Chapter 54
Written by Spacer X <>

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Sandy came walking into the alcove with Lisa keeping an arm around her back. Sandy's face was cherry red, and her entire body was trembling with lust, fear, and confusion.

Lisa announced, "Hey, kids! Look who I have here!"

Since they'd been tipped off by Lisa, they moved fast, and with a purpose. Even before she turned to look, Jane pulled her lips all the way off her brother's shaft and sat up straight. That gave him room to stand up out of his chair, and he did.

He didn't have much of a chance to look at his sexy mother, though just seeing her standing in all her nude glory next to the equally naked and stunning Lisa nearly gave him a heart attack. The sheer combined "tit power" of them side by side was an anatomical marvel.

But he was already on the move, striding towards her. He opened his arms and exclaimed, "Mom!"

Sandy didn't know what she was going to say or do in response to seeing her children having oral sex, and that was one reason she was feeling so nervous. But Lisa hadn't tipped her off like she did for the kids, so Darrin's attempt to hug Sandy took her by complete surprise. Lisa pulled away and stepped back, making it easy for him. That left Sandy standing there immobile with her hands by her sides, feeling almost insanely horny but also nervous and distraught.

Happily, thanks to Lisa's tip-off, Darrin acted decisively to change her mood. He brought a hand to the back of Sandy's head and held her in place while he planted his lips on hers. Once their French kiss started to take fire a few moments later, he brought both his hands to her incredible I-cups, and held them from below.

Sandy felt like she was supposed to be upset at her kids. She had half a mind to give them a lecture about sneaking off and playing with each other without even talking to her about it first. So she tried to resist her son kissing her, so she could start talking instead.

However, she didn't resist much, if at all. Within seconds, her tongue was in his mouth, and the two of them were madly swapping spit. Plus, the way he played with her tits made her feel like putty in his hands.

But the real kicker was when he took one of her hands resting loosely at her side and brought it to his erection. It wasn't directly pressing into her because her massive breasts created such a protruding shelf between their bodies, so she had been ignoring it. But once she got her fingers on it, it was like a switch was flipped inside her. She immediately began enthusiastically stroking it. She even brought her other hand over to fondle his balls.

She thought, Dear Lord! Please have mercy on me! I just can't help myself! I don't know what it is about my big man's cock. I certainly never felt like this about Dennis' little thing. Hell, I've never felt like this about anyone or anything! Gaawwwd, I love it!

And Jane! Poor Jane! I can't even bear to look at her. She must be miffed. My fingers are slipping and sliding along thanks to all of her saliva, and she just has to grin and bear it. OH GOD! What a hot thought! My son's cock is soaking wet because it just came out of my daughter's mouth! WHOA! That's so WRONG! But it's so very, very RIGHT! This can't be happening to me! I must be in a dream!

Jane was standing nearby and watching every move between mother and son. She was far behind in knowing what else was happening in the group. For all she knew, Sandy had still been adhering to the "no touching his cock" rule and this was the first time her mother had blatantly violated it. That blew her away.

Just then, Darrin brought his hands to his mother's ass cheeks and gave them a firm squeeze, pulling her body closer to his.

Sandy liked that so much that her entire body trembled and tingled. UNNNGH! SHIT! My son is playing me like a fiddle! I'm helpless in his arms! So naked and helpless and subjugated and humiliated and HORNY! I can't resist his incredible horse cock, not even for five seconds. Lisa's exactly right! I AM his big-titted mommy-slut! His SLUT! That's not just a word, it's a way of life! I can see why 'girlfriend' isn't used. It just doesn't cut it.

And Jane! Oh, Jane! I'm so sorry! How can I even pretend to be mad at you? Lisa's so right again. Of course you're going to fall hard for your brother and his great, thick anaconda. How could you not?! How could you not love and adore bobbing and slurping on his thickness with every fiber of your being, just like I do?! HNNNG! I'm gonna cum just from thinking about it! Not to mention his hot kisses and how I'm stroking his red hot pole, and the way he's OWNING my ass with his hands!

Jane was miffed. Not only did Sandy "steal" Darrin's cock away from her, but Darrin moved so fast to stand up and hug Sandy that Jane hadn't turned around in time for her mother to see her cummy face. Jane had really wanted to show that off. She stood there with her arms folded under her huge tits, silently venting.

Lisa took a few steps to Jane and wrapped an arm around her back. The two of them continued to face Darrin and Sandy. Lisa whispered quietly into Jane's ear, "I'll bet you're feeling kind of pissed off right now."

Jane whispered back, "You said it!"

"I know it's tough letting her monopolize him right now, but you've gotta think long-term. If you want to win a permanent place in your brother's heart, so you'll be his sister-slut forever, your best bet is to team up with your mom."

"I don't know if I can do that," Jane muttered. "Even if it's accepted in Napali, it's so weird!"

Lisa spoke while they both stood and stared at Sandy in particular. "Is 'weird' the word you're looking for? How 'bout 'sexy?' Look at your mom and how your brother is dominating her and generally driving her wild. Isn't that the hottest thing you've ever seen?"

An increasingly horny Jane complained, "That's not fair, because just about anything involving my mom is just about the hottest thing I've ever seen! Just look at her. GOD! How can her breasts be that large and stick out straight like that, and yet hang so high and firm on her chest? And her face! It's such a sultry face to begin with, but now that she's holding and stroking Brother's horse cock, it's like she's possessed by pure lust! And see the way he just ran a hand down to her ass and cupped her ass cheek? Gaawwwd, she's so fucking HOT! The way she just moaned after he started probing into her ass crack... it's crazy! How is he not cumming from her sexy moans alone?! How the hell am I supposed to compete with all that?!"

"So you worry about being outshone by her?"

"No duh! It's like having Aphrodite for a mom. No mere mortal can compete. God! Now look at the way she's writhing around. It's like she's cumming all the time, even when she isn't!"

Lisa said, "We'll talk more about the being outshone problem later. But remember that you've clearly inherited her remarkable genetics. I've seen pictures of her at your age, and you two look almost the same, including breast size. That will be you in a few years!"

"Yeah, maybe so, but what'll I do until then?! I don't want to be Brother's second fiddle."

Lisa advised, "You're gotta think long-term. The other girls will see he doesn't look like that much overall, but he can and will grow taller and more muscular. But penis size is pretty much set by his age, and he's won the genetic grand prize there. They'll be thinking a few years ahead or more, wanting to lock him in now."

Jane sighed, because she realized Lisa had a good point with that. She hadn't been thinking long-term at all, since she was just wrapping her head around the idea that she wanted to be her brother's sister-slut. It was a mind blower for her to realize that if she wanted that now, she'd probably want for it to continue for years. But that was a scary thing to even contemplate.

Lisa had been deliberately downplaying the long-term so far, because she knew how daunting it could be to think about that at this stage. She changed the subject slightly. "Luckily, you have a big advantage over all the other girls, even though most of them are going to be way more experienced in cocksucking than you. On Napali, a mother-daughter slut team is an unbeatable combination. A lot of guys who choose to only own two sluts do so because they're so happy with one of them being their mom and the other their sister."

Jane felt a shiver race down her spine from something Lisa said. She asked, "Did you say 'own?!'"

That was a minor slip on Lisa's part, but she decided to run with it. She replied, "I did. That's the kind of language that gets used a lot in Napali. It's meant to shock and arouse. Does that shock and arouse you, the idea of being effectively owned by your brother?"

Jane's reaction was delayed, because she was so absorbed watching her mother and brother make out, and especially gawking at Sandy's handjob. Thanks to Sandy's great boobs, there was enough of a gap between their bodies for all of the hand action to be seen.

Jane finally responded, "Do you mean 'effectively owned' or 'really owned?'"

Lisa meant the latter, but she figured Jane wasn't ready for that yet. So she was vague in her reply. "It depends on how you look at it. Do you already find yourself so hooked on sucking your brother's cock that the thought of sucking on any other guy's penis bores you, or even disgusts you?"

Jane searched her feelings. She recalled what she'd just done with him and compared that to her memories of the times she'd blown her various boyfriends. Even though she knew she'd had the wrong attitude back then, she couldn't see ever getting inspired enough to have the right attitude with anyone but her brother. But with him, it was so easy and natural that it was like she didn't even have to try.

After a long pause, she said, "I see what you mean."

"Which means what?" Lisa prodded.

Jane winced. Her face turned redder as she grudgingly admitted, "I've only sucked his cock once all the way to completion, but I know I'm totally hooked! Is that what you want to hear?"

"Actually, yes it is. You can take being 'owned' by your brother however you want, but keep in mind that you always have free will. Besides, isn't that hot? I remember you asking him to 'own' your mouth and 'own' your tits. Did he?"

Jane's breathing turned into panting as she thought back, while she continued to watch her smaller brother sexually "own" her larger mother. She clutched her tits from below, because they were starting to heave up and down. She answered in a husky whisper, "Yes!"

Lisa turned to Jane to make eye contact. "Do you like the idea of him owning your mouth and using it for his pleasure whenever he wants? Pushing you to your knees to make you endlessly suffer, crying tears as you struggle to choke and gag on his thickness?"

Of course, Jane already knew that she loved sucking her brother's cock so much that it was the exact opposite of "endlessly suffering," but she got off on that kind of language. Her heart beat faster and faster, and she had to bring a hand down to rub her clit. She smiled and felt a special tingle from thinking about the tears on her face.

Lisa went on, "So you like that, I see! Do you also like him cumming on your face on his whim, clearly marking you as his sister-slut for all to see?" She reached out and swiped a finger through one of the largest cummy streaks on Jane's face. She brought that finger back to her mouth and dramatically sucked it into her mouth. "MMMM! So delicious!"

Jane felt so horny that she felt like the room was spinning. She continued to mostly look at Darrin having his way with Sandy's sex bomb body, which was mind-blowing enough. But she'd almost forgotten the cum on her face, and Lisa's words caused her to bring both of her hands to her cheeks and experimentally feel what was there. She found a particularly big cum gob and sucked it into her mouth in imitation of what Lisa just did.

She thought, UNNNGH! So fucking HOT! I must be sweating like a pig, because it feels like 200 degrees! Mom's jacking him off so good! And the facial, the yummy facial! And Lisa! If she doesn't shut up with this sexy "owning" talk, I'm gonna strangle her!

But Lisa didn't stop. She swiped another cum gob from Jane's cheek into her mouth, and as she languorously sucked her finger clean, she purred, "I see you like that. But why stop there? Doesn't it turn you on to think of your brother not just owning your mouth or your tits, but every last inch of you? Living for HIS pleasure! Living to suck and serve his cock, side by side with your centerfold mother! And when you're bad, he's gonna bend you over his ass and spank the hell out of you! Or maybe he'll just spank you or your mom because he feels like it. Does that turn you on too?"

Seeing how very worked up Jane was, Lisa reached to Jane's clit and diddled with it a little bit.

That was the final straw. Jane was wracked by an orgasm so amazing and intense that she had no choice but to drop to her knees, tilt her head back, and let out a frenzied wail.

Sandy knew that Jane and Lisa were standing near, because she could hear their furtive whispering. But she ignored that as annoying background noise, even when they spoke loudly enough that she might have understood their words, because she was so far into kissing and fondling with her son. She hadn't bothered to open her eyes to look their way either.

However, Lisa had positioned herself and Jane so that if and when Sandy did open her eyes, they would be directly in her line of sight.

Thus, when Jane began her wailing and screaming, there was no way Sandy could resist taking a peek. By the time Sandy opened her eyes, Jane was already in the process of falling to her knees. Sandy thought that was a very good idea, since her cock lust had reached a fever pitch, and she started to drop down too.

But then Sandy finally noticed the cum on Jane's face, and that hit her like a car crash. She continued to drop to her knees to suck him off, but first she wanted to get a closer look at her daughter's cummy facial features.

Once she was settled, with her son's cock still in her hands, she thought, So beautiful! So very HOT! That must be what I look like when he cums on me! Gaawwwd! I'm so envious! I need that on my face too! I'm holding his cock, so full of cum! There will be times when I stroke and lick that cum out of him and right onto Janey! UNGH! OH DEAR GOD!

Sandy didn't just look at a cummy face, because Jane was in the throes of a very intense orgasm. Jane's mouth was about as wide open as it could get, and her entire face was contorted in orgasmic rapture.

Sandy thought about that too as she resumed unthinkingly stroking her son's shaft and fondling his balls. Between her son's cum on her daughter's face, plus her daughter's visible orgasmic bliss, it was just about the most moving and arousing sight Sandy had ever seen. Oh my Lord! My Janey! Cum! Cum hard! So beautiful, seeing my big man's cummy love all over you! How can that be wrong?! Oh God! I need to cum too! Let's cum together!

With that, she launched her face at her son's cock. Since she was holding and stroking it, with her wide open mouth enveloping it perfectly, she clamped down hard and got busy bobbing on it from the very start. As she did that, she continued to look at Jane wailing away in erotic rapture as best she could. It helped that they were both kneeling. She dug two fingers into her tight slit and began cumming hard too.

Inspired by Jane's unrestrained screaming, she screamed at the top of her lungs too. With her mouth filled to the brim with Darrin's hard-on, that muffled the sound considerably, but she let loose so unabashedly that she could be clearly heard by the others.

Jane, despite being deliriously overcome from her on-going climax, was curious enough to open her eyes and see what was causing the noise. When she saw that it was her mother cumming hard while sucking on her son's cock, she just about flipped out. So far, nobody had told her that Sandy had actually crossed the line and started sucking Darrin. So for all she knew, this was the very first time her mother had started sucking him.

Jane would have climaxed on the spot from such stunning and arousing news, except that she was already in the middle of a very powerful orgasm. She was in no shape to think about what she was seeing meant in a bigger picture way. But she had an understanding on a deep level that this would change everything and help make all of her own incestuous cocksucking dreams come true. It was as if her already great orgasm doubled in intensity, and then doubled again. Her screaming voice seemingly went up an octave too.

She was so very overcome that she collapsed all the way to the floor, even though she was already in a sturdy position on her knees. Losing all control and all restraint, she writhed and trembled so much that she lifted her ass up off the floor while she desperately pumped her fingers in and out of her hot, needy cunt.

Lisa was extremely aroused and inspired from seeing all this boiling hot passion take place all around her. Even though she wasn't part of the Douglas family, she felt close enough to them that she felt like she just had to get involved. With both Sandy and Jane shaking spasmodically, she didn't think it prudent to get close to either of them. However, Darrin was standing there relatively unaffected, considering everything.

She made his ass her target. She dropped to her knees right behind him and grabbed his ass with both hands. She planted her face in his ass crack and started to vigorously lick it.

Darrin was relatively unaffected so far. He could hear that both Jane and Sandy were having big orgasms, but he kept his eyes shut tight for fear that seeing them in the throes of ecstasy would push him over the edge. Incredibly, he'd had eight orgasms already, and he didn't want to have another if he could help it. He'd had one remarkable "masturbation fest" a couple of months ago when Sandy and Jane were gone all day and he'd climaxed nine times, but that was unusual for him. He didn't want to be done for the day.

Considering that, he was lucky that although Sandy had started sucking him for the fourth time of the day, she had started her epic orgasm at almost the exact same time, which meant she could do little more than keep her lips locked around his shaft as she struggled to hand on through a wild roller coaster ride of a climax for the next minute or two. Thus, what he felt was mentally exhilarating for him, but not so dangerously stimulating that he had to urgently blow his load.

Then Lisa started licking his ass crack. Such a thing was almost beyond his imagining. He'd read a fair amount of Internet porn in recent years, but very few of the stories he knew mentioned that, or if they did, it was barely described. He certainly had no idea it could be so pleasurable, especially when she lapped right on his anus and even poked her tongue into it a little bit. He was completely clean back there, but he figured Lisa had no way of knowing that, so what she was doing seemed shockingly bold and nasty to him.

To make matters "worse" for him, Lisa was so worked up that she started loudly cumming too, yelling right into his ass crack as she kept her nose buried in it. Although she hadn't been directly involved in nearly any of the recent sexual activity, it was more of a sympathetic orgasm, because she felt such a close affinity to both Sandy and Jane, but especially to Jane. When she saw Jane losing all control and cumming hard, it was as if she'd gotten in a time machine and was watching herself cumming while on the pivotal first day of her journey to Napali.

Suddenly, the orgasmic mania sweeping the group began catching up to Darrin too. He clenched his teeth and waved his fists around helplessly. He was rhythmically squeezing his PC muscle for dear life, but it was a losing battle. Everything was too incredible and arousing.

Luckily for him, there was one more person waiting in the wings: Vicky. After Lisa had silently shooed her away she'd gone to check on the other two families. But their minders had things well in hand. (That was true literally as well as figuratively, since both of them happened to be jacking off the sons of each family at that time.) Besides, Vicky felt that what was happening with the Douglases was the most interesting by far, both because their sexual transformation was furthest along, but also because she felt she'd developed a special rapport with all of them.

Thus, Vicky had been peeping into the alcove, with just enough of her head peering past a stack of boxes for her to see all the action. She was having a grand time masturbating, but she was keeping a careful watch too. So when she saw from the agony and ecstasy on Darrin's face indicating that he was liable to cum at any moment, she acted fast. She shouted, "Lisa! Squeeze trick!"

Unfortunately, Lisa was too out of it with her own orgasm to reach around or between Darrin's legs to try to use the trick on him.

However, Vicky was already in motion. She only had a few steps to go from her hiding spot, since the alcove was so small. She fell to her knees right to the side of Sandy, actually sliding into position like a soccer player sliding on grass in triumph after scoring a goal. She pushed one of Sandy's hands out of the way and squeezed the base of his shaft very tightly.

Sandy was mildly annoyed, since she was way too out of it to even remember what the squeezing trick was, much less why someone would want to use it right then. She thought that Vicky was trying to steal her son's precious cock away. But her continuing multiple orgasm also meant she was in no shape to do anything about it.

Vicky squeezed and squeezed.

Darrin yelped and howled like he was being fed into a meat grinder, because he wanted to cum so badly that it was almost unbearable. He'd given up on squeezing his PC muscle altogether right when Vicky started squeezing, so he was baffled at first, and then annoyed to have another orgasm foiled again.

After about another minute, the entire group more or less collapsed simultaneously.

Jane was already flat on the floor, but when her long, great orgasm finally came to an end, she stayed here sprawled out and half-dead, her body occasionally twitching as the occasional minor orgasmic aftershock hit her.

Pretty much the same thing happened to Sandy, because her orgasm was similarly intense and prolonged. She kept valiantly maintaining her lip-lock around her son's shaft through her entire two minutes of spasmodic convulsions. But when her orgasm came to an end, all her energy deserted her and she had no choice but to slump all the way to the floor and slump down too.

Lisa was in much better shape, in part because she was a long-time veteran of big orgasms, but also because her orgasm wasn't in the same league as either Jane's or Sandy's. She noticed that Darrin started to weaken after his almost-orgasm, so she switched to holding his legs up.

Vicky was in much better shape than all the others, since she didn't cum or almost-cum at all. So she worked with Lisa to carefully guide him to the one chair in the alcove. They also placed the chair up against the wall of boxes that made up one wall of the area, so his could rest against something.

Darrin was out like a light. His foiled orgasm wasn't that tiring in and of itself, but a day's worth of non-stop exciting sexual action was catching up to him. He was at the end of his rope and he needed to sleep. It was a shame to let his stiff erection go flaccid, but his penis needed a serious break too.

Both Sandy and Jane were dead asleep even before Lisa and Vicky managed to reposition Darrin in the chair. There was nothing to be done about them, except Vicky briefly went off and got pillows to put under their heads.

The same was true for mother and daughter as for son in that both of them were also at or near the end of what they could take after so many hours of seemingly endless sexual excitement. Except, in their cases, their most recent orgasms were epic too. They really needed the rest.

After Lisa and Vicky had done all they could do to make the Douglases comfortable, they stepped back into the main aisle so they could quietly whisper without bothering the others. But they stayed in visual range of the alcove, mostly because they so greatly enjoyed seeing the others blissfully resting.

Before saying anything, they hugged and French kissed for a while in celebration.

Lisa was the first to break the kiss. She whispered, "Success!" She was beaming.

Vicky was beaming too. She repeated, "Success!"

Then they shared another long and lusty kiss. Their racks rubbed together, and their hands wandered too.

Vicky then broke their kissing to say, "Ya know, I've seen n' interacted with a good number more families than you have. I don't think I've ever seen any family fall into The Napali Way faster than them!"

"I know!" Lisa eagerly agreed. "Now that Jane knows that Sandy sucks him, and Sandy knows the same about Jane, we've crossed another very key threshold. If we can get them to lick and suck him together before we reach Honolulu, we'll set some kind of record, for sure. That almost never happens on the first day, not even in Hawaii!"

"For sure!" Vicky agreed just as eagerly. "I don't think it's likely for them ta have some kind of big setback, do ya?"

"Nah. Not unless he goes flaccid and stays that way the whole rest of the day. I'm sure you couldn't hear, but just before Jane's latest big O, I was whispering to her the joys of being owned by her brother. She started out complaining after I sort of accidentally used the "own' word, but by the end, thinking about being owned by him got her so very worked up that I'm sure that's a key reason why she came so hard right then."

"Wow!" Vicky replied, joyously kneading Lisa's ass cheeks. "MORE good news! That puts her halfway to acceptin' bein' his sex slave, and that's the hardest hump ta get over, by far."

"True," Lisa agreed. She brought her hands to Vicky's front to play with her tits and pussy. "That, plus the troubles that always happen when we get to Hawaii."

Vicky nodded.

The "troubles" they were referring to was something that happened to the family members when the plane landed in Honolulu. Over the course of the flight, it always happened that they increasingly felt like they were in their own little world, a very sexual world with little to no inhibitions. But arriving in the Honolulu airport and getting off the plane was like being splashed by a cold bucket of water, forcing them to remember the reality of the rest of the world.

That shock was intentional. There was a wider world, after all, and giving the family members periodic chances to "sober up" caused sexual setbacks in the short term but actually helped them internalize and solidify their new feelings in the longer term.

Lisa then commented, "And that's not all. I was talking to Sandy not long before that. I haven't really gotten into the 'owning' thing with her, but she was getting into the idea of being his 'big-titted mommy-slut' in a very big way. I played with her tits for the longest time while we talked about it."

"No! You lucky slut!"

Lisa chuckled. "I know. Perks of the job. We French kissed a bunch of times too. I don't think she's gotten in touch with her bisexual side yet, but she was so insanely aroused that she was up for anything. We haven't talked long-term yet. I don't think she's realized yet that being her son's slut could be a lifetime thing if she wants it. But that'll come soon. The key is that she's fully accepted her slut role. You know what a key step that is for her in coming to terms with her slavery. And she's most of the way to accepting sharing his cock with Jane. She was seriously going wild thinking about them sharing him."

"Wow!" Vicky said. "I'm impressed. You work fast. And they're such naturals."

"I know." Lisa lowered her voice even more, and asked, "What do you think: how far should I push with the slavery idea today?"

Vicky thoughtfully said, "It's tricky. It's still a big, big difference between talkin' 'bout bein' 'owned' in kind of a sex talk way and coping with actual sexual slavery with a real collar around your neck n' all! Willin' or not, it's a shocker. Plus, there's the whole unpleasant 'betrayal' aspect."

Lisa frowned at that painful topic, even as she felt at her neck, longing for the sex slave collar she could no longer wear.

The "betrayal" mention was a reference to the fact that SI employees like Lisa and Vicky inevitably had to lie about all sorts of things at first, especially incest and sexual slavery, so when they later revealed more of the truth, family members inevitably realized they'd been lied to and felt hurt and betrayed, not to mention distrustful.

Vicky went on, "I think you should take it slow. Start droppin' hints, in the usual way we've been trained ta do. But let's wait for the big slavery reveal until tomorrow. We don't want the Douglases ta get too far ahead, even if it's smooth sailin' with 'em all the way, 'cos what if they talk about that ta the other families? You know how some comparin' a notes between families always happens in Hawaii."

"True. Okay, careful hints it will be then." Lisa noted, "You know, it's funny. We thought Sandy being celibate and almost a hermit these last five years could make her the hardest nut to crack. But I think it left her with so much pent up sexual desire that she's actually the lowest hanging fruit on the tree to pluck."

"Yeah, definitely. Just look at them!" Vicky turned her head back to the Douglases, causing Lisa to do the same. "Doesn't that just warm your heart?"

"Totally! Vic, this family, they're something special to me. I don't know what it is. I'm sure the fact that they so perfectly fall into the Napali lifestyle is a part of it, but not all of it. I don't mean to sound harsh, but I'm glad that I don't have your job, where I have to split my attention between three families. That means stroking and sucking three cocks. It's more action for you, for sure, but all I want is to treasure and adore Darrin's monster-sized pole!"

Vicky said, "I hear ya. The three-families-in-one thing is a blessin' n' a curse. I keep wantin' to spend all my times with the Douglases. But the fact that they're coming along ahead of schedule means I need to spend most of my time with the others."

"Not that you're been doing that!" Lisa teased. She gave Vicky's ass a hard smack.

Vicky giggled. "I know! I'm baaaaad! I've been spendin' too much time here. Like ya say, there's somethin' special about 'em. They're like the ideal of the perfect family SI is lookin' for. True, Darrin is young n' kinda shy, and not all that strong or good-lookin' yet. Kinda small and scrawny, actually. But ya can see his inner master startin' ta come out, and that's a joy to see. He's gonna be a great one, for sure. Sandy and Jane are so lucky that they'll get ta be owned by him."

"They are." Lisa sighed longingly as she stared at the two nude beauties sprawled out of the floor, soaked in cum and sweat. "You know I would give anything to be part of a Napali family again, but especially to be part of THEIR family. Jane is exactly like how I was at her age, and Sandy's become a really good friend in such a short time. And Darrin!"

Vicky whistled appreciatively but quietly. "Darrin! Mr. Horse Cock!"

Lisa smiled from ear to ear. "Yeah. There's that, but there's more. Even though this is the first day of him starting to learn to be a master, he's such a natural at it, you know? No guile, no nastiness, just kind and loving. And yet, he's already starting to dominate and humiliate them like he was born to do it!"

Vicky poked a finger into Lisa's pussy partly because it was fun but also to get her full attention. "Well, ya know, he IS gonna want n' even need three slaves, what with his libido n' stamina. Probably even three plus."

Lisa knew very well what Vicky meant by "three plus." It was considered socially unacceptable for any guy to take more than three slaves at any one time, since that was "taking" more than the three-to-one ratio. Such cases usually didn't last long, if only because of the social disapproval. However, some guys were so virile and/or popular that they wound up with three slaves plus a revolving door of other women, drawn from the pool of unattached "free" women, who loved to help keep him exceedingly sexually satisfied on a fairly regular basis.

Lisa said, "I know where you're going with this. You're saying I might have a chance to be his third slave."

"Exactly." Vicky gave her a playful, hopeful wink. She also wiggled a bit, causing her tits to rub more against Lisa's.

Lisa sighed, as she brought her hands back to fondle Vicky's fantastic ass cheeks. "I don't even want to think about that at this point. You know how it is with women like us who have had masters. We're used goods. No young guy wants someone with all that baggage when he can start fresh."

"You call it baggage; I call it experience. For starters, everyone knows you're one a the top cocksuckers in Napali, which makes ya one of the best in the whole world. You're a Third Level Red Heel. Ya haven't even used half a what your mouth can do on him yet, or you'd kill the poor guy!" Vicky chuckled. "And there are so many other ways your experience would be great. With you leadin' by example, Sandy n' Jane could learn from the best how ta be perfect slaves."

Lisa sighed again. "Yeah, that all sounds good, in theory, but you know how rarely it happens in real life. He'll fall hard for some super busty hot young thing and have her worshipping his cock in a matter of days. We know how it goes. Besides, I don't want to get my hopes up. It's going to be hard enough as it is to have to leave him, and them, in just a couple of weeks. I can't get too attached!"

Vicky said, "Well, never say never, that's all I say. You're uncommonly sexy even by Napali standards, n' ya know it. But anyway, we need ta do some more plannin'. What should we do with 'em from here?"

Lisa glanced over at the Douglases. "Let them rest, for starters."

"They could rest for a long time," Vicky pointed out. "Even though they've had naps - heck, Jane kinda had two - the downside a them gettin' so far ahead a schedule is that it's like they're been runnin' a sexual marathon. Both physically AND mentally."

Lisa said, "I know, but so be it. We've been pushing them hard, really hard. It's paid off in a big way, but now we can afford to let them get some much deserved rest."

Vicky nodded, but then said, "What about him goin' flaccid though? You were sayin' a couple a minutes ago that that could be our biggest backlash danger, n' I agree. Do you think it's time for Plan B?"

"Plan B" was the nickname within the SI staff for giving the son in each family a Viagra-like male libido pill at some point. Plan B was a misnomer, because it always happened eventually, since keeping each son constantly erect and aroused was such a vital part of SI's plans to keep the women so continually aroused and overwhelmed that they never got all the way off the wild ride until they're fully committed to the new lifestyle. Over the years, SI had actually come up with their own special male aphrodisiac. It didn't change erectile quality, but it increased the number of erections and shortened the post-ejaculatory refractory period.

Lisa said, "If everything was going to plan, we would have used that on him already. But he's such a horny motherfucker that it hasn't even come up! But even our super stud has to be coming to the end of his natural limits, don't you think?"

"For sure," Vicky replied. "In case you're curious, I gave Ramon and Trevor their Plan B pills at lunch."

"Well, next time he has a drink, slip it in there." (The SI "super Viagra" was actually a colorless, odorless liquid which was put in drinks, allowing its use to go totally undetected.) "But there's no need to hurry things up too much. Even with him using that, there are natural limits. If he cums too much, his penis is going to be too physically sore."

Vicky nodded. "Good point." Then, after a pause, she asked, "What about our female Plan B?"

Over the years, SI had developed pills to help with female arousal as well. Directly boosting their arousal was still an elusive goal, but there were pep pills to boost energy levels, which helped with the sometimes extremely prolonged cocksucking, as well as pills to lessen the pain of jaw and mouth soreness, and still other pills.

Lisa shook her head. "Nah. Sandy and Jane are doing so great all on their own. I most prefer a pure 'au naturale' experience. Maybe later, if they simply get too tired to suck, we could ask them if they want a boost. With the boys, we really have no choice, since everything hinges on them staying erect most of the time. But with the women, I think it's a bit unethical to give them something without them knowing."

Vicky nodded again. "Agreed. And I'm really proud how they've been such troopers on their own. I'm rootin' for them ta keep goin' like that."

Lisa and Vicky walked off back through the curtains to Vicky's rest station in the middle of the plane. They sat down for another long debriefing, where they updated each other and whatever it was the other one didn't take part in or see and thus probably didn't know about.

That didn't take more than fifteen minutes. They would have loved to take part in some more celebratory kissing and playing around, but Vicky had to get back to the two other families. There were no big crisises with them yet, but overall progress was on the slow side.

Lisa went back to the two rows of seats the Douglases were usually at and took another nap herself, but it was a short one. She didn't have much to do to pass the time after that.

She checked on the Douglases in the alcove from time to time. More than an hour had passed, and all three of them were still dead to the world. Darrin had very nearly slumped off his chair, even with the wall of boxes behind him, so Lisa carefully guided him to the floor, letting him rest between Sandy and Jane, with a pillow for his head too. She kind of hoped he would wake up while she was moving him, but he didn't.

Lacking much else to do, she thoroughly wiped herself clean with a wet towel. Then she brought some wet but room temperature towels to the alcove and carefully wiped each of the Douglases clean of their sweat and cum. In Jane's case, she was obliged to wipe her cummy face completely clean because so much time had passed that Darrin's cum had gotten dry and gross. She couldn't get all of their bodies at once, but if one of them rolled over, she'd get that side of them too.

She rather hoped that all of her wiping would cause at least one of them to wake up, but they were so dead to the world that they even slept through that.

More time passed. Lisa was glad that she'd moved Darrin where she did, because after a while, both of them seemed to know who he was even while they were sleeping, since they eventually wound up cuddled up against him. Lisa moved the pillows under their heads to keep them comfy.

Eventually, Sandy even ended up holding his flaccid penis in her hand. Lisa took that as a very positive sign. It signaled that Sandy already was starting to see her son, and especially her son's cock, as the center of her universe. Lisa knew the feeling very well. Back when she was a sex slave, she often slept with her brother's flaccid cock in her hand. Sometimes in the middle of the night she would wake up from feeling it get erect, and then she'd contentedly suckle on him, giving him very good dreams.

Such memories made her ache for days gone by.

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