. So she carefully replied, "It's hard to say. So much depends on what happens next. If you can't accept Jane as one of his personal sluts, then there will be all sorts of family strife and he'll likely turn to girls outside the family for most of his sucking needs. But if you're fully accepting and learn to pleasure his cock WITH Jane, as one seamless cock-pleasuring team, then the two of you will be an unstoppable combination! No two other women can compete with the sexual power of a mother-daughter cock-pleasuring team. Not only will he pick both of you, but your faces and tits will be constantly splattered with his cum! Your breath will smell spermy morning, noon, and night! Your jaw will always be sore. Always! And tears will stream down your face before you even eat breakfast! Heck, one of you might even suck him all THROUGH breakfast too!"

"Wow!" Sandy said. She stared off into space, imagining herself and Jane lying naked in Darrin's bed, both of them stretched out between his legs and taking turns bobbing on his thickness. It gave her goose bumps all over. Her pussy was freely leaking, dripping cum well down her inner thighs.

Lisa abruptly broke the tit-rubbing hug and grabbed Sandy's hand. "Come on! Let's do it! And this time, don't just take a quick peek. Let's get right into it, so you can make your presence known. Can you imagine how surprised and delighted your big man will be if you just walk up to him and kiss him on the lips while Jane keeps sucking him? Then he'll know just how much you want to be his mommy-slut! Can you imagine how vigorously he'll knead your massive tits as he moans in joy right into your mouth?"

Sandy broke into a big smile. "That does sound pretty good." Mmmm! I want him to hold me and kiss me, and especially play with my tits! What Lisa was doing to me, that was just a substitute for the real thing with him!

"Let's do it then!" Lisa pulled Sandy down the aisle back towards the private alcove.

Sandy let herself get pulled. Her heart was racing fast. Lisa's little pep talk had aroused her even more than she was already.

However, they only took a few steps before Lisa stopped and turned around. She told Sandy, "Just a sec. I'm thinking it's good if I go ahead and take another sneak peek first. It's been another five minutes since you had your peek, and things might have changed."

Sandy gave her a worried look. "Okay, but hurry! I'm likely to lose my resolve!"

Lisa looked the bombshell mother over. Sandy had let her sexual inhibitions fall to such a degree that as soon as they stopped walking, she began rubbing her pussy with one hand and caressing a huge tit with her other hand. Lisa thought, God, she's so fucking hot to trot! Darrin is gonna be such a lucky son of a bitch, once he makes her his sex slave. She's right, I'd better hurry before she loses that mood.

Lisa nodded to her. "I'll be back fast!" Then she hustled forward, clutching her own immense knockers as she went.

It was good Lisa stopped Sandy where she did, because she didn't go much further down the zigzagging aisle before she saw Vicky peeking into the alcove from behind a tall stack of boxes. She waved her hands, catching Vicky's attention.

Since Lisa and Vicky were on opposite sides of the alcove they couldn't talk out loud, but Vicky pointed towards the alcove and made a blowjob motion with her hand near her open mouth. Then she smiled, nodded, and gave Lisa a thumbs-up sign.

Lisa smiled in return, but she waved Vicky away. She pointed behind herself, cupped an imaginary pair of tits in front of her that was even larger than her own to indicate she was referring to Sandy, and then mimed a walking motion with her fingers.

Vicky tapped at her nose to indicate she understood, then quickly hustled through the curtains behind her and out of sight, towards the front of the plane.

The entire exchange only took a couple of seconds. As part of their SI training, they had practiced communicating non-verbally precisely for situations like this.

Lisa then hurried forward a little more until she could peer into the alcove. She confirmed that Jane was still blowing Darrin, which was good news for what Lisa wanted to do. But that wasn't the main reason why she wanted to take a sneak peek. She walked right into the alcove, until she was standing right next to the two kids.

However, they were so lost in their pleasures, with their eyes closed and heavy panting and the constant rumble of the airplane's engines covering any incidental noise, that they didn't notice she was there.

Lisa whispered loudly enough for them to hear, "Darrin! Jane! It's Lisa!"

That got their attention, for sure. But, once again, having Vicky or Lisa make a surprise appearance wasn't such a surprise after all. Both of them froze and opened their eyes, but Jane kept Darrin's boner in her mouth.

Lisa said, "It's great what you're doing, but there's no time to talk! I've been talking to Sandy, and she's going to come here in a minute!"

That got the siblings very panicky. Their hearts started to race fast.

Lisa held her hands in a placating gesture before they tried to get up. "Don't worry! She's already peeked on you once, about five minutes ago. It was just for a few seconds, but she knows what's happening here, and she's trying to come to grips with it. If you want to stop her from freaking out, here's what you need to do. I'm going to come back here with her in less than a minute. When I do, you two should break this off, not because it's wrong, but Darrin, you need to hug and kiss her and fondle her, and generally let her go wild with your cock. Make her too horny to really be upset. Got it?"

She waited until both kids nodded.

"Good!" She turned and hustled back to where she'd kept Sandy waiting.

Jane resumed her cocksucking, except she switched from the slow and lazy style to something much more aggressive, since she knew her time was running out. She thought, Dammit! That sucks! Mom is gonna get to play with his cock and I'll just have to stew in my juices. But I suppose it's worth it. What's one time with him compared to the long-term importance of getting on Mom's good side with this? Besides, Brother already came on my face, and my jaw is pretty sore.

Ooooh! Cum on my face! Boy, is Mom gonna freak over that! But hopefully in a good way! I'm gonna play that up, for sure!

Darrin was nervous. If Sandy showing up went badly, that could be a big problem. But unlike Jane, he knew that Sandy had already sucked him off three times. That meant he had some idea just how hot she got about his cock. He understood and liked Lisa's plan, and he mentally readied himself to play his role.

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