Chapter 55
Written by Spacer X <>

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Finally, after nearly two hours, the Douglases started to stir. There were less than two hours left in the flight.

Lisa wasn't there when it happened, since she was only checking in on the alcove every now and then. But the first sign of activity was when Darrin's penis started to get erect. Sandy was still holding it, and he could sense that even in his sleep. That caused him to start to wake.

More importantly, she could sense him engorging too in her sleep. That also brought her back to consciousness.

The ends of naps were usually a dangerous time for backsliding on these flights, since the family members typically woke up far less aroused than when they'd gone to sleep. But that didn't happen this time to the Douglases at all.

As Darrin woke up more, he kept his eyes closed, not wanting to fully admit his nap was over just yet. In so doing, he wrapped an arm around Sandy and another arm around Jane. He was vaguely aware of wonderful memories of Sandy sucking his cock three times, and then Jane sucking his cock too for the first time. That put a blissful smile on his face. He had no concerns about that whatsoever, and hoped and even assumed that more of the same would happen soon.

Even though Sandy and Jane were out of it to varying degrees, they cuddled up closer to him, ending up with their heads resting on his chest, their huge tits pressing into his sides, and big smiles on their faces.

Most crucially, without even thinking about it, and with her eyes still closed, Sandy began jacking him off.

Jane seemed to have a sixth sense that she was missing out. She brought a hand to his groin and wound up cupping his balls.

Sandy mentally reviewed all that had happened over the course of the day so far. Good Lord! Did all that happen in ONE DAY?! I feel like a completely different person than who I was when I boarded this plane. Although, to be fair, I guess this was a long time coming. I'd been fantasizing about sucking my big man's cock for nearly a year, and getting more obsessed about it all the time. And then, I fell into a perfect storm and everything happened at once.

And now I'm holding his big fat cock! And stroking it! And you know what? I don't feel bad about it at all. Lisa's really helped me see the light. I've sucked him three times now, plus a bit of a fourth. There's NO WAY I could ever undo that, or go back. I don't want to go back! Is it shameful to think of myself as his slut? Yes! Hell, yes! But this is who I am now. I don't want to go back to some life that doesn't involve sucking his cock every single day! I couldn't bear it. I know we're going to face all sorts of issues, even if incest is okay on Napali, especially the thorny issue of Jane. But I've been to heaven. I can't even go back to normal!

In fact, there's no rush, but just as soon as I'm fully awake and up for it, there's a cock in my hand that needs my mouth on it! Already, I can't wait to hear his sexy, happy moans when he wakes up with me blowing him for the very first time.

Ooooh! "Very first time." I like the sound of that! Maybe that can even become a daily tradition!

After a couple of minutes, Sandy woke up enough to open her eyes and briefly look around. She had no doubt that she was holding Darrin's cock, due to its extreme thickness, plus she was already getting very familiar with its every bump and vein. But still, it was reassuring to confirm that the body she was lying against was in fact Darrin's. She closed her eyes again with a contented smile. She began jacking him off in a more deliberate and active fashion.

She thought, Aaaaah! This is so nice! Sometimes it's nice to go wild on his cock, but other times it's great to just hold it and rub his sweet spot a little. I'm sure that's putting a smile on his face!

She had felt Jane's hand briefly brush against hers, so she felt around and discovered Jane's hand cupping Darrin's balls. She was surprised to realize that didn't bother her at all. Aaaah, that's nice too. A part of me wants to be upset at my big man turning Janey into one of his sluts, but I just can't work up any true angst about it. There's something about this that's so good and so right. If he's going to have three sluts, Janey and I really should be his first two. It's a must!

Mmmm.... Just think about that! We'll be living together in our little Napali home for years to come. Sure, there are two bedrooms, but why can't we all sleep in one bed? Then we could wake up each morning, exactly like this! Both of us holding his cock, showing our love and devotion, even in our sleep...

Just then, she heard Darrin mutter, "Aaaah! Niiiiice!"

That gave her a sudden burst of energy. Screw it! I could stay like this forever, just lazily holding and stroking him, and I'm sure I will many times in days to come. But he's awake! He wouldn't say "Nice" in his sleep. I feel compelled to do more! There's a delicious cock here that needs to be SUCKED!

With that, she gently disengaged from his arm around her back so she could scoot down and reposition. At first, she opened her eyes and leaned over his thigh towards his crotch, so she could start licking him there. But she noticed that his legs were spread wide. That gave her a better idea.

She got up on all fours. Just the act of being up on all fours with her huge tits dangling down aroused her even more. Aaaah! My new life! Good-bye to being sexless and alone, hello to being a shameless slut for my son! Just striking this sexy pose feels soooo good! I only wish his eyes were open so he could appreciate it.

After looking around and double checking that they were alone, she carefully crawled between his legs without touching them. Then she repositioned by lying flat on the ground between them, with her head right at his crotch, naturally.

But she was in for a minor surprise, because in the short time she did that, Jane's hand had switched from cupping his balls to holding and even lazily stroking his fully erect cock. It was exactly what Sandy had been doing to him less than a minute earlier.

Sandy frowned in chagrin at first, but then a smile came to her face. Like mother, like daughter! That's cute, actually. Janey is going to be a good slut for him, I can tell. In fact, there's your proof! But the main thing is that I can still get my mouth around his bulbous knob. Hopefully, she'll awake enough to feel me there and move her hand down some.

Sure enough, Sandy engulfed his entire cockhead. But she did it slower than previously, stretching her lips bit by bit until she passed the widest point of his crown about a minute later. That gave Jane enough warning to nudge her hand further down, leaving Sandy in control of the most prized real estate on and around his sweet spot. She got busy lapping on that spot while sliding back and forth over it with her lips.

She thought, Aaaaah! Even better! How could I have any doubts about living the cocksucking life?! This is bliss! This is perfection! Mmmm! I love how my lips are stretched wide a bit painfully, and already sliding over his sweet spot. And my tongue is getting busy too! Hee! It won't be long now until he's breathing hard and moaning. He's probably already thinking, "Mom is such a shameless slut for my cock!" And he's right!

She had napped long enough so the soreness in her jaw and her mouth was long gone. She was raring to suck him for a long, long time.

Remarkably, Jane was only half-awake at best while all this was happening. She did all she did with her hand without really consciously thinking about it. But feeling her fingers brush against her mother's lips bothered her to rouse herself enough to open her eyes and see what was going on.

Jane frowned as she saw Sandy's head already bobbing away. Damn! Early bird gets the worm. "I missed it by this much," as Maxwell Smart would say. But hey! I don't have to limit myself to just stroking him from this angle. Mom has the right idea!

Jane did a mental double take. Wait. Let's think back to everything that's happened today. We're talking big, big changes, for Mom and me! And of course that means for Mr. Horse Cock here too. Do I REALLY want to be his sister-slut?!

She searched her feelings, while also sensing her fingers sliding up and down his thick shaft. It only took a couple of seconds before she broke into a wide smile. Hell yeah! That's such an easy call. God! Sucking his cock is such fun! But it's not just that. There's something about the whole lifestyle that's really appealing. I mean, I'm basically going to fall off the edge of the known world into some kind of total sexual craziness! With Mom! I say: bring it on!

Jane fully woke herself, let go of her brother's boner, and sat up. Then she crawled on all fours between Darrin's legs, pushing one of his legs to the side to make more room. She laid down right next to her mother. It was a tight squeeze, but they just fit.

Sandy had put a hand on his shaft and started stroking it while Jane was moving around. But after seeing her daughter move in as she did, she graciously let go of his privates altogether.

Jane put a hand back on her brother's thick pole and resumed jacking him off. But it was still done in a lazy, relaxed way, just like Sandy's current sucking style, since they were all in a sleepy mood.

Jane also looked to her mother and even tenderly ran a hand along her nearest cheek, wiping away a streak of tears that was already leaking from Sandy's eyes. (Even though Sandy was taking it very easy with her sucking style, the tears were mainly from struggling with his sheer size, which didn't change.) She thought, Whoa! Already, Mom is crying a little bit. That's too hot! It totally makes me relive what it was like when I was crying from the pain and the pleasure. Boy, I seriously need to suck his cock some more, like, right now!

She spoke quietly. "Hey, Mom. You're looking good. Do you mind if we share, Even Steven? It's clear that we're both crazy about our big man's big cock. We're his busty sluts! I, for one, am going to embrace that lifestyle with both hands. If you do too, that means we're going to be sucking him together a lot. Probably a majority of our free time. We should get good at it."

Sandy felt a shiver race down her spine when she heard Jane say "We're his busty sluts." She felt a surge of pride. We are! I could have any man, with my face and my body alone. Ditto with Jane. But we choose to serve him! He's a mere boy, but he's the one we love!

She tried to look at Jane, but could only see her out of the corner of her eye, due to the fat knob in her mouth. Still, it was enough to notice that Jane's face was completely clean of cum. Sandy was disappointed. She hadn't gotten a very good look earlier, due to her being in the throes of orgasm at the time. She noticed that her own face and body felt clean and refreshed too, and she wondered about that.

But more important were Jane's words. Sandy carefully considered all of them, especially the plea about sharing and cooperating. Then she abruptly pulled her lips all the way off her son's shaft and turned her full attention to her daughter.

Jane was shocked, because she knew how hard it was to engulf his shaft each time. She exclaimed, "You didn't have to do that!"

"No, I did," Sandy said resolutely. "I need to tell you that I completely agree with what you just said. It's utterly humiliating finding myself one of my son's big-titted sluts. We'll have to talk about that later, how we can try to deal with our never-ending shame. But right now I want you to know that I agree 100% with what you just said. We will have to share. As a gesture of good faith, I want you to go first. After all, I've sucked him three times today already, and I highly doubt you have yet."

Jane was even more shocked. "THREE TIMES!?" She laughed. "Mom! Talk about being sneaky! I had no idea! When...?! How...?!"

Sandy grinned impishly, while she still held and stroked her son's boner. She proudly added, "Four times, actually, if you count that last time. But I don't since I only got to suck him for two minutes, tops."

"WOW! I'm impressed! But let's talk about all that later. We're got some serious jaw-busting cock to suck and lick and stroke! Together!"

Sandy giggled gleefully. "Indeed, we have! Go for it, girl!" She pointed her son's boner at her daughter's face. "I don't think we want to get too active just yet. I kind of like this lazy mood we're in. But still, I think he can handle it if one of us laps on his shaft and balls while the other one does the head bobbing, don't you think?"

Jane's eyes bugged out in surprise. "Mom! You're soooo cool! That's great!" After a pause, she asked uncertainly, "Do you think we should ask him first?"

Mother and daughter looked at each other and then said at the exact same time, "Nah!" They burst into laughter.

But they were only half-joking. Sandy lifted up her head just enough to look up Darrin's body to his face. She saw that he had his eyes wide open and was staring back down at the two heads at his crotch in amazement.

Sandy said with a coy smile, "Hi, my big man! Did you have a good nap? Your sister and I want to... well, we want to make you feel really good. A lot! With our mouths!" She sat up so he could see her awesome rack.

Darrin's smile was a mile wide. Man! No way! This CAN'T be happening! A part of me still wonders if I died or I'm in an alternate universe or something. Best day ever! And it keeps getting better!

Sandy looked over to Jane. "Why don't you get started? I feel like getting up and stretching a bit. I'll join you shortly."

"Okay, Mom! Cool! Wow, you're so cool. This is so cool!" Jane opened her mouth wide and swallowed all of her brother's cockhead and then some. She got busy bobbing on it right away, but at the same mellow and slow pace Sandy had been doing.

Jane thought, MMMM! YUM! God, this feels so fucking good! When I feel my lips strrreeeeeetch, then I know the joy is gonna start! What a RUSH! Brother must be tickled pink! First Mom, then me. What a way to wake up. I hope he knows he's getting spoiled rotten. God, do I want to spoil him rotten!

Mom's so great. And she's sucked him THREE times! THREE! She must really be committed by now. Which makes sense, because she feels the same things I'm feeling. What is it about sliding my lips back and forth over his sweet spot that's such a thrill? Caving my cheeks in, switching to "power suck" mode, really giving it to him good! Aaaah! And holding and stroking his shaft - I can't even get my fingers around it! And playing with his balls! It's all too much at once!

Plus, this is just the beginning! I felt like I was only getting my "sea legs" last time, getting used to his extreme width and breathing through my nose and all that. This time, I'm gonna totally rock his world! Sure, I'll start off kind of slow. I don't want him to blow too fast. But I'm gonna try out all sorts of new things and gradually build up the intensity... with Mom's help! We're gonna totally rock his world!

AND this is just the start! There's no telling what'll happen. Napali is, like, Blowjob Central. Mom and I only have black heels now, but we might spend YEARS sucking and slurping, bobbing and stroking, earning our way to red heel status one blowjob at a time! Sucking him TOGETHER! WHOA!

Those thoughts were so arousing to Jane that her plan to take things slow at first was mostly forgotten. She began sucking with considerable vigor and passion.

Darrin definitely took note. Whoa! What a pleasure blast! Talk about a great way to wake up! He stared at Sandy, who was sitting up between his legs and proudly thrusting her I-cups forward. He also saw Jane's long mane of flaming red hair bobbing up and down. Mom and Sis are so fucking hot! It's crazy that they would be okay with sharing me. Or that they could look that great AND suck cock great already! And they're only gonna get better! AND people say I could have up to THREE girlfriends!

FUUUUCK! This can't be real! But whatever it is, the pleasure sure as hell feels real!

Sandy stood up. She didn't know it because she didn't have eyes in the back of her head, but Lisa and Vicky were standing a short distance behind her, in the main aisle. Both of them had been checking on the Douglases more and more the longer they napped, so it wasn't long before they'd noticed when they awoke and got active again. They stood silently by, like proud parents watching their children excel in some public performance. They didn't want to speak or interfere in any way because the Douglases were doing so well on their own, exceeding their expectations again.

Darrin had noticed Lisa and Vicky as soon as he opened his eyes and lifted his head, because they were standing in the same direction as his crotch, only further away. He'd even given them a friendly wave, and got waves in return. But despite their naked beauty, he forgot all about them once Sandy stood up.

That's because, within seconds, it became clear that Sandy didn't intend to just stand to stretch or reposition, she wanted to put on a sexy show for her son. After making some high stretches, which was thrilling in and of itself, she spread her legs wide, so they were actually wider than where his legs were spread out on the floor. Then she bent forward dramatically, planting her hands on the floor on either side of him to keep her balance. That put her head directly over Jane's, and caused her immense tits to dangle down in truly breathtaking fashion.

That was literally true, because he forgot to breathe until his body forced him too. His heart raced even faster, his eyes bugged out, and his jaw dropped.

Sandy smirk-smiled. "So, Son... are you enjoying the view? Which part do you enjoy more: the sight of your sexy sister's fiery red hair bouncing up and down in your lap, or looking at your naughty mother, striking this ridiculous pose?"

He realized that was a trick question of sorts. With his head only slightly up above his chest (he'd just put all three pillows Lisa had left in the alcove under his head), and with his erection pointing down between his thighs, he couldn't see much of Jane except for the bobbing of her gorgeous red hair. Whereas the way Sandy was bending over was truly incredible. Each of her tits was about as big as Jane's head, and they were hanging down almost low enough for her stiff nipples to brush against her back! Then there was the way Sandy's legs were spread out straight and wide, allowing him to see her bush and pussy through the gap between her dangling globes. But maybe most electrifying of all was the expression on her beautiful face, because she looked so wanton and almost wicked. He'd never seen her so overtly sexual and uninhibited before.

However, despite the fact that his obvious answer would be "Sandy," he knew he needed to be diplomatic. So he said, "You both look beyond amazing! Mom, I'm focused on you, but that's only because I can't see much of what Sis is doing. But I sure as heck can feel it! And between feeling her and seeing you, I'm in Heaven!"

Lisa smirked with delight. Talk about slick! I can't believe he's only fifteen. He dodged that bullet and gave the perfect answer that'll make both of them even hotter for his cock! I swear, this boy is the ultimate dark horse. Some Napali masters have a masterly swagger from day one. Not him. He seems so shy and unassuming. But he's turning both of them into his sex slaves, practically all on his own!

Indeed, Sandy loved that answer. As she maintained that obscene pose, she said, "Janey, he's right. Why don't you point his cock straight up? Then he'll be able to see your sweet sliding lips."

Jane agreed that was a good idea. She repositioned, crouching on her lower legs and resting on her elbows between his legs, rather than lying down. That raised her head up enough for him to get a great view of her sliding lips.

Sandy asked with another knowing smirk, "How 'bout now, Son?"

He gushed, "Oh, Mom! You have no idea! I'm so blessed! Blessed! How am I so lucky to have both of you love me this much?! It can't be real! I keep thinking this literally can't be really happening to me!"

Lisa thought, This silver tongued boy wonder strikes again! If he keeps this up, the two of them are going to suck till they drop, leaving nothing for me. The thing is, he's clever but sincere. There's a genuine awe that he expresses so well. Damn, it makes my mouth water! I wish I could adore him with my mouth right now, but bringing Sandy and Jane comes first.

Sandy stood all the way up, but kept her legs spread out straight and wide. "Believe me, Son, I know what you mean. This feels like a crazy dream to me too. But it's real. All real!" She pushed her huge tits up and out, creating a deep line of cleavage. "Your old mom is dead and gone. I never want to see her again. I'm your big-titted mommy-slut now!"

Jane moaned loudly. It seemed as though she was trying to say something, but her mouth was so stuffed full of thick cock that nobody could understand what it is.

However, Lisa could guess well enough. She cleared her throat, and then said, "Darrin, I think Jane doesn't want to be left out. She's trying to say that she's your big-titted sister-slut too."

"MMMM!" Jane briefly took a hand off fondling her brother's balls to give a thumbs up sign.

Sandy twisted around in surprise to see Lisa standing behind her. She got another surprise when she saw Vicky standing right next to Lisa. That caused her to pull her legs together and turn around. She covered her rack unthinkingly. "You two! What are you doing here?!"

Vicky said, "Sorry, the others have noticed we've been here for a while, but I guess ya missed it. How could we NOT be here?! This is so inspirational! Right, Lisa?"

Lisa said, "Right, Vic! Sandy, the truth is, I've had this job being the official 'minder' for your family, to help you move and make sure everything goes okay in your new home. And I'm happy to do that, but what interests me far more is helping you all adjust to Napali sex life. I don't want to force you into a box. Everyone is different. But you know what happened to me, how I wound up living as my brother's personal cocksucking slut, and my mom doing exactly the same. The three of us were deliriously happy, for years. So it sets my heart soaring seeing the three of you starting to walk that same path. I almost feel like I'm witnessing a wedding ceremony! How could I miss it?!"

Vicky added, "Lisa, we ARE kinda witnessin' a weddin' ceremony. Only we're watchin' Jane's mouth get wedded ta her brother's cock. And Sandy's mouth is doin' the same. This is a family that's gonna be bonded together by the love a cocksuckin'! And, like you, I couldn't be happier. It's almost bringin' tears ta my eyes!"

She added shyly, "Red, ya don't want us ta leave, do ya? I promise, as much as we'd both love ta engage in a little celebratory suckin' ourselves, all we plan ta do is watch."

Sandy had been frowning from the intrusion, but she slowly broke into a smile. "No, that's okay. Watch all you want." She didn't consciously realize it, but knowing that those two were watching would greatly increase her humiliation level, which would increase her overall arousal and excitement too.

Sandy turned back around and walked to Darrin's side. Then she laid down right in the middle of his chest. With Jane's over his crotch, she carefully spread her legs to either side of Jane, right on top of Darrin's spread out legs. That put her face directly over his, and her huge tits mashed on his bare chest.

Since Sandy was significantly taller than he was, Jane had to scoot down a little bit so her face wouldn't be in Sandy's ass. But it worked out well, with Darrin's cock right up next to Sandy's pussy lips. Jane decided to play with that. She could easily "accidentally" brush her fingers against her mother's clit or slit while stroking his boner. And her nose was so close to Sandy's pungent and soaked cunt that the smell was heady and intoxicating.

Sandy smiled down at him. "Hey, Son! Is it okay if I get comfy on you like this?"

He brought his hands to her ass cheeks and gave them a loving squeeze. "Sure! Damn, this is awesome!"

"Get used to it, kid!" Sandy said gleefully. "You have two sluts now!"

Lisa chimed in from where she stood not that many feet away, "Three, actually. Remember, I was the first one to officially declare myself as such. Although, sadly, it will only last a couple of weeks."

"My apologies," Sandy said to Lisa as she brought her lips to within an inch or two of her son's lips. "Son, you have THREE sluts! And even though Lisa will be leaving us soon, you're bound to end up with a permanent third one just the same. Which means that you should start getting used to more than one busty beauty pleasuring you at once! What do you think about THAT?!" She grinned impishly and playfully.

"Let me show you!" He brought a hand from her ass to the back of her head, and pulled her in that last inch or so until their lips locked.

Sandy moaned as she began wildly necking with him. She let her body writhe as much as it wanted so he could feel her huge orbs sliding on his chest. That allowed her pussy to occasionally bump into one of Jane's hands stroking his cock, or even his cock directly.

Soon, he brought that hand back to her ass, because he loved to aggressively knead her ass cheeks while they made out.

She thought, MMMM! So much joy! Sharing really is best! A part of me longs to be sucking him right now, but I can't do that all the time. My jaw and lips and tongue simply couldn't take it. With Janey, I know his cock is being properly taken care of AND I get to totally slut myself out on his chest! I feel so OWNED! Here I am, a perfect ten by anyone's standards, but I don't even get a man of my own. No, I don't even get a BOY of my own! My son isn't even old enough to get a driver's license yet, but he already has THREE raving beauties dedicated to serving his cock!

God, that's so fucking hot! Pardon my language, but it is! And incest is no obstacle. He just takes what he wants! And he's taking my ass UGH! With his, with his hands! HNNG! And Janey is sucking, sucking, sucking! Oh God, how I can hear her sucking! I don't know if I can handle this extreme arousal every day!

Several minutes passed.

Lisa and Vicky hadn't been touching each other yet, in part because they weren't as aroused as they had been earlier, and in part because they didn't want to freak out any of the others with lesbian activity. But as they watched, they put an arm around each other's backs, drawing their bodies closer.

Lisa whispered, "And so it begins!"

Vicky nodded. She whispered back, "Indeed! If they only knew how pivotal this is. Arguably more crucial than their first solo blowjobs. 'Cos we know on Napali it's all about the sharin'."

Lisa said, "Agreed. God! I wish I could lend a tongue now, at least. But we have to be patient. Do you think we should take some more photos?"

"Well, all the action in the alcove and the back rows is bein' recorded on video, as you know."

That was true. This journey was much like a wedding and honeymoon for all the family members in each and every family. Most would later say it was some of the very best and most pivotal days of their entire lives. Once the women were fully enslaved, it always was the case that they cherished the recordings of their sexual transformation, much like a wedding album.

Lisa replied, "Of course. But it'll be days and days before we can tell them about those. If we take some pictures, they can appreciate them much sooner."

Vicky said, "Well... we don't wanna be too intrusive. Why don't you take a few, but only a few, and sneaky-like, so they don't notice. Meanwhile, unfortunately, I really should get back ta the others. I wish I could stay long enough to at least see 'em lick his cock together. That's maybe THE most pivotal act of all!"

Lisa nodded. Sex slaves commonly spent at least a couple of hours every day licking their master's cock together, sometimes more. It was the fundamental bond between master and slave as well as between slaves. She pointed out, "If you hurry back, you'll probably catch it. Sandy looks happy as a clam."

"She sure does!" Vicky replied. "Look at her ass risin' up n' down, like she's gettin' royally fucked. And all he's doin' is caressin' her ass cheeks. And what an ass that is. Sweet Jesus!"

"True," Lisa said, "but can't you see how she's doing that to repeatedly rub her cunt against the back of Jane's sliding hand? It's a way for her to feel involved in the cocksucking."

Vicky shook her head. "Phew! Too hot! I'd better go now, 'fore I burst inta flames!" She broke her loose hug with Lisa, then said, "Oh, by the way, speakin' a 'too hot,' you could give Jane a warnin'. Stud o' the Year here has cum how many times already today? Eight?"

"Yeah, eight, I'm pretty sure," Lisa replied. "Good idea. I almost forgot that they haven't fully internalized the use of the squeezing trick yet. She's probably forgotten all about it."

Vicky walked off through the curtains to the front of the plane shortly after that.

Lisa stepped forward and crouched to the side of Jane, near her head. "Jane? Sweetie? Could I bother you for a second?"

Jane had achieved a steady bobbing rhythm, while still finding a way to constantly be trying out new techniques with her fingers, lips, and tongue. She was totally blissed out and riding a constant erotic high. She heard Lisa talking from nearby, but it sounded like "blah blah blah" to her.

Lisa tapped Jane's nearer shoulder, and spoke a little louder and more forcefully. "Jane! I don't mean to bother you, and I don't plan to get involved. But Darrin is getting TOO CLOSE TO CUMMING! Can't you hear it? Listen to his ragged breathing and his erotic moaning. Can't you feel it? I can even see from here how his fat cock is throbbing and red. I'm sure it's extra hot too."

Those words got through. Jane groaned unhappily.

Lisa patted her shoulder. "I know, I know. Why don't you take a couple of minutes rest? That's probably easier than slowing down, since you're in such a good sucking groove. Remember, he's cum EIGHT TIMES today! If he cums again, it might be his last!"

That distressing fact finally motivated Jane. She reluctantly pulled her lips off, then disengaged from his privates altogether. She sat up between his legs.

Lisa smiled at her. "Girl, you look soooo beautiful! You've got a stunning face to begin with, but with tears streaming down your cheeks and pre-cum drooling down your chin, you look like the perfect busty teenage slut!"

Jane started to wipe her face clean.

"NO!" Lisa reached out towards her face. "Don't! Please. Revel in your sluttiness. Embrace it! Why don't I go get a camera first? I'll take a couple of pictures of you like this, and some more of you sucking him from close up. In Honolulu, we've got a color printer in the SI office. Just wait until you see the print-outs. You won't believe how sexy they'll look!"

Jane smiled from ear to ear. "Cool!" Then she added with worry, "Isn't that dangerous though?"

"A little bit, in theory. But the office will be closed and empty. I've got a key. We'll just print out the pictures and go. You'll have the only copies. Then, so long as you don't show them to others until we get to Napali, we'll be fine. Napali's nickname for those in the know is Blowjob Island. Believe you me, nobody will mind any blowjob or facial photos there!"

Darrin hadn't been able to hear Lisa and Vicky whispering to each other, but Lisa wasn't trying to be quiet with Jane, so he'd heard their whole conversation. He broke the kiss with his mother and asked, "It IS?!"

Nobody quite knew who he was talking to or what he was asking about exactly, especially since nobody except Sandy could make eye contact with him, due to the way she was sprawled on top of him. So Lisa asked him, "Excuse me?"

He clarified, "Lisa, sorry, but did you just say that Napali is nicknamed 'Blowjob Island?!'"

"I did," Lisa said. She patted Jane, then scooted up along the side of the tangle of bodies until she was in position to make eye contact with him and Sandy from the same side. She replied to him, "I think I mentioned that to Sandy a couple of times already, but not to you or Jane yet. I know how blowjobs are kind of frowned on almost everywhere else in the world, but it's like THE main way people love to spend their free time in your new tropical paradise."

Sandy stared down into her son's eyes from only a couple of inches away. "Son, did you hear that? Isn't that exciting?! And earlier, Lisa likened it to if I had a hard day and you wanted to give me a back massage. In the same way, if you come home from school and are feeling a little run down, I could give you a nice little cocksuck to perk you up!"

Lisa said, "Actually, when I said that, that was more like the bare minimum. For instance, for family members who aren't sluts. Sandy, if you or your daughter want to be his sluts, and he accepts you as such, trust me, you'll be sucking his cock a lot more than that! For instance, waking him up with long hummer, or in the shower, or while he eats breakfast, or during lunch at school or home, or aft-"

Darrin interrupted, "Wait! Did you just say 'during lunch at SCHOOL or home?!'"

Lisa smirked. She decided to tell them the truth about school lunches, since the Douglases were making such great progress with their overall sexual transformation. "I sure did! That's a good example of how it's part of the culture. It's common for sluts to take their lunch breaks at the same time as the man or boy they adore. Lunch happens to be right at noon. There are only about a dozen boys at most and two dozen girls at most in your high school class, since only about three new families come to Napali each year."

Darrin was fascinated. "Wait again. Shouldn't it be one dozen girls too? On this plane, we've got the same number of teenage girls and boys. The moms obviously don't go to high school."

"True," Lisa replied, "But remember there's a three-to-one female-to-male ratio overall, and even with the moms we only have a two-to-one ration here on the plane. That's explained because there's a good number of what you might call 'single' girls who come to the island every year too, just not on this plane. For instance, there's a full scholarship marine biology program that's very popular, but available for girls only, ages sixteen and up."

He asked Lisa, "Wow! And are all of them sexy and busty?"

Lisa grinned widely. "But of course! Many of those will end up making great sluts. Jane, are you hearing this?"

"Of course!" Jane was listening closely while still near her brother's crotch, sitting up while she rested her mouth and hands.

"Good. Because those girls are part of the competition you'll be facing."

Jane thought, A-ha! That helps confirm Brother's theory that SI is really all about bringing beautiful people to one place to create the perfect sexual paradise. I'll bet every single one of those girls really is interested in marine biology. But SI creates such a sweetheart deal that out of the ridiculously large number that apply, they can pick only the very most stunning and stacked! It's kind of diabolical, so I probably shouldn't talk about it out loud right now, with Mom here. And it sucks that they tilt the sexual ratio so much, but then again if it was 50-50 people would probably pair up and things would become boring and normal.

Maybe I should be upset at being manipulated, but I'm mostly just feeling psyched at being one of the very lucky few who get chosen!

Lisa refocused on Darrin. "But anyway, getting back to lunches, when that noon bell rings, you'll typically go get your lunch from the cafeteria, then sit down at a table with your friends. Meanwhile, females usually get out a few minutes early, because some of them have to walk farther than others. So they're often raring to go before you sit down. Having already stripped their clothes off, they wait in line with the other females for you to be ready. Once you give the signal, they'll kneel under your table and suck you off."

He found that mind blowing and extremely thrilling. "Are you KIDDING ME?! Wait! Wait! What about the other guys?! Will their sluts come in too?!"

"Oh sure, them too. Remember, every male on Napali has two sluts, at a minimum. Most of the other girls in your class will belong to one of the boys. Sometimes all of the girls will. So a lot of them will get naked and suck. But then the others will come in too. The mommy-sluts and the older sister-sluts who are out of high school already, the unrelated MILF sluts, the college-aged non-sister sluts, and so forth. You boys will quickly learn to sit well apart from each other at the table so there's room under there for all the sexy, cock-hungry ladies. If you have three sluts, you might have all of them wanting to suck you at lunch every day. It happens."

All three of the Douglases gasped at that.

Lisa went on, "Don't be so surprised! Remember, the big debate in Napali is who loves a good blowjob more: the sucker or the suckee. Both love it so much that the debate is pretty much moot. And if both love it that much, why not do it all the time? It's like, what if you could eat all the ice cream or other dessert you wanted and never get fat? Wouldn't you do it every meal?"

Sandy loved that logic. She said excitedly, "Tell us more about the school lunches!" She was so astounded and interested that she sat all the way up. She straddled her son's chest so she could turn her upper body to fully face Lisa.

Lisa was all smiles upon seeing Sandy's enthusiasm. But she continued to talk calmly as if what she was saying was nothing out of the ordinary. "A 'lunch suck' is typically well attended, because it's been three hours since school started, lunch is half an hour, technically, and it'll be another three hours until school gets out. Believe me, not a lot of sluts want to go six and a half hours without sucking on their man's cock even once!"

Jane thought, Damn! Why did I have to take a break from sucking Brother's cock right now? But I can't miss this. Just hearing it makes me so hungry! I swear, I'm totally going to win the spot as one of his sluts! Just try for anyone to stop me! Then I'll suck him every damn day, including at lunch!

Sandy had nearly identical thoughts as her daughter. She also increased her resolve to be one of his sluts. Her mouth was constantly watering, her heart was thumping, and her pussy was trembling.

Darrin was stunned and amazed. He thought he might simply pass out. "Are you fucking kidding me?! I'm going to get my dick sucked THAT MUCH?!"

Sandy chided him, "Watch your language, Son," She briefly kissed his lips to show there were no hard feelings. Then she turned her head to Lisa. "But I have to agree with his general sentiment. Lisa, ARE you joking?!"

"Not at all."

Sandy gesticulated, "That's a truly incredible amount of cocksucking! Don't people ever have any other kind of sex?!"

"Oh, sure. All the time. Daily, for sure. For instance, your son will fuck your tits a hell of a lot, but I don't really talk about that because the usual Napali titfucking style is for you to crane your head down and lick or suck him at the same time. So you might see it as another cocksucking variant."

Lisa deliberately failed to mention vaginal fucking or ass fucking without outright lying. In fact, both of those were very common on Napali too. But for months, all the SI staff interacting with Sandy had been trying to push cocksucking (and handjobs and titfucking) in part to prevent her from thinking about fucking. The odds were she'd have much more of an issue about that being "real incest." But once she was a totally committed cocksucker, the rest would happen naturally.

Sandy ran her hands all over her huge orbs, caressing them while pushing and rubbing them together. She looked to Darrin and said, "Did you hear that, Son? What do you think about that?! Do you want to fuck Mommy's tits that much?"

He replied, "Mom, so much!"

But then he felt mere words couldn't convey just how enthusiastic he felt. Since Sandy was straddled across his chest, with her wet pussy leaking right onto his skin, her tits were within his reach. He lifted his arms and clamped on to her tremendous knockers. He panted gleefully, "Does THIS answer your question?!"

"It does!" Sandy tilted her head back and nearly climaxed, especially once he started aggressively fondling her there. She kept her own hands on her tits, but merely pushed them together from the sides, figuring he'd like to play with them like that.

He definitely did! He even sat up and buried his face in her deep cleavage, causing her to laugh with joy. He didn't do that for long, but he stayed sitting up to better see and play with her awesome tits as she continued to press them together.

She thought, What a day! It makes me sad that he's never felt freely able to play with my titties whenever he wants! Although, given that he's only fifteen, it's probably for the best if he didn't start that much earlier. This would be illegal back in the States. I'd better not think about that!

Jane was getting impatient. Plus she was annoyed that Darrin was playing with Sandy's tits instead of her own. She scooted over one of Darrin's thighs and moved up so she was within easy reach of Lisa, Sandy, and Darrin. "Hey! Could we hear more about these school lunches, please?"

Sandy was similarly minded. "Right! Lisa, please tell me this. If I'm one of his sluts, I could leave my job as secretary, walk the short distance to his school, take all my clothes off, get under the table where he's sitting with his friends, and suck his cock for the next half-hour?! Then just get up, put my clothes back on, and go back to work?!"

"Exactly," Lisa said with a smile. "You can and will, I'm sure."

Darrin was a bit chagrined, because he was feeling increasingly aroused like everyone else, but his cock was being completely neglected during this "break time." It wasn't much of a break at all.

Sandy said, "But I'm his mother! I'll be sucking his cock in front of everybody!"

Lisa replied, "You will! I keep telling you, there's no law or even social rule against incest. Anybody can be with anybody, with pedophilia a very strong and clear exception, of course. I guarantee you that on any given day, there will be lots of big-titted mommy-sluts going to suck their son's cocks at school. Lots of seriously busty daughters too."

Sandy asked, "As busty as me?" That came to mind mostly because she was getting off on her son's tit play.

"Some," Lisa honestly replied. "Not many, but some. A few will be even more endowed than you. But trust me, you'll definitely be considered amongst the more endowed for your age group. That's true for you and your age group too, Jane."

Jane was still slightly miffed to see Darrin continue to play with Sandy's tits. She bit her lip watching him roll Sandy's nipples between his fingers. But she at least felt somewhat mollified by Lisa's comment.

Lisa went on, "Jane, since you'll be starting your last year of high school in the fall, you'll actually be in the same class as your brother for the next year, due to there only being one high school class, period. When I said there will be a dozen boys and two dozen girls, that's at most. It's rarely that much. I don't think there's ever been more than 30 total, so it makes a nice class size. Then there are multiple teachers who divide it up into different sub-classes at any given time. It's rare to have more than a dozen other students in any actual classroom setting. The students are divided more by interest and ability than age."

Jane moved still closer to Lisa so she could look into her eyes to see if she was being serious. She exclaimed, "I don't care about all that school stuff right now! I knew that part already. What about the cocksucking at lunch?! I would be totally humiliated to suck my brother off in front of all my friends!"

"Why?" Lisa asked innocently. "All your friends will be sucking some one of your classmates, unless you have a weird case or two or some girl becoming the slut of an older guy. Lots of those will be sisters sucking their brothers AND moms sucking on their sons! As I think I've told you, the mother-daughter combo is a very popular and stable one, so you usually get both those things at once."

Jane stared in sheer disbelief, as did Sandy. Jane said, "But that's... that's just... impossible! Incredible! Crazy!"

Sandy nodded emphatically. The room seemed to spin as she looked down at her son still playing with her hard nipples.

Jane was so very horny that she wanted to do something about it. She scooted back slightly, then reached behind her for Darrin's boner, which was still hot and throbbing and not getting much of a break at all, even though it had been untouched for a while. She started rubbing his sweet spot, causing him to squirm and moan.

Lisa worried that she might have revealed too much, too fast. The issue of school lunches usually didn't come up this soon, but it happened to have come up in the natural flow of conversation, thanks to some overenthusiasm on her part. It was too late for her to unsay what she'd said though, so she pressed on. "That's what you say now, because you don't understand Napali culture yet. Like I said, blowjobs are VERY popular there. VERY!"

Jane exclaimed, "You can say that again! Sheesh!" She burst into laughter.

The others laughed too, easing the tension in the room. The tension was mainly because Sandy and Jane were nearly as shocked and scared as they were aroused.

Sandy turned her head most of the way around, looking back to her son's crotch. She was going to at least stroke it, but she was mollified that Jane was doing that already. Good God! I just can't stop salivating and licking my lips! When I think about sucking his cock that much every day, I get so tingly and excited! And titfucks are going to be a big part of my life too! It's all too thrilling to take!

Jane frowned and asked, "But I don't understand. If I'm so busy sucking Brother off during lunch every day, when do I get to eat?!"

She also glanced back to see what her hand was doing to her brother's erection. She smiled as she slid her fingers all the way to his balls and back. So BIG! Forget food! That's what I want to gobble on for lunch!

Lisa answered, causing Jane to turn back to face her. "Ah. Good question. That was a tricky problem at first, but it got solved long ago. Females get an hour off for lunch. Half an hour for sucking on their brothers and sons and such, then the next half hour for eating. But you make up for it by having to stay later for school or work respectively, so the total number of hours is exactly the same for males and females. Don't you think that's fair?"

Jane muttered, "I suppose that's fair, but... but... the whole thing is so incredible! I mean, to suck Brother off in the privacy of my own home is one thing. Even with Mom there and taking part. I think I could get used to that after a while. But to do it at SCHOOL, with everyone watching! It's so humiliating! All the other guys will see me completely naked, won't they?!"

"Yes, they will, for sure," Lisa said. "And yes, it will be very humiliating. But that makes it so much hotter and exciting!"

Sandy complained, "I don't want ANY male to see me naked but my son!"

Lisa smiled. "That's a very understandable sentiment. But you'd really limit yourself if you stick to that through thick and thin. For instance, what if you decide to spend all day at the beach with your kids? Even if you don't go to the nude beach to begin with, Darrin will see you and Jane in your bikinis and get all erect and horny a bunch of times. Would you leave ALL the cocksucking to your daughter? That would be considered rude, if you're not under the weather. And as you'll soon learn, it feels all wrong to suck your guy if you're not at least topless!" Lisa made a sour face, like she thought the very idea of doing that was disgusting.

Sandy thought, When Lisa says I'm going to be my son's big-titted cocksucking slut, she's not exaggerating in the slightest! I'm going to be a total slut for my son! It sounds like a full-time job, almost! GOD! I've fallen through some rabbit hole into a truly bizarre world. But the thing is, I don't want to leave!

She looked down again at her son's exploring fingers. I love my big tits! I love that he loves them! I love how they make his cock hard! I love being naked like this, for him! I love it ALL! She kept on sliding her pussy against his skin as best she could.

Jane asked while she steadily pumped her hand on her brother's cock, "With that beach idea, what about when he cums?! Will he cum on our faces or tits in public?!"

Lisa beamed. "Only all the time! Teenage boys especially love to do that. It's like a way to mark that you belong to him. Imagine you're at the beach and you and your mom just spent the last hour taking turns titfucking and sucking him, and you were finally rewarded with a big creamy load all over both your tits AND faces! Then one of your friends sitting nearby comes over to say hi, maybe to compliment you on a job well done. Would you rush into the water and wash your face off, or blush in humiliation as you talk and talk with his cum dripping down your skin? Your answer will go a long way towards indicating what kind of slut you are and if you're slutty enough for your son to ultimately pick you."

Sandy practically yelled, "MY GOD! That's just... UNGH!"

She gazed down at her son's fingers, which happened to be sinking deeply into her ample tit-flesh. That's going to happen to me! I know it! I'll be such a helpless slut for his cock! At the beach or anywhere else he wants me! I'm his big-titted BITCH! He'll keep cumming all over me, on my face especially, over and over again, so by the time we leave the beach, I'll look like I was the target of a very well-attended gang-bang! But it's all my son! And that'll be a NORMAL DAY!

She began deliberately sliding her pussy on her son's chest. There was nothing protruding that she could bump and grind against, so it was hard for her to cum, but it felt fantastic for her just the same.

Lisa added, still in her calm voice, "Let's get back to the school lunch situation. Sandy, Jane, can you imagine standing buck naked in a line of gorgeous and busty women, all of you wearing just your high heels, silently waiting for Darrin to get his tray of food and sit down? You'll pin your arms behind your back and thrust your big tits out as you wait, wanting to show him what a good and sexy slut you are."

Sandy and Jane were so transfixed that Jane even temporarily forgot to keep rubbing Darrin's sweet spot. They were panting heavily.

Darrin was even chagrined, since this was supposed to be his "break time," but he was getting no real break at all. Had Jane still been sucking him through all this exciting school lunch talk, he would have blown his load already, no doubt.

Lisa went on, "The sense of competition is tremendous. Sandy and Jane, imagine looking up and down the line and thinking about all the other girls and women with sucking on their minds, all of you already salivating like mad and licking your lips longingly, your nipples erect and your pussy wet. You compare yourself to their fashion model faces, their outrageously curvaceous figures, especially breast sizes, their flawless all-over tans, and on and on. You think about the ones well known for their sucking or titfucking skills, and you remember what some of their specific techniques are. Your desire to be the best grows higher and higher! Usually you get horny as hell before you even start, just from the whole situation."

Jane was even more stunned, but she could feel the heat of her brother's boner in her hand and she finally remembered to resume jacking him off. Instead of just rubbing his sweet spot, her fist pumped quickly up and down his long pole.

Sandy was nearly delirious with lusty desire. She sat up stiffly and thrust her tits out, like she was in that line.

Darrin had been too distracted listening to Lisa to keep doing much to Sandy's tits, but his mother's new pose inspired him to fondle with renewed vigor.

Lisa continued, while looking back and forth between Sandy and Jane and secretly exultant at how insanely aroused they were, "And the humiliation doesn't get much better after that. Imagine sucking on Darrin with each other and maybe his third slut, all two or three of you crammed in under the table, with your bodies bumping into the legs and asses of the other sluts on either side as well as the sluts sucking the boy on the direct opposite side of the table. Usually, your bare butt bumps directly against the butt of one of sluts on the other side, sometimes two. You can hear the sound of Darrin eating and casually chatting with his friends, but you can't see a thing except his huge cock and the faces of the other sluts near you!"

Her eyes twinkled with fire as she went on, "Furthermore, imagine the sound of all those females sucking at once, in one confined space! It's soooo incredibly arousing! It's like you're sucking or licking Darrin's cock, but you're also part of a collective effort, sucking a collective cock, symbolically. As lunch goes on, Darrin has to speak louder and louder with his friends, just to be overheard over the collective slurping noises! Every time one slut or slut team makes their boy cum, it's like a victory for all the sluts there!"

She continued, "Trust me, you'll get more and more aroused by the minute, like some kind of group hysteria. The women around you will writhe and tremble more and more, and you'll feel the vibrations because your bodies are packed together like sardines! Sometimes, one of the women directly behind you will get into a good humping rhythm as she puts her entire body into sucking her man! You'll feel her butt repeatedly bump into yours each time her lips slide further down his shaft! You'll have no choice but to hump to the exact same rhythm, which you'll want to do anyway, because putting your entire body into sucking cock feels soooo good! Mmmm! And did I mention the pussy? So many hotties fingering their cunts and cumming! The smell of wet pussy in the air gets to be suffocating, driving you wild!"

She took a big sniff of the air, as if she was there. She didn't need to use much imagination, because even the alcove smelled strongly of wet pussy by this point. "Meanwhile, Darrin will usually take it as a personal challenge to ignore you and try to keep talking to his friends about something boring like sports, as if everything is normal. Your challenge is to make him pant and moan so much that he can't talk or even think! But you've only got half an hour to do it, and that's not much cocksucking time by Napali standards. His stamina is pretty good already, but it'll only get better and better with so much daily practice, and you've gotta make him cum before lunch ends or it'll be really embarrassing for you! Imagine if you're the only slut to leave without any cum on your tits or face. It's a race against time!"

There was long silence after that, broken only by the heaving breathing of all the Douglases.

They had gone through many great shocks since the flight began, but all the lunch details Lisa had just shared made up possibly the most jaw-dropping and arousing shock of all.

Finally, a wide-eyed Jane shouted, "OH, FUCK ME!" She impulsively decided that merely jacking off her brother wasn't enough. She started to scramble back to his crotch. "Sorry about the cursing Mom, but I can't help it this time! I need to suck Brother so desperately badly!"

She got into position with startling speed, on all fours between Darrin's legs with her hands on his cock and balls and her mouth at his cockhead. She exclaimed, "This is for school lunch!" She took a deep breath, engulfed his cockhead, and started frantically bobbing on it.

Sandy was slower to get moving. But once she saw what Jane was doing, she made up for lost time. Mere seconds later, she was between Darrin's legs too, after pushing them open wider to make room for both of them. While she was getting into position, she exclaimed, "Lisa, that's the craziest thing I've ever heard!"

Lisa still worried she might have revealed too much too soon. Staying where she was, she asked, "Do you approve or disapprove?!"

Sandy sincerely answered, "I don't know! BOTH! At once! Hearing that has made me so fucking, FUCKING horny! Pardon MY language, but I NEED to curse this time! But it's so messed up! So wrong! All the girls and women are just... SLUTS! Shameless sluts! SO MUCH COCKSUCKING!"

She started eagerly licking up and down Darrin's shaft. MMMM! YES! Yes, yes, YES! Not as good as sucking him, but it'll have to do!

Jane felt Sandy there and let go of his shaft and balls so her mother could have that. That was as much compensation she could think of, considering she wasn't about to stop sucking on his cockhead and the next inch or two down.

Sandy took what Jane gave up and licked more freely. She also used her hands to stroke his shaft where her tongue wasn't, as well as fondle his balls.

Lisa drew close and said, "Ladies, please! I need your attention! You're doing too much, too soon! He's going to cum in one minute flat, if you keep going like that! FREEZE!"

Sandy and Jane reluctantly stopped all their movement.

Lisa waited for a significant pause, to make sure they'd really stopped and had gotten her message. Then she said in a calmer voice, "Okay, continue, but do everything half as fast and half as intense. Think: 'slow and easy! Slow and easy! Let's make this last. Since you find the school lunch idea so interesting, why don't we have fun with that? But that means you should suck him for a full half hour, not a mere two minutes!"

Lisa watched and waited. Sandy and Jane were trying hard to contain their restless excitement and energy. Darrin looked very worked up, but not in imminent danger of cumming, at least not quite yet.

Jane's body was wiggling with frustration. She wanted to go absolutely crazy on his cock if she could. Feeling her mother's athletic and voluptuous body pressing up against hers only made her keener to suck with total abandon. She had to take some slow, deep breaths and try hard to calm her mind.

Sandy was even more frustrated. Her body wiggled even more as well, and all the rubbing between their two nude bodies reminded her of Lisa's describing of all the cocksuckers packed in "like sardines" under the table at her son's lunch. Needless to say, that made it even harder to control herself, but she hung in there.

After a full minute observing their new pace, Lisa said, "Okay, better. Darrin, what if you relocate to the single folding chair a couple of feet behind you? It's about time for another snack anyway, so I'm thinking we can make a school lunch role-play out of this! I don't know if I can find a table, but we'll make do. I can get you something to eat, then you can pretend I'm a fellow student and we'll talk and eat while ignoring your two cock-hungry sluts. What do you say?"

"Are you kidding me?!" he exclaimed. Then, realizing he kept repeating that, he said, "For sure! That sounds GREAT! Right, Sis? Right, Mom?"

Jane was slowly sliding her lips back and forth over his sweet spot, with fresh tears already leaking from her eyes. She just managed to moan an affirmative "MMMM!" She thought, That sounds so fucking incredible! I can't wait!

Sandy could speak through her licking, so she said, "Definitely!" She added to herself, This is my life now! This won't just be a role-play, it's actual training for when we do it for real! HNNNG! GOD!

Lisa stood up. "Okay. I'll see what I can do. Maybe I can find some more props. Oh, and Jane, I'm gonna get a camera too, since we kind of forgot about that idea. But while I'm gone, PLEASE, keep it slow and easy! The whole role-play will be ruined if I come back and he's blown his load already. He could be done for the day. Keep THAT in mind!"

That was a sobering thought for mother and daughter. They both eased up even more.

Lisa chided Darrin, "And you! These are YOUR sluts now, along with me. You need to make clear that you're in firm control from the very start. A slut does all she can to please and serve her man. If they get too excited, YOU should do something about it. Tell them how you feel. Clutch at their heads. If they really get naughty, give them a good spanking. Understood?"

He nodded.

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