Chapter 57
Written by Spacer X <>

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So Darrin and Lisa played "rock, paper, scissors." They decided in advance that if he won, Jane would go first, and if she won, Sandy would go first. He won on the first round.

He gave Jane the nod only a few seconds after that.

Jane breathed an audible exhale of relief as she dropped down to all fours. Fiiiinally! Dammit, this is soooo humiliating! As if waiting that long wasn't torture enough, now I have to CRAWL for the sole satisfaction of my geeky little baby brother! I've had handsome and hunky boyfriends who could literally fold him into a pretzel, and I certainly never crawled for them. I wouldn't even THINK of doing something that demeaning! But look at me now. UGH!

So why am I so fucking horny?! I swear, my cunt is ON FIRE! And it's soaked! How can it be soaked and burning at the same time?! God! And the way he's looking at me! Like he's some fucking king on his throne, getting his cock sucked by Vicky, who is a blue-heeled expert, and I'm on all fours for his amusement, exactly like a sex pet! Which I AM! HIS sex pet! His big-titted sister-slut!

UNNGH! If I keep this sexy thinking up, I'm just going to melt down into a puddle of cum! I'd better get moving before I simply pass out from too much lust!

She started crawling. Using Vicky's "journey" as a model, she went past the card table and on into the main aisle. But one advantage to being down on her hands and knees was that she could see under the table, and watch Vicky sucking him off. Then, she crawled back and forth in the aisle some, allowing her to see Vicky's blowjob action from different angles.

Darrin watched closely while still stroking Vicky's long blonde hair, constantly in motion. He noticed right away that Jane was much less experienced in this sort of thing. He (correctly) assumed that Jane had never done this for anybody, and Vicky probably had done it lots of times when she lived on Napali. But Jane was obviously trying hard to imitate Vicky's sexy moves, especially the swaying of her ass.

Seeing that nearly brought tears to his eyes, because he could clearly see how hard Jane was trying to please him, despite probably doing the most humiliating thing she'd ever done in her life. She looked up at him with fear in her big blue eyes, and he was tempted to tell her to stop. But there was determination in her eyes too. He figured she'd be insulted if he didn't let her go through it.

To say that the crawling made Jane hot to suck his cock was putting it mildly! It was true that she was frightened out of her mind, and even had fleeting thoughts of other passengers coming by right when she was crawling in the main aisle. But she was getting off on the crawling in a weird way, especially as she could see how intently her "geeky little baby brother" was staring at her.

She might have kept going longer, doing more than Vicky had done, except she remembered that she could take over sucking him as soon as she was done. With that in mind, she crawled under the table.

Vicky knew what she had to do, and she did it fast to avoid any hard feelings. She pulled her lips off his boner. Then she repositioned her entire body on the outer side of one of his legs. She figured he wouldn't be familiar with having three women all wedged in between his legs, and would have trouble keeping his legs spread wide enough for that. She was grateful for her solo time on his cock, but now she was okay with playing "third fiddle" for a while. She still could easily lean over his thigh to get her mouth on his throbbing pole.

Jane immediately took over, moving in where Vicky had just been. She got right between his legs and engulfed his cockhead straight away.

The card table wasn't very large: Darrin's knees and Lisa's knees would have almost touched if they were both pulled up close and keeping their knees together. All the women were forced to stay on all fours nearly all the time, because there wasn't enough vertical clearance to sit up. Vicky had extensive experience with under-the-table sucking and licking, so she'd position her body under the table at an angle. Jane had zero experience though, so she wound up with her head between Darrin's thighs on one side of the table, and her ass between Lisa's thighs on the other side.

This presented a delightful opportunity for Lisa. She clamped her thighs onto each outer side of Jane's bubble butt, effectively locking her in place.

Before Jane started bobbing, while her mouth was still adjusting to his thickness, Vicky leaned in and quietly whispered to her, "Sugar, one bit a advice. Remember, ya don't want him ta cum too soon! He's dangerously close before ya even start. Then your momma n' me are gonna chime in. So please! Take it easy on him!"

Jane nodded in understanding. She was frustrated as hell, because she wanted to go wild on him after building up her sucking desire for so long. But she didn't want to be the one to make him cum too soon. She knew the squeezing trick, but she didn't have much confidence in it, since she'd only started to figure it out. As a result, she started bobbing, but she forced herself to take it slow and easy on him. She only pleasured him with her mouth for the time being, since she needed her hands on the floor to stay on all fours.

Darrin looked to Sandy. He put his hands behind his head and slumped down in his seat, relaxing in a theatrically exaggerated fashion. He spoke to Lisa while still looking in Sandy's direction, "Mmmm! Lisa, Jane's taken over. She's soooo good! And Vicky is too. And I'm staring at my mom. And she's so stacked and sexy! She's ridiculous, she really is. Some movie star like Marilyn Monroe practically looks ugly compared to her."

Lisa snickered. "Come on."

"Well, almost! In my eyes, at least." He took a peek under the table, which he could do without trouble since he had slumped down. Jane's eyes were shut tight and it looked like she was intensely concentrating. He watched as Vicky brought her head closer to his cock and started licking his lower shaft. She wanted to fondle his balls as well, but she needed to keep as least one hand on the floor since she was on her hands and knees like Jane was.

He moaned blissfully. Mmmm! Two mouths on my cock AGAIN! Most guys never experience this in their entire lives! I guess for me it's going to become routine! Whoa! Man, it feels divine!

Then he looked back up to Lisa sitting across the table from him. Her huge G-cups were still spilling out of her open pink robe, subtly pushed together by her upper arms. Finally, he looked back to Sandy, still standing there with her hands pinned behind her back and her gigantic tits thrust forward outrageously. He gave her a loving smile.

Sandy's heart soared. SON! My big man! Look at you, sitting there with your hands behind your head in a deliberately cocky pose, reveling in the fact that you've got two hot sluts slathering and sucking and stroking their way all over your big fat cock! Gaawwwd! It makes me love and want you even more! And it makes me want to join in sucking your cock so much that I can't even stand it! But I'm stuck here! Such torture!

Lisa could see that Darrin had a deer-in-the-headlights look as he watched Sandy's tits bouncing on her chest due to her heavy breathing. She asked him, "How are you holding up, Stud?"

He turned his head back to Lisa and took a few deep breaths to try to calm down. "Lisa, this is so nuts! The thing is, everything is going so great! And I'm thinking about how it's gonna be in a few minutes when Mom is sucking me off again. And this sort of thing might be COMMON for me in my future! There's no way! Is this REALLY what it's going to be like in Napali?!"

Lisa dropped her hands under the table edge. Darrin didn't think anything of that, but that was because he didn't know Lisa had Jane's ass trapped between her thighs. She put her hands on that impressive bubble butt and started to caress it. She kept her thighs loose enough so that Jane could easily reposition if she was bothered by that contact, but Jane didn't even try to wiggle her ass to test her mobility.

While that was going on sight unseen, Lisa told him, "Better! I know you don't believe me that it can get better. But you didn't believe a lot of things today and they're all coming true. It gets better for ALL of you. It's so much fun! Unh! Now you're starting to learn why everyone thinks Napali is a paradise on earth and nobody wants to leave. It gets even BETTER!"

Sandy wanted to scream. There was so much she felt she had to say, but she wasn't even allowed to talk. "Better?!" How could it get any better?! I'm soooooo horny! I swear, I don't care if I ever cum again. I've cum dozens of times and my pussy can't handle any more big orgasms anyway. Too sore! But I don't need to cum because I'm so high on lust all the time! It can't get much better than this or it just might kill me!

He went back to staring at his ultra buxom mother. God, she's so HOT! Her face alone... so sultry! She was sexy before, but now she had this new uninhibited wantonness that makes her even sexier! And her body! Ridiculous!

He sat up and brought his hands to Jane's head. He began running his hands through her long mane of flaming red hair, exactly the same as he'd been doing with Vicky's blonde hair. Then he remembered Vicky's head was close enough to Jane's that they were actually touching. He brought a hand to her head too.

Jane felt tingly all over, and dizzy. She was highly mindful of the fact that Darrin had his hands in her hair on one side, and Lisa had her hands on her ass on the other side. To have Lisa caress her ass cheeks wasn't that big of a deal in terms of the actual physical stimulation, but the fact that was happening at all, and especially that they were female hands, made her feel extremely naughty, even wicked.

This was nothing like what she thought sex was like with her previous boyfriends. Back then, she had been very restrained, keeping her control and dignity. But now she felt she had no control or dignity whatsoever, and it felt invigorating and thrilling. She felt "sandwiched" between Darrin and Lisa, like she was in the middle of an orgy.

At the same time, Darrin wanted to scream for joy. He glanced down again at the two stunning faces in his crotch. FUCK ME! Two bombshells are licking and sucking me together! TWO! And I'm supposed to just sit here and take it without cumming?! No way!

Actually, he wasn't as close to cumming as he feared. Jane was being a real trooper and greatly restrained herself. Her head was doing a lot of bobbing, which looked dramatic, but she tried not to suck him any tighter than her lips had to be to wrap around his thickness.

Vicky was helping Jane out with her licking, but she knew he was overheated, so she deliberately chose to lick down at the base of his shaft, where he had the least amount of nerve endings.

The problem Darrin had was more psychological. For instance, looking down and not just seeing two "perfect ten" faces, but knowing that one of them was his older sister, and seeing the tears streaming down her cheeks to boot. He almost couldn't bear to glance at Sandy again, because it was more than his mind could take.

He leaned forward and whispered to Lisa, 'Help me!"

"What?" She leaned forward too, and actually planted her massive bare rack on the table as she did so.

"Everything is far too arousing! I totally want to see Mom crawl on all fours! Hell, I would give my left arm for that! But I worry that'll be so mind-blowing that my brain is literally going to explode! And then she's gonna join in with the licking, and that'll mean THREE TONGUES ON MY DICK AT ONCE!"

He whispered "three tongues on my dick at once" loud enough for all the others to hear, including Sandy. That led to each of them thinking thoughts of what was about to happen that upped their arousal levels yet more.

He went on, "How am I gonna handle it?! I could cum at any moment!"

Lisa smirk-smiled. "Welcome to your life!" She held out a hand across the table.

He didn't know what that was about, but he took his hand off Vicky's head to shake Lisa's hand.

But that wasn't Lisa's attention. She took his hand and brought it to her chest. She actually trapped it between her tremendous G-cups and squeezed her tits into his hand from either side.

In doing that, she had to take her hands off Jane's ass under the table. Jane actually was disappointed.

He looked at his hand, incredulous. He hissed quietly at Lisa, "What did you do that for?! That's even MORE arousing!"

"I know! This is the time for you to man up and be the 'big man' your mom keeps saying that you are. I told her there's an art to getting your cock sucked, as well as doing the sucking. This is your challenge right now: to 'endure' all this pleasure without cumming, because if you cum, that'll end the fun for everyone. Ride the wild tiger! Ride it as long as you can! Dare to be aroused out of your mind! Your brain won't literally explode, I assure you." She chuckled. "Besides, if you start to cum, there's that squeezing trick. If Jane forgets to use it, Vicky will. Right Vicky?"

"Right!" Vicky replied from under the table.

Darrin was startled to hear that, since Lisa had been whispering rather quietly the whole time. But he realized Vicky and Jane were just as close to Lisa as he was. He also was startled that Vicky could talk at all since she'd been silent for a while. But he remembered she was only licking, not sucking.

Lisa added to him, "You're going to have three sluts serving your cock from now on, I'm sure of it. You're a three slut kind of guy, given you've cum eight times today already! You may even want to have other lovers on top of that. This is your new life. Get used to it! Embrace it! Or be a coward and go home!"

He thought about Lisa's words as he watched her essentially titfuck his trapped hand. They gave him new resolve. She's right! Time to man up. Ride the tiger! If worse comes to worse, Vicky will use that trick, maybe even a few times. I can do this!

He looked back to Sandy. "Okay, Mom! Sorry to keep you waiting for so long. I'm kind of overwhelmed, as you can see. But, please... go for it!" Then he gave her the required nod.

Sandy nodded back. She thought about saying something in reply, but she liked being "forced" to stay silent.

She dropped to her hands and knees. Her entire body was on fire. Her heart was thumping so loudly she could hear it in her ears. Her face was burning red with humiliation.

Her great tits were so large that they practically touched the floor already. She lowered her swaying tits a little more, causing her erect nipples to actually brush against the floor. She didn't plan on cumming, but that triggered a big one inside her. It took all her willpower not to scream out. She kept her eyes open for the next minute, watching Jane's nude body and especially her daughter's bobbing mane of hair from the backside as she did so. (She couldn't see much of Vicky because Jane was blocking her view.)

However, she wanted her son to see her entire body, especially her face, and her head was so close to the table that he could only see her lower half. She bravely began crawling past the table into the main aisle even as her orgasm was still tailing off. Her cunt was so wet that she was dripping as she went.

She wasn't truly happy until she was positioned in the aisle so her son could see her from head to toe, with her head angled towards him so she could see his face (and vice versa). That also gave her a good view under the table at both Jane and Vicky, as well as Lisa's legs.

That position made her very happy indeed. In fact, she was positively rapturous, even though her body was trembling with fear and abject shame. Her emotions were like a super-sized version of how Jane had been feeling while crawling. As Darrin's mother, Sandy felt even more ashamed to be doing this. But she was more committed to her new cocksucking slut lifestyle, and farther along into a submissive mindset in general (thanks largely to Olivia). So doing this aroused her even more as well.

She stretched and peened like a stretching cat, arching her back outrageously. Then she swayed her entire body about a foot forward and back, setting her dangling globes swaying.

Darrin frantically clenched at his PC muscle. Hold on, man! You can do it! Don't cum!

Lisa had a great view of Sandy too. She released Darrin's "titfucked" hand so she could turn in her seat and ogle at the hourglass-shaped mother that much more. She thought, Beautiful!! Just beautiful! I can't believe she's come this far in just one day! At the start of the flight, she was obsessed with blowjob fantasies about her son, but she never imagined acting on them in a million years. And now, THIS! Damn! She's going to be such an inspirational sex slave. If anyone was born to serve, it's her!

Lisa remembered the camera, which once again was resting on the table. She picked it up and took a few pictures of Sandy, including getting some of her sexy stretches while on all fours.

Sandy heard the sound of clicking and glanced Lisa's way. Seeing the camera, she struck even more exaggerated and outrageously sexy poses. At the same time, she stared into her son's eyes from across the short distance, with the most scorching "come hither" look one could imagine.

Lisa got some very good photos of Sandy like that. She could hardly wait to show Sandy the print-outs of all of them later. Since she had her hands freed again, she used the hand not holding the camera to drop back down under the table and resume fondling Jane's ass that was still trapped between her thighs.

Jane liked that a lot. She moaned erotically and wiggled her ass up and down approvingly.

Lisa smiled at Jane's response. She contemplated playing with Jane's pussy, as it was within very easy reach, but decided she didn't want to do too much too soon. That was something she could escalate to later.

As Sandy stared and posed, she thought, Son, I'm coming for you! For your COCK! Janey's had a few minutes here. She said I could take a turn anyway. I'm taking over! I'm gonna suck your cock so good and so long that you won't know up from down! And Janey and Vicky are gonna help me! Three tongues at once! A new first!

Oh GOD! What a great, great day! I've totally given in to being my son's big-titted mommy-slut! One of his exclusive cocksuckers! One of his busty sex pets! If I could think clearly, I'd probably come up with a thousand reasons why that's wrong. But fuck it! I know deep down that this is the REAL ME! Son, I love you! Let me show you with my mouth!

Her little pep talk to herself got her even more excited to suck than to pose. So she resumed her crawling, going all the way around in a circle in the wide aisle.

Darrin had been rhythmically squeezing his PC muscle with all his might, fighting desperately to avoid cumming. But despite his very best efforts, the combined mental and physical stimulation suddenly got too much and he started to cum.

Luckily, Vicky had been anticipating that happening at any moment, so she'd had a hand on his balls and her other hand around the base of his shaft, ready to squeeze. Despite him not yelling out any warning, she felt his balls tighten up, and then she aggressively implemented the squeezing trick. At the same time, she urgently whispered to Jane, "He's gonna blow!"

Jane quickly pulled her lips off. She didn't think about Vicky using the trick, much less about herself using it, and she braced herself for a spermy facial.

He cried out and clutched at his own head with both hands. He wailed loudly all through his almost- orgasm, but only two ropes of his cum shot out onto Jane's face.

Jane was disappointed, but the fact that she at least got some cum on her face mollified her a good deal. In her "old days' with her boyfriends, she would have been outraged if any of them came on her face. But in her new "sister-slut" world, it was expected, and even eagerly anticipated. Everything had changed.

Lisa was observing everything very carefully. Based on watching Darrin, she correctly guessed that Vicky had used the squeezing trick on him and foiled his impending orgasm. She further surmised that this would disappoint Jane. So she boldly brought her fingers to Jane's pussy mound, diddling her clit and pussy lips at once.

That took Jane by complete surprise. She had been teetering close to orgasm for a while, and that pushed her over the edge. She mostly managed to stay silent, but waves of pleasure washed through her body, over and over. It was a good compensation for not getting her brother's full cum load, which was Lisa's intention.

Sandy froze with her crawling and watched in dismay as her son kept on clutching his head even after the worse of his near orgasm crisis passed. She was aghast and crushed. It seemed she'd lost out of her much-desired cocksucking opportunity right before it started.

Luckily for her, Lisa understood her thinking from one slut to another. So Lisa spoke up to say, "Don't worry, Sandy. I can't see under the table from here, but I'll bet a million dollars that Vicky used the squeezing trick on your son."

Vicky said, "Yep! I sure did! He's gonna need a couple a minutes ta recover, 'cos that was a real powerful close call. But Red, after that you'll be good ta go. Get ready for some serious jaw-bustin' suckin' action!"

Sandy went from a big frown to an even bigger smile. She cut off her crawling performance, which she was just about done with anyway. She saw that Darrin had slumped down in his chair and was panting hard, trying to recover from his close call. She only crawled behind where Jane was kneeling, and tapped her on her butt.

Jane turned around under the table until she was facing Sandy. Both of them were on their hands and knees. (Vicky was on just one knee, resting a lot of her weight against Darrin's legs. That allowed her to use both of her hands.)

Lisa still had Jane's ass trapped between her thighs and her fingers playing with Jane's pussy, but Lisa put up no resistance in letting Jane reposition. That put an end to her ass and pussy play.

Jane whispered to Sandy, "Hey! Look! Brother didn't cum, but he still shot some of his pearly cream onto my face!"

Vicky heard that. She whispered, "Yeah, that's not totally unusual with those kindsa almost-cums. In fact, once ya get ta be a real veteran cocksucker, you'll learn how ta keep him so close ta cummin' without goin' over that he'll shoot off the odd rope a cum every now n' then. It's like extra spermy rewards to keep your suckin' enthusiasm up."

Sandy quietly exclaimed, "That's so great! Everything about the cocksucking lifestyle is great! But, speaking of which, Jane, do you mind scooting to the side?"

"Oh, right." Jane repositioned again while staying on all fours. She turned back around to face her brother's crotch, but she pinned herself up against his left leg (with Vicky on the other side of that leg), giving room for her mother to take up an equal amount of room on his right side.

Sandy squeezed right in. That left her shoulder to shoulder with Jane, and their heads lightly touching right over his crotch. She whispered, "This is so exciting! Especially being under a table like this! I got so carried away with the crawling that I almost forgot about the school lunch role-play. But this really happens at those lunches!"

She was staring right at her son's boner as she talked. She took it in one hand while supporting her weight with her other hand on the floor. However, she only held it because she could see it was still twitching from the close call. Vicky and Jane were refraining from touching his privates at all for a while.

Lisa had pulled her chair back slightly from the table, waiting for Sandy and Jane to finish repositioning. Once they did, she scooted her chair back in, while keeping her legs spread wide. The result was that she "trapped" both Sandy's ass and Jane's ass between her thighs. She gently but firmly squeezed her legs together, causing the two asses to pull together until there was no space between them.

She peeked down below the table edge at the two asses. Oh boy! These are the days! Talk about an embarrassment of riches for me! Hee-hee! But she didn't take any further action with those asses yet, giving them time to get adjusted in their new positions.

Vicky responded to Sandy's observation about under-the-table excitement with her own whispering. (It seemed appropriate to only whisper while under the table, as if they weren't to disturb Darrin with their talking. It made being there even more exciting somehow.) "Red, you have no idea when it comes ta the whole under-the-table thing. A good Napali slut spends a lot a her time under tables, slurping on her mast-, her man's big fat cock." (So far, both Vicky and Lisa had been very careful never to slip up and say the word "master" but Vicky came close to slipping up there.)

She quickly continued, so the others wouldn't notice that slip, "First off, there's the whole school lunch thing. Red, Jane, if he picks y'all as two of his sluts, and I'm sure he will, I have no doubt you're gonna want to attend those lunch sucks like clockwork. They really are great!"

Sandy said decisively, "I'll be there!" She nudged Jane's shoulder with her own. "Janey? What about you?"

Lisa was listening very carefully, and she could just barely hear what Jane and Sandy were saying to each other. She quickly dropped a hand down to Jane's ass. She ran her fingers up and down Jane's ass crack, hoping to help further arouse her and thus influence her in making a "good answer."

Jane sighed. "Oh, Mom! I can't believe I'm actually going to be a 'sister-slut' for my little brother! But it's happening, like some kind of unstoppable avalanche, and I can't resist! So... in for a penny, in for a pound, right?"

Sandy moved her head to make eye contact with her daughter. "So you'll do it?! You'll lick and suck his cock with me at every lunch? Despite the public nudity and shame? The open incest? Being treated like a sex pet? Walking away with your face and mine a spermy mess? And all the rest?!"

Jane smiled at her mother. "Well, I can't leave you as the only one to go through that whole ordeal!" She leaned in and whispered confidentially right into Sandy's ear. "Besides, truth be told... I kind of get off on all that stuff!"

"Me too!" Sandy excitedly replied. Without thinking, she tilted her head and found herself French kissing her daughter!

Their tongues started to duel, since Jane certainly was willing. But then Sandy realized who she was kissing and abruptly broke it off. She looked abashed. Also, it was physically awkward for them to kiss like that when they were both facing forward with their shoulders touching.

Lisa was still focusing all of her attention to eavesdropping on the whispering between Sandy and Jane. She could hear bits and pieces, even though Darrin's head was much closer and he didn't understand anything at all. In part, that was because he was so distracted by everyone else that he wasn't even trying to listen in. But also, Lisa had years and years of experience with furtive whispering as part of her sex slave life, including lots of under-the-table whispering, so she had a lot of experience with this very sort of thing.

She didn't catch most of the words, but she got the general gist that Sandy was unabashedly acknowledging her desire to be Darrin's mommy-slut, and Jane was similarly admitting to her wish to be his sister-slut, though she was indicating more reticence about it. Then Lisa heard the sounds of muffled moaning and correctly guessed that mother and daughter were sharing a lip-locked kiss.

Lisa thought all of that was great, naturally. She rewarded Jane by bringing her hand from Jane's ass crack down to her pussy. She lightly diddled with Jane's clit, even after the sounds of the kissing stopped.

So far, Lisa hadn't touched Sandy's ass or pussy mound at all. But she brought her other hand to Sandy's ass at the same time and began lightly caressing her ass cheeks. She wanted to take things step by step before she got to playing with Sandy's clit and/or pussy too.

Sandy was startled to feel that hand touching her in an intimate place. But given everything else that she'd done over the course of the day, including just making out with her own daughter, as well as extensively kissing and fondling Lisa earlier, it wasn't like this was something new that she would object to. However, feeling Lisa touch her there made her feel even more wanton and slutty, and she relished that. She loved that her libido was running out of control.

With Lisa's roaming hand giving her yet another extra lusty boost, Sandy turned her attention back to her son's cock. She didn't know how long she should wait after the squeezing trick was used. She started to tentatively stroke his thick shaft, hoping he'd made some noise if he didn't approve.

Vicky leaned in even closer to both Sandy's head and Jane's head, and whispered extra quietly, "Don't worry 'bout the mother-daughter kissin'. You're already neck deep in incest, and that's okay. A little kissin' between sluts is nothin'. You'll be doin' lotsa that, for sure."

She quickly kept going so they wouldn't have time to respond. "But gettin' back ta the whole under the table thing, the school lunch suckin's are gonna be a guaranteed highlight of your days. Ya can write that in with indelible ink already, for sure. But that's not all! A big advantage to incest lovin' is that ya live with your guy! That gives ya so many built-in advantages. For instance, imagine your 'big man' eatin' breakfast at the dinin' room table, happy as a clam. Then imagine how much happier he'll be with one a ya under that table, bobbin' on him all through the meal!"

"NO!" Sandy gasped.

"Yes!" Vicky quietly chuckled.

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