Chapter 56
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Lisa rushed off through the curtain to where Vicky was usually stationed. Vicky knew the plane better than she did. Nearly all the boxes that filled the large C-130 really did carry cargo for Napali, mostly specialty goods that couldn't be bought or made on Napali or the rest of the Marshall Islands. But some of the boxes actually carried supplies for most any eventuality to help the sexual transformations of the families on board, such as nurse outfits, French maid uniforms, superheroine costumes, and the like.

Vicky happened to be busy serving snacks for the Brown family.

Lisa waited impatiently just on the other side of the curtain that led into the Brown area, then whistled to get Vicky's attention.

Once she was able to talk to Vicky face to face, she explained the situation. It was no trouble for Vicky to get another folding chair for Lisa to sit in. But she also knew where a small card table was folded away. Lisa and Vicky got those things, as well as the camera, and returned to the alcove. Vicky left again to get snacks and drinks for all the Douglases.

Lisa got Sandy and Jane to stop their sucking and licking. They hadn't been able to restrain themselves all that much in Lisa's absence, so she declared that it was time for another strategic break. That was necessary anyway for all of them to get into their new positions.

As the group repositioned, Lisa complained to Darrin, "What did I tell you about taking firm control of your sluts?"

Jane replied before he could. "Don't blame him. If anyone, the blame should go to YOU! Right as you leave us, you talk about, well, him 'taking firm control of his sluts.' I'm his sister! Three years older. I look like this!" She ran her hands down her curves. "And yet he's taking control of me. It's so fucking... HOT!"

Sandy said, "I agree. Lisa, it's like you said 'don't set any fires,' and then, right as you left, you lit a match and threw it onto a pile of rags soaked in gasoline! You even said, and I quote, 'If they really get naughty, give them a good spanking.' I'm his MOTHER! It's even more outrageous that he's turning me into his 'big-titted mommy-slut, but that's exactly what's happening!"

Lisa chuckled. "Okay, my bad. Sorry about that. I guess I was asking for trouble. But Darrin, in the future, if you do choose to make these two your personal sluts, you need to take control of them. I know they're your mother and sister, and that will never change, but you need to start thinking of them as your sex pets too. Their role is to sexually serve you and adore your cock, especially with their lips and tongues. Understood?"

He nodded. "Understood." He felt like he was flying high in the sky.

Jane shook her fists. "AAAARGH! Lisa, you're doing it again!"

"And right when you make us take a break!" Sandy complained.

Lisa laughed. "Sorry! I'll stop. Really. Now, let's get situated."

Darrin and Lisa sat across from each other, with the card table in between. Vicky came by with snacks and juice for everyone, and put all that on the table. She even had a previously unused dark blue T-shirt for Darrin to put on, and another one of the short robes for Lisa to put on, this one pink. The idea was to make it seem more like they were fully dressed students in the middle of school, while still leaving Lisa effectively topless most of the time.

Then Lisa had Sandy, Jane, and Vicky all stand in a line right next to the table. They were only a couple of feet away, since the alcove wasn't very large. They had to stand with their shoulders and hips touching due to the lack of space, but that added to the desired atmosphere.

Vicky had her flight attendant hat and handkerchief on the whole time up until this point, but she finally took them off. She figured that didn't fit with the school role-play idea.

Lisa explained, "Remember what I said about how the sluts usually get there first and then have to wait? Let's role-play that too. It'll help give Darrin a little more time for his cock to calm down. Is it okay if we include Vicky in this? We can pretend she's Darrin's third slut, so she'll join you licking him under the table too."

Sandy looked to Jane, then said, "That's okay by me, so long as she doesn't do any of the actual sucking. Normally, I wouldn't mind that, I understand that I have to share his cock with other hot sluts, but some other time, please! Jane's been slurping and bobbing on him a whole bunch, and I can't wait for my turn!" Sandy bounced up and down on her heels a little bit like an overexcited kid, causing her enormous globes to bounce even more noticeably on her chest.

She looked to Darrin and added, "Son, I'm so horny for your cock! I don't know what you did to me, but it's like I need it in my mouth!"

Jane looked over to her excitable mother and said, "I have to agree with Mom on that."

Lisa asked, "What, that you need it in your mouth?"

Jane's face was perpetually blushing, since her embarrassment seemingly never ended, the same as Sandy's face. But her face turned ever redder. "Yeah, that too, but I was talking about Vicky only licking, not sucking. And Mom, yeah, it's okay if it's your turn for a while.

Sandy beamed and briefly pumped a fist in the air. That created more jaw-dropping tit bouncing.

Lisa looked over from her seat to where Sandy, Jane, and Vicky were all standing side by side, but took particular note of the way Sandy was still bouncing on her high heels and beaming like a searchlight. Lisa grinned widely. "Well, somebody really likes being a big-titted mommy-slut! I wonder who that could be!"

Sandy shyly raised her hand, looking cute and adorable. "Me!"

She thought, I DO like being a big-titted mommy slut! I love it! The humiliation is never-ending and I'm sure it's only going to get worse, but somehow it's just so much FUN! And I'm soooooo horny all the time! So ALIVE! I don't even need to cum anymore because it's like it's all one endless orgasm!

Darrin groaned needfully from looking at his mother. "Oh my God!"

Lisa said to him, "Cool it, Stud. Remember, this is your break time."

He groaned again. "Like that's ever gonna happen! Damn! Just look at them, all lined up like that! And soon I'm gonna have three eager tongues on my cock at once, and you talk about cooling down?!" He turned to face Lisa. "Even you, you're wearing that robe, but it's fallen wide open in front already, and that possibly makes you even MORE sexy than more nudity!"

Lisa liked that. She'd very carefully let her robe open up so her nipples were mostly covered by the pink robe, but she subtly pushed her G-cups together with her upper arms, creating a dramatic cleavage display.

She said to him, "Hang tight, kid. Your cock IS getting a break, in a relative sense. Now, look at your three beauties standing there, with their hands pinned behind their backs and their tummies sucked in, their huge tits thrust out..."

She waited until the three of them each struck that pose. It was yet another mind-blowingly arousing sight. Darrin gulped and almost forgot to breathe.

Lisa went on, "THEN imagine it's not just three buxom babes, but twenty or more! Some days it could be over thirty! And all of them just ridiculously beautiful! Ridiculous! One problem with living in Napali is it will spoil you for practically all other women anywhere else. Think about the three of them there, then me, then the mothers and daughters of the two other families on board. ALL the women in Napali look like that!"

He gulped in amazement. His cock was throbbing almost painfully, despite not being touched at all. He asked, "Are there ANY girls or women in Napali who AREN'T totally stacked?!"

Lisa said, "That depends on how you define 'totally stacked.' Not counting the toddlers and girls much younger than you, I'd say no. I'd guess there are some D-cupped girls about your age, rarely, but if you look at their moms, you'll see they're bound to get much more endowed soon. Most girls your age are E-cups. Jane, you're above average at an F-cup. And trust me, that's what you are. With adult women, they're generally F-cup and above."

Darrin exclaimed, "You've gotta be JOKING! I'm moving to titty heaven!"

Lisa chuckled. "That you are." She liked how the Douglases had progressed far enough to accept those astounding bra-size facts without feeling scandalized or upset.

He asked, "Aren't there some guys there who like smaller boobs?! At least medium-sized ones?"

"No, not really. Maybe part of it is a practical matter. Just as all the Napali women are stacked and gorgeous, all the Napali guys are well-hung. I was telling you about how titfucks are very popular as a subtype of cocksucking. If you have a really big cock, you need a big pair of tits to stick it in-between." Lisa let her robe slip off both shoulders at once, then pushed her round melons together.

He said, "That makes sense." But he thought, This is all a dream, right?! How can all this be happening to me?!

Lisa ran her hands over her bare orbs. "By the way, I haven't really properly titfucked you yet. What I did was more like a warm-up, with a lot of holding back on my part. Just you wait until you get to enjoy your first REAL Napali titfuck, complete with cocksucking on the top! Some say it's the most pleasurable sex act for a man of all, because every single part of your long, thick cock is stimulated at once!"

He gulped. Fuuuuuck! FUUUUUCCK!!

Lisa was going to tease him some more with her tits and titfucking talk, but she looked over at the three women standing in line and had mercy on them. She pulled her robe back onto her shoulders, but kept her tits fully exposed. Then she continued, "Now, as for how beautiful the Napali women really are... beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but trust me, you'll love what you see. For one thing, the number two favorite hobby there after cocksucking has to be exercising. All the women are what you'd call 'hardbodies.' True, people age there like everywhere else, but people also segregate themselves into age groups. There's a whole over-fifty section of the village, for instance."

She went on, "At your school lunches, it'll all be sexy teenage girls and sisters, college girls, and hot young moms and MILF types in their thirties. ALL of them busty bombshells! ALL of them chomping at the bit to suck cock! YOUR cock! So picture these three as part of that much longer line of the most physically remarkable women you can imagine. All chomping at the bit to suck cock!"

He gulped again. "Fuck me!" It just keeps getting better and better!

Lisa chided him, "Now, your mom doesn't like that kind of language. But also consider that, out of all those total babes, these three are YOUR sluts. They're the ones you love and effectively own. They're the ones who use their mouths and the rest of their bodies to keep your cock drained eight, nine, or maybe even ten times a day! Of course it's a role play with Vicky, but with your mom and sister, you don't really have to pretend. You DO love them with all your heart, don't you?"

"Of course! Mom, Sis, I love you all up! I can't wait for you to service my cock some more!"

Sandy and Jane straightened up in their sexy, submissive poses. Their faces turned even redder, and they burst into big smiles.

Sandy wanted to say to him, "And I can't wait to service your cock!" But she got the feeling that she wasn't supposed to talk while standing in line. But she was conveying that message with every fiber of her being. She might have regrets about her new "mommy-slut" lifestyle later, but she was too insanely horny to have even the slightest doubt now.

Lisa smiled approvingly at him. "Very good. If you're sincere, you can never say 'I love you' enough. Yes, they're your exclusive sluts and your sex pets, but they're so much more. Now, let's get this started. You could have ANY of the knockouts in the long line, at least in theory, but you want these three! So call to them!"

He looked back to Lisa and asked anxiously, "How do I do that?"

"In a very calm and cool manner. You're in charge, so you need to show you're in charge. A nod or the wave of a hand will do."

"Okay..." He was wondering if he should do that right away, or if Lisa had more to say.

She had more to say. "Once you do that, they could walk to you, or they could crawl. Let's have fun with it and make 'em crawl. Vicky, you can go first to show them how it's done."

Vicky nodded.

There was a prolonged silence. The tension and anticipation was rising and rising while the three women stood stiffly in line.

Darrin leaned forward across the table and whispered to Lisa, "So, when do I call to them? Now? Is there like a school bell that rings or something?"

"Actually, there is," Lisa replied, also whispering quietly so the others couldn't hear. "Unfortunately, we don't have that here. But let me give you some advice in general on how to deal with your sluts now that you have sluts, including me. Arousal is MOSTLY in the mind. Arousing thoughts and sights will trigger a physical reaction in your body. So you need to find good ways to mentally arouse your sluts. One good way is sexual humiliation. Not a lot, but just the right amount. And that doesn't mean being mean or cruel. Not at all! But it could be, say, putting them in a highly compromised situation that makes their face burn red with embarrassment and their pussies gush, like the one they're in now."

He nodded. He already had an innate sense for that sort of thing, which was a big reason Lisa and Vicky were already talking about him being a "natural master."

Lisa went on in her whisper, "For instance, right now, the three of them are standing there, feeling increasingly anxious and restless as they hear us whispering but they don't know what we're saying. If you let the suspense build, that's great. Brilliant. But you could go too far, until they get frustrated or even bored. Timing is key, like knowing how long to wait before delivering a punchline to a joke. As you gain experience, you'll get the hang of it. For now, try staring silently at them and see if that gets a good reaction. If it does, run with it a little bit. THEN wave them over. But build up the anticipation first. Then they'll be so hot to suck your cock that everything that follows will be like cutting through butter."

He nodded. "Thanks. That's good advice. I wasn't going to do that, but now I will."

He stared at the three beauties in line. He couldn't believe how sexy they all looked, especially because they were so nervous and eager. They were watching his every move, waiting for even the slightest nod from him. His erection was still untouched, but he was so horny that his heavy, thick cock poked up at an angle.

He looked back to Lisa, and whispered to her some more, "So... what now?!"

Lisa whispered back, "This is YOUR show! Not just here and now, but from now on. That's what having sluts on Napali means. Their goal every day is to pleasure you and please you! You could almost think of yourself as a master with three sex slaves, ready and wiling to fulfill your every wish!"

Of course, Lisa knew that's exactly what he would soon become, without the "almost." She felt it was time to start dropping hints, to get him and his mother and sister slowly accustomed to the whole sexual slavery concept.

His eyes bugged out and his jaw-drop, no doubt making the others wonder what Lisa had just told him. He whispered, "Whoa! Are you serious?!"

Lisa kept whispering, "We'll talk more about that later. It's complicated. Don't you want to get started? Make your nod when you're ready, and Vicky will start crawling to you! But one last point before we begin. If she seems sincere in playing this role, that's because she is. She's been around the block. She's been a Napali slut. She knows all the tricks, like the 'waiting to draw out anticipation' trick. But a great thing is that knowing about them doesn't reduce their effectiveness much. Even the advice I'm giving you now will work on me too. It's like knowing all the tropes and tricks they use in a scary movie, then going to see one and getting scared anyway."

Lisa reached across the table and wiggled one of his hands resting on the table. But she turned her gaze on Vicky. "Look at her! She's so eager to lick your cock that she can hardly stand it!"

He took a moment to admire all three women in line, including the remarkable set of Jane's F-cups, Sandy's I-cups, and Vicky's F-cups. Fittingly, Sandy was in the middle. But then he took a particularly close look at Vicky in particular. Indeed, her entire body was rocking back and forth slightly, and she was standing stiff and straight yet somehow managing to thrust her huge tits forward dramatically. Her face was flushed and she was panting hard. There was no way she could be faking that much emotion.

He thought about drawing out the waiting even longer, but he figured he'd been whispering with Lisa long enough. Besides, he was dying to get started himself. So he finally made his subtle nod.

Vicky breathed a big sigh of relief. Then she dropped down to all fours. That was titillating enough, but she struck a sexy pose like that, with a coy look and an arched back.

She started to crawl. Unfortunately, she was so close to the table already that there was barely room for her to get on all fours, much less do any crawling. But she had a solution: she crawled past the table, went out in the wide middle aisle, then crawled in a circle there. Only then did she crawl back under the table.

Vicky was in her element. She felt like an athlete who had been confined to a wheelchair for an entire year, only to be able to get up and not only walk, but run. She felt reborn. Maybe even more than missing the sex, she missed being dominated and humiliated. Anyone could fuck, but only the Napali lifestyle led to these sorts of situations, and on a frequent basis.

As a result, when she crawled, her nervousness showed - as Lisa pointed out, simply knowing all the domination "tricks" didn't do much to make one immune to them. But she was also glowing radiantly and bursting with lust and life. Somehow she managed to sway and wiggle her ass as if she was sashaying, despite being on her hands and knees.

Darrin was extremely impressed. "WHOA! Awesome, Vicky! That is so super sexy!"

He didn't notice, but the embarrassment of both Sandy and Jane skyrocketed. With him praising that crawling performance so highly, they felt they had to at least match what Vicky just did, and their turns were coming up next! Furthermore, they'd never done that before ever in their lives, and Vicky was setting a sky-high standard with her sexy ass swaying.

Vicky got on her knees right between his legs, held his cock, and engulfed his cockhead!

This surprised him, since they had recently agreed that she wasn't going to do that. But then it occurred to him that she probably was just planning to do that until one of the other two showed up. He decided not to say anything about it, unless she still didn't stop.

He put both hands on Vicky's head and ran his fingers through her long, light blonde hair. He groaned needfully, "UGH!" Then he hissed, "Yesssss!"

Sandy and Jane were dying of curiosity. They could tell something was happening under the table, and they could clearly hear sexual sounds, but Lisa had cleverly positioned them so they wouldn't be able to directly look at Darrin's crotch, due to the table being in the way.

Jane in particular was tempted to take a couple of steps to the side to get a clear view, since there was nothing in the way to stop her from doing that. But she felt she was being tested, especially by Lisa with her high standards (including her red high heels) and she didn't want to be seen as a "bad slut."

Once Darrin recovered from the pleasure shock of Vicky's talented mouth, he looked back to the "line" of Sandy and Jane. His gaze went back and forth between them while he kept running his fingers through Vicky's lustrous blonde hair. He wasn't in such a rush to move things along anymore, now that Vicky was adoringly bobbing on his cock. Thus, he decided to toy some more with deliberately drawing the remaining waiting out a little longer.

As the silence stretched out, Lisa figured out what he was doing, and she approved. Just to make sure there was no confusion for anybody, she asked him, "So, you're going to nod again when you want your next slut to start crawling to serve your cock?"

"I am."

"And you'll pick which one goes next by looking into her eyes as you nod?"


"And you're aware that the tradition is the sluts waiting in line are not allowed to talk?"

"I am now!" He chuckled.

Lisa smirked. She was using her questions to inform the group more than ask. "And I noticed Vicky had started sucking your cock."

Sandy and Jane gasped and frowned, and tensed up. They would have loudly complained except for what Lisa had just said about them not being allowed to talk.

Lisa continued, "I assume you're not stopping her because you know she'll only do that until Sandy or Jane get under the table to replace her in that prime position?"

"Right again," he said.

Sandy and Jane eased their tension, and their lust went up another notch. They still couldn't see what was happening, but the noises they could hear seemed to be getting louder all the time. That was true, because Vicky was being deliberately loud for their benefit. Their imaginations ran wild, thinking of the seductive flight attendant gorging herself on his thick cock.

In fact, Vicky was much like Lisa had usually been so far: too talented and experienced a cocksucker to give him her all, or even close to her all. She could have in a different situation, but she knew he was dangerously aroused from everything that was happening, even before she put her sweet lips to his cock. So she actually was very restrained, just sliding her lips a little bit and using no tongue action at all. She correctly figured he was so distracted and super horny in general that he wouldn't notice.

He tried to play up the tension of what to do next. He put a hand on his chin and kept staring back and forth between his mother and his sister. "Hoo boy! Who to choose next?! This is so hard, because whoever I choose, it will seem like I'm playing favorites. But I'm not! Mom and Sis, I love you both, as much as humanly possible! And I lust for your sexy bodies and hungry mouths just as much!"

For no apparent reason except to titillate him, Lisa pressed her huge tits together from their outer sides. Then she said to him, "Stud, in the future, you can't let this paralyze you. If you make both of them your sluts, you're going to face this exact same situation every single day. Somedays, you'll pick one, somedays, you'll pick the other. So be it. That's part of your power in having two or three sluts. It helps to keep them on their toes."

He spoke while still staring at his mother and sister instead of Lisa, despite her dramatic cleavage display. "Yeah, but that doesn't help me now."

"True. For now, why don't we let fate decide, like flipping a coin. Only we don't have a coin." She looked at the table between them. It had many things on it, including snacks and drinks for everyone except Vicky, plus Vicky's flight attendant hat and handkerchief, and a digital camera.

Lisa didn't see anything to help with something like coin flipping, but seeing the camera gave her an important reminder. "OH! I just remembered! We've got the camera on the table and I still haven't used it! Before you choose, let me take some pictures. If that's okay by you?"

"Sure!" He saw that as a way to increase the anticipation still more. Sandy and Jane were the exact opposite of bored. In fact, it looked like they were about to die of eagerness, so he wanted to see how long he could run with this. With Vicky bobbing on his cock, he was having a grand time regardless.

Lisa picked up the camera and took some pictures of Vicky sucking on him solo under the table. Then she took a few of Sandy and Jane standing together, getting them to stand even "stiffer and prouder" as she did so. Finally, she gave the camera to him and had him take a few pictures of her standing in various highly seductive poses, including standing in the line with Sandy and Jane.

Finally, after a couple of minutes of that, she returned to her seat across from him with the small card table in between. As she had her back to Sandy and Jane, she gave him a subtle nod, indicating her suggestion was that he'd kept the others waiting enough.

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