Chapter 59
Written by Spacer X <>

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Darrin raised a hand. "Time out! Can that sort of thing really happen?"

Lisa was happy to reply, "Oh, sure! All the time! The rule is, it's allowed as long as it doesn't distract you or anyone else from learning. If you're in the same class as one of your sluts, or two, that's definitely a lucky break for you. The general rule of thumb is handjobs during class are okay, but anything more than that is too distracting."

He wanted to stand up and gesticulate wildly, high up in the air. He was forced to stay sitting due to the three mouths on his cock, but he was able to do the gesticulating. "You're fucking KIDDING ME! Sorry, Mom! I keep cursing because there are no words to convey... Lisa! No way! You HAVE to be lying!"

Lisa continued to sensuously caress her tits. "I'm not lying! Look at it this way: think what I've been telling you about the lunchtime cocksucking ritual. If that happens, do you think the school would have a big problem with a few handjobs in class?"

He furrowed his brow as he considered that. "Hmmm. Good point."

"And that's not all. Think about PDA - public displays of affection. Even though there are less than 30 students in the school as a whole, there still are five minute breaks between different class periods. The PDA during those times gets pretty hot and heavy, and there are no rules then!"

"Whoa!" His imagination went into overdrive, while staring at Lisa's titty show.

"Imagine for instance if you've been thinking about your hot sister and how good she was to you, giving you a long, soapy titfuck through your morning shower. You're in one sub-class and Jane is in another, but then the next break comes. You pin her against the wall and hotly kiss her lips! At the same time, you pull up her mini-skirt - she wears no panties, of course - and start fingerbanging her cunt! She's already soaking wet! But even that isn't enough: you pull her tank top over her F-cups and aggressive knead her tit-flesh! Sure, some other guys are watching, but you don't care. Besides, most of them are too busy dominating one of their sluts!"

She continued, "Meanwhile, Jane pulls your shorts down so she can play with your cock and balls at the same time! You cock is so HOT and THICK and NEEDY! She craves to cram it in her mouth, like usual, but she can't for once because you're so busy kissing and fingerbanging her! Your goal is to make her cum before break time is over! Luckily for you, she's such a hot, sexy bitch that she cums after just a couple of minutes! Then she drops to her knees to get what she wants most of all: your raging boner deep in her mouth! You're so worked up that you don't just let her do all the work as usual. No! You brutally face-fuck her! But you only have another minute or two until the bell rings."

Lisa paused, looking startled. "Dammit! There's the bell! The two of you break apart, because you're late for your next class already. But as she stands up and pulls her clothes back into place, she gives you a smoldering look and tells you, 'Next break time, Brother! It's gonna be ALL ME this time! Five minutes of pure cocksucking and titfucking bliss! Take that to the bank, or I'm gonna deserve a big spanking!' Then she turns around, bends over outrageously with her legs spread wide, and flashes you her bare ass and sopping wet pussy! Then she giggles as she gets up and rushes off to class!"

Darrin was gobsmacked. He stared at Lisa in breathless wonder, too blown away to pay attention to her continued tit-fondling show. "NO! No way! Could that really be?!"

Lisa laughed. "Yes way!"

He suddenly leaned forward and clenched his teeth. "UNGH! Gonna... gonna cum!" Clearly, Lisa's little explanation had pushed him over the edge.

Just like last time, Vicky was vigilant and ready. In fact, the main reason she felt she couldn't leave and check on the other passengers was because she was certain the other two would get too excited and eager for cum to wait to use the squeezing trick, if they even remembered it at all in the heat of the moment.

It was no surprise Darrin lost control when he did. Sandy and Jane had been getting hotter and hotter, but they'd held back to some extent so they could pay attention to every word Lisa said. Once she finished her break time story, they simply went wild on his cock, with unleashed, unrestrained animalistic lust. Jane was possibly the most aroused of all since the story featured her, but Sandy was the one in a cocksucking position, and it was the intensity of her sucking lips that made his impending orgasm a done deal.

Except for Vicky's intervention. She stopped her licking and firmly grasped the base of his shaft until the orgasmic crisis passed.

Once again, Darrin clutched at his head and moaned and groaned in a sort of orgasmic ecstasy. And like last time, he shot off a little cum. One rope went right into his mother's mouth, since she never stopped her frantic bobbing on him.

Jane realized part of the way through what Vicky was doing. She contemplated fighting her to stop the squeezing, because she had a primal desire to see her brother cum. She wanted him to splatter his load across three faces at once! But she was mindful that if he came the role-play would almost certainly be over, and just managed to restrain herself.

Eventually, Vicky tapped Sandy's shoulder. "Red? RED! Stop, already!"

Sandy wasn't stopping. She was in some kind of sucking trance, almost like she'd lost her mind to her incestuous desires.

Vicky tapped the side of Sandy's face even more aggressive. "RED! SANDY! I said stop!"

Darrin had been reeling with his eyes shut tight and his head lolling around. But he managed to grasp both sides of Sandy's head and squeeze rather tightly to forcibly stop her bobbing motion. He also complained, "Mom! Please! It hurts!"

That finally caused her to snap out of her deep lusty fog and stop. Or at least try to. Like last time, she resorted to pulling all the way off, since that seemed the only way for her to ease up once she got caught up in a sucking frenzy.

She bowed her head down and took some slow, heavy breaths. She was too embarrassed and winded to talk just yet.

Vicky ran a friendly hand through the short, fiery red hair on her bowed head. "That's okay, Red. Passion is good! And you've got friends ta help ya when ya get carried away. That's another reason why every guy needs at least two sluts, by the way. But it's true that your man's cock is kinda super sensitive after one a those almost-cums. It's pretty much just like a real cum, 'cept no sperm shoots out n' he stays stiff."

Sandy lifted her head to make eye contact with Vicky. "Actually... he did shoot a little into my mouth. Just one rope though."

Vicky smiled widely. "Oooh! Lucky you! But hey, we're talkin' n' not even whisperin'. We should go back ta hearin' all the interestin' things they're sayin' up above."

Still not whispering, Jane said, "Wait! I need to know! Lisa, can you hear me?! What you said about break time, is that really real?!"

Lisa had just taken her hands off her own tits since Darrin was too out of it to enjoy her sexy show. She brought her hands to Sandy's ass and Jane's ass too, and resumed caressing. Then she answered, "Sure! I know this is a lot to take in. Napali really is a sexual paradise in every way. It's the exact opposite of the US. In the States, sex is discouraged and vilified as much as possible. Any school would try to clamp down on any PDA more than just holding hands. But in Napali, sex is encouraged! As long as it doesn't get in the way of the actual learning, what's the harm?"

She continued, "So, hell yeah! Break times can get pretty wild. Frankly, school officials are pretty lax about it. In fact, they're usually part of it. Consider that ALL the teachers are women. That's one reason 'free' girls are brought in every year, for special jobs like that. You don't want a man in charge of a class. There could be all sorts of problems, like him playing favorites to one of his sluts or falling for someone else's slut and using the power of his position to try to steal her away. And you don't want a woman who is effectively owned by some guy as a teacher, for much the same reason."

Darrin's stiff cock remained completely untouched as she talked, since he desperately needed a break. That meant the overall mood was calming down a bit.

Lisa went on, "But the unattached or 'free' women teacher, like the one I'm playing in this role-play, they're basically hot, big-titted bombshells with overactive libidos too. So this role-play is meant to arouse, but it's also good preparation for the future, because this sort of thing WILL happen to you, Darrin. For instance, if you've got some sex bomb teacher giving you the eye, and break time comes and your sister is nowhere to be seen, who's to say she won't come up to you, pull her top over her head, shove her tongue down your throat, whip out your cock and give it a good rubbing? Time is limited, but as she rubs her bare tits all over your chest, she might say something like, 'Meet me at the corner after school! My mouth wants to get to know your cock up closer!' Or maybe 'Are you up for a date this Friday night? You pick the movie, because my face will be bobbing in your lap!'"

Darrin was shocked yet again. He started to complain, "But that can't be! There's no way!" Then he caught himself. "I keep saying that, don't I?"

Lisa snickered. "You do. But I know what you're thinking: what about the possibility of teacher bias in cases like that?"


"Well, the good news is, Napali schools don't have grades. Not in the regular sense. You do have tests and such, but progress is entirely up to you. Students proceed at their own pace. You go to the next level when YOU say you're ready. It's a rare case when someone gets into a class they're not ready for. It becomes immediately obvious and they'll switch back. So bias between student and teacher isn't really a problem. Do some teachers promise some kind of special treatment in class in return for being allowed to suck some student's cock a lot? Sure."

He cut in, "Wait. The TEACHER bribes the STUDENT?!"

"Of course! Remember, the three-to-one ratio is all important. It's supply and demand. To put it crudely, horny busty slutty women are a dime a dozen, and unattached well-hung young men are rare. So sex between students and teachers isn't only allowed, or tolerated, but it's actually encouraged."


Lisa chuckled at that. "We're going to have to set a limit on how many things you get to be incredulous about per hour. But think about it. The school situation might be a little unfair. One boy may have a slut as one of his classmates and another one may not. So one of them gets secret handjobs in class and hot kissing and oral action in the break times while the other one has to watch. But! What if the unattached boy gets seduced by his super hot teacher from time to time? That would balance things out some, don't you think?"

He clutched at his head and shook it, still incredulous. "So you're telling me I might have some buxom goddess as a teacher, and she'll ask ME on a date and then spend the whole date sucking my cock?!"

Lisa briefly clapped her hands together. Then she went back to her cunt fingering. "Yes! You're starting to get it!" She added teasingly, "Now, just in case there are any sex pets secretly listening from under the table..." She brought her hands back to Sandy's cunt and Jane's cunt, and fingered them both a little bit. Then she went on, "I hope you're remembering all this, because for every ONE of someone like Darrin, there are THREE of you. Gorgeous women will CONSTANTLY be propositioning him! Constantly! And, as I was saying in the role-play, there are two types of relationships: the one where the guy is exclusively loyal to his two or three personal sluts, and the one where he is not. MOST guys are not, because why not play the field? And of the guys who are, it usually takes them a few years to get there."

She continued, "What I was saying in the role-play about 'three plus men' is very real. Actually, the whole thing is very real. But note that term. Most guys are 'two plus' or 'three plus,' which means they have a serious, long-term commitment to their sluts, but if some particularly sexy and appealing free woman offers to suck their cock, they're not exactly going to say no."

She directly addressed Darrin. "Trust me, Darrin, that's going to happen to you. Oh, by the way, what's happening to your cock? I'm not hearing anything."

He said, "That's because nothing's happening. They're giving me a break. It's still erect, but untouched."

She cocked an eyebrow. "Really? You've got three naked sex pets within breathing distance of your throbbing stiff cock, and you haven't pulled at least one of their heads in to do their duty? Ride the wild tiger!"

His eyes went big. "Good point!" He tilted his chair back and looked at the three faces suddenly licking their lips and staring back up at him.

He said to Sandy, "Sorry, Mom. I totally love how you suck me, but don't you think Sis should have a turn for a while?"

Sandy sighed heavily. "I suppose."

Lisa spoke up. "Stud, if I may make a suggestion, what if you have nobody suck your cock for a while, and have just a licking and stroking free-for-all? Trust me, that's a VERY popular option. Sometimes you get three tongues lapping on your sweet spot at once. It'll make your eyes roll into your head."

He broke into a big smile. "Okay! Mom? Sis? What do you think?"

Sandy looked up at him and gave him a devastating look. She purred in a sensual voice, "Son, I'm your big-titted mommy-slut! Use me as you will!"

That gave him goose bumps. He looked to Jane.

Jane also blew him away with her look and the sultry tone of her voice. "And I'm your big-titted sister-slut! My mouth is here to serve YOUR pleasure!"

That kept his skin tingling and sent bolts of excitement up and down his spine.

But interestingly, Lisa and Vicky felt similar chills.

Lisa thought, while she continued her double pussy play, Those two! I swear, they're falling into this so easily that it makes me worry I'm missing something. But no, I think it's just that they were born and bred to be his sex slaves! Deep down, they know it already, and they welcome it with open arms!

He looked to Vicky. "Sorry for not asking you, but I figure you're sort of banned from the sucking part anyway."

Vicky said, "True. And thanks for thinkin' a me just the same. Actually, a little bit a suckin' is common in the free-for-all style. The key is ta not suck all the way down ta the sweet spot if there's another tongue on it already, which is the case nearly all the time. And there's also ball suckin', which is somethin' that I ain't seen happenin' at all?" She looked to Sandy and Jane. "Mind if I demonstrate?"

They shook their heads no.

So Vicky started out bobbing on him, but generally not stretching her lips below his crown to engulf his entire cockhead.

That left his sweet spot free for Sandy and Jane, and, within seconds, their tongues were touching as they both licked on the exact same spot. That set a jolt of excitement racing through everyone involved, including Darrin.

Since Sandy and Jane were still on all fours, they each could only bring one hand up to fondle his balls and lower shaft. They were having an increasingly hard time staying on their hands and knees for so long, but they were so submissive, and they were having such fun keeping their asses in position for Lisa's fondling, that they were determined to stay that way.

Lisa waited about a minute for Darrin to recover from the initial shock of going from no one touching his boner to three tongues, one pair of lips, and two hands on it.

Then she said, "Darrin, getting back to the 'three plus' idea, don't feel bad if that's what you choose, because you will. It doesn't mean you love your sluts any less. At your age, and for many years after, you're going to want to sow your wild oats and spread your seed around. There are about 100 guys and 300 women living on Napali at any one time. About 250 of the women are in long-term committed slut relationships with one guy." (That was her way of talking around the fact they were sex slaves.) "The other 50 are the 'free' or unattached women. All of those are in their thirties or younger, because they'll either soon submit to one particular special guy or leave the island for one reason or another. I'm sure by the end of your first year, you'll have your cock sucked by MOST of those free women. Maybe even all of them."

Sandy spoke as she licked and stroked, "Son, did you hear that?!"

He looked down under the table edge and made eye contact with her and Jane, just over Vicky's bobbing mass of blonde hair. "I did! What do you think about that, Mom? And about this whole 'plus' business? Should I be loyal to my sluts or 'spread my seed around?'"

Sandy replied, "Considering that I'm dead-set on being one of your sluts, you'd think I'd say be loyal. But no! Of course you're going to spread your seed! If I was in your shoes, I would definitely fuck the faces of all fifty of those women! You should! But here's the thing."

She paused dramatically, and gave him her most scorching "come hither" look. "I'm going to be the best big-titted mommy-slut I can possibly be! I know your cock will be bathed in the saliva of many busty hotties, and I'll fully participate in sharing, even if I'm burning with humiliation and jealousy at the time. But in the end, I'm confident you're going to come back to me, to my arms! To my eager, cock-hungry mouth! And to Jane! Lisa told us earlier that a mother-daughter combo can't be beaten, and I believe that. The others may want you, but we NEED you!"

He was startled, and just stared down with his mouth hanging open. "WOW! Mom! That's so... whoa! What a giving attitude! That makes me love you even more! But what about you, Sis?!"

Jane snorted. "How can I follow that? I'll sound like a total loser if I say, 'no, you have to be loyal.' Especially when you haven't even confirmed that you're going to tame and own us yet. But luckily, the truth is, yeah, I DO agree with Mom!"

She looked to Sandy while they both licked, their tongues still touching from time to time. "Mom, you put it so well. First off, he's gonna spread his seed. That's just how it is and it would be futile to fight it. I'd do it if I was in his shoes too! But also, I really like what you said, about striving to be the best. I know he's gonna love us the most. That's a given. But if we can strive to become the perfect cocksuckers and generally the best sex pets for him we can possibly be, then yeah, he'll fool around some, but at the end of the day, he'll be fucking OUR faces nearly all the time. We'll be living with him and I should hope waking him with a team blowjob, sucking him through breakfast, welcoming him back home with more oral loving together, and on and on, all the way until we suck him to sleep at night! So... yeah! Bring on the free women, I say! We'll outdo them all!"

Sandy was overcome with emotion. "Janey! That was so beautiful! I couldn't agree more!" She planted her lips on Jane's. They couldn't French kiss easily, due to their bodies still being shoulder to shoulder and facing forward, but they managed to kiss with their tongues out of their mouths, which looked much more titillating from Darrin's vantage point.

Lisa was impressed. Hot damn! How can I love Sandy and Jane more?! It's like they're upstaging everyone in showing just what great natural sex slaves they are! They make me wish I could be serving a superior cock like Darrin's that it hurts! She's even talking all on her own about being "tamed and owned!"

Vicky wished there was some way to telepathically communicate with Lisa, so they could rejoice together over those comments. Once again, Sandy and Jane were far ahead of nearly all families at this point in the journey.

Vicky said out loud, "Sandy, Jane, I just gotta say, that's a GREAT attitude ta have! This whole 'plus' issue can cause all sorta controversy within families. Meanin', uh, triads n' quads. You remember those terms?"

Sandy and Jane made brief nods while still kissing. Then they returned to their euphoric cock licking.

Vicky added, "Some sluts turn green with jealousy when they see some strange woman bobbin' on their man. And often doubly so if that guy happens ta be their brother or son, as it so often is. But if ya have that sharin' attitude, it's gonna make him love, appreciate, n' want ya even more. Ironically, the more ya let him free, the more he'll cum back n' cum on your face!"

That gave Sandy and Jane a good feeling that they were taking the right approach.

Vicky also resumed her adoration of Darrin's hard-on. But she did something different this time. She repositioned so she was below everyone else, and stretched her body under his closest upper leg. That put her face near his balls, which was otherwise hard for her to do, given his leg and Sandy's and Jane's heads generally being in the way. Once she was in position, she lapped on his balls for a few seconds, but then swallowed all of one of them into her mouth.

Darrin's eyes grew big like saucers.

Lisa chuckled. "What's happening now, you lucky son of a bitch?"

"I AM a lucky son of a bitch! Vicky just took one of my testicles in her mouth! It feels... incredible! I had no idea! It's almost as good as feeling my cock sucked!"

Lisa smiled widely. "You know, a lot of guys say that. My brother used to love it when I did it to him, that's for sure. And you know what's great with having three sluts?"

"What?" He was panting hard.

"You have one cock and two balls. Can you imagine having both your balls sucked at the same time, AND your cock sucked on top of that?!"


With all of this excitable talk about ball sucking, both Sandy and Jane wanted to try it out.

Vicky expected that, and it's why she'd started that rolling. She withdrew from her position and resumed her previous position resting mostly against one of his thighs. She had his sweet spot all to herself for a while as both mother and daughter suddenly devoted all their attention to his balls.

Lisa said, "We keep getting sidetracked. I feel like we're never going to get back to the role-play. But getting back to teachers, you'll have about five teachers at any one time. I'd say the odds of all five ending up sucking your cock are about 100%! Then you have the various guest lecturers, but that's a whole other story. Let's not get sidetracked even more. What?" She asked what, because of an especially peculiar look on his face.

He explained, through ragged panting. "Mom... Mom... she's sucking one of my balls! And... and Sis! She's sucking the other one!"

Lisa snickered gleefully. "Excellent! Ride that tiger! What's Vicky doing?"

"She's sucking on my cock, but only the top inch or two."

"Hey, you're in charge. Give her permission to suck as much as she wants, as long as your Mother and Sister aren't being deprived."

He closed his eyes tightly and clenched his teeth, but still dared to say, "Vi... Vic... Vicky! What she said!"

Vicky happily and noisily slid her lips further down, so she could concentrate on sliding past his sweet spot. But she was aware that he was reaching another crisis point, so she didn't use much suction, and kept her lips almost still for a while, until hopefully he got more used to what the other two were doing to him.

Lisa got more serious. "Okay, let's get back to our role-play. Eat some more of your snack and drink your drink. Then we'll get back into it."

"NOW?!" he wailed, his voice actually cracking.

Lisa chuckled. "Yes, now. Remember, you only have a thirty-minute lunch break. But also remember that you're in charge of your sluts, not the other way around. Their ultimate goal is to pleasure you and satisfy you as they serve you with their hungry mouths and curvaceous bodies. If things get too arousing, then let them know! If having both of them suck your balls at once is too much, let them know that, and tell them stop. You're in charge! You're the man!"

He nodded, but then he sheepishly said, "That's easy to say, but hard to do. I mean, with Vicky or you, okay. But Mom is my mom and Sis is my sis! I mean, I mean... I have a bedtime curfew and if I stay up past it, I get in trouble."

Lisa laughed. "Well, that's over! Look. Your mom will always be your mom and do mom stuff. But now she's your big-titted mommy slut first and foremost, and that changes everything. If she doesn't pleasure your cock just as you think she should, then give her a harsh spanking!"

"What?! Are you serious! Wait! Mom! Sis! Freeze right now! I'm getting too close!"

Sandy and Jane stopped their ball sucking. Vicky wasn't doing much to begin with, but she came to a complete stop too.

Darrin panted hard and squeezed his PC muscle frantically for the next minute or two until his close call passed.

Lisa figured things were going so well that she could push the sex slave idea a bit more. "Stud, that's good. I can tell you got them to stop. But you need to do more than that. What do they do next that won't be too much for you to take? They're your sluts! They're going to look to you for leadership. Domination, even. If it helps to give you backbone, think of them as your sex slaves. Don't be afraid to order them around and punish them if they misbehave. Tell them what to do! Now!"

"Um... okay! Let's see... Mom? Sis? I love how you're sucking my balls. That's a great thing that I hope you'll do a lot more of. But when I'm all close to the edge like this, maybe only one of you at a time. Otherwise it's too much. And just... generally slower and less intense! It's all too intense!"

Lisa said, "Good! Very good! But that's not all. Have they replied in a way to show that they're good little sluts who are eager to obey? In a role-play like this, they're not supposed to speak. And there will be plenty of times when their mouths are full of cock or balls and they can't speak. So I recommend you develop a non-verbal communication system. For starters, one blink means yes, and two blinks means no. That's pretty much understood by all Napali women."

He looked down at them. "Well?"

Sandy and Jane blinked once at him, at the same time.

That gave him another rush of pleasure, because it indicated they were totally agreeing with everything Lisa was suggesting. He groaned loudly and lustily.

Lisa went on, "From your groan, I can tell they gave you a good blink. Nice. But we're not done. You need to respond too, to show that you appreciate and understand what they're doing, and you think they're excellent sex pets. There will be many times you also will be unable to speak for various reasons. Getting back to teachers, maybe your history teacher will be sitting in your lap, rubbing her huge tits on your chest and French kissing you. So I recommend the universal sign of approval: patting their heads, or running your fingers through their hair. Or both! Basically, anytime you touch their heads, you're telling them you like what they're doing. Unless you do something like hold their head in place or yank on their hair. But you get the basic idea, right?"

"I do," he said, "and I've been doing that a lot already. Like this." He put one hand on Sandy's head and the other on Jane's. He began alternately patting or petting them and sliding his fingers through their hair.

That contact was electrifying to both of them. It was true he'd been doing a lot of that before, but always the stroking kind. To overtly pet their heads like one pets a dog's head was new, and, in a flash, it made the talk of being his "sex pets" seem a lot more than just talk.

Not surprisingly, they went wild on his privates. Sandy happened to be the one still sucking one of his balls since he gave his order about that, so she kept on doing that, only with more suction and passion. Meanwhile, Jane took one of her hands off the floor and used that to fondle his other testicle while lapping all over his shaft, right up to Vicky's lips.

Vicky still hardly moved her mouth. She figured she actually could best help him from overheating by keeping his sweet spot covered with her mouth so Jane couldn't get to it.

Sandy thought, GOOD GOD! This is so fucking hot! I hate that I'm cursing, but Janey is right, there's no other way to express how totally... everything everything is! It's every intense emotion at once! I mean, Lisa practically called us "sex slaves" right there! And he's petting us like pets! Which we ARE! OH GOD!

Darrin waved a hand at Lisa. He did it in a way to non-verbally express he wanted her to not talk for a while. He figured that anything she said would probably only be some other super insanely arousing thing.

Lisa understood he was feeling overwhelmed, so she kept quiet and stayed still. Except she did say, "Remember. Eat. Drink up."

After another minute or two, he recovered enough to drink more of his orange juice as well as start making a dent in his fruit salad.

Eventually, he dared to resume the conversation. "I'm trying to wrap my head around all this. This is much more than a role-play, which we keep forgetting to do anyway. You keep telling me things about Napali that simply cannot be, and yet my heart tells me they're real! If what you're saying is true, it means pretty much non-stop sexual pleasure and excitement for me! Forever!"

"You're half right," Lisa replied. "Non-stop pleasure and excitement for you, but just as much for your sluts. Maybe even more. I know the whole situation seems highly unfair, but SI picks men and women who fit into the lifestyle. Dominant guys and submissive women. So everybody's happy. And the sex ratio IS unfair, but it serves many purposes. If the ratio was balanced, men and women would tend to pair up, like back in the States. The fact that every guy has at least TWO sluts is like an endless fuel for all sorts of fun and debauchery. Even a triad is like an endless orgy, basically."

He nodded. "I can see that." He thought about bringing up his theory about Napali's true nature, but that seemed increasingly pointless, because every new bit of information he learned just further confirmed his suspicions. Besides, he didn't want to take the discussion off on another tangent again.

Lisa said, "So, shall we resume the role-play? Remember, this is school lunch. You should be eating and talking at once, like you really do at school."

He shook his head in disbelief. "This is NOTHING like how things were in school. But, okay. I'm game. Let's try. Where were we?"

"Remember, I'm Lisa, but one of your teachers. I was in the middle of making the case that you should go from being exclusive to your three sluts to being a 'three plus' guy. Starting with me! I was talking about all the times you showed your interest, like when I'd let my top slid down and rub my bare tits against you while you sat in your desk. That usually led to Jane secretly jacking you off, or even sucking you off. Remember all that?"

"Are you kidding me?! How could I ever forget?! I'm going to be soooo psyched to go to school!"

Lisa chuckled. "Believe me, you'll love school, Napali style. Let me get back into character though, okay?"

He nodded.

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