Chapter 58
Written by Spacer X <>

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Vicky then said, "By the way, I think he's ready for more. In fact, Jane, why don't ya lend your tongue too?"

Sandy and Jane glanced at each other, beaming with joy. Sandy whispered, "This is it!"

Jane whispered back, "Go for it, Mom!"

Sandy leaned her head in and engulfed his cockhead. She was so eager that she started sliding her lips on it right away. Once she had it firmly in her mouth, she let go of his shaft so she could support her upper body weight with both hands.

Vicky smacked her own forehead. "My heavens! Red! When I said 'ready for more,' I was thinkin' you'd go ta some lickin' with your daughter next. But I guess this is okay. Luckily, your son's big thick anaconda can handle a lotta lovin'. In the future though, ya need ta find ways ta know what he's wantin' n' how much he can handle. There's a sayin' in Napali: 'A good slut knows what her man wants even before he wants it.'"

There really was a Napali saying like that, except with "slave" instead of "slut."

Vicky went on, "For now, take it easy on him, okay? If you want ta see three tongues on him at once, n' I'm sure ya do, ya gotta be a very gentle sucker this time!"

Sandy nodded and let out a "MMM!" to try to indicate that she understood.

Jane made a classic begging face. "What about me, Vicky? Can I at least lick him some too?"

Vicky sighed theatrically. "I suppose. But you take it easy on him too! Now, normally ya could just ask him, but remember we're in a role-play. It's kinda fun not bein' 'bout ta talk ta him, don't ya think? It makes ya feel extra slutty."

Jane nodded. Then she devoted all her attention to her brother's raging hard-on.

Sandy had been holding and fondling his shaft and balls, as was becoming her usual habit. But she heard the whispering between the other two, and let go entirely, so she could focus on her sucking and they could have fun with the reset.

Jane leaned in closer and began her licking up and down his shaft. She held and fondled his balls too with one hand while keeping her other hand on the floor since she remained on her hands and knees, just like Sandy right beside her.

Vicky then surprised everyone by thumping on the underside of the table. "Hey, up there! I know us little suckin' sluts aren't supposed ta talk, but did both a ya die? What happened ta the role-play you're supposed ta be doin', a two friends who are totally ignorin' us down here?"

Lisa replied, "You're right. Sorry. I bet you didn't notice, but I've been walking around and taking pictures at various angles of the three of you looking sexy down there. I've been giving Darrin an extended rest. But we'll get to it now."

She had been taking pictures, and in fact she took a few more, now that Sandy was sucking and Jane was licking. But then she returned to her seat and put the camera down. She sat in the same way as before, with Sandy's and Jane's butts trapped between her thighs. Actually, her thighs didn't touch them very much since they were spread out widely, but the symbolism mattered.

Both Sandy and Jane liked that their asses were "trapped" there. Since their deeply submissive natures were coming out, they felt a strange sort of comfort, as well as arousal, in finding their asses "helpless" and in Lisa's control.

Darrin sat with his eyes closed, so she reached across the table to lightly tap one of his hands on the table.

As soon as she touched him, he opened his eyes, showing he was surprisingly alert. He said to Lisa, "Don't worry, I haven't drifted off or anything. I've just been fully savoring Mom's sweet lips and Jane's busy tongue."

"Good." Lisa withdrew her hand from him, then adjusted her robe, covering up her nipples (just barely) for the first time in a while. "Let's play our part in the role-play then. Here's the scenario. You're you. No problem. The only pretending is imagine that Sandy and Jane already are your sluts for sure, and Vicky is your one non-family slut too."

He nodded. "That's easy. By the way, doesn't Vicky have to go check on the other passengers after a while?"

From under the table, Vicky said, "Nah!" She added with a chuckle, "I gotta get my priorities straight!" (In truth, with each family having a minder, she wasn't needed that much. That was especially true since the other two families had recently been served snacks.)

Lisa chuckled at that too. Since her hands weren't doing anything, she dropped both of them under the table. One of them went to Sandy's butt and the other one went to Jane's butt. She got busy gently caressing their fantastic bare asses again.

Both mother and daughter tingled with arousal upon feeling Lisa playing with their asses. They started humping their asses up and down a little bit, as if to goad Lisa into doing more. Since their hips were tightly pressed together, they could feel the other one doing the humping too. That caused both of them to have the simultaneous realization that Lisa almost certainly was fondling the other's ass at the same time.

This caused both of their arousal levels to skyrocket even higher, which was remarkably considering how aroused they were already.

Sandy thought, WOW! Dear Lord, I am SUCH A SLUT! I'm not a lesbian, or even bisexual, but it feels so wonderfully naughty to have my ass pinned against Janey's, and we're both being molested in the same way at the same time! TOO HOT! AND I've got my lips and tongue slipping and sliding all over my son's big fat cock! It's all too much to take!

Jane similarly thought, Oh my God! This is so cool! Up until today, I thought Mom was such a prude, but she's actually hardcore! Now that her thin veneer of normality and celibacy has been ripped off, she's going total slut! I'm having to scramble to keep up. But it's great! Like the way Lisa's playing with our asses. I hope she does more, and diddles my clit and cunt too!

While all that secret ass fondling and humping was happening under the table, the conversation between Darrin and Lisa was continuing above it.

Lisa said to him, "Right. Now, as for me, let's say that I'm another student in your class. No, wait. Better, I'm one of your teachers."

He forced himself to try not to think about the licking and sucking going on in his lap. It was a struggle, because the pleasure was incredible already, even with Sandy and Jane trying to pace themselves. The truth was, they were so excited that they were having a lot of trouble with their pacing.

He said to Lisa, "Sounds good. How many teachers am I going to have, again?"

"It's very fluid. Classes aren't formally structured like they are in the US. And you'll get a lot of guest teachers. I'll explain more later. But suffice to say for now that you'll have about five teachers, with one prime teacher."

He nodded.

"Furthermore, imagine that you're the 'cock of the walk.' It's been a couple of months since the school year started, and your sexual reputation is already getting around. You have one of the thickest cocks in school, and the number and duration of your daily orgasms is exceptional. In short, everybody wants to suck your cock!"

"Okaaaaay..." he said uncertainly.

Sandy thought, while tears streaked down her cheeks from the strain of coping with his size in her mouth, Son, have more confidence in yourself. You ARE the cock of the walk! Just look at how you're got your mommy and sister lavishing our love on you with our mouths, with Vicky waiting in the wings!

He asked Lisa, "But is that really true or all pretend? I mean, my looks are so... well, I'm no Brad Pitt!"

"No, you're not. But you're moving to 'Blowjob Island.' If Brad Pitt has a normal-sized dick with normal refractory rates and such, you can bet your bottom dollar that all the Napali women will trample over him to get to you!"

Jane thought, "Blowjob Island" Boy! I can't get over that! And it's so fitting. I'm sure all this school lunch stuff they're talking about is REAL! Mom and I are going to suck him so much! Together! Just like we're doing now! This is the future!

Lisa asked him, "Now, are you ready to begin?"

He shrugged. "Um, yeah." He thought that was kind of strange, since he'd been getting expertly sucked and licked by Sandy and Jane for a couple of minutes already.

Lisa smirked with amusement. "Vicky, did you hear that?"

"Sure did!" Vicky snickered.

A few seconds later, he felt Vicky's long blonde hair sliding against his thigh as she moved her face close to his boner. Then she began licking his shaft from one side.

Jane repositioned her upper body a little to focus more exclusively on the other side. She was careful not to change where her ass was, because she loved the way Lisa was still fondling her ass. Her slowly humping hips continued to slide against Sandy's similarly humping hips. In fact, they were moving at the exact same speed, as if their bodies were one, which made both of them feel that much more deliciously slutty.

Darrin could have handled Vicky starting to lick him too, if that was all that happened. But Sandy and Jane were suddenly energized and thrilled from being part of this pivotal first of three tongues on his cock at once. Jane began fervently licking and lapping all over her side of his shaft, while also stroking it and playing with his balls too. He even could have dealt with that, but Sandy sucked her cheeks in and began bobbing on him with a startling intensity!

His eyes bugged out like a comic book character.

Lisa laughed. "Let me guess: three tongues on your cock for the very first time in your life is startling enough. But Sandy and Jane have stepped things up a notch or two at the same time. Maybe even a whole bunch of notches."

He nodded and gulped. He remained wide-eyed, with his jaw hanging open.

Lisa was encouraged by the way Sandy and Jane were continually humping their asses back at her, in perfect tandem. She lowered each of her hands below their ass cheeks and began lightly playing with their pussy lips.

Interestingly, the humping of both asses came to an almost total stop immediately. That was a clear sign they approved of what Lisa was doing, because she would have trouble with pussy play if she had to deal with constantly moving targets. Lisa was able to respond with lightly brushing against their clits and slits, right between touching and not touching.

Sandy and Jane loved that. Their pussies were soaked, and Lisa's fingers were getting wet.

At the same time, Lisa continued her conversation with Darrin. She chuckled some more. "Get used to it, Stud! Remember what I said: ride the tiger! You're a Napali man now. Now, I know you're gonna complain that you're not a man yet considering that you're only fifteen, but I say that any guy who effectively owns two or three sluts deserves to be called a man. Especially if that includes his own older sister and mother!"

Sandy and Jane were paying close attention to the conversation going on above them.

Sandy thought as she lovingly sucked him, Hear, hear! Son! You tamed us!

And Jane thought as she lapped on him, That's so true! My shy, geeky little brother has just become a man. Whoa!

Lisa went on, "What you think is extraordinary now will soon be just part of your daily life. Like three tongues on your cock at once. If you turn out to win yourself three sluts, which I'm thinking is practically a given, that will happen to you pretty much EVERY DAY! Many times a day! You might come home from school and have your three sluts spend the whole afternoon in all sorts of exciting ways. For hours! Then, maybe a break for dinner, then they'll be right back at it. It happens sometimes."

He shocked expression grew ever more shocked. "You lie! No way! You're not helping!"

She chuckled again.

Sandy sucked with even greater power. GOOD LORD! So much cocksucking! It's kind of scary to think how this sex act is taking over my entire life! But I can't say I'm displeased. I can't say that at all. Licking and sucking him with Janey AND someone else for who knows how many hours, non-stop?! Oh, dear God! That is SO DAMN HOT!

Jane similarly thought, Napali is kind of a scam, and it sounds like my mouth is practically going to be enslaved to Brother's cock from now on! But if every day is like today, or even remotely close to today, I'll take that scam every single time! Fuck me! Between my tongue on Brother's hot and throbbing cock, right under Mom's sliding lips! And feeling Lisa playing with my pussy, and Mom's hot naked body rubbing against mine, feeling Vicky's tongue brush against mine right on his cock... UNGH! And that's not even figuring the whole being ignored under the table thing! Or being made to crawl on my hands and knees!

If this is a scam, I fucking LOVE being "scammed" like this!

Lisa knocked on the table. "Vicky, since we haven't really started our part of the role-play yet, what do you think? Am I lying?"

"No way!" Vicky replied as she licked. She tapped on his balls to make sure she had his attention. "Stud, cocksuckin' is THE favorite way the Napali ladies spend their time. They can't get enough of it, n' they love sharin'. If ya pick three really good sluts, they'll work as a team to pleasure n' serve ya. Guaranteed!"

She then tapped right on one of Sandy's caved-in cheeks, and added in a whisper to her, "Speakin' a workin' as a team, WE need ta work as a team right now! Red, you're outta control! I know ya must be relishin' the joy a full submittin' ta the power a your son's mighty cock. Sadly, I'm not his momma like you are, but I do know the joy a total sexual submission. Feels good, don't it?"

"MMMM!" Sandy agreed as she vigorously slurped and slid her lips.

Vicky went on, "That said, please slow down! We got nearly two hours left on this flight. Do ya want him ta cum right now, then sit around flaccid the rest a the time? Or suck him for an hour or more, tradin' in all sortsa excitin' combinations?"

Sandy abruptly pulled her lips all the way off his boner. She quietly muttered, "SHIT!" She rested on all fours with her chest wildly heaving. Sometimes, her huge dangling tits drooped so low her erect nipples brushed against the floor.

She briefly lifted a hand off the floor to wipe some tears off her cheeks. Then she whispered back to Vicky, "Sorry with my language, but I get too excited! I mean, three tongues! THREE! And then what you and Lisa are saying, all this talk about sucking him for hours and hours every day!"

Jane immediately claimed the space on Darrin's erection that Sandy just vacated, allowing her to lick up to her brother's sweet spot. But she could still talk, so she muttered as she lapped on him right there, "And as a TEAM! God! That's just too hot to be believed!"

Sandy nodded. "It IS!" She wanted to gesticulate wildly to help express the intensity of her emotions, but between her hands supporting her weight on the floor and the limited space under the table, she realized that wasn't possible. "I mean... God! Only an hour or two ago, I was burning with guilt because I couldn't resist repeatedly sucking off my own son! Now I'm looking at being one of his personal sluts as practically my entire way of life, it seems! I'll be sucking his cock for HOURS every day! And I LIKE it! I don't even know where my conscience has gone, because I want to be his big-titted mommy-slut so very badly!"

Vicky stopped her licking too. She figured it was good to give Darrin's boner a relative respite, after Sandy almost losing control. "That's good! Ya found your bliss! Ain't no shame in that. And ya realized ya couldn't control yourself at all, so ya pulled all the way off as a last resort. That's good too."

Sandy frowned. "It was all I could think to do. I'm so out of control!"

Lisa said, "That's good! An outta control big-titted mommy-slut is the very best kind." Since her hands were free, she reached out and playfully slapped Sandy's nearer dangling tit, setting it and its partner swaying. "His ability ta endure even great stimulation from THREE mouths at once will grow and grow. That means you'll be able ta put your heart n' soul inta pleasurin' his horse cock even more than before, n' he'll only cum when he wants to. It really is a blowjob paradise!"

Sandy sighed longingly. "That sounds so good! I can't wait till we get there!"

Jane was silent, taking advantage of her temporary total monopoly on her brother's cock. But she thought, It does! After talking to Brother, I know the place IS kind of a scam in that we were tricked about what we were getting into, but I don't care. I love 'blowjob paradise" already!

Vicky chuckled. "Don't be in such a rush ta get there, Red. Remember that once the plane lands, it'll be an island fulla about two hundred busty bombshells with cocksuckin' on the brain. Your son will be the biggest, tastiest cock ta come along in a long time. Ya need ta spend as much time as ya can between here n' there improvin' your suckin' skills, n' winnin' a place in his heart so he'll pick you. Ditto for you, Jane."

Vicky let those words sink in. Then she said, "And speakin' a practicin', Sandy, why don't ya try again? But slower this time! Please!"

Sandy nodded. Her face was resolute. She craned her mouth open wide and engulfed him again.

Jane was forced to lower where her licking and stroking was centered.

Lisa hadn't been doing much with her hands on Sandy and Jane for the last minute or two. But she heard the sound of Sandy engulfing Darrin's cock again. (After her years as a sex slave, she could understand subtle differences in sexual moans and other noises.) She figured this was a good time to provide more of an erotic boost. She got busy playing with both Sandy's and Jane's clits and pussies again.

Vicky waited until she saw Sandy reestablish a steady bobbing rhythm. Then she whispered to her, "Remember, this is a great time ta experiment. Be creative! And prolongin' the joy is way more important than makin' him teeter a little closer ta the edge a cummin'. Way more!"

Vicky waited a minute or two, closely observing the other two. Looking up and down their bodies under the table, she finally noticed how Lisa was playing with their asses and pussies. She smiled at that approvingly. Looking back at their mouths, she soon realized they were doing much better in controlling themselves, so she got busy licking his shaft some more too.

Meanwhile, above the table, Darrin and Lisa hadn't been talking at all. That was because Lisa could just make out the sounds of the whispering from under the table. The whispering was quieter than before, so she couldn't make out what the conversation was about. But she wanted them to be completely silent first so she would be sure they'd listen to what she and him were talking about.

Darrin didn't mind the silence, because he'd very nearly climaxed thanks mostly to his mother's renewed surge of activity, and then he needed some time to recover his breath and his wits after that.

Not long after Vicky added her third tongue to his thick shaft again, Lisa leaned forward towards Darrin slightly and told him, "Okay, enough waiting. Stud, let's get our part of this role-play going, for real. Remember, you've got a full half hour for lunch, starting now, and you need to eat and drink too."

He asked, "Starting now?! But there's been so much amazing stuff happening already! Especially all that crawling on all fours stuff. The squeezing trick was already used on me!"

Lisa was all smiles. "Such is the life of a guy with three sluts! Maybe now you can understand why some choose to only have two. Two alone is far more pleasure than non-Napalites can possibly imagine!"

His eyes bugged out again. "I can believe that! And by the way, there are three tongues on me again!"

"Good. As it should be."

Sandy snickered as she slid her lips back and forth over his sweet spot, while lapping on it too. This is so great! We're going to spoil him more than anybody has EVER been spoiled in history! I sure hope he chooses to have three sluts. That would make my life 50% sluttier! Janey, for sure, plus someone super slutty and busty and beautiful, and a really great cocksucker, of course. Someone just like Lisa or Vicky.

Lisa said to him, "Now, let's get into our roles. Please start by actually doing some eating and drinking."

The snacks and drinks Vicky had left on the tabletop were still there. Lisa picked some out for Darrin and pushed them his way. She was very careful with the drink, looking through the top to check the color. Vicky had left one glass of orange juice for Darrin, and the other drinks were all apple juice. That was because Lisa had secretly added the special Viagra-like aphrodisiac liquid to only the orange juice.

She took one of the apple juices for herself and started to drink from it. That left her with only one hand to play with Sandy's and Jane's asses and pussies, so she alternated between them from time to time. "Now, drink up. And eat up. This isn't just a fun game to help get your sluts even more hot to suck you; this is good training for your life. You're gonna get your cock sucked so much that if you don't learn how to multitask, you'll never get anything done. Other than kicking back and basking in the non-stop sexual ecstasy, that is. So I expect you to finish all your food and drink, and that's an order!"

He sighed like a petulant teenager, but he picked up the orange juice and chugged a lot of it down. Then he opened the bag containing his snack. There was a large fruit salad, a big cookie, a roll with a pack of butter, and more. He realized he actually was very hungry, and he started to eat.

Lisa said, "Okay, good. Now, finally! Remember, I'm one of your teachers. You can call me 'Lisa' for now, though I hope you'll remember what I suggested before and call me names like 'Slut' more instead. But at any rate. Here we go..."

She closed her eyes, shook her long black hair like she was mentally psyching herself up, and then opened her eyes again. She stood up, took a few steps away from the table, then turned around and walked right back to her chair. She brought one hand below the table edge and it went right back to what it was doing, which was more secret fondling of Sandy and Jane.

She said, "Hi, Darrin! Mind if I sit here?"

"Not at all."

She sat back in her chair. "Thanks. I've been hoping to catch you alone, well, alone minus your three cocksucking sluts that is, and it looks like today's my lucky day."

"Oh? What do you want to talk about?" He was still eating and drinking between speaking.

Lisa dramatically leaned over the table towards him. Her robe had been covering her stiff nipples for the past few minutes, but that movement dramatically opened her robe and fully exposed her round G-cups. "I want to talk about YOU!"

"Me? Am I in trouble?"

"Well, yes and no. Yes, kind of, actually. You've been causing trouble in my mind. You see, I can't stop thinking about your cock!"

"Excuse me?!"

She gave him a devastating "come hither" gaze, with all her very real passionate desire for him behind it. "You heard me! Ever since I've had you in one of my classes, you're been on my mind. It's bad enough seeing your erection bulging through your thin shorts nearly all the time, but then I keep seeing you with one or more of your sluts. Like these daily lunches. They're putting on a virtuoso cocksucking team performance even as we speak, aren't they?"

He searched his feelings. He had to marvel at what a great erotic high he was feeling, non-stop. "I suppose you could say that."

"That's torture enough for me, but then I see you out of school too. Like last weekend when you were at the beach and the three of them took turns bobbing and licking on you for hours! I don't know if you realized it, but you and them were the star attraction that day."

"Really?!" He was getting into the role, despite the bizarre nature of the events they were discussing. He almost felt like that did happen.

"For sure. It got me so horny that I just had to find some hapless, unattached guy, strip naked, and suck him while watching them suck you. Did you notice me?"

"Actually, I did."

"Good! Do you remember how I was staring into your eyes the whole time, from just ten feet away? But it wasn't the same! UGH! Now, I don't mean to knock them at all. And I certainly am not angling to replace them as one of your permanent sluts."

"You're not?"

"No way. I'm a free floater. I don't like making long-term commitments like that, not even to a perfect catch like you. Besides, I can see how good they are for you. They fit together like a well-oiled machine. Their passion for your cock and their love for you in general is downright inspirational."

"Well, I'm sure they'll be glad to hear that," he said. "I'll bet they're listening to every word."

That was true. Sandy and Jane in particular were fascinated by everything Lisa and Darrin were saying. But at the same time, hearing the sounds of his casual eating, drinking, and talking, while seemingly totally ignoring their combined "cock attack," was extremely arousing for them. Vicky was similarly affected, though not nearly as surprised about what Lisa was saying.

Lisa went on, "Send them my compliments, for sure." She took another sip of her juice, but her other hand was wet thanks to the way she was secretly probing into Jane's cunt a little bit.

There was a pause, with the sound of lapping and slurping filling the void.

He ate and drank some more. Then he asked, "Sooo.... what is it you want from me then?"

"I have a proposal for you. I know you've been loyal to them and them alone. That's admirable, in its own way. But I assume you've heard of 'three plus men?'"

"No, actually, I haven't. What's that?"

"Really! I'm surprised. You should know by now for sure. Anyway, as you know, some guys claim and tame two sluts for their own, and others claim and tame three. Four never happens, for reasons I'm sure you know."

"That would be rude," he said. "Like taking more food and causing someone else to go hungry."

"Exactly." Lisa was secretly impressed he could be this articulate while three tongues and Sandy's lips were busy with his cock. She took another sip of her drink, then brought that hand under the table so she could fondle two hot cunts at once.

She went on, "That said, you also know that some guys are very loyal to their sluts. It goes without saying that any slut has to fully and exclusively devote herself to serving her man. For her to even kiss another guy would be unthinkable!"

She paused to let that sink in. She especially wanted Sandy and Jane to get that message, and come to accept that fundamental unfairness as a given. The fact that she was fingering their pussies at the same time conveyed the message that girl-on-girl contact was just fine.

Lisa continued, "But there's no such loyalty restriction on you. Or any other guy, for that matter. It's true the loyal ones deliberately forsake any sexual contact with anyone but their sluts. As you've been doing so far. But you could be a 'three plus man' instead. Meaning, in addition to your three sluts, have the 'plus' of playing around with whomever else you please."

He said, "I see what you mean now. But why should I do that? I'm totally content with my three sluts. I love them, and they love me."

That resulted in a contented "Aaaah!" blissful sigh from under the table made by Sandy and Jane as one, with even Vicky joining in. It also resulted in more intense licking and sucking from all three of them.

He smirked at the sigh, but stiffened up in his seat due to the increased oral action. He ate and drank a bit more, then went on, "Furthermore, they're as beautiful as humanly possible, and more talented at sucking my cock and generally spoiling me more rotten than anyone could imagine. I have everything I want. Any change would just bring potential trouble."

Lisa was secretly pleased at his passionate defense for his sluts. Even though one of them, Vicky, was a stand-in for the still unclaimed third spot, she knew all three of them would be very impressed with his words.

She said, "That's great, it really is. But never say things can't get better, because they can. Haven't you learned that by now, living in Napali all these months? You have the biggest and thickest cock in my class, for sure. And stories of your stamina and rebounding powers are making waves all over the island. There is always room for one more hot and busty babe who wants to make you feel even better. For instance, think about how great you feel right now."

He searched his feelings again, and especially sensed how his hot and throbbing cock felt. "Okay.... Pretty damn great! The best!"

"That's nice, but 'the best?' Really? What if, instead of me sitting all the way over here, feeling lonely and frustrated, I pulled a chair right up to the side of your chair and then made out with you while rubbing my huge tits all over your chest?"

She had been leaning forward varying amounts all this time. But she sat back, stopped her secret pussy fondling, held her tits from below, and thrust them up and out. "Don't you like what I have to offer? They're G-cups, you know. They can't compete with your mother's, I know, but few can. But wouldn't that make you feel even better than 'best?'"

He was trying to play hard to get. "Well... I suppose. But... maybe it'll just be more distracting than helpful."

Lisa sensually caressed her round melons. "Darrin, I know you want me! I've seen the way you stare at me when I'm teaching your class! How many times have I leaned over your desk to check on your work and rubbed my titties against your body? Or even let my straps fall off my shoulders and rub my bare tits against you. I've seen how your cock gets so big and thick in your shorts! UGH! My favorite is when I tease you so much that your boner pops out the bottom of your shorts altogether and keeps growing inch by inch! Why do you think I let your sister sit next to you?"

"I don't know. Why?"

"Because she always sees it when it happens and finds a way to help out! That's why I made sure you sit in the back row too. Nobody but me notices when she sneaks a hand into your lap and gives you a nice handjob for the rest of class! Well, at least the others usually don't notice. When she gets carried away and bends over to bob on your thickness, I often have to call a snap quiz or some other distraction."

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